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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 19, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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good evening. bundle up i'm dan. >> i'm amma. it is going to be chilly tonight. already starting to see temperatures in the 30's. >> let's start with lisa who has more on the chill and the extend winter spare the air alert. >> hi there good evening everyone. the list of numbers this morning with the 20's being wide spread from livermore fairfield santa rose ukiah and nap amount concord 29 but the good news is right now we are in the 30's and 40's. but as you said with
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temperatures in the 30's now there is a wind chill factor feels like 34 in santa rosa but value from 2 to 8 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. but overnight low towards tomorrow morning will drop into the 30's. you can see in and around freezing. livermore antioch napa 30. 31 in santa rosa and also touched upon our spare the air alert not only for tomorrow but extend into wednesday. as poor ai quality in the north bay will detail a wet looking end of the week and we have full weather in just a few minutes. >> thanks a lot. >> as lisa mentioned winter spare the air alert in effect tonight through wednesday. wayne takes a look at the impact of that. the. >> they say it's here in california but. >> i have an extra 10 minutes before i have to go to work. >> woke up frosty the snow man land. white roof. so we thought any way. >> cold day we use fireplace
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why do they ban burning wood. >> the a customer in novato where management takes issue with declaration of 3 spare the air day in a row. on day when the north bay seemed clear and he doesn't get it. >> they no burn day and we should be burning. i don't think anybody likes 100 dollar bill ripped out of the pocket. >> she's happy with the air either. >> i call it lazy governmental interference in our life. >> district said when the weather gets cold and air and why call an alert in 9 counties we ask. no localize. >> the reason we call a spare the air day for all 9 counties is because we are all a part of one greater air basin. >> that's if you have a fireplace run the risk of fire fine by burning tonight and they are not happy about that. >> this is america. we should burn our fireplace.
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>> so there it is. cause effect and frustration on what some would call clear clean winter day. others not. north bay, abc 7 news. >>. >> down load the 7 news app to find out if you get dangerously cold conditions where you live tonight. the app is free to down load just unable the push alert. >> muni bus hit a woman during the evening commute happen n san francisco at market and third street. victim was under the bus when paramedic arrived. suffered serious injuries but expected to recover. officers shut down part of mission street in the area of the accident involved the 9 san wrun 0line. >> investigators searching for black mercedes after road rain shooting on 5 80. victim vehicle was hit near lake shore avenue at 1:00 o'clock. neither person inside was hurt but the car was riddled with bullet holes. investigators say it started when the victim tailgated the shooter vehicle made rude
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gesture when passed shooter vehicle pulled up alongside them rolled down the window and opened fire. >> trying to avoid any kind of situation like this where you make rude gesture not that it excuses this whatsoever. >> the investigation caused massive back up as eastbound lanes were closed for an hour. 4 door mercedes with no rear license plate. >> over to be satisfactory deadly scene in berlin. police believe a truck accelerated before driving straight into a christmas market at least 12 people were killed. many more injured. one man is under arrest. another man in the truck was killed. elizabeth. >> picture post card scene of peaceful christmas shoppers. the suddenly plunged into blood shed. this massive delivery truck became agent of destruction. ramming the ay the length of a football field the without door christmas market before crashing to a halt.
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>> glass breaking. people running away and people crying shouting just went past me my girlfriend and missed me by 3 meters. her by 5. >>reporter: the truck tore through tables and kiosk leaving a trail of carnage. the. >> man believed to be the truck driver was arrested after fleeing the scene. he is being questioned the another man in the truck during the mayhem died in the crash. authorities say item too soon to tell if this was terrorism. in november the state department warned americans traveling in europe to be leery of large gatherings that could attract terrorist strike. >> isis urged the follow investigators copy this attack in photographic last july when isis terrorist in the truck ram a crowd in nice and killed 59 people. 4 week u.s. officials warning about the possible threat of
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large truck attacking big crowds during the holiday season. issuing a bulletin saying hotel difficult celebration lasting through here could be targeted. elizabeth, abc news new york. president-elect donald trump release a statement tonight about the incident. he says our hearts and prayers are with the loved ones and victims of today horrifying terror attack in berlin. went on to say the terrorists and the regional and worldwide network must be eradicated from the face of the earth. mission we carry out with freedom loving partner. share this post on facebook to show concern for berlin. the pray for berlin post is on our facebook page. russia ambassador to turkey assassinated today. andre carla was shot in the back while giving a speech at art exhibit. assassin seen here in the window of the building has been identified as a 22-year-old off duty officer in the turkish riot police.
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state department condemned the shooting and said the thoughts and prayers are with the russian people. >> stand ready to offer any assistance that may be required to russian turkey as they investigate this despicable attack. >> assassin later killed shouted don't forget aleppo. turkey and russia have been on opposite sides of the syrian civil war. judge who sentenced a former stanford swim tore 6 month ins jail for sexual assault cleared of any misconduct. commission on judicial performance issued the decision about the judge this morning. here's tom lee ann. >> no convincing evidence of by as or abuse of authority. that's what the california commission on judicial performance concluded in its report of judge eric of santa clara county. testifies being investigated for sentencing former stanford university swimmer to 6 months in jail for raping young woman on campus. in the report the 11 member panel found the judge didn't
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engage in any judicial misconduct. michelle of the stanford law school disagreed with the findings. >> we believe that the judge has in fact demonstrated clear pattern of bias in case of six crimes and violence against women particularly when those are committed by collegiate after lichlt sentence handed down in june. minimum sentence was two years but brock turner given only 6 months. turner was convicted of sexually assault ago woman near a trash bin after she passed out. both were drinking at fraternity party. he was relessed after three months in jail. the commission received thousands of complaints asking that the judge be removed. woman group spearheaded the campaign. the judge now faces the possibility of a recall voters will be asked the in november to decide. >> perpetrators he sent a message don't worry the system has your back particularly if you are an athlete. we think the voters will agree with us it's unacceptable. >>reporter: following the release turner turned back to
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native ohio and now a registered sex offender. lee ann 7 news. family whose son died while climbing a tree is now suing the city of oakland. tree limb broke off and crushed 16-year-old jack lewis last december. happened along lake merit near here the family says the city knew the tree was deceased and marked it fore move. family filed wrongful death lawsuit seeking unlimited damages. we have reached out to the city of oaklan for comment. much more ahead on this monday night. only on 7 news. we travel to small santa clara county community to find out why the water supply has been deemed unsafe. officials plan to do bit. >> also here. fing pointing over the oakland warehouse fire. tonight it's derek's turn to play the blame game. >> how cold will
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only on 7 fuss tonight. discover a bay area community where the water isn't safe to drink and where they keep getting mixed messages about how dangerous it could be. >> this isn't as bad as contamination in michigan but the water still unsafe an has been for week. >> it affects people who live in property in rural part of san jose on alameda road.
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>> vic has more. >> no running water. can't bathe. we can not cook. we have to use bottled water. >> this tenant of twin creek property doesn't want his identity revealed. he doesn't want to be evicted for talking. michael not his real name is one of 40 residents who live in russ particular cabin on the converted resort if a rural part of san jose. they have been out of running water since early november. that's when the state told them the water from twin creek was contaminated with e.coli bacteria and landlord was ill legally using the creek as a water source. resident were told to boil the water which now comes from a well on the property. but the well was running dry and xleshtion water system was leaking. last friday the state told resident to begin using only bottled water. >> no running water to this day right now. to flush the toilet you have to get water from the creek or use the bottled water they gave to
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us fill our toilet tank which is unacceptable. >> michael store water in cool tore flush the toilet. cases of bottled water for residents left outside the manager office by county emergency services. it has been tough he says for everyone. >> the neighbor i have next door she has a child. he can not bathe or get ready for school. >>reporter: landlord has offered 75 dollars for residents who want to move to a hotel. michael says he and many others can't afford to move or find a place that cheap. >> so right now we are at waiting just waiting don't know what to do. we need help. >>reporter: the state tells us it's considering administrative sanctions against the landlord. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> viewer reached out to us and told us about this story. something happening where you live let us know reach us on our site here and this web sit site. attorneys for the crator of the go ghost ship this man you
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are looking at here are already tee fending their client. blaming the city of oakland alameda county for the fire of the warehouse saying fire building inspectors repeatedly visited the premises. fire department earlier said there's no record of inspections for at least 12 years. >> the lawyers say quote our investigation shows that derek committed no conduct amounting to criminal negligence. shouldn't be made a scapegoat remember 36 people died in that fire. 7 news was in richmond were people who make the home inside a similar warehouse now look for new place to live. warehouse they ordered an inspection. it was inspected red tagged this past 40. man who lives there says 6 people and total of 15 artist are now displaced. >> amazingly the they may be homeless. i don't see how this coldest season of the year so it's a little rough.
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>> fire official says the inspection uncovered a number of safety violation that require immediate attention. again. hope you are sitting and nice blanket because it's pretty cold getting colder. >> certainly is. lisa is here with a look at how cold it is. lisa that's right. >> we switched the rain off. brought the cold in and we go back in the other direction by the end of the week. i'll explain in just a minute. we have mostly clear condition conditions. partly cloudy skies. for some areas and a little bit of wind out there. golden gate bridge where you may have noticed the hazy conditions today. tomorrow second spare the air alert and wednesday we make it the third. so air quality in the north bay certainly not healthy so you are asked not to burn. elsewhere air quality enjoying georgia deal of sunshine temperatures back to where they should be for the next few days. item 49 in san francisco. 47 in oakland. mountain view 45. san jose 45. but gilroy dropping in the
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upper 30's. half man bay 48. from emeryville right now you have the cooler numbers in the north bay and 38 santa rosa. livermore 36 by the delta. mid 40's holding in napa and cooler locations by tomorrow morning and in concord you are at 42 and nice to hear from the city but some freezing temperatures tomorrow morning. milder take for midweek and then not only talking of rainy and windy friday and we talk a significant storm for the sierra nevada. cold storm one to 2 feet of snow likely and impacting travel delay. certainly for the christmas holiday. low tonight 30 in nap a.31 santa rosa. looking at 31 in concord. closer to the water. a little bit milder but we could see some 30's still in the urban areas from san mateo to oak land. so tomorrow should be nice. sunshine. remember. kind of hazy. conditions out there. 58 oakland. fremont. 60 san oh, situation and stormy
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packet scale on friday. we look at light moderate rain. 50 half inch to inch of rain now we could see gust up to 50 miles an hour in san francisco throughout the afternoon with this incoming storm system so hour by hour we get into friday afternoon light rain across the bay area. then it begins to pick up by the afternoon commute so coming home on friday looks awfully rainy and woychbilityd as we go into saturday morning this is overnight. we still have the rain going and then by 11:00 o'clock saturday morning this is christmas eve and hanukkah. still wet. now this is just preliminary rainfall estimates but tak what we have up through saturday over an inch in mountain view. san jose. santa rosa. san francisco oakland. upwards of 3 quarters inch to an inch. the big storm in the mountains. how about a foot to foot and a half. towards kirk wood. so we are looking at the chilly weather tomorrow morning. spare the air alert.
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carries over to the first day of winter on wednesday. partly cloudy thursday. we will need the three or four days to dry out because we get the rain friday. linering into saturday. look at sunday and monday. look like another system headed our way. model not in agreement with. that so stay tuned. >> thanks. >> up nechblingts he's actually dig his own home. stay with u
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zoe jew musk has something to say about cars and traffic. man who wants to put a human colony on mars, build the world with electric powerless vehicle they are focusing on traffic congestion. space x tesla took to twitter saying traffic is driving me
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nuts. going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging then tweeted it shall be called the boring company. boring is what we do i'll actually do this the machines are used to excavate tunnel. musk wants to build underground roadway. he later ended the twitter file that reads this. tunnel and open. >> early holiday gift this season. lower gas prices. i don't know if you notice. we were in concord today. where we spotted regular selling arco on claytor road for 2.19 a gallon. while prices rise elsewhere in the u.s. they are falling in california do you to high inventory. but you won't likely find gas for just 2.19 everywhere around the bay area. 2.82 per gallon in san francisco. 2.69 in san jose. oakland
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average of 2.67 cents gallon nearly matches the state average price. >> uber failing to yield to demands it takes to take itself driving cars off the road to san francisco at least one of the vehicle was spotted driving today in the city. this is video provided by the company on friday state prosecutors threaten legal action into san francisco company did not medley remove the cars from city streets. uber vowed to continue the pilot program last wednesday saying the cars are not subject to california self driving regulation. because the vehicle can not drive without a human operator. >> we get a sneak peek at the self driving minivan of the future. these are pictures of chrysler van the center on the corner and roof. google entered into a partnership last may to self driving technology the van hit public roads in 2017. another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 coming up next.
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as we continue. >> shame on you shame on you. >> despite the chanting and calls for electoral college rebellion the trump people may have lost the last battle. >> with caused truck to over turn spilling packages all over the roadway in contra costa county. thichbility would have settled on these terms without the city attorney doing the hoop do. >> that's one way to describe the case involve one of san francisco worst land use rule breakers. francisco worst land use rule breakers. resolution that has been almost did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company.
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say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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what bad knee?u'll ask what throbbing head? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. is. the nation elector confirm the result of november election
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today. >> donald trump has more than enough electoral college votes. will become the next president of the united states but didn't come without some fiery moment moments. >> not at all. cecelia was at trump tower tonight. >> chaotic scene if wisconsin today. >> you don't deserve to be in america. >> protestors shouted down elector as they cast their vote for donald trump. this woman hauled away by police. >> as zoo scene in pennsylvani pennsylvania. >> shame on you shame on you shame on you. >> ohio, too. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> as the electoral college convened in state house across the country. trump opponent making a last ditch attempt to keep him from the white house. >> presidential. >> now the unofficial tally is in. trump reaching the 2 70 votes needed. hillary clinton who won the popular vote by nearly 3
9:30 pm
million today lost a happenedful of electoral votes. some of those elector supposed to vote for her instead voted for republican powell in hail mary attempt to deny trump the presidency. president-elect who once blasted electoral college as disaster for democracy now praising the system. >> i never appreciated it until now. how genius it was. what they had in mind. >>reporter: in new york today president clinton among elector voting for hillary clinton. >> i tevr cast a vote i was more proud of. >> former president telling a local newspaper that trump quote doesn't know much about one thing he does know is having angry white men to vote for him. team clinton call on intelligence agency to talk about the inference. >> they have the right to notch the briefing didn't happen. snl is not letting up on the russian connection. >> putin i'm sorry i didn't know were you coming so i don't
9:31 pm
have a gift for you. >> please mr. trump you are the gift. >> that was miss vega reporting. federal judge ordered the search warrant that the fbi attained from looking at clinton unmailed be unsealed. children tochbl mail were discovered by sexting former congressman weiner. possibility that they could be related to the clinton investigation prompted fbi director shawn comby to issue a letter to congress 11 days before the election. clinton blamed the loss of the election on comby actions. documents released tomorrow at at 9:00 a.m. our time. >> president obama pardon 78 people and shorten the sentence of 153 others convicted of federal crimes including 5 in the bay area. gregory boyd of oak leaf has the 35 new sentence cut to 11. ray kelly the second of hayward sentenced to 20 years. now serve 15. both men sentenced in drug related cases.
9:32 pm
3 people pardon forgiven for the crimes including lehigh dick of oak land. jones of oakland and dean condo of daly city. >> lawmakers in north carolina reach agreement today to repeal hb 2 the limits lgbt protectio protection. it's to be formally revealed tomorrow in the special legislative session. bathroom bill because it forces transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds with the gender on the birth certificate. organization such as the san francisco similar funny cancel events in north carolina because of the law. >> people are expression outrage tonight over video showing a college football star attack ago female student and the fact that he's still playing. in the early morning hours of july 2014 surveillance video watch now shows oklahoma running back joe nixon at cafe speak briefly with co-ed. she pushes him and punches her knocking her unconscious but leaving her with a fractured jaw and several broken bones. >> look at the video if that
9:33 pm
doesn't disqualify some one from playing football in oklahoma, what would? >>reporter: nixon suspended. freshman season because of that attack. in a statement issued by his lawyers nixon said he was being harassed by drunk people and he reacted poorly. nixon entered plea deal for miss did he money or assault but didn't serve yale time. payed a fine and did community service. >> back in the bay area. 26-year-old sacramento man died after the big rig he was driving overturned. dozens of packages delivery on to the road. happened overnight on 6 80 south bound near this road in danville. the chp said the man hit abandoned minivan on the side of the road. overturned and hit a metal pole initially trapped inside and later died at the hospital. spokesperson says he was a third party contractor. >> fex delivering mail to us if san jose. so that we could take ownership of it to deliver the last. >> crew spent hours cleaning up
9:34 pm
the roadway and all packages taken to the u.s. p n facility. fedex and usps said they send condolence to the driver family and work to get the packages to the final destination. >> san francisco settled lawsuit against what the city says has been the most notorious landlord the academy of art university. deal is being called landmark because it includes not just money but housing. here's carolyn tyler. >> academy of art university was founded in san francisco in 1929. in the past 10 years or so it has rapidly expanded to nearly 9,000 students. gobbling up real estate for classroom and dorm. city attorney hererra says it has done so by breaking the rules. >> earlier this year fully 33 of the academy 40 properties failed to comply with permit titlement -- entitlement authorization relatable requirement. in may the mayor sued the university. today he announce what he calls a landmark 60 million dollar
9:35 pm
settlement. it includes penalty but the bi biggest award 40 million spent by the academy to transform 2 of the sites here on pine street. and to 160 units of affordable housing for seniors. designed to make up for the unauthorized properties the college has gotten during the city housing shortage this company is finally agreed to to be part of the solution rather than a major contributor to the problem. >> the attorney for the academy of art university says the school is working with the planning department since 2007. trying to comply. >> those who do business with people in the city government of san francisco understand very often it takes a long time in this case it took nine year years. >>reporter: he says they made 3 settlement offers before the lawsuit. >> we would have settle the on these terms without the city
9:36 pm
attorney doing the hoop do. >>reporter: planning commission and city supervisors must now approve the plan. if san francisco carolyn tyler abc 7 news. another trust from the old bay bridge was taken away today. this is a time lapse view of the work captured by cal-trans camera. cal-trans expects to take down about one trust a week as it dismantle the old eastern span. >> as of friday only one courthouse in alameda county will be open through the rest of the year. closed temporarily because of budget issues. the manuel courthouse on seventh and washington street is the only one that is going to stay open until the end of the year. some staff available to handle imagine matter in addition to the normally scheduled busines business. all courthouse will reopen on tuesday january 3rd. >> new pregnancy puzzle of womat tuesday january 3rd. >> new pregnancy puzzle of womat scientist just discover
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am i actually pushing these guys who ran out of gas tuesday january 3rd. >> new pregnancy puzzle of womat scientist just discover six miles on a lonely highway? or is this a metaphor for how i'm constantly pushing myself to make a tastier sandwich?
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like my new pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich with spicy pepper jack cheese, spicy ranch, and spicy all-white-meat chicken. but judging from the third-degree sunburn, and the fact that i can't feel my legs, i'd say i'm actually pushing this car. there's gotta be a better way to get new customers. the pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich. taste it before it's gone. yep, i'm lost.
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sigh. >> scientist say pregnancy trigger long-term changes in the brain. not quite sure why. using brain scan researchers at the university in the nets lanth say the brain matter in the brain decreased in pregnant women. it last for two years and so consistent from one woman to the next. computer could automatically identify the women are pregnant. researchers think the change could help mothers understand the needs of the newborn and influence mother child attachment. that's just the theory. >> well listen one week left until christmas and today is one of the busiest day of the year for the u.s. post office with literally millions of holiday shoppers rushing to mail the packages. lindsay with the secret way and new app to help make sure evrything arrives on time. >> record on line shopping means the u.s. postal service
9:41 pm
deliver 750 million packages this season. and tomorrow is the last day for sending panels by first class mail. >> would you describe yourself deadline junkie. >> big time. >> this year even more option for getting it done as late as christmas eve. toys-r-us and home depot just some of the retailers allowing you to order on line and pick up in stores. in certain areas big chain like macy partnering with start up to live for same day delivery. true rebel amazon prime service an order placed by 9:45 p.m. yes. on christmas eve. believe it or not select location around the country u.s. postal service will even dlivrt priority mail express on christmas day. lindsay, abc news new york. apple air pod went on sale
9:42 pm
today and they were popular item. customers in san tran told us the apple store sold out all 20 air pod in stock in seven minutes. pods wireless ear phone to be used with the new i-phone 7. one customer came late to buy them but had a chance to try out the pod. >> i tried them. it was just item just so nice not having to worry about this. sounded excellent. >> pods sell for 159 dollars a pair. when the new phone debut in september the bottom had no head phone jack. they will pair with the apple device not just the phone. >> the i would stock more than 20. >> me too. >> final check on the forecast. >> free haircut for the holiday
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a. >> holiday here. try to look the best. sometimes new haircut really perk you up and make you look sharp for the holiday. that can be a real challenge for some people with special needs. jonathan got to visit a barber shop and doing something about that. >> what are you doing today. >> i'm getting a haircut. >>reporter: timing couldn't be better. hope is about to see some familiar faces for the holiday. >> i'm going to see my nephew. >>reporter: she's one of the 0dozens of adult an kids special needs who got a day off with usual activity to come to holiday haircut party at the zoo barber shop. >> kids with autism. adults with autism. general developmental disability. >>reporter: he has a daughter with special needs an wanted to give back. >> they helped me and my family i would like to did something. >> getting other barber on
9:47 pm
board. >> i was looking for opportunity to give back to the community. >>reporter: easier with such greatful customers. >> i think it's great. >>reporter: beyond a free haircut. >> this is a hear cut safe environment. barber took extra time communicating with client who might be easily overwhelmed. >> a little scared. >>reporter: james had to promise nancy he would keep the clippers away from the ears. >> as for the cape. >> too tight around your neck. >> might not necessarily know about. get to go know the individual and making sure that in the process they are comfortable. >>reporter: a little patience make the cut perfect picture perfect. for sweeney shop full of happy customers is the best a customer could ask for. >> make an impact in their life over the holiday. >>reporter: in san mateo jonathan bloom. >> abc 7 news. apple or abc 7 and our
9:48 pm
parent company disney excuse me continueed to share the joy of this holiday season donation help bring cheer to bay area kids in need. today the toy for tot foundation and 7000 dollar check and toys collected by our staff. marin san mateo county. all the toys collect stay local and go to local community and help less fortunate children in the area. >>reporter: foundation serves 35,000 bay area children in need. they pick up toy this is week at various drop-off location around the bay area. go to our web site for a link to the sites. >> one last time how cold will it get. >> lisa is checking on. that lisa 8. hi there. colder and denser air already settling in to our east bay valleyment look at the temperature where we have a lot of 30's. 38 in livermore. 36 in danville. san ramone.
9:49 pm
37 in dublin. perspective we still in san francisco at 48. 44 on the coast. 45 mountain view san jose but by tomorrow morning we will be freezing with patchy frost from concord vallejo. livermore and nap a.36 palo alto. another cold night but not as cold. traveling to southern california sunshine in the 70's. clouds will increase in the northern sierra a.50 degrees but done worry. plenty of snow is on the way. high tomorrow under spare the ar alert. upper 50's to near 60. and the accu-weather 7 day forecast another spare the air alert for first day of winter. thursday nice and quiet and by friday storm impact scale rain windy conditions look like we see rain each every day through the holiday weekend into the day after so down load our app. push alert very, very windy on friday and saturday. >> thanks lisa. >> new "star wars"movie rogue one earned 155 million dollar at the box office. easily taking the no. 1 spot
9:50 pm
for the weekend. >> the only movie to out earn rogue one for december opening was last year "star wars". force awaken. which earned a quarter million dollars opening weekend. disney is the parent company of lucas film and abc 7 rogue one it's hot. speaking of rogue. >> the force is with the raiders. >> we have the storm trooper right here. >> only 14 years for the silver and black and the coach wants more stanford running back says less is more opt out of the sun bowl wit
9:51 pm
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9:53 pm
after 14 year drought rai raiders back in the play offs clinching a spot with yesterday win over the chargers. now fans excited after more than a decade of losing. feature 18 different starting
9:54 pm
quarterback. 9 different head coaches. and 148 losses. the team found ways to win seems almost every week. derek car threw one touch down yesterday but look at crabtree both feet down after an amazing catch. play like these make the difference. now the defense is coming together. nelson seal the deal with the interception at game end and today head coach expected to be a play off team is happy for the team and hometown support. >> i'm excited for the fans you know. to be in the play offs and drought here. we got here two years ago. and talked about one of the division and be if the play offs and be in the play off and division still yet to be determined so we need to continue to work on that. but the fans enjoy the other part team get back to work. >> all right check this out. curry panthers take on redskins monday night football. showing off the team spirit at
9:55 pm
practice today. the end zone. 30 yard touch down has to make . 13-3 panthers. redskins reresponsible. runs the 5 yard up the gut. pile into the end zone and durran is digging that. fake the hand off. throw to mike. catches the ball and reaches out to break the plane. curry i mean carolina up 20-9 and hold on to 26-15. katie paying off a bet i'm sure tonight. not only skipping the senior year to yum to the nfl passing on the sun bowl appearance op opting to get ready for the draft. i understand he doesn't want to get hurt in a menegas hezbollah game that might affect the draft status and may nurse existing injuries but stanford the sun bowl or teammate i'm not happy that the star player will not join them in the final game. had to be a tough decision but
9:56 pm
in a business and he's protecting his stock. if this were for a until title would he be there. >> honoring all time great thurman with own bobble head at oracle arena. not only one of the best but great ambassador for the game. >> recognize as one of the 50 greatest players of all time and enshrine in the hall of film and now the bobble head thurman legacy lives on forever. >> just a wonderful human bein being. great player obviously but phenomenal. >> 6 foot 11 lovingly dubbed big nate passed away in july but ter walking in the large foot steps. >> you could have absolutely played this. >> i just remember washington a dignified presence it was how respected he was. players were wide eye and
9:57 pm
listening to every word. >> first play to record a double. i single game and that's no. 42 retired by both the golden state warriors and the cleveland cavaliers. that's right. there is a reason every player on the warriors roster is do donning the no. 42 this season. >> they knew the no. 42. >> big. 6 foot 11. and gentle giant. >> as far as kind of warrior treasure. i don't think anybody is better than nate thurman. how he carried himself. who he was as a person. tremendous. >> the trend,000 points and 1 14,000 rebound. fans also remember him with 10,000 bobble head. >> check this out. today thompson gave out toys to 225 students at saint vincent day and visited the oakland.
9:58 pm
niners held the tan annual shop of the player event for the boys and girls club. silicon valley y and raiders wide receiver gave out 50 bike to kids from daly street family resource center great work by all 3 teams. abc 7 sports report brought by toyota and nate work with us for years. i think he would be tickled pink to see the bobble head. >> thanks. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. the frigid forecast for his one bay area city to tatake up emergency action to protect the bursting pipe tonight. >> illegal cruel ri lands two area business ins trouble. endangered animal part lead to go state wide bust. join us on channel 7. >> holiday time to give and incredible woman today. really doing uses that. >> mary likes to be called mrs. clause and for the past
9:59 pm
twin years she collects toys and bikes for the program. >> gets the money by selling 7000 lunch and raffle ticket all year long to her co-workers at bay alarm. we were there today as the pa arena loaded up for the holiday give away. >> 90 bike right here. 27,000 toys she donated. amazing. really is. >> jaw drop. oh, my. this is amazing. >> as a child i didn't have a well lot. christmas was sparse. i knew if i ever had the means to do something special i wanted to do it for kids. >> mary c collected more than 13,000 dollars this year family that owns bay alarm generously matched every penny. >> bravo that's our report. appreciate your time. >> for all of us th
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, kevin bollaert launches a sordid cyber scheme demanding payment for taking down sexually explicit material posted on his revenge porn website, and named public enemy number one in the


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