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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 20, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>>. abc7 news speak was a new police chief in san francisco. you'll hear issues about answers he's about to face. from one freeway to another, and across the bay bridge tonight, find out what started this crazy chase of how it ended. and the global friendship between two teenagers that has created gifting chaos. >> you have to get the relationship built where people feel comfortable with who you are as a leader. >> tonight, only abc7 news is sitting down for a conversation with san francisco's newly-named police chief. good evening, thoing.
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>> it's been seven months in san francisco's last chief, greg sur resigned after deadly shootings involving his officers. >> those incidents propelled san francisco to the fore front of a national conversation involving use of force, race relations and trust between people and police. >> now, the department hopes for a new start. >> he is a deputy chief overseeing the south bureau and been with the lapd since 1989. >> scott has a bachelor's degree from the university of alabama, married with two sons and a daughter. >> we'll have live coverage tonight on his appointment to sfpd. carolyn tyler spoke with people who know the job and department. >> the only reporter to sit down individually with the new chief
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today, vic? >> reporter: bill scott's resume is impressive and he comes highly recommended. it was a surprise, however, to many including the police union and he found the chief charming and frank. bill scott was introduced at the news briefing. >> my wife and sons are really the force that drives my life. and i couldn't do it without them. >> that is a side of a veteran cop the public may rarely see. he was open and candid about himself and his feelings when we sat down to talk. first, controversial issues he'll face. >> do you support tasers? >> i do.
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i see the availability of a less lethal option. >> and scott says the policy was in place at the lapd. >> there is some contentious back and forth. we're fine. >> 727 votes. >> everything starts with a relationship. >> scott says it's like when he became captain of a new station in los angeles. >> i made it a point to talk to 2 or 3 people. and then, you can do other things you need to do to lead.
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>> union or management here to do one thing. keep the city safe and do it the right way. >> there have been concerns that san francisco may be a stepping stone and his goal is to become chief of lapd where he spent 27 years, he's been mentioned as a possible successor to the current chief there. he says he always wanted to live here, just took him this long to get here, he'll be sworn in in january. >> we know mayor ed lee went outside of the department to choose bill scott. abc7 news joins us live for that part of the story. >> the influential police officers association want that had choice to remain in house but they sent a statement saying
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they're committed to helping the new chief. the police chief conducted a nationwide church. >> what is special is that he understands how to connect with the rank and file. >> following several high profile shootings, the u.s. justice department recommended sweeping changes. some are thrilled an outsider will now be inside as chief. >> you need someone who understands what a modern police department looks like. >> tony chaplain is also in the running to be top cop. >> we're changing and shifting dynamics and he sounds like he's embracing that. >> there are those shocked and disappointed including sean
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richard. >> he knows the community and city, and department. >> the last outsider was george gascone. he was never fully accepted by the powerful police union. he thinks it could be different for bill scott. >> the city and department are very different place i think the community is in a different place, demanding they'll be someone that will be a reformer. >> lapd adopted a series of reforms, according to mayor lee, that played into his decision. >> it was not an outside versus inside. it's who got the skill sets and proven ability to bring this department forward. >> several departments are also looking. >> oakland hasn't had a
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permanent chief since wentz resigned in june. oakland city administrator and assistant police chief currently run the department department. >> berkeley police chief resigned after serving nearly seven years on the job. hayward's police chief retired a week ago. >> we learned palo alto's chief, dennis burns will be retiring, saying it's time to step down. the end of the year will mark end of term for bart's current police chief kenton rainy. he plans a national search for a new chief. >> we sent a breaking news alert with the name of san francisco's new police chief. you can get those by down loading abc7 news app and enabling push alerts.
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>> spectacular sunset. should we expect temperatures to drop below freezing? >> we felt the chill, below freezing. oakland airport got down to 37. you'll notice low 30s from napa to concord. 35 in san jose. tomorrow morning yes, it's going to be chilly but not as cold as this morning. mid to upper 30s for coldest spots. and there is a storm coming our way. i'll be back with a look at when that rain arrives and a look at the sierra and what is expected
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there. >> thank you. a common bacteria being blamed for three deaths in antioch. 22 other people got sek after a thanksgiving dinner and a cdc lab has been searching and today, a county health officer told abc 7 news the bacteria commonly found in our intense ins is the culprit. >> if it's kept at room temperature, the bacteria reproduce. >> it can't be certain. health officials expect the levels high enough to be deadly were likely in turkey and mashed potatoes. >> police are trying to track down a gunman who killed a man in a vallejo pawn shop.
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witnesses saw two masked men going inside, one with a gun. police found two men and a dog shot. >> weaver learning about a wild chase involving a stolen tow truck. the chase moved across the bay bridge, through san francisco, and to the pib pin anyone la. >> police say moses miller wanted his truck back and broke the law to do it. >> the towing owner is checking out the heavy damage to his
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truck. the truck started rolling through before dawn. the chase looked like a motorcade escort coming off the upper deck of the bay bridge, into san francisco. police say miller used this flat bed to ram the front gates. >> the guy couldn't get it out. he took our tow truck instead. >> miller suddenly stopped. >> for some reason, stopped and just backed into our vehicles and ran two different vehicles three times. >> one patrol car with heavy damage. the officer was not hurt. a spike strip didn't work. you can see it driving off with
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two flat tires. the chase ended off highway 101 in brisbane. butch arculetta is trying to find the bright side in this. moses miller charged with auto theft and assault with a deadly weapon. namely, this tow truck. a holiday surprise did not turn out to be a good one. the shock started with smashed windows and ended with discovery of a damage that is more difficult to restore. >> first responders face the flames and carnage of ghostship fire are recognized for courage and composure. >> struggling to come up with a gift for the hard to get? we've got unique ideas for you, ahead, on 7
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blan. a tip from some alert people in the neighborhood led police to capture two men accused of burglarizing snow elementary school. this morning police say they caught the men with stolen items and some felly fish. >> staff and students are trying
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to make sense of why a vandal caused an estimated $100,000 in damage. wayne freedman explains they're shocked but not angry. >> when faculty and staff met for a christmas luncheon today, they were filled with joy and happiness. >> sister teresa johnson, referring to the mess found in the building this morning. >> i'm in shock. >> he. >> this felt like our home had been trashed. >> and the fire department says the suspect tripped a fire alarm. the captain and crew say they
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heard the sounds and called in the sheriff. >> he faces charges of burglary, felony vandalism and being under the influence of drugs and there was no evidence of malice on the the students or the staff. >> i would ask him why why he can express it this way. >> lessons of faith come in all shapes, sizes and times. >> there is damage done to the school, but no damage done to our students. we'll work together. owe we're excited to be on break. >> wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> attorneys will make a case
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for testing self driving cars. san francisco business times reports they'll discuss the pilot program with officials and california attorney general's office. uber insists the project is exempt. today, volkswagon reached a new settlement, must recall all first generation and must fix all second generation three liter vehicles, talking about 80,000 cars. >> the san francisco unified is now in the business of offering a credentialing program from within. abc7 news explains the pros and
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cons. >> number of teachers credentialed in california tripled in the last three years. >> we know teacher shortage is a primary problem. >> because of the great recession, teaching jobs were lost. >> this is not viable if you don't know from year to year if you're going to have a job. >> several universities don't offer credentials but the district has come up with a faster, and less expensive program called pathway to teaching. for starters, the fee is $5,000. less than what it would cost elsewhere. instead of being taught by professors, classes will be
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offered by staff who know the process. >> our curriculum specialists and teacher of the years are engaged to put together our best content for the teachers. >> the union has reservations about the program. >> whether coaching is acceptab acceptable. >> winter starts tomorrow mrning. it'sophile feeling like winter around the bay area. we have clouds passing through. friday, a live look from our sutro tower camera now. looking towards downtown san francisco and visibility is
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terrific. you're looking at a festive embarcadero there. it is getting chilly in novato and livermore and concord, you're down to the 40s. skies are clear in terms of fog. we do have high clouds. tonight, milder afternoons and our storm arrives on friday. so first thing tomorrow morning, notice how chilly it is. mid to upper 30s. for afternoon, it's going to be a nice wednesday afternoon. and first full day with feature sunshine and mild conditions. upper 50s to low 60s, in case you're heading to the coast, watch out for rip currents and sneaker waves. we have a moderate strength
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storm, it's a two between friday and saturday morning. light to moderate rain. it's going to get gusty. 9:00 a.m., it's pouring, raining excuse me in the north bay. and intensity continue tz owe develop and move through into saturday morning, scattered showers will remain so in terms of rainfall totals most of you will pick up between a half inch to an inch and a half right on through saturday morning. it's going to be white out conditions and chain controls. 20 inches in kirkwood. you can down load abc7 news app.
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storm friday, it's a two. christmas day, during the day, it's fine. another system brings rain throughout next week.
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a half billion dollar red. grace note provides information for millions of movie, tv and music listings and supports streaming services and a performance management compan tracks what consumers watch, and buy. >> adam messenger announced news with a tweet. he didn't give a reason for his resignation. >> california is still the most populist state in the country. adding 39 and a half million people who live here. migration is the lowest it's
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been since 1933. california's death rate is up slightly. an uptick in the number of residents going to college could be having an impact. >> having children later in life. they have children later in life, and generalry have fewer of them. plus... >> a wife finds her husband's body. how she was led to where he how she was led to where he
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pieces of a car and tracks in the mud. they might be easy to overlook. they're remnants of a car crash that killed a man. >> the victim's wife made the discovery. a fatal crash that killed a man this weekend shocked people that made it near the site. >> we came out here and looked and we're expect owing to see a crumbled concrete on the overpass. there is dujing.
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>> this is some wreckage. >> she reported her husband missing and started using find my phone to try to locate her husband. >> the sedan somehow careened off the ramp they're examining what is left of the car. >> there is something we're looking at at the time. >> investigators say it happened between 10:00 p.m. friday and saturday morning.
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>> i was devastated for the wife. >> he said it's sad to think she found her husband in what is considered their backyard. >> we have learned 26 people died in an explosion in mexico's best phone fire works market. 50 were injured in the last that tore through a market north of mexico city. >> developing news, german police are following hundreds of leads as they vech for a driver of a truck that plowed into a crowd. they released a person because of inshove sent evidence. today, half of the injured left the hospital.
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>> i saw a truck sideways and coming at me. >> the islamic state claimed responsibility. >> the body of the assassinated russian ambassador to turkey was froen home today, investigators are are trying to determine if he was acting alone. >> trump made it clear he understands the threat posed to our nation and to our friends and neighbors around the globe. we've got to be able to call it what it is and root it out. >> officials from russia, turkey, and iran are vowing the death won't set back efforts to restart peace in syria.
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>> families of the victims of the orlando pulse nightclub are suing claiming all three companies should do more to stop isis from using their platforms. the shooter pledged allegiance to the islamic state. the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. facebook is the only company to react to the lawsuit saying it takes swift action to remove terrorist content when spotted. service workers responded to the december 2 ghostship fire that claimed 36 lives. they received a certificate of honor. many are trying to deal with
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what they saw. >> that was a difficult scene to work that scene. >> the intensity of this is hitting them. >> customers of a business were finally able to get their property out as others continued to pay their respects. >> san francisco bay area is getting help from the u.s. department of housing and urban development to work with the homeless across nine counties. >> this is as exciting as unserving. just five days from christmas. >> yes. michael finney shares his last
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minute gift guide. a teen-aged developer this summer has a new game out in time for the holidays. why his with advil, you'll ask
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the dow closed at 19427. on election day around 18,300. nasdaq rose and s and p ended at 2270. >> christmas gifts are flying down the conveyor belt. not in santa's work shop but in
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a game that built by a teenager. >> as jonathan bloom explains he's been working with a friend that lives half a world away. >> we've awarded 350 scholarships this year. >> apple ceo tim cook posed for picture was the developers, including amit. >> i was struggling last year. there are too many formulas to remember he built an app to help with his home work and earned the scholarship. >> how many friends use this? >> almost everyone uses it. >> now, he's done it again. >> left, right. down. oh. >> this time it's a game. gifting chaos. >> so beginning it's slow. right? then, it's just going to start to get faster, shoot. >> that makes it addictive. >> i showed my friends the a pchl p before it came out. and they won't give me the phone
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back. >> he made friends at that conference. >> he asked me do you want to google game? >> he was another scholarship recipient. >> we use dude. over there we use mate. >> presents are something we can agree on, swiping left and right. >> to owe run it on the phone i was addicted to the game. >> not even a blink. you know? >> they're not kidding. >> oh. that didn't turn out well. >> i'm sure i can beat him eventually.
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>> from
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news flash, christmas is on sunday. >> michael finney has gifts for the hard to get person in your life. >> ho, ho, ho. if you're nostalgic, have a thing for emojis or absent minded i have you covered. have you ever losed your car keys? the folks behind trackr think the answer is in these honing
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devices that can be attached to anything. >> if you wanted to find a remote say, you can tap a button. it makes that beep right away. >> it works on both. >> the 560 replaces a set of 32 dumb bell was just two. >> if i turn it up, up to like 25 pounds, it pulls out more plates. >> turning it up more, it pulse out more plates. another product come was a sensor. >> depending on how fast you're doing it, it will give you a
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recommendation. >> the furbie is still alive and kicking. >> you can get new content and learn phrases. and interact with you and the child. >> furbie connect sells for $99.99. check this out. now, you can have your own emoji. a stand alone april for i message. >> you're able to choose from several popular emotions. >> now, i have links to all of those ideas on our website, you can check them out on
7:49 pm >> sandhya is back with an update. >> getting complaints about the freezing conditions. showing clouds passing through the bay area. and still going to be chilly. mid to upper 30s inland. thursday morning, 40s as clouds increase. heading into friday, chill returns but briefly because heading into friday afternoon, we do have rain coming. enjoy the sun if you have holiday plans, travel plans could be impacted. christmas during the day is fine. christmas night, we're looking at rain returning. it's going to be a light system. and we have a moderate strength
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storm. tomorrow, winter begins and we ease up on the chill. some showers saturday, then more rain next week. >> thank you. >> larry is happy about less chill. >> yes. right? >> i have been called a fragile flower. >> don't let this beast-like experience --
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raiders enjoying their best season in a dozen years. this is a game actually hoping not to play because those who reach super bowl don't play in the all star game. leading the charge is quarterback derek carr, 25 touchdown passes only six picks. one target, amari cooper, he was selected for a second time. and the squad seven other raiders are alternates. mike shumann has a preview of the final home game, christmas eve. >> when you break a 14 year drought there is a tendency to let up. with this group it's not going to happen.
7:55 pm
>> there is a long way to go. if we don't, it upsets us. >> they have a familiar name in andrew luck. >> reminds me of cam newton. scrambles a lot. very strong arm. >> if raiders win out they're going to win the division title and earn a bye week.
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>> last night, steph curry focused on monday night football. kd now has to pay up. >> you'll know when you see it. it's not important. it's not important. >> i don't know. we'll figure it out. >> you appreciate moments if you have to shoot around just ask how he's doing. how are you doing? everything all right? >> curry had the brand under
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armor donated 150,000ses today that cause. >> warriors going to honor a man near and dear to us, or was, nate thurmond was a real big part of the abc7 family here working on shows with us for many years. first 10,000 fans tonight will get a free bobble head. he died of leukemia at age 74. >> just walk around and say i'm better than you. he could haved played in this
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nba and been tremendous. >> when he spoke our players were wide eyed and listening to every word he was big. 6, 11. but a gentle giant. >> join us tonight, coming up, why this building is setting records up and down. >> shots fired tonight so a man and dog are dead. what led up to the sudden violence. >> look for breaking news on twitter. twitter. >> from all of us, thanks for
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hey, dad, check it out-- our school's quarterback, greg archer, has narrowed his choice of colleges down to five. boy, that kid's quite an athlete, huh? yeah. mandy's tried some of her better moves on him. but he's a good open-field runner. he always gets away. so you like this boy, mandy? ugh, so do all the other girls in my school. and most of the guys in drama club.


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