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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 20, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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deadly disaster in mexico. looked like an aerial bombing attack on open market with bright flushes and fire balls bursting in the air as you can see. good evening i'm dan. amma has the evening off. at least 29 people were killed and dozens more injured when a series of explosions tore through the open air fireworks market. it happened in this city 25
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miles north of mexico city. they were buying firecracker for the hotel difficult and richard has more. >>reporter: it look like a cross between a massive celebration and huge mistake. cell phone camera rolling as commuters drove home just outside mexico city. country best known fireworks market explodeing in a huge plume of smoke and flames. people in nearby neighborhood could hear the explosion as the fire spread. fireworks just kept detonating. back at the scene people visiting the market scrambling run to go safety. in the aftermath confusion and chaos. people walking through rubble along with fire crew and police searching for victims. still hear an occasional pop from exploding firework. so far no word on what spark the explosion. this is abc news new york. turn now to the local
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weather. won't see any freezing temperatures tonight but it's still chilly and warnings to pay attention as we urner in the first day of winter. lisa is here with the forecast. >> hi dan. absolutely right. beach hazard statement has been issued for tomorrow along the coast if sonoma all the way down to monterey. the waves are going to be kicking off. in fact we are going to see not only the possibility of rip currents but large shore break and current wave height from 5 to seven feet right now. that's nothing. we are expecting anywhere from 15 to 20 foot waves. so very dangerous. we will have a sunny day tomorrow but the if is day of winter despite that the atmosphere will be a little bit here where this is gathering and as a result the third spare the air alert of the winter season. air caught in the north bay not great. illegal to burn wood. we talk about this sunny dry days in advance of some pretty wet weather headinged our wait
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a minute when we do the full segment in a couple minutes. >> thanks. highway patrol is looking for answers after a man careened off the freeway sadly and was killed. whole thing shocking as it is strachblingt let's show you where it happened now at the interchange of highway 101 and 92. sergio has the story. >>reporter: this is some of the wreckage from this mercedes-benz. sedan plummeted about 30 feet from the freeway interchange. his wife found the wreckage by tracking his smart phone. he died in the crash. >> she had originally reported her husband missing then she at one point she started using an app to find the phone to try to locate her husband. >>reporter: mir said sedan somehow careen off the interchange ramp connecting california 92 to u.s. 101. it came crashing down just yards from an office complex. >> we were having our christmas party in our office and several
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of us had gone outside throughout the event. >>reporter: he said they didn't hear anything friday night. so they were surprised to see the police and coroner office here saturday. he's trying to figure out how the car made it off the interchange ramp. >> we came out here and looked and we are expecting to see like a hole or crumbled concrete on the overpass and there was nothing. >>reporter: we drove through the interchange and noticed several skid marks on the barrier wall but none on the pavement so it's not clear what speed the driver was going when he hit the wall. >> it's telephone something to look into to see how how fast vehicle was doing at the time. >>reporter: the barrier are to stop them from going over the top. investigators still examining what is left of the smashed up vehicle to zoo see if any signs of mechanical failure before the crash. back to you. developing news now. police searching for shooter after one person was killed inside a pawn shop. police were called to pawn advantage on spring road just
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after 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. this is in vallejo. they found two people with gunshot wound and dead dog inside. one person was taken to the hospital. witness say two men with hooded sweatshirt went inside the store just before the shooting. we have more on this at 11 over on chance el 7. moon time only on 7 news we sat down with san francisco's new chief of police today. bill scott was deputy chief in los angeles for two years and has spent 27 years in law enforcement. he was officially named to the post today. vic lee sat down for an exclusive interview. ichltd bill scott introduced at the mayor. >> the my wife and two sons because they are really the force that drives my life. and i couldn't do it without them. >>reporter: that's a side of veteran cop the public may rarely see. he was also open and candid about himself and his feelings
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when we sat down to talk first some controversial issues he will face. use of taser. which they used at the lapd. >> do you support tasters. >> i do. i have seen the good in having the ability to have an option. less lethal option which is a good thing. >>reporter: restricting police from shooting at moving vehicles. proposed reform which the police union opposes. scott says that policy was also in place at the lapd. >> there is some contentious back and forth but at the end of the day when the policy changed we accepted it and we are fine. 2 72 reforms and i have read them all and they are reason. the we are going to do our best to get that done. >>reporter: to get that done means convincing the police force that scene only 3 outsiders as chief in recent decade. all 3 had challenges getting the support of the rank and file. >> everything starts with relationships. >>reporter: scott says it's like when he became captain of if you station in los angeles.
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>> i made an point every day to talk to at least two or three people even for 10 minutes. it allow you to get to know people one-on-one basis then you can do the other things that you need to do in order to really lead. >>reporter: he feels the same with police union which is often been at odds with the department. >> union or management we are all police officers here to do one thing. keep the city safe. and do it the right way. now there have been concerns among some that san francisco may simply be a stepping stochbl that his real goal is to be chief of lapd where he spent 27 years. he has been mentioned as possible successor to the current chief there. but he said as young man he always wanted to live here. just took him this long to get here. he will be sworn in january. vic lee, abc 7 news. turns out common bacteria killed people and sicken others at a dinner last movement that was at the veterans memorial
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hall and put on by the gonld hills community church. today county health officer told us that tests at cdc lab identified the bacteria as the listed here. one of the most common bacteria associated with food borne illness and found in human intestine. now keep if mind usually it does no harm. >> it's very rare for it to be deadly. most food borne illness causes mild disease. most of the people who got sick from this particular event had symptoms for a few hours and then they were fine. >>reporter: investigators were not able to pin point which dish contained the bacteria. they suspect turkey maybe mashed potatoes made in some one home and brought in to share thanksgiving did i know engineer we show you some south rage us images. staff students of high school the santa rosa are trying to make sense of why a vandal fwlobing their administration building and caused an estimated 100,000 dollars in
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damage t.wayne looks into this and he explains that they are shocked but not angry. >>reporter: when the faculty and staff at the school met forth annual christmas luncheon today they were filled with joy. and happiness as expecte expected. the forgiveness element came as a surprise. >> we were greatly saden. >>reporter: sister trees a johnson referring to the mess that staff and students found at the administration building this morning. pieces of sens senseless rampage. >> i'm still in shoychblingt i definitely think it was worse than i imagine. >>reporter: vandal broke in some time early last night. topple over then mutilated the iconic statue of cardinal new man which stood here for half a century. >> felt like our home had been trashed. >>reporter: it might have gone on longer. the fire department says suspect faulkner of guerneville tripped a fire alarm. the captain and crew say they heard the sounds, saw the suspect that's when they called in the sheriff. >> everyone broke in inside pot
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plants on the ground picture off the wall. trophy banner on the wall. water rung. >>reporter: no apparent connection between the suspect and the school at least there wasn't until last night. he now faces charges of burglary, vandalism and being under the influence of drugs and yet from what we saw today there was no evidence of malice on the part of the students or the staff. >> i would ask him why he is so angry and how he had, why had he to express himself in this way. >>reporter: not the idea of christmas break but lessons in faith come in all shapes and sizes, circumstances and times. >> even though tank done to our school no damage done to the students and i think we'll come back and we'll work together. i think we are all excited to be on break but if we have to stay and help with something, we have a student body willing to do that. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. we have much more ahead for you on this busy tuesday night. coming up. san leandro to san francisco and beyond we track this morning crazy chase involving
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stolen tow truck more of this. first responders who face the flames and the heart break of oakland to ghost ship fire recognized for courage and their composure. also meteorologist lisa has their composure. also meteorologist lisa has the full forecast first day of did you know slow internet
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we are learning new details tonight about a wild chase around the bay area involving a stolen tow truck. it began early this morning at a tow yard in san leandro. the chase moved across the bay bridge, through san francisco, then on to the peninsula. just crazy. cornell explains why it all started. >> they took a truck and ran right through the gate. not much you can do. >>reporter: towing owner is checking out the heavy damage to his flatbed tow truck after it was ripped off and taken on a wild ride. the stolen truck seen blowing through the bay bridge toll plaza before dawn. police in hot pursuit. the chase following 24-year-old suspect most east miller looked more like motorcade escort coming off the upper tech of the bay bridge into san francisco. police say it all began when miller broke into the tow yard overnight to retrieve his chevy silverado pick up impounded by police who say miller was driving without a license. he used the flatbed to ram the
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front game. tow yard driver heard the commotion and tried to stop the suspect. >> the guy couldn't get it out sew wound up taking our tow truck instead ix after the bridge the police chase hit the streets of san francisco then back on to highway 101 where miller suddenly stopped. >> for some reason stopped the tow truck and just backed into our patrol vehicle. ram two different patrol vehicle 2 different times. >> one with heavy damage. officer inside not hurt. spike strip placeed to stop the truck but it didn't work. you can see it driving off with two flat tires. chase back on. but it ended on highway 101 in brisbane with suspect running away. >> we had to tackle him when he was running on the freeway. >>reporter: he's trying to find the bright side in all this. >> just glad somebody than the didn't get hurt these all. >>reporter: most east miller charged with motor theft and
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assault with a deadly weapon, this tow truck. >> first responders county workers recognized and thanked for the service in oakland today. just 2 and a half week after an event they will never forget. they all reresponsibleed to december 2nd ghost ship warehouse fire that claimed 36 lives. we were at the alameda county board of supervisors chambers today. the room was packed with firefighters. rescue team members. sheriff's deputy and county public works crew and dispatc dispatchers. they all received assert of honor. many are now trying to deal with what they saw. >> ghost ship fire was just a very difficult scene for everybody that was involved to work that scene. >> the intensity of this incident is hitting them. >>reporter: certainly understandable. today customers of adjacent business were finally able to get the property out as others continue to stop by and pay their respects to those who were lost.
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thousands of people signed a petition that calls for a moratorium on unsolicited fire inspection ins san francisco. the petition organizer claims the city is conducting a witch hunt in the wake of the ghost ship fire. demanding costly upgrade that is leading to eviction in the city art community. organizers say they will tlivrt signatures to the san francisco department of building inspection tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. uber attorney will be making a case for testing the company self driving cars in san francisco. sexual abuse frarn business times reports they will discuss the pilot program tomorrow with dmv officials and the california attorney general office. state is threatening legal action saying uber doesn't have the necessary permits. however uber insist the project is exempt because the vehicles have a human monitor. let's turn our attention back to the weather forecast. awfully chilly and rain is on the horizon. lisa is here with the forecast.
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>>reporter: hi dan. for the winter solstice 2:44 in the morning we warm up just a tadment won't you know. so it will be a nice day tomorrow but we have spare the air alert. we look at live doppler 7hd there is some cloud cover but really a wind shift in a movingn that will allow for slight wam-up. live look outside and temperatures now milder. low 50's. san francisco oakland mountain view san jose it's 49. 42 degree ins gilroy half moon bay right now at 55 degrees. so this vantage point looks pretty dark out there but this visibility is good. 45 in novato with fairfield dipping to 39. concord and livermore in the mid 40's so sxaird to yesterday at this time certainly milder. anywhere from a degree to 6 to 7 degrees warmer for mountain view to half moon bay. so not too hard to take and look at sierra nevada. higher elevation done well with the snow but this next system
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is a cold one coming out of the gulf of alaska and it brings in a lot of snow into christmas eve. but first things first. our forecast not as cold tonight. milder afternoon for the next two days. storm arrives on friday and it's messy. windy and wet and we are looking at more subsequent systems after that. so it's going to take some time i think forecast model to get in line with what is going to happen after christmas but we pinpoint it for you best we can starting out with the air quality as it continues to be from the north bay and illegal to burn and the rest of the community have better air quality but it is the third one of the season. you will notice a little haze to the sky tomorrow. temperatures overnight in the 40's on the coast 46 half moon bay 43 san mateo o. we have 30's. morgan hill as well as out toward antioch and napa getting off the cool side but certainly three or four degrees warmer than last night. upper 60's
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average for this time of year. strong impact scale for friday. it's a 2. we look at gusty winds from 3 quarters inch to the better than an inch of rain. here it is on friday. in the north by the first part of the day item light. go through the afternoon check it out. one okay it is raining pretty good then by 2 to 3:00 o'clock into the evening commute it's going to be raining 4 in the south bay, santa cruz mountains filtering in behind it with left over showers. last minute christmas shopping. should be weather permitting for you but look at the amount amounts. anywhere from an inch to over an inch a in oak lnld. so this look like a decent one in the snachltd we are looking at winter weather advisory one to two feet of snow. change in trols and in fact check out the amounts here we are talking over a foot. south lake kirk wood. pretty decent total. i hope klein 10 inches. accu-weather 7 day forecast so we have this one down pat item
9:21 pm
a two on our storm impact scale then by saturday its left over showers. late in the day see rain but yesterday the model not agreeing. they are still not greg so it looks wet but always down load our app and we have the alert 30. just to be mostly clear though. expecting union i cycle for christmas. >> you will be good. >> thanks very much. san francisco non-profit offering hot showers to the homeless could use a little help themselves. unusual q.i'll explain. college orchids. choice more california making changing the future of our
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an idea that got its start in san francisco now spread to los angeles. non-profit organization lava may offers local showers toil try and other services to people who are homeless. city leaders showed up for a tour today. here's a man who lined up for a shower. >> it's a treat actually. they have the piping music in there and the shower area are really clean and the water is hot. hot as you want it. it's really a blessing. >>reporter: by the way the non-profit is struggling to find safe area in san francisc francisco. bus were his broken into over the weekend. all supplies all stolen. they put out a call on facebook to any one who offers lead and like to find a spot at the city close to the people they serve. california still most
9:26 pm
populace state in the country after adding almost 300,000 people in the last year close to 39 and half million people live here now. other new data from the state department of finance shows migration the lowest it has been since 1933. california death rate up slightly. birth rate decline. the number of residents going to college could be having an impact on the reduced birth rate. >> having children later in life. if they do they have fewer. >>reporter: interesting temperature graphic. experts say current growth is until the not too fast not too slow. another 30 minute of news at slow. another 30 minute of news at 9:00 is next >> how this peaceful happy atmosphere changed instantly. >> country in mourning. we have if you details about the search for the berlin suspect who police say is still
9:27 pm
at large. also thousands of flights delayed or cancelled just as millions are expected to board their flight for the holiday weekend. why this building is setting records in two directions
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a. good evening once again. we begin this half hour with chilling new details from the terror attack in berlin. hunt on new for the driver who plowed a truck into a popular christmas market killing a dozen people and tonight investigators believe the original driver of the truck had been hijacked and killed. and there's heightened alert after isis culled for truck attacks t.we have more from berlin. >> tonight isis played taking credit for these scenes of
9:31 pm
horror. holiday shoppers huddle on the ground. some injured. others helping. here in germany all out man hunt for those responsible. police releasing pakistani man they held overnight unable to tie him to the crime. now intense move on the murder weapon the semi truck. front window shattered. tangled in the glass. police hall away the truck they hope that once key clue in the investigation. truck driver discovered gagged inside. officials say he had been shot but no gun found on the scene. he was delivering steel beam from itly to jrm in. investigators now scouring this area on the outskirts of ber lip where he may have parked. afternoon of the attack he called his wife saying he was grabbing some food. he said he would call her back but never d.this video later showing him in the diner. authorities believe he was hijacked. they have the truck gps and
9:32 pm
retracing the route that led him to the mark. 8:00 p.m. the plaza packed with people. truck plow go through the wooden stall going nearly 90 yard before coming to ap stop. he was there. >> i heard some crashing and screaming and i looked up and i saw this truck barreling the side ways sort of pushing into the market and coming right at me. >> trapped in a chaos she thought it was a gun. >> really no place to go either run state through theeren of the market or get snot there was a gun. >>reporter: were you aware people were hurt. >> yes. i heard people screaming. people being hit. >>reporter: 12 people killed in the attack. at least 45 injured. market stall in splitter. christmas tree strewn the road city on edge with one terrorist still on the loose this is the heart of berlin and normally at
9:33 pm
this hour expect to see rush hour track but right now it is quiet. fight german chancellor visiting the scene of the her or like so many german laid flowers. but amid the grief resilience. >> i'll not be intimidated and so many link hands in solidarity police lacking on. >> so far authorities have received over 500 tips on hotline. 80 of them they believe to be credible but seems authorities still don't know whether or not this terrorist was acting alone or part of cell or if there are other attacks planned. this is abc news berlin. >> body of the assassinated russian ambassador to turkey was the flown home after ceremony at the airport. investigators are trying to determine if the off duty police officer would killed the diplomat was acting alone. they believe the says anything was linked to russia involvement in syria.
9:34 pm
president-elect trump team weighed in on fox news and other recent terror attack. >> trump made it very, very clear he understand the threat that radical islamic terrorism poses to our nation and to our friends and neighbors around the globe and we have to be root it out we can't be politically correct. >>reporter: officials from russia turkey and iran met today vowing that the ambassador death will not set back the effort to restart peace efforts if syria. environmentalist cheering decision today by president obama to ban drilling in large area of the ark particular and lanl atlantic ocean. edition natured the bulk of u.s. own water in certain areas in the atlantic ocean as off limits to future oil and gas leasing. now this move will test president-elect donald trump promise to open up the nation untapped energy reserves. tonight with millions of americans traveling probably some one you know and just a few days left if christmas,
9:35 pm
slow motion travel nightmare is playing out denver airport. snowstorm triggered hundreds of flight cancellations and delays and tonight three days later one airline is still sorting out the luggage. here's lindsay. >>reporter: tonight frontier airline struggling to get back on track. some passengers stranded at denver international airport since sunday. >> my did you tell us and i have been here for two days if the airport waiting. >>reporter: where are you sleeping. >> on chairs. >>reporter: airline which uses denver as hub cripple by the weekend snowstorm. >> they seem very disorganized. >>reporter: passengers on one flight say they were stranded for 5 hours on the tarmac sunday. >> 4 hours i called denver security and we are held against our will. >>reporter: some travelers forced to sleep at the airport. >> if you are waiting for baggage. >>reporter: others searching for sea of luggage hoping to find theirs. >> he has been screaming and crying all day an 18 month old.
9:36 pm
>>reporter: they scramble to clear the chaos trying to reunite hundreds office passengers with the about and get flights moving. frontier is a budget carrier and no partnership so it couldn't rebox passengers on other airlines. the people who didn't want to wait for another frontier flight received vouchers or refunds. lindsay, abc news newark, new jersey. voter approved measure to speed up appeals process for death row on hold tonight. california supreme court wants more time to consider lawsuit challenging prop 66. plaintiff say the m you are would cost more money and limit proper appeals. supporters of the proposition call the lawsuit a frivolous stall tactic. twitter chief technology officer used social media platform today to announce his departure from the company. tweeted after 5 years he's leaving 20th tore take some time off. co-founder and ceo jack dorcey
9:37 pm
replyed to messenger tweet thanking him for everything he has done for twitter. about all right. top of the tallest residential building on the west coast now in place right in san francisc francisco. 181 free mont located on fremont street and will be next to the new transbay transit center. with the spiral place. building is 70 stories, 80 feet tall. nearly as tall as the transamerica pyramid. the expire is especially designed to dissipate lightning strikes. building will be mixed use with commercial and office space and luxury condominium as well. practically next door to the millenium tower now infamous for sinking and tilting. tower not built if the bed rock 181 fremont is anchor deeper than any other building, 2 60 feet into bed rock apparently. coming up next. close call in the sky. you will hear what happened after air traffic control gave
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you you a.r jet
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>> there were only second between a jet and disaster outside los angeles. faa tonight is investigating how a pilot got the wrong direction from air traffic controllers on a flight from lax to taipei. here's rob hays. >> the 7 busiest airport in the world that means more than 1,000 planes taking off or landing each day. last friday one of those planes was air 777 headed to taipei. that's the pilot of the jet liner talking with an air traffic controller in san diego just moments after taking off from lax. the controller is dealing with a handful of other planes as well and myself takenly tells the pilot to turn left instead of right.
9:42 pm
about two minutes into the flight the controller notices the plane is headed north toward another plane and mountains above alta dena. >> then about 30 seconds later frustration from the controlle controller. several times the controller tells the pilot to head south but even a minute and 20 seconds later she is still trying to get him to turn in the opposite direction. this whole ordeal is being played out in the sky over the san gabriel rielle valley in a rainstorm while people slept below. >> i was awaken by the sound of a jet that seemed low. >> sounds like it's getting lower and lower and like really loud really big. >>reporter: her concern mount wilson that rises more than 5 5700 feet in the air. >> we never have jets coming in in this neighborhood because we have mount wilson right here.
9:43 pm
mountains are right here. >> very scary. that's rob hays reporting sky stay here coming up next. global friendship between two major teenagers that is created
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>> the dow is on the brink of another milestone. today it closed at 19 9 74 almost at the 20,000 mark. by comparison election day it was around 18,000 plus. nasdaq rose by 26 points closing just under 5500. s&p ended the day at 2270. christmas presents are anything down the conveyor bel belt. not at santa workshop but game built by teenager that we have actually met before. as jonathan explains he has been working with a friend who
9:47 pm
lives half world awhich and has apple worldwide developer conference really he's living up to the name. >> we have awarded 350 scholar shichs this year. >> back in june apple ceo cook posed for pictures with the bright young developer including this young man. >> i was struggling in geometry last year and too many formula to remember. >> sew built an app to help with his homework and earned the scholarship to the worldwide developer conference. >> how many of your friends use this almost everyone uses it. >> now he's done it again. this time a game called gifting chaosism in the beginning it's slow then it starts getting faster. >>reporter: that makes it addictive. >> i showed my friend one week before the app came out. they wouldn't give my phone back. they kept playing. one more time one more time. >> now he didn't build the game by himself. he made friend at the
9:48 pm
conference and wound up teaming up with one of them who happens to be on the other side of the globe. >> he asked me christmas of the game i said sure. >>reporter: he was another scholarship recipient from australia where christmas comes in the summer and english sounds a bit different. >> here we use dude mate what are you trying to say let go mate. >>reporter: but presents something we can all agree on swiping left and right on the conveyor belt. >> i was at the timing see you later thin run it on my phone automatically addicted to the game. >>reporter: the family is hooked. >> 1 second click and last blink. >>reporter: they are not kidding. that didn't turn out very well. game that down loaded more than 10,000 times but for the two teams biggest surprise is how small world really is. >> like i'm working with some one across the world. >>reporter: working and competing. >> he's a better player i can beat him eventually. >>reporter: abc 7 news. fun. winter begins 5 hours from now.
9:49 pm
let's go to lisa with the forecast for the first difficult of winter. >>reporter: that's right. 2:flower in the morning and a little warmer for your wednesday and we have the spare the air alert and we look at warmer morning temperatures. upper 30's for coldest location at inland east bay and mid 30's for you newspaper santa rosa. 45 half moon bay and we get into thursday morning even milder so the trade off will be some beneficial wet weather come back our way the end of the week but as for tomorrow 58 in richmond and concord. 60 free mont livermore let's look at christmas night. we see some light showers into monday morning. this can be a busy travel day and then looking at some scattered light showers right on through this on monday. so it's friday. sure bet for the rain and then by saturday just left over showers. sunday monday light rain as wechlt accu-weather 7 day forecast is winter tomorrow. spare the air another dry day
9:50 pm
on thursday. stormy packet scale for friday. left over showers saturday and notice the wet breezy conditions will continue so that is good for us in a lot of snow. >> good pattern. >> yes. it has been grit. >> if not a union cycle for christmas it's a poster. >> okay. >> thanks. power of drones is reaching a new height. look at this check this thing out. drone created by samsung gives new meaning to snow lift strong enough to carry a snow birder in the video provided by samsung. drone was custom built for you tube. star kc of new york he's the one snowboarding here. drone is actually massive. talking 16 rotor. so big it takes two people to carry this thing. off he goes. the that's wild. really more of a helicopter. >> i was going to say we have a thing it's called the helicopter.
9:51 pm
that's what robot use toen slave us. capture us with the drone then lift us up. right before you even night. this is going to happen people i'm just telling you rate now. telling the universe. for quite some time. nobody listens just watch our basketball games and we are of off. warriors playing the jazz t.most of the glory here but you you a.
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9:54 pm
>> good evening. warriors play young jazz team that is contender in the west in the future. they are not there yet. and you know we rave about the warriors shooting all the time. they can and will beat defense like they did tonight. bobble head night at oracle arena. they would have liked this game the way it transpire. first quarter. curry drains 1700 career three. that's a lot. moments later. curry. interception. passing lane so well taking it
9:55 pm
to the hoop. finish with this. 19-15 low scoring game. thompson hot. fifth bucket in 6 tries right there then green. going coast to coast here. we call this with authority. then he get tee the up for hanging on the rim. chen up. we can call. curry the floater over the french reject. rudy drew as foul. final moments at the half. curry. kneeling in for 3. warriors at the half on a run went final 104-74. warriors 24 and 4. he is raising money forth victims of ghost ship fire. out on ebay now and autographed by the mvp warriors and warriors donated 150,000 dollars to the cause. warriors on man near and dear to many of us the late nate
9:56 pm
thurman named one of the 50 greatest players ever. also part of the abc 7 family work with me on our post game shows for many years. first 10,000 fans at oracle arena received a free big nate bobble head at the top of the hooiment highlight. 55th anniversary of nate snatching 24 rebound in one-half against the lakers back in 1966. that remains a were your west coast franchise record. nate died in july of leukemia at the able of 74 and the warriors are wearing his no. 42 patch on the uniform all season long in his honor. >> walk around sand say i'm better than you. by the way he could have absolutely played in this in. b and a an been trip. i remember what a tiing any fight presence nate was and how respected he was when he spoj our players were wide eye and listening to every word. >> nate was a gentlemen.
9:57 pm
he was big 6 foot 11 but gentle giant. >> great man. sorely missed. >> raiders enjoying the about east season in a dozen years and 7 of them named to the pro bowl today. playing in orlando this year. game raiders hope not to play in because those who reach the superbowl don't play all star game. leading the charge is quarterback car. pro bowl for the second time 6 pick. favorite target cooper. 74 reception. also selected so were 3 of the raiders offensive line and rodney and donald on the defensive side. we have mack and nelson and 7 other raiders alternate. mike was in alameda today. he has a pretty good view of the final home game item christmas eve against the colts for the silver and black. >> when you break a drought there's a tendency to let up but with this group that's fought going to happen.
9:58 pm
>> being able to go i don't see the team letting up. to be has to let up. we give everything we have got. >> don't get too hot going to have our business this week if we don't coach come in here and upset us. >>reporter: calls dangerous team at 7 and 7 leading to win out for any chance at my off burn. >> turn the film on and what kind of team they are. back against the wall and fight and come out expecting very best shot. >>rporter: well they have a familiar name quarterback in former stanford star luck and he brings it every game. >> remind me of cam newton. scramble a lot so if we didn't have good the rush he'll make us pay with his leg. very strong arm. he's one of the premier kw in the league. >> if they within out they win the division title and earn a
9:59 pm
by week during the play offs. alameda, abc 7 sports. >> shark leading calgary in the third. sport brought to you by toyota. you said you wanted that bike will you ride it on tv. >> it's a challenge. i'll do it. absolutely. >> okay. >> just saying. >> lets do it. >> all right. it will be fun. >> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. shots fired inside solana county pawn shop as we reported tonight. man and dog dead. what led up to the violence. pregnant women using pot. what has more expecting mothers turning to marijuana tonight. those stories and more come up at 11 over on channel 7. but that's our report. as always we appreciate your time for larry and lisa i'm dan seal you in an hour over on the big 7. i'll
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