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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 26, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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well, tomorrow raiders start quarterback derek car will have surgery on his broken leg. carr went down with the injury in the blowout loss to the colts saturday. he's going to be out six to eight weeks. the super bowl is in five weeks, so he'll miss that game if the raiders happen to make it that far. despite the season-ending surgery, the team is still confident it can still make a playoff run. >> here's how it happened. that's clint cole landing on him. right foot squeezed underneath. >> backup quarterback matt mcgoin is expected to start
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saturd sunday against the broncos. trump is responding to president obama's claim that if he had run in the third term, he would have run. mary bruce has more about the back and forth brewing over the nation's highest office. >> tonight it's current versus future president. it started with president obama saying he could have taken on trump. >> i am confident in this vision because i'm confident that if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> later today trump firing back, tweeting, president obama said he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that but i say no way. jobs leaving. isis. obamacare. very different tone in that meeting. trump tonight also slamming the u.n. just days after it passed saying it has such great potential, but right now it's
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just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. these latest critical tweets coming 25 days before the inauguration as donald trump is racing to free himself from potential conflicts, announcing on christmas eve he's shutting down the trump foundation to avoid even the appearance of any conflict. in the same statement, trump insisting that 100% of the money goes to charity. but there are questions about the foundation's spending, including whether trump inappropriately used foundation money to purchase this $20,000 portrait. trump has already paid a penalty to the irs after the foundation made an improper campaign contribution. and now trump's plan to shut it down is facing a major snag. the new york attorney general's office is investigating the foundation and says it cannot legally dissolve until that investigation is complete. mary bruce, abc news, washington. coming up on abc 7 news at
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11:00 -- >> shopping center chaos. day after christmas sales turned violent in malls across the country. elsa? george michael is brilliant. >> the bay area man who worked side by side with george michae and about what he will miss the most about the late pop star. so much snow. the blizzards slamming the dakotas making
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a fight broke out at a food court at a cleveland mall today, sending people running for the exits. officers had to pepper spray the crowd to clear it out.
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one juvenile is accused of assaulting an officer. police said the incident was loosely organized on social media. and in chattanooga, tennessee, three people were injured when someone set off fireworks inside a store. people thought they were gunshots and they started running, of course. none of the injuries are considered serious. abc news has confirmed other mall incidents today in illinois, colorado and texas. tonight the legacy of late singer george michael is being honored by one of his producers who lives right here in the bay area. michael walden has worked with some of the best. melissa harrington is in the newsroom now with how he's dealing with the sudden loss. melissa? >> reporter: he calls it a huge loss for the music industry and nor george michael's fans. he helped produce a grammy-winning hit and says he has only gratitude and love for the late singer. narda michael walden is a
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three-time grammy-winning producer. he has worked with george michael. george michael has always stood out. >> george michael is brilliant, a perfectionist, very talented and gave 110% to make sure everything was always as he wanted it to be. there are only a few artists that really go to that extreme, and he's one of them. >> reporter: like the rest of the world, walden learned that michael died on christmas. the two worked together on the grammy-winning duet with"i knew you were waiting" with aretha franklin back in 1987. ♪ >> reporter: that same year, walden won a grammy for producer of the year. he keeps the award in his san jose home. >> i am saddened, but i can't
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say i'm surprised, with prince leaving, whitney leaving, all these people, it's like, okay, god is taking them back home. >> reporter: since the late 1990s, walden has followed his work and is proud of his legacy. >> george had it all. sex appeal, dance, great stage presence, great recording, great production, great everything. he's one of those people that just had everything going on. so it's a great loss. >> reporter: alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. >> and "20/20" will have a full hour dedicated to george michael tomorrow night. a blizzard has shut down travel throughout the dakotas. that is just a taste of the biting wind and blowing snow that hit the upper plains states last night and today. about 500 miles of roadways were shut down.
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you can see why. one major airport in north dakota was closed and will reopen tomorrow. and people are documenting the blizzard on instagram. here's a look at the drifts in bismarck bearing some cars on the street. the caption says it all. "insanity up here in bismarck." and check out the snow blowing on this front door. what door, right? the owner says she won't even try to open it. let's turn to the weather forecast. cold and maybe rainy coming. >> and that means more snow in tahoe. >> that's right, we are going to get more snow, and really, those pictures put things in perspective. we have nothing to complain about, right? here in the bay area it's cold, but not cold enough to snow, at least not yet. here's a beautiful sunset from our emoryville camera. 4:58 tonight, we saw some clouds adding some color to our sunset and those high clouds starting to increase.
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a little too late to hold our temperatures up, so you'll notice the east bay, san francisco under that cloud cover right now. from the east bay camera looking out over the bay. san francisco, 45, gilroy 37. san francisco looking good. there is no fog. it's a dry air mass, but those temperatures already near freezing in santa rosa, napa, fairfield, 37 in concord. if you're heading up to tahoe, a beautiful view looking at some fresh snow that fell over the weekend. they will be adding to that snow over the weekend. komti i coming up, freezing snow over the weekend. we're looking at mild temperatures in the bay thursday and friday. at midnight, your temperatures are going to dip down to the upper 20s in livermore, early tomorrow morning before you see that recovery as we head into the latter part of the morning. if you have early plans, you'll be out and about, you definitely want your heavy winter coat.
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look at these temperatures. mid to upper 20s in some of our coldest inland valleys. really down near freezing or below. around the bay and along the coast, it's also going to be pretty cold despite those clouds. for the afternoon you're going to see mainly sunny skies, mid-50s to the low 60s. then as you take a look at wednesday, it will get a little bit warmer. temperatures will come up into the 60s for many of you. it will feel nice. thursday a mild pattern with 50s, 60s, and by friday you're looking at a slight dip with near average conditions. we have a light system coming in friday night into saturday morning. less than about 7/10 of an inch expected. i wouldn't change your plans, because it's really just a light shower chance friday night at 11:00 going into the wee hours of saturday morning. and really between 7:00 and 9:00, those last swers will be pushing inland to the east bay and then they're gone. for your new year's eve, if you're heading out to do some partying, 7:00 partly cloudy.
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temperatures in the 40s for many of you. it does get chilly right around midnight, but it will be dry for new year's eve before we bring in another system. you can download the abc 7 app for the cold weather coming up tomorrow morning. the doppler does show cold weather for tomorrow morning, but it comes up. low 60s inland, 50s primarily near the coast except for thursday. then we have a light system. your new year's eve, you'll be ringing it in on a dry note. i'm not talking about anything but the weather here. sunday morning is dry as well, so the start of 2017 is fine. but 2017 at night is when we bring in another system, also a light one, going into monday, kristin and dan. >> thanks, sandy, very much. >> you know practice makes perfect. still ahead on abc 7
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you can't have a parade without a marching band. they are getting ready to shine in front of a live audience in the rose parade. they are the best of the best
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alumni of the drum and bugle corps, ranging from 18 to 25. >> some of these people i haven't seen for years. it's like old times, like we never left. >> every movement has to be precisely sink yncronized, so they're practicing twice a day to make it perfect. it's only the second time they will perform at the parade of roses in pasadena. they are going to nail it. they are working so hard. >> so happy there will be some local presence in the rose bowl. not that we're bitter. >> we've been waiting for years. . kristin is still fuming about the warriors game yesterday. with
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according to espn, raiders quarterback derek carr will have surgery on his broken right leg tomorrow in los angeles. his recovery time is at least six weeks. short of a miracle, he's done
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for the season. with carr out, meat mcgloin will start saturday in denver. on saturday mcgloin came through in the clutch, completing a pair of passes to hold off the colts. >> we expect our guys, when they step in to play, to play and play well. we expect to win. he made a couple nice throws at the end there. >> he's handled himself very well, been prepared all year in the case if anything were to occur, and he's ready to step in and take advantage of his opportunity. a little bit fearless, i think he's got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, i would say. >> smith looking on. dallas broke open a close game against detroit. dez bryant made a one-handed catch. he lobswhitten.
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detroit falls 9-6 but is still in the playoff chase. the foster farms bowl is wednesday in santa clara between utah and indiana. the youths finished third in the pac 12 division. they went 8-4. one of those losses was against cal in berkeley. tom allen will be making his head coaching debut after kevin wilson was let go at the end of the regular season. >> our players are so excited from the very first moment we were informed we were coming out to california to play in this bowl game. the giuys were fired up. >> we're excited to be playing at levi stadium. year. it's going to be so fun. >> after the big showdown with the warriors, lebron james got the night off. they crushed the cavaliers


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