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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 12, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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international. substance entered the cabin. three crew members complained but only one was taken to the hospital. it's not clear what the flight attendant's condition is. the flight will be out of service until a local hazmat crew determines the cause. none of the passengers on the plane were affected.
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we are on the scene with a live report at 11:00. the other breaking news is in oakland. two people have been hit by an amtrak train. right near jack london square where it happened, one of the victims has critical injuries. amtrak says they were trespassing on the tracks. we have a crew on the way and will have instant updates on both of the breaking stories on our app. be sure to enable push alerts. good evening and thank you for joining us. a federal agency has declared the drought has ended in more than a third of california. according to a map released today by the u.s. drought monitor, the entire bay area is out of the drought. but much of central and southern california are in a moderate to severe drought. >> can we start to relax our water usage? >> reporter: this is what many california reservoirs looked like at the height of the drought in the spring of 2015.
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half empty. this is what many look like today. more than 100% full. so full the spillway at the san pablo reservoir is wide open. >> the amount of water we received and the amount of precipitation is 196% of average, and actually just in january for the month of january, 470% of average so far. and while federal officials declared the drought over but the governor's declaration is still in place, at least for now. >> this may be a sign the state is coming out of the drought emergency that we've been in for years. and maybe time that local control can be returned. >> reporter: and then there's the long term outlook. >> we received all the snow, and this is great. is it going to last? >> reporter: alex is a professor of earth and environmental sciences at st. mary's college. she says all this is great for
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surface supplies, but what happens beneath the ground is even more important. >> all of this precipitation is going to help replenish the surface water, the stuff at the surfa surface. the reservoirs. it does little to replenish the ground water. >> reporter: while things may look great in northern california, the drought is still very much in place in the southern part of the state. abc7 news. the rain has stopped. we have our first true clear in several nights. video shows the full moon moves across the sky and storm clouds causing flooding and other problems in the bay area. despite the rain being gone, some of the problems remain. for more information let's head over to our meteorologist. >> hi. we still have some flood warnings. we'll talk about those in a moment. first, the russian river at guerneville.
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the flood warning has been cancelled. the river has fallen below flood stage. let's take a look at the drought situation. bay area is out of the drought as you'll notice here. still some dry areas from the east bay to south bay. when you look at the latest from the drought monitor northern california seeing an improvement. notice a lot of california, especially to the south extreme to exceptional drought. not all of california is out of it. 35 % of it is drought free. that's encouraging news. the rainfall we've had autumn and winter helping. and last night in the last 24 hours through today we received anywhere from about, live doppler showing you clouds. also a flood warning for the salano county area until
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2:afterno2:30 in the afternoon. temperatures are falling already in the 30s and the 40s. exactly how chilly will it get by morning and the concern for the morning is black ice? i'll be back with a detailed look. urban search and rescue teams have saved almost two dozen people in the south bay because of the flooding and today they saved one more. >> reporter: surrounded by a flooded coyote creek and stranded for two days. they're happy to deploy their swift water rescue team to rescue this man. >> there's debris floating in the water. you can't just swim across the stream and get out. >> reporter: the surged waterways are dangerous. >> for example, three inches of water moving 10 miles per hour can move your car across a roadway. it's a lot of force. >> reporter: the 56-year-old yelled for help around 11:00 this morning. he was stuck near ranch drive and north mccarthy bul vard.
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>> his body temperature is probably low. he's being assessed and he probably will be taken to a local hospital. >> he's not the only one who underestimated the storm run off. >> i just pulled harry out of the river. he tried to ride his back. >> reporter: joshua saved a local cyclist on a trail yesterday. >> that was scary. i just dropped my phone and got off my bike and went and grabbed you. that was crazy. >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriff's office shared the video on facebook. >> it could have been worse. >> reporter: they rescued people from rising waters all week. >> our search and rescue people took 15 people from the hollister area out of homes. i know we took three or four people from cars. >> reporter: more than 20 people have been saved in water rescues by the usr team. all of them are okay. in the south bay, abc7 news. the water is finally
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receding in guerneville after the russian river reached the highest level in a decade. moments ago the flood warning was cancelled. let's look at video from sky 7 at how extensive the flooding has been. many homes and cars took in several feet of water. damage is estimated in the millions. residents are taking the flooding in stride. they're using boats to get along streets made for cars. those lucky enough to see the water recede is cleaning up. >> it flowed around here and hit the curb and was making a big whirlpools out here. >> as the river returns to its normal revels, sonoma county will have debris boxes to help residents with the cleanup. a drone video is showing the effects. it gives you a look a the massive hole caused by storm erosion under the pavement. the breach measures 70 feet and 30 feet deep. you can see as drone 7 flies into the gap, the fast moving river of water at the base
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washed away an awful lot of earth. the road is closed indefinitely. county public works crews don't know when the repairs will begin. a regional park near liver moore is closed because of floodings. the campgrounds will be closed for the next week because of power issues. in sonoma county, they used kayaks to check the flooding of a park. they posted these pictures. most river parks are closed because of flooding. you can keep tabs on the weather with live doppler 7. get push alerts sent to your phone or tablet. police are looking for help identifying the shooting of suspect. another worker in a shop was wounded. investigators say they released surveillance video showing two
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men suspected. tonight police released a sketch of one of the men. the state pawnbroker's association is offering a $25,000 reward. a police mand commander was fired after being arrested for domestic violence. 56-year-old robert dejesus was arrested last week. a department spokesperson said he is not employed with the city of san pab low. dejesus has been the spokesperson for the police department since august. this was an interview he did. >> prosecutors charged this man with kidnapping and carjacking after he allegedly stole a car with a four-year-old car inside. it happened tuesday morning while the car's owner and child's mother was dropping off her other child at day care. silver said he wanted to get out of the rain and didn't mean to kidnap anyone. and abandoned the car about ten
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minutes after he stole it. police arrested him within hours after viewing surveillance video. still ahead, the chargers are headed to los angeles. what does that mean for the raiders? plus the disagreement over what to do over san francisco's sinking skyscraper. and the new
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there are new revolutions tonight about the sinking ma lin yum tower in san francisco. city officials held another hearing today where we found out city hall has asked the developer to respond to questions made by three independent engineers. they want to know about the condition of this tower and the city wants that information no later than tomorrow. we have the story. >> reporter: andrew fulling is a resident of the millennium tower. >> every time there's settling, imagination, i worry this will be the end of my life. >> reporter: the state of the e millennium tower has been included in reports. the reports have been reviewed by three independent engineers hired by the city. after inspecting the building, those engineers have additional questions for the developer.
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>> how would the building perform if there's any future settlements or additional settlements. >> reporter: the department of building inspections asked the questions be addressed by tomorrow. the spokesperson from the partners e-mailed us to say we're providing all the information the city has asked for and will continue to do so as we have all along. today the building has sunk 16 inches and is leaning six inches toward a neighboring skyscraper. the building is not anchored on bedrock like others around it. a resident was at today's hearing who has shown us before how this golf ball rolls right down his condo floor. >> we have seen no sign from the partners that they're willing to stand behind this building and fix it. >> reporter: a super visor says he's hopeful there will be a solution. >> and there are engineers and experts who think it can be done, and ultimately, millennium and their interests are going to have to figure out how to pay
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for it. >> reporter: it's hard to predict when it will be accomplished. abc7 news. on the same day the warriors announced they hired greg sur as a security consultant, they cut ties with him. the parting was mutual. sur was an retainer to advice on the team's ground breaking. he resigned after a series of shootings oh of people of color. public backlash against sur's hiring led the team and the former police chief to part ways. in a statement sur said the last thing i want to do is cause a distraction for the warriors during this positive time for the team and organization. and san diego there is heart break and a lot of anger after fans learned their football is hitting the road for fogood. >> one fan lit the team's flag on fire. and today the chargers announced they're heading to los angeles. >> alex stone has more. >> reporter: the chargers are on
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the move. but san diego fans aren't cheering. the problem is they're not going down field. they're going upstate. the chargers making a move to los angeles after calling san diego home for over half a century. >> it's an emotional decision. for sure. i've been in san diego over half my life. but at some point you have to make a decision and move on. >> reporter: leaders in san diego aren't feeling the love. >> the chargers' decision to walk away from the fans and the teams' legacy and countless memories is a new low. >> reporter: and they have bitter parting words for their long time heros. >> san diego didn't lose the chargers. the chargers just lost san diego. >> reporter: that sense of betrayal obvious at team head quarters where fans showed up and threw eggs. >> take your family and get out of my city. >> they're the reason i'm a charger fan right now. >> reporter: the chargers deciding to move comes after
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voters rejected a ballot measure asking for over a billion dollars in increased taxes to help fund a new stadium. >> the chargers wanted a lot more taxpayer money than we could have agreed to. >> reporter: the chargers walked away with negotiations from the city. the new l.a. chargers will share a stadium being built for the rams. >> we have to put a good product on the field, and we have to put ourselves into the community. which we plan to do. >> reporter: alex stone, abc7 news, los angeles. now, larry beil will share his feelings about the move coming up in his sports segment. despite the talk of a raiders move, the effort to keep the team in oakland is moving ahead. there's a formal proposal of terms on a new stadium at the coliseum to the raiders and the nfl. the proposal includes details on a stadium, financing and commercial development. we're told it gives the raiders of a share of nongame day
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revenue and a portion of any profit from the commercial development. the raiders and the league told abc7 news they received the proposal but refuse to comment on the content. we want to check on our weather. no rain for a change? how is that possible? >> we're in a lull for a while. our meteorologist is here. >> you probably got used to the idea of rain for days on end. it is long gob ne and things ha quieted down. you get a chance to dry out. hang those umbrellas up. just a few clouds right now as we head into the overnight hours. even the clouds will move away and the skies with the clearing skies, cold air mass in place. temperatures right now in the 40s. san francisco 49 degrees. it is the same in san jose. oakland, half-moon bay, down to 44. there's a chill in the air. good visibility right now. fog is not an issue from this
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point. fair field, napa, liver moore, mid 40s. looking at frift frsan francisc our camera. inland temperatures down to freezing. dry throug monday. if you have plans, looking good. more storms next week. notice the temperatures down below freezing in our north bay valley's. some wind shelter valleys may drop lower. it's going to be chilly as well. make sure you bundle up tomorrow morning. give yourself more time. black ice could mean dangerous roadways out there. highs for the friday in the 50s. you'll need the shades for a change. forget the umbrellas for tomorrow. a nice view from our exploratory camera. if you're making plans for the holiday weekend, it's dry and mild tomorrow. a couple of clouds saturday into sunday. it is going to be mild on martin
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luther king junior day. we're looking at a few 50s and 60s. storm impact scale coming back into the picture. tuesday night into wednesday. a light system, it's a one. it's a warm storm that arrives. moderate rain at times and it's going to be breezy to windy. tuesday afternoon you're fine. by tuesday night the rain line moves in. wednesday night widespread line. blues indicating moderate pockets of rain around thursday morning. this continues. this is just a rough idea as to when we're expecting some rain. you can always download our app to help you keep track of the storms. there are several storms lined up behind those ones that are coming through tuesday through thursday. colder saturday. 20s inland. temperatures in the afternoon in the 50s. as we head into our sunday, mild milder nights and days over the holiday weekend as we head into
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tuesday night into wednesday. one on the storm impact scale. it will be wet and windy, and then a two for thursday with heavier rain between wednesday night and thursday morning, and that could lead to some more proble problems, especially with the streams and creeks. the good thing is the rivers are coming down. the streeps and creeks are coming down. we get a chance to dry out before the next round. >> this has helped us in terms of the drought. >> it has. we've come a long way. >> coming up, the head of the fbi the subject of an investigation for his actions just before the election. >> it's an app millions of americans use but the company behind it still has to cut back on employees. details when we return.
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you'll be able to get
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nintendo's next game consul in march. they showed audiotape the switch for the first time. what sets it apart is the same system can be used on your tv or by itself on the go. battery life will last between two and a half to six hours depending on the activity. the controllers have motion control. they can be used like nintendo's recent game systems like the wii. anyone ten toe also announced a new zel da game and new mario game. pandora is cutting work force. the decision will allow it to invest in product development. it earnings exceeded expectations. it now has 4 .3 million subscribers. business is booming at amazon. the company is ready to add thousands of jobs including here in northern california. the retailer announced today it will be adding 100,000 full-time positions to the work force
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nationwide. 4,000 of the jobs will be filled at the fulfillment centers. tonight an officer ambushed by a gunman in arizona. but he survived thanks to an ordinary citizen with extraordinary courage. plus the incredible gift that will help keep some of the nation's top medical minds here in the bay area. >> and the good-bye surprise that
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live breaking news. we have an update on breaking news. two people hit by a train in oakland are members of the iconic bay area band tower of power. >> one of the victims has critical injuries. it's unclear at this time which band members were injured. amtrak says they were trespassing on the tracks. a musician tweeted for prayers
9:30 pm
for two members of the band. a gunman ambushed an arizona state trooper this morning. >> tonight the head of the public safety department is thanking an armed civilian for possibly saving the trooper's life. >> he stepped into action. maggie rulely has more. >> officer down. >> reporter: an officer responded to a car crash on the highway ambushed by an armed suspect. blind sided in the pitch dark of early morning. >> he's in bad shape. >> reporter: the man who saved his life. >> this is a civilian. >> reporter: a civilian driving past with his wife on this remote part of i-10. >> he said i don't know that my trooper would be alive without his assistance. >> reporter: the officer was responding to a call about a potential shooter on the highway when he came across an overturned vehicle. he secured the area around the crash when the suspect attacks him. shooting the officer at least once in the chest before then aping on top of him. >> the suspect is getting the better of the trooper and is on
9:31 pm
top of him, and striking the trooper's head on the pavement. >> reporter: the civilian driving past pulls over. the officer calls for help and the man grabs his personal gun asking the attacker to stop before shooting and killing the suspect. he then picks up the police radio to call for help. >> in our worst hour we need your help, and this was today. thank you. thank you for the support and thank you for the trust. >> reporter: the officer is in stable condition and expected to recover. the woman in the car accident has passed away. authorities are now looking into what possible motive the suspect could have had for the attack. they're also questioning the civilian who stepped in about exactly what happened. abc7, los angeles. authorities in baltimore are investigating the cause of a house fire that's left six children dead. the fire broke out overnight in the three story home in northeast baltimore neighborhood. the children range in age from nine months to 11 years old. and all are members of the same family. the mother and three other children did escape. she's in the hospital listed in
9:32 pm
critical condition as are two of the children. the third child was released. the father was at work at the time. the mother has been identified as katie malone, a long time staff member of a congressman. tonight the nation's top investigator is being investigated. they are probing with james comey followed proper procedures in investigating hillary clinton's actions. they say it cost her the presidential. we have the latest from washington. the head of the fbi james comey is used to conducting investigations but now h is the subject of one. >> you may have heard about a letter that the fbi director sent out yesterday. >> reporter: at issue, comey's handling of the clinton e-mail probe and the bomb shell he dropped 11 days before the election when he sent a letter to congress announcing he was reopening the case into clinton. >> the department policy has always been you don't do it
9:33 pm
close to an election. you don't want anybody to think the department is acting to influence an election. >> this election had been held prior to the sending of the letter, hillary cnton would be the 45th president of the united states. >> reporter: clinton supporters believe comey's actions could have swayed the opinion of voters. and just this week comey's own words announcing clinton's investigation coming back to haunt him as he refused to confirm or deny any investigation into possible trump campaign ties to russia. >> i would never comment on investigations whether we have one or not in an open forum like that. >> you didn't say whether there's even an investigation underway. >> correct. especially in a public forum. we never confirm or deny a pending investigation. >> the irony of your making that statement here, i cannot avoid. >> reporter: in a written statement comey promised to cooperate fully with the investigation calling the inspector general professional and independent. abc7 news, washington.
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donald trump wl be sworn in as president of the united states one week from tomorrow. california congresswoman barbara lee is among at least five representatives who will not be attending the inauguration. lee represents california's 13th district which con viss of northern alameda county. in a statement lee writes, quote, donald trump has proven his administration be normalize the most extreme fringes of the republican party. on inauguration day, i will not be celebrating. i will be organizing and repairing for resistance. donald trump will inaugur e inaugurated as the 45th president. i'll be in d.c. to provide you with live reports. hope you'll tune in. it was perhaps the surprise of a lifetime for the vice president. no tweets ahead of time. president obama somehow managed to keep joe biden completely in the dark before awarding him the highest honor any american citizen can receive.
9:35 pm
>> for the final time as president, i am pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. >> thattanding ovation inside the white house today lasted more than a minute. after that the president shocked biden once again. >> for the first and only time in my presidency, i will bestow this medal with an additional level. an honor that was reserved for three others. pope john paul ii, president ronald reagan and general colin powell. i am proud to award it with distinction to my brother, joseph biden junior. >> a tearful biden was understandably overwhelmed with the incredible honor. >> i had -- i had no inkling. i thought we were coming over,
9:36 pm
michelle, for you, jill, and barack and i to toast one another and say what an incredible journey it's been. >> the president called biden the best vice president america has ever had and as good a man as god ever created. such a moving moment. here's what's coming up at 9:00. >> if you want to stay safe online, you need to think like a super hero. i'm
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think like a superhero. >> you know, it's a good bit of advice. it doesn't sound like great advice to keep your private information safe online until we
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explain what that means. >> go online and sign up for just about anything and you'll be asked for a lot of information. on this site, for instance, it asks for your name, address, date of birth, social security number, mother's maiden name. >> it asks for your mother's maiden name. do you give them the real one? >> yeah. >> most of us do. the privacy expert and chairman of cyber scout, adam levin offers this advice. >> when you set up your security question protocol with whatever website, lie. >> when asked for your date of birth, shave off a couple of days or years. if you tell the truth, you make it easier for identity thieves. >> and the problem is that so much information is out there about us on social networking sites that hackers and thieves just scan the internet looking for this information. and then they use it. >> adam says make it all up.
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>> he said we should all be like superman and have a secret identity. >> yeah. i didn't get that memo. i may need to talk to your privacy expert. >> reporter: by using a false identity, you add another layer of protection. >> make up a whole new identity and use it. >> then i'll never remember it. i have too many pass words i can't remember now. >> i think for you, i think that's a good idea. i should probably consider that. >> reporter: what's your name? >> brendan schmidt. >> reporter: brenden? >> don. look, i did it again. you need my mother's maiden name too? >> reporter: if you decide to take that advice, remember, keep a very, very simple or you'll never remember it. if you need help on a consumer issue, i want to hear from you. the seven on your side hot line is open monday through friday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the deadline to enroll for 2017 is the end of this month.
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tomorrow agents will be here to answer your covered california questions and get you started on enrollment. our phone lines will be open from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. you don't have to wait. you can submit questions online. you can submit questions online. a scare for workers in
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today ussf announced a largest gift give ton a public university. jonathan bloom explains the size of the gift isn't the only thing that's unusual about it. >> helen dill lar was a remarkable person who had a lifetime of giving back.
9:46 pm
>> reporter: the chancellor announced the news. the family of helen diller is giving after a billion dollars, the biggest gift it's ever received. >> i'm going to do everything in my power to honor her legacy by spending the moneyizely and truly changing the world. >> reporter: her foundation has prized education with awards given to teens healing the world and an earlier gift for cancer research. this gift is different. it comes with almost no restrictions on how to spend it. there will be $400 million for the undoimt and $100 million for literally anything. >> the goals we're chasing after require risk taking, and often need tools, technologies that don't exist now, and it's a bet on whether they can be built. >> reporter: that $100 million will be called the innovation fund doled out by the chancellor to departments where an influx
9:47 pm
of cash could lead to a breakthrough. >> the field of mental health and psychiatry is a big problem. >> reporter: he is studying the links between autism. >> to be able to place big bets on these opportunities that are emerging right now because of sequencing and -- >> reporter: he says the pie in the sky just got closer. >> i guarantee you people are talking about wow, if we -- if you could really dream and we can. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. three places in california became national historic land mashes. one of them in the bay area. a chapel here seen on google street view is being recognized as a place that helped someone
9:48 pm
become a community. the other two new landmarks are in san diego and los angeles respectively. they are among a total of 24 places nationwide that are now officially national historic landmarks. separately president obama expanded the california coastal national monuments to include the katoni coast dairies, the area is located near santa cruz along highway one. they are native american archaeological sites and area species of animals. two years ago there was legislation introduced to have the area protected. today is a dream come true, she says. national monument designations are designed to protect land and water. a volcano spewed ash into the sky in new mexico. easily seen because of a crisp
9:49 pm
moon. the volcano has been active since october. magma inside is building slowly and culminating in the ash, gas, and incandescent material. >> the faa is investigating a video that shows a drone slamming into the seattle space needle. we'll pause it for you to point out two workers there that the drone barely missed. watch closely here. the drone's owner went looking for it but space needle security gave it to police. the owner faces a $5,000 fine and nearly a year in jail for reckless endangerment. storms didn't just impact people. look at this beaver that was injured and disoriented at a school this morning. it was taken to the lindsey wildlife experience hospital in walnut creek where they found it had small wounds on its feet and tail. we got a peek as the critter rested this morning. experts there tell us the beaver
9:50 pm
is a little dinged up but expected to be okay. kind of getting feedback. one last check on the weather. >> our meteorologist has the latest. we'll take a look at live doppler 7 watching clouds and showers off the coast. they're not going to come through the bay area. the rain is falling in southern california and snow down there. if you have travel plans, there's been record rainfall at long beach. 1 1/2 inches. a lot of rain there. sierra nevada, if you plan to head to the mountains, you're good to go. after tomorrow morning's chance of snow, it will be dry for the long holiday weekend. 30s friday through sunday. in the teens through the mornings. martin luther king junior day is high and milder. in the 50s with sun shine in the bay area. rain chances over the next seven days but not until the weekend is over. as you look at the 7-day forecast, freezing cold the next
9:51 pm
two mornings. cuddle up next to a fireplace. milder conditions daytime and nighttime over the weekend. we have ones on the storm impact scale. thursday is a two. milder for the second half of the weekend, sunday and monday. thank you. >> we have a lot of sports. >> warriors in action? >> we have a ton of basketball. in fact, the warriors will host lebron next monday. would they be looking past the pistons tonight? classic letdown scenario.
9:52 pm
for millions of baby boomers there's a serious virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. because it can hide in your body for years without symptoms, and it's not tested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us it's time to get tested. ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure.
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good evening. the warriors are playing the pistons tonight. then they have three days off before facing lebron and the cavaliers. tonight is a classic trap game. steph won't let it happen. leading with 19 points in the first half. great move. hits a long two, and then catch and release three. pistons would answer with an 11-2 run.
9:55 pm
ish smith had a cup of coffee with the warriors. drives and scores. kevin durant cross court pass. knocks down the three ball. steph becoming much more assertive. taking the ball to the rack. hanging and hitting. warriors by two at the half. splash had 12 in the quarter. shooting 50% from three in this one. look out mcgee. coming into your house. right now warriors cruising 113-92 in the fourth quarter. a ton of college hoops. st. marys taking on portland. the pilots crashed. calvin hermannson, the lefty, raining threes. raining in portland. 37-9. and more of the same in the second lauhalf. 74-33, st. marys. i love saying franky
9:56 pm
ferrari, and franky with a nice pass to charles mindland for the two hand jam. rinfro with ten points. nice take. erik meeka over powers inside. byu wins by ten. usf has won four straight. cal hosting washington. charlie moore the fabulous freshman drive and dish. ivan with authority. kingsly okorra, seven feet tall. jabarri bird finished with 16 points. rab goes for 14. cal wins 69-59. stanford hosti wazu. dorian pickens taking it to the
9:57 pm
hold. robert cartright on fire. 84-48. stanford leading right now. speaking of -- let's talk about cal. showed their highlight early. they decided on a new head football coach, justin wilcox. wilcox has been defensive coordinator at washington usc and most recently wisconsin. cal needs help on defense. wilcox the son of dave wilcox, reportedly working out contract details at krl. let's get to the chargers. they announced their move to l.a. ripping the heart out of local san diego fans. in the span of a year l.a. has gone from having no nfl teams to
9:58 pm
having two really bad teams. the chargers were born in l.a. but have little support there. the owner should have taken the 550 million in relocation fees and use the money for san diego. instead he's leaving. >> everything is a challenge in life. i don't expect to be handed to us here. we have to come up here and we are going to fight for everything going forward. and that is putting good product on the field and winning. i think if we do that, we will be successful, but i'm not expecting for nothing. well, nothing might be what they spent on this logo. i guess this is what they basically took the dodgers' logo and added a lightning bolt. it must have taken five minutes to draw that. this might be more accurate. i saw it on twitter. we stole it. in other news, we may be thinking about changing our abc7 logo. we spent 30 seconds on that. as for what it means for the raiders, the nfl only cares
9:59 pm
about money. the lure of 750 million in public financing intoxicating for nfl owners. unless they can pull a golden rabbit out of their hat in oakland, we may be watching the l.a. chargers playing the love ra -- las vegas raiders. coming up tonight we're following our two breaking news stories. musicians with a famed group tower tower of power hit outside a club. and a hazmat situation on board an alaska airlines flight. tonight our first reaction from passengers on board that plane. be sure to join us for abc7 at 11:00 over on channel 7. that's it for us now. thank you for joining us. from all of us, thank you from all of us, thank you for joining
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(narrator reading) narrator: today, a bizarre crime so gruesome it creates international headlines. the bestescription of this crime is creepy. narrator: a man films himself stabbing the body of a naked victim repeatedly with an ice pick.


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