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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 3, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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san francisco sheriff's deputy april myers is accused of disposing a firearm to give it to a convicted felon. this man, fowler, who she had an intimate relationship in the ja jail. according to the criminal complaint, she gave the gun to him after he was released. myers attorney questions the credibility of informants in the case. >> it's reliable or something somebody should be convicted of. >> reporter: yes, the san
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francisco police officer and the d.a. served a search warrant at the home. they claimed there were several items stolen, myers is facing charges, she filed a $67,000 claim after the alleged burglary, investigators say they found myers allegedly stolen duty weapon in fowler's car when they arrested him yesterday. he denied having it then told investigators myers gave it to him with $2500 to get rid of it because it was fired by somebody else at her home in an incident where his finger was grazed. myers says they did not have an intimate relationship, but had been friends for years and that fowler stole the gun without her knowledge. fowler remains in custody, myers is released upon the condition she not have conduct with
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fowler. san francisco police have released surveillance images of a man who could be connected to a murder. he is seen running near mission street, police have not said if he is a suspect. the victim, marcos perez was attacked and later died from his injuries. one person was injured and more than a dozen are out of their homes tonight after a fire in san francisco's chinatown neighborhood. firefighters arrived before 8:00 a.m. to find a market on fire at pacific avenue. wayne freedman has a look at the broader impacts. >> at the corner of stockton and pacific this is the mess that followed the heat, a mess made more difficult by a language barrier. it is chinatown in the middle of this great american city where this morning a building burned just as hot and just as dangerously as it would anywhere else. >> this morning, at 8:00. >> reporter: cell phone video shot by diane ju who ran from the flames as firemen rushed
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toward a blaze that began in the basement with all sorts of obstac obstacles. >> refrigerators, freezers and cabinets and just tight turns with zero visibility. it was a very difficult fight. >> made more so with lives on the line, at least 20 senior citizens lived on the top floor, one of them clawed down a fire escape, another needed immediate dialysis treatment, drawing mayor ed lee to the scene. >> i'm always concerned whether it's a holiday or one that the fires, luckily no one was hurt, but they do damage and especially during the new years. >> reporter: before they left, they sent the city representatives to offer help from the city's small business relief fund. >> lost the money and business. >> she has already filled out the paperwork. >> we designed this paperwork to be fast, we know that when a fire occurs in a small business in particular they don't have time to sit down and wait for insurance forms to come through. we designed this program to address that exact issue.
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>> and maybe as a result it will bring fewer worries on this corner in chinatown that tonight is filled with them. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. and meteorologist zansuspe patel has more. >> if you don't have an umbrella with you, you can dodge the drops, they will continue right through the weekend. here is a look at showers between el granada, heading into burlingame we're seeing wet roads, across 880, into miraga, a little slick there, walnut creek, we're seeing wet roads. right now at the lower elevations it's not very breezy, but the higher elevations, a little bit on the gusty side.
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you see the shaky view there. here is a look at the temperatures, real comfortable outside, mid-to-upper 50s, san francisco, half moon bay and wet in spots as you notice here along the embarcadero from the kgo roof camera. temperatures, 54 in santa rosa, golden gate bridge, a few showers right now. scattered showers for tomorrow, our next storm arrives sunday night, and it's a rainy pattern through next week. here is how this next system ranks, it's a level one, a light system for tomorrow, anywhere between 500th to a half inch for most areas, breezy at times, nothing to change up the plans for our saturday. hour by hour forecast to show you, by 8:00 a.m., still very scattered in nature, it's not widespread, it is not heavy. it's light, 6:00 p.m. saturday night if you're going out to grab dinner or you need to go by food for super bowl parties don't you worry, showers here or there is all there will be.
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at 7:00 a.m., sprinkles on sunday and then you have to wait so you get a pretty long break on sunday before sunday night the rain arrives with the next storm at 6:00. light and intensifies as we head into the 7 or 8:00 hours, 11 p.m., still going sunday night and the showers will carry over into monday. in terms of the rainfall totals, i'm running it all the way through sunday evening, you will notice all the inches there, 2/10 through a half an inch. first thing tomorrow morning, upper 50s, upper 40s to the mid-50s, a few showers around, still wet spots, temperatures, 50s, 60s, you can always download the abc 7 news app so that you can monitor the live doppler 7 and now how to plan your weekend. as the days go on, we'll track more rain. accuweather forecast, one on the storm impact scale every single day, but i do want to make it
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clear, it's not a storm every single day, it's going to be three storms over the next several days with scattered showers tomorrow, first in the series of storms comes in, sunday night into monday, second one is tuesday. it lingers into wednesday and then there is a third system that arrives on thursday with a few more showers on friday. no big storms, ama, just enough to where it helps our reservoirs. >> absolutely, thank you. well, snap files its ipo papers and solves a big mystery with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv.
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as part of snap chats's bid to go public, we're learning that another company was paid to
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go away. he claimed they had taken his original idea and run with it. spiegel and brown were in the same fraternity at stanford and were freshmen the same year, the company filed for a $3 billion ipo. a bay area doctor has lost his license in connection with an extreme weight loss program, promising you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days, the iteam's dan noise has more on this case involving anyone who wants to lose weight. well, up next here on abc 7 news at 9:00. a judge blocks the president's immigration order, at least for now. also the white house goes on the offense against iran. the new sanctions that are just going into effect. also, one of the president's closest aides defends the travel ban by claiming something that never happened.
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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. and we begin this half hour with the president's travel ban, tonight, a federal judge in washington state declared he would temporarily block enforcement to the ban nationwide. in an interview, the attorney general said he is prepared for the case to go all the way to the supreme court, coming the same day the president announced a new crackdown over the iranian government's new ballistic missile test. >> reporter: the president today landing in florida for a weekend getaway at his winter white house, mar-a-lago, but not before making good on that threat to put iran on notice. >> they're not behaving. >> reporter: the white house issuing new sanctions going directly after people and entities tied to iran's
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ballistic missile program. we asked today is this just the beginning? >> should americans be ready for the possibility of military action with iran? is that on the table? >> look, i have said this before, the president has been very clear, he doesn't take options off the table but understands the impact of something like that. >> reporter: in a statement tonight, tehran saying it will respond proportionately, and that their program is the undenial right of the alien nation. as the white house goes on offense, iran goes on defense with the executive order, temporarily banning travel from seven muslim majority countries. it is now the subject of multiple lawsuits, and tonight, breaking news, a federal judge in washington state has temporarily halted that nationwide. what exactly that means still unclear at this hour. but the state attorney general declaring victory.
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>> judge robart's decision, effective immediately, effective now, puts a halt to president trump's order immediately. i want to repeat that. it puts a stop to it immediately nationwide. >> no word on whether or not the white house will appeal. the just department says it looks forward to reviewng the written order and will determine the next steps. and in a statement today, 100,000 visas were revoked. >> i think you could hear the gasp in the courtroom new the state department said the number of people that had their visas revoked were about 60,000, but amid the fallout, families detained across the country, the white house initially focused on a much smaller number. >> we had 109 people temporarily detained, they're all in, they were temporarily detained to
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make sure the safety of the other 324 million americans was put first. i don't see how that is a big problem. >> tonight, it is becoming increasingly clear tens of thousands of people directly impacted by the new policy. of the nearly 60,000 who had their visas revoked, thousands are already here in the country, they will not be deported but if they leave they will not be allowed back in. and there are tens of thousands more overseas with visas already in hand who would have been allowed in, but no longer. abc news, the white house. president trump met with his business advisory council this morning and at that meeting, tesla ceo elon musk apparently asked about his executive order. take a look, according to cnbc, musk talked about the order and said he would object to the order which tonight as we told you has been put on hold by a
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federal judge. >> the white house is taking credit for the january jobs report, the economy added 227 new jobs, however the unemployment rate was up at 4.8%, the labor department is the first report since president trump took office. the white house said companies hired among optimism that president trump would be more friendly to business start-ups. and kellyanne conway under fire regarding the iraqi massacre. she later admitted she misspoke. >> officials tonight in boling green, kentucky announced their town is safe and always has been, after white house senior counselor kellyanne conway defending the president's travel ban claimed iraqi refugees had carried out a massacre in boling green. >> it's brand-new information to people that president obama had
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a six-month ban on the iraqi program after two iraqis came to this country and were radicalized and the master minds because of the boling green massacre. it didn't get covered. >> it didn't get covered because it did not happen. there never has been a terror attack of any kind there, what did happen, which abc news first reported was an fbi sting that caught two iraqi refugees on this undercover tape convicted of trying to send weapons to iraq for attacks on u.s. soldiers there. the two had managed to get into the country even though both had known ties to al qaeda. >> if you're asking my opinion i would say the system failed. >> reporter: the arrest of the two men now in prison said to a six-month drastic curtailment and overhaul of the iraqi refugee program in 2011. but it all happened in this quiet town of 60,000 without incident, without bloodshed, without massacre. today on the front page of the boling green daily news, one
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word, wrong. it was yet another controversy for the white house counselor, who on inaugural weekend made this comment. >> sean spicer gave alternative facts. >> today, on social media, the fake massacre went viral. chelsea clinton tweeted this message, please don't make up attacks. kellyanne conway misspoke, i meant to say boling green terrorists, and pointing to what she called phoney outrage. >> president trump had a quick reaction to a terror attack at one of the world's most popular tourist actions. a suspect armed with two machetes tried to attack soldiers. president trump tweeted that a new radical islamic terrorist had just attacked the museum in paris. >> reporter: also possibly the
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most famous museum in the world. millions visiting the louvre. the attack happened at the entrance to the shopping mall under the louvre, hundreds of visitors stood together before being evacuated. paris prosecutor calling it terrorism, saying the attacker is a 29-year-old egyptian who got a tourist visa in dubai, renting an apartment in an upscale neighborhood and spend almost $700 buying the machetes here in paris. tonight he is in critical condition. tonight, there was a group of students from north carolina visiting on the weekend, undaunted as they walked toward the closed louvre. >> did you have any hesitation visiting paris? >> i mean, it's a scary time, but we didn't want to not come just because of like the fear of
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something happening. >> that was alex hart mark reporting. and starbucks and other businesses opened again today after the damage done on the campus where milo yiannopoulos was supposed to speak. today, customers were warned about broken glass even as glass was replaced at a wells fargo just across the street. on the uc berkeley, a power washer was being used to clean up at the mlk student union building, the amazon store was opened again, close by, these two students wanted to create a dialogue with fellow students with different views. >> the main goal is not to convince the other side that your belief is right. it's to understand people have different views and to come together in a solutions-based way to find common ground.
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>> those students launched their effort earlier this year. it's called bridge cal. one day after nordstrom said it was cutting ivanka's clothing line, the last of the items are marked down in what some call a fire sale. this afternoon, the shoes were selling 40% off the original price. a spokesperson says nordstrom still has her products. as abc 7 news reporter kate larsen reports, the whole thing was prompted by a bay area organization called grab your wallet. >> reporter: neiman will no longer carry her supplies, nordstrom saying based on the brand's performance, they will not be buying them. >> in my mind there is a clear connection between the boycott in nordstrom's decision. >> reporter: the person we spoke
9:38 pm
to on skype talked about the boycott she discovered in october, using the hash tag grab your wallet, urging others to not do business with the trump family. >> through yesterday, the hash tag had been seen on twitter over 600 million times. from what i have seen throughout this movement, people, especially women, don't want to see the name trump while they're shopping. >> that is certainly true for sharon conway, who was disappointed to learn that macy's still had and reaction. >> but not everybody agrees they should suffer the consequences. >> i love the shoes, i'm not necessarily a big fan of her dad but i think she is great. >> this afternoon, they said nordstrom did purchase their apparel for spring. in san francisco, kate larsen, abc 7 news. meanwhile, politico is reporting that ivanka trump and
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the final frontier arrived tonight at the oakland science center, the event opened today, the original tv series launched in 1966. the exhibit has been on tour since last year feang the creations of artists from around the world. lend nimoy was a contributeder.
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and it would not be chinese new year without dancing lions, today the san francisco police department's dancing lions team visited the pace center, the team performed the lion and dragon pieces, it was a real delight for the occupants there. and for the annual celebration, president trump's executive orders on immigration and travellers weighed heavy on the festivities. speaker after speaker vowed to fight for justice. >> you have to become revolutionaries in the age of implicit discrimination. >> more black history events are planned tomorrow. it only happens for a few days a year. but is it worth waiting for?
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i think the protesters are doing the same. >> we will not tolerate racism or sexism or any crimes of violence. >> university officials say they suspected trouble when they saw the military-style protesters march to the campus. >> you see this and the emotional response is why. >> i think this is disunifying for the country. >> abc 7 news where you live. >> here is a new form of in-flight entertainment, a canadian man was flying over alberta, looked at this and freaked out. he got his camera and captured
9:48 pm
this particularly strong geomagnetic storm. this is a time lapse video. the video begins over southeastern alberta and ends near thunder bay ontario, that is fantastic. well, a little rain could not keep beer fans away. they lined up overnight at the russian river beer pub at the event. crowds started to grow over the last ten years as they went to the top of beer lists around the world. the first person to arrive said it's well worth the wait. >> had to get in line at 11:30 p.m., the experience is well worth it. but the taste of that beer is fantastic. >> the brew pub seats about 175 people, but new seats are coming at another location, the russian river has a brew pub just down the road in windsor sometime next year. how much rain will we get
9:49 pm
this weekend? >> yeah, ama, we're going to get quite a bit. live doppler 7 will show you what is going on right now, not everybody is getting wet. we're seeing scattered showers light to moderate, as you notice, we take you into street level radar you will also notice light returns right around the morraga area, and down the peninsula around half moon bay and el granad granada, chain controlings remaining in place, winter storm warning until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we're looking at heavy blowing snow, low visibility, make sure you have chains if you're going up tomorrow morning. there will be showers around as we head into sunday night, another round of rain and snow coming in. it will be gusty. here is a look at the rain, one to two inches for most of you, but santa rosa, one of the
9:50 pm
wettest spots could pick up four inches, the accuweather seven-day forecast one on the impact storm scale every single day. keep the umbrellas handy, sometimes you will need shade, sometimes the umbrellas, carrying over into next week. >> all right, thank you. we are just two days away from super bowl sunday and as the new england patriots take on the atlanta falcons, but it's not just the players and fans getting ready for the competition, kenneth moten has a look at the super bowl commercials. >> hey, buddy. >> reporter: hilarious and attention-grabbing. celebrity cameos and iconic slogans. >> where is the beef? >> super bowl commercials, almost bigger than the game. the pricey spot is the 30 second or a longer opportunity for companies to advertise during the biggest game of the year. this year, carolina panthers qb
9:51 pm
cam newton, and actress melissa mccarthy is saving the world in a kia, the big talker, the budweiser spot celebrating the immigrant founder. as the country debates immigration, anheuser busch calls the timing of the ad a coincidence. the goal of course to profit. as some super bowl commercials change the game. apple's 1984 still called the greatest, but in 2017, companies will once again try to break the mold. to make money you've got to spend it. this year, a 30 second super bowl commercial reportedly cost $5 million.
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kenneth moten, nbc news los angeles. all right, let's get to sports with larry. big night at stanford, a night of celebration for the
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tara vanderveer made history tonight, winning the thousandth, senior erica mccall finished with 18, carly samuelsson, another senior, this is from steph curry range, this breaks this game wide open. vanderveer, they went with confetti, like the globe sfs trotters, they win number
9:56 pm
thousand. >> i have more than a thousand memories of you know coaching and being with a team. and i am so fortunate to be the coach at stanford. thank you all very much. it's a special evening, and i'm moving on to 1001 on monday night, so come on back. >> there is a hall of famer right there. as if giants/dodgers games don't have enough juice already, relief pitcher sergio romo spent his career as a giant highlighted in 2012 when he was a closer for the world champions. he lost his closers job with elbow problems and will be a set-up man in l.a. anderson varejao is a player that steve kerr really likes, varejao picked up late last season trying to add size up front, the guy is a true professional, always hustles, but basically limited as a player at this stage of the
9:57 pm
game. warriors had seven players on the roster, the move opens up a roster spot for golden state, that spot will go to weber, a 6'2" guard. he can get up the d-league player of the month, he is known technically as a defensive specialist, had a coue of short stints in the nba last season with nba and miami, and new england and atlanta, among the prop bets you can make, how many commercials peyton manning will be in. number of times giselle will be shown on tv, and number of times mattie ice will be shown, julio jones, bothered by a toe injury but bill belichick knows they got to stop julio. >> he does everything well and brings an element of toughness to the position i would say is extremely high, a very
9:58 pm
competitive tough player and i have all the respect in the world for him. guy is one of the top players in the league. >> there is another super event this weekend. and this is what it will look like. i don't know if you have ever been to super cross, it's wild. we'll be to the oakland coliseum on saturday, they're racing rain or shine. the racer cole zeally gave us a look. >> i'm one of the racers, our team, we have a pretty big team, actually,wo semi trucks, nobody really gets to check this out. so this is a little bit more special. it's very rare to have anybody in here, really. i mean, let alone with the camera. basically like an entire race shop back here. so everything is labelled, organized, everything has got a place. everything has a bar code. i mean, we got basic stuff, and graphics, stickers.
9:59 pm
bunch of spare parts. these are just cables, like auto cables, clutch cables, here is a pretty expensive part, these are our foot pegs, they're full titanium and weigh next to nothing. they're actually $2500 for a set, very expensive. once i load a bike with these peggins i was like i got to hav them. all right, so you have seen our truck, which is very rare. we'll be here all day tomorrow, come check us out, we're doing autographs from 11:30 to noon, come say hi, you can look at the outside of the rig, hopefully see you guys. >> that is fun abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. all right, thank you larry and thank you for joining us to the, i'm ama dietz, for larry, and dan and
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. coming up, a business tycoon, a wealthy entrepreneur-- together, they're the jet-set couple to envy, but appearances give way to a vicious reality. loni: the room is in shambles. he sees blood everywhere.


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