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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 1, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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breaking news, we begin with breaking news out of washington. "the washington post" reporting that then-senator jeff sessions spoke twice with russia's ambassador to the united states. >> it reportedly happened during the presidential campaign. the report says sessions didn't disclose the encounters during his confirmation hearings. sessions was asked specifically about possible contacts between
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members of president trump's campaign and moscow. the justice department which he now leads says one meeting was an office visit while he was a member of the senate armed services committee. the other was in a group setting with other ambassadors. >> congresswoman nancy pelosi issued a statement saying, now after lying under oath to congress about his own communications with the russians, the attorney general must resign. >> there must be an independent bipartisan outside commission to investigate the trump political personal and financial connections to the russians." there was no comment from the white house tonight. two thrill seekers arrested after they reportedly jumped out of one of the tallest buildings in san francisco this morning. police say they found these guys with parachutes next to the hilton in union square. we have mugshots of the b.a.s.e. jumpers. joshua glowvack and brendan weinstein. both live in san francisco, both
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were arrested when they jumped off the hilton and landed in front of an sfpd squad car. kate larson explains what trouble they could be in. >> reporter: our cameras there as police took two into custody, the pair allegedly jumped off the top of the 46-story hilton hotel at taylor and o'farrell in the tenderloin. >> there are some officers on patrol in that area. they observed several people descending from the sky with parachutes. >> reporter: the officers took their parachutes and b.a.s.e. jumping gear into evidence. b.a.s.e. jumping is not illegal so the men, 25 and 26 years old, were charged with trespassing and conspiracy. investigators say the jumpers were not guests at the hilton and do not know how they gained access to the hotel's roof. b.a.s.e. jumping and other extreme sports have become popular. this video shows parachuters jumping off the world trade
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center three years ago and remember this from 2010? a man used giant suction cups to climb the millennium tower in san francisco. both illegal acts. >> it is definitely something for people with high rises to be aware of and hotels are places where people and the public can have easy access. don't try this, this is something that's very dangerous. >> reporter: amy hollyfield spoke to one of the hilton suspects when he was released from jail who told her he was not jumping for attention. police are now looking for video of the jump. reporting in san francisco, kate larson, abc 7 news. police in san leandro have arrested both suspects in a roing gun battle that seriously injured an innocent couple. yesterday police found marcus jones, who's been on the run three and a half months. they say he and devlin harris, out on bail, began shooting at each other from their cars in oakland last november and took the battle into san leandro. inside jones' apartment
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detectives found an ak-47, $250,000 in cash, and three semiautomatic pistols. jones was arrested yesterday while walking in a parking lot. >> during the arrest marcus jones was found to have a semiautomatic high-caliber pistol stuffed in his waistband. th pistol had a 30-round magazine, fully loaded, inserted into that pistol. 30 rounds twice the amount of rounds a standard police officer carries on their duty belt. >> police say harris was shot and driving at high speeds when he slammed head-on into a toyota prius, sending a couple in their 70s to the hospital with serious injuries. the couple is recovering at home. koch canyon road in castro valley reopened after a mudslide today. the slide shut down the road between norris canyon road and bollinger canyon road in san ramon. public works crews worked for hours to clear the debris. even when it's not raining, you can still see the effects of our incredibly wet winter.
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a seven-figure donation was handed over to help people whose san jose homes were soaked by last week's flooding. >> who doesn't care to receive $5 million? come on. >> that's the man with the money. $5 million of it that he's giving away to help people hose san jose homes were flooded. most homes have been cleared but some parts of san jose aren't open for people to return because of damage and potential contamination. people along mobile home parks along old oakland road received free dumpsters. the department of transportation started cleaning the streets in the rock springs neighborhood and perhaps the biggest boost for flood victims came in the form of that single $5 million donation today. david louis shows us how the man will major its way to flood victims. >> reporter: the white jacket and bright pants make huhuang stand out, that and a check for
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$5 million. he and a friend who owns lee's sandwich shops were collecting donations and made a donation of his own. >> when i came to this country, i had nothing. now i have little bit money, i just want to help my people, to help the people. >> reporter: mr. hong started a biotech company. his generosity will help nonprofits focus on restoring lives. each group will focus on one task. >> one is long-term case management. cal charities is he'ding that community which helps people navigate through the bureaucracies, the benefits, all the challenges. that's our role. >> reporter: red cross volunteers have put in a collective 18,000 hours over the past 10 days. emergency response is now over. >> there's potential financial assistance we can provide, as well as referral to many other resources. >> reporter: direct financial aide aid might be difficult for some to accept. this woman isn't sure her parents will take money.
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if money is turned down, catholic charity can provide services instead. one thing is certain, hong is going to help, and he's going to hold the mayor accountable that the money goes into direct assistance for flood victims. >> they have no place to live. we have to get them someplace for them to live. >> reporter: in san jose, david louis, abc 7 news. >> nice guy. a flood control kate mosss california $50 billion according to the state's natural resources secretary. during a committee hearing in washington today, senator camel lahair ris discussed california's flood risk with the state secretary of natural resources. harris is trying to secure federal funding to help upgrade aging infrastructure. the secretary of natural resources says only through federal aid has our state weathered what could have been disastrous flooding. >> sacramento is second only to new orleans in danger from catastrophic flood event. it that is effort that has
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protected sacramento and other areas. >> harris says nearly half of california's 1,400 dams dar signed as "high-hazard potential" by state officials. it is all clear on live doppler 7 but we're getting more rain by the weekend. download the abc 7 news app to access radar any time you wish and enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. california's water picture keeps getting brighter. state water officials conducted their last satisfactory snowpack survey. >> comparing what we measured today, the 43.4, last month we only had 28 inches of water content at this location. so a really big increase. >> it actually was their latest sierra snowpack survey. the 43 inches is how much water we get if the snowpack melted all at once. the average is 24 inches. when mean when the snow melts our reservoirs should remain full.
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the final snowpack survey will take place april 1st. coming up next, a family wants justice after their son is killed. >> we needed to see the people who took or frankie away from us. >> four days after a beloved little league coach was stabbed to death, his alleged killers appear in court. uber's pr crisis goes from bad to worse. the newly released video that has the company ceo admitting he has some growing up to do. drew tuma with the forecast. >> nice and quiet right now. rain in the picture, snow coming
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abc news in the sunset as homeland security and drug enforcement agents swarmed a home on busy 19th avenue at judah street. a spokesman for immigration and customs enforcement tells us this was an undercover narcotics investigati investigation. we saw hazardous materials teams wearing protective suits and at least one man come out in handcuffs. two men arrests in the stabbing death of a popular little league coach were arraigned today in a san jose courtroom to formally hear the charges against them. these are the mugshots for robert rue wet and aaron vallejo. prosecutors are saying little and that may be for good reason. abc 7 news reporter vic lee has more. >> they're scum balls.
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>> i just needed to see the people who took my frankie away from us. >> reporter: in the courtroom, family and friends of frank navarro. as robert ruiz and aaron vallejo were arained for his murder. navarro was a beloved mentor to many youngsters as coach and president of a little league chapter in the south bay. he was a long-time security manager at a nightclub in downtown san jose. navarro was killed early sunday during an altercation shortly after he caught someone using another person's i.d. nightclub owner david powell. >> like the cowards they are, attacked frank and my team from the side. and in that scuffle, frank was stabbed and killed. >> reporter: ruiz and vallejo were arrested shortly after the attack. they were in a car that matched the one on the club's security video leaving the scene. abc 7 news has learned another camera recorded the scuffle and the killer running away, carrying a knife. navarro's family and friends are
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still in disbelief over the senseless murder. >> there's no reason to have francisco lose his life over a false i.d. >> reporter: ruiz and vallejo are being held without bail. they did not enter pleas today. the prosecutor declined to comment saying the case remains sealed. a source tells abc 7 news that's because police are still looking for another suspect, possibly the one who stabs navarro. vic lee, abc news 7 news. >> abc news 7 has confirmed the identities of all five involved in monday's deadly crash in riverside of a san jose-bound plane. those killed include nori hajazi, pilot and registered owner of the plane, wife dana. their adult daughter stacey pierce survived in it critical condition. the other survivor is sill very yeah ferrellis. her daughter, 22-year-old adeen, died in the crash. new trouble for the ceo of
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uber. travis kalanick is apologizing for a video showing him berating one of his own drivers. he admits he needs leadership help. the company is already facing angry calls on the internet to delete uber and allegations that managers sexually harassed employees. here's abc news reporter lindsay davis. >> reporter: uber ceo says he's sorry for his behavior in this newly released video which shows him berating a driver in an argument over fares. >> i lost $97,000 because of you, bankrupt because of you. the whole business. >> reporter: the driver blamed ceo travis kalanick claiming the drop in uber fares has cost him dearly. >> you know what? some people don't like to take responsibility for [ bleep ]. they blame everything in life on somebody else. >> reporter: kalanick says he had to drop prices to stay competitive but he's now apologizing and released this statement. "it's clear this video is a reflection of me and the criticism we've received is a
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stark reminder that i must fundamentally change as a leader and grow up." he says, "this is the first time i've been willing to admit that i need leadership help and i intend to get it." this is just the latest round of negative publicity. a former uber engineer is accusing the company of turning a blind eye to sexual harassment. kalanick has called for an internal investigation into that matter and hired former attorney general eric holder to look into the allegations. linsey davis, abc news, new york. uber's recent stumbles are giving its ride-hailing rival lyft a chance to seize the moment. lyft has been pitching investors for a new funding round hoping to get at least $500,000, and increase its valuation to as much as $7 billion. the golden engage district says a suicide barrier should be complete by january 12, 2021. bridge engineers and contractors are already working on it. it's expected to cost as much as
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$204 million. the project involves installing the equivalent of seven football fields of netting along the 1.7-mile bridge, made of stainless steel, 20 feet below and 20 feet from the side of the span. bay area christians marked the first day of lent today. abc 7 news was at st. mary's news as catholics had ashes in the sign of the cross put on their forehead. the ritual is meant to show repentance. for some it's marking a period of fast organize sacrifice leading up to easter sunday on april 16th this year. time to check weather. another nice day. >> already feels like easter, springlike weather. that's changing. meteorologist drew tuma is here with the forecast. >> a couple more days, this is beautiful weather. lots of sunshine, mild temperatures. then things change as we head into the weekend. live doppler 7 showing you it's quiet. outside we go, live look from our east bay hills camera showing you a beautiful sight out there. visibility is great.
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i want to show you what we've got not sky, a beautiful crescent moon under clear skies. right now, temperatures actually running some 2 to 6 degrees warmer than we were this time last night. it's not as chilly out there. 40s and 50s the name of the game. 53 in oakland under clear skies. 54 in san jose. 53 san francisco. 46 novato, napa. antioch right now 48. overnight tonight, chilly in typical spots away from the water, not as cold as last night. 39 overnight vallejo. 42 richmond, oakland. 45 san francisco. dropped to about 39 in san jose end plenty of stars. 37 in morgan hill. so the next three days, we're looking great tomorrow. sunny and mild. like today you're going to love tomorrow as well. near 70 inland. some high clouds will return on friday. we are dry, we are bright. temperatures still mild in the 60s. then over the weekend starting on saturday, there's that chance
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of some rain moving into the picture. so on the storm impact scale, both saturday and sunday, it's light rain at times. .1 to .75 inches. it's not a washout. winds breezy to gusty at times. so future weather as we go hour by hour, saturday morning we're dry. into the early afternoon, some light showers popping up first in the north bay. probably likely in the evening hours by 7:00, a few light showers trying to make their presence known in san jose. very light in nature. that's going to be the theme of the storm system. early sunday morning still light showers around. as we go into sunday around 9:00, 10:00, the action winds down. then into the afternoon there's that threat of a light shower. you can see it's really not an organized storm or a major one. future tracker, rainfall amounts really late. a good estimate .25 to .50 inches if you're lucky. this system will bring snow to the sierra. lake tahoe forecast the next four days, good through friday.
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then saturday night the snow enters the picture. by sunday, that snow will be on and off and it will be heavy at times dropping you about 33 in the afternoon. so future tracker snowfall amounts, take a look at the numbers as they rise. we'll get you into sunday. a healthy amount, 15 inches around south lake tahoe. 16 tahoe city. 17 in klineville. it's adding on to that healthy snowpack. the seven-day forecast, we're bright, mild through thursday. by friday, a few clouds out there. saturday, some light rain, gusty at times. sunday, showers, breezy. not a washout over the weekend. monday and tuesday, dry, warming up into springlike warltd by wednesday. butterflies are free. how you can see them in a whole new light next. ♪ >> oh, that child's voice turned him into a legend. michael jackson, of course, the pop star passed away almost eight years ago.
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tonight we're hearing details of his life and legacy from the man behind the camera for all of those pictures. that's tonight
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until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. they're cute but marine biologists warn about baby seals on local beaches. abc 7 was in sausalito where vets were caring for several seal pups. birthing season for seals runs through march, meaning many more babies on beaches, many times alone. people think the pups are abandoned but experts say you should stay away. >> they'll leave the pup to fora forage, then see people on the beach with their pup and won't want to come back. if you see a pup by itself, give the animal space, at least 50
9:25 pm
feet if not 100 feet. >> another reason not to pick up baby seals, it's a cream. last year the marine mammal center saw 40 cases of seals impacted by interteerns from humans to dogs. from seals to this creature, a san francisco-bound flight had a four-hour delay because a mouse was aboard the plane. passengers were buckled up and waiting to leave when the crew told them the plane could not take off with the mouse on board. one passenger tweeted, just had my flight to sfo canceled because of a mouse on board the plane, could it not get a visa? british airways apologized and said they were satisfied that only passengers with two legs were on the flight. the passengers eventually boarded another plane and it landed this evening with no problems at sfo. we're getting a rare look at the brief but beautiful life of a butterfly. it's a new exhibit taking flight. abc 7 news was at the california academy of sciences in san francisco for a butterfly release today. the insects are part of an you'll coming exhibit "the
9:26 pm
butterfly emergence experience" at cal academy's rain forest. >> this is the first time that we have made an upgrade to the exhibit since we opened in 2008. we're really excited to share that with everybody. >> the exhibit features all the life stages of the butterfly. it opens friday. coming up next, the president's speech. he served up a full agenda during his address but can he get it all through congress? it's not four letters but some say the "r" word
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. live where you live. this is abc 7 news. >> we'll begin with a new challenge for pruch.
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with his address to congress behind him will he be able to get his massive agenda through congress? >> including repealing and replacing obamacare, tax reform, tax relief for the middle class, infrastructure plan. abc reporter mary bruce has a reality check on the political fight ahead on capitol hill. >> reporter: from republicans on capitol hill, praise for the president's speech. but also relief. >> i thought it was terrific. i thought it was a very strong speech. it was a bold, positive, optimistic vision. >> it was kind of nice to hear president trump as president instead of candidate trump. >> reporter: for republicans looking for direction on plans to repeal and replace obamacare, the president outlined what should stay. >> we should ensure that americans with pre-existing conditions have access to coverage. >> reporter: and what he thinks needs to change. seeming to back the house speaker's proposal to use tax credits to buy insurance. >> we should help americans purchase their own coverage through the use of tax credits and expanded health savings
9:31 pm
accounts. >> reporter: but that plan does not sit well with some in his open party. >> if the president is endorsing what the speaker supports, is that something you can get on board with? >> no. no, i think that's just a new entitlement program. the moment that you say there's guaranteed money going to people, how is that any different than the obamacare solution, which was to get people benefits? >> that would be a nonstarter for you? >> that would be a nonstarter for me. >> reporter: the president is pitching big-ticket agenda items with big price tags. a $54 billion hike in defense spending. a $1 trillion infrastructure plan. >> i came out feeling hopeful he had now pivoted to actually governing. during the spire speech i kept saying, how areo this? how are you going to bring forth new infrastructure, and at the same time, add $54 billion to the defense budget this. >> reporter: democrats see
9:32 pm
glimmers of potential compromise but are skeptical. >> whenever you hear him, you always got to say, okay. what am i going to hear tomorrow? or what am i going to hear this afternoon? >> reporter: republican lawmakers here have been huddling on the path forward. no new details yet but they insist they will be voting on legislation to tackle obamacare in the coming weeks. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. house republican leaders have a new version of an ohm bare repeal and replacement bill, so far keeping it under wraps. bloomberg news says the document is being treated like a top secret document. it's expected to available to members and staffers on the house energy and commerce panel starting tomorrow. it can be viewed in only one room. no one will be able to take copies with them. the unusual secrecy is a reflection of the sensitivity and the stakes surrounding the gop effort to rewrite the affordable care act. the white house has cleared aide kellyanne conway after she told americans to buy ivanka trump's fashion line on national
9:33 pm
television. she was accused of violating ethics rules for federal employees. a white house lawyer says she acted "inadvertently and without nefarious motive and intent" adding that she has been briefed on government ethics laws and promises to observe them. within a week a second california city could call for president trump's impeachment. on tuesday the city of alameda will consider a resolution that supports an impeachment investigation by congress. the group supporting the idea accuses the president of conflicts of interest, corruption, and constitutional violations. last month richmond became the first city in the country to approve a similar resolution. on saturday an event called march for trump is scheduled in berkeley. organizers on facebook say it will start at 2:00 p.m. at martin luther king civic center park. stocks surged today on wall street sending the dow jones industrial average to a new all-time high. the dow rose more than 303
9:34 pm
points today closing above 21,000 for the very first time. analysts credit the huge jump in part to what they say was president trump's measured tone in last night's address to congress. in addition to the dow, both the nasdaq and s&p 500 recorded big gains in trading today. the company behind the app snapchat set its ipo price at $17 a share, higher than expectations. snap plans to start trading tomorrow on the new york stock exchange. the los angeles company's main feature is snapchat, a messaging app where the text and images disappear after a short time. snap also built special camera glasses called spectacles that take pictures. safeway opened four new stores, not like the regular supermarkets. the stores are called community marks. stores that are keeping the vibe of the old supermarkets. that includes gourmet meats, salad bar, a hot food section, and other specialty items including chocolate coffee-flavored adult brownies. >> i miss a family-owned store,
9:35 pm
even though i know enbeganicoa what's months not in its last incarnation a family-owned store. >> there are two safeway community markets in merkley, one in los altos and san anselmo. they're keeping most of the former store's employees at these stores. students and educators rallied at san francisco city hall trying to end the use of the r-word. >> reporter: the song and dance number on the steps of city hall was performed to prove that students in special education can achieve a high quality of life. today they joined a campaign to change the way people use the "r" word. in case you're wondering what the "r" word is, it's not reading, read, and rithmetic. you know what i mean. i'm not going to say it but to clarify, the new term is now "intellectual disabilities."
9:36 pm
over the years, the "r" word has turned into slang. ask anyone on the street. >> somebody stupid. that they don't understand what they're doing. >> my name is benjamin, i pledge to teach people that using the "r" word is unacceptable. >> reporter: benji attends a school for special education. >> it hurts people's feelings. it really puts people down. >> reporter: at this school they learn life skills to become independent. >> i think being an advocate is something a lot of our students are able to claim by the time they leave our program and take those skills into their futures which is awesome. >> reporter: tommy says there's much work to be done. >> i pledge to rally, with my friends in the community. >> reporter: he and others have vowed to repeal and replace it with another more acceptable word. respect. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> respect is a very good word.
9:37 pm
coming up next, cutting down on crime in oakland. >> abc 7 news sits down wit
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9:40 pm
oakland's new police chief says she won't shy away from controversy while working to make her city's police force a model for the rest of the country. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony sat down with ann kirkpatrick today. >> oakland should be the safest city in america. >> reporter: new oakland police chief ann kirkpatrick says despite gains made her new city could be safer. >> oakland is not as safe as it can be. >> reporter: kirkpatrick is inheriting a force mired in a sex scandal, accused of racial profiling, is still under federal oversight. those are problems. but she also sees plenty of upside in her new job. >> i love oakland. and i think it's an incredibly
9:41 pm
beautiful city. when we show our pattern of being legitimate and that we care and that we can be trusted, then i think those relationships can be rebuilt. >> hands up, don't shoot! >> reporter: oakland is a city at the center of protest. of particularly concern, a relatively small group known for destructive tendencies long after a largely peaceful event is ended. >> people who wish to protest, we're going to honor your rights and make sure you are given the opportunity to have your voice heard. but the balance is that you may not violate the rights of another person. >> reporter: kirkpatrick told us whatever the issue, she will always be talking with and listening to the stakeholders in her city. and shell will acknowledge when mistakes are made. >> we're going on own it, address the fact that mistakes were made, acknowledge it, talk
9:42 pm
about how to correct it for the future. >> reporter: kirkpatrick said she didn't take the oakland job because it was easy but rather because of the tremendous challenge. >> you're in it for the long haul? >> i'm in it. i'm in it. up next, lost then found. >> that's right. we first showed you this friday. a mystery couple got engaged at the palace of fine arts. >> now thanks to an abc 7 vi
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9:45 pm
the president of the film academy says the two accountants responsible for the wrong best picture announcement at the oscars will never work an oscars show again. the accountants gave actors warren beatty and faye dunaway the wrong envelope back stage. seconds after it went to "la la land" it was correctly rewarded to "moonlight." the actors were given a spare
9:46 pm
best actress card which had earlier announced emma stone as best actress. we may remember a story about a mystery couple and a photo of their proposal. >> the photographer never got the names of the man and woman. abc 7 news reporter wayne freeman has the postscript and a story you'll see only on 7. >> reporter: when doing a love story it helps to have a soundtrack. we went to the original source. >> he wanted something romantic. >> reporter: so violist for hire chose bach, and sweet notes echoed through the palace of fine arts one afternoon. photographer angie wilson happened to be there and followed the sound. she snapped this picture of a couple heading the same direction. >> they were under the middle of the dome right here. >> reporter: so imagine angie's surprise when the man dropped to a know, the woman broke into tears, and he proposed. >> they didn't see me. they only had eyes for each other. i just took the pictures and then walked away.
9:47 pm
>> reporter: that's right. she walked away. and then about a year passed. and valentine's day approached. angie began to wonder, what ever happened to that couple? did they get married? would they like a copy of the picture? how could she get to it them? ♪ here's the picture angie posted on facebook. one we showed at nobody recognized the couple but they did steven. >> then i contacted the couple. then everything, through e-mails, everything happened. >> reporter: enter jonathan class of salt lake city and the former alison squires, now husband and i would, a blended family of eight kids. they found angie within four days. >> she said, that's me, omg, how fantastic. >> it takes us back to that moment to see those pictures again. >> reporter: now the clans have a big print coming in the mail. call it a random act of kindness by a woman with a camera who happened to be in the right place at the right time with a big heart.
9:48 pm
>> in this instance, i just have to give to it them. because they made the magic happen. >> it's really the beginning moment of our life together. so we're incredibly grateful. >> reporter: and it's artistic proof that no good deed should ever go unphotographed, or for that matter -- >> goes unplayed? ♪ >> reporter: in san francisco, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> great story. let's update the forecas. >> meteorologist drew tuman? >> enjoying a really nice pattern. we've talked about snow showers many times locally in california. adding to our healthy snowpack. but tonight the snow is in hawaii. take a look at this. snow, yes, it does snow in hawaii. this is about 14,000 feet up on the summit on the big island. they're expecting 3 to 6 inches of snow. in fact, they have a blizzard warning in effect until tomorrow morning. winds could gust as high as 60
9:49 pm
miles per hour. here it's nice and quiet. live doppler 7, we're good to go tonight. tomorrow sunshine on the way. mild, 60s across the board. 63 san francisco. 65 oakland. 67 san jose. 63 in richmond. accuweather seven-day forecast will show you sunshine continues on friday as well. over the weekend we have some showers moving through. it's not a washout either day. rain in the forecast. then next week dry weather returns. interesting and important news coming out of the warriors tonight. >> yeah, kevin durant. i was going to tell you, i've been to moana when there's snow, it's amazing. when you stay up there a long time because of the altitude, you start laughing. oxygen deprivation. it stayed with me to this day. >> all right, all right. >> never quite recovered. >> this is an example. the warriors dodged a bullet, maybe dodged a missile. the mri is innt's
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good evening. it's a huge sigh of relief from the golden state warriors. kevin durant, he's hurt but should be back in time for the postseason. the all-star forward was injured in a freak accident last night. early in the game in washington. it was a long, tense evening of the waiting for durant and the team as they awaited word from the doctors. after an mri, then a ct scan, it was determined durant has a sprained medial collateral ligament and bone bruise. the fear was a broken bone or acl tear. that would have meant out the rest of the season. instead, they're saying out indefinitely, to be re-evaluated in four weeks. the playoffs begin in six weeks. if everything goes well, durant should be back in time for the postseas postseason. the warriors' championship hopes are still alive. >> you don't want this to happen any time of the year. we'll suffer for it, there's no doubt. you want your team to be healthy and on all cylinders at all
9:54 pm
times. especially as you make your stretch run. i want a timeline as much as anybody else but sometimes you have to be patient, hard as that is. last night, had to be patient to get the diagnosis. now going to have to be patient as to when he comes back. can't run this part. it's one of those things where now time is what heals it. >> the warriors are going to add insurance, sign former dub matt barnes, recently with sacramento, released to make room following the demarcus cousins trade to new orleans. barnes was part of the we believe warriors in 2007. averaging eight points and five rebounds a game in 54 games this season. from one barnes to the other, mavericks and hawks, hair thon barnes with authority, wow. posterizing paul milsap. barnes led all scorers with 25, throwing it down. hawks won 100-95. cavs/celtics.
9:55 pm
lebron james, look out. nearly runs into patriots head coach bill belichick. good seats. under a minute left, isaiah thomas bombing away. he had 31. celtics up two. kyrie irving, this is unbelievable. swoop to the hoop. i love kyrie irving. he had 28. 10 seconds left, cavs down two. deron williams. zero. boston hold 103-99. they trail the cavs by three game in the east. giants are obligated to pay matt cain $20 million this season. they'd love to see signs of the old matt cain, the ace showing up in spring training. so far not there. giants/dodgers. look at hunter pence. clean-shaven. i didn't recognize him when i first saw him, who is that? matt cain with the start got out of the first with the one, two, three inning. gave up three runs in the second. two on the henry ramos trip at the gap. parker, 2 for 3 with 4 rbis.
9:56 pm
teeing off on a room service fastball. three-run bomb, his second of the spring. giants up 5-3. george can toes walked the first two bat esof the fifth. the pride of palo alto, jock peterson responds. dodgers 6-5. can toes takes the loss. dodgers win 7-6. a's lose 5-0 to the baud rays. nfl news, as expected colin kaepernick will opt out of his contract with the 49ers. that should happen tomorrow. the question is, does anybody really want him? seems unlikely any team's going did pay him the $14 million salary he was scheduled to earn with the 49ers. the niners weren't going to pay that either. they would have cut him before that bill came due. there's still a chance he re-signs with the 49ers but it would have to be for a lot less money. new head coach kyle shanahan at the scouting combine in indy, will be taking a hard look at qbs heading into the draft. >> there's a lot of pressure from this business, especially
9:57 pm
on the quarterback position. how are they going to handle pressure, adversity, no matter how good you are everyone's going to tell you how bad you are sometime during the year. all that stuff goes into play when you're talking about to one of the most scrutinized positions in sports. there's no exact science. some people, all 32 teams are in love with this one guy. he's out of the league in two years. meaning all 30 teams didn't know what they were doing. it's tough. the more resources, better chance to make the right decision. >> vikings passed on adrian peterson are he's a free agent, reportedly intrigued by playing for the raiders. peterson likes their offensive line but he's going to turn 32, played only three games last year because of a torn meniscus. last night's boise state/fresno state men's basketball game. the ball wedged under the shot clock. they try to use a broom to get it down. guys are jumping. then this guy just hoists this kid up there. he goes up like junior spider-man. retrieves the ball.
9:58 pm
and the kid's fantastic. i don't advise doing that with your child if he's at home. but that worked for that family. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. how classy the warriors are, they made a commitment to sign jose calderon, k.d. gets hurt, they decide jose, we can't use you. they signed calderon for 1 hour and 59 minutes today and paid him $415,000. because they made the commitment, they honored it. >> fantastic. that's good pay. >> yeah, can we get that? >> not bad. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, possible perjury. attorney general jeff sessions is facing calls to resign after reports surface about his dealing with russian officials. and only on abc 7 news, capturing michael jackson. the photographer who caut every moment of the legendary king of pop's life reveals the
9:59 pm
deep secrets behind his iconic snapshots. that's our report. we appreciate your time. >> from all of us at abc 7 news, thank you for joining us. >> see you again in an hour on the big 7.
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