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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 12, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live where you live, abc 7 news. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm matt kellner for eric thomas. we'll have more on that missing woman in san francisco. we have been told by her family she has been found and is safe. we're working on the details, we'll bring you more later in this newscast. former president obama is in the bay area. not many people knew he was coming to town. he flew into the private executive terminal of mineta and was whisk way to an undisclosed location.
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this is the first visit to silicon valley since he left the white house. president obama, the former president, flew into san jose after spending the day with warren buffett in omaha. as president, obama often visited the bay area for multiple fund raisers and silicon valley. another series of bomb threats targeted jewish community centers across america today. several jewish centers received threats via e-mail, including one in indianapolis. police searched in and around buildings in several communities after the threats came in by e-mail. one of those searches found nothing dangerous at a jcc near rochester, new york. >> other centers across the country that at the same time received threats, similar happy, by e-mail. we do believe that this is part of, as i mentioned on tuesday, a larger picture. >> today's threat follows one made against the addison penzach jewish community center wednesday, e-mail threat.
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the bomb squad found no explosives following several hours of searching. a man has died four days after he was shot while driving along i-80 in the east bay. family members identified 24-year-old demarcos penaul. gunfire also wounded a woman riding with daws on eastbound 80 in retch mond. she's recovering. highway patrol investigators believe the victims may have been targeted. chp suspects this man, 24-year-old richmond resident elliot johnson, was involved. officers arrested him along with two 17-year-old boys on thursday. a hiker says she's thankful for all the people who helped find her after she disappeared in the san mateo county hills near woodside. 56-year-old bethany hari spent nearly two days in the wilderness. searchers found her yesterday after she failed to return from a hike on thursday. rescuers discovered hari at the bottom of a ravine. she spoke with abc 7 by phone. she told us she's recovering at home.
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a scan of her brain showed nothing abnormal. napa county is using a new technique in hopes of stopping human trafficking. posters like this one went out to 80 businesses last week. state law requires places like bars, bus stations, hospital emergency rooms, and farms that use contract labor to post them. the idea is to help identify the signs of human trafging and to get help for people who are being exploited. a community donation drive for san jose flood victims is being called a success. abc 7 new year's was at ollander elementary where people dropped off clothes, furniture, and more. people affected by the coyote creek flooding picked up whatever they needed. a neighbor organized the drive with the help of city councilman raul peralez and others. >> got this ball rolling with some teachers here, alex taylor and marianne alva vets, put this together with the help of ollander school and the community, we're so happy. >> the city admits it didn't
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give people enough notice to evacuate. a new flood threat warning system is being developed. football fans from across the country are in oakland today. they don't normally cheer for the raiders. they're here helping silver and black fans with their goal of keeping the raiders in the bay area. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley shows us the rally. >> keep up the fight. >> reporter: football luminaries like hall of famer ronnie lott came here to this oakland airport hotel to rally fans from 32 different nfl teams. >> the raider fan base is so well respected by all the other franchises that people would be willing to travel 3,000 miles here to come stand with us. there's been two relocations. san diego, st. louis. but not in any of those instances did you see fan bases mobilizing to support a fan base like they're doing in oakland. >> reporter: they came from miami, new york. >> football's family. family is everything. family should be where the home is. this is oakland's home, the raiders' home. they shouldn't go anywhere.
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>> i won't go see the raiders anywhere else, only here. >> reporter: the heat is on. >> 16 days to when the owners convene in arizona to regards to potentially voting on a relocation move. >> reporter: these diverse fans intend to pressure their team's owners to vote against the raiders moving to las vegas. if they can get nine dissenters among the 32 owners, the raiders wouldn't be able to relocate. >> these people, the black and silver, you're not going to replicate that anywhere. >> reporter: you could say it's the fourth quarter and the clock is running down. this is a last-ditch hail mary pass to somehow keep the team here in oakland. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. we've covered the dangers of charging hoverboards before. now one is blamed for causing a fire that killed a little girl. what every hoverboard owner needs to know. why california may lose its power to set its own pollution limits on cars and trucks. coming off a gorgeous weekend, clear skies tonight means we've got sunshine from
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a serious warning about hoverboards. you've heard about the recalls and the dangers. now a toddler in pennsylvania has died in a fire blamed on one that was channeling. it's the first u.s. fatality linked to a hoverboard fire. abc news reporter stephanie ramos has the story every parent needs to see. >> my granddaughter. we can't replace her. the pain. so deep. >> reporter: a family devastated. >> we're getting rabid calls, reports of kids trapped on the third floor. >> reporter: mark hughes' granddaughter died when her
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harrisburg home went up in flames with two other children inside. the cause, a hoverboard that was recharging. >> they heard sizzling and cracking in the hoverboard. shortly thereafter, it exploded in flames. >> reporter: ashanti was shy of her 3rd birthday. firefighters were able to rescue two other children. one girl jumping from a second floor porch to safety. both in critical condition. >> my soul is hurt. >> reporter: ashanti's death the latest incident involving the popular hoverboards which have come under scrutiny by government regulators after spontaneously catching fire. the flaw? battery packs that overheat. >> you always think it won't happen to you. it could happen. i don't think it's worth the risk. >> reporter: a massive recall is under way for 500,000 of them made by 10 companies after these frightening images. a recall that came too late for mark hughes. >> just be careful of everything you buy. make sure it work right. >> reporter: tiffany ramos, abc
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news, washington. now a reserve look at traffic tonight on the bay bridge toll plaza, things are moving relatively smoothly for a sunday night. with so much traffic on our freeways, california as you know has tougher pollution standards than most of the nation. that could change after this week. the trump administration is expected to start rolling back pollution limits on cars and trucks nationwide, which could include revoking california's authority to set its own standards. it's in response to some carmakers who argue the cost of vehicle fuel efficiency standards put in place by the obama administration would be too costly. california could exercise a special waiver to try to continue setting its own pollution limits but that would set up a major fight between the state and the federal epa. coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00, daylight savings means it's going to be a bigger struggle to wake up tomorrow morning. setting the clock forward does more than affect your sleep. what happens to your quality of life and work. drew tuma is next with a
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warm and sunny accuweather forecast. i'm rick kwon. the sharks are trying to bounce back tonight against dallas. and march madness comes to moraga. we'll let you know where
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breaking news, the family of a missing pregnant woman has been sound safe. as you're news cost was coming on the air, abc 7 news got a call from the family of 32-year-old lauren soriano she'd been found. we asked police to confirm and we're waiting for a response from them. soriano is nine months pregnant and scheduled to give birth next week. her family reported her missing this morning saying she got into a dark-colored car in the haight. we'll update you at 11:00 on channel 7. a man in san jose is now a
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million dollars rich ever. lan fam purchased a winning million dollar multiplier scratchers ticket from lee's sandwiches on king road. the california lottery says the store gets a $5,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. if you feel a little off tonight, it could be because you lost an hour of sleep. daylight saving time began today. some want to do away with the time change here in california. state assembly man canton chu introduced a bill to keep california on pacific standard time year round. >> people say it's useless these days. i say whatever. >> if people use daylight savings the way maybe it was intended to be used, fine. i don't know that it affects me personally. >> when the time shifts our sleep isn't the only thing affected. studies show an increase in heart attacks, strokes, car crashes and worker productivity goes down.
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rounding out a spectacular weekend of sunshine, mild temperatures, and that will lead into a warm start to your work and school week ahead. doppler 7 had clear skies all week and tonight clear. earlier this evening from our roof cam at kgo, the full moon rising in the eastern horizon. the bay bridge in the foreground. and really just a cool and quiet night right now. a live look, east bay hills camera showing you spectacular visibility from this vantage point. beautiful looking from san francisco in the background. to san jose, equally as clear, equally as quiet. and it's gorgeous right now from our sfo camera. likely no delays out of sfo tomorrow morning since fog will not be an issue. numbers not all that bad. a lot of spots still at this 9:00 hour sitting in the 60s. concord at 64. 60 vallejo, livermore. 58 san francisco. 57 san jose, oakland, napa.
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equally as comfortable at 57. so the call overnight tonight, have that full moon in the sky, we have plenty of stars out there across the board from the coast to the bay and inland. we're going to hold in the 40s as your starting temperatures on monday. like this weekend, going to love mondays. highs starting in the south bay about 79 morgan hill. 77 in san jose. 76 cupertino. 77 santa clara. 74 redwood city. 66 for half moon bay with a sea breeze kicking in. still nice for this time of the year. downtown san francisco 70 tomorrow. 66 for daly city with bright skies into the north bay. a couple of 80s from clover dale to santa rosa. that is mild. 77 petaluma, novato. 79 vallejo. east bay, 72 oakland. it's bright and mild. 75 fremont. 70 perkily. 74 castro valley. inland nearing 80. antioc antioch, pleasanton, concord up to 79 degrees.
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future tracker temperatures will show you tuesday this warmth will peak. monday and tuesday are similar in terms of temperatures. wednesday you will notice it is much cooler feeling out there. the reason why our winds are going to switch. not as bright of a day. but still all in all these temperatures are still above normal for this time of year. quite a different story setting up on the east coast. tomorrow night into tuesday, a major winter storm is going to move its way from south to north. you can see over a foot of snow from philadelphia and new york to hartford. if you have travel plans that take you anywhere from boston to new york city to washington, d.c., likely air travel will be 38ed if not cancelled to a lot of these area airports. accuweather seven-day forecast showing you warm and sunny on your monday. bright and beautiful to start off the week. coastal clouds on tuesday. look at that inland. we're still right around 80 degrees. with the a day of transition. a lot of cloud cover, cooler,
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but short lived. thursday and friday those numbers bounce back. by saturday and sunday it is mild and sunny with temperatures above normal. we're talking about st. mary's making it into the tournament. >> excitement in moraga. last year st. mary's won 27 games but was snubbed by the ncaa. this year no denying the gales as they got the call. check out the reaction in moraga. st. mary's is the seventh seed in the west regional. it will play virginia commonwealth thursday at 4:20 in salt lake city. if the gales win they'll likely play arizona on saturday. st. mary's went 284 this season. three of those losses were to conference champ gonzaga. cal will be a number one seed in the n.i.t. bears host cal state bakersfield tuesday night at haas pavilion. cal went 21-12 losing to oregon in the pac-12 conference semifinals. the bears had to settle for
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the n.i.t. four pac-12 teams did make the tournament. arizona is the number two seed in the west. the wildcas play north dakota on thursday. both oregon and ucla are headed to sacramento as number three seeds. the ducks face iona. the bruins led by alonzo ball gets kent state. usc is in wednesday's game against providence. the winner will take on smu. defending national champ villanova is the tournament's number one seed. kansas is the top seed in the midwest. despite losing to duke in the acc tournament semifinals, north carolina is number one in the south. out west gonzaga is the top seed for the second time in school history. the zags went 32-1 this season. after a disappointing home loss to nashville yesterday, the sharks are back on the ice tonight against dallas. it was brent burns grill give-away night, look ma, no teeth. patrick marleau finds a gap,
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it's his 504th career goal. now tied 1-1. late in the first. sharks on the attack. joe pavelski shoots and scores. it's 2-1. san jose struck again early in the second. logan couture with the nice assist to joe ward who shoots it through the defender's legs. the stars replace kari lehtonen with anti-ny yenny. it didn't helpful. pavelski with the shorthanded goal. seven minutes left in the third, san jose leads 5 human 1. world baseball classic, team usa has advanced to the second round thanks in part to giants catcher buster posey. the u.s. needed to beat canada today and did with ease. in the second the rockies 'nole lan arenado connect forth a three-run shot. 6-0. posey drove in a run in the first. in the sixth he rips a single to left. that brings in eric who is per. t's 7-0 team usa.ic who is per. in the eighth. buster comes through again. crushing this pitch. the solo blast made it 8-0.
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that would be the final. the u.s. moves on in the second to be played next weekend in san diego. even without posy the giants had more than enough offense today against arizona in the second. toby thomas son doubles home jared parker and conor gillaspie, 2-1 san francisco. the giants have a tive-run eighth. kyle blanks with the two-run homer. 12-4 the final. san francisco had 13 hits. >> manager bob melvin back with the a's after missing the last two games because of the december of his mother. former giant santiago casilla made a spring debut against the cubs. in the fifth he strikes out the first batter he faced jason heyward. later that inning kyle schwarber make takes him off the wall. trailing 7-1, oakland rallied for four runs in the sixth. three of them coming on this blast by yonder alonso. the a's came back to beat the
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cubs 9-8. oakland leads the cactus league with a 10-4 record. the a's open their seen, regular season at home, three weeks from tomorrow. >> what a comeback. thanks. next on abc 7 news, king kong takes on a wolverine at the (vo) new tidy cats lightweight 4-in-1 fights mess right. attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that.
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a freeway shooting becomes a murder. tonight at 11:00 a family shares their loss. we talk to the sister of a man killed last week on 80 in richmond. also another big blowback for radio shack. a night of uncertainty of employees of the electronics chain locally. those stories at 11:00 on channel 7. there's one king at the box office this weekend, it goes by the name of kong. "kong: skull island" raked in an
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estimated $61 million in ticket sales in its first weekend. obviously a strong opening for the thriller starring samuel l. jackson, tom hiddelston, and brie larson. the final wolverine "logan" slipped from its top spot coming in a distant second, $38 million. "get out" came in third. "the shack" and "the lego batman movie" round out the top five. a house in new york looks like it's on the set of disney's "frozen." the home has a thick layer of ice around its interior. the last five days lake ontario has seen powerful wind gusts. it's creating big waves that spray the shoreline. one person said driving through it was like going through a car wash. this home is right on the shore. it never dried out. when the temperature plummeted, it turned the cottage into an igloo. i wonder if the home insurance policy, if there's something about i guess catastrophic icing? i don't know what you would call
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that. >> act of god. >> so they wouldn't pay for any of it. you've just got to get a bunch of hair dryers. our next newscast is at 11:00 on channel 7. we hope you have a great night, everyone.
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