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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 13, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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now from abc 7 live breaking news. >> that breaking news is in napa where police shot and killed a man near the home depo on kansas avenue. police had received at least four calls from a man who acted in a manner outside that store. it's unclear what led to the
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shooting but witnesses say they heard at least four shots. friends of the victims say he was a 21-year-old homeless man. we'll have more ahead over on channel 7. good evening. thank you for joining us. you've seen the frightening video we're about to show you. a man whose road rage beating on highway 101 captured national attention and he's now speaking from his hospital bed even as they search for the people who put him there. carolyn tiger is on the story. >> they were all hitting and kicking from everywhere. >> reporter: alex suffered a severe beat down last week on southbound highway 101 near the caesar chavez exit. witnesses captured some of the crime involving 10 to 15 young men on dirt bikes and motorcycles. >> if there weren't so many people that videotaped the video, they could have got away
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with killing me on the side of the road or something. >> he was driving on his way to sfo. he believes the bikers thought he was trying to run one of them over. when he pulled off the freeway, they broke his car's windows and when he got out, they broke his nose and one deliberately ran over his leg breaking it in three places. i think about my kid. >> reporter: supporting his kid, his baby elijah is the reason kin tonnau was driving from modesto to the bay area every day to work for uber and lyft. and from his hospital bed is trying to help law enforcement track down the bikers he says the chp calls the five boys. >> it's important not just to get what happened to me but so something doesn't happen to somebody else. >> he faces more surgery and
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months of rehab. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> a block in antioch is shut down tonight. they discovered several more in fact. the block is taped off to keep the mercury from spreading. peal. outside the closed off area are free to come and go from their homes. now to the republican's new health care plan, a congressional budget released an analysis that shows it would end up with 24 million more uninsured a decade from now. >> reporter: tonht those numbers sending shock waves through capital hill. >> it would be a nightmare for the americn people. >> reporter: under the house republican plan embraced by president trump, 14 million fewer americans will have insurance coverage next year
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compared to under oobamacare. within a decade the number will increase by 24 million. emerging from the white house late today the secretary of health and human services says he's not buying it. we disagree strenuously with the report that came out. >> reporter: it's a blow to the president who vowed to provide insurance to everybody. sgl you said back in january that those relying on coverage will not lose it. that promise stands? >> yes, it does. >> reporter: but republicans have been bracing for this. >> they're going to say if you're not going to force somebody to buy something they don't want to buy, they're not going to buy it. >> reporter: they're saying this plan won't fly. >> do not walk the plank and vote for a bill that cannot pass the senate and have to face the consequences of that vote. >> reporter: republicans are getting a taste of the back lash. nearby san diego, congressman
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pelted with questions. >> i have a yes or no question for you. when the congressional budget aufls comes with its score on the bill before you now, if they say that millions of people will have higher costs and get kicked out of health care, will you vote against it? >> reporter: today issa went on tv and gave the bill a thumbs down. >> are you going to vote for the bill as it stands right now? >>m i rr not prepared to vote for it as it is right now. it's not for a specific, it's because we can do better. >> we're negotiating with everybody. it's a big fat beautiful negotiation. >> that is mary bruce reporting. there's been a lot of reaction to the report as you can imagine. california governor brown reports that it makes it crystal
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clear that the hair brain scheme is a really dumb idea and will cause millions to suffer. reaction from house minority leader, nancy pelosi focussed on the 24 million people who would lose their coverage by 2026. >> it speaks so eloquently to the cruelty of the bill that the speaker calls an act of mercy. >> as millions lose their health care, pelosi says $600 billion will end up in the pockets of the weltiest corporations and americans. she calls it the biggest transfer of wealth in the nation's history. the in fact, there was so much interest, the meeting hosted by congressman jared huffman had to be movaled to the largest auditorium to accommodate everyone. cornell bernard was there. >> reporter: many who showed up
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say they're afraid. wiptder says she can't afford to lose her health care. >> hoping and praying i don't get seriously ill. >> reporter: 2,000 people filled it auditorium for a town hall meeting about the future of their health care. congressman jared huffman vowing to stop the repeal of obamacare. >> right now my job is to fight and that's what we're going to do. >> don't repeal the affordable care act, improve it. >> reporter: 9-year-old told the crowd the affordable care act helped his family pay for chemotherapy after battling for years. >> my family and friends, my church and my community and thufordable care act, now i'm gone with the cancer. >> reporter: many worry the house republican plan to replace aca would flood hospital emergency rooms with patients. the affordable care act has got
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to go. >> it's definitely in a death spiral and it's fairy dust to think that the country can continue to go on like this. >> protections were released today by the nonpartisan congressional office. millions could lose their health care. white house pres secretary sean spicer said the numbers were way off. similar to obamacare. >> the number that would be covered back then, they were off by more than half. >> reporter: congressman huffman says he'll keep fighting to keep health care in tact for those who need it. abc 7 news. > you can review the entire health care report by the congressional budget office on the abc 7 news app and have news updates sent instantly to your mobile device. former president obama spent the day in san jose.
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we believe were meetings with tech executives. we believe he might be trying to get cont ribugzs for his presidential library or foundation. >> we're going to see him work the to a role with setting up their different foundations and that could be why he's here meeting with the executives trying to get money. >> about 2:45, the motorcade emerged from the basement garage with mr. obama in the second vehicle. his face barely visible through the heavily tinted glass. a man a man appeared in federal court today. 26-year-old jonathan tran will allowed to remain free. but a judge did order him to stay within 100 miles of his hotel except when in court in washington. he must wear a gps monitor and faces up to 10 years in prison on charges of interring
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restricted grounds while carrying a dangerous weapon. disturbing video has surfaced of a vulayo police officer subduing a suspect. even though we're only going to show you a few seconds of what was recorded. we found that what you're about to see is actually all within the rules. in the video, a vallejo police officer punches him in the face several times. it's caused concern among lots of residents here. >> this is somebody we're supposed to trust doing these types of things. had it been the other way around, he would have been shot. >> he says in part we're aware of the attention it this particular incident has gained. and yrv ordered a full and complete investigation to be conducted.
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23-year-old dejuan hall was frightening employees. he was trying to buy a gray hound bus tick toot sacramento. when his prepaid credit card was declined, he got angry. and started shouting, i'm god. i'm god. >> reporter: in the video the man is shouting the same thing at police. we showed it to police training expert, don cameron. he says the closed fists and reaching for his gun because of the surrounding crowd are part of police training. >> rartsz visual persuader. get away from me because i'm doing something else here. >> reporter: the police department has nautd told us if the officer will remain off duty. the mission district locked down for several hours and the woman behind it all can hardly remember a thing.
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why they stand off and evacuations were an overreaction. here with the forecast. and we're coming off of record warmth. a mild night tonight but cooler air is waiting in the wings. and all that wet weather took a toll on the big sir
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i put on a movie, i just laid down and that was the last thing i remember from the day time. new details and new questions being raised by the suspect that crippled a busy san francisco neighborhood for several hours. but we now know the stand off was all over a fake gun. today the district attorney's office confirmed samantha helstorm faces two charges of brandishishing a firearm. they evacuated people saying there was an armed suspect at valencia and 16th street. the stand off lasted more than seven hours and had a major impact on businesses in that area. melanie woodrow is asking questions. >> reporter: inside the san francisco county jail, she described, in her words the
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seven hour stand off on valencia street. >> feel dg pressed, i'll drink alcohol and i decided to buy a very large bottle. >> reporter: she says she fell asleep to a movie and woke up to demands. police say helstrm threatened an employee and that a firearm was later recovered from her apartment. >> i had an air soft gun that i've bought. riltser not a real firearm. >> reporter: they confirmed that she's charged with two mesdemeanor counts of brandishing a replica firearm. police say she advanced at them and they saw the outline of an object in the waist band. >> at one point i said go ahead and shoot me. i don't care. >> reporter: all the while they were running down the street, evacuating businesses and shielding pedestrians. >> the police officer just told
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us you should run, you should run. because we got out and we were walking and he was gesturing toward us like you better run. >> that was not a deescalation. >> we're not going to leave it at chance for anyone or any thing that moilth cause an incident to get worse, especially when you're thinking about the well being and the safety of the public. >> police have said she was known to them. she told abc 7 about another incident in north beach. >> i had accidently shot my door. >> reporter: they say bomb squad found possible explosives inside. >> if i scared them in deleerium and i was drinking too much, i'm very sorry for that. >> reporter: he surrendered just after 9:00 p.m. demolition work began on a storm damaged bring near big sir.
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work was supposed to begin at 7:00. a giant wrecking ball went to work. crews condemned the bridge last month after it caused it to buckle and start sliding down a hill. a stretch between ragged point and for the moment it is smooth sailing. we're enjoying nice days. drew tooma is here with the forecast. >> it's wonderful toopt out there. and that will lead the way to another mild day on the way. live doppler 7 showing you we had clear skies today that continue tonight. live doppler sweeping, coming up empty handed. take a look at your highs this afternoon. a record high of 77. besting the old record of 76 set
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back in 2015. 81 the high in clover veil, 80 gilroy and san jose nice and warm at 79 degrees. a live look from our camera. a beautiful, almost full moon and beautiful sight in our night sky. the own lee change to the forecast is that fog returns to the coast after midnight tonight. partly cloudy and cooler midweek and a chance of showers wednesday evening and it's the extreme northern portion of our viewing area that has that chance. look at these numbers. it is so comfortable. we are sitting pretty in the 60s. past that 9:00 hour, still in your 70 at san jose. 65 vallejo and 62 right now in liver more. so the call overnight tonight. there's that fog right along the coast. temperatures pretty mild.
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upper 40s to lower 50s. future weather showing you the fog very nicely along the coast. away from the coast, we are good to go. and the sunshine going to warm us up very nicely. and in the south bay we go. lots of sunshine, mild again. 78 morgan hill, 75 that number in sunnyvale. 74 san mateo. a little bit of fog half moon bay and still in the 60s above normal for this time of year. 71 in the afternoon. 65 for daily city inhad to the north bay. 80 clover dale. 76 nuvaudo. and napa. lots of sunshine. 75 fremont. warm 80 in liver more. 78 concord and 77 the afternoon high in livermore. tree pollen high levels.
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the main offender still pine, ceder, juniper and ash. a little bit of change does come wednesday. you notice it's cooler and that's thanks to a weaker system to our north. wednesday eve ang sprinkle. really much of the region will remain dry on wednesday. let's show you what's going on the next seven days. there's that chance for extreme northern portion of our viewing area thursday. looking sunny, looking mild. saturday into sunday. we're mainly dry before our next chance of rain sunday into monday and talts rr our next chance of everyone seeing a few drops out there. >> well, one of the most popular weed killers
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with viberzi.
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california's environmental protection agency is a step closer to recognizing the most popular weed killer in the world. we're talking about glyfosade which is used in hundreds of products including roundup. they can move forward with plans to label it as something that causes cancer. it's being fought by the company that makes it. a lab test of 10 california wines included -- concluded they all include trace amounts of those chemicals. the toxcologists told the i team it poses no unreasonable risk to health when used according to instructions. today university of
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california president nominated 72-year-old carol crist for that position. she's currently the president of smith college in massachusetts. she worked at cal, rising from english professor to dean and ultimately executive vice chancellor. they'll vote on her nomination thursday. cal's out going chancellor offered his resignation last august amid controversies over campus assaults and budget decisions. he stayed in the position until a replacement was named. coming up next, a massive blizzard. two separate systems are set to converge. and over two feet of snow is expected in places. we'll have details. also congress is waiting for proof of a presidential tweet. one deadline has come and gone as they look into president
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trump's claim that president obama wire tapped his homes. and activists vandalize a trump golf course in southern
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lierv where you live. this is abc 7 news. airlines are canceling thousands of flights nation wide as a huge snow storm moves into the united states. cancellation notices appeared on the flight status boards. and more of that is coming. most of the canceled flights were headed to new york, boston and washington d.c. one storm has already dropped a half a foot north of chicago. >> reporter: tonight the time to prepare is running out. the midwest getting the first
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taste of the soon to be massive late winter storm that will bury millions in the northeast. outside milwaukee up to a foot of snow brought car crashes, shutting down parts of interstate 41 and 43, this chain reaction wreck init volving three semis and a dozen other vehicles. a blast of snow, chicago's first since september. that storm is set to combine with another one and move up the east coast as a powerful nor'easter and one the national weather service calls life threatening. >> there should be a very serious blizzard, one that everyone should take seriously. >> reporter: as residents stock up on fuel and food all along the northeast corridor. >> i'm going to make plenty of sandwiches. >> i'm low on gas so decided to fill up before.
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>> reporter: rob marciano is there. >> backing up and loading up. this is part of a 50,000 ton stock pile that they'll use to try back this store. >> reporter: amid fears of widespread power outages, brigads of utility trucks get into position. heavy equipment to keep back the ocean. >> our two biggest concerns are the high tides. one in the morning on tuesday and one in the evening. >> reporter: some 60 million in the storm's path. >> that's alex perez reporting. and here with the storm's current condition and intensity. >> certainly. live doppler 7 showing you the storm underway. let's take a zoom in closer to philadelphia and approaching new york at this hour. this is just the beginning of what will be a long duration snow system. the snow has arrived and it will
9:33 pm
be piling up. in fact, winter storm warning in effect. the pink area on the screen and even stricter blizzard warning along the new york city metro area. not only heavy snow but gust awinds frequently near 60 miles per hour. a lot of spots likely seeing over a foot of snow, already creating travel delays, will likely linger in to our tuesday night. well, a powerful congressional committee is still waiting for proof that president obama wire tapped his phones. the committee wanted that by today but now the justice department is asking for more time and the white house appears to be backing off some from the president's claim. at the white house. >> reporter: nine days after president trump accused president obama of wire tapping him, there's still not one credible shred of evidence to back up that claim.
9:34 pm
the president himself asked three times today. no comment but aids like kelly a an conway are talking. first suggesting the alleged surveillance may have gone beyond wire tapping. >> do you know whether trump tower was wire tap snd. >> i can say there are many ways to surveill each other. there was an article this week that talked about how you can surveill someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets. and microwaves that turn into cameras, etc. so we know that is just a fact of modern life. >> reporter: but again where's the proof? >> just to be clear you're saying you don't have any evidence for these allegation ss? >> well, covers i don't. >> the president used the word wire tap end quote to use
9:35 pm
broadly surveillance and other activities. he said they were in quotes. >> reporter: true. two tweets put quotes around wire tap but in others, no, no quotes and the president was clear. how low has president obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process? in another tweet the president sites the fact that president obama was tapping my phones. this is a tweet from the president. doesn't the president have an obligation -- >> and he does. >> -- to make evidence clear? >> and we've made it very clear that we want the them to do their job. >> reporter: this isn't the first time he's made an unfounded accusatioaccusation. >> you say you're going to launch an investigation into this. >> sure. done. >> reporter: the white house says a task force has been
9:36 pm
form formed but no formal investigation yet. >> and we're learning new details about some activists that vandalized the golf club in rancho verdes. it happened sunday morning before sunrise. five environmental activists carved out six foot tall letters near the fifth hole reading no more tigers, no more woods. this comes as the trump administration proposes deep budget cuts to the environmental protection agency. they say there's no plan to increase patrols beyond what they already do in that area. a man shot to death had several drugs and weapons violations. a witness captured it on video. this is intense for some vewers. plice say the confrontation started after an officer pulled over 35-year-old anthony perez
9:37 pm
for a code violation. he doused a rag with gasoline. officers tried to flush him out with a fire hose. eventually he exited the vehicle with a knife in his hand. after a nonlethal round didn't subdue perez, an officer fired a bullet that hit him. perez died at the hospital. california law makers are one step closer to barring communication between local law enforcement and immigration officers. the senate appropriations committee passed the congressional -- or the controversial sanctuary state bill. it would bar police and sheriff's deputies from detaining people just for immigration violations, inless a judge issue as warrant. >> president trump says he only
9:38 pm
wants to deported the quote on quote bad hombres. burt across the nation, people who could hardly be described as dangerous. >> the bill will need 2/3 senate vote. the new yahoo will not only shed its name and it's getting a new boss. thomas board member will leave the company that will be renamed a lrngs taba. henry is the former cfo of interactive corporation. they offered mchenry the job and he will leave in june with a 24 million dle severance package. santa clara based intell will buy israeli company, mobile eye in a deal worth more than $14 billion. it's part of their plan to get
9:39 pm
into the self driving car business. they work in computer, vision and mapping for advanced driver assistance systems. so it may be a good fit. credit reporting agencies are changing the information they actually report. the largest agencies will include tax leans and some civil den debts as long as that doesn't include information like social security numbers. equifax and transunion are making the move. today media reports are focussed on the potential of credit scores going up. fiek fica and other scoring firms change their score systems constantly. a new way to fight diabetes is hitting the streets in vallejo. it features work stastions and kitchen. torro university unveiled this
9:40 pm
van, it will provide screenings and demonstrations on how to pro pair food that is healthy and delicious. they point out 55% are diabetic or prediabetic. 55%. well, next on abc 7 news at 9:00. whatever they have to do but they need to get it done. >> she's tired of watching car crashes like this right outside her front door. fi
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it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to? (laughs) it wasn't too bad. with the chase mobile app,
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jimmy chin can master depositing his hard earned checks in a snap. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. it happened in an instant and seems to come out of nowhere but people who live nearby say
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this intersection is an accident waiting to happen. the owner shared the video only with abc 7 news. they say it's one of many at the corner of kennedy drive. right now a two-way stop controls traffic. they want a four-way stop. >> reporter: for joy, the home sweet home these past 40 years has come with an occasionl and undesired twist. it being the reason she mounted this video on her garage, pointing at the intersection where yesterday it happened again. is this, in your opinion, a safe intersection? >> no. absolutely not. >> because? >> because somebody's going to get hurt, maybe killed. these cars, as you can see flooi like maniacs.
9:45 pm
after a motorcyclist pulled them o out. wy else would she plant a row of 10 ton boulders in front of her house. all she wants are a couple of stop signs. there have been 15 accidents. more than two per year and that doesn't count two years ago. >> he said well, they really didn't give me an answer and it was like maybe they don't have the money. they have to do a study. he is aware of the problems here. >> it's not the first accident we've had at that intersection. >> reporter: joy said there are plenty more where this came from. >> i don't know if it's money or
9:46 pm
what they have to do but they need to get it done before somebody gets killed. >> reporter: wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> weed arer love to hear from you. you can reach abc 7 news on facebook, twitter or through our website, stay here, the beauty of the universe on full display. the story behind this cluster of stars that has scientists buzzing.
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for millions of baby boomers there's a serious virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. because it can hide in your body for years without symptoms, and it's not tested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us it's time to get tested. ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure. we are getting our first look at the hubble space telescope.
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it's a superstar. look at this. the european space agency provided a picture of a only 15,000 light years away. the cluster is called super for the fact it has more mass and more luminous than other young star clusters. this so-called monster star has a radius over 1500 times that of our sun. so it's big. our sun is shining brightly these days. meteorologist drew here. >> that sun is really helping to warm us up. we all record heat at sfo and tomorrow another warm one. we have a pattern shift from a wet winter. it is now a dry one this week. no fog from this vantage point right now. but after midnight this will change. fog will be back in right along the immediate coastline. a lot of stars out there.
9:51 pm
really comfortable temperatures for this time of year. upper 50s on your tuesday. it is mild, sunny, away from the coast, 72 oakland and 71 san francisco and that number as well in napa. accuweather 7-day forecast. wednesday it's noticeably cooler and a chance at a sprinkle in the extreme northern portion of our viewing area. one week from today coming on monday. >> thanks, drew, very much. >> mike is off but warriors. a new neighbor at the top of the western conference. spurs are now tied with the
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. the undefeated uconn the overall seed while they join the huskies as the top seed. we knew sixth ranked stanford
9:55 pm
was getting in and it will be their 30th straight season making it to the big dance. stanford will be the two seed in manhattan, kansas where they will face 15 seed, new mexico state. notre dame is the top seed in this region. and only the second woman to win 1,000 games and she make as huge difference in their approach to the big dance. cardinal 10-2 on the road and 6-0 on neutral site. look for them to make a deep run in this tournament. and they will face the eight seed, lsu. bears were 19-3 this year. but hit the wall late in the year, losing five of their last six games and losing in the second round of the pac-12.
9:56 pm
this may be one of the toughest reasons but no worries. hard part is done. just getting into the big dance. the warriors have lost five of seven, the worst in steve kerr's career and they're now in a fight with san antonio for the number one seat with just 16 games to go in the regular season. he rested klay, steph and iguoda iguodala. the loss was not pretty. both steph and klay have struggled of late. and he knows you don't win the nba title in the regular season. believe it or not kerr actually welcomes the recent troubles and well aware that sounds a little cook oo. >> i actually kind of like it. i think you need some adversity. we have some for the first time in two ask1/2 years and it forc
9:57 pm
you to examine what you're doing and clean some things up and get right. >> spurs hosting atlanta with leonard back in a big way. continuing his run for the mvp, hard to stop him when he's feeling it. they made a season high 15 of 41 threes. hardaway jr. brought the hawks within two in the fourth with that jam. kawhi finished them off. and the 19th straight home win over atlanta. the spurs have won 11 of 12 and with the win that means the warriors and spurs are now tied for the top spot in the west with 16 games remaining. if they finish tied, spurs won the season series between the two clubs. fasten your seatbelts, the end is going to be wild ride. indian wells, venus williams facing lucy in nearly 100 degree
9:58 pm
weather. she won 75% of her first served. she didn't help herself with 27 unforced errors and coming off a finals loss in the australian open. it's become a fifth major for the men and women. the raiders added two players today. former viking wide receiver and former giants offensive tackle. a back in 2013 as a two-time pro bowler. the 6'2"220 pounder, two touchdowns. and returns kick offs. almost 800 yards leading the league last season. 31 yards per. multitalented for the silver and black. thils sports report has been brought to you by toyota. and i like that steve kerr thinks the team could use some adversity. they have to focus to get that
9:59 pm
number one seed. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, we're following our breaking news. police officers open fire in napa. tonight one is dead. we'll have a live update from the scene on what went down. and dirt bikers, the growing frustration from neighbors tonight. those stories and a lot more over on channel 7. but that is our report for now. for all of us here, i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. if you can, i will see you again at 11:00 on channel 7. bye for now.
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, authorities are puzzled when 5 men marry the same woman and all die unexpectedly. is this bride unlucky in love, or is she giving the kiss of death? clemente: maybe some of them weren'


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