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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 20, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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live doppler 7 shows scattered showers across northern california and this is the first of several storms that are starting offspring. uber keeps losing top managers and now it's changing plans for its big move to oakland. the california highway patrol used its eye in the sky to catch suspects on the bay bridge. i'll take you around this new high tech airplane around on "abc7 news." live where you live, this is "abc7 news." it's the first day of spring and the first in a series of storms. these are live views from emeryville, the top of our "abc7 news" studio in san jose. we have a storm ranking one on our storm impact scale today and a stronger storm in the forecast later this week. here we go again. good evening.
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>> today brought most of the bay area cloudy, rainy, windy weather, but a change of what we've seen recently. >> "abc7 news" was in martinez today where people had their umbrellas up at lunchtime. spencer christian is here with what's ahead in the forecast. >> people have sung songs about spring showers and there's going to be a lot of sing thing week. here's live doppler 7. you can see we've got showers scattered across much of the bay area and some pockets of heavy downpours in the east bay, moving from berkeley eastward, at around walnut creek, danville getting little downpours, further east near bay point and brentwood. heavy downpours in that area. here's look at our storm impact scale. tonight's storm rates one, windy conditions along the coast. for the evening rush, exercise caution, because these scattered showers will produce slick roadways, especially as it gets
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dark. forecast animation starting at 7:00. we'll continue to see areas of showers and the areas of rainfall will become more expansive with the steadier, heavier rainfall by 9:00 tonight. the full forecast is coming up shortly. dan? >> spencer, thanks. viewer stephanie tweeted us this video showing us rain in oakland today. we want to see what the weather looks like where you live. just post videos and pictures on hoo line. a sideshow on the bay bridge happened last night. these dirt bike riders may have thought they got away, but the california highway patrol caught up with them in the end. >> jonathan bloom has a block at this flying command post and where the chp says it's better than giving chase on the ground, new at 6:00. >> reporter: it's not every day you see dirt bikes and atvs
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popping wheelies on the bay bridge. >> they are giving me so much anxiety. >> reporter: alex morandez short sh video. a motorcycle cop watched this from behind. >> there's no reason to pursue them. it's a danger for the public and to our officers we don't need to take when we have an eye in the sky. >> reporter: this airplane is the chp's newest counterterrori crime fighting tool. while the pilot is up front flying, this is where the law enforcement work is done, by a flight officer looking down at the ground with a camera that's mounted underneath the body of the aircraft. >> down below we have a converted cargo bay. >> reporter: the camera drops down and looks similar to this one. >> it can pick up heat images, so if somebody is heating under a bush, we can pick out the heat
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differential. >> reporter: and in broad daylight, it was easy to get pictures. >> why do you have to wear yellow? >> reporter: so when they dodged officers as they headed back to oakland, the chp just waited until some of them stopped on their own. >> they thought we had no clue we were watching them. >> reporter: officers made one arrest. the other riders could be charged as soon as investigators compare the video with the pictures taken on the ground and will be looking to links to this sideshow that led to the beating oh of a lift driver in san francisco. >> we have a group of off road vehicles, but it's too early to say whether they're linked. >> reporter: the chp's message -- you're being watched. jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." last night's arrests come almost two weeks after a lift driver was assaulted on highway 101 in san francisco by a similar group of dirt bikers. he was surrounded by the riders march 9. they broke his car's windows,
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then broke his nose and leg. less have not made any arrests in that case. developing news on airline security. officials say they're ready to ban electronic devices, including laptops and tablets from certain countries in the middle east. passengers will reportedly have to check almost all electronic devices. exclude willed be cell phones and medical devices. royal jordanian airlines confirmed the ban on twitter but later deleted that tweet. the electronics ban follows a terrorism threat and is expected to be announced tomorrow. the department of homeland security says it doesn't comment on potential security precautions. san jose's mayor and police chief rather says he doesn't belief any policies were violated when officers shot a man running around naked on friday. the suspect is in critical condition. david louie is live with more on what the chief had to say in san jose. david? >> reporter: dan, camera video
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is going to be very important in this case. the three officers involved in the shooting on friday all had cameras on their uniforms. and that video, however, is not being released by the district attorney's office, because it's considered evidence. the three officers involved have all been placed on routine administrative paid leave. residents on eva court called police because a man was walking around naked exposing himself. when police arrived, 53-year-old john bradley bowles took off on a pickup truck. the chase ended here in this parking lot. when police say he would not obey their commands, he appeared to brandish a weapon and an officer was fired. >> the item that appeared to be a weapon was, in fact, a cocking gun. >> reporter: three other officers also shot him as he revved up the engine of the
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pickup. the pickup had already struck several vehicles during the earlier pursuit. he'sn critical condition at valley medical center. among charges he could face is assault with a deadly weapon. the officer involved shooting was captured on video from the body cameras worn by all three officers who fired. >> the camera footage has been reviewed and continues to be reviewed as part of this investigation. all three officers were placed on routine paid administrative leave. >> reporter: the case will be investigated by the district attorney's office. the evidence so far the chief says indicates no violation of policies. >> they used that force to save lives. there are several new developments regarding the future of uber. today, we learned the rideshare company is scaling back its expansion plans in oakland. uber planned to have at least 2,000 employees work at a new office in the old sears
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building, but now only a few hundrell work there. this comes as top executives continue to leave the company. president jeff jones is stepping down after six months on the job. the vice president also quit. the company has faced several recent controversies. uber's ceo plans to hire a chief operating officer to help run the company. football players and fans are offering support tonight to 49ers legend dwight clark who announced he suffered from als, also known as lou gehrig's disease. carolyn tyler talked with someone who knows all too well what he might be going through. >> reporter: about 6,000 people are diagnosed every year with als. there is no cure. but we found a lafayette man who is fighting the good fight. matt cheney's als is progressing very slowly. he was diagnosed 16 years ago. he uses a wheelchair to get around, and sometimes an ipad to
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communicate. >> it helps -- >> reporter: his caretaker tammy also helps as he copes with the challenges of als. >> there are many, but the biggest is losing independence. >> reporter: the rare disorder affects the nerves and muscles, eventually robbing people of their ability to move, speak, swallow, and breathe. as 49ers great dwight clark faces this disease, there is hope, according to dr. jonathan katz. >> i think scientific research is reaching a point right now where things are beginning to tip a little bit and we're getting a better understanding of the disease. >> reporter: dwight clark says he believes there's a link with football. matt cheney is not sure, though he played college ball in the '70s. he's hoping for some definitive answers. >> the funding the research necessary, to find a treatment, and ultimately a cure.
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>> reporter: jamie, married father of two, has been recognized for his work with the als association and offers to share his experiences with others, including dwight clark. >> if they have any questions, he's here. >> reporter: carolyn tyler, "abc7 news." "abc7 news" anchor mike shumann joins us. he's a former teammate. what did you think when you heard this? >> we've known it for a while, but to see it coming from him in print is a crushing news for all of us fans, teammates and families alike. the man who made the most iconic catch in the history of the nfl is in a battle for his life. he's seen six neurologists for the past couple of years trying to find out what's going on. he's ready for the fight but he knows it's an uphill battle. he has a hall of fame list of supporters, joe montana, jerry rice, and the 49ers owner.
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he understands the endgame and wants his privacy, so his wife kelly and children can deal with what's next. he's one of the most determined men i know, so he is ready for this battle and it's just devastating to everybody yesterday when dwight put that letter out. dwight, i love you like a brother. i'll see you in a couple of weeks. but he's one of the most determined guys i know. so he's going to put up a fight. but he knows it's going to be an uphill battle. >> we wish him well. >> thank you, shu. california pacific medical center runs the largest als research center on the west coast. patients are able to try out new technologies to communicate when they are no longer able to speak. machines that track eye movement have been around for a long time. so are those that speak for als patients. but that synthesized voice is going away. patients are able to record phrases in their own voice. >> just being able to say "i love you" in your own voice and
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to be able to say, i don't think so, or whatever your expressions are, or your own laughter. >> much of the cutting edge technology comes from tech startups looking to track eye movements for marketing purposes. budgeting might be about numbers on paper, but in real life it's about the people. >> next, the local artists facing federal budget cuts and find out who could help them out. also ahead -- >> the best things in life are not necessarily free. i'm michael finney. coming up, a warning about free trial offers that are now sweeping the bay area and the country. plus, find out who's in
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i proposed a budget that calls for one of the largest increases in defense spending history. >> president trump wrapped up a rally in louisville, kentucky, within the last hour. he mostly talked about replacing the affordable care act. he only briefly mentioned his proposed bum ed budget. president trump became the first president to propose zero funding for the national endowment for arts and humanities. and he's only the second president to propose eliminating all funding for the corporation for public broadcasting. the three agencies receive $740 million in federal funds annually from our tax dollars. kate larson joins us live to show us what a difference that money makes in our community.
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kate? >> reporter: the national endowment for the arts helps fund more than 100 art programs here in san francisco alone, including the san francisco ballet and opera, which performs at the war memorial opera house behind me. not all of these organizations are big cultural enterprises like the opera or a.c.t. a lot of them are more small community based organizations that benefit our children and they stand to lose a lot through this proposed budget. this young woman is one of thousands of bay area teenagers who benefit from youth speaks, a san francisco nonprofit focussed on educating high school students in the art of poetry. but youth speaks could potentially lose $130,000 in funding next year if president trump's proposed budget, which includes eliminating almost $300 million in funding to the national endowment for arts and
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national endowment for humanities is approved. >> it's a big blow. >> the hard part for us is the leverage, for a lot of our big national funders. and also for our local funders, as well. >> the arts in america is largely funded by private donations. >> reporter: chairman of the san francisco republican party thinks the president's budget makes necessary cuts to redirect money to the military and veterans. >> you have to make cuts in a lot of areas. sometimes, you know, a lot of these programs could benefit from private funding, and they have access to all sorts of local funding initiatives, as well. >> reporter: but he says it's not that simple for smaller art organizations. >> they really have to scrap it out, and try to receive our moneys through a combination of sources.
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government plays a really important role in that. >> reporter: youth speaks may lose their national poet la lauriette if the budget is gutted. >> the budget includes cuts to meals on wheels. last thursday, the organization received $130,000 online. if you want to help provide food for seniors, we've put a link to the program on our website. thousands of parenting are still on pins and needles in san francisco, waiting to find out which school their child will attend in the fall. the school district still has not sent out student assignment letters that were supposed to go out on friday. kristen sze is here with the latest on the wait. >> reporter: it's been an agonizing wait for 14,000 applicants who thought they would find out by mail on
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saturday their school assignment. i want to show you what the school district put on their website. "we're on track to send assignment letters on monday evening, march 20th, families should receive letters on tuesday. applications were entered into the system correctly, but more double-checking was needed. >> this delay is due to unforeseen staffing emergencies. the computer system is working as designed and there is a dedicated staff team working i 24-7. >> you have parts applying to private and public schools and there's deadlines. >> parents explained the delay is a hardship, because many private schools want an answer and a deposit this week. san francisco unified says the letter also go out tonight and no further delays are expected. the registration deadline has been extended to april 21.
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>> now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> showing lots of green right now, so rainfall covering a good portion of the bay area, and it will get wetter later tonight and into tomorrow. right now looks like the steadiest rain has shifted across the bay area out towards antioch. but we still have other shors developing offshore and moving in our direction. tonight and tomorrow, the storm ranks a one on the storm impact scale. it will produce periods of light to moderate showers and breezily at times and a thunderstorm or two may develop as well tomorrow. here's a live view from the camera at pier 15. these are our forecast features. rain overnight, a wet morning commute. you may see even some thunder and hail thunderstorm. or will hear the thunder and see the hail. and this pattern will continue for the remainder of the week. temperatures right now range from mid to upper 50s near the
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coast to low 60s in some of the milder locations around the bay. as we look ahead to the overnight hours, early morning, temperatures dropping to the low 50s. so mild across the region and certainly wet. and our forecast animation starts at 7:00 this evening. notice that by 11:00 or so, we'll see more widespread rainfall, pockets of heavy rain, coming in waves. it will be a wet commute tomorrow morning. so be on the lookout for delays. by midday, a little bit of a break in the rainfall. some shine will shine through. but then other showers, scattered showers will move in the late afternoon and early hours tomorrow. more showers fall on wednesday. by tomorrow evening, we project rainfall totals ranging from just under half an inch here at san francisco to herely 0.7 down in san jose. and it's going to be quite a wet span of 24 hours going into
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tomorrow. high temperatures will range from low 60s at the coast tomorrow to mid 60s around the bay, maybe a few upper 60s in places like livermore. over in the sierra, a winter weather advisory will be in effect in 1:00:tomorrow to 1:00 a.m. wednesday. 4 to 8 inches of new snow up to 6,000 feet. and travel delays are likely. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast for the next two days. we have storms ranking one on the storm impact scale. mainly showers or scattered showers. thursday looks like it will be the only dry day in the seven-day forecast period. friday, a stronger storm, wet and windy. will storm will rank two on the storm impact scale. saturday, sunday and monday with rankings of one. it will be wet just about every day for the next seven. >> thanks, spencer. drought is no longer a concern for grape growers. >> next, find out why nap
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with spring comes the start of the grape growing season, and with it every year a new set of questions. the good news, a brought will not be one of the concerns this year. >> wayne freedman reports growers and winemakers have a different kind of climate issue on their minds. >> reporter: in the wine business, they hike to say that every bottle needs a good story, as does every growing season.
7:26 pm
2017 hbegun just a few days ago in california. >> right now it's the beginning. >> reporter: growers and winemakers face more questions than usual. not so much about the weather this time. >> well, labor is always your biggest cost. >> reporter: and it's a universal worry, whether you're tom davies who sees large crowds every day, or eric, who creates wines for his much smaller but highly respected label in glenn ellen. this year, labor worries boil down to four words -- >> getting the fruit in. >> reporter: this year, that question is more legitimate than ever. the cost of labor is going down, and the size of the labor force is decreasing, due in no small part to the government's crackdown on undocumented immigrants. >> we need farm labor. and we're stuck in the middle. >> reporter: but will they be
7:27 pm
here when harvest time comes? growers who pay the most will get the workers. call that an irony for a small business owner. >> i may have to get smaller to stay in business. >> reporter: one wine that eric is not likely to stop making, this one called the immigrant. you see this photo? yes, it's chewy, who came to this country illegally in 1973, after getting caught by the boarder patrol four different times. he's a citizen now. >> there's a story behind every bottle. >> oh, yeah. you need one. >> reporter: in the north bay, wayne freedman, "abc7 news." well, the director of the fbi is breaking with tradition. >> that's right. coming up, what he revealed during five hours of testimony on capitol hill that's usually kept quiet.
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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> this breaking news is out of san francisco. sky 7 is live over 5th and brannon streets where two law enforcement officers may have been hurt. you see that police car there in the middle of the intersection
7:31 pm
and a black sedan is on the curb on the left side of your screen. san francisco police are beginning to block off nearby streets to traffic. it's not clear what happened or how seriously the officers may be injured. some bus lines in the area are being rerouted. we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates throughout this news cast. there are new charges tonight for six east bay home invasion suspects. prosecutors have formally linked them to a vicious attack. >> last september, the couple was shot, robbed and pistol whipped. melanie woodrow has new details on the crime. >> reporter: in september, robbers shot tom spalding's wife twice. >> she's lucky to be alive. >> reporter: they pistol whipped spalding. now the deputy district attorney says the complaint charging these six men in connection with a string of home invasion robberies in danville, livermore and fremont has been amended to
7:32 pm
include attempted murder charges for the september incident. >> we're glad we were able to identify evidence that helped us to charge the crime. >> we want to put it behind us as best we can. they need to be brought to justice. >> reporter: this august fremont home invasion was captured on the video. you can see the suspect reveal his face. the deputy d.a. says even though all six men were not necessarily present in arinda, they are all charged under the theory they were part of a larger conspiracy to commit these crimes. one of the six men charged had been a member of a controversial richmond program that mentors young men and pays them for meeting certain life goals. >> i love the concept of the program, if it diverts some of these young men. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office would not say what evidence specifically helped link the six men to the incident, but investigators have been going through physical, cell phone and
7:33 pm
other evidence. in martinez, melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." we have new details on a horrifying story. a man who killed his daughter and himself, police released this picture of 36-year-old carlos garcia, jr. he shot his 7-year-old yesterday afternoon in the family car. the little girl was going to turn 8 next week. tonight, we're getting a new look inside what's left of the warehouse in oakland. a fire there last december killed 36 people and criminal charges are still possible. >> reporter: "abc7 news" has obtained exclusive video from inside the warehouse. a district attorney spokesperson has confirmed their office has received the report from the city of oakland, and now they can consider possible criminal charges. as you know, we are conducting the criminal investigation and the report is part of that investigation. as such, it will not be made
7:34 pm
public. i spent the afternoon at oakland city hall, and i talked to officials at the city attorney's office and i went to the mayor's office. but no one here at oakland city hall wanted to answer any questions on camera about why it took so long to get that investigative report to the district attorney's office. 36 people died in the ghost ship fire, one of the worst tragedies in oakland's history. the mayor and district attorney have promised a thorough investigation of events leading up to the fire. last month, the lead prosecutor draft investigative report was sent to the offices of the city attorney. "abc7 news" has obtained a series of e-mails between the deputy district attorney and the oakland city attorney's office demanding the report and all associated materials. legal experts say the delay in getting the report to prosecutors could pose problems if criminal charges are ever filed. >> the attorneys who will represent these defendants, if
7:35 pm
there are any, who are going to be questioning the credibility of this report. in other words, they're going to be thig did we get everything here? >> reporter: retired judge kordell says it should have been handed to the d.a. the same time it was sent to the city attorney. to washington now. for the first time the head of the fbi says there is currently an investigation of possible contacts between russia and the trump campaign. director james comey made the admission on capitol hill before the house intelligence committee and said agents are looking into russian interference in the election. the fbi does not usually make these kinds of investigations public. however, comey said he felt compelled to because of the potential threat to our democracy. >> when there's an effort by a foreign nation state to destroy that, to corrupt that, it's very, very serious. it threatens what is america. and if any americans are part of that effort, it's a very serious matter. so you would expect the fbi to
7:36 pm
want to understand is that so, and if so, what did what? >> comey shot down president trump's assertion that president obama had wiretapped trump during the campaign. he said the fbi found no information that supports that accusation. the husband of white house ko counselor kellyanne conway is expected to be nominated for the head of the civil division. it would require senate approval. george conway has been part of a top wall street law firm for two decades. if accepted, he would defend the trump administration in legal battles. senate republicans are aiming to confirm u.s. supreme court nominee 49-year-old neil gorsuch before a two-week break starts april 10. the judge spoke during opening statements on this first day of hearings. >> i want to thank my friends, so many of whom are here. liberals and conservatives and
7:37 pm
independents, from every kind of background and belief. many hundreds have written this committee on my behalf. and i am truly touched by their support. >> questions begin tomorrow. well, the game is long over and the mystery of tom brady's missing super bowl jersey is solved. >> next, find out how investigators tracked it down in mexico. and we're taking a live look outside from our camera on top of mt. sutro as a light storm moves through northern california. spencer is back to update the forecast in ten minutes.
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tom brady will get back not one but two missing super bowl jerseys. the nfl says brady's missing jersey from february's game has been recovered, along with one that went missing following super bowl xlix in 2015. they were found in the possession of a media member from mexico. that's him there. fox sports released this video of the suspect entering and leaving the patriots' locker
7:41 pm
room. the fbi and nfl are now working to authenticate the jerseys. >> we're highly confident that these are, in fact, the jerseys, based on investigative efforts and based on the information that these fine men and women of our police department uncovered. >> "abc7 nws" has identified the suspect as morecio ortega. caltrans is starting to fix the concrete in the bay bridge tunnel after a piece broke off and fell on a car, causing damage. today, "abc7 news" drove by as repair work began. crews will work during noncommute daylight hours and you'll see a lane shut down during that time, affecting east bound traffic. sprouts has more than a dozen stores in the bay area,
7:42 pm
and will open a new location in albany next month. the stock has been rising because of the rumors. albertson's bought safeway two years ago for about $9 billion. two big milestones will take place on abc tonight. it's the premiere of the new season of "dancing with the stars" and the show's 400th episode. >> for the first time, contestants include a major league baseball star, david ross. mr. t., as well as the most recent bachelor. >> catch the season premiere tonight at 8:00, right here on abc 7. complaints are rising about a face cream and a free trial that people say is costing them money. >> michael finney explains how
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then you belong at bass pro shops for huge savings during our dog days sale. like a 3-pack of playhound dog toys for under $10. and redhead men's rock bridge shorts starting at under $20. happening now. it's international day of happiness. the united nations organized it four years ago to recognize how important it is for people to be happy and to have the tools and opportunities to be happy. a new report shows the happiest place on earth isn't disney land, it's norway. it's the latest world happiness report, and in it, denmark ranks second, followed by iceland,
7:46 pm
switzerland, and finland. the u.s. comes in 14th. >> obviously they don't mind cold and snow in those places. warning about free trial offers that may cost people money in the end. >> michael finney joins us with more. >> this is an interesting one. we at "7 on your side" have seen a high number of complaints about these offers in the past few weeks. turns out, we're not the only ones. liz marino heard about this facial cream from a friend on facebook. alice hallmark of san jose responded to a video ad on the social media site. both say they responded to trial offers for just $5 shipping and handling. >> all you have to pay is shipping and handling. >> i thought why not? i'll give it a try.
7:47 pm
>> reporter: both received two samples for about $10. both thought if they wanted more cream, they would have to order it. they were surprised when new sipments arrived and they were billed. >> the whole process was not clear. >> reporter: "7 on your side" has received one dozen complaints about different skin cream trials. if it said it in the terms and conditions, i didn't see it, said one. they are refusing to refund me, said another. i never received anything and my card was still charged. these complaints are similar to those received by the better business bureau. >> so we're seeing an increase. >> reporter: the offers are marketed under the names of different products. genesis renew is one. both liz and alice received products labeled. we called the number on the
7:48 pm
invoices and a rep told us the offers come with a subscription. she pointed us to their terms and conditions as an example. if you're satisfied, do nothing and you'll be charged $97.92. plus, you agree to be enrolled in our skin preferred membership program. >> when you sign up, there's terms and conditions you aren't aware of. >> reporter: both alice and liz say they succeeded in canceling their enrollment. >> this company is not doing business the right way. >> reporter: before agreeing to any free trial offer, you are urged to check the bb b's website and see what the company has been up to. it is the first official day of spring and it doesn't look like it outside. >> adrian captured these yellow flowers in sonoma today with the gray skies.
7:49 pm
this picture has the #abc7now. >> and spencer has an update on the forecast. >> looks like the spring showers will hang around for a while. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. another wave of rain is pushing onto the north bay coastline and another batch of showers we see pushing into the santa cruz mountains. our storm for tonight and tomorrow ranks one on the storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity, producing light showers and an occasional downpour. highs tomorrow will reach into the mid to upper 60s. then later in the week, friday to be precise, we hit a stronger storm ranking two on the storm impact scale producing heavy rain at times, stronger winds and highest rainfall total also be in the north bay. here's the seven-day forecast. we have rainfall and showers the next two days, ranking one on the storm impact scale. a dry day on thursday with a good amount of sunshine. stronger storm on friday, then
7:50 pm
saturday, sunday and monday we have storms ranking one. it's going to be a wet week ahead. >> thank you very much. we have shu in for larry tonight. >> i'm more excited i can keep my tee time on thursday. warriors hit the road after three straight at home. and do you think these two teams despise each other?
7:51 pm
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you thought golden state's 11,000 mile road trip was bad. next year, they play two preseason games in china and minnesota. warriors hit the road after three straight a home hosted by okc tonight. kevin durant traveling with the team for the first time since his injury, going back to where it all started for him. before the game, steve kerr expecting another fired up crowd. >> it's kind of what makes the whole thing work, the connection from the fans, the emotional connection. so that will lead to some tears, some cheers, a little bit of everything. it's all part of the game. >> durant on the bench. still plenty of cupcake chants.
7:54 pm
he likes red velvet. first quarter, who says steph curry can't dunk? klay thompson coming out hot. beyond the arc, klay had 18 at the half. second quarter, thunder tied at 25-25. but the ws go on a run. up to thompson for the three. ws on a 27-10 run. seconds before the half, tempers flare on a jump ball. westbrook and draymond jump in. technicals for all four but no ejections. after that, still a jump ball. klay thompson up ahead to curry. the three at the buzzer and he doesn't stop until the warriors' locker room. the ws up 20 at the break. right now it's 66-52 in the third. women's ncaa tournament continuing today. stanford trying to get their tenth straight sweet 16. taking on kansas state in manhattan, kansas, also known as
7:55 pm
the little apple. stanford is the highest seed but cannot host because of the gymnastics championship. so the land of the purple power cat. this was over in a hurry, thanks to britney mcfee. game high 21 overall. 5 of 7 from three. stanford led by 18 at the half. and a super sub. 19 points off the bench. cardinals cruise to a 69-48 victory. stanford going to their 24th sweet 16 under their head coach. a road trip with back-to-back of their own. starting tonight in dallas and tuesday in minnesota for the sharks. san jose entering with a four-point lead in the pacific with 11 games to go. joe pavelski entering the game with seven goals. erai
7:56 pm
aaron dell getting the start in net. in the second, still no score. n marshawn lynch's possibility of joining the team, but they did sign three agents today. john condo, long snapper is back. jelani jenkinses with signed today. and quarterback e.j. manuel. he's spent his five-year career in buffalo. he was the bills' number one pick in the 2013 draft out of florida state where he was only the second quarterback to win four straight bowl games. he's appeared in 29 games, 17 starts, throwing for 3500 yards with 19 touchdown passes. raiders new offensive coordinator worked with manuel in buffalo. he will compete for the backup job. complete warriors and sharks highlights tonight at 11:00 and we'll see you then. >> that marshawn lynch possibility is really interesting.
7:57 pm
>> remember, marshawn threw his cleats up in a wire and said it's over. somebody got those cleats down and told marshawn, i'm ready for you to join. >> thanks, shu. joining us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. the downside of california's drought busting winter. why consumers may fork over more money for dinnertime essentials. and a parking lot rampage. the search under way for a woman who rammed into a family with her car. and the other crime police say she committed before this road rage. >> we'll have that for you and a lot more. here's the lineup tonight. at 8:00, it's the live season premiere of "dancing with the stars" and the 400th episode of the show, followed by "quantico" starting at 10:00 and stay with us for "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> and after that, jimmy kimmel live at 11:35. tonight's guests are adam
7:58 pm
carolla. >> i hate that we have to work. i would rather watch those shows. that's this edition of "abc7 news." looking to breaking news on twitter. >> for spencer christian, all of us, thank you for joining us. >> have a great night. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
7:59 pm
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"last man standing" is recorded in front of a live studio audience. hey. hey, dinner's almost ready. oh, great. what is it? my four bacon and bean soup. i thought you made a three-bacon-bean soup. i found another bacon -- jowl. i hope you didn't make too much -- mandy's at school and eve is going out with her boyfriend. [ horn honks ]


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