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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 25, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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tonight at 6:00, health care remains a hot topic with bay area lawmakers. >> passionate fans rally for the silver and black and the oakland's plan to keep the team. and a big day for b.a.r.t. the next step for connecting the east bay to san jose. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. hundreds of people attend town hall meetings across the bay area. most of the time spent talking about health care and the failed republican plan. good evening, i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. after the failed vote, republican leaders say they will wait for rising costs to cripple the affordable care act. meantime democratic lawmakers return to the bay area to a warm
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welcome. we are live in san francisco with more. hey, lisa. >> reporter: hi, eric. it was a packed meeting here at balboa high school. 900 people were inside of the auditorium behind me. >> with whom i'm honored to share representation of the city of -- >> nancy pelosi and jackie spear got a warm welcome from constituents. they spent the majority of the two and a half hour long town hall talking about the affordable care act and the fact that paul ryan pulled the reform proposal off the floor before a vote could be taken. the two democrats applauded the move but blamed out spoken republicans as well as the president for making false promises and not uniting the country. >> they could do it on the 7th anniversary of the affordable care act and they didn't have their act together. they didn't build their consensus in the congress and
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they lost. >> he is not a good negotiator. two he is not a good closer. and the bill that he was making deals on, he did not even know what was in it. >> nancy pelosi is often credited with helping unite democrats and aiding in the passage of the affordable care act seven years ac. at today's town hall there was also talk of the environment and immigration. now this is just one of five town halls organized by california's house of representatives in their home district. and the goal of these meetings is to make sure constituents and representatives are on the same page when it comes to policies and if they are not, then voters have a chance to express their concerns. live in san francisco, lisa mannine galeeshan, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. there was a town hall meeting in cupertino 30 minutes ago and it was streamed live on facebook from homestead high school. vice president mike pence sold congress wasn't ready for the gop health care bill. republicans had to pull it from
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the house floor yesterday because of divisions within their caucus over how to replace obamacare. pence touched on the trump administration's plan after the health care defeat, while in west virginia talking about jobs. >> don't worry, america. he just tweeted this morning. we'll get together and piece together a great health care plan for the people. we will end the obamacare nightmare and give the american people the world-class health care that they deserve. >> pence continued to stay until there is an agreement on health care, trump will get on with other parts of his agenda, like tax reform. at least three people were arrested during a rally supporting president trump in huntington beach. someone pepper sprayed a woman and trump supporters began punching and kicking him. the man jumped over a phelps but was detained by chp. two people suffered minor injuries. today oakland city leaders and raiders fans rally at the coliseum two days before nfl
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owners are scheduled to meet to consider the potential relocation to las vegas. lonni rivera is live in oakland with how roger goodell is responding to the city's effort to try to keep the team. lonni? >> reporter: yes, eric. that is right. you might call this a last-stitch effort on the city's part and it is not looking promising, because the nfl commissioner roger goodell said their proposal is not clear, specific and actionable in a reasonable amount of time. >> this is home. >> reporter: for so many raiders fans, this is home. this sign sums you will feelings about a possible move, saying, quote, las vegas, if you build it, we won't come. >> we stuck with the team in losing seasons and we came here any way. and so we really want to make sure that we're rewarded for that. >> reporter: raiders fans joined the oakland mayor and others to push the latest plan to keep the team in the city of oakland. former nfl player ronnie lott presented the recent proposal to the nfl commissioner.
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>> i do not have room in my mind or my heart for any other result right now. >> reporter: the latest plan calls for using 55 acres of open land for a new stadium on the current coliseum lot with 55,000 seats, costing $1.3 billion. fans showed up to support the newest proposal but many say their voices aren't being heard. >> we need the raiders at the table. >> reporter: raiders owner mark davis' plan would move the raiders to las vegas to play in a $1.9 billion dome stadium. >> he is turning his back on us. he should have learned the first time, when your dad wantedto take it down to l.a. and it didn't work out. >> reporter: nfl owners are expected to vote on a possible move as early as monday. the 24 of the 32 nfl owners must sign off on any move. >> if the vote goes well, we'll be having a rally and a celebration. but if the vote doesn't go well, we'll be putting our minds
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together to figure out what our next step in fighting this process is going to be. >> reporter: and everyone here said their committed to doing what they can to keep the beloved nfl team in oakland, california. in oakland, lonni rivera, abc 7 news. not everyone is upset about the possibility of the raiders relocation. some raiders fans who live in las vegas say they are looking forward to a potential move. >> they deserve las vegas. las vegas deserves the raiders. and we're going to welcome them with open arms. >> a lot of fans that live in the bay area that are excited about coming out here. not all oakland people are upset that they're coming. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is heading to phoenix for the nfl owners meeting. her live reports begin tomorrow on abc 7 news and she'll break news on any raiders first on twitter@laura anthony 7. a break in the rain today but there is another storm on the way. a live look outside right now from our abc 7 camera on sutro tower. more on that rain headed our way with meteorologist drew tuma.
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good to see you, buddy. >> hey, eric. it is a beautiful shot out there. and we have tons of sunshine. and the rain is going to hold off that we're tracking until sunday. so we're taking your evening planner. here we go. by 7:00, the sun is going down around 7:27 in the evening and then on out it is a blend of stars and clouds out there. and by 1:00 in the morning, it does start to got chilly inland with temperatures in the upper 40s. live doppler 7 along with satellite, that shield of cloud cover off the coast that is the next storm system sweeping through here on sunday. the storm impact scale on your sunday, this is a one. a light system that will bring some light showers and it will also bring another draw in our afternoon -- drop in our afternoon temperatures. we'll go hour-by-hour forecast and track that full accuweather forecast. >> fire broke out at a jewish community center in palo alto. near maybe ran way around 4:00 p.m. crews found the fire contained
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to a third floor room and believe it started in a janitorial closet but they have yet to find the source. nobody was hurt. fire officials said the jcc building suffered smoeft -- mostly smoke damage. police were called to bard street near lin elementary school and found a man suffering from serious injuries. he died a short time later. police is no suspects have been identified. >> and we have new details on a breaking news story we brought you last night at 11:00. a forestville man was arrested in the shooting death of his brother. the sheriff's office said 38-year-old sean gallin is being held without bail. he is accused of killing his brother, 36-year-old shanis gallon. the mother called 911 to say her older son had left home with a rifle and he was arrested at a nearby gas station. investigators say the poetive for the shooting -- the motive for the shooting is still not clear. b.a.r.t. customers took the first rides today along a line that will eventually link fremont to silicon valley.
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could you see on this map where the new warm springs south fremont station near the border with milpitas. the station will serve about 5,000 passengers per day while helping to reduce traffic on nearby highways. later this year, b.a.r.t. expects trains to run farther south to pill petias and other -- milpitas and other neighborhoods. chaos on the las vegas strip. how an hour's long standoff came to an end following a deadly shooting on a double-decker bus. plus -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> an elderly woman stands up to a car jacker and the suspect h
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the government accused in a deadly shooting in the las vegas strip sur repded following a standoff that lasted several hours. part of the strip was closed after a shooting on a double-decker bus. one person died and another suffered minor injuries. no word on a motive for the shooting. a 99-year-old woman fought back after she was carjacked by a woman who had just been released from jail. this happened on wednesday night outside of the rancho kcucamong jail. she was in a car waiting for her
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daughter when a woman jumped in the driver seat and that woman was monique caddena just released after being cited for being under the influence of a controlled substance. she threatened to hit her and steal her purse. >> i said, if you are going to be that -- i'm going to hit you. >> i believe that. she let her out of the car at a gas station three miles away. she wasn't hurt. police found her a few hours later and rearrested her. hundreds of fans and friends gathered in los angeles for a public memorial to celebrate debbie reynolds and carrie fisher. the mother and daughter duo died one day apart. it was live streamed on the internet and took place at the hollywood hills cemetery where both are buried and it honored their lives and careers. >> the show, as we're calling it, was really for to you be in our living room as if we were all a big family having a memory, a memorial of two
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amazing people. >> the program featured projected images of their bodies of work and celebrity speakers who loved them. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, an effort to get high school girls interested in engineering and orthopedic surgery. the hands on experience they received in santa clara. we're still fighting for the top spot in the west as they host fem list looking to --
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dozens of bay area high school girls are getting hands
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on experience in orthopedic surgery and engineering and there are similarities you know. abc 7 news was in santa clara for the event today. and the perry initiative aims to get young woman interested in male dominated fields. four girls spent the day operating with team doctors for the sharks and warriors. >> they are doing a variety of things, including learning how to fix fractures, so something that would be done in an operating room and they get hands on experience with drills and bones and fractures. >> the perry initiative was started in 2009 by two women in san francisco. since then more than 4500 female high school and medical students have taken part in the group's outreach program. and an accuweather starting off the weekend dry but we're going to finish it with a few showers with our next storm system arriving tomorrow. live doppler 7 right now showing you it is a quiet scan. showers yesterday and we're in
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between two storms. the next one arriving tomorrow. so right now we are quiet. a live look along the coast. not a bad day to be at the beach. have a lot of sunshine here. some folks soaking in the last couple of minutes of that sunshine there right along santa cruz. just a gorgeous start to the weekend. our exploratorium camera showing you a gorgeous silhouette of coit tower, mainly sunny skies an a few clouds passing from time to time but all in all a gorgeous saturday evening on hand. outside, temperature-wise, 50s and 60s. not too chilly. comfortable for this time of the year. 61 in napa and oakland and 57 in san francisco, 61 in san jose and antioch the mild spot at 65 degrees. so here is the call. overnight tonight, we'll see more in the way of cloud cover moving in ahead of the storm system arriving on sunday. so blend the stars and clouds. 41 overnight in santa rosa and 49 in san francisco and san jose dropping to 47 degrees. so the storm impact scale will come back with our sunday system. it is a one. it is a light system moving in.
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just some light showers we're tracking. most cities falling less than a quarter of an inch of total rainfall. but the storm system once again, a lot of cloud cover and limited sunshine and breeze. so hour by hour we go. we start off on sunday morning, 7:00 in the morning, you notice the majority of the region is dry. you are starting out your day with gray skies. perhaps a few sprinkles north of santa rosa and really throughout the first half of the sunday, the action pretty much confined to the north bay. by 1:00 seeing sprinkles around santa rosa and redwood city, livermore and san jose, a blend of clouds and sunshine out there. you are still dry. as we go throughout the afternoon and the evening, the storm system will start to sink to the south. by 4:00, san francisco starting to see the first drops. some steadier light showers in the north bay. it is probably closer to dinnertime, san jose south bay, that is when you start to see a couple of light showers move through your neck of the woods. by 8:00 we are tracking the tail end of the moisture beginning to
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end in the north bay and then it starts to wrap up as we approach the midnight hour early into monday morning. so future-tracker rainfall, it is a quick-moving system and limited moisture. not a lot of rainfall. most cities on the map less than a quarter of an inch. expect santa rosa and the north bay have more than that as the system kind of lingers longer there. so highs on your sunday, kind of a mixed bag depending on when you see the rain. earlier, rainfall means cooler temperatures. so 50s in the north bay, that rain holds off a little bit longer in the south bay. so we'll get about 62 in san jose. 61 fremont. 58 vallejo and 58 in san francisco. we'll start a warmer trend behind the system. future-tracker temperatures on monday, a little bit cool but afternoon sunshine, tuesday the 70s return and watch what happens on wednesday on the accuweather forecast. we'll show you showers on your sunday. then monday to tuesday, that warming trend begins. wednesday is sunny and mild. the mid-week beauty. thursday, you notice it is cooler thanks to a breeze but we
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quickly rebound. by friday and yes, in saturday. the weekend 80s return, it looks like a mild weekend next saturday. >> drew, thank you very much. warriors have a two and a half game lead over the spurs battling for the top seed in the western conference with ten games to go. dubs win last night over the kings. they host memphis tomorrow night before back to back in houston and san antonio. new combination with kevin durant out and he will be checked on this week. but we have to narrow down the roster for the playoffs and david west is important to the post-season. >> absolutely seeing him play a big role in the playoffs. maybe even getting a few extra minutes here and there depending on match-ups and we'll just see how it all goes. but i mean, we had a chance to get david a minimum deal and it
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is a no-brainer. and stanford will face notre dame tomorrow and do not underestimate that team. and today u contakes care of ucla. the huskies wrote off a 17-2 run, led by 17 at the half. collier, huge for the huskies. 27 points, 14 boards. jong chipped in 16 points for uconn as they win the 110th straight game. 86-71 the final. oregon taking on three seed maryland. this freshman from walnut creek led all with 21 points. a three from way downtown. and also have seven assists, finding lexy banno in the corner. five oregon play werz in double-digits. maryland the third loss of the season. oregon advances to the elite eight for the first time in school history to tase uconn with a 77-63 upset victory. high school, defort championship, st. pattic and st.
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vincent taking on helix, lamesa and henderson throwing it down. mays lays it in despite being fouls. stanley had 16 points. 7 boards and five assists, including the floater. st. pattics and st. vincent, win the title 59-46. congratulations. and in austin, texas, whittled down to the final four today with bill haas knocking ol mickelson in the elite eight. dustin johnson got off to a quick start. three up through three and taking the match 3-2 and face tanna hurrah in the semi. this birdie on nine put him up three and he will take on rom in the semis. he had the best match of the quarterfinals defeating his opponent 7-5. and sticks the approach within a few feet, taking the mats and the finals will be played tomorrow. sharks trying to find thur
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offense. san jose has given up the first goal in seven straight, [ inaudible ]. beats martin jones. 1-0. and then the sweet on burns, hitting a crossbar. mccloud is there to clean it up. the sharks trail 2-0 in the second. cactus league winding down. giants and padres today. fresh from the wbc title game, slapping this one silly. but the giants still trail 4-1. found themselves trailing 7-1 but chip away at the lead with a two-run shot making it 7-5. bottom nine, knocked out, wong with a walk-off base hit. justin ruggiano scores and they come back from a 7-1 deficit to win it. 8-7 the final. a's with a split squad against the doerndgers and chapman's first of the spring.
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a's go up 3-0. but jesse hahn roughed up. allowing eight runs. and four in the fourth off a grand slam. a's lose 11-6 to the dodgers and the reds, at least they are consistent. gonzaga advances to the final four meeting xavier today in san jose. we'll have highlights tonight at 9:00 and 11:00 here on abc 7 news. eric. >> shu, thanks a lot. next on abc 7 news at 6:00, a teenager who crushes blocks with his head. the new guinness world record set today.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00, over on cofi tv, how thieves stole fist full of jewels overnight. and here at 11:00, more problems for san francisco based uber, the company pulling the self-driving cars from arizona roads because of a crash. but uber tonight says it was not their fault. a bosnia teenager has a new world record and possibly a headache after crushing building blocks with his head.
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the 16-year-old is a black belt junior tae kwon do champion and crushing 111 building blocks in 35 seconds. the guinness book of world records was on hand to authenticate and he said he could have kept going. >> it seems like there is enough impact to break the brick. s that was odd that. >> you have kids. every 16-year-old has a hard head like that. >> all right, gentlemen. that is it for abc 7 news at 6:00, we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. have a good one.
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[knock on door] (audrey) jeff, can you get that? hey. hey, bud. hey, can i borrow your inflatable mattress for my mom's visit? yeah, sure, it's in the hall closet. oh, actually, i'm running to the airport to get her. can you bring it over? i'm sorry, did we get married when i wasn't looking? it's just that jen's meeting my mom for the first time. it's--it's pretty exciting. how so? well, i mean i just think that she's lucky she's not getting one of those meddling mother-in-laws. i mean, my mom's really cool. well, i'm sure it'll go smoothly. i'll bring the bed over. oh, hey, thanks.


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