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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 25, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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we are not contemplating any other option than winning. okay? >> running out of options and tienl. leaders of effort to keep the raiders in oakland work to gather support for their plan. final decision could be less than 48 hours away. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. fans rallied at clis yom to try to keep team moving from vegas
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but say the plan is not specific, clear and actionable in a specific time frame. >> this is home. >> reporter: for so many raiders fans thgs home. sums up feelings about a possible -- if you build it we will not come. >> we came here anyway and want to be rewarded for that. >> reporter: joined oakland's mayor and other city leaders to keep the team in the city of oakland. ronnie lotts presented recent proposal to the nfl commissioner. >> i do not have room in my mind or heart for any other result right now. >> reporter: latest plan calls for using 55 acres of open land for your stadium on the current lot with 55,000 seats costing $1.3 billion. fans showed up to support the proposal but many say they're
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voices aren't being heard. >> we need the raiders at the table. >> reporter: the owner's plan move them to las vegas to play in a domed stadium. >> turning his back on us. learned first time. dad took you to l.a. and didn't work out. >> reporter: nfl owners expected to vote as early as monday but 24 of the 32 nfl owners must sign off on any move. >> the vote goes well, rally and celebration. doesn't go well, putting minds together to figure out what next step to fighting the process will be. >> reporter: everyone here says committed to doing what they can to keep beloved team in oakland, california. abc7 news. reporter laura anthony is headed to phoenix for the nfl owners meeting. live reports beginning tomorrow
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and break news on twitter @lauraanthony7. today bay area lawmakers held town hall health care meetings. at balboa high school where nancy pelosi and jackie speier appeared together. pelosi was speaker of the house seven years ago. >> this is ideological deconstruction of who we are as a nation. affecting our values and priorities. >> abc7 caught up with barbara lee after the forum with her constituents. >> going to continue to fight for health care for everyone and make sure it's working for everyone and where it needs to be fixed move forward and work with republicans to try to fix it. but in no way should people
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really listen to what is coming out of the white house. >> democrat zoe also -- credited affordable care act with shortening the time patients wait to see doctors in public hospitals in her district. president trump today turned to twitter to respond to the defeat. >> reporter: before heading out to golf club in virginia, president trump was system ruminating about the health care debacle. obamacare will explode and we'll all get together and piece together a great health care plan for the people. do not worry. plenty are worried. >> plan they had kicked 24 million people off health insurance. >> whole point is hear both sides and come together. that's where i'm most frustrated with our government. i don't think they're doing that
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thing. >> reporter: today vice president pence was in west virginia reassuring small business owners. >> we'll end the obamacare nightmare and give american people the world class health care they deserve. >> reporter: some lawmakers say walking away from the problem is not responsible either. >> doing nothing is not the answer after is this setback. >> reporter: but there's no quick fix agreeable to all sides. >> repeal and replace is nice buzz word and slogan. doesn't describe what to do moving forward. >> reporter: republicans hasn't said what the next thing should be. administration says it's moving on to tax reform. abc news. washington. today is the deadline for airlines to implement new bang of electronics on airplanes. turkish airline says collected
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on boarding, stored in the cargo hold and returned when landed. issued ban due to concerns about potential terrorist attacks. chaos in las vegas, three masked robbers robbed store in bellagio hotel and casino and hours long standoff with another suspect after shooting on a bus. >> one suspect down. >> reporter: standoff on the strip, s.w.a.t. teams surrounding a gunman they say shot two people on a bus, killing 1 of them. tourists watching it unfold. after another scene triggering a lockdown in casino. in animal be masks. >> possible active shoout shooter. >> reporter: carried out high
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end heist inside jewelry store at bloellagio. >> person in pig mask with something long and black in one hand and what looked like gun in the other. >> reporter: using sledge hammers to smash into the rolex store before 1:00 this morning. police say no one was hurt and wouldn't reveal how much criminals got away with before making what investigators describe as clumsy mistake. >> attempted to flee in a vehicle that failed to start. tried to carjack other people. subsequently fled on foot. >> reporter: police say well on the way to tracking down other suspects. >> police took the bus shooting suspect into custody hours after the standoff began. welcome to warm springs station. big day for b.a.r.t. and the golden gate bridge looks
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different. the reason its towers and other landmarks are dark now. starting off the weekend dry but tomorrow another
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firefighters in palo alto investigating fire at jewish community center. happened around 4:00 p.m. crews found it contained to third floor room. believe it started in janitorial closet. yet to find the source. nobody was hurt. mostly smoke damage. investigating suspicious death. called to bard street now
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elementary school. found a man suffering serious injuries, died later. no suspects identified. in san francisco a woman surrendered to police after barricading herself in this morning. fired a shot inside the building. officers got there, ran into apartment and refused to come out. took into custody two hours later. b.a.r.t. customers took first ride along a line, warm springs. serve about 5,000 passengers addae, helping reduce traffic on nearby highways. first step to reach the highway. >> bta is building a ten mile extension expected to open later this year. >> also has artistic touch.
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installation sky cycles, images of different times of day and year. landmarks around the world going dark for earth hour. golden gate bridge towers are dark. transatlantic pyramid also. trying to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change. cities and businesses urged to turn off lights for one hour. coming up at 9:00, remembering two hollywood icons. hundreds back hollywood memorial for debbie reynolds and carrie fisher. what a day for the pacific northwest, gonzaga advances and oregon upsets
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hundreds of fans, friends and family members gathered in los angeles today for a public memorial to celebrate debbie reynolds and carrie fisher. died a month apart in december. took place at storied hollywood hills cemetery where both are buried. storms hit south and midwest. destroying homes and church. this church destroyed. no one was hurt. pastor says she wasn't expecting to see this after got a call last night. >> thought i could handle a little damage or whatever, a tree. but when i got here, it's a little more. >> this upcoming week is expected to be active for severe
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weather. texas, oklahoma and arkansas could see another round of severe storms tomorrow. well accuweather today, sandwiched in between two storm systems. showers of friday out of here but rain chances next seven days and what lingered. on sunday 80% chance of rain but after that good to go. one storm system to get through next seven days then talk about drying and warming. live doppler 7 is showing you it's quiet tonight. beautiful evening although a fair amount of cloud cover outside. earlier this evening from emeryville, gorgeous. cloud cover giving a speck of bright sunshine and clouds hanging on. 50 degrees across the board.
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52 in livermore, over night here's the call. hang on to the cloud cover. mix of stars and clouds. coolest spots dropping to low 40s, along the coast in mid-40s, oakland 50 over the night. sunday tracking showers moving through. ranks a one. light storm on the impact scale. light showers. really weak system. most cities less than a quarter inch of rain but addition of cloud cover and breeze kicking up leads to cooler afternoon tomorrow than today. perhaps 8:00 tomorrow morning could be a rogue sprinkle ahead of the main storm system but much of sunday is lot of cloud cover and limited sunshine. by one:00, showers approaching. gets act together in the north bay by 4:00 but parts of the south seeing some sunshine,
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still dry until 4:00. probably sunset start to see the first drop. front moving through vallejo and san francisco, even before 10:00. tracking tail end. quick mover and out early monday morning. limited rainfall. most spots less than quarter of inch. highs on sunday where we see the rainfall first cooler, in the mid-50s, north bay, holds on until sunset. south bay is low 60s. plan. light afternoon showers for most on sunday. much of the morning is dry across the region. monday before sunrise a couple of drops. dave transition. tuesday is turning morning. midweek beauty.
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cooler thursday thanks to breeze but friday and saturday warming back up. 80s make a return. >> i can live with that. sports. >> the center was rocking with gonzaga and xavier fans. one cinderella team advance. former bulldog john stockton in the house. nigel williams-goss, this gave the zags the lead. jonathan to his own basket. williams with redemption. alley-oop and lays in, gonzaga wins 83-59. first west coast conference team since 19 -- head coach mark few, do a handstand. >> it's cyclical. been good enough in that time to
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get that. just didn't get it done. these guys did. >> this really is a family. wanted to do it more for them than myself. i definitely thought a lot about it. just so happy for everyone who believes in gonzaga basketball. meanwhile oregon took on kansas. richard feeds bell for monster dunk. ducks up 11 at half. dylan brooks, where did he get the blue tongue? oregon knocks down. ducks first final four since the tournament began when they won it all. oregon taking on maryland, freshman from walnut creek. seven assists. lexi in the corner. five oregon players in double
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digits. advances to the elite eight for the first time in school history to face uconn with upset victory. sharks have in trouble. once top of the pacific division, in danger of fall together wild card and losing sixth straight tonight. lost last night in dallas. tonight gave up first goal. 1-0 preds. later, yoesy undresses. clean it up. 2-0 nashville. sharks offense a no show. puck to the mouth. dental work. tooth fly out of the mouth. wouldn't return. outscored 13-3 in last two games. cactus league winding down.
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giants and padres. slaps this silly. trald 4-1. brandon crawford also back from wbc. 7-5. bottom nine, tied at 7-7. giants win 8-7. chapman crushes three run homer. first of the spring. eight runs in 3 1/3 innings. a's lose 11-6 to dodgers and reds. at least they're consistent. what is up with the warrior's bench? engaged and animated in the nba. talk to the bench. >> i remember the oregon men so
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many years
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tonight on abc7 news at 11:00me 11:00 families breathing a sigh of relief because affordable care act stalled before a vote. and more problems for uber. because of crash that uber says was not their fault. >> recent video of whales off the hawaiian coast has scientists scratching their heads. seeming to do a head stand. it's rare for hump backs, could
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be a way to rest, nourish or stay cool oar communicate with the space thing in "star trek iv" that came here. deltas in golden gate park. ended in 1-1 tie. part of the north american soccer league. supporters say the team will be good for area businesses but people living near kezar, worried about the traffic and noise. never had that before right? >> great to see a pro sport back in the bay area. >> nice to sees kezar utilized. that's it. next news cast at 11:00 on abc7. see you there. see you there. have
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