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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 27, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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forward. tonight it's all about looking forward to whether or not to move to vegas. >> a unanimous decision by nfl owners today has cleared the way for owners to move to las vegas. but they're not moving immediately. we begin with abc 7 news reporter laura anthony who joins us live from arizona. laura? >> reporter: after today's vote, mark davis told reporters here in phoenix that he loves oakland, but it came down to fulfilling his father's dream to build a world class stadium for his football team. >> as you know, we just finished a very important discussion regarding the relocation proposal by the raiders, which our owners approved overwhelmingly. >> reporter: it's a vote that came earlier than expected and was more one sided. all at once, nfl owners voting to send the oakland raiders to las vegas. >> we work very hard and never
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want to see a relocation of a franchise, and that means exhausting our options and doing everything we possibly can to get a solution in the existing market. >> reporter: but in the end, nfl commissioner roger goodell said what oakland offered wasn't good enough. >> my father used to say the greatness of the raiders in its future. >> reporter: roger goodell said that it represented an extremely mixed moment for him. >> i love oakland, i love the fans in oakland and i know there's going to be disappointment and maybe some anger. >> reporter: and the overwhelming vote signaled they had little hesitation about pulling the raiders from oakland. >> i think they have worked very hard to make things work up there and it hasn't worked out and now i think they have an opportunity to be a very solid vibrant team. >> it's a gut punch. >> reporter: for sky hard oakland fans in phoenix for the vote, the news was devastating. >> i guarantee you, we have been
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telling nfl owners, you made the biggest mistake of your lives, and the next year or two in oakland is going to be a disaster. >> roger goodell was asked if the door was shut on oakland. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: miami dolphins owner steven roz ross in a stadium said he did not think the raiders did enough to stay in the city of oakland. >> the city of oakland fought for years for a solution to try to keep the team. wayne? >> reporter: the vote to move the raiders to las vegas by the nfl owners was 31-1. in oakland city hall, both the mayor and the president of the city council think that the raiders were done with the city a long time ago, and now they
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want nothing to do with them. they don't want them playing in the coliseum, they don't even want them in oakland. >> we did everything they asked of us, this was their choice. >> reporter: privately funded, endorsed by the city last december. >> after the carson vote and after the new lease was negotiated, with the coliseum, the raiders ceased all communications with the city of oakland. >> mark davis knew he wanted to go to vegas, he shouldn't have just led us on. >> reporter: the mayor said that oakland would not build and pay
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for another coliseum. regarding the oakland a's, schaf said the nfl wanted too much. >> i was specifically asked to exercise the early termination option that we have in their lease. kick them out of the coliseum. >> reporter: something they would not do, as evidenced once hour later when she raised an a's flag at city hall, calling attention to a strange juxtaposition. and the mayor says he's looking to end the lease immediately. >> they can go down to santa clara and player. they didn't want us, we busted our tails. >> remember this one, in oakland, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> carolyn tier has been talking
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to fans all die long and you'll get a chance to share your thoughts on the team's move to las vegas. new at 6:00, the santa clarita county inmate stabbed four times with knives inside. the sheriff's office says they're the weapons used today and attempted murder charges against the two men suspected in the attack. the victim need staples to close a wound in his head. three people are now confirmed dead from a three story apartment complex fire this morning. smoke could be seen for miles from san pablo and mead avenue. melanie? >> reporter: of those three confirmed fatalities, the coroner has released the identity of one of the victims. he is 64-year-old edward anderson. the coroner says the names of
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the other two victims will likely be released tomorrow. and tonight there are reports that there are as many as two people who are still unaccounted for. firefighters say they expect to be here until tomorrow morning. the search continues for anyone who may still be inside. early this morning, bright flames and billowing smoke. firefighters say more than 80 people live here. most were asleep when the fire began. some say they didn't hear fire alarms inside their apartments. >> but our neighbor across the hall, thank god for him. he banged on that door so hard and loud and that's what woke me up. >> reporter: many said they were trapped. >> my brain was clicking, i was which way do i go? >> reporter: firefighters say they rescued 15 people, some hanging from windows, others are fire escapes. >> you get out the window and start waving. >> it really was a challenge to get to all of these people.
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>> reporter: four people including two children had smoke inhalation, residents swaddled in blankets later went to a nearby church, the red cross is providing assistance. as firefighters investigate the cause, there are questions tonight as to living conditions. >> if any building needed to be rehabbed, it was that one right there. >> reporter: and tennants in the building. >> there's literally like a river of wires, and a lot of people with mental health issues, so they're hoarding in their apartments. as with last december's deadly ghost ship fire, there were repeated complaints about the conditions at that address. >> the i team has obtained exclusive video from inside the building before the fire. >> the tennants complained about the conditions inside, the owner was trying to evict them. a nasty battle took a deadly
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turn when the building went up in flames this morning. >> reporter: i caught up to pastor law at the scene of the fire along with parishioners to see the damage to their housing program. how do you feel about what happened here. >> it's another episode of ghost ship, in my opinion and we fried to prevent it. and no one's listening. >> reporter: the first two floors of the building housed the program that kept people out of jail, those with mental health or drug issues or be homeless, but the building fell into disrepair. >> we let the powers that be know that we were having problems in this building and since december we have been trying to get some assistance with it. >> reporter: going back 10 years, city records have several violations, no heat, no hot water, and electrical issues, the complaints cited holes in
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the walls and one described the entire building structure as unstable. >> this is very inhumane. >> reporter: former residents and their families gave me videos that showed flilty conditions in the building long before the fire. holes in the walls and ceilings and rodent croppings. the brother saw the conditions in the building and complained. >> i know i'm going to go home and i'll probably have to break down in tears. but right now i'm holding it in because i know for a fact that there's probably nothing going to be done and that's the sad part. that a lot of people are going to be living on the street. >> i reached out to the building's owner keith kim but he did not reach back, he said that the tennants were behind on their rent. he even called a news conference for the fire conditions inside
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that building and then the fire started, as we now know killing three people. >> and ignites that debate in other cities around oakland, that ghost ship fire. we sent out breaking news all this morning as that building burned through our abc 7 news app. download it today so you know what's happening where you live. the border patrol under fire, an agent accused of sexual assaulting two young girls, detailings on a multibillion dollar lawsuit filed. i'll have the forecast in just a moment. if volunteers don't do the work, it doesn't get done. >> winter is over, but the damage from winter storms remains, find out how you can make a local park look ready for spring.
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the aclu has filed a lawsuit in fresno on behalf of two youths who said they were sexual assaulted when they were picked up by border control agents. they're asking for millions of dollars in compensation now. >> reporter: the teenaged sisters were trying to join their mother in fresno when they left guatemala, traveling 1,500 miles through mexico to the u.s. border. they were taken into custody, brought to a station in
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presidio, texas and then told by their attorney? >> they were told to remove all their clothes and the officers inappropriately touched each sister, the oldest at the time was 19, the youngest 17. >> reporter: the women say they complained to other officers and their claims appear to have been taken seriously. >> an investigator went to that office where they were being held and they were put on a bus from texas to fresno. >> reporter: the aclu has filed a claim to find out the results of the investigation and to seek $750,000 in damages to each woman. the department of homeland security which overseas immigration and customs enforcement have no authority. the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement does not have information on this case but believes border patrol agents are not bad guys.
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>> almost all the border patrol agents are really good people, who care about the people they arrest but they have a job to do. >> reporter: but he adds -- >> any time you've got 15,000 to 20,000 people working for you, you're going to have a few bad apples. >> reporter: in the rush to hire more border control officers, more bad apples could show up. >> we know that there is a move to hire 5,000 more border patrol officers for example. there really needs to be an acknowledgement that there are problems with these agencies and offices and that there has to be reforms. >> reporter: the sisters are currently under an order of supervision from immigration and are living in fresno with their mother who is a legal resident. the justice department issued a warning today against
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sanctuary cities will lose funding, the announcement by attorney general jeff sessions demands that states and city comply with immigration policy or risk losing federal funding. >> there is no legal requirement that a school official turn over somebody to immigration or that other officers turn people over to immigration. >> dsf board of supervises has vowed to continue denying any mandate to step up enforcement of immigration laws. democrat adam schiff wants members of the house intelligence committee to recuse themselves from hearings base h. devin nunes faces widespread criticism. he talked about possible u.s. spying on president trump's
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transition team without speaking to members of his committee. we're finally hitting a dry stretch in the weather, there's no rain in the seven day forecast, but the damage this year's storms left behind, continue to affect fire roads, and hiking trails throughout the bay area. we go to where china camp state park is struggling with the number of volunteers needed to make repairs. >> reporter: when laura showed up today, as the sign says, the trail leads straight to a mud slide, courtesy of our february rainstorms. >> hopefully crew also get out and keep the trail open, but it's mother nature and i respect what happens. >> we'll be lucky to have the shoreline trail open by the summer. >> reporter: mark mckee is a nonprofit that took over operations from california in order to keep the park open during the 2011 state budget crisis.
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>> we don't get any funding from the state of california. all of our revenue, everything that comes in to keep the park open and operating comes from the people who use the park. >> reporter: during the past few drought years, post winter storm cleanup has only cost the park a few thousand dollars, but because of all the rain, those costs have gone up exponenti exponentially, in fact the park may end up spending more than $100,000. washed out trails and sliz make it hard to keep up with renovations at the park. >> lowen stein hopes that the -- if you would like to help, we have links on our website, kate larsen, abc 7 news. your accurate forecast with spencer christian. >> it has been a sunny and gusty
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day, still breezy in many locations. here's our doppler 7, looking out over the embarcadero, it will be breezy and mild the next two days, there's a possibility of some sprinkles on thursday as we have a little bit of a cooldown and warm sunshine returns on friday. overnight look for clear skies, it will be a little bit chilly, temperatures will drop into the low 40s in spots. we'll see mid to upper 40s near the bay and the coast. and tomorrow, look for sunny skies with high temperatures in the south bay in the low to mid 70s, up to about 74 in san jose on the peninsula. we'll see low 70s in palo alto. on the coast, look for breezy conditions tomorrow w high temperatures in the mid 60s in and around san francisco, we'll see upper 60s, almost 70 in the city.
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mid 70s from santa rosa from sewn noam ma and nap that. we'll see highs in the low 70s, it will be breezy there too, and in the inland east bay, we'll see mid 70s. let's take a look a little bit farther into the future, wednesday it will be even warmer with highs in the upper 70s inland. and then temperatures drop off a bit, about fife to ten degrees on thursday as a few clouds move in. forecast innovation starting wednesday night through thursday, shows a little storm moving through northern california at that time. it will produce rainfall and some of the clouds and cooling from that system will makary way down into the bay area, as well as the possibility of a sprinkle or two, but actual, measurable, annoying rainfall, not likely. here's the 7-day forecast, sunny and mild and by wednesday afternoon, we'll see high temperatures inland moving into the upper 70s, just a lovely start to the week, a lovely spring like start. we have a cooldown on friday,
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some clouds come in, temperatures quickly rebound on saturday. we'll see inland highs near the 80-degree mark, slightly cooler on sunday and monday. so basically we're in a mild pattern that's going to lingerer for a while, with the exception of that rather sharp cooldown on sunday. coming up here next, details on the event that's bringing hillary clint
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a group of san francisco teenagers are half the way around the world. the trip is called operation genesis, 14 teens from the bay view district and six police officers are visiting africa for nine days. the trip is about discovery and abto improve the link between police and the community. hillary clinton will attend the annual women's convention. >> a big spotlight will be shined on the former candidate for president. >> hillary clinton will be the closing keynote speaker tomorrow at the pbwc conference, she's not revealed what exactly she'll say to the crowd. but this will be the first time she's coming to san francisco since a preelection trip in
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october. this conference empowers women and promotes net working opportunities. all tickets for tomorrow's event have sold out. no surprise given the star power of the speakers. and hillary clinton, tarajip. henson. and rosario dawson and representative jackie spears. >> i wanted women to come together to do personal and professional development. >> many of our abc 7 colleagues will be there tomorrow. sheryl jennings and i will serve as conference host. this is a picture of the panel i moderated last yearn't even more excited this year, the theme being inclusion now. we'll cover the event live so be sure to follow us on social media. it's your ticket to pbwc.
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raider nation is devastated by the news the team is leaving oakland. déjà vu for those who remember when the team left a decade ago, how the fans are handling their grief. >> plenty of parking, a convenient location, really good. >> he's loving it and it's not just b.a.r.t. riders who are loving the new station. i'm jonathan bloom with mow the tec
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i have mixed feelings, obviously. i love oakland, i love the fans in oakland and i know there's going to be disappointment and maybe some anger. >> that's an understatement. mixed feelings, but the raiders are again leaving oakland. >> the news rippled through oakland, abc7 news reporter karen tyler has the reaction from fans.
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>> reporter: disappointment doesn't even begin to describe the feelings of raider nation tonight. >> in terms of oakland raider fans, it's a horrific day. >> chris led the grass roots effort that tried to convince owner mark davis to keep the raiders in town. >> over the 40 years we have played oakland, we have served the county well. it's just devastating. >> helmets, jackets, all of our hats, just everything. >> reporter: celia is so upset she's dumped her raiders greer in the trash, outside team headquarters, calling the franchise owner a traitor. >> mark davis is all about his money, nothing about the raiders. >> reporter: rolendo came to
7:32 pm
mourn the team in black. >> it's someone you might not even know, it's a one of a kind thing and they took that from us. >> reporter: it ain't over until it's over. >> they left and came back to oakland because it's home. they can go to las vegas and come book to oakland and come home. >> reporter: his optimism is the exception and raiders fans should prepare for an announcement that's going to produce both anger and resentment. >> if you're not sure how to share your feels, just share this badge on facebook. a san francisco man accused of trying to kidnap a 13-year-old girl made his first appearance before a judge this afternoon. 26-year-old lee ig igle is
7:33 pm
charged with sexual assault and two counts of intent to commit lewd acts. he grabbed a teenage girl and tried to drag her into a car. some bystanders are credited with rescuing her. jessica malacote faces charges of battery and assault with a deadly weapon after poli cesay, watch now, she backed into victims with her car last week at the walmart in union city, she's also been charged with leaving the scene of the accident. tips from the public led to her arrest. investigators say malacote was enraged when she failed to receive a refund from the store. a sacramento man accused inform a quadruple killing last week also made his first appearance today. he's accused of killing four people in a sacramento home last thursday. the victims include his 45-year-old wife, their 11-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter. th fourth victim was the
7:34 pm
suspect's niece, a 21-year-old san francisco woman. aliva has not expressed a motive for the killing. the state enacts proposition 57. the new rules call for increasing good behavior activities for those involving nonviolent crimes. it would also help reduce the prison population which is edging closer to a court enforced cap. >> prop 57 is a far better way of approaching population size management by giving inmates a chance to rehabilitate themselves and earn credits applied toward the sentence as opposed to inmates almost being randomly released working for a federal court. >> those serving a life sentence without parole aren't eligible. b.a.r.t. had problems today when it delayed trains for
7:35 pm
hours. that has now been resolved, thankfully, but the first commute day for the new warm springs station in fremont had people smiling. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is getting universal praise for the new warm springs station. >> this is great, well laid out, very spacious, plenty of parking, convenient location, it's really good. >> reporter: and so far no pigeons are roosting here, than. >> we're very excited because it's closer to our house. >> ganesh has been a b.a.r.t. rider for two years and he's very pleased about this station. >> it's close to my office, it's actually walkable distance so it saves a lot of time and makes san francisco a lot more commutable and easy access for me. >> reporter: the owner of this steakhouse has been waiting 25 years for the new station, it's
7:36 pm
very nearby and has improved business. >> people have been driving to see what's here. and i guess we're the only restaurant in the area so there are quite a few customers decided to come in and check it out. >> reporter: five more employees have been added to handle the boost in business. >> i think this opens up a lot of commute for a lot of people that were taking 680 driving every day, as i know i have, or 880. i drive 808 south every day and so not having to be in traffic all day is great. well, just saying one word can make you a victim of scammers. >> next find out just how easy it is and how to protect yourself. here's a live look outside from our east bay hills tower camera. there's no rain in the 7-day
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we're just coming off the busiest year for airlines in the united states according to data
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released today by the u.s. department of transportation. airline passengers set a record, up 3% from the year before. southwest ranked the busiest airline overall by carrying more passengers than any other airline. the busiest airline was atlanta. delta's having fun at unite's expense. today the company tweeted flying delta means comfort, you can wear your leggings. the airline refused to let two teenagers on a plane yesterday because they were wearing leggings. the girls were traveling on a europe united employee pass. united customers are allowed to wear leggings. after receiving the appropriate registration with the dmv, passengers are not
7:41 pm
allowed in these cars in san francisco. uber is also resuming testing after testing was put on pause after a car crashed in tempe over the weekend. a state bill that would simplify the registration process for ride sharing drivers is working its way through committee hearings. the bill would allow drivers to register for a single license, no matter where they're driving. currently drivers have to register in each city or county and pay for each registration. there's a new phone scam circulating and you only have to say one word to become a victim. yes. the fcc warns that scammers are recording the word yes so they can use it to authorize fraudulent charges. often callers will ask, can you hear me? and if you respond yes, they have all they need. if you get a call like this, simply hang up. on your side tax hotline starts tomorrow, our phone lines
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will be open from 4:00 until 8:00 p.m. but you don't have to wait to ask your questions, you can submit them now on facebook and twitter using the #askfinney. coming up new at 6:00, how
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democrats on the senate judiciary committee managed to delay the vote on supreme court nominee neil gorsuch until monday when they plan to filibuster. gorsuch still expected to be -- ruled too often against workers and in favor of corporations. airports, prisons, some ski resorts and even the golden gate bridge have all been labelled no drone zones over the past couple of years. >> but jonathan bloom reports keeping the bay area safe -- >> reporter: even before this drone took off, the centers of the corn of this rooftop were tracking it. >> i'm going to turn on the remote. >> reporter: in fact they know everything about it from the moment the pilot turned it on. >> we have seen that drone flying in the air space before.
7:46 pm
>> reporter: the sensors and the software listens for the telltale signs, while cameras search for the silhouette. >> we're now mapping out its flight path in real time. >> reporter: all the while radio scanners are watching the link between the drone and it's wireless controller. >> via video footage, that sort of thing, we can look and see what that will look like. >> reporter: there are times when having these in the air can be a serious risk. that is what d-drone is about. >> there was a drone that crashed in front of the white house, and we thought of, if not even this building is protected against malicious drones, what else isn't protected. >> date that centers, celebrities that want their privacy and prisons. >> we see lots of drones carrying contraband into weapons into ships and gs and
7:47 pm
shipyards. >> reporter: d-drone works with signal jammerings to force a controlled landings. >> these little drones drop bombs into camps. >> reporter: d-drone works like anti-virus software, detecting the newest drones that come on the market. electric cars start up faraday future won't will build a factory in vallejo after all. the company has been negotiating with the city since early last year at the naval shipyard. now it says it will complete it's first factory in north las vegas, the company plans to challenge tesla with a high performance car. it's smaller rival city wide taxi. yellow cab filed for bankruptcy
7:48 pm
last year, it could be sold for $400,000. if it's approved, city wide would take on yellow cab's millions of dollars of debt. today wells fargo is the first to offer a card free option at it's 30,000 atms. the wells fargo gives you a one-time app to enter as well as your pin number. the code will work at all the atms. a new trend on the dow and it's not a good one, today is the eighth straight trading day the dow has dropped. the nasdaq got an 11 point boost, the s&p went down by just two points today. it was cool and clear today, and we're done with the rain for the foreseeable future. >> we want to see the weather where you live, just add the #abc7 now to your pictures when
7:49 pm
you post them online. >> and spencer with the forecast. spencer? >> tomorrow we'll get a little bit of a warm up, you can see how we are under clear skies. low temperature will drop into the low to mid 40s, we'll see upper 40s in other locations, and tomorrow we'll see highs in the mid to upper 70s, and mid to upper 60s on the coast. looking at weather wellness, i should remind you that tree pollen is high right now, oak, pine and birch are the culprits there. mold spores at a moderate level, the uv index is high, you may want to apply sunscreen if you're going to have prolonged exposure to the sun. mild to warm on wednesday, but it will cool down sharply on friday, we night see a sprinkle or two, not a good chance, then
7:50 pm
we warm up on friday and saturday, almost summer like by saturday. as we have been reporting today, really tough news for raiders fans. >> i'll tell you, the oakland raiders have a new destination, as we have been reporting, las vegas, it was overwhelming among the owners who voted 31-is for the new location. how does
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
raiders owner mark davis was the big winner at the nfl owners meeting as they voted 31-1 to allow his team to relocate to las vegas. davis's raiders will be required to stay in las vegas for the next two years. a lot to be done including building an indoor practice facility, which has not even been addressed. two more years here in oakland or relocate your entire family or have them remain here and you move to las vegas. players were not happy about uprooting their families. but it is a business and today
7:54 pm
wide receiver brandon marshall said the black hole was his favorite place to play and there will be a concern from both teams when they live and play in sin city. >> it can be a tough place for a kid coming out of college. so that locker room has to be strong because there's so much there, there's access to so much. it's a strip, but it's really big and it can be overwhelming at times for young immature players. >> i just hope in the future as we play in oakland this year, that they understand that it wasn't the players, it wasn't the coaches that made this decision, but it was me that made it and if they have anybody to talk to about it, it will be me and i will explain to them in the coming days what wept into making this difficult decision. >> this team has belonged to california since 1960 either in oakland or l.a. three teams have now relocated in the past year, with the rams, chargers and raiders abandoning
7:55 pm
long time fan bases that didn't even ask for these teams. you now have three teams in a 400 mile radius, is there enough support for all three teams? they get the rockets tomorrow and the spurs on thursday. nine games left in the regular season and the doves are up 2 1/2 games on the spurs in the west for the top seed. greg popovich and those spurs hosting the cavs tonight. in the opening floor against david lee. that's unfair. second quarter, former st. mary's star, patty mills, first developing a got three-point game. they go up 22. then at halftime. leonard over the free-throw line. they know lead 72-45. giants winding down, cactus league action tonight, before returning home to host the a as
7:56 pm
at at&t park. buster posy celebrating his 43rd birthday today. seven innings, striking out nine against mostly reds reserves. hopefully this two-run double to make it 6-0 in the fourth will help his game, brings in den in regard span and brandon bell. south korean import builds his fifth homer in the spring, he's made a great impression in his first major league training camp. sharks have lost six games losing ground in their playoffs. against the predators, haley was checked into the boards. rangers in town on tuesday as the sharks need a victory falling from the top spot in the pacific division, and couture is
7:57 pm
out in definitely as he was hit in the mouth with a puck, and left the game immediately after losing at least one tooth. logan was the heart and soul of this team. and his first work with the raider this is past season. how about that for timing? it's tough on everybody, fans, players, but there's a lot to be done, still, to get this thing. this was the first step to get approved, but there's a lot of financing to be secured, a practice facility to be built, so it's not on the books yet, but the first step was taken today. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofi-tv. and an inmate was stabbed 40 times with a home made knife inside the santa clara county
7:58 pm
jail. on nbc 7 news at 11:00, video of the inmates involved in the attack has not been released. >> that will it for this edition of abc7 news.
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