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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 28, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 c 7 news. >> friction between san jose leaders and the santa clara valley water district. could the coyote creek flooding have been prevented. >> the city released dualing letters responding to the disaster. >> the district's claims and the city's response.
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>> tomorrow's meet lg face-off for the first time in public. clearly there's tension after exchange of laters, san jose blaming flawed data and the water district not heeding more potential for flooding. >> we're not sure what the trigger was. what was the city waiting four to decide whether or not to call for mandatory evacuations. >> mayor sam liccardo had not received the water district's letter by 12:45 today however city spokesman responded, quote, our understanding of the situation at the time was based on the water district's information in its hydro logical model and that the peek flows wouldn't be as high as anticipated and that the creek channel would adequately handle those flows. major disagreement reducing the capacity to of the creek.
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the reservoir spilled when last month's storms exceeded capacity. so far neither side is showing willingness to ikd seed. >> we need to cooperate to reduce this from happening again. >> the special flood meeting 2:00 p.m. tomorrow at the water district headquarters. in san jose abc 7 news. a bill to over turn rules protecting the privaty of your web browsing history on the way to president trump's desk. prop opponents say internet providers can now sell information about where you have been online, what you're buying, and the apps you're using. internet service providers argue regulations were too strict and unfairly singled them out and one industry group saying one with strong track record of
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protecting privacy data that have existing long before the fcc rules. president trump's climate bill is called a historic att k attack. >> outside of the white house environmental advocates rallied against president trump's efforts to pull back on clean energy. tom stier among them. >> if we move to clean energy and way from fossil fuels we'll create more and better paying jobs. our costs will be lower. our society will grow faster and be more prosperous. >> today the president signed a executive order calling into question the obama clean power plan capping the amount of green house gases that could be emitted from the greefrn house
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power plans. >> my administration is putting an end to the war on coal. >> fossil fuels will boost production. president calling current regulations a burden. >> states and local communities know what's best for them. they understand it. they have been doing it a long time. >> ethan referred to president's actions as disappointing but say they won't have much of an effect on california. >> you can grow an economy and still clean the energy sector at the same time. that's what has been happening in california we plan to continue that path. >> the president hoping to lift a moratorium on sell of coal mining leases on lands insisting will bring more jobs to americans. wells fargo is paying big time for fake accounts its employees created it will pay $110 million to settle class-action lawsuit. bank employees opened bank and credit card accounts without
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customer authorization, there's been a sharp decline in new account openings and bank trafficking since the class action lawsuit. the hillsborough woman accused of killing father of her children is asking to post bail of $35 million by putting up her family extensive property holders but prosecutors are asking for a tougher monitoring system. >> tiffany li and her boyfriend and sadad are in custody oddy f killing her exboyfriend. they have to clarify there's enough equity in the property to post bond instead of cash. >> they have to submit property and equity in the property or properties equaling dublg the
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bail set double the bail set by the judge. one would have to have $70 million in equity. keith green's body discovered last may in a sonoma county field after green and li had a break up. sources tell us li's parents are rich in china and they invest in real estate and lived in this mansion in hillsborough. the same source says putting up $70 million for a property bond be no problem. prosecutor request for no bail was turned down by the judge. wagstaffe is asking four a tougher electronic monitoring device saying the sheriff's current system is inadequate. >> it isn't 24/7 such as what
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we're asking the court to demand, 24/7 observation to verify if she leaves that home we will know. >> li's attorney are reportedly trying to find a private company to revive that system. today cal trans were blamed for lack of highway markings for last year's deadly bus crash that slammed dead on into a barrier in the early morning hours, the bus driver believed he was in an exit lane but was at freeway speeds in the break down lane and the impact barrels used to cushion a vehicle from deflecting into divider lacked markings. of the 21 of the bus only 2 were wearing seatbelts. we're learning of a bizarre twist in death of a man by vta
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bus hit and killed near 1st street was 60-year-old benny cheung a former employee with the vta he had retired after 37 years of employment. the accident is being investigated. to date a fourth victim was found at the oakland apartment building that burned for hours yesterday. the building was home to dozens of residents and squanders as well. we spoke with a victim who is struggling to cope with her new reality. >> we were standing near and we were all looking in shock and awe and crying because our home is building down. >> gale keeping reliving the minutes before the devastating fire in oakland. tuesday morning the county coroner recovered another victim from the burned building, home to nearly 100 family, harvin new two of the victims. >> yes, i did know them.
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i knew two of them. and possibly three. i did know them. we haven't had a chance to mourn yet. >> right now her focus is getting water, food and clothing and this shelter is now a roof over her head. for it's where many of the displaced residents were staying, many were families on a fixed income and part of the building leased to non-profit transitional housing program. to lose 100 units a tremendous tragedy to our efforts. >> a makeshift rope of sheets hangs from the window glimpse of last minute survival efforts. >> if that's true that's a good way to get out of a burning building. >> right now survivors like gale try to move forward. >> i'm doing the best i can. my main concern right now is for the people i cry for often the side. >> but she's so grateful she made it out of the burning
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building. broken mail boxes in one bay area, residents are waiting for a fix, residents are asking what's taking so long. >> face it, they don't love us any more. still stunned, one day after nfl owners vote in favor of the raiders relocation now we're hearing from coach jack del rio. >> that breeze we had today will create a roller temperature in the next 72
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stunned by the announcement that the raiders can relocate to las vegas. we'll explain how the mayor, fans and coach are reacting today. >> raiders head coach talked about the team leaving oakland. >> it's home for me, where i grew up. so mixed emotions yesterday. >> not so 34i6mixed for raiders nation which is devastated and outraged after receiving this notice from team officials that encourages season ticket holders to pay a deposit for seats in the las vegas stadium. >> it's unbelievable to send it out day after you ripped out our
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heart. >> with the franchise slated to move on to vegas no later than 2020 coach del rio thinks the dedicated fan base will travel too. >> i'm sure there will be some people that are angry and won't or can't get over it. that's understandable but i think there's a large contingency, a large group, that are true raider fans. >> nobody i know is going. >> yesterday city council president larry reed was consulting lawyers to see if they could immediately kick the raiders to the curb and out of the coliseum. today he told us, quote, they will play in oakland in the 2017 season, don't know if there's anything to do to stop them. oakland mayor liby shaft feels the city did all it could. >> they chose las vegas over a viable oakland option. it's just like face it, they don't love us any more. >> lawyers for the city are reviewing the relocation process
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and we're hearing even fan clubs are checking out legal options to try to force their beloved team to stay. carolyn tyler abc 7 news. the ceo of uber is apologizing for his company's first ever diversity report that shows the san francisco based ride haling is heavily male and heavily white, nearly 64% are men, 36% women. only 15% technical employees are women. for race, 49.8% of u.s. employees are white. 39.9% asia. 8.8% are black. 5% are latino. amazon will soon roll out a drive in grocery delivery service. amazon fresh pick up customers could order groceries and drive up to a pick up location where
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clerks would put items in your car. the service is perfect for people who want to pick up groceries on the way home from work and don't want to pay extra for deliveries. an update on the rash of mail thefts in martin he's. martinez. >> for many if you want your mail you will battle parked parking lots. then ring a bell and wait in line. like these residents at the al ham bruh post office. >> we have to wait 45 minutes for our mail. >> there's things i haven't received yet. >> banks of mail boxes like this one are broken all over martinez. residents are frustrated because the boxes have been broken for weeks even months. >> there's been nothing in there since the end of january, february.
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it's pretty sad. we're still waiting. the lines are actually getting longer. >> laurie boreden go first brought the mail box issue to our attention two weeks ago when post master told me this about mail box repairs. >> today good news 99% to 100% of the mail boxes be repaired. >> two weeks later i'm still waiting for my mail and the line is longer. >> and we're still getting complaints from the viewers and residents. >> we're upgrading security. >> u.s. post inspector says mail theft are growing problem throughout california. >> we could do a better job communicating and there's things we're working on. >> he said despite what the postal inspector told us march 13th he doesn't know when the broken boxes will be fixed. kate larson new year's eve. >> frustrate . let's check in on the
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weather. >> hard to find complaint. only issue was the breeze, in the next 72 hours will bring waves in our temperature. look at sunnyvale. 72 to start. then temperatures up nice into the weekend. one cool day to get through land fel like spring once again. we have a quiet pattern out there. it's beautiful. clear skies. outside we go. beautiful picture. showing the bright lights of san francisco in the foreground. oakland in the back ground. no weather concerns at this hour. the forecast once again will be mild to warm on your wednesday. thursday will you feel the changes out there. it's breezily. it's cooler there's a chance in the predawn hours could be back to warming temperatures on friday.
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in the 60s in a lot of spots at this late hour. 63 in oakland. 64 in san francisco. 65 san jose pretty comfortable. winds are backing off once again. gusting over 25 miles an hour this afternoon. seeing those winds back off less than 10 miles an hour most spots. right along the coast a breeze higher than 10 miles an hour. 16 at sfo. the wind forecast not a big issue going into the overnight s in san francisco overnight 52 oakland. 49 in fairfield. 47 in santa rosa. out the door we go tomorrow
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morning light breeze, grab a jacket, sun is up shortly before 7:00 and by 8:00 nothing but sunshine and those temperatures will quickly warm. highs on wednesday, a lot of sunshine some spots near 80 degrees. santa rosa and napa will feel night. san jose 77. san francisco comfortable 73 degrees. 76 that number in concord. future weather. tat system will bring in cooler air to the north. thursday morning 5:00 in the morning there's a chance of an early morning sprinkle that chance diminishes by 6:00 or 7:00 and by 9:00 it's dry. we're not attaching a number to thursday, it's just an a.m. sprinkle. cooler in the afternoon. by saturday april warmth again. mild on sunday. little change.
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check out this accident caught on video, this motorcyclist is okay. >> oh, my. >> but he lost control of his bike. went over a cliff. look at that. this was in the angeles national forest on sunday he was airlifted to the hospital where he's still recovering. >> that's something. >> yeah. now to a mother's outrage over the tsa over the security pat down of her 13-year-old son. >> she's sharing the video that made her so mad.
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>> the pat down of the 13-year-old in a t-shirt and shorts enraged his mother. >> i honestly felt like we were being targeted. we were being treated like dogs. >> aaron had not removed the laptop from his pack the alarm leading to this. while his mother didn't call ahead to ts a, she told the officer he has a condition called censoring processing disorder. >> i've been really sensitive to people touching me and whenever he touched me i started having hives a little bit. >> his mother posted the entire pat down that lasted one minute 41 seconds. earlier this month tsa announcing rather than five different versions only one pat down protocol is allowed and in this case they say protocol was followd. >> while the video may cause
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concern viewers people have to remember tsa screeners can't afford to make mistakes. >> the mother says they owe her family an apologize but she's not heard from tsa abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00 new calls to chairman to resign. and hillary clinton's new
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening general. . >> good evening, again. the call for house chairman nunez to resign are increasing. >> new claim that's he is too
9:30 pm
close to the trump administration and democrats upset he cancelled hearing by attorney gej general that was fired by the trump administration. >> the white house is denying they pressured the house intelligence committee to stop former active attorney general yates from qualifying on russia ax cording to democratic members nunez cancelled all meetings. but he said there's no cancellation per se. >> nothing's been cancelled until someone comes forward. >> he said he still intends to have her speak to us. nunez is currently under fire himself. democrats and some republicans are questioning if he could lead partial a. investigation in ties
9:31 pm
to russian ties in the trump administration particularly that he met with a white house source last week. nunez says he sees no reason to recuse himself. >> we're doing a very thorough job on this investigation. >> as the president's own son-in-law prepares to speak on meetings he had with russian representatives including state bank held by vladimir putin the w450 white house says it is much to do about nothing. >> if president puts russian salad dressing on his salad somehow that's a russian connection. >> yates saying he wasn't truthful about interactions with russian officials and she was fired after refusing to carry out the first travel ban and senate official committee is looking forward to having her testify fie. abc 7 news washington. three teens killed in
9:32 pm
oklahoma after they broke into a home and shot by the home owners son. the teens were armed when broke through a glass door in a home near tulsa yesterday. a 23-year-old shot the teens with an assault rifle. the shooting appears to be self-defense but prosecutors will decide if the man will fats charges. authorities are investigating the motive for the break in. >> we're trying to clarify if the break in was random or if there was some other knowledges of choosing that house. >> a woman driving to the home charged with murder even though she didn't pull the trigger. three retired stars shared their stories after being sexualitily you'l sexualisexua sexually abused from a olympic
9:33 pm
national. >> >> they're experience as olympic and national gymnast marched by what they say happened behind closed doors. >> they were in control of taking my dream away in a second. >> dozens of athletes dating back to 1996 claims abuse by team's usa gymnastic physician for 18 years treating some of the sports biggest stars he is now facing 22 criminal charges of sexual abuse. >> he abused me in california and at meets all over the world. >> olympic gold medallists and national champion sharing their stories. >> he expertly abused me under the guys of treatment. >> the committee is considering a bill requiring anyone with suspicious of abuse to face
9:34 pm
penalties. >> there we about account anlt ability. >> the bill would prevent perpetrators from moving on to another gym after it is questioned why he had connection to so many athletes for so many years. >> usa gymnastics did not send a representative into today's hearing if signed into law will be a federal crime not to report abuse. abc 7 news los angeles. senator -- >> it carried a major flag into a major athletic competition and to this to be t base, so cheaply denying it. >> usa gymnastic said it didn't
9:35 pm
appear because of pending litigation but a. endorses the bill and cares deeply about all of the issues before the committee and particularly the suffering described by the athletes. former secretary of state hillary clinton gave her big public speak since the presidential election she chose of professional businesswomen of california conference at san francisco's moscone center. >> hillary clinton was a late edition to this conference agreeing to be a keynote speaker just two weeks. >> obviously the outcome of the election wasn't what i hoped for. >> this is where the form erp presidential hopeful feels most comfortable around those who envision a country in her words is stronger together. >> despite our setbacks we've never been better positioned to take on this vital work. >> today she shared her work.
9:36 pm
>> reef zisist, insist, persist enlist. >> this year people signed up in record numbers to the 28th professional businesswomen of california conference, many came to find support in a climate of hostility. >> i think women are realizing they have to claim their voice and feel their power corporately for political. >> i believe we need to recognize that there's more that unites than divides us. we need to reconnect with our common can humanity we're in this today. >> in san francisco abc 7 news. >> great event today we have the speech and photos on our website and watch on the go news app. we're glad to be a sponsor of that event. barack obama is writing his
9:37 pm
white house memoir in an island in the south pacific. he and his wife signed $65 million book deal last month. michelle obama plans to stay in washington, d.c. to write her book. facebook you can now share your story by posting photos and videos to a chain that disappears after 24 hours. had rolled out after a resigned camera. disappearing stories have been a core feature of snap chat for years. on heels of at announcement snap chap dropped, closing at $22 a share. overall stocks were up snapping a eight-day losing streak for dow. nasdaq gained 34 points and s&p
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to take advantage of a amnesty program that could lower traffic ticket fines, allowing californians with unpaid traffic or non-traffic violation reduced by 50% to 80%, depending on income, to see if you're eligible contact the superior court in the county that the ticket was issued. right now the woodside town council is at the center of a battle over the annual pig scramble. >> some call it traditional fun and games others call it animal abuse. >> wayne freedman is on the
9:42 pm
story. >> is it all-american fun on the 4th of july or unwitted cruelty for animals. >> they're running for their lives. >> it's part of tradition. >> it is the pig scramble, part of rodeo put on now more than 100 residents and thousands of others around the country have signed a petition asking woodside council to ban this event. >> pig scramble are legal in california. >> people have been doing a lot of people for a long time, wife beating, child abuse, incest, it has to stop. >> they are playing with the pigs and in turn i think the pigs are playing with the kids this is probably the best day these kids see their entire lives. >> he worries next the animal right's activities will ban the
9:43 pm
rodeo. >> they're teaching killds it's all right to bully beings weaker and smaller. >> all of this just below the surface in woodside before tonight the town council will consider putting the piglet before the horse. abc 7 news. hospital gowns are getting a make over. these are called breathe gowns. santa monica woman designed them especially for children. they include fun and colorful designs to let your kids look like super heroes, rock stars and the creator was moved to do it after her brother passed away from cancer at the age of ten and said the gowns add a bit of fun to the lives of kids in the hospital. >> definitely. well customized smart home for a veteran who
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a new york based foundation has donated dozens of homes to injured service members including one today to a louisiana vets ran. >> he was there as he laid eyes on his new eyes for t . >> he was there for the first time as he laid eyes on his home for the first time. >> it's overwhelming even though it's all taken care of. it's just incredible. ♪ >> corporal zachary parker lost both his legs and right arm in 2012 when he stepped on an ied in afghanistan. >> living in regular homes having to over come being short my whole life i was 6'5" and then i shrunk to 4'6". >> now the parkers are moving into their brand new mortgage-free home with one of a
9:48 pm
kind kitchen and bathroom features and other modifications, it's completely customized for zachary's independence. new york based firefighter was off duty when devastating calls came over his radio. after getting stuck on his way to the world trade center he got out started running. >> approximately three miles where he meets with his fellow members from squad one and all twelve of them parish in the collapse of the south tower. >> steven stiller dies that day. his cousin helped tunnel of tower foundation in honor of his sacrifice building homes for war heroes and tfoundation helped parker and his wife to get into his home. >> it will be great to help him
9:49 pm
with something. >> i cannot wait to dive in. bring all of my personal stuff here too. make the home our home. >> so wonderful. that was valerie reporting. >> very nice. one last time want to update the weather. >> yeah we're going to see some spots tomorrow afternoon getting near 80 degrees. there's mild mid week. highs on wednesday lots of sunshine. 77 san jose. san francisco beautiful 74. 73 in oakland. beautiful forecast with a morning sprinkle in the pre-dawn hours. cooler day and warming to the weekend. a's will take on the giants at at&t park so enjoy. one cool day on thursday otherwise the weekend looking beautiful and mild with a little change early next week.
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>> is it march or may i'm still confused. >> we'll be back in january soon. >> thanks drew. on to sports talking about the warriors. >> on
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. warriors and rockets in houston three point dual from league's highest scoring teams slash brothers continue to try and warriors continue to shut down the rockets except james harden's triple double. near the end of the quarter trevor a riza on mcadoo's head. probably concussion protocol for him. second quarter. doves turned it over ten times. james harden and rockets went often 21-11 run to end the half.
9:54 pm
golden state up eight at the break 60-52. rockets got it back to three. harden to pat beverley for the lay up. the free throw. steve kerr. mcgee 19 points, 9 boards. doves by 11 after three. kevin durant approved. fourth quarter steph being steph. deep pull of three. he's reminding his arm that's how it's done. how about this nifty move and one-legged fade way courtesy warriors consultant steve nash. warriors win 113-106. steve kerr's 200th victory. warriors third straight season winning 60 games. texas two step continues in san antonio tomorrow. san jose sharks lost six in a row. outscored 23-7 in that streak.
9:55 pm
couture out. tonight pavelski. one assists. no goals. new shark jannik hansen first goal since joining the team, 1-0 team teal. new york still on the break away, melker karlsson. and -- the score as we speak 4-3 rangers late in the third. raiders are one of the most despi despooized in the nfl in the bay area and understandably so after the owner's vote yesterday to relocate to vegas. long time fans feel betrayed players and coaches not sure where their coaches lie. going to turn this franchise around with 12-4 record last season.
9:56 pm
now he and staff have challenges with two more years in oakland. players don't even think about that until the move happens but jack had mixed emotions when he found about his future. >> there was emotion involved some really sad because that's where i'm from and some really positive because it's such an exciting opportunity for the franchise. in a couple years. it certainly begins now for the franchise. for the football team we're in oakland and that's where we're going to be competing. it's home for me where i grew up so mixed emotions yesterday. >> colin kaepernick still unsigned by harbaugh not waivering in his support jimmy's brother john harbaugh believ believes kaep will get signed and start for nfl team in 2017. looks like he will have to start for the draft or could nfl team pick him up.
9:57 pm
could he go to cleveland. hue jackson isn't ruling it out completely. >> we haven't really discussed col i n there's other conversations we have had. not saying it won't come up later. you have to exhaust everything you're doing but at this point he hasn't come up. >> giants in final spring training. matt cub still keicompeting fore fifth spot in the rotation. seems the $20 million says that decision has been made. jake arrieta over the right field wall and giants lead 1-0. just like that. now 2-0 in the second. arrieta ricochets wild pitch and score. giants up 3-0.
9:58 pm
not great but good giants win the shrug fest 10-7. a's lost to the angels 14-3. this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by toyota. of the cast of hampton will be singing the giants home opener april 10th baseball already here, hard to believe. >> crazy. all right coming up tonight on abc 7 news a smash but no grab, vandals break into nearly two dozen cars in the east bay. the unusual twist in this freemont crime. >> don't try this at home. car surfing on a california freeway. the trouble for this person hanging from the side of this pick up truck join us for abc news at 11:00. a swiss man old enough 20 vote is making history with his incredible ski stunt. >> yes, he's only 18 years old but now the first person to ever land a quad cork 1800 on skis.
9:59 pm
of course we all know what that is. >> common. i tried one in college. >> right, right. >> take a look, ragakelly did 5 rotations while dipping his body under his head four times. >> he said he wasn't planning just feeling with it so he went with it. >> do it twice. >> for all of us we'll see you at 11:00 on 7.
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a millionaire real-estate tycoon lives the good life until... his lincoln continental explodes. coombs: part of his windshield ends up in a swimming pool


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