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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 10, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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i felt my knees and started saying our fathers and hail maries. >> this is a tragic event. it's going to take time for our heads and hearts to heal. >> row after row of students mubing calmly before being reunited with their worried families. >> tonight authorities say they know who the gunman is and they're searching his home.
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>> 53-year-old cedric anderson open opened. >> parents rushed to the scene grief stricken as they waited for word. dawn i backs has more. >> coming together to pray for those impacted by the shooting at north park elementary school. >> and today's the day for that. >> the emergency calls coming in just before 10:30 this morning. lines of elementary school students hand in hand being rushed to safety as law enforcement officers surround the building. >> we believe we have the shooter inside.
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>> 53-year-old cedric anderson checked in to visit his wife at the school. >> he was there to drop something off with his wife. >> he went in with a large caliber handgun. before turning the gun on himself. another student, a 9-year-old standing behind a teacher was shot and in stable condition. >> i am told both thewere behine suspect shot his wife. we have no. >> holding hands and -- >> many here -- >> the kids are the innocent ones. >> authorities tell us there were students in the classroom
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at the time of the shooting. 15-year-old girl was last seen tuesday at 7:00 p.m. and they say she's an at-risk juvenile. they're hoping if you see her you'll call 911 immediately. the danger that spring storms have left a mess. even after the storms we're not in the clear from the danger of falling trees. laurie anthony looks at one close call. the calendar may say its spring but the weather says
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otherwi otherwise. several tall yuk lipts trees. nearly missing the people inside, including an infant. and in berkeley another tree toppled over taking out two trees near u.c. berkeley's stadium. they spent the morning cutting oplarge oak lamp that cut several holes in the roof of this house. >> the tree didn't fall over but a big main broke off of this oak. even after the storm stopped, the trees and limbs will likely keep falling. the summertime is even hotter and water is flowing through the trees to the end of the trees. there could be no wind at all. and the branchs will break.
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>> best advice for home owners, don't wait to have trees like this trimmed up long before the hot days of summer. laurie anthony, abc 7 news. >> we have more rain in the forecast this week. >> live doppler 7. drew. >> this will not be the heavy rain like we saw late last week. still rain returns in the forecast. put in the past hour or so. 10,000 feet in the atmosphere. once it crosses over us, a lot of it is not going to reach the crowd. it's a pretty wide swath of moisture. you can see the shape in that storm. that's pretty healthy storm that will move out over us tomorrow. we've seen a healthy amount of rain in the past 10 days. look at that. anywhere from 200 to 400% of normal and more is on the way.
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what we're seeing on our tuesday. it will be a light system. that rainfall probably less than a quarter of an inch. show you this storm and another storm on the heels of this one in the fall accuweather forecast. >> drew, thank you. new details were revealed in a san bernardino murder case. abc 7 news reporter. >> reporter: investigators say david stubble field called his elderly neighbor, then tried to get rid of his body. he appeared in court for the first time today on murder and destruction of efrds charges. the victim, 77-year-old benjamin lived here on the same street as stubblefelled. >> a dispute arose involving the sale of a space heater and during that dispute the
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defendant used a pepper spray and eventually shot the victim in the chest killing him. >> the alleged crime occurred more than a month ago but not untim they reported him missing that they went to his home. >> there was an odor apparent. >> they found his dismembered body. >> he was a very nice old man. >> reporter: he's also charge would being a felon in possession of a firearm. he was previously convicted on drug charges. >> i hope he never sees daylight again because that's horrible. >> he did not want to speak on camera. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. a young engineer was gunned down. was just three doors near
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broadway andpede mont avenue when he was shot and killed last apri april. they want you to take a close look at this car. it's just been released. police believe the car is a late model chevrolet impala and may be connected to the crime. >> i just want those to know who were responsible to look over your shoulder and they're going to find you. >> investigators are also looking for this guy wearing a turquoise jacket. he was nearby when bowl was shot. there's still a thurtd thousand reward being offered in the case. the department 's third shooting this year. >> reporter: tremont police called in a helicopter and called in k9 and it all ended in
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a confrontation. >> they had to return fire. >> reporter: neighbors describe an intense scene that lasted more than an hour. >> we heard four gun shots. i heard a lot of police calling the people coming out because i don't know how many people but he say you come out everything will be okay. >> reporter: east bay regional park police officers called for back up after a traffic stop in the nearby 7/11. fremont officers chased him to back lot of this shopping center. he says one of them spotted a man standing on a u-haul truck in the back lot. at first he raised his hands and then raise -- >> one officer very clearly saw an object in his hand but what all three saw was a muzzle
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flash. >> reporter: two officers returned fire but the incident didn't end for some time. they called in the fire department to see the suspikt's weapon was on the roof of the u-haul or nearby. >> the firearm was near the area where the shooting occurred. >> we were just too close to the place and concerned people might jump into our backyard. >> reporter: this is the third officer-involved shooting in fremont this year. >> you're looking at lot of cash stashed inside of a suitcase uncovered by officers in the east bay. they found $1 million as well as 20 pounds of marijuana on saturday. they found the van filled with pot. the investigation led officers to a storage yunit where they found the cash and marijuana. coming up next the sunken barge in san francisco bay. but does it pose a threat?
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doors kicked in and windows smashed. just some of the damage a flash mob did on rose mar court in the allen rock area. abc 7 news reporter david louie. >> reporter: there's no hiding it. appliances gouged. kitchen cabinet doors ripped out and broken in half. vandals broke down back doors to hold a flash mob party. >> they do something over social media meet at this place at this time and then they just show up and i'm guessing they just party. >> reporter: all this damage was done in 20 minutes, according to neighbors. they knocked out street lights. he's lived here for 20 years. >> it's just the thought process. they don't care. no respect for property. they don't care. a long as it's not my house,
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somebody else's house. >> reporter: she's aware of these break-in parties. >> it's a thing and we should be aware as agents and if you have homes that you know are vacant and you see cars coming in and out, act on it. call the listing age ant. anything you can do is helpful. >> reporter: police say they're not familiar with flash mob parties. >> this is the only time any new building has been done here in quite a long time. >> reporter: and you're hoping this is the last time you see this kind of event? >> of course. tonight the coast guard knows the exact location of a barge that sank on a protective layer of earth. the coast guard took this video and says there's no threat to
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the tube. that went down on friday. he was using it when it became loose with winds and sank. the giants and their fans are optimistic they'll see even year success. >> they got a much needed taste of that success at the home opener. >> reporter: what's that? you caught a 24-hour bug, you called in sicking? we know what's up. confess the real reason. >> because it's opening day. >> reporter: now share the rest about another pilgrimage over the lefty odool bridge. how this day has so much meaning for hard core baseball fans. >> come out with your dad, your family, tradition. >> reporter: that's right. you made plangz to meet at willy
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maze. you brought your ball, your glove. >> that's wlie we're playing right here so they can see tus. >> reporter: maybe you went to a pregame burger at java house that predates the ball park and in the off season philip pap dopilous moves on to the big ball park in the sky. >> he would be hoping for a win and for everyone to have a great time and enjoy the giants. >> reporter: as to the festivities, cast members from hamilton. and amplify the high note. and after a giants win all is well in the local baseball universe. help springs eternal which makes it official. at at&t park wayne freedman abc
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7 news. >> larry will have highlights of the game later in sports. meteorologist here with the forecast. we're seeing our next storm inching ever so closer to us. live doppler 7 showing you above the bay area at this moment we're clear but you see a little bit of green off the coast. that's moisture above the surface that will help prepare the atmosphere for showers. a quiet night. a dry night but dry days have been the exception not the rule. we have broken several records and we're going for a major one this week. the northern sierra is the wettest year on record. we're currently at 87.5 inches thisyear. the wettest ever was 1982/1983 and we'll likely exceed that in
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the next seven days. temperature wise in the 50s and the 60s. 59 san jose. concord, 59 degrees. overnight we will stay dry. a lot of cloud cover building up after midnight. as you go on with your day on tuesday. storm impact scale tomorrow, tuesday, it's a light system. nothing like we experienced with the stronger storms late last week. and those winds turn breezy. so future weather 6:00 in the morning. in the north bay the rain is really going to hold off outside of the north bay until the later afternoon hours. by about 5:00 in the evening showers become more widespread.
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will continue as we approach midnight on wednesday. wednesday nighti in into thursd. 2/3 to a half an inch of wind. so future weather we get you into wednesday. 6:00 starting to rain in the north bay. slide south by 8:00 and enters the south bay closer to the midnight hour behind that initial front. it will be on and off light showers throughout the day. it's not complely a washout. future tracker rainfall shows you over the next three days the highest rainfall totals about a half an inch to 3/4 of an inch of rain. accuweather 7-day forecast. scattered showers on the way for tuesday and outside of the north bay in the evening. it's really the heaviest at
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night. thursday a couple lingering showers. easter sunday right now does feature showers but it would be in the evening. that's good. let's check this out. an unusual sight near australia. >> we'll tell you about what are these for years, centurylink has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪
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we now know what killed the great white shark. it was inhadfected with an unknown pathogen. the distressed young adult male became stranded in a popular surfing spot. several people tried to get it back in the ocean but it kept
9:25 pm
washing back on shore. the whale was first spotted last week with a piece of metal on its head. they hope to find it so p professionals can remove it before it died or disappears. a pair of australian surfers caught it on camera. they're often seen on australian waters. red bell jelly fish sting can be painful but not deadly. by now we've all seen video of a united passenger forcibly being removed from the plane. also we're going to take a look at how the new justice changes the overall makeup of the highest court. >>
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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. a chaotic scene on an over booked united flight in chicago as a man is dragged off screaming. he was one of four people picked by a computer and told to leave. >> reporter: the screams oaffpassengerer being forcibly removed from his seat by police. his head slamming an arm rest. his face bloody as they drag him off the plane. >> it was just no you're going to leave. >> he didn't want to give up his seat. bound from louisville to chicago. >> it seemed very excess sk that was the rout they should go.
9:30 pm
>> reporter: united said they needed a four-person crew to louisville. when no one accepted, four passengers were selected. according to someone on board the still unidentified man claimed he was a doctor and didn't want to give up his seat because he had to see patients. >> one of the initial officers said are you sure you want to go through all of this trouble to keep your seat and he just said i don't think this is right. >> reporter: the united ceo said this is upsetting including reaching out to the passenger directly. for this passenger, this was not flying the friendly skies. you can deny the voucher and asked to be paid back for any extra costs and take that airline to courts. the officer involved in this incident has been put on leave.
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abc news, washington. now we have nine. the supreme court is back to full staff after neil gorsuch was sworn in. >> i'm humbled by the trust placed to me today. and i will never forget to whom much is given much will be accepted. >> they used the so-called nuclear option. he's the youngest justice at age 49. there is new fallout tonight after the u.s. air strikes in syria. some foreign leaders are expressing support. abc senior white house correspondent is in washington. >> reporter: president trump picking up the phone to congratulate the commanding
9:32 pm
officers. but from the look of these images on russian-state tv that air base is back in business, planes taking off once again. tonight new accusations russia was well aware of assad's chemical weapons stock pile. >> they were operating from exactly the same base. >> reporter: as the white house seems to shift its red line on syria saying it's not just the use of chemical weapons that would provoke an american response. is conventional warfare enough to get the president to go further than this white house as the gone before? >> the answer is if you gas a baby, put a barrel bomb to innocent people you will see a response from this president. >> reporter: but assad has frequently used barrel bombs
9:33 pm
against his own people. nearly 13 tho,000 last year alo. spicer's statement not the only mixed message. top officials devited on whether assad should stay or go. rex tiller san saying it's up to the syrian people >> we believe they'll ultimately be able to decide the fate of assad. >> nikki haley all but advocating for a regime change. sglits r going to be hard to see a government peaceful and stable with assad. >> how far is the president willing to go to see assad out of power there? >> to be clear you can't imagine a peaceful and stable syria with assad in charge. >> reporter: a joint statement accusing the u.s. of crossing a
9:34 pm
redline warning from now on we will including anyone it if they cause the red line. as exxon ceo once shared puding with putin. saying quote this is not a shift in u.s. policy. they say nothing has changed. in fact, going after the assad regime for the use of barrel bombs would basically mean the u.s. is attacking syria for something that happens much more so than the use of chemical warfa warfare. a major announcement from the alabama state house. governor robert bentley resigned. the governor pfsh accused of abusing his office to hide a romance with a top aid.
9:35 pm
his alleged mistress, rebecca mason, is a campaign consultant 30 years his junior. >> federal investigators say the former head of yosemite national park belittling employees many of them women. stupid, bozo and lazy. he retired last fall after allegations surfaced. he denied doing so. a big announcement from wells fargo. they're now taking back another $75 million from two former top executives for their roles in the authorized account fiasco. the board says he was too slow in investigating the bank's sales tactics.
9:36 pm
and took 47 million from the former bank chief for refusing to change the model. wells fargo admitted -- today the banks stock dipped slightly. well, sfo can now record the license plate information of anyone who parks at the airport including travellers and people picking up friends and relatives. the airport can keep the information for more than four years. they voted last month on a new policy that allows 70 employees access to the data base. but sfo has information to release that to the local law enforcement and the fbi. the proposed fee that could
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uc students aren't fond of tuition increases. >> the most talked about is the big c referendum. how it would benefit students. >> reporter: students at cal have been introduced to a referendum called the big c. not to be confuse would the giant concrete block over looking the campus. this "c" refers to community. they're being asked to help fund seven centers that help minority and students groups. >> they're running under capacity and have been since they started. >> reporter: they're asking
9:41 pm
students to pay $29 per sim ester to hire more people. >> it's always a difficult thing when you're being asked about paying extra tuition especially when all the referendums want to do that. >> reporter: so far it appears the referendum may have the support it needs to pass. >> as someone who comes from a marginalized background and identity i understand why this is so important for us to uplift those most marginalized. >> reporter: one in four students at cal said they experience exclusion. she says these spaces offer her a place to gain confidence. >> it's not just about academic retention but about building similar bonds to people who may relate to you. >> at u.c. berkeley, abc 7,
9:42 pm
news. meteorologist drew tuma is up
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now get 20% off msrp cash allowance on select 2017 dodge charger models in dealer stock. you got to see this. lloyd caughtson had just returned to a parking lot after whale watching when he noticed dirt sliding off a hill side. so he turned on his camera. moments later rocks and debris fell and just a cloud of dust. he said that might by better than getting a pick cture of a whale. no one was injured. many young reporters dream of winning a pulitzer prize. >> as jonathan bloom explained,
9:46 pm
it is a bitter sweet victory for for their coverage of a tragedy. >> reporter: the hugs and champagne followed this moment of disbrief as they learned they'd just wan rr the pulitzer price for braking news. >> something good born out of something terrible. >> if you go back and look historically, it's always based on a tragedy. >> you knew someone who died in the fire or knew someone who knew someone who died in the fire. >> a source called me and said there had been this fire and it was going to be pretty bad. >> reporter: reporters talked to the fire chief at a nearby parking lot and. >> and i remember asking how many people do you think were in the building and she told me
9:47 pm
dozens. >> reporter: claiming 36 lives. >> it's a hairable, hairable thing that happened and i think we all felt competted to the get to the bottom if. >> we're still writing stories about that fire and we'll be writing more. >> two news paper merged into one with a smaller staff and our name. >> it's harder to do the work with less people. >> but those who remain made their form editor proud. >> they care about the not to and put the east bay times on the map. in oakland, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. they're waving park fees
9:48 pm
this weekend monopoly they're celebrating its 100 anniversary. it includes yosemite which is normally $30 if you're driving a car. >> well worth it if you have not been. >> drew. we're track at least the return of showers starting in the north bay and sinking south throughout the day. you do notice green on the screen. that's about 10,000 plus feet in the atmosphere. we have to at that before the rain reaches the ground and likely first drops will occur. so light system coming our way tuesday. rain potential low. less than a quarter of an inch. hoir by hour we have fuchber weather tuesday. and that's where they'll stay
9:49 pm
for the next half was tumler and that continues through midnight. futurer track ever wind gusts show you you tuesday 92 tuesday. but hopefully they will not be damaging wind. alaupg the coast likely around thurtd miles per hour. tomorrow we have scattered showers. the heaviest rain overnight to thursday. ear hires monday. well, the u.s. is teaming up, yes, with canada and mexico to bring the 2026 world cups.
9:50 pm
and it was announced this morning in new york. 60 games will be hosted by the u.s. and so far no one elsh hads emerged. well, the warriors are in action tonight. >> here with the scoop. >> the warriors kwetding ready for the post seengz. i want to show you this is the way you attack the rim. this
9:51 pm
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. with two games left, all the intrigue was seeing kevin durant on the court with steph curry for the first time in weeks. no klay thompson. he got the night off. guys resting for the post season. between the legs to steph who hits the jumper and kevin durant
9:54 pm
with a pretty bounce pass on the move to draymond. look for ball emboy who can dunk. steph hit five threes, finished with 28 points. third quarter. rudy golbert. durant not hitting threes but will attack the rim like it owes it money. and that tied it at 69. durant not done. let's see how his knee looks. 16 points in 32 minutes. warriors played their subs in crunch times and the jazz needed this win and they got it. game just went final. the giants came home to the bay area. a glorious day at at&t park.
9:55 pm
bigger concerns about buster posey because he got hurt. he is amazing crafting an image of willy mayes in just minutes. look out because taiwan walker just hit buster posey 94 miles per hour in the helmet. posey was woozy. giants not playing around. done. fourth inning, bases loaded for matt moore. joe panik scores and jeff mathis's score back. that's your t-ball special. moore, he was sfraung. allowed a run on three hits. and buster says he's fine. no symptoms.
9:56 pm
here's the skipper on why buster was taken out. >> he was hit in the head and he's a catcher. so now he's even more at risk. takeads foul tip and that puts him at even more risk. we didn't want to risk that. >> he's like i feel fine right after and checked on him a couple times throughout the game. it's definitely nice to know that he's doing well so far. >> is that the way they scored it? once i tloon bag i went into panic mode because i wasn't sure how far the ball needed to be to reach it. . i was praebably back and forth and that was fun.
9:57 pm
>> that was wild. a's and royals in kansas's home opener. one we into the regular season he's got four. caring and caring and gone off ian kennedy. and that's all the run support cotton brought. two hits, struck out six. brandon moss, one of his former victims. up against the chin closing in the ninth. moss gets struck out again and the a's win it by a score of 2-0. and the nfl is finding players that took part in an arm wrestling event over the weekend because it was held in a casino. they were among those fined. the nfl just authorized moving the raiders to a city defined by casinos and gambling. you think no players are ever
9:58 pm
going to be invited to casinos for events? it's laughable. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. i think players might be in casinos. >> coming up tonight on abc 7, new elementary school teacher after a gunman opens fire. and an illegal massage parlor busted on the peninsula. the criminal activity police say was happening inside this house. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. a man tackled a deer and has the video to prove it. >> he asked a nearby inn for the surveillance video. >> can you imagine? he wasn't lying. seeing the highlights here.
9:59 pm
he didn't let anyone or anything get in his way. the cook is an aspiring actor and plans to write a song about the whole thing. >> nice form. tackle right there. >> the deer really pushed through. >> thanks for joining us. . >> we appreciate your time.
10:00 pm
(narrator reading) narrator: today, ladies of the night, murdered along the dark seedy streets of an english town. the man brushes away some of the dirt, and he's taken back to find the female corpse. it appears she suffocated, and a bruise on the back of her knees seems to indicate


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