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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 16, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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used to that sunshine yet. many of us woke up to wet weather and it stayed with us. a live look at our roof cam, it is starting to let up, but not for long. >> yeah, there was a fair amount
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of cloud cover out there. i'll show you where they are right now. i want to get you right to the street level. you see the light showers out there, that is where the action is really contained. there is a scattering of sprinkles. on the storm impact scale, light showers, the winds will not add up to much, but don't get used to the light showers because we're tracking another storm set to bring more rain to the region. we'll detail that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> you can enable push alerts to get notifications sent to your phone or tab let. >> a mother and daughter are reunited with their loved ones
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stolen ashes tonight. someone broke into their renter car and took them today. >> there is no words to describe the joy and the overwhelming love i have in my heart for having him back with us. >> julia is clucking her father's ashes after losing him a secon time. wednesday julia and her mom were mary, arrived in san francisco, one of joe's favorite cities, to spread his ashes. by the time they parked in the wharf, someone broke into their trunk stealing a wallet, a suitcase, and his remains. they called police. dispatchers told them to fill out an online report even after they explained what was stolen. they then called reporters. after we contacted sfpd on
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thursday, officers met with the women to conduct a thorough investigation. saturday julia says they received the call. >> they told us that someone turned him in to one of the under cover officers. >> the family is deeply grateful and thankful. >> in the future if someone calls with a situation like this, i wish they would listen a little more intentatively. >> julia says she never lost faith in love. >> you can call it what you want, the universe, fate, god, but it's a powerful force. >> she believes her father found his way back to them. in san francisco, abc 7 news. a mass i have manhunt is under way in ohio for a man that reportedly shot another man to death on facebook live this morning. steve stevens is considered
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armed and incrediblydangerous. he has been urged to surrender and not hurt anyone else. >> whatever problems and concerns he is having, we want to have a conversation with him. >> he also claims to have killed other people. his facebook page has since been deactivated and tonight fbi agents are joining local police in looking for steven. police now say they arrested 23 people at yesterday's trump raleigh in berkeley. 11 people were hurt. officers had little success controlling the crowd. a young woman died after falling from a balcony just blocked from cal's campus. the 21-year-old woman from elk grove likely fell from a third story balcony. she was breathing but
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unconscious when first respo responders got there. she is a student at cal, she is in a sorority, and police say it seemed to be an accident but they are investigating. fans at oracle saw a performance. sergio cantana has the story. >> game one means fans are here from all over the place. this guy lives in seattle. >> what do your friends think of this? >> they already know i'm insane because there is no -- >> he and his family got the vip treatment before the game started. >> you have been on courtside before, right? >> no.
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he was diagnosed tobone cancer, they profiled him and the surgical surgery he got called rotation plasity. >> the amazing thing is the muscles of the calf that become the front muscles of the thigh become in tune. >> the warrior organization has taken a special interest in chris. he got to watch his favorite player were steph curry, warm up before the game, but they met a couple years ago. >> i met a pack tis in 2003, and steph curry gave me his jersey that he wore to the practice. >> this was a treat for the whole family. >> we were going through a difficult time and it is a happy day to be here.
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>> i think the warriors will win. >>. >> hugh will have highlights and reaction coming up from the game. u.s. lawmakers and the president look to china for a solution and a happy (vo) new tidy cats lightweight 4-in-1 fights mess right. attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that.
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president trump is spending easter at his mar-a-lago estate. as the suspect is now in south korea for a 10-day asian tour. david wright has the story from palm beach, florida. president trump attended
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church in palm beach. his vice president thousands of miles away at a service in south korea. just hours earlier, north korea's new missile launch failed. they say it blew up almost immediately after lifting off. >> we should not be gloating about a failed launch. it shows they have a determination to perfect a long-range missile. >> presidevice president trump addressed troops. >> this provocation is a reminder of the risks that each one of you face every day. >> we were granted access to a u.s. defense se. >> we don't know when that call is going to come. >> our own martha raditz got a
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look. lawmakers in washington are looking for a diplomatic solution. >> they can stop this, if they want to, because of the north korea economy. >> they are they are the only ally that north korea has. >> president trump seems to agree saying why would i call china a currency manipulator when they're working with us on the north korea problem. for now the u.s. is not expected to respond militarily unless there is another serious -- >> making the easter weekend count. -- >> we will check out an easter peninsula that is a hit on the
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peninsula, but it won't be gone for long. >> giving the warriors all you can
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25 dogs are going to new homes. they were under the care of tri-valley animal rescue. so are moving as far as oregon and idaho. they had fun with the dogs posing them for easter photos. >> people in the bay area woke up early this morning to celebrate easter sunday. thousands partook in the easter feast. people joined the sunrise
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celebration, breakfast, and a fried checken lunch, put together by volunteers. cloudy skies and rain did not stop families from taking part in an easter egg hunt. the check cool of california invited the whole community out for the event. making competition for parents able to show off their skills. >> now your accuweather forecast. >> still tracking a few light showers out there, and then another storm will quickly move in on the heels of tonight. we had downpours midday, and now to more that are light and scattered in nature. just in the north at napa as well. around point reyes, showertivity. just to the north of fremont.
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a live look from the tower showing you the beautiful lights of city haul. for that camera it is bouncing around this hour. we're dealing with a wind all day and the wind continues to . out of the south, it has been gusting along the coast. 14 at sfo, 14 in oakland. the wind is with us tonight overnight as well. kept our numbers down today. that is where we sit at this hour right now. 57 in san francisco with that breeze. 50 was the number in fair field. any showers we have right now will quickly diminish. storm morning a dry forecast, but we're stuck with a lot of levelover. not a very bright thing. the showers ending around minute. your starting in your opinions
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on your monday. here is our current storm. that is getting out of here, and there is our next storm system already approaching from the west. a lot of cloud cover first thing, there will not be showers, but the roads will be damp from tonight's rain. by 7:00, that's when we expect more showers to develop. so on the storm impact scale, monday night to tuesday morning, light showers return to the forecast. very minimal rainfall. the winds will still be with us at times. future weather as we go hour by hour midday on monday, a lot of cloud cover. here comes the first drops, but the storm really gets it's act together early tuesday morning. that's when youee more in the way of showers, perhaps an
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isolated shower for the tuesday morning commute, but this shower is a quick mover. and the seven-day forecast will show you much of tomorrow is a lot of cloud cover, and showers arrive after sunset, and it is really tuesday morning we have rain turning to sunshine. after that, temperatures respond quickly jumping above normal finally for this time of year. >> are you sure that is rain and not teared from somebody that can't play golf on thursday? >> don't tell them. >> trying to cry on cue there. first round is where you usually see the most upsets, by they rally behind kd and they got
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kevin durant for this reason. 11 points in the first, the drive, throws it down, then he hits the three, 32 points, ten boards on the day. the backcourt is unstoppable. 48 of the team's points. lillard at 34, the game was tied at 5 of at the half. the third quarter, 22 lead changes, a little scoop to the hoop. curry finished with a great game for draymond. heating up in the forest. going to put it up and in. warriors, game one, 121-109 the final. >> when they got it going and they were hitting tough shots in the first half, some of them you
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just have to live with. they were just able to finish. over the course of 68, the chargers wear them down. >> i felt great. knocked down some shots, and you know, i feel great. >> that is the weak side. >> but at the rim, it is manyman. to wake that battle is a different type of emotion. >> keeping us on our toes. everybody can play. >> being an eight seed is different from the one seed. we know how good they are, we know they will let it fly and we have to be ready. >> we'll have to make that pass more often and commend on guys more often to allow them to have the success to we can actuallyly beat them.
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>> the series is tied at one a piece. first action of the series. ricky enderson bringing out the team. san jose, 13 shots in the first period, but again, turning them away. marvin jones, stays in the area, touched by three other sharks before coming back to the ice. jones made yet another save. calvin makes a save, braun scoreless after two. intercepted by zack, he scores the first goal of the game. right now 1-0 still in the third. all right, the a's and astros post pointed
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postponed by rain. jeff sa mmarja into some empty bleachers. bottom of the first, the giants come right back to tie it up. looked like it might be back and forth. a man on third. bruce falls to 4-7 on his birthday as giant's manager. coming up at 11:00 p.m. on abc 7, more for the sharks and the ducks. hope to see you thing. the fast and
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tonight at 11:00, a truck goes missing from a nonprofit in the east bay. have you seen it? and we have the latest on the rising tensions along the korean peninsula, vice president pence made an unannounced visit to the demilitarized zone. the new "fast and furious" mo movie has the largest opening of all time. "the fate of the furious" earned more than $522 million in the %-p" they took in $190 million in china, a record for that country. they earned about $100 million me here in the u.s. i have to get my agent to get me
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in one of those movies so i can make bank. >> that is it for the abc 7 news at nine. our next newscast is at 11:00 on channel 7. the three of us will see you there.
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- [announcer] it's the michelle meow show, your a to z covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between. (cheerful techno music) here's michelle meow. - welcome to the michelle meow show! your a through z covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between show. tonight, we have two great interviews from two great people who do so much for the lgbtq community right here in san francisco. we'll speak to dr. marcy adelman, who's one of the co-founders of openhouse, a resource organization for lgbtq seniors. she'll talk about a new development, strictly, well, i shouldn't say strictly, but inclusive of lgbtq seniors, and affordable housing. we'll also speak to ed decker, who's the artistic director of the new conservatory theatre center, about a new program that he has, right now, that's playing at the theater, and we should all go see. it's called "everything that's beautiful."


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