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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 5, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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36 lives lost in the ghost ship fire and two men face charms for the deaths. tonight one of those men is back in the bay area. this new mug shot taken after he was booked into the alameda county jail. >> the alameda county da said they knowingly create ead fire trap. >> they face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. neighbor who is saw officers arrest him tipped off the i team. >> we shot the only video from inside the courtroom as he faced a judge for the first time. >> the 47-year-old fought returning to face 36 counts of
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involuntary manslaughter that could get him 39 years in prison in connection with the ghost ship fire. >> an arrest warrant for you. >> he insisted on appearing in court to have the charges read. >> alameda county law enforcement should be here to pick you up within the time frame. >> no attorney. no family members. no friends came to support him. people in this quiet upper lake neighborhood tipped me to the arrest sending this photo of the fbi and da investigators. >> i heard pounding on what i thought was the wall. i heard open up and shouting. >> they looked like they were ready for a fight. they were armored up and tacked out and assault weapons. >> they told me that they moved here about three months ago and set up a normal routine. >> we see them every morning. she takes the kids to school. >> just a normal lifestyle.
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>> yeah. >> neighbors were concerned he appeared to be gathering more material that could pose a fire hazard. >> after we realized who they were, we didn't want a lot of debris around the building or causing safety for us. >> you thought about that? >> yes. >> i knocked at the couple's home and a man who said he was a family friend answered. >> it could hang for another two years. >> he complained about the decision to not prosecute the owner. >> there is a lot of culpability. personally. even in the newspaper article obviously they have evidence that the owners of the warehouse didn't repair things. >> he is being held on $1,80,000
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bond. >> they will give breaking news on your mobile device immediately. san francisco police are look for two adults abandoning a child by the side of the road after 6:00 on the great highway near the city zoo, of course. medics witnessed what happened and notified police. the child was not hurt. the adults drove away, possibly with another child inside the car. >> sky 7 flew over a fire in orin orinda. it broke out around 1:00. drivers faced delays until just after 6:00 because emergency vehicles blocked three westbound lanes on 24. the burning car sparked the 25 acre wildfire. >> new at 11:00, a map where a san jose woman died in a freak golf cart next calaveras county. debra was killed friday when she
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landed on sharts of two broken wine glasses she was holding while riding in the cart. they arrested the cart's driver and suspect he was drunk. >> a jury decided the fate of a killer, but the end of the sentencing phase is not necessarily the end of the case. they are expected to file a motion for a new trial. katie is live at the courthouse with what happens now. katie? >> the jury recommended a sentence of life without parole. he will never face the death penalty, but he could get a new trial. >> he gets to live his life and sierra doesn't. his family doesn't grieve and we do for the rest of our lives. >> they are disappointed torres has been spared the death penalty. >> i feel at peace he will not be on the streets and harm another child, but the angst will be in our lives forever.
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>> this legal analyst expects the defense will file a motion for a new trial based on the fact that they were found to have provided false testimony in another murder trial. >> it's an uphill battle. if they are successful, the question is if there is a new trial, can it be held in santa clara county. >> if there is a new trial, garcia torres would not face the death penalty again. 15-year-old sierra disappeared in morgan hill five years ago and her body has never been found. they conducted 1200 searches and they said they followed the trial closely looking for new clues. >> the ground and the dirt and the plant material on the clothes and how that might matchup with certain regions. >> he said they will continue to search for sierra.
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in san jose, abc 7 news. >> a study out of stanford said they speak less respectfully to people who are african-american. they study body cam video to come up with their conclusions. they found officers were more likely to use sir, ma'am, and please when dealing with white motorists. with black motorists, they used my man, the driver's first name and told them to keep their hands on the wheel. >> san francisco could save millions by using employees out of the aging hall of justice. employees there deal with sewage leaks and rodent infestations. the building contains asbestos. a report finds san francisco could save $95 million over 10 years by renting office space for various agencies elsewhere. michelle obama will address
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apple's conference in san jose tomorrow and that follows a day of wows from attendees over aple's new gadgets today. >> it is absolutely beautiful and we call it home pod. >> apple introduced a new smart speaker, a voice activated device that used siree. they disclosed apple pay can send money to friends. >> san francisco wants uber and lyft to be more transparent. they issued subpoenas demanding that the two companies hand over data on their business practices. abc 7's reporter told us what the city is looking for. >> right share is a part of city living, some find it a nuisance. >> there is too many on the road. >> that's my biggest complaint. the double-parking in the bike lanes. >> the city attorney is
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demanding that both lyft and uber provide data on driver practices and answer questions on discrimination, disability access, and public safety. in a statement, that office made clear the city attorney aims to ensure that the two companies's estimated 45,000 vehicles in san francisco comply with local and state laws. the supervisor welcomed the investigation. >> we don't know if the drivers are following the law or following the law to pick up individuals with disabilities and they are providing cars that are ada compliant. we expect these are any company. >> kim is proposing an additional per ride fee to pay for public transit infrastructure and road improvement. uber said they were happy to work with the city and lyft said we also have a track record of working with policy maker who is regulate us. the city attorney is concerned about the drivers who commute from sacramento and fresno and
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los angeles to provide service here. the fatigued drivers are not only a threat to themselves, but san francisco pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers. the city attorney is now requesting four years of records including miles and hours long to buy drivers. in san francisco, abc 7 news. a thief targets one of the largest "star wars" collections in the bay area. the fight to get back rare memorability worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> an arrest after a classified document about russia's interference in the election shows up online. >> how google's street view has cars driving all over the east bay could help with pollution. >> we are a couple of weeks away from summer and live doppler is tracking the possibility of showers. we will take a closer look coming up. >> all of that is ahead. here's a look at what's coming up jimmy kimmel live. jimmy? >> thanks. here's what someone paid us to
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do tonight.
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a 25-year-old federal contractor from georgia is changed with mailing classified materials to a news outlet. reality winner appeared in federal court and the material on the media outlet the intercept has a russian cyber attack on software supplier in 2016. it is being criticized for not protecting its source. this thursday former director
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james comey investigating russia's ties when he was fired will testify before the senate intelligence committee. we will provide live coverage on thursday morning. it is expected to start at 7:00 a.m. our time. >> some of google's cars show how air pollution varies along the same block. abc 7 was there as they showed off maps of oakland. the areas of orange, yellow and red indicate places with the most pollution like near freeways. they had google's street view to an lice air camps. >> the largest collection is right here in the bay area and tonight the man who owns that collection is urging all of us to keep an eye out and not by a random chief. even the stars of "star wars" have something to say about
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this. we have the story from petaluma. on a property not far away is the largest collection. steve began his labor of love 40 years ago. >> it was bringing home a piece of the movie. i didn't mean to have the world's largest collection. it just happened. >> 120 pieces to be exact worth $200,000. they arrested his long time friend who came to their attention after they suspected he was selling stolen goods. someone that stayed with us and someone that we shared males with would do something like that. >> there do you prefer sanning
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solo with the small or the big head? they had a wibd up r 2 d 2 and in a tweet, mark hamill suggested that the list be published for the community. he plans to doing just that and hopes that some of the items will be recovered. >> a lot is up in the air, but we have faith in the force. >> abc 7 news. >> that's a collection. the warriors are in cleveland preparing for game three of the nba finals. >> they're took off this afternoon and kevin durant, the front runner for mvp is one of the first to board. they need just two wins to bring home the title. >> game three starts wednesday at 5:30 here on abc 7. be sure to join us with spores director larry biel for the
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pregame show. larry will be in the studio and shoe will be live in cleveland. tip off is at 6:00. you can watch all the finals games only on abc 7. tune in on wednesday. >> we want to check on the weather. >> we are watching closely. >> we are going go from cooler to the possibility of rain. i want to show you a beautiful time lapse from the east bay hills camera. the sun went down at 8:29 and this is one of the time lapses that belongs on a postcard. it was so beautiful. we are expecting a nice day, but what you will see is changes. it will include fog and also include a cool down in terms of weather. it will start out in the low 60s dropping to the upper 50s. you will need a jacket if you
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are going to the a's game. a live look right now from the abc 7 news exploratorium camera. the visibility looks fine. it doesn't look that way everywhere. we are tracking with live doppler 7 some fog near the coastline where visibility dropped to four miles. do watch out for the morning commute. tomorrow you will need extra time if your commute takes you through san francisco. temperatures are in the 50s along the coast where it's cool, but mild inland. 60s and 70s right now. a live look from the tower cam, you see the fog there over parts of san francisco. it will make its way across. morning fog and sunny and mild tomorrow afternoon. with a cooling trend and as chance of showers on thursday. you are thinking june showers?
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santa rows a 24/100s of an inch of rain. that's where we see the best possibility of rain. the north bay. upper 40s to upper 50s and you will neat a light jacket. for the afternoon, low 60s. we will hang on to fog. the storm impact for thursday, a light system. it's a one. a chance of light showers and the best chance about a tenth to 2/10 of an inch. this is why you need the app. you can keep track of where that rain is headed. 7:00 a.m. thursday morning. and the north bay has that chance of seeing red roadways. there is a possibility that the rain will shift so stay tuned.
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even though it will be mild, at least away from the coast, temperatures are dropping. today was the warmest day of the next few. we are going downhill. a chance of showers and temperatures only in the 70s. it will bring back the 90s that we saw today. >> some unusual burglars around colorado
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this is no circus bear train on a piano. yeah. the large bear broke into a home in colorado. a nice tune. >> a minor cord. >> jamming on the keyboard before taking off.
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it wasn't the only bear invasion in colorado. this picture was from a vehicle break in. the bear got stuck in the back seat. they freed him and put him back in the woods. all this food just waiting for me. >> i like the bear playing the piano. >> there is baseball going on. the giants and
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it has not been a good year for the giants. tonight the shark turned in one of the best outings for the season. home of the famous sausage race. after falling behind, san francisco tied the contest as eduardo nunez connects for a solo home run. the fourth of the season. settling down after a shaky first and struck out 10 after the innings. he did not walk a batter. he comes through with a pitch it. buster posey and crawfort both
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score, but the throw is in time. it wouldn't matter as they tacked on two more and win 7-2. the record is 2-7. over at the coliseum and opened the series with toronto. the fifth win allowed two runs over six innings and struck out seven. ryan healey provided all the runs for oakland by hitting a pair of home runs and a three-run blast and two-run shot in the fourth. a's win 5-3. in nashville, carrie underwood to support her husband. down 1-0 in the first. they tie it up in the sydney cross bee break away with the backhand. nashville regained in the second. upon further review, the puck crossed the line. 10 minutes later, the predators
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strike again. on the break away this time, nashville wins 4-1 and evens the stanley cup final at 2-2. >> resuming on wednesday with game 3 n cleveland. the cavaliers find themselves in a 2-0 hole. can they turn the series around. >> as much as the comparison will join, there is no comparison from going back home. it's a different series from the third year we are playing. going back home, still have to stay the course. >> the niners signed the past rusher to a two-year deal. the-time pro-bowler spent four seasons with baltimore and he had 17 sacs, but missed half of last season with foot problems. this abc 7 sports report has been brought


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