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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 21, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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. live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." >> now at 11:00, dangerous heat turns deadly. >> with heat comes the fire danger. firefighters on alert tonight. >> now, sunset brought us some relief, but tomorrow even hotter temperatures are in the accuweather forecast. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. >> today was the first full day of summer and certainly going to feel like -- >> let's look at the doppler. here is why it will be cooking
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toll. you will notice along the coast pretty mild, 60s. a few 70s showing up. and when you will finally get a break. dan and ama. >> thank you, sandhya. >> the heat has turned deadly. santa clara county confirmed two people died this week from heat-related illness. >> "abc 7 news" reporter katie marzullo live. >> reporter: the temperature here in santa clara reads 78 degrees right now.
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it is certainly more comfortable than it has been during the day. in fact, those daytime highs incredibly dangerous right now, ant santa clara county is doing what it can to try to bring people in out of that deadly heat. >> and two heat-related deaths confirmed in santa clara county. >> that's the emergency alert sent out by santa clara county. the victims are a 72-year-old man and an 87-year-old woman. one died in a car and was homeless. >> both individuals died of what is called hyperthermia, meaning their boldy temperature went very high. >> reporter: their elderly are among the most vulnerable. bruce southwick has multiple sclarosis. >> my symptoms -- >> reporter: bruce was taking advantage of the cooling center established at the library in san jose. >> it is cooler than outside, i'll put it that way. >> reporter: libraries, senior centers and others in the county.
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staying open. >> it is very revealing. >> somebody familiar with the situation said that they're -- they're trying to shut me up. >> that was part of a july 2016 interview jasmine abuselin had
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with the abc 7 i team. a report issued by court-appointed investigators confirm her previous statements. we know after allegations surfaced officers had exploited her. oakland pd closed its investigation after just one week. abuselin was interviewed only once. during the initial probe an internal affairs investigator used a derogatory name for the teenager caller hinge a who and one witness said a former police chief was not interested in the case calling it bs. >> the investigation from what the report suggests was never designed to get at the truth of what happened. >> reporter: today's oakland new police chief ann kirkpatrick says she dsn't see it as a setback for her department. >> a commitment on our part to view and to treat all victims with care and attention. >> reporter: the report mentions that they brought in a private
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investigator, but months later the investigation was put on hold and delayed. >> those months we were very focused on the ghost ship fire recovery as well as on boarding our new police chief who is the most important part of addressing the concerns raised in this report. >> reporter: the report also highlights a series of recommendations for the police department. the new chief said she is committed to implementing all of them. >> a family is making big plans for when a little boy returns home after having double lung transplant. his big sister had the same life saving surgery three years ago.
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"abc 7 news" was at stanford where they met with one of the doctors. both siblings needed lung transplants because of systic fibrosis. 11-year-old doris had her surgery in 2014 and 9-year-old david continues to recover after getting his new lungs three months ago. >> how do you feel today? >> better than i used to. thank you to the doctors and for everyone that has helped us get through this. >> they have done remarkably well with their transplants. >> surgeons at stanford tell us pediatric lung transplants were very rare. less than 50 were performed worldwide last year. ♪
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>> the alameda county district attorney's office wants parents to ask an important but important question when kids go on play dates. >> is there a gun in that home and is that gun locked up. >> the public awareness campaign aims to stop accidental shootings in homes where guns are not properly stored. the government estimates that eight children are shot every day in gun accidents. joining the lock-it-up campaign is a father whose son was accidentally killed at a friend's house. >> he took the gun back to the bedroom where my son was, walked in the door and pulled the trigger, expecting to hear just a click. the bullet that was still hidden in the chamber of the gun went through his heart. >> here is why it is important to ask that question. a government report estimates one in three homes with children has a gun.
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>> a police officer in michigan as an active -- zbll warriors center magee has been on television a lot but never a shot quite like this. "abc 7 news" reporter jonathan bloom takes you to the studios of the show at children's hospital oakland, a story you will see only on "abc 7 news" tonight. >> reporter: in a hospital bit just for kids -- >> how high you figure the ceiling is in this thing? >> seven foot. >> reporter: even the elevators ae not big enough for magee. >> i'm from the golden state
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nuggets. -- golden state plus peace, love and plenty of tie dye, party in the park to celebrate the summer of love's 50th anniversary. tomorrow is expected to be the hottest day of the week, sandhya patel back with the hour by hour forecast. >> first a look at "jimmy kimmel live" after abc7 news at 11:00. >> thanks dan & ama, this gentleman is a volunteer firefighter and your name
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kind of odd picture to shair with you tonight. in the middle of heat, high tide is flooding the manzanita parking lot in the valley. parking lot closed and down and roadway also flooded. motor cyclist facing charges for
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driving through protesters. captures whole thing. watch. people rallying against president trump's health care plan when this happened. protester shared the video. no one hurt but number of people startled. this man stopped and arrested as he drove toward the group a second time. record high enrollment at south bay university has left the school with housing crisis. san jose state university, more than 5,000 students expected to enroll. more than officials planned for and doesn't have enough dorm space. mother of incoming freshman says forced to look off campus. >> would have committed to where we knew she would have guaranteed housing. big issue for us. >> more than 1,400 students on waiting list for campus housing.
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flower children who lived through the summer of love returned to golden gate park. >> party with peace, love and nostalgia. katie with the story. >> reporter: ama, flower power in full force tonight. cleaning up from light show, you can see leftovers here as folks packed golden gate park for a free concert and watch illumination of the conserver toia flowers. >> crowds looking fantastic. >> reporter: brought people together on the anniversary of summer of love. >> welcoming people back to golden gate park to create a connection between the past and present. >> interested in the haig haight-ashbury because i grew up in marin, peace marches when i was 14. >> reporter: wasn't alone. 100,000 young people converged on san francisco in 1967. flower children, hippies,
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counterculture. ♪ >> reporter: many opposed the vietnam war like junior. >> draft dodger for five years, finally caught me. prison. >> reporter: some say the summer of love never ended. >> still happening. just dig deeper. >> saw fantastic elders still holding the torch and guiding young people to keep an eye on those priorities. >> reporter: not all priorities were pure. >> what do you miss most? >> acid. >> reporter: tonight park provided a saver trip. >> three, two, one. >> light show projected on the conservatory of flowers. katie utehs, abc7 news. >> ama has a closet of tie dye. >> who doesn't. >> nice day but warm out there.
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meteorologist sandhya patel is here. >> one more day of sizzling weather and then finally a much-deserved break. temperatures for tomorrow. livermore at 70 degrees and notice how quickly rise. up to 106 degrees and heat will hang around through the evening hours. not going to get much of a break tomorrow afternoon. live picture from the east bay hills camera. notice the visibility. terrific as you look clearly across the bay there. fog not in the picture, don't have clouds right now. live doppler 7, you have to go towards monterey to get the fog now. temperatures 70s, 80s inland. feels like summer night. 50s near the coast. and live picture, beautiful view of the bay lights across the bay sparkling. heat peaks tomorrow. records possible. relief arrives beginning friday
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and cooling continues weekend. time lapse from santa cruz, inviting with the fog. this afternoon. really looking for a way to beat the heat, this would be a good place to go. check out microclimates, beach forecast, santa cruz, 79 dreerksz n degrees, not triple digit heat. all the beaches will be comfortable. kids out of school good time to go to beach if you have day off. tomorrow morning low 50s to low 70s, nice start to the morning. don't have to worry about layers. fire danger you should be concerned about. winds overnight increasing, tomorrow morning, north-northeasterly wind dry ing this things out. and easing towards weekend.
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triple digits gilroy, morgan hill. san jose. red wood city, mountain view. 67 in pacifica. warmer today. triple digits around santa rosa sonoma, 95 fremont. good idea to download the accuweather app to see the hour by hour and minute by minute forecast and get alerts if issued. 106 in livermore, 105 in walnut creek. excessive heat warning, repeating from earlier tonight. can't repeat it enough. inland, north bay, east bay, santa cruz mountains under that warning. find shade, stay cool and check on elderly and pets. rest of you, moderate but poor. keep that in mind. accuweather seven-day forecast.
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triple digits inland tomorrow, to the 90s friday. feel better than what we're dealing with. weekend with pride celebrations, low 90s inland and lower coast. early next week, drop you to low to mid-80s inland, 50s coast side. feel better next week. >> thanks sandhya. nothing like a game
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kids that can't easily get out in the world right now got a chance to meet a world champion today. >> we had a caller just call in to say they love your smile. >> thank you. >> ahh. >> great smile right?
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he put smiles on the kids' faces at children's hospital in oakland. javale mcgee stopped in, asked about his cap, and cat and. >> i think you played basketball not softball. >> true. this is for charity. build water wheels in uganda. >> hosting a tournament at coliseum. marshon and rapper prepared and expected to play. great stuff. >> nice of him. always do good things. >> on to sports right? >> coming up, giants and braves go to extra innings
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it's been a bummer of a season for the giants and ace madson bumgarner but 45 pitch two inning simulated game and had no issues. mad bum is trying to return from separated shoulder from dirt bike accident last april. after a rain delay took the field in atlanta. jeff samardzija on the round, works out of trouble. striking out mark achis and kemp. made a mistake in the second. deep. braves go on top. 2-1. hunter pence ties up with fifth home run of the year.
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extra innings, tied at three. but braves walk off with the win as kemp connects off cory gearrin. last place giants lost 8 of 9. coliseum, this fan not to be denied souvenir, scoreless to the sixth. evan gattis singles off. jose altuve scores and carlos correa when josh can't hang on to the ball. hanging curve to dead center field. afz make themselves at home. winning ninth straight game in oakland. 5-1 the final. brent burns winner of norris trophy. best defenseman. 29 goals, 47 assists, points led all defensemen. first player in franchise history to win the trophy.
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sent this message out. >> thanks sharks fans for the support throughout the year. didn't get where we wanted to be but use that motivation for next year and get to the top of the mountain. raiders close to making derek carr highest paid player in the nfl, paid about $25 million a year. last season threw for 28 touchdowns and almost 4,000 yards leading oakland to first playoff appearance since 2002. carr reacted by tweeting, nothing done yet. trust me, hear it here first. by river rock casino. >> $25 million. >> that will work. keep the raiders in oakland. >> abcws


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