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. live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." a south bayity tries a new tactic to prevent a dazzling night from becoming a dangerous >> while one bay area firework show tries somethingew to keep tomorrow's crowds under control. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. we have live team coverage on efforts under way to celebrate the fourth of july safely. we have crews across the bay area with a new effor to stop illegal fireworks in the south bay. >> first to the alameda county fair where the fireworks show has become so popular organizers are doing something different. "abc 7 news" reporter katie >> reporter: hi, ama.. the gates will close at 6:00 in an effort to keep peopl from flooding the fair grounds ahead
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of the fireworkshow. there may be one thing that can pull a kid away from t carnival, firewos. heard fireworks. on a ride and i i was like, let's get out and go see it. you could see it almost everhere no matter where you stand. it was huge! >> reporter: the fourth of july fireworkshow return to the alameda county fair in 2014and with it traffic coestion. >> an hour and a half to two urs to get off the property. by the time the fireworks start there's a lot of people. so we actuay try to get out of here before the crowd starts to build. >> reporter: so this year the parking and admission gates close at 6:00. >> that's perfect. that way it doesn't get t crowded. i think a lot of people came lateo see the fireworks. >> reporter: pple also want to get to the san francisco waterfront early. pyro technics experts bit their show on a barge in the bay. there's one thing they can't contl. >> everybody asks about the fog, an that is certainly in san francisco, so wenow it cob here.
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try to get e variety ofal tuesdays. >> reporter: back at the fair ground, tubes are set and rdy to launch higher than last year. pleasaon residents complained they couldn't see the sh. >> we want to be good neighbors and our community to enjoy the show so we're raising the >> reporter: the fireworks should reach 500 feet. both shows start at 9:30. katie utehs, "abc 7 news." now, you can avoid driving and parking hassles by takin public transit to tomorrow's firework show in san francisco. th bart and muni will run on sunday schedules. some muni routes will be toured to north beach. cal train will run on a sunday schedule as well. cal train plans to have extra cars on trains after t fireworks show to accommodate all of the people. cal trains last train leavesan francisco at 11:45 p.m. some neighbors in san jose are saying "read my lawn." all feworks are illegal. they're putting signs to spread the line.
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katie marzullo is live at the community center. >> reporter: the signs look le this and you can get them at commity centers throughout san jose. it is first time the city has done this, asked the community to help get out the message. >> i hope somebody pays attention, but it has been terrible the last few nights. >> reporter: suzanne maroni live also on 17th street. she put two signs in her front yard hoping to put an end to the fireworks that plague her neighborhood and family, escially her husband who is a combat veteran. >>'s says, it is like being in a fire fight. it has been very, very difficult for him, and then i'm an animal lover. >> reporter: also the fearf a house catching on fire. the city of san jose printed 3,000 of these lawn signs declaring all fireworks are illega they're free and available at several commuty centers. >> by using a lawn sign, it is not jus a message coming from the city but from the residents themselves. reporter: it is not always the easiest message to spread. tina morrow saidhe can't get all of her neighbors on board.
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>> i had a few people say t me, no, i don't want to put signs up in my yard because i'm afraid of ramifications. and that crossed my mind, but i thought, you know what, you have to lead by example. >> reporter: in pacifical of ah neighbors can tace through an app called nail 'em. they can report the possession, sale and use of illegal fireworks including photos and gps locations. in san jose, katie march zul ow, "abc 7 news." of course, the safest way to watch is at a sponsored event in the city where you live "abc 7 news" has the bay area covered. head to our website, for a full list of festivals, parades and fireworks show. >> there's a lot going on. here is the question. will a uninvited guest, talking about fog, put a damper on tomorrow's fireworks in san francisco? it does happen. drew tuma is keeping an eye on the skies for us. drew. >> the fireworks will be competing for space in the sky with the fogomorrow evening. out lied, a live look from the
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explore tore yum camera. you can see the low clouds settled into san francisco, and this will be a similar sight morrow evening as well. the fireworks forecastn a nutshell, we'll have temps in the mid 50s and mid 60s with breeze and areas of fog around the bay. in fact, futur weather showing you the best chance for t fog right along the coa and over san francisco, sprelding into we'll take a closer look at the fog, zoom i to where you live, and a b of a warming trend on the way. heres a live look across the bay fromhe explore tore yum camera. keep an eye on fireworks condition with the "abc 7 news" accuweather app. download the app for free and track the clouds and fog. justice tonight from children's hospal oakland. her three month old is in critical condition there following a car accident that killed her five and ten year old sons. "abc 7 news" repter leslie brinkley live at children's hospal oakland. slie. >> reporter: well, three month old luciano reyes is figing
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for his life here tonight. his family says they had him baptized here in theospital today, even as they plan the funerals for his two brothers. out and described the accident tonight for the first time. >> he blindsided me. i never saw anything. i didn't hear tires screeching, nothing. he ran away. >> reporter: friday night on highway 4 in concord, sheays she just left a drive-inmovie with her 1 year old sonorenzo and five year old son vincent as well as the baby. chp says 35 year old lemuel wilson drove across the grassy median and hit the reyes family vehicle throwing the two young boys from the car witnesses say wilson running from the scene. he was treated at highland hospital and faces multiple charges including vehicular whom side. the alameda county sheriff's department told "abc 7 news" that wilson posted $10,000 bail
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the day before the crash on arges related to terrorist threats in pleasanton. court records show wilson was also charged in the past with at least two duis. >> aot speaks volumes of this man fleeing from an accident and knowing that two children laid on t ground as he saved only himself. >> reporter: you don want him released on bail? >> we are asking for no bail. >> no bail! >> no bail! >> he killed my children and they're asking for bail? let's be realistic here. let's be realistic my world ended. >> reporter: the family shared photos and their grief outsi thanked those who are supporting them now, as they plan funerals for lorenzo and vincent. they believe t two boys are now the guardian abc 'ems of the baby here in critical condition. >> they were my world. >> reporter: in oaklanding i'm leslie brinkley, "abc 7 news.."
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n oakland man will spend 13 years in prison for his role in the mder of a young mother who died trying to shield her kids during a gun battle. 30 year old chyemil pierce was gunned down near her homen march of 23. jerry harbin ishe third man sentenced in herdeath. he pleaded no contest. >> it is a lose, lose situation for everybody, particularly for the prce family. in essence we really have a mother who is doing everything she can to protect her kids when >> it was only by the grace of god more people didn't die. i think mr. harbin reazes that and is repentant for what happened. >> two other suspects including a teenager have yet to stand trial. the ceo of a san resigned after admitting to has sexually harassing women. dave mcclure is founding of 500 startups. heaid today he accepted an offer to resign. the "new york tim" article on saturday accused him of hting
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on a job cdidate. mcclure tweeted, i'm a creep, i'm sorry. he says he made advances towards several women in work-related situations. north korea launches another missile and tonight president trump firedack with words. mr. trump aimed his tets at north korea's leader kim jong-un saying, "north korea has just launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life? hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps chi will put a heavy move on north korea a end this nonsense once a for all." to new developments on the new jersey budget stalemate. new jersey governor chris christie tonight agreed on a budget deal to end a government shut down. you are taking a look at the images that put the republican christie and his family lounging on a beach that was closed yesterday because of the shut down. christie told a tv station he planned to go to that state-owned beach whether iwas open to the plic or not. all right. get ready to see red.
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that is more of tse red transit-only lanes in san francisco like this one the neighborhoods that could see the lane change. also, a plus size model takes on a man who is body shamg her. his reaction ahead. and why this fourth o july will have s
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san francisco superior court is cutting back o services to make up a budget shortfall. staff will go without pay to d help reduce a deficit of more than five million dollars. on fridays court will finish work at 1:00 p.m. becse of furloughs. staff will take one friday off a month without pay. e court expects this
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arrangement t start in september a last until june. only lanes appearing around san francisco. muni just receid federal apoval to put red lines on 50 more streets to speed up buses. it could include columbus avenue in north beach and the downtown part of mission street. a plus size model is speaking out after a felw passenger on a plane body shad her. natalie hayes says she was sitting in the middle of the exit row when the man next to her started sighing loudly. then she says she caught him joking jokes about her weight she cfronted him and he apologized and said he had been drinking. the veo went drinking. >> the person he talked to said, hopefully she hasn't had mexican food. he says, well, looks like she has eaten a whole mexican. people see you asess of a person.because you are more o a you're worth being treated like a human being. >> natalie says after the apology the man offer to buy her dinner to makup for the experience. she declined.
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a most unusual delivery arrived today in vacaville. van after van of chickens delivered to a sanuary. explains where they came from >> reporter: if at this moment rooster on the planet he is st about to become the happiest. here is why. this caravan fm southern california carrying the kind of company that would make any rooster crow. on board, 2,000 hens from a commercial eggarm in southern californ. they had served their purpose and been scheduled for population, as the industry cribs it. then these volunteers from animal place drove roughly 800 miles round trip and saved their lives. >> well, we rescu all farm animal also. al animals people sees food we see as sensient creatures. >> kim sterling foundedhe nonprofit. they have saved 25,000 hens,
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rehabilitated them and adopted them t, other animals, too. you might call this place vegans in action >> you can't kill something that wants to live. i have wated plenty of inhumane slaughters and we haven't seen a humane one yet. >> reporter: this morning vonteers opened one cage after another and set them free. th birds began ntatively, but not for long. so now for the first thiem in their lives these chickens will get used to the ccept of living life outde their cages. >> they can't scratc they can't feel the ground. they can't raise their wings. they're not birds. >> reporter: call it the first day of the rest of their lives, independence day for hens on a july 3rd. from vacaville, waynereedman, "abc 7 news." all right. time to move on to the weather? >> why not. what will it be like for the fourth of july and beyond? "abc 7 news" meteorologist drew tuma is here. >> yeah, dan and ama we will be with comfortable temperatures, but tomorrow evening the fog will be an issue for se
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viewing firewks. live doppler 7 along with satellite right now showing no issues with precipitation, just coastal clouds that will make their traditional trek inland overnight tonight. have many festivities including fireworks tomorrow, one at amphitheater in mountain view, nice viewing conditions going further sound. around mountain view look at this, nice. teeratures starting in the upper 60s and slowly cooling into the mid 60s. a few passing clouds from time to time, but no obstructions for the fireworks in mountainiew. enjoy if you are headed there. outside we go with a live look at explore tore y camera atop pier 15. quick cloud slouded, and lou kouds with u over tv. outside rig now it is 55 in san francisco. we are holding at about 60 grees, that current number i san jose. 59 in oakland 70 in brend wood and necessary valued owe checking in with a temperature of 54 degrees. here is the call.
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overnight we have clouds biltding along the coast right now. ey will be working inland into parts of the region. patchy fog en around fremont tomorrow morning, simil story around concord and santa rosa. temperatures holding in mid 50s tomorrow morning. here is your 12-hour planner for your tuesday, july 4th. 10:00 in the morning, some foggy areas, seeing clouds break down and pull to the coast, typical summer patternhis time of the year. through 6:00, clear in most region away from the coast. by0:00, there you go, the cloud cover filling in along the coast and aroundarts of the bay. highs on your tuesday, take a look at the numbers tomorrow afternoon. if you liked today, you will like the numbers tomorro just slightly below normal nor th time of the year. high of 80 in san jose, about 70 the number in oakland, 83 tomorrow after noond in concord, 81 santa rosand fairfield up to 85. at the coast, starting with a gray morning tomorrow morning. afrnoon sunshine building in. so too will a sea breeze, about
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5 to 15 miles per hr. once the sun is out there, 70 in santa crews, 50 inodega bay. ocean temperature, 59 degrees. future weather, the all important question, where will the fog set up for fireworks? daly city into sanrancisco and then patchy clo cover, even filling in for richmond, oakland and emeryville. that's where we will have the problem seeing the l fireworks. as we go to the south, around sunniville, san jose, fremont, more in the way of clear skies, even inland around livermore, plenty of stars the, no obstruction to your viewing. the fireworks will be nic further south and inland you go. here is the accuweather seven day forecast. fourth of july typical, midday sunshine with evening clouds building back in. slightly cooler on wednesday and a slight warming send heading into the weekend. saturday and sday into the 9d 0s. inland around the 80s in the
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bay. ake a look at some breathtaking video. >>
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what a spectacular light show. auroras danci above the ear. astronauts captured from the ternational space station. nasa provided this time-lapsed video a few ds ago. they come out with high speed electrons collide wit the upper reach else of earth's atmosphere, and the light you see is energy being released. so cool. >> that so neat. all right. time to turn to sports. >> schuh is in for larry tonight. >> kevin durant taking a cut in pay so other guys canome. you kind of did the same thing so we can bring dw on. >> he is a high-salary guy.
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>> kevin durant enjoyed the warriors so ch he decided to come back for two more years. >> you're welcome. >> you are one in a million. >> you're one in a million. >> you're one in a million. >> one. >> in a milln. >> one in a million. >> one of our one million friends onfacebook. >> that's a big deal! >> that's kind of a big deal. >> yep, we just hit a million. >> and it is all because of you. you. >> you. >> so thank you. >> thank you. >> million a times thank you. >> thanks, bayarea. news" nk you for making "abc 7
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abc 7 sporlts brought to you by river rock casino. >> kevin durant agreed to resign with golden state for a two years, $53 million deal. there was no question he wa coming back, just how much. the sond year of his deal will k.d.'s contract expected to be 25 million with a player option for 2018 and 2019. k.d.'s max was 34.5 million. he took a lot less, almost 9 million, which allowed the dubs to bring back andre iguodala and
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livingston. they're allback, as is david west, looking for another run at the trophy. the white sox tryingo end a five game slide with cotton on the hill. celebrating this july fourth, 1-0 sox in the second. adam rosales steps up, drives home. 2-1 a's. sox would answer next ending. sends home adam engelland cabrera with a double to left. white sox jumped out front 3-2. fun game for the fan. in the eighth, 5-2ox. cabrera again, a bouer that gets past all star alonso. willie garcia scores. take a 6-2 speed. we go to the ninth. loses control, wal garcia to load the bases. then walks engel for the sox seventh r and the a's lose. out of lyndon california in
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the central valley will show off power stroke inhis year's home run derby as part of the eight-man field july 10 in miami. the 260 pounder leads the majors with 27 home run this season, a .330 batting archld r average and 62 rbi. tomorrow, san jose's joey jaws chestnut will look to win nathan's hot dog eating contest for record tenth time. here he is at the weigh in in coney island. he chowed down $70 last year. mega towed, also a san jose native, chus net's primary competition. thevent is live on espn 2, our sisternetwork, tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. marshawn lynch playing se


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