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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 6, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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i basically had to not be funny for a long time. >> he's a comedian turned politician. this bay area audience is having trouble taking one thing he said seriously. only on abc 7 news, meet the man who invented a low-cost hearing aid specifically for women. find out why it had to be different. now, from abc 7, live breaking news. breaking news from solano county where a raging grass fire is burning a large area near travis air force base. sky 7 was over the city where you can see it appears to have begun in someone's backyard along bella vista drive.
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>> firefighters stopped it from burning any homes. the hot weather is making it difficult for firefighters to keep it from spreading in the other direction toward the air force base. the south gate of the base is closed. and people are being told to avoid the area. air force firefighters are working alongside county firefighters to control the flames. you can see it's also threatening horses and cows. we've seen some of those horses being evacuated. and let's take another live look at the fire from sky 7. you can see the line a little bit of the flames making their way there. but you can see all that black area that has already scorched, as we said, it is hot out there making it hard for firefighters. >> embers appear to have jumped that roadway. burning on both sides and close to buildings. not that far from the runway. you can see all of that. let's bring in weather anchor spencer christian to check on the conditions for this fire fight. >> the three weather conditions that make fire fight difficult are high temperature, low
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humidity and strong winds. let's take you down to the location of the fire. near travis air force base, 98 . relative humidity, down to 19%. so it's very dry. and wind is gusting out of the west-southwest at 23 miles per hour. now, looks like the wind will remain relatively strong going into the evening hours. and temperatures will be slow to drop off. so these conditions will remain conducive to fire development, not fire containment. tomorrow will be even hotter. i'll have the forecast a little bit later. >> spencer, thank you. another live from sky 7, no structures on travis air force base are threatened. we're going to stay on top of this fire. we have crews on their way on the ground and we'll bring you any updates as we get them here and on our abc 7 news app. let's look at video just in to the newsroom of another major fire burning north of vac eville. you can see it's burned more than 250 acres.
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two neighborhoods are under mandatory evacuation. highway 128 in napa county is closed until noon tomorrow. firefighters are fighting those flames from the air. you saw some of the air attack there. it's in very rough terrain. this fire is just 10% contained. in livermore, a grass fire destroyed a barn. firefighters posted these pictures of the barn consumed by flames. off of east vineyard avenue. from sky 7 you can see the fire melting the building. firefighters say a tractor started the fire on the surrounding grassland and it spread to that barn. i'm eric thomas in for dan ashley. >> i'm ama deets. to our other top story, the shut down of a popular park because of a mountain lion sighting. >> a mountain lion was spotted near one of the trails. abc 7 news reporter lonnie
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rivera talked to the visitors who don't seem all that concerned. >> reporter: exactly, eric. the visitors say they know mountain lions enjoy this habitat. but rangers say one lion keeps hanging around in the area. and that's why they've closed one trail. >> i've actually never come across one. >> reporter: she's had no encounters, but these park visitors know mountain lions roam the trails in san jose. hikers captured this one just yesterday. it's been seen several times near the south rim trail, and one-way road. >> i'm not too surprised. parks have lots of signage about the mountain lions. >> reporter: park rangers and fish and game commission have closed one way road and south rim trail just as a precaution. >> when we have repetitive sightings, that races more of a concern. there's something attracting the lion to that area. >> reporter: it appears to be healthy. but given its place as a predator at the top of the food chain, better to play it safe
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and keep humans away from the area where it's been seen several times. this family knows what to do should they come across one. >> never run. that's the worst thing. just back away quietly. what you don't want to do is crouch over. >> reporter: if you have children -- >> pick them up without bending over. so you don't look like a four-legged animal. >> reporter: the mountain lion is likely hanging around because of the food supply. the trail will reopen once they're sure it's left the area. in san jose, abc 7 news. an antioch man was convicted for killing two women back in 2013. a san francisco jury found 27-year-old barry white guilty on two counts of first-degree murder. seven counts of attempted murder and six counts of attacking a police officer. he slit the throat of an employee.
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hung survived. the jury was shown surveillance video of the killings. >> decided the intent was there, so the premeditated was there. specific acts that were committed were pretty simple to decide, yes, they happened. and he did them. >> after the killings, white fired on responding officers before surrendering when he ran out of ammuniton. the man charged in a deadly hit-and-run is in the hospital. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is in the newsroom with an update on the case. >> reporter: ama, wilson did not enter a plea today but he could two weeks from now. his bail set at $2 million reflects those two plurder charges he's facing. by phone today his mother-in-law said, quote, he's a monster. wilson faced murder charges here at highland hospital where he's
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being treated for unknown injuries. while also under the watchful eye of a chp officer and hospital security. >> it's a horrific crime. >> reporter: contra costa county district attorney said he's charged with two counts of murder of a 5-year-old, seen in this home video. and 10-year-old reyes, following a crash in concord this past friday night. he's also charged with leaving the scene of the crash and driving under the influence with prior convictions for the same. >> we have a broken system that he was still able to get bail. >> reporter: reyes' son 3-month-old was also injured in the crash. he remains in critical condition. did he express any remorse? >> he wasn't given an opportunity. just answered a question posed to him. >> reporter: the day after the crash wilson's wife said he turned himself in at the hospital. >> we send our condolences and
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prayers out to the family. >> reporter: the day prior to the crash wilson was released on a reduced bail in another case. where he's accused of threatening employees at the stone ridge maul nordstrom in pleasantton. his current bail is set at $2 million. >> i have a hard time believing any judge would lower bail from $2 million to something even a dollar less. >> reporter: but says wilson was represented by a public defender today. if he's still in the hospital in two weeks, his arraignment will be here. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, a man suspected of trying to drown his girlfriend in a pool has just been arrested. here's a look at the man. a woman said her boyfriend tried to drown her. he had not been found until today. there's also a warrant out for him on another case involving a felony charge. berkeley police now say an extreme case of vandalism is a hate crime. the vandals hit last week
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scrawling graffiti on a fence and homes and slashing tires. there were 35 instances of damage on hillside avenue and nearby prospect street. some of the graffiti expresses class hatred. berkeley detectives say that's a hate crime. >> that many is definitely unusual. not uncommon to see one or two, maybe in a week. but to see 35-plus instances in a six to eight-hour period, that's a significant amount. >> detectives are asking those in the area who have a security camera to check for any images of those vandals. just days before senate republicans are expected to take up a revised health care bill, one high-profile democratic senator appeared in silicon valley. al franken spent most of his life as a comedian. but he still can mix humor with serious politics. abc 7 news reporter david louie covered franken's appearance. david? >> reporter: well, ama, senator
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al franken is on a tour promoting a new book that is laced with his trademark humor. however, he does have a serious side, reflecting the serious issues this country is facing. however, he has not lost his ability to get audiences to laugh. he's been entertaining people for 37 years. but the commonwealth club audience had no idea that the senator for eight years if he would be a funny man or straight man. senator franken got them roaring as he told a story about sending a congratulatory note to a woman celebrating her 101st birthday. >> dear ruth, you have a bright future. and -- [ laughter ] my chief of staff goes, like, what is this? i wanted to joke. i thought she might enjoy it. >> reporter: the conversation was moderated by a retired judge, turning quickly to health care. >> it's about tax cut for the
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wealthiest americans, and taking, people who need it the least, and taking health care away from the people who need it the most. >> reporter: as a deadhead he ticked off his favorite songs by the grateful dead. >> i have a whole bunch of favorite songs. jack straw, althea, bertha. >> reporter: he said he's not running for president. >> if i did, i would pick -- i would want a balanced ticket. i would pick an orthodox jew. >> reporter: the junior senator from minnesota is promoting his new book, a book with lots of humor. >> i think if he didn't maintain a sense of humor, he would have gone crazy by this time with the president being who he is right now. >> reporter: in santa clara, abc 7 news. governor brown is thinking big in his bid to tackle climate change. the big venue he chose to announce his invitations.
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students facing huge debt, got some really bad news. "7 on your side" is ahead. daredevil? i am. >> he's a daredevil, putting on a display at age 85. he's roller blading. down one of the steepest streets, and for good reason. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer today marks four years since the asiana plane crash at san francisco international airport. flight 214 which started in shanghai clipped the seawall at sfo and slammed down on the
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runway. nearly 200 passengers were hurt. three teenage chinese students died as a result of the crash. one of them was run over by an airport fire truck. pilot error is to blame for that crash. police are asking for your help to find the thieves who pumped fuel out of the school district's bus lot last night. abc 7 news reporter katy utis has the pictures taken by a quick thinking custodian. >> reporter: a sophisticated fuel theft at school district bus lot was essentially stealing from students. >> you basically are impacting the school district that it's their students that are going to end up paying for this. >> reporter: mark silva is stunned, someone pumped more than 1,200 gallons of diesel fuel from the bus lot tanks. >> it's hard to believe. that someone would do that. but the amazing thing is san jose took, you know, pictures of them. >> reporter: jose district custodian snapped these crucial
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shots around 11:00 last night. >> you can see in the pictures that the hose was hanging out of the truck as they were driving away. >> reporter: silva said the pump they used is professional grade and necessary to reach the large underground fueling tanks. >> it's probably not the first time they've done it. i wou imagine just to have the tank in back, again, we're talking about several hundred to over 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel roert the thieves cut the chain and added their own lock, perhaps so they could come back later and steal more fuel. the custodian reported seeing a bald hispanic man and a woman with a blond ponytail. >> we're looking at $3,000, $4,000 worth of loss to the school district. it would be a grand theft at this point. >> reporter: novato police notified other agencies across the bay area because there are other fuel tanks that have already been hit or are now targeted. a 5.8 earthquake struck an unusual part of the country today, montana. take a look at some of the
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damage at a walmart in the capital city of helena. no major structural damage. several 911 call centers reported being swamped, though. the epicenter was seven southeast of lincoln, a town of about 1,000 people. montana doesn't have quakes very often, but it has had stronger ones, including a 7.5 magnitude back in 1959. governor brown here in california made a major announcement today to a massive audience in europe. he's hosting a global summit on climate action. kristen sze is here with details. >> september of next year playing host to a global summit to combat climate change. governor brown announced it at the music festival on the eve of the g20 summit. president trump, of course, is at the summit of world leaders. and governor brown's message is aimed directly at him. >> yes, i know president trump
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is trying to get out of the paris agreement. but he doesn't speak for the rest of america. we in california and states all across america believe it's time to act. >> cold play lead singer chris martin headlines this festival famous for mixing music with politics. mega stars highlight global issues like the environment, or poverty. as for governor brown, hosting an international summit is his latest move in climate diplomacy. he recently went to china to discuss cooperation with its leaders. the governor has not said who will be attending this summit, but he's asking political leaders, investors, musicians, mathematicians, students and activists to all take part. eric and ama? >> kristen, thank you. oakland is about to launch a new effort to keep trash out of the san francisco bay. oakland has been under a government order for several
7:19 pm
years to clean up the problem, or face fines. the city is now devoting nearly $2 million to pay for cleanup crews and install trash capturing devices in storm drains. the push is needed to meet federal standards. >> the federal clean water act is really what's behind this demand that we get trash out of the bay. and trash is coming from cities, from our roads and our storm drains, and it's hurting fish and wildlife in the bay. so cities like oakland need to make this extra effort to keep trash from getting into the bay. >> the goal is to completely eliminate trash from reaching the bay over the next five years. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> eric, you probably know a warming trend is under way. tomorrow is likely to be the hottest day in the seven-day period. an indicator of what we can expect over the next seven days. 100 tomorrow in livermore. several other inland locations
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all hit or exceed 100 degrees tomorrow. but temperatures will drop rather sharply over the weekend, down to about 90 degrees as a high temperature. that's still warm. but not so high as 100. further cooling, but gradual cooling beyond the weekend and into next week. i give you a little preview, so let's move on to live doppler 7. here's a look at the temperature change. it is much warmer right now all across the bay area than it was at this hour yesterday. ten degrees warmer in concord. nine degrees warmer in antioch and livermore. santa rosa as well. the heat goes on. this is a view from sutro tower. a hint of a mist developing there. no actual marine layer yet. still pretty mild outside. 65 degrees here in san francisco right now. 73 is the current temperature in oakland. mountain view 75. 81 at san jose. 95 at gilroy. and 63 at half moon bay. the golden gate, you see there is no marine layer.
7:21 pm
lots of blue skies there. currently 87 degrees at santa rosa. 88 at fairfield. 96 at concord and 92 at livermore. one more live view at santa cruz beach, a place you may want to go tomorrow to escape the heat inland. we'll see intense heat inland tomorrow as a matter of fact. the summer spread temperatures over the weekend, it will be cooler next week with a more seasonal pattern. overnight look for a little bit of fog forming at the coastline and maybe a patch or two moving out over the bay. low temperatures on the mild side. mid-50s up to about 60 degrees. tomorrow, it will be nice and toasty inland with highs of 102 at fairfield, 101 at antioch, 100 at livermore. concord # 9. all around the bay we'll see mild to warm conditions. but not exceedingly warm. 75 at oakland, 76 at san mateo. 81 down at fremont. beach weather tomorrow, high temperatures range from mid-60s to mid-70s. the warmest is likely to be
7:22 pm
santa cruz with a high of 76. apply sunscreen, please. saturday, i mentioned temperatures will be dropping a little bit. except way up north of clear lake and cloverdale where temperatures will hit or exceed 100 degrees saturday and sunday. temperatures will be in a moderate range in most other locations saturday and sunday. further cooling on monday especially in the inland areas. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. hot tomorrow. merely warm on saturday and sunday. then aly bit cooler in most areas on monday. the cooling continues gradually with temperatures just dropping off a degree or two each day into the middle of next week. now, here's a reminder this year the aids walk is just ten days away. the $10,000 fund-raising walk begi begins -- benefits aids programs such as project open hand and positive resource center. there's still time to register,
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norwegian air is adding nonstop flights between oakland and paris. they'll launch next april with fares starting at $229. it will become oakland's eighth european destination. with the addition of two cities in brazil, uber has now reached 100 citieswiththe uber eats restaurant delivery service. started in toronto, canada, and brought the service to its hometown of san francisco in march of last year. microsoft confirmed it's cutting nearly 10% of the work force. as many as 3,000 jobs will be lost. microsoft said about 75% of the jobs lost will be outside the u.s. microsoft wants to refocus its efforts on selling cloud computing services. cal train wants to know how riders feel before deciding whether it will raise fares. today the board listened to people's concerns at an open forum in san carlos. they want to raise ticket price 25 cents per zone. it will cost riders an extra $1.50 to go one way from san francisco to san jose. parking could increase almost
7:27 pm
$30 a month. a spokesperson said county agencies that fund cal train don't always deliver. >> each agency at times has had their own issues of balancing their own budgets. when they have to make a certain contribution to cal train that's not always possible. >> cal train is trying to cover a $10 million deficit. they will make a final decision on fares next month. former president obama help students at for-profit colleges didn't get a chance to take effect. >> the secretary issued a delay weeks before the protections were supposed to start. michael finney looks at the multi-state lawsuit filed as a result. men and women both get hearing loss. this maker of tiny hearing aids, think say women are half as likely to do something about it. the reasons why and their solution ahead on abc 7 news. next, almost five months after flooding in san jose, one group is threatening legal action saying all of this coul
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you're looking at the breaking news. this is smoke coming from a fire
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near vallejo. va le to firefighters are on the way. you can see the smoke in the distance. it's burning near highway 37. we'll continue to keep an eye on this to see if it gets any bigger. fire crews in fairfield are also continuing to battle a three-alarm grass fire burning on travis air force base. it appears to have started near a home and spread onto the base. fire crews have not been able to provide an update on size or containment. several structures have been threatened. firefighters in marin county have a three-acre grass fire under control. this fire started about an hour ago near gill martin drive and round hill road in tiberron. just into the newsroom, the other major fire has grown to 1,000 acres. the winters fire started around 12:30 this afternoon. two neighborhoods are under a mandatory evacuation. highway 128 into napa county is
7:32 pm
closed until noon tomorrow. firefighters are fighting the flames from the air because it is in such rugged terrain. this fire is just 10% contained. it's been months since the overflowing creek flooded san jose homes. while the water is gone, the damage is not. >> people are still trying to recover the lives they had before the flood and now they're exploring legal action. chris nguyen has the story. >> reporter: nearly five months after coyote creek floded in san jose. >> emotionally draining to have to not know where you're going to live. not know what's going to happen next. it's hard. >> reporter: some of the victims still haven't returned to their homes. medical student wilson spent months living in a shelter after losing everything she owned. >> imagine if someone just today came in the house and took everything away from you. >> reporter: she's among those who filed against santa jose and
7:33 pm
water district seeking compensation for their losses as well as pain and suffering. >> a lot of people here don't speak english. they have very little money. they've lost just about everything. and some of them are afraid to speak up. >> reporter: earlier today a group of victims met to talk about their next steps in rock springs. one of the neighborhoods hardest hit by the flooding over president's day weekend. this woman feared for her life, and was rescued by boat. she moved back home only two weeks ago. attorney amanda haas said government agencies need to be held accountable for the devastation and has been helping with the victims filing their claims. >> we can do this together. and press them to make necessary changes. but if they don't hear from you, they're going to go back to business as usual. >> reporter: all claims must be submitted by mid-august for consideration. haas tells abc 7 news that her clients are ready to take legal action if they aren't fairly
7:34 pm
compensated. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. president trump is in germany tonight ahead of the g20 summit and his meeting with russian president vladimir putin. today the president met with german chance lower angela merkel and dined with japanese and south korean leaders before meeting with putin face-to-face. trump avoided putting the blame on russia for meddling in the 2016 election. >> it could very well have been russia, but i think it well could have been other countries. >> meantime, violent protests broke out in hamburg where the g20 summit will be held. today anti-capitalist protest s protesters. suing u.s. secretary education betsy devos. >> so goes california, so goes the nation. glad to see my state standing up for devos and the for-profit colleges.
7:35 pm
>> this is about time. in the last few years, several for-profit schools, including everest and itt tech have been under federal investigation and eventually closed. we've told you about this here on "7 on your side." federal loans taken out by students to attend those schools were eligible to be forgiven under the obama administration. all that changed just this summer under president trump. marco still has a stack of textbooks from his days at itt tech in oakland. he attended there with dreams of pursuing a career in computer security. the former high school dropout who eventually obtained his ged admitted that academically he was over his head. >> so, yeah, this is like, you know, way far in advance. >> reporter: marcos dropped out of itt after a little more than a semester because he couldn't keep up.
7:36 pm
today he still owes $8,000 for his federal loan. >> just baited in by the administrative office that the curriculum was easy. >> reporter: itt was investigated by the federal department of education for fraud. and the school eventually filed for bankruptcy. suzanne martindale is with consumers union. >> all too often students found after they enrolled that the education really wasn't what they promised. >> reporter: federal loans to for-profit colleges were eligible to be forgiven under the obama administration. the secretary of education betsy devos put a halt to the program before it could be implemented. california attorney general is suing along with 17 other attorneys general to get the program reinstated. >> this really is a situation where schools were taking advantage. >> reporter: the department of education sees it differently. the spokeswoman told us with
7:37 pm
this ideological driven suit, the state attorneys general are saying to regulate first, and ask legal questions later. president trump's own trump university was investigated by the federal government and eventually shut down after multiple lawsuits. marcos is banking on the attorney general being success tl with their lawsuit. >> i think it's good to give us a chance. you know? some type of hope. >> i'll continue to follow this. and i'll keep you posted as things change. >> sad way to end it up for a lot of people. >> really. >> michael, thank you. coming up, he's 85 years old and relying on eight wheels to get him down one of san francisco's steepest streets. find out why next. a live look over san francisco from our camera on top of mount sutro. you can see the fog. spencer will be back with the forecast that includes who are these people?
7:38 pm
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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that was the launch of the traditional firework rocket marking the rning of the bulls
7:41 pm
festival. the bull runs begin in pamplona tomorrow. it's extremely dangerous. dozens of people are hurt each year. most of them when they fall in front of a charging bull. >> yeah. we found a unique bay area character today. an 85-year-old roller blader who pulled a memorable stunt to promote a skating marathon along the great highway this sunday. >> that's all we can say. wayne freedman takes over from here. >> reporter: among san franciscans this qualifies as one of the gauntlets, steep, intimidating knob hill, a tough climb. now -- can you imagine roller skating down this hill? >> no, absolutely not. >> you might want to stick around a bit. >> really? >> reporter: fast forward a few minutes at approaching break-neck speeds down california street, dodging obstacles, act of defiance likely to grow more heroic with every telling and all because of this man. are you a daredevil? >> i am. >> reporter: siegfried.
7:42 pm
>> 85 years old and roller skates. he can skate the pants off you. >> reporter: yes, 85. retired man who improved the braking systems of cable cars, probably a good thing today. >> i can always go like this. and just scrape along. >>that's reassuring. >> reporter: you know, this is not the first time san franciscans have used our famous hills for sport. in fact, they've done it quite often. who knows what stunts brave souls may have tried around here in the days before videos or movies. we know only that the rules of physics never change. what goes up eventually comes down. and while ziggy didn't fall, his partner did. >> the brake that i had on my skate kind of twisted. >> reporter: kind of like attempting a downhill assault seemed kind of twisted. does this qualify in the category of do not try this at home?
7:43 pm
>> yes. do not try this at home, for sure. >> reporter: but for a legend, it is home city. why not? in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> i hope i can do that when i'm 85. up next, the hearing aid for women, and why the local inventor said it had to be different than the one he made for men, a one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder. so i tried always discreet. i didn't think protection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. snap! so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks. i ...prilosec otc 7 years ago,my doctor recommended... 5 years ago, last week.
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a fire at travis air force base, the fire chief said about 40 acres have burned outside the base and another 30 acres have burned on the base. the fire started near some homes on bella vista drive. not sure why it started. the firefighters believe they now have a handle on it. and another live look at the fire burning at vallejo. the smoke doesn't look that different from when we checked in about 15 minutes ago. this fire is burning near highway 37 and skaggs island. whether or not they're from mars and venus, there's one thing we do know about men and women, they hear differently. especially when they suffer from hearing loss. now bay area startup is addressing that difference with a new line of hearing aids. jonathan bloom has the story you'll see only on abc 7 news.
7:47 pm
>> reporter: becky said it was her husband who finally talked her into a hearing test. >> when you hear a tone, just raise your hand, okay? >> reporter: as her family suspected, she had hearing loss. but she hesitated to do anything about t. turns out she's not alone. >> there are twice as many men who buy hearing aids even though women also lose their hearing. >> reporter: he founded ihear that makes tiny low-cost hearings aids that you set up at home. >> you don't even know it's in. sometimes i'll walk into a shower or fall asleep with them. >> reporter: becky didn't have the same experience. >> more masculine in feel. they're a little blockier. i felt like while wearing sunglasses and that type of stuff, i was thinking it was a little much behind my ears. >> reporter: that made her perfect for the new product. >> designing something that fits in women's ears more comfortably. >> reporter: a tip smaller than the smallest on standard hearing aids.
7:48 pm
>> much slimmer. i can't tell they're in there. >> reporter: beyond the if iz cal shape of the device, she had to make changes to the microscopic component inside because men and women hear differently. >> a lot of women lose their hearing at different frequencies than men. >> reporter: while men lose their high frequency hearing, it's the low frequencies where women have trouble and women are more sensitive to harsh correction by a hearing aid. >> it's gentler, less aggressive. >> reporter: becky said she's hearing all sorts of things whether she wants to or not. >> i can hear the dryer when it's done, which means i have more house work to do. >> reporter: it's built right here in the bay area, by an all female manufacturing crew. it's well known in the industry that women have steadier hands for building tiny devices. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. did you know it's national fried chicken day? >> i didn't know that. but thanks to our abc 7 news viewers and our own david louie for celebrations with us, they
7:49 pm
helped us find them and feature them on our golden brown tv. >> i'm just winging it right now. here's a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies across the bay area right now. mild overnight period with a little bit of fog at the coast and maybe a patch or two out over the bay. lows in the low 50s to up around 60. hot finish in the afternoon. in the inland areas highs will reach or exceed 100 degrees. numerous locations will hit 90 tomorrow in the inland communities. here's the seven-day forecast. a little bit of a cooldown or moderation of temperatures over the weekend. further cooling next week and temperatures will settle back into a more seasonal range by about next tuesday. >> all right. thanks, spencer. trying to cash in on what was a big comeback season for him. after a big comeback year with
7:50 pm
the ws, now in demand in the golden state. and holding the tiger in the first major league start. giants highlights in motown.
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
chris straten didn't have long to battle the pregame butterflies. he was told just 30 minutes before today's game he would be making his first major league start after johnny quaido was scratched because of an ear infection. the series finale against the tigers. he gave up five runs in the first three innings. but straten was clean after that. it helps when brandon crawford is a gold glove shortstop. look at this play, the long throw to get miguel cabrera. 5-2. but other than that, the giants were quiet on offense. hunter pence was one of 13 giant strikeouts. they host miami starting on friday. the giants are happy with bumgarner's road to recovery. mad bum gave up nine runs in a
7:54 pm
rehab start last night for the san jose giants. he's expected to make one more start for san jose before rejoining the big league club. bum has been out since april 21st after hurting his shoulder in a dirt bike accident. mcgee in big demand. testing the free agent market. he's scheduled to meet with the sacramento keys today after visiting with the clippers on wednesday. he averaged six points and three rebounds for the warriors last season. he would likely only be able to get the league minimum if he returns to the ws. he might be looking for a bigger pay day with another team. dirk nowitzki giving the huge hometown discount. they're finalizing a two-year $10 million deal. last month the mavs declined a team option that would pay the face of the franchise $25 million. nowitzki has spent his entire 19-year career with the mavericks. across the pond, roger
7:55 pm
federer taking on lusan. first set was a battle. federer with the strong forehand. 7-6. federer takes the second. no contest in the third. everything coming up aces for roger. he wins in straight sets. number two, djokovic facing paf la check. leading 3-2 in the first. oh, beautiful touch. djokovic crewsuises in the firs set. djokovic would end with overhand smash. scary moment in the women's side of the draw. american bethany sands suffered a devastating knee injury to her right knee in a match against sorstaya. it happened in the third set. she screamed in agony. she won the first set and lost the second before being forced to retire because of injury. to the links in the first
7:56 pm
round of the greenbrier classic. phil mickelson's first event since he and his caddie split up. look out. he hits a fan on the 11th hole. he said, i yelled fore, didn't you hear? phil would go on to save par. and what does he do? gives the ball to the fan, probably his favorite black eye ever. mickelson tied for 16th at 3 under par. sebastien munoz is 9 under par. the a's take on the mariners in seattle. first pitch is at 7.10. >> that time of year. >> yes, it is. >> thank you. joining us tonight at 9:00, and 11:00 right here on abc 7. we're staying on top of the breaking news from solano county where a fast-moving grass fire continues to burn near travis air force base. >> firefighters have so far saved homes from burning and moved horses to safety.
7:57 pm
we'll have up-to-the-minute information on abc 7 news at 9:00 and 11:00. >> bay area man will buzz in on "jeopardy!" tonight. here's a photo of him with alec trebek. coming up at 8:00, boy band, followed by battle of the network stars, at 10:00, the gong show. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. at 11:35, "jimmy kimmel live!." tonight's guests are andy samberg and jillian bell. that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. for all of us here at abc 7 news, have a great evening. >> see you later. i will never
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never wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every strand stronger because strong is beautiful.
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why are you making a snack? we had couscous an hour ago. honey, couscous is not a meal. it's an appetizer with ambition. it's like the jeb bush of food. (laughs) that is so funny. you always make me laugh. what do you want, woman?


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