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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 7, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> that news is from the east bay where a police station including inmates was evacuated following a bomb threat. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. dan and ama have the night off. let's get the tiffany wilson live in richmond with breaking details. tiffany. >> reporter: kristin and eric, it was certainly a very stressful evening here in richmond. the police station where i'm standing has just been cleared of that bomb threat. we want to show you the evacuated areas because of course it extended beyond just this police station. the communications center and homes nearby along nevin and mcdonald avenue were evacuated. the police station where i'm standing, and then also people in homes along jetty drive. >> make a right up there. >> reporter: the bomb threat started with two phone calls.
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both times the caller used a profanity and said a bomb inside the building was going to blow up. >> those phone calls were made back-to-back within a couple of minutes. >> reporter: the five employees within the richmond communications center, ten staff member also in the pligs station and several police prisoners evacuated. police went door to door asking nearby residents to clear the area. >> i couldn't go down the street. i lost my drone and i guess they're saying a bomb threat. >> reporter: bart police loaned richmond a bomb sniffing dog. it took about 45 minutes to clear the communications center. during that time all 911 calls went to the mobile command center and contra costa county sheriff's department. >> the communications center is the life line for the community, for any other safety concerns. so that's why it was a priority for us to ensure that the communications center is cleared and safe, and that way we can continue with our normal operation of dispatching. >> reporter: the communications center reopened at 9:00.
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the police station was cleared at 10:15. in richmond, tiffany wilson, "abc 7 news." now to the developing story we've been staying on top of all day. the raging inferno ripping through a housing and retail development under construction. >> more than 18 hours after the fire broke out many neighbors are still out of their homes. we first told you about the fire early this morning with a push alert from the "abc 7 news" app. the flames broke out on val dez street by 24th. cornell billy ray nard joins us live tonight. >> reporter: kris till and eric, we learned it may be saturday or sunday before an estimated 900 people are allowed into their homes. firefighters will be here all night, mopping up and looking for hot spots. arson investigators now reviewing surveillance video from this construction site. but the big concern tonight is this crane, which could be in danger of falling. oakland neighbors grabbed their cellphones when they woke up to
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this friday morning, a wall of flames seven stories tall. >> my apartment was like glowing orange and i saw the whole place was on, was on fire. >> reporter: sky 7 was over the blaze where a 196-unit apartment building under construction became an inferno. the intense heat of the fire caused the giant construction crane to spin. up to 900 people living nearby were evacuated and can't run home until the danger has passed. >> there's substantial hazard right now with the instability or potential instability of the crane and scaffolding nearby. because of that we don't want anyone in harm's way. >> reporter: the fire department working on a plan to dismantle the crane. federal and alameda county fire investigators are looking for a cause. >> we are serious about it. we are bringing all resources to bear to investigate this incident. >> reporter: officials not calling this arson, but others believe it is highly suspicious. sayed adad knows some in oakland
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are anti-development. >> this is arson, you put more oakland people at risk. you didn't save anybody. >> reporter: he was allowed to return home with a police escort to grab belongings. it is a busy first friday in oakland but some restaurants in the fire zone are closed. alamar on grand avenue is open but many stay away. >> we opened for dinner but it is not the same. we are affect by the fire. >> reporter: luckily, no one hurt in the fire. in oakland, cornell bernard, "abc 7 news." the i-team has been digging into suspicions of arson in the fire. >> as dan noi explains it seems to fit into a string of arson investigations in that area in recent years. >> reporter: the marketing photo for the project shows its promise, 196 units of badly needed housing in oakland, 31,000 square feet of retail, but the project was in a crucial stage before the fire retardant and stucco was applied. it was just timbers, a skeleton ready to burn.
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oakland mary libby shaf spoke what was on many people's minds this morning, could it be arson? >> we know two recent fires on the emeryville/oakland border were confirm as arson and that's incredibly disconcerting to us. >> reporter: they suspect the motive was use of non-union labor. some neighbors believe anarchists set the blaze. he posted on his facebook page, burning house under construction doesn't make oakland housing more affordable, only speeds up displacement of residents. we were told the company recognized the dangers and took steps to protect the project. >> partners added security on this, there were several officers around the house, there were security cameras. >> reporter: the alameda joint arson task force is on the case, adding the project to a list under construction that burned, several in the past year. fire officials fielded about one
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possible sign of arson, did it have multiple points of origins. >> we have trained individuals looking at evidence to ensure they leaf no stone unturned to understand what the cause of the incident was. >> reporter: wood partners is talking to investors to determine if they will try to rebuild after this horrible setback. >> it is too soon to say what will happen. we are big believers in oakland and in this neighborhood and the community. >> i also spoke off camera with several builders who work in the area. they're frustrated none of these recent arson cases has been solved. no one has been arrested. for the i-team, dan noyes, "abc 7 news." we are tracking three large grass fires across california tonight. the 3,000 acker alamo fire in san louis obispo county is 10% contained and there are evacuation warning. in butte county the wall fire burned 1,000 acres, destroyed 10 holes and injured half a dozen people. in yolo county the winters fire has grown to nearly 2,000 acres
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and is 54% contained. evacuations there have been lifted. closer to home, sky 7 shows a park in san francisco that is scorched tonight. a fast-moving grass fire burned 23 acres in mclaren park and came dangerously close to homes as you can see in the crocker amazon area this afternoon. firefighters stopped it from spreading to those homes. no one was hurt. >> as we all know, as the temperatures rise so does the fire threat. >> yeah. "a 7 news" meteorologist sandhya patel is here to tell us more about how the weekend works. >> yeah, fire danger will remain elevated as we look here. red flag warning for east bay hills and diablo range until 9:00 tomorrow night. fire danger will remain high because of gusts up to 25 miles an hour and low humidity. we also have a heat advisory for the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains until 9:00 p.m. saturday. heat illnesses are possible so take it eelz in the heat. it was record-breaking heat today. san rafael 101 degrees,
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shattered previous record of 98. 90 in move et field. you can see plenty of 107s from fairfield to concord to cloverdale. 72 in san francisco, 101 in santa rosa. live doppler 7 showing the lack of fog, and that's why we're in for another blazing hot day. i will be back with the temperatures coming up. eric. >> all right. sandhya, thank you. new developments in a deadly hit-and-run that left two children dead in the east bay. the suspect, lemuel wilson jr., has been discharged from the hospital and is now in jail. to night we have new video of an officer escorting him to the martines detention facility. wilson is accused of driving under the influence on highway 4. this is video from the crash last week. police say he slammed into a family's suv and then left the scene. two children died in the wreck, five-year-old vin sent reyes and his 10-year-old brother lorenzo. >> a u.s. postal carrier is in stable condition after she was shot in her truck. the shooting happened in oakland
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near bankcroft avenue. oakland police say shooter fired several rounds and bullets went through the postal vehicle but the motive is unclear. >> we want speculate at this time if she was or wasn't the target of this shooting. >> this is a serious crime that we have a standing $50,000 reward. if anybody has any information, we would like them to contact either the oakland police department or postal inspectors. >> the postedal worker was shotn her hip. it is a federal crime. the postal inspection service is helping the oakland police department in its investigation. we are learning new details about a man's violent ram page on board an international flight. coming up, our first look inside the plane after the raging outburst against the crew. and cheating in the carpool lane. the elaborate lengths one driver took to skip the bay area's notorious traffic. plus, braving the heat. the return of near triple digit heat isn'tb&p
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breaking news right now from antioch where fire crews are battling a big apartment fire. it is happening on delta fair boulevard and we're getting word the flames have spread to a grassy area. three people have been taken to the hospital. four others have been treated at the scene. all for smoke inhalation. th fire captain tells us fireworks may have started this fire. you can keep up to date on the twitter @abc7newsbayarea. >> we are learning more about a brawl on a delta airlines flight. pictures show the damage on board. a passenger faces federal charges for punching a flight attendant. investigators say 23 year old joseph hudek tried to open an
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exit door in first class and attacked the flight attendant who stopped him. other suspects stepped in who help and hit the suspect in the head with wine bottles. >> the amount of bruising panld blood on the passengers who helped and the poor flight attendant, it was a pretty serious incident. >> it was headed from seattle to beijing. the incident forced the pilot to turn the plane around. a driver in santa rosa could not out smart the highway patrol. an officer pulled over a car in the carpool lane and found a dummy in the passenger seat. a real dummy. the officer said he knew the passenger was fake because it was too hot for anyone to be wearing a hoody. >> oh, that's what gave it away. >> good police work. happening now, a heat advisory is in effect for parts of the bay area this weekend. >> but that's not stopping people from taking advantage of these hot summer nights. "abc 7 news" katie utehs live in pleasanton. are folks out and about? >> reporter: i can tell you it is now comfortably in the low
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80s and thank goodness because it was 20 degrees hotter when we arrived this afternoon and people lined the block to get ice cream and cool off. in pleasanton there's an actual ice house. and outside of it some struggled to stay cool. in the more than 100 degree heat. >> just came out here for ice cream and going back inside. >> reporter: ice cream melts quickly in these conditions and sometimes so does your composure. meadow lark dairy workers try to keep everyone cool. >> non-stop, cars coming all the time. the walk-up line has been down the street. very busy ♪ i got my baby by my sides >> reporter: busy is how you can describe lions wayside park. >> we set it up at night so we have our spot in the shade. >> reporter: hundreds line the lawn with picnic blankets. >> we're waiting for the sun to go down. >> reporter: some are drawn to the sun. >> 100 degree heat, a little wine, nice music outside in the park, enjoying the afternoon. can't go wrong. >> life is good. >> reporter: life is good if you
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can manage the summer heat. >> it is water. >> reporter: with a spritz or spritzer in your neighborhood park. >> it does spray water. >> reporter: in pleasanton, katie utehs, "abc 7 news." all right. so the nights are comfortable, but the days, oh, still going to be a little tricky in the next couple of days. >> if by tricky you mean hot, here is sandhya. >> blistering heat is expected, eric and kristen. that fan with the water spraying, that comes in handy. check out the hour-by-hour temperatures. livermore tomorrow morning starting at mild at 65 degrees. look how quickly temperature also rise. by afternoon you are looking at 102 degrees. so, yes, it is going to be another hot day around our inland communities. not going to break up any time soon in terms of the heat. on sunday we will get relief, but don't worry. if you are going to the giants game at at&t park tomorrow evening against the marlins, you don't have torrey about it being too hot. the temperature will be about 60 degrees so ideal conditions for the ball game, dropping down to
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about the mid 50s and enough of a breeze in san francisco to keep you comfortable tomorrow evening. here is a live picture right now from our "abc 7 news" exploratorium camera. you can barry see the moon in the top part of the screen there. it is a beautiful view of san francisco. chrystal clear skies. no clouds, fog or rain on doppler 7. 80s, 90 inland, along the coastline you have 50s and 60s. a tough night to sleep. those of you who do not have ac, which is a good part of san francisco, the peninsula, not much of a breeze except when you go to the higher elevation also. a lovely view across the bay. hot inland, high fire danger. mild to warm for coast and bay and a cooler pattern sunday through tuesday. you will get a break from the heat but not immediately. here is your 12-hour planner for saturday. tomorrow morning clear and mild, temperatures 50s, 60s. look how quickly it warms up by noon away from the coast, and it is triple digit heat by 4:00
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p.m. hot inland, mid 60s coast side. heat hangs around as the sun is getting ready to set, at least away from beach else. temperatures tomorrow morning, i raised many of these areas. most of you will be pretty mild to warm. 60s, 70s even right near the coast though you will be in the 50s. tomorrow afternoon, here is a look at the temperatures in the south bay. 92 in san jose. a scorching 97 degrees in gilroy. 87 sunnyvale. on the peninsula you are looking at anywhere from the mid 70s in millbrae to 88 in palo alto, 91 loss at owes. mid 60s near the coast. the reason it will be mild near the coast is there will be a weak sea breeze like today. 64 daly city. one patch of fog trying to show up in the afternoon but models pulling. away. 71 downtown san francisco. 94 napa, triple dig i hads around ukiah. 80 in oakland, 87 in fremont. if you are inland it is shorts, tee shirt kind of weather. 103 in concord, 104 antioch, 102
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in livermore. yes, we will have the triple digit sizzle around but there's a place to escape it. santa cruz, 79. if you will be there on sunday, still beach weather. temperatures coming down and a cooler day on monday, 69 in the afternoon. morning will start out in the 50s with some fog. accuweather seven day forecast, no fog tomorrow. that's why it will be another blazing hot day inland. heat eases on sunday. low 60s to mid 90s. go to the typical range on monday, and then dropping you down to the 80s on tuesday with low 60s coast side. temperatures do come back u again wednesday through friday but not a big heat wave or anything like that. download the accuweather a and you can keep track of the temperatures, eric and kristen. >> yeah, baby wave. >> i'll go with that. sandhya, thank you. football and golf are coming together in the south bay. the d d
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check this out. this is the first for levi stadium. "abc 7 news" was in santa clara today where people were golfing. yes, golfing. stadium links has turned the venue into a golf course just for this weekend. the tees are actually in the stands, but the holes are on the field. a hole-in-one is possible but not easy as you can see. >> if you told me we were golfing inside levi stadium a year ago, i would kind of frown and look at you like you're crazy, but we put a hockey rink in here, too. >> well, that's an idea. even 49ers tight end teed off today. he actually grew up golfing but has never hit one from the upper deck of a football stadium. >> i think most golfers can probably say that. >> yeah. >> they've never hit a ball from the upper deck of a stadium. >> a novel idea. >> but in baseball, sometimes
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they hit balls to the upper deck of the stadium and not a good day. >> especially when their name is matt moore. >> especially playing against the giants, you probably don't want to see the tees. we are talking about the golden state warriors and the newest member of the warriors has explaining to give. coming up, why he says he hates dub nation. was it enough t
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the giants are immortalizing barry bonds. he's being enshrined on the wall of fame on saturday afternoon. the g men taking on the fish. a cool tank. stanton practicing for the home
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run derby. the jackson 24th of the. top three now, 5-0, the grounder goes off moore's glove. no problem. brandon crawford with the gold glove play there to get dan straley. moore couldn't get through the fourth. cory gearrin makes one mistake and a bin one. j. t. crushes it out of the yard 6-0. the giants get on the board in the bottom of the ninth. the splash-down for span, hisson tribute to bonds. they lose the final 6-1. the a's in seattle, is that elvis or elton john? i think elt john. markis siemian with first rbi since coming back from disabled list, a two run double down the line to score matt joyce and davis. a's lead 2-1. bottom of the inning, gives two right back. crews plays to run with rbi single, 3-2 mariners. after that, set down 11 straight. nice play by matt chapman on the
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broken bat. bottom of the eighth, the mariners beating up the a's pen. cruz with a three run homer, 300th of hills career. seattle beelts oakland 7-2 is the final. well, the warriors have one roster spot left after zaza pachulia agreed to a one-year contract this afternoon. the question is whether it will go to magee or someone else. today the warriors introduced former laker nick young, also known as swaggy p. last year you might remember he tweeted this out. i hate golden state fans. they don't know nothing about basketball. hey, nick, why were you hating on dub nation? >> i think my phone was hack or something. everybody, hacking is beige thing these days. i think so. >> it is the russians. >> i left my phone somewhere, and -- no, but, yeah, you know, that's my story. >> sticking to it, huh? >> i was hack! lonzo ball making his debut for the lakers. first time he touches the bal


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