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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 14, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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life or death. the man behind the university shooting has been sentence today life in prison. tonight, hear the messages from the victims' families. so inappropriate. so beyond the pale. the abc 7 news eye team reports and gets results. here who is outraged after we reveal the holiday photos that's supposed to keep our justice system fair. you can meet michael finney and ask questions directly. some problems he's already solved. live where you live. this is abc 7 news. from reaction to action. that's what's happening after the iteam shows mees pictures at an office party dressed up like
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prisoners. good evening, i'm dan ashley. i'm ama daetz. it was tuesday when the story aired. now jundges and lawmakers are airing and they're apologizing. dan noyes is back with the update to his exclusive investigation. >> the reaction has been swift and furious after our report was e-mailed to every sitting judge in the state. >> i was appalled. >> sacramento superior court judge is director of the alliance of california judges. she's shocked by what the eye team uncovered on tuesday. >> this is not anything any judge i know would ever tolerate. ever. >> i obtained photos of last year's halloween party of the california courts whose goal is access, fairness and diversity. they imitated the tv show "orange is the new black" turning their cubicles into --
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they painted their faces, one male employee appearing to imitate a transgender actress on the show. long time employee michael roosevelt tipped off the iteam saying it sends a dangerous message. >> black people, dark people, people are locks, they are to be feared. >> feared and ridiculed. >> feared and ridiculed. >> the alliance of california judges e-mailed the iteam investigation to every sitting judge in the state and called for accountability and transparency for the judicial council this rudderless and bloated bureaucracy. >> there is nothing funny to be made of lives being destroyed by crime, either as a defendant or as a victim. >> and we're going to call for an apology. >> in tuesday's report, i showed the pictures to reverend amos brown of the naacp. >> they don't see the prisoners as being human beings. they see it as being a fun
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thing. >> now the judicial council is apologizing calling the costume contest insensitive and unacceptable. our employees should be held to a higher standard where even the appearance of bias or prejudice is not permissible. also the legislative black caucus saying the racist actions are shameful and the california capital black staff association is horrified by the racist photos calling them hate speech that depicts dangerous stereotypes that haunted the black population in america since slavery. an e-mail to employees of the judicial council tried to explain away part of the controversy saying they didn't darken their faces which stirred up more angry reaction at the state capital. one day after this plane crash that killed a professor and seriously injured his two children and their nanny were beginning to learn what may have happened. 38-year-old william gold man was
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the grandson of richard and road a gold man who have given out prize money to environmentalists. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman is live from where the plane left yesterday with -- >> many questions. among them what happened between this airport and a field roughly a quarter of a mile away that would cause an airplane with a safety parachute to crash so fatally. >> reporter: when investigators from the faa and ntsb arrived at the crash site this morning, here's what they found. a crumpled sr-22 and descriptions of an engine failure from sonoma sky park. >> when the engine stopped, it became a glider. the nose was down. it looked really good. it was going straight ahead. i was just hoping to make a landing out in that field. >> instead, for reasons unknown, pilot bill gold man pulled the handle on a parachute designed
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to shave planes in distress. it worked on june 30th near davis when a pilot and passenger walked away after an engine failure. it did not work for a plane that may be 300 feet according to witnesses. >> did i see it flutter down? no. >> it needs about 1,000 feet to deploy. that's if you're lucky. >> san rafel -- luke made a case against cirrus after a similar crash. he cannot discuss the terms but says it has a flaw. >> it's used to deploy when you have a problem. the problem is it's aerodynamic characteristics are awful. >> they make a selling point of the built-in parachute telling us the cirrus aircraft, whole plane parachute system has been deployed 72 times over the last ears resulting in 148 saved lives who will return to their families. but as this coast guard video shows, deployment does not happen instantly. it takes a few seconds for it to
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deploy and for the plane to level. yesterday witnesses say this plane landed nose first with would the chute have made a difference at low altitude. the company says it can work at 400 feet. >> if you're straight and level. but you're not straight and level. or else why would you deploy the parachute. >> wayne freedman, abc 7 news. a disgruntled student from a university in oakland began firing at classmates and a receptionist killing seven people. one was sentenced to prison without the possibility of parole. lyanne melendez was in court today. >>a ma. it's been a long five years for the families. because juan was not able to understand what he had done. he was not competent to stand trial. it took years of medication and treatment to help him fully acknowledge his actions. >> hopefully, he'll be able to
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get forgiveness from his god. >> this man lost his wife doris. as other family members left the courthouse many felt the sentencing did little to lessen their pain. holding an ipad with pictures of her mother judith, she was in the courtroom as the judge imposed seven life sentences on this man seen here shortly after the school massacre. family members of the seven victims were allowed to address the court. michael howey called him a coward and said "you deserve everything coming to you and i hope you rot in prison." >> i'm not going to tell him to rot in jail. i go to church. i ask god for forgiveness. i think i should be able to forgive myself. >> in order to -- he pleaded no contest to all charges. he told police that he had gone to ikos to confront an administrator. he instead ended up shooting a receptionist and classmates
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before fleeing. the public defender said that he was very, very sorry and will carry the shame forever. for years, he was not deemed competent to stand trial. after being treated in a mental hospital, in may he pleaded no contest. >> for so long, i was always afraid that what if this never -- we never got a trial or this would never come to an end. i'm glad that it's finally come to an end. >> oikos university, which is a korean christian college is still operating and continues to have that nursing program. he was a student of the program as well as the victims. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. thank you. attorneys for the man charged with killing kate steinle say a government agency is preventing thim from calling a crucial witness. he allegedly used a gun stolen from a bureau of land management
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agent used to kill her. the federal agent is not subject to a state criminal court subpoena. >> there's a certain degree of arrogance on behalf of the blm which i have to ask you, do taxpayers want a federal agency to be working to try to stop us from calling a witness or not providing us with information? >> the defense can submit a special request for the agent to appear and the department of the interior will decide whether to grant it. today's promotion ceremony for oakland police officers and command staff attracted more attention than yush. >> protesters gathered outside to accuse those of covering up a recent sex scandal. >> laura anthony is live at police headquarters in oakland with the story tonight. laura. >> reporter: the ceremonies are usually low key affairs held for fellow officers and family. today, those being promoted were greeted by protesters. >> these demonstrators weren't
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here to congratulate oakland police officers, arriving for promotion ceremonies. quite the opposite. >> it is ridiculous that anyone can be promoted after covering up a sex scandal that involves a minor. >> two of opds command staff had been promoted despite the release of an independent report. the swanson report saying that they were instrumental in covering up the sex scandal involving an underage teen. abc 7 news identified the two now promoted to captain, and the new assistant chief. >> i would have suspended these promotions. >> jim shannon is an attorney for the plaintiffs in a negotiated settlement agreement where any reasonable suspicion of oakland police misconduct is supposed to be reported to the d.a. and a federal monitor immediately. the swanson report says opd brass knew about the sex abuse allegations but kept them under wraps for six months. >> maybe they shouldn't have
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been promoted, but the true facts are known by the city and their failure to tell people is not only unfair to knows two people, but it's unfair to all the people oakland who simply don't know all the facts of this case. >> he was very pleased with my selections. >> chief ann kirkpatrick says the promotions were approved by a federal monitor. but before the swanson report. >> could the promotions be reversed? >> certainly, that is an area that i would not want to step into today to speak on. again, those are larger, broader conversations. >> police and city leaders are due back in federal court in october to explain exactly what those steps will be. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. lowering the bar for future california lawyers. next, what prompted the state supreme court to get involved in how the bar exam is graded. plus -- >> union city is showing to the region how to do it right.
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>> watch and learn as one bay area city comes up with a solution that could help solve both housing and commute issues. i'm spencer christian. get ready for triple digit heat this exweekend. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. i'm michael finney. i'm at town center. we're holding an ask finney event. if you have a who are these people?
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breaking news in berkeley where police are asking for help finding a missing 5-year-old girl. take a look at her. she was last seen with her mother about 3:15 this
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afternoon. she was wearing a black shirt, black pants and gray tennis shoes and had short hair in twists. this is a picture of her mother. police say that davis has diminished capacity. the mother has two braids with black jacket and blue jeans. if you seen the two of them. call 911 immediately. go go with a orange tabby. beardsley, a black and white short hair. they were kidnapped and killed. the man responsible received the maximum allowed. it's a case watched closely by animal rights activists. chris nguyen has more. >> an accused cat killer -- >> robert farmer, i have waited 645 days for this moment to come. words cannot describe how i feel towards you. >> today at the hall of justice. 26-year-old robert farmer was
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sentenced to 16 years in jail for stalking, kidnapping and killing cats in san jose's neighborhood during a two-month stretch in the fall of 2015, after he pleaded not guilty to felony animal cruelty, one count of attempted felony animal cruelty and two misdemeanors. the defendant didn't address the court but prepared a statement that his attorney read on his behalf blaming meth for what he did. >> living in a car with feces, blood, urine, fur, what a mess. i now realize that my friends who identified me on video and detectives who arrested me saved my life. >> community members were puzzled by farmer's behavior. >> he has shown no remorse at all, nothing. i don't understand it. i really don't. this has affected me. i'm an animal lover. i just don't get it. >> farmer will get credit for time served and won't have to register as a sex offender, which is what the prosecutor had been pushing for. >> you don't have to be a human
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victim in order to matter. all crimes matter in this county and we'll prosecute all crimes to the fullest extent of the law. >> animal believing their work isn't over just yet. >> as citizens, it's our responsibility to protect the innocent. and the innocent goes beyond children. it's animals as well. >> many seeking closure. but some aren't sure he'll find it. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. it may get easier to pass the california bar exam, which is currently one of the hardest anywhere in the country. >> historically, a state's bar decides what merits a passing score. they wrote a letter asking to lower the threshold. >> in february and july. passing rates have been dropping the past several years. california supreme court agreed to review the threshold. a decision won't be made until september. but it will apply retroactively
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to people taking the next bar exam in less than two weeks, by the way. 7 on your side group is out in marin county answering your questions and solving probablem on the spot. >> let's check in with michael finney to see how it's going out there. michael? >> reporter: it's going great. it's warming up as spencer said. it's getting kind of hot out here. we're having a good time. got a lot of people out here right now. it's loud. like a party. we have got a question here. what's your name again? i'm sorry. >> camille. >> your question is? >> i'm going to college in the fall and i was wondering if i should buy my books from the bookstore or rent them online from amazon? >> that's a great question. >> do you know how much the average student spends on books? >> $1200 a year. >> wow. >> i don't want to spend that. >> no. that is a lot of money. >> here's the deal. when you rent, it's less money up front for sure. >> okay. >> you don't have to worry. if a textbook is still going to
7:19 pm
be used, ie, not a new edition when you turn it in. it's a safer bet. it can cost you ail little bit more. here's the math you have to do. look at on campus bookstore. there will be an off campus bookstore. renting generally is better now. think uber. nobody in your generation owns a car anymore. it's uber. thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> i appreciate it. >> we've been getting all kinds of questions. that's a great question, by the way. here today. drop on by. we're going to be here until 7:00. if you have a complicated consumer issue, we want you to come by, too. bring the paperwork and we'll get to work on it starting tonight. reporting live from town center, i'm michael finney. great job, michael. it's time to check on our weather. things are going to be scorching. >> here hitting the weekend with more hot weather. >> sunny skies across the bay area. as usual, we have the evening
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fog forming along the coastline and pushing out locally over the bay. it's pretty breezy as well. weave gusts to 25 miles per hour in oakland. 15 to 20 miles per hour winds generally across the area. here comes the fog as seen from the tower. this little blanket of fog pushing out over san francisco where it's 60 degrees. oakland 67. 73 in mountain view. 81 san jose. gilroy 78. here's the fog from emeryville. a lot of blue skies as well. it's 80 degrees in santa rosa. novato 79. 80 at fairfield. 87 in livermore. and one more view of the fog from mount tam looking on to the bay. these are the forecast features. heat advisory this weekend. inland temps, almost said island temps. above 100 degrees in some spots this weekend. a cooler pattern on monday. let's talk about the heat advisory.
7:21 pm
basically for the higher elevations. bay hills and mountains. from 8:00 saturday to 9:00 p.m. sunday, under intense heat like this. under overexposure heat i could say, could lead to heat-related illness. bear that in mind. take the sunscreen if you're going to be outside in the sunlight for very long periods of time. mainly clear skies except a little patchy fog and over the bay. low temperatures range from mid to upper 50s. mainly and here's our forecast animation. starting 11:00 tonight, whatever fog develops will disappear quickly tomorrow morning. we'll see high clouds passing over. however, they will not inhibit the warmup coming our way. we'll see highs tomorrow reaching 100 degrees at antioch. concord, livermore, 101 north of cloverdale. numerous other inland locations highs in the 90s. mid-80s around the bay and the beach forecast is looking pretty good too. we'll see partly cloudy conditions at the beach. a very high uv index. once again, apply the sunscreen and high of 82 degrees.
7:22 pm
now, let's take a look at the growing heat. on sunday the heat will peek with highs in numerous inland locations above 100 degrees. right around the bay, we'll see low to mid-80s and upper 60s on the coast. cooling begins on monday. temperatures drop rather sharply. by tuesday, most inland locations will not each 90 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll certainly see 90 and above tomorrow and sunday inland mid-80s around the bay. on monday, low 90s inland. low 630s on the coast. that pattern will hold for the remainder of the week. mild to warm next week but not heat. dan and ama. the aids walk san francisco is two days way. how could i forget. this sunday, golden gate park. it benefits dozens of local hiv and aids programs, such as project open hand, positive resource center. still time to register. call 415-615-walk or visit
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sf.aids walk sportsnet sportsnet. this picture outside
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okay, this is getting a little weird enjoy the go with charmin text "blades" to gillette on demand noo text to reorder blades... ...and get $3 off your first order with gillette on demand. the dow closed at a record high for the third day in a row.
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this week alone it's gone up 226 points. since january, it's seen a 9.5% increase. today the dow ended at 21,637. the nasdaq also gained. rising 38 points and the s&p added 11. a protest over sleeves unfolded on the steps of the u.s. capitol today. >> peninsula congresswoman jackie spier organized this event. they demanded their right to bare arms. they each wore sleeveless dresses. >> they're trying to get a rule to ban sleeveless attire for woman off of the books. >> when you're walking around and working in 95-degree weather wearing sleeveless attire makes for a more comfortable workday. >> i think they're silly rules made or designed by men, which is why it's so important that women are represented.
7:27 pm
>> house speaker paul ryan is working to amend the dress code to keep up with the times. the rule of jacket and tie for men, well, that may be ditched as well. a case of widespread vandalism in the east bay and the suspect may not be who you'd expect. >> what led police to arrest this substitute teacher for the racially charged crimes. plus -- >> the burning man temple is starting to take shape out of wood from an unlikely source. i'm jonathan bloom with where it came from on abc 7 news. we'll check with the crew out live until 7:00 p.m. you can visit michael finney at the cord a
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a missing girl who police say was taken by her mother. she was last seen this afternoon at 3:15. she was wearing a black shirt and black pants and gray tennis shoes and short hair in twists. police say her mother, davis, has diminished capacity. the mother has two braids and last seen wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. if you've seen these two, please call 911 immediately.
7:31 pm
the reaction to the release of the suspect. >> he is a former substitute teacher blamed for spray painting racist and anti-police graffiti. >> lonnie rivera tells us how he was caught. >> up and down the street, yes. ours had the anarchist sign. >> this berkeley resident remembers waking up june 28th to this scene. cars and homes tagged, including his property. >> police came and talked to me and said, you know, did you -- do you have any enemies or anything like that? it's like no. he started saying it's up and down the street. >> some of the slogans were racially motivated and derogatory. identified people by race. >> they arrested this 21-year-old at his home thursday night. they believe he's responsible for all 35 vandalism acts. last month, police arrested him after officers responded to a burglary. >> he was stopped for that
7:32 pm
reason because the description matched -- they were the only guys on the block at that hour. >> he was arrested for having an illegal knife which they found under a vehicle near where he was taken into custody the district attorney released him days later. he complained that police racially profiled him during his arrest and it says he's pre-law for social justice. >> i'm glad they caught the person. i don't know. it's very unfortunate for everybody that had it happen to them. champu is scheduled to be arraigned on vandalism and hate crime charges monday. in berkeley, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. you're looking live at the drive in san jose along 101. it's been a challenge to get commuters off freeways and on to public transit, of course. google is trying to develop a mega campus so employees won't need to drive.
7:33 pm
>> the concept isn't new. union city has been working on a transit oriented project for nearly two decades. it's located next to the union city b.a.r.t. station. >> david louie shows what some are calling a model project. >> it's not often you see tours like this. but interesting is high as a transit oriented neighborhood is shaping up. the city spent over $160 million to create parks and paths with b.a.r.t. affordable housing and other things have been built or are under construction. a rarely seen technique is being used to create the union flats apartment project. it's being built in pre assembled modules that could raise costs or -- >> in the bay area, they're fighting a difficult labor market. so we can't solve that, but we can help because there's a significant part of the work done in our factory and then
7:34 pm
transported to the job site here. all of the modules were crane set and erected in place in a matter of six to eight weeks. >> the next phase will create offices next to b.a.r.t. making it easy to take public transit. the density is critical. the managing partner of wind flower properties. >> it's a waste of land. if you have single family homes or town homes next to transit, like b.a.r.t. stations where we put millions of dollars of public investment in those stations. >> it's been close to 19 years since the concept was envisioned. it's soon becoming a model for others. >> this is the dream spot for the bay area. union city is showing to the region how to do it right. >> in union city, david louie, abc 7 news. russian american lobbyist with ties to soviet intelligence agencies says he also attended a june 2016 meeting with president
7:35 pm
donald trump's son seeking damaging information about opponent hillary clinton. the lobbyist confirmed to the associated press he was at the meeting with donald trump jr., a russian lawyer and music publicist. the lobbyist denies working as an intelligence agent, but he's believed to have had deep ties to soviet intelligence networks. >> think whether this person has an intel background or not, the message was very clear from the trump campaign, they welcomed the help of the russian government. >> the president returned to the u.s. from paris today, just in time to watch part of the u.s. women's open happening at the trump international golf course in bedminster new jersey. president trump will spend a weekend at his resort. it was a year ago when these images of a truck being driven in nice, france, on bastille day made headlines. 458 were hurt.
7:36 pm
french president macron will lead the commemoration tonight honoring the victims. tomorrow marks the anniversary of an attempted coup in turkey. nearly 250 people died and more than 9,000 arrested as a result. while many of the suspected participants remain imprisoned, the government scheduled several events to mark the anniversary. all right. we're only six weeks from the starting of burning man, the unconventional and uninhibited. draws thousands to the nevada desert where they create a temporary city. aun unlikely supporter of one of the central parts of the festival as seen from drone view 7. i'm michael finney live at town center, corte madera where we're taking your questions and concerns for the next 35 minutes -- 25 minutes. youu
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thousands of disney fans have flocked to the anaheim area for the d-23 expo, many in costume. others got a sneak peek at star wars land. it's disney's newest attraction
7:40 pm
planned for disneyland in california and walt disney world in florida. star wars will let fans create their own adventures. >> how do we find a way to pull them into a story that they can actually participate in and become their own part of the star wars universe? >> star wars land is supposed to open in 2019. disney imagineers tell us it's the largest single-themed land expansion in disney history. the walt disney company, of course, owns abc 7. today in oakland, a temple that will sit at the center of the burning manifest val is beginning to take shape. jonathan bloom found out this year it's being made from a different material that comes from an unlikely source. >> they're doing what some would call sacred work. >> it's a real honor to be a part of a project like this. the temple is an art piece but it's really more of a community service.
7:41 pm
>> to the community that assembles each year in the desert for burning man. for all the music, bright colors and flashing lights, the temple is something different. >> people are quiet in the space. it has power to it. and it's almost indescribable what people go through in that space. >> 98 and a quarter. >> the wood being precisely cut began its journey here along a road in toe wal mi county. >> trees died in an epidemic of bark beetles. >> years of drought left them unable -- >> cause a power outage, fall into a home. >> pg and e cut them down and donated them. it's not often a utility company is heard in the same breath of burning man. >> it's a unique -- >> it's important to the folks with burning man and important to us as well. >> drone view 7 shows the ponderosa pine being drilled
7:42 pm
into boards. >> we need eight of each. >> of course, one of the most significant parts of burning man is when all of this is burned down. that's why the artists say it's more important to use wood that would have otherwise gone to waste. >> to see it go up in flames, it's what makes it special. >> efforts spanning three months to build the temple here in oakland and label each board and take them all apart to reassemble in the desert far from a hardware star and far from home. >> it's a real struggle and it makes it fun. >> in oakland, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. we're going to have a mini heat wave this week. >> here's a live look over walnut creek. we'll see some of the warmest temperatures. spencer will be back to update the weekend forecast in just five minutes. next, we'll touch base with michael finney and 7
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hello i'm vincent, this is livingston that's tangella. this is our haunted house and every saturday night on kofy tv20 we present our show creature features where we show wonderfully horrible films and horribly wonderful guests. do join us, please? tonight our 7 on your side group is in marin county answering your questions and solving problems on the spot.
7:46 pm
>> let's head out to michael finney at the court madera town center to see how it's going. hi, michael. >> reporter: hi guys. a lot of people are dropping by and solving a lot of problems. shelly just arrived. she's from novato. she's got a question, a problem. what's up? >> we had a 2 1/2-year-old refrigerator and the ice maker went out in february. they've come to repair it three times. we have an extended warranty. now they are wanting to come a fourth time even though they've replaced all the parts. >> yeah. okay. look, there's a lemon law for everything in america. called the mug news on moss act. if you make a product, it must perform as you expect it to perform. for instance, if you have a chair, you have to be able to sit in it and a chair you have to be able to stand on it, how you expect it to perform. it's allowed to end. what's interesting, you're in the extended warranty realm. because that kicked in probably 90 days or a year in.
7:47 pm
>> i'm not sure. there might have been a one-year warranty and we extended to five years. >> got it. have they told you how many times they're going to fix it? >> no, they have not. >> okay. that is not a good sign, is it? >> no. three times, going on a fourth. i think you've dealt with that enough. why don't i pick it up from here. let's give them a call. let me read your contract. probably they have to replace it now at this point. because you've given them the extra money. it needs to operate. >> i like your plan. >> let's hang around. we'll give them a call and find out what's going on. magnus on moss act. it's good for almost everything you buy. we're going to be here until 7:00. come on by. bring paperwork if you have it. reporting live from town center. corte madera. >> good stuff. thank you, michael. from skyline to scotland, a group of actors counting on a last minutep them take their talents overseas.
7:48 pm
>> we introduced to the drama students about six weeks ago. they're so good they've been invited to the american high school theater in scotland. >> it's an expensive trip, though. they need to raise $10,000 in the next week. if you want to help, go to abc 7 and we'll tell you how to help. the bay area is a beautiful area. this picture was taken in big sur. abc 7 now is the picture. >> that is stunning. >> spencer has a look at the forecast. >> it's going to get warm too. here's a look at live doppler 7. clear skies mainly. a patch of fog over near the coast. we don't expect much of it to advance. lows mainly in the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow, get ready for heat. even with the presence of high clouds. highs inland, around 100 degrees. 80s along the bay, 630s on the
7:49 pm
coast. aids walk on sunday. golden gate park. it will get off to a cool but mostly sunny start. by afternoon, temperatures in the 60s here in san francisco. great weather for the walk. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. after two days of triple digit heat in the inland area this weekend, temperatures drop about ten degrees or so on monday and holding in a steady, more seasonable and comfortable pattern for most of next week. dan and ama? >> seasonal sounds good. thank you, spencer. on to sports. a lot to talk about. >> larry beil is here with that. >> steph curry having all kinds of fun on his summer vacation. fun in tahoe working on his golf game. sprinkling in some hoops and sprinkling in some hoops and footba
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steph curry and his dad dell love jump shots and golf. today they were both on the course for the american century championship in tahoe. he had his hands full today with the other celebrities. they were so relaxed in this event. packer quarterback aaron rodgers firing to steph. the tremendous diving catch. don't get hurt, steph. don't get hurt.
7:53 pm
it's his world right now. we're breathing steph's oxygen. the baby faced assassin. he almost knocked it in. nicely done. rodgers lives half the year in green bay. not sure how much time he has for golf. tied for third with john smoltz. sharks captain joe pavelski needed to sink this for eagle and the lead. just missed it. he's in second behind sox pitcher derek lowe. after a bogey on 17. has 13 points. he's 12 off the lead. caught up with jason kidd earlier today. asked the former cal bear who is the best and worst celebrity golfer. his answe similar to yours. >> you want me to do worse, that's quick. that would be charles. then who is the best? i'm going to have to go with, i played with his dad today. we can talk about steph and what he's done on the court. he does the same thing off the court. he's fun to watch playing golf.
7:54 pm
he plays this game at a very high level. steph and dell both with 13 points. the mini warriors playing up league play. dylan ennis goes for 35 points. had eight threes. the warriors win 109 to 100 and wrap up with a 2-4 record. officially introduced as a houston rocket today. paul traded from the clippers to houston. but somebody asking questions. forgot about that part. >> chris, with the lakers -- >> who? >> like an hour or two. >> the commissioner nixed that trade to the lakers. on to baseball. the giants open the second half of the season in san diego with johnny cueto on the hill. madison bumgarner officially back and starting tomorrow in place of matt cain. >> pablo sandoval designated for assignment by the red sox today. his time in boston is done. the red sox signed the panda to
7:55 pm
a five-year $95 million contract after 2014. they ignored his weight issues and his injury concerns. sandoval played less than a full season total in boston in 2 1/2 years. the sox will now eat the $49 million left on panda's deal. meanwhile, the a's, they start back up at the coliseum against cleveland tonight with sonny gray scheduled to pitch. another affirmed he's scheduled to start. it's possible there's a -- cubs and twins among those interested. gentlemen's semifinals, roger federer tied for the all-time mark with seven wimbledon championships. trying to get a chance for number 8. fed took the first set against berdych and the second set tie break now. federer in the far court. check out the crosscourt winner. makes he it look so easy as he takes the second set. federer the 3 seed in control in
7:56 pm
the third. another winner there. 35 years old. federer winner 7 hfr 6 -- sam querrey taking on cilic. he has him off balance. gets the drop shot winner. match point for cilic. and he wins in four. so he will take on federer in the finals on sunday. imagine, pablo sandoval gets $49 million to leave. i dream of that deal. i dream of it, ama and dan. >> might not get that much. thanks, larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. we know how long it can take to get a parking space in san francisco. did you know the real cost of searching for the perfect spot? that's at 9:00. the search is on for the man who abandoned this dog in the east bay. on abc 7 news at 11:00, the vets working to nurse this neglected
7:57 pm
pup back to health. coming up tonight at 8:00, it's shark tank. at 9:00, what would you do? and at 10:00, it's 2020. tonight hear from some of the people involved in the las vegas robbery that put o.j. simpson in prison. we'll get their perspective days before simpson goes up for parole. jimmy kimmel live tonight actor chadwick bozeman and tatiana mass lan i. a few thoughts about what really matters. something special happens on sunday. thousands of caring people will gather in golden gate park once againor an annual act of kindness, caring and love. aids walk san francisco is an event that this station has been proud to support for more than a quarter century. i personally have been honored to be closely involved as a spokesman and emcee during that time. i'll never forget more than 20 years ago sitting on the day is looking at 25,000 people who
7:58 pm
came out on a sunday morning to make a difference. as i looked at that sea of people, i was filled with pride to be part of an event and part of a community doing something so amazing and so good. all these years later, those people and this community continue on raising money, awareness and something else just as vital. hope. hope that an end to the devastation, aids and hiv has caused to so many people we know, love and care about is perhaps nearing an end. the medical progress since the first aids walk in 1987 is literally life-saving and the impact of the tens of millions of dollars the walk has raised over those years is incal kubl. we'll do it again sunday. i hope you join us. i always love to hear from you. follow me on twitter and facebook. all right. that is this edition of abc 7 news. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. i'm dan ashley. i'm dan ashley. see you tonight.
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
wow. what are you working on again? oh. geophysical survey. i have that presentation. i'm just, uh, going through the calibration procedures for a well bore. (chuckles) you know, when we got married, i thought i was the smart one. (laughing) it's--it's not that funny.


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