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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 18, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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personnel he says he saw the fire come through the hill in front of his home and ready to go if the flames move closer. >> we could be ready to go at any time. >> reporter: they say more than 10,000 people are without power and at least 100 power polls have been damaged by the fire. deputies from nearby counties were called in to help get people out safely as the blaze
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continues to get larger by the hour. many do service yosemite national park. they say several people are here to assist with this emergency. however, it's still too dangerous as far as the cause of the fire, that's still under investigation. i'm natalie granda, abc 7 news. >> keeping tabs on the weather conditions. >> we get a satellite first because the plume of smoke is so thick and wide you can see it from space. there it is all blowing from the north and east under a southwest wind. it can pick up on the smoke particles and that's what you're seeing right now. we you can see that smoke just about 10,000 feet in the
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atmosphere. as it pushes thuf north and the east. the problem is the wind. it's not necessarily the speed. it will be breezy around 10/say 12 miles an hour. it's so erratic it starts out of the north and switches to the south and will switch to the west. let's take a closer look at our forecast here in just a few minutes. >> the search is on for a missing boater after rescuers found a motor boat off murin county. crews recover the boat today near the hog island company. they say the missing man is a 70-year-old employee of the oyster bay company. his boat was found empty and running in circles on the water. chp and coast guard are all taking part by boat and air. they'll resume first thing at daylight. the victim of an attack on a
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bart train in aperal. here with more on the story. >> i'm here to encourage you to take safety on bart seriously. >> reporter: rusty and his family were victims that coliseum bart station in april. a crime captured by the new surveillance cameras. mages they want released to the public. >> it's my understanding is they don't have a policy for releasing video. they knew all these cameras were coming online this summer. how can they not have a policy in place for something that's coming online? >> we don't want to jeopardize someone who did something horable to a victim and we'll be discussing it further. >> in the meantime bart has seen an increase in at least one violent crime, rape. there have been seven so far
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compare would four for all of last year. >> releasing the data can only help us identify the problem areas and develop solutions. >> we need more officers. >> though 82% of bart's 134 officers are currently on patrol, he says the system is nearly 100 officers short of full -- increase our efforts and hopefully drive that number up. they'll consider new policies around the release of surveillance and crime data in general. laura anthony, abc 7 news. and last night police say three, maybe four teenagers attacked a passenger at the bay fair station in san leandro. they made off the phone and laptop. the victim suffered cuts to his face. a brazen burglary at a verizon store lands two men in jail.
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chris nguyen shows you what the burglars almost got away with and how they were caught red handed. >> reporter: from sky seven you can see a hole cut into the verizon store. >> they had to know exactly where everything was and where to cut. it's crazy. >> reporter: on steven's creek boulevard they were surprised by the break in. >> it's really nice. i'm just shocked. who would ever thought? >> reporter: yesterday morning two men originally made off with devices totaling $100,000 worth of merchandise. >> they were able to disthat i believe surveillance system, the alarm and that will be part of the investigation to look at their history and see where they came from. >> but they didn't get far. they found them holed off to the side of the road just 10 minutes
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away from the side othe burglary with apple devices all over the backseat. this picture shows all the items recovered. 40-year-old nguyen of san jose is being held at the county jails. he is already bailed out. in a statement, a verizon spokes person said the safety of our employees and customers is our utmost priority. we appreciate the efforts of local law enforcement to help solve thi crime. >> there's crazy people out there that are willing to go lengths to get what they want. >> reporter: for some a sense of protection now gone. >> a san francisco police are looking at surveillance video after a group they describe as 10 rowdy teenagers attacked and robbed a man just before 7:00
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last night at van ness and mccal isster. she boarded a bus just after a 27-year-old man. the group blocked him. he was eventually able to leave and board a bus. they punched him several times and stole his cell phone. and abc 7 news showed up after a mob of teenagers robbed a woman tonight. you'll see how abc 7 news helped reunite the stolen property with its owner on channel 7. we are working on the story as we speak. just one week ago bike share expanded to the east bay. but already several bikes have had their tires slashed. jonathan bloom has more on how those running the program respond and why they say it's happening. >> reporter: a week ago oakland celebrated the arrival of bike sharing but the latest
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development is nothing to celebrate. >> the bike share station, the tires got slashed. >> reporter: education director said workers were on scene replacing the bikes in 30 seconds. >> they're really responsive. >> reporter: but that wassant the end of it. two stations on 17th street were hit. they wasted no time. >> the tire husband had been slashed. we replaced those bikes within 90 minutes. >> the operation is a well oiled machine but there's another reason they were so fast. they were expecting this. >> this is standard in cities across the country. people tamper with them. >> reporter: he admits there's ill will toward the bikes. >> wie have heard people don't like the ford logo. >> reporter: they the backers acknowledge at least one have told thoem -- the latino cultural district has big plans
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for 24th street. >> we're trying to make this into a china town or japan town. >> reporter: the counsel president sited studies that show low income residents are less likely to use bike share and more likely to miss the parking. go bike helps to change the statistics offering them a one-year membership and -- east bay wants to get the word out. it's not just for the wealthy. >> it's going to get more people on bikes, more people to support local businesses. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> well, stay with me. coming up xt, san francisco is getting ready for legal marijuana. it's plan to dole out a marijuana frenzy. also your car seat can probably tilt, recline and slide back but probably can't do it like this one can. a future at the look of cars.
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meteorologist drew tooma will be ba noo
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the san francisco board of supervisors is talking about creating an office of cannibis. it would over see the process
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for permits to adults for recreational use which becomes legal state wide in january. lawny rivera has more. >> reporter: spark dispensary looks more like a high tech coffee house. medical marijuana orders are placed by touch screen in keeping with the times, the shop is looking into selling recreational pot. san francisco city supervisors are considering a new office to handthal anticipated demand. >> so the idea is how are we going to manage that growth? what's the right number? what's the right amount for san francisco? >> those questions prompted supervisors to propose legislation to cap the number of dispenseries at three of the exelse rr neighborhood. >> the idea there's going to be this explosion of -- that's not
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going to happen. >> reporter: supervisor says it makes sense for existing dispensaries to get priority when it comes to recreational permits. >> they've gone through the process. they've been authorized by the planning department. the operators have had their backgrounds vetted. >> reporter: critics argue the new office may add more red tape with fees and legal hoops. they say some are intended to fund the office's operating budget. the goal is to have a single point of contact to manage business owner's questions and potential public complaints. in san francisco, abc 7 news. well, in most bay area cities or towns, you will find plenty of ads for short-term rentals like airbnb. today in marine county, the board of supervisors began looking at rules for unincorporated areas.
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>> reporter: where to stay in murin county and where to stay? you'll find so many options. today on the board of supervisors, they found a few more. >> the only thing standing between me and living under a freeway over pass is airbnb. >> the county enters a debate about whether to regulate or not short-term rentals. there are as many options as people who rent their homes. victoria hamilton rivers is in favor of regulation. somebody targeted back to the neighborhood said where residents knew renters as intruders. >> right now -- >> reporter: roughly 15 of 160 homes go to short-term renters who beach comb. but how many vacation rentals
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are too many? >> there's one street where there's one permanent resident. all the others are vacation rentals. that kind of destroys the neighborhood. >> reporter: today's hearing the beginning of a process and eventually a policy. >> i think what the county's come to realize is they have to regulate it because it's uncontroemed now. >> they come with wallets full of money and they spread it all over the place. it's a win-win. the government should stay out of this. >> the board will be getting back to them. abc 7 news. >> and we'll get back to you when we find out more. let's touch base again on the full forecast. drew's watching the fire lines and in the bay area. a warming trend is not too far behind. live doppler 7, minimal coastal
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cloud cover at this hour a live look outside. not cloud from this vantage point and as we take a look at the next six hours in the morning. around 6:02. by 9:00 it's starting to evaporate and tons of sunshine and really a sunshine for most away from the coast once again tomorrow af let's hear that 24 hour temperature change. it's pretty dramatic. five degrees cooler in nuvaudo and napa. so numbers right now no excessive heat really. 50s and 60s in most spots at this hour. 64 in san jose right now. 56 that number in half moon bay. 57 in san francisco. and concord currently with a number of 74 degrees. a lot of 50s on the board.
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minimal patchy fog. we have the north bay and the south bay. really good visibility. 57 overnight in san jose. 54 in oakland. and 54 that number in vallejo. we look at the 12-hour planner on yr wednesday. and it's really sunshine for most. even we'll see a little bit of sunshine on the coast. 60s the name of the game along the coast. so highs on your wednesday. take a look. about 90 that high in concord. 81 in san jose. 67 that number in san francisco. 82 in napa. and a really comfortable 75. if you're headed to the beach, we'll have cloud cover early on but sunshine will dominate the afternoon landscape on your wednesday. 62 that afternoon high in ocean beach. your ocean temperature at about
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55 degrees. i just want to jump ahead. it's a saturday because the next seven days this is going to be our warmest day and right now how it looks, it's not the feature the excessive widespread heat. it's located away from the coast. into the north bay we go. wouldn't be surprised if we have one or two spots hit the century mark but that's about it. it's not too bad. most spots will hold in the 70s, if not low 80s. let's plan the next seven days. mild to warm on your wenlz. it's a seasonal change. by saturday numbers are going to jump a bit. by sunday we're turning down the heelt a little bit inland and on monday and tuesday those numbers will gradually -- >> and then we're cooling off into the weekend. >> 108 or whatever. well, coming up next why wall
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street gave netflix rave reviews
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a mixed day for the markets. the dou dips nearly 55 points, ending down for a second day in a row. nasdaq closing at a new record high of 63/44. netflix moving up 21 points, nearly 14%. the stock boost comes a day after netflix's latest earnings report. the company saw its best second quarter gain in subscribers for the first time its international subscriber base is now larger than its u.s. base. netflix is investing a lot of money, so much it's actually not
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making a profit but says it has no plans to raise monthly prices in the near future. a new airline is about to take off from san jose's airport. as frontier airline said announced new service starting this fall the discount carrier will operate nonstop flights to austin and san antonio next spring. introductory fairs as low as $29 each way. an san jose city leaders are thrilled. >> this is another recognition that -- of the importance sillicon valley has become to the region and businesses and so we're excited and delighted. >> san jose is among the 21 cities it willed a to its roots next spring. what comes next in the effort to repeal and replace obamacare. you're going to hear the new plan and the dispayment at the
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white house. and a man celebrating 75 years not -- on the job. and he has no plans to retire. and the traffic stop that turned into a marriage proposal. into a marriage proposal. abc 7 news at 9:00 continue
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the roles you play in life are parlet's dance grandma! you. and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with nutritious calories 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals. that was the best one ever! giving you the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. and finish! from the number one doctor recommended brand... ensure, always be you. live where you live. this is abc 7 news. and good evening once again. we'll begin with the effort to repeal and replace obamacare. senate majority leader says republicans will try to move forward with a plan to repeal but not replace the affordable care act next week. in the meantime president trump was visibly frustrated and disappointed today. it was one of his major campaign
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promises of course and he's lashing out. chief white house correspondent, jonathan carl. >> reporter: the president's top legislative priority is dead and it was republicans who dealt the fatal blow. that white house today we asked him about it. >> are you angry at the republicans who came out against this health care bill? >> disappointed. very disappointed. i'm certainly disappointed for seven years i've been hearing repeal and replace from congress and i've been hearing it loud and strong and when we finally get a chance to repeal and replace, we don't get a chance. >> they voted 60 times to repeal or replace part obamacare. >> and we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. we will do it and we will do it very, very quickly.
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it is a catastrophe. >> you're going to have such great health care at a tiny fraction of the cost and it's going to be so easy. shortly before he suggested he would be able to repeal and replace in a flash. most likely on the same day or the same week. >> reporter: but it didn't take long to see it wouldn't be so easy. >> nobody knew health care could be so complicated. >> reporter: in may the president brought some 200 republican members of congress to the white house to celebrate when repeal and replace passed the house. >> hey, i'm president. can you believe it? >> but after that the president let senate republicans take the lead. as the opposition flooded into
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town hall meetings and protests. it was just after a dinner with a handful of republican senators who support the bill where he learned two of their colleagues had just announced they'd vote no. this morning he tweeted most republicans were loyal, terrific and worked really hard. >> well, they were not disloyal. they had their own reasons. i was very surprised when the two folks came out last night because we thought they were in fairly good shape. >> reporter: and now he says his plan to repeal obamacare failed and none of it is his fault. >> and let obamacare fail. it will be a lot easier. we're not going to own it. i can tell you the republicans are not going to own it. we'll let obamacare fail and then the democrats are going to come to us and say how do we fix it? >> reporter: jonathan carl, abc news the white house. and then there's this. a white house spokesperson has said president trump had a
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previously undisclosed conversation with vladimir putin at the g 20 summit in germany after their official sit down. the two spoke for about an hour with only a translator in attendance. they say the meeting was a breach of protocol. the president reacted with this tweet. fake news story of secret dinner with putin is sick. all g 20 leaders and spouses were invited by the chancellor of germany. press knew. there is a new revelation about that controversial meeting at trump tower during the campaign. we knew the president's son, soin in law and, his campaign chief and a russian american lobbyist were all there. there's abc's chief investigative correspondent. >> a new revelation about that meeting at trump tower. after he was told she had dirt on hillary clinton direct from
9:35 pm
the russian government. a president's son says he's been transparent. but tonight the ever changing story changes again. the meeting first described as including five people, then seven people. today had an eighth person added to the roster. there was the russian lawyer who didn't know frump was the nominee. the russian-born american lobbyist and now a russian born businessman named ike who gained notoriety but was not charged in an investigation of money laundering in the year 2000. at the time he called it a witch hunt. now an kpisk executive for the russian billionaire who helped set up the meeting. >> i've probably met with other
9:36 pm
people from russia. not in the contex of a formalized meeting or anything like that because why would i? >> abc news new york. >> the search intensified today for a man swept away in a deadly flash flood in arizona last weekend. crews with dogs and a drone combed through huge clumps of mud and other debris along a two-mile stream bed looking for this man. a down pour killing nine people including members of one's family. brandon west survived after being swept away over three water falls while desperately trying to hold on to his dog. >> i was so physically exhausted i couldn't hold him anymore. he ripped from my arms. >> lucky lived up to his name. he also survived, suffering cuts and bruises just like his owner but tey made it. let's move on to something
9:37 pm
different. really amazing story. now the airline employee celebrating 75 employees on the job. he's living a history of american aviation and today the airline rolled out a giant surprise. here's news reporter david curlen. >> reporter: he starts work before 5:00 a.m. in a job he started at american airlines 3/4 of a century ago. it's an accomplish celebrated today at jfk hanger. blackman was just 16 1/2 years old when he started, on the flying boats all the way to high tech jet liners. >> i say thank you for another day and i go to work. >> he got a service pen, gifts and something special. >> simply the best. a triple 7 named for him, adorned with his signature.
9:38 pm
then 75 blackman around new york. an anniversary celebration, not retirement. >> you stay home and watch the television. that's not my style. >> blacky's style? back on the job tomorrow. >> way to go. well, now to a man who used the long arm of the law to propose to his girlfriend. it happened in grapevine texas. police dispatcher steven smith set it all up with his buddy on the grapevine police force. he pulled her over and told her there was a warrant on the car. he got down on one knee and proposed. after saying you lied, she said yes. well, coming up next the car of the future. the car seat can probably tilt, recline and slide back in your car but boy, you can't do this. we're going to look ahead to dies when you're sitting ahead in the driver's seat does not. who are these people?
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when autonomous cars take over driving for us one day, the interior may change dramatically. they're already turning their attention to the inside of those
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vehicles. david louie gives you a first look at an attention getting model. >> okay. the steering wheel may be going away. what is a driver to do on a long commute? >> you don't have to drive anymore. so your attention will turn inwards towards the cabin and that's going to be similar and compare thoobl experience you have in your own home. >> reporter: with a touch of a button the interior can configure it sfl into a lounge and moving the front seats back. they recline so you can enjoy a movie or video playing in the front. >> the vision for lounge mode was to create an environment similar to your living room. so the idea was to put you in your livingroom before you arrive home. >> and you can now pull out the try that you can work together
9:44 pm
or separately. >> as we see industrial dekleiners focus on autonomous vehicles. the concept came from focus groups. then they spent a year turning them into a working model. >> sometimes the consumers are a few steps behind. we have to be aware of what's acceptable or comfortable for the consumer. >> in sunny dale, david louie, abc 7 news. >> meteorologist drew tooma will be back in just a moment. and how to get a better deal on a car by going ouft state.
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car sales in the united states are down more than 2% from a year ago. dealers struggling to get cars off the lot and for some customers, the best way to save may be to cross state lines. chief business correspondent has more. >> reporter: tonight it's summer buying season for used cars and going the distance could save you thousands of dollars on that dream ride. >> i finally figured out what car to get. >> reporter: it's called fly to buy. traveling out of state to purchase and driving home in your new car. how far would you travel to save $2,000 to save on that car? >> probably pretty far. >> say you're in a market for a 2015 ford mustang. they crunched the numbers, even factering in air fair and travel
9:49 pm
costs. if you live in albany new york it will cost you more than $20,000 but travel to miami and car guru's estimates you can have it for $18,000. a savings of more than $2,000. but buyer beware, purchasing a car out of state can make registration back homeore complicated. be sure to double check local emissions standards and sales taxes, which you pay to the state where the car is registered. rebecca jarvis, abc news new york. and if you're thinking about buying a car in another state, o the dmv warns it must meet the strong smog laws before it can be registered in our state. meteorologist drew tooma is tracking it for us. just to the east we're dealing with severe weather. tracking intense showers and
9:50 pm
storms and this has been several days of rain across arizona. in fact we have video. the chopper's in the air. look at this. this is a rain shaft from a thunderstorm in the phoenix area and this is part of a weather pattern. we'll show you what we call the ring of fire. bringing extremely hot conditions there. you see showers and storms erupting around it. this thing's not moving anywhere anytime soon. going to be dealing with showers and storms at least the next two days. temperatures overnight in the 50s. the accuweather seven-day forecast will show you it's a steady pattern. but then things will change on
9:51 pm
saturday. get a real fast warm up that will quickly cool off by the early part of next week. saturday one hot day really. >> thanks, drew, very much. abc sports director larry beale is here. > the giants do not have the ring of fire. no. just kind of trying to widal stuff together to make spark. giants make a couple of costly errors and when hits are so few and far between, these 50s are welcome.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> yonder alonzo was not in the line up tonight. just a night off against a lefty. he figures to be dealt before the july 31st deadline. a's and rays. bottom of the first.
9:55 pm
they call chris davis crush and this is why because that ball is crushed deep to center field. 36-year-old chris smith, just his second major league start. fans three, cory dickerson disagree would the call. a's up 2-3 in the ninth. can't close and scored on a single to make it 3-3. casilla allowed another run. smith -- that victory is gone. and they lead it 4- -- in the 9 ths. making the ice cream floats for the fans. proceeds going to the a's community club. and also there abc 7an mike nico had the early shift as the weather department well represented. drew tooma, no root beer for
9:56 pm
you. >> he says he's lactose intolera intolerant. >> they looked like that might be the best move of the night -- brandon belt -- 1-0. brandon guy. i got it, i got it. nunez made the to second on the error. buster posey base knock up the middle. nunez slowed around third for some reason. ends up scoring to make it 1-1. congratulations. what were you thinking there? 1-1 giants threatening and not trying to pull it off. steph curry not the only family member with athletic talent. throwing out the first pitch at the stompers minor league game. let's take another look. we'll call it about a strike.
9:57 pm
curt cousins has all the world with the washington redskins and he is playing them like a fiddle. going to be a free agent when he will be free to sign with the 49ers and his old coach, buddy kyle shanahan. but in the meantime one more year in washington. doesn't want to be a lame duck teammate. cousins explained why he has not signed an extension with the skins, all the while pledging his devotion to a team that has doubted whether he was worth qb money. >> i could play for the redskins the next 10 years on one-year deals. i just think one-year deals is not the best option. by no means does it mean i've tried to look away. my mind is on gathering more information and seeing where we are. >> yesterday former nfl quarterback, michael vic said he
9:58 pm
would be able to get signed if he cut his hair. vic tried to back track but he tweeted out the definition of stockholm syndrome where those kidnapped feel sympathy for their captors. sergio going for his second major of the year. phil mickelson won it back in 2013. the defending champ took the claret jug jet skiing last year. he promises something a bit more extreme if he wins it again this year. i've made an official promise if i ever win the claret jug again i'm going sky diving. i don't know which is harder. that thought scares me a little bit. >> not sure that's what they have in mind for the claret jug
9:59 pm
across the pond. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. does the jug get its own shoot or does he just hang on? >> coming up tonight at 11:00, a story you will see only an abc 7 news. our abc 7 news camera is rolling seconds after a woman is robbed on muny. up to the minute information on this unfolding disaster forcing an entire town to evacuate. join us over on channel 7. that is our report for drew tooma, all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see you over on channel 7. bye for now.
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narrator: today on corrupt crimes... santa cruz, california is the laid-back home of endless summers, surfing, and a sadistic serial killer. hitchhikers are being picked up,


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