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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 20, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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live where you live this is abc 7 news. >> the smoke was not here an hour ago. >> more people are ordered out as firefighters battle a huge blaze just outside yosemite national park. the fire has now destroyed 99 structures. 50 of those are homes. thank you for joining us. 5,000 people are out of their homes. and new evacuations were ordered just a few hours ago.
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the fire has spread to 75,500 acres which is more than twice the size of san diego to give you perspective. laura anthony is in the fire zone. >> despite an aggressive air attack and the efforts of thousands of firefighters on the ground, the det weller fire now consuming more than 70,000 acres, including this, the 76-year-old, the little church in the hill, in the tiny hamlet near mariposa. >> in the end it's going to continue to grow. we need people to understand that. this fire is weather driven, terrain driven and fuel driven. >> there are at least two dozen homes amid the structures destroyed by the fire and at least two firefighters working on the frontlines have suffered minor injuries. >> it's a mess. one of our friend's clarence, he
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just lost h house. it burned down. >> reporter: many won't know for a while as the major fire areas remain closed. this couple, tourists from russia were among those turned around. >> are you going to go? >> no. because it will be very dangerous. that is why we decided to go to -- >> reporter: despite a mandatory evacuation order, the owners of this coffee shop came in to check on things and serve a few customers. coping the best they can with the reality around them. >> i know they can do anything they can to save town and we've lost our shop before, unfortunately six years ago. came around the corner and the whole block was on fire. it's just stopped. >> the fire came down through the middle of our ranch. >> they had to evacuate from their ranch in cathy's valley. >> this is probably the worst
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fire we've ever had and it's nowhere near over yet. >> and you can see lot of activity where we are. this is what we've been seeing all day. this is a helicopter that's been making water drops. we've seen the big tankers dropping the retardant. firefighters telling me that they tried to take advantage of the weather today, cooler temperatures, the winds for the most part have stayed down and the humidity is high. it's supposed to stay that way tomorrow but the concern is what will happen over the weekend when things are supposed to get warmer and dryer. laura anthony, abc 7 news. just look at this. it's so massive you can see it from space. noah satellite captured the imagery of the fire last night. you can see the huge cloud of smoke rising up from the middle of the state there from the national oceanianic and atmospheric association. the wind and the heat could make this a more difficult battle. for more let's check in with
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meteorologist sandy atell. >> reporter: it's still breezy in the area. 74 degrees near the fire lines. relative humidity is slowly coming up. the north wind gusting to 8 miles per hour. so the wind has shifted and this is what's going to make this firefight even more difficult. remaining breezy at 10:00 p.m. gusting to about 16 miles per hour out of the north. tomorrow the wind switches direction again. which will make that fire fight difficult. air quality a concern, smokey skies prompting an air quality alert which cover as good portion of the central part of the state. this is from earlier today. you will notice that plume of smoke really just stretching across this area here. smoke will be a concern. it's going to get hotter over the weekend and as the temperatures sore this weekend, the humidity is going to plunge.
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you can find out changes to the abc 7 news app. just remember to enable push alerts. in the los altos hills, they were in an effort to prevent fires and actually started a fire this afternoon. county fire crews immediately called for additional help, including water dropping helicopters to put out the flames, which they managed to do in short order. a boy was air lifted to oakland 's children's hospital after he was shot in richmond. sky 7 was over head as the victim arrived just after 7:00. couple hours ago the chp says its helicopter flew the boy there. crime scene tape could be seen out sad home near chesly avenue. we have calls into the contra costra county sheriff's office.
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o.j. simpson will leave a nevada prison in the coming months. simpson has served more than eight years for a robbery. abc news reporter has more from lovelock, nevada. >> reporter: o.j. simpson soon to be a freeman. >> i do vote to grant parole. >> thank you. >> reporter: the 70-year-old dressed in prison blues pleading to the board after serving nine years of his 33-year sentence here at love lock correctional center. >> i'd just like to get back to my family and friends. >> reporter: testimony from one of the men simpson is convicted of robbing in 2007 in this las vegas casino and what the nfl hall of famer maintained was an attempt to maintain some of his personal memorabilia. >> time to go home to his family and friends.
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this is a good man. he made a mistake. >> reporter: many asking to factor in the 1995 murder of ex-wife micoal brown and ron goldman for which he was infamously acquitted. but board members did consider his perfect record as a prisoner and his testimony. >> i'm sorry it happened. i'm sorry to nevada. >> reporter: in making their unanimous decision. and simpson told the board he plans to move to florida when he's released from this prison. the soonest that could happen is october 1st. santa cruz sheriff's depuseies are looking for a suspect in an attempted murder. the sheriff's office says he is a suspect in a shooting that happened early this morning after an argument. the victim was shot in the face. they say he will survive. if you see this guy, please call
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the police. of course he may be armed. the san mateo county district attorney has decided he will not file charges against officers who shot and killed a man on highway 101. it's been nearly three months since they encountered a car jacker on the side of the highway. now for the first time we're seeing and hearing what led officers to fire those fatal shots. melanie woodroy went through the footage with investigators. >> reporter: for the first time the san mateo office is sharing this dash camfootage. during the busy rush hour commute on highway 101 northbound at highway 92. he hold as gun as commuters drive by. >> he had been drinking heavily and using methamphetamine heavily. >> reporter: pointing the gun at
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her and demanding her keys. she complies, then calls 911. three chp officers are espond, ordering him to drop the gun more than 60 times. >> drop the gun, drop the gun. >> reporter: in english and in spanish. the commands so loud -- >> there were people on the other side of the sound wall who heard the yelling repeatedly of drop it gun, drop the gun. >> reporter: a witness shared this footage of officers with their weapons raised, then arosco make as move. >> he raises it up as if he's visually inspecting whether he has a live round. >> reporter: as he points the gun at officers, all three shoot. two of which fatally wounded. >> s >> reporter: the inspector says hiz gun was loaded with a live
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round in the chamber. uc berkeley may be the home of the bears but that hasn't stopped a mountain lion from visiting. they say a mountain lion was spotted east of the campus a few blocks south of the u.c. berkeley main campus. it appeared just before noon yesterday. >> hard for me to believe they're walking on these main streets with all the cars and stuff. >> this is it the latest mountain lion and deer live in the hills of course. san mateo police sent this picture to abc 7 news tonight. the animal was seen in a backyard on view ridge drive near laurel wood park. mountain lions have been seen there before. a massive beehive that has some 40,000 bees calling home has been removed from a building in the castro district.
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we learned about this from hoodline. delicately removing the hive and a large honey comb. they created on the ventilation duct on the exterior of the building. shared these images with abc 7 news tonight. he initially felt the bees could stay seeing as they were not hurting anyone. but after finding out there were 40,000 of them, he said better safer to have them go. well, still ahead cracking down on impaired driving. as we get closer to legal recreational marijuana use in california. a bay area company has a solution to help figure out who's high behind the wheel. also. welcome home, mika. the unlikely journey this abused puppy took to find her forever home in san francisco. and the temperatures could be heating up just in time for the weekend of course.
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an abused puppy from tennessee greeted by her new forever family in san francisco thanks to the power of social
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media. the generosity of several online donors helped the dog make her journey to the bay area. >> there you go. >> reporter: 11-month old mika is a new san francisco resident. kruger made a long-distance adoption. >> i just feel that she chose us. >> reporter: and met mika for the first time at sfo last night fresh off the plane from chat n nuggau tennessee. >> as i saw them coming out of the gate, i was like oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh. >> reporter: she had a rough start in life. at three months old she was stabbed in the face and lost her left eye. she shutled from home to shelter in tennessee. >> i think it's a great place for a dog to live. >> reporter: she recently moved from san francisco to chattanooga where she volunteers for the humane society. she posted the story on next door monday night hoping to find
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her a home and it worked. >> i saw the post and said this dog's from tennessee with this horrible story, it has to be my dog. >> reporter: less than 24 hours later, marina signed adoption papers and dozens of people chipped in on a gofund me page to buy a ticket for another volunteer to help escort mika on a plane. >> it it doesn't surprise me coming out of san francisco. there's a lot of awareness here and really big hearts. >> reporter: she's loving her new backyard and first taste of san francisco life. she says dogs often stay in shelters for more than a year in tennessee so this was an opportunity to save a life in a small san francisco community agreed. kate larson, abc 7 news. california is preparing to head off a potential marijuana frenzy. they want to make sure california has enough marijuana on hand before they distribute licenses to sell pot in january. they're concerned they'll
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encounter a problem that nevada faced earlier this month whether they ran out earlier this week after sales began. one way they hope to prevent a shortage, making sure they're licensed well before january 2018. we talked about conditions on the fire lines, which are not favorable particularly. meteorologist back with the full forecast as we enter the weekend. and as we head towards the weekend, we have hot weather to talk about here in the bay area. take a look at this live picture from our santa cruz cam. doesn't that make you want to go there? it's going to be nice looking weather. if you're not in the hot conditions, santa cruz might be the place to go. low 70s in the afternoons. there will be patches of fog around and clearing for the afternoon. so a good way to beat the heat and stay comfortable. just head to the beach. i mean who wouldn't want to.
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let me show you live doppler 7. we have a few whiffs of fog but nothing too organized tonight. from emory vill camera we have terrific visibility. 57 in san francisco. you're in the low to mid-50s from oakland to mountain view. cool spots, half moon bay, 55 degrees and look at this gorgeous shot just a clear view, upper 60s, santa rosa, fair field. one other live picture from our roof camera. one of the reasons it was cooler today was we hadeze but knot too breezy right now. patchy coastal fog for the morning commute and it is going to be bright and mild that beaches for the most part. temperatures will begin in the low 50s to 60s. notice there's only a couple patches of fog to start out your friday morning. here's a look at the hour-by-hour forecast. the patchy fog between 11:00
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p.m. tonight and 5:00 a.m. tomorrow primarily confined to the coast. and still a few patches will linger. the rest of you will be seeing sunshine for your friday. highs in the south bay, 80 in san jose. on the peninsula you're looking at mild conditions. 73 in san mateo. 61 in pacifica. 68 in south san francisco and in the north bay 60s at the beaches, all the way to the mid-90s around lake port, clover dael -- heading into the east bay, mild to warm. 72 in oakland, 76 fremont. inland areas will be a lot like today. it will be warm but not uncomefortably hot. 87 in pleasanten. good idea to download the accuweather app. hour by hour, minute boo iminute. and it does feature mild to warm
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conditions. low 60s for your fridays. triple digits inland. 60s coast. so really quite comfortable that coast. sunday still hot and we're going to keep it hot to start off your monday afternoon but then temperatures will start to dip. it's going to be in the seasonal range aruined tuesday and wednesday with the low 60s to low 90s. obviously wrone of the butteiesf living here in the bay area we have such a variety of temperatures from the 60s to the 90s. so you see a good 30 degrees, 40 degrees at time in the summer. so you pretty much can go where you'd like to go. if you like it hot, just head inland and if you don't want it so hot, head to the coastline and we'll keep it -- yeah, the phone just fell. we'll keep it nice and mild for you there. >> hot in the morning and relocate for the afternoon where it's cool. >> perfect. i think you planned it well. after years of preparation
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check it out. goog google's popular street view has gone into space. it's taken the mapping feature outside of earth to show the inside of the international space station. just like street view you can move around, zoom in and out. there are notes to explain what you're looking at. a european space agency astronaut used a special zero gravity camera already on board to create these 360 degree views for people to enjoy. the story of steve jobs in
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opera form opens this weekend on saturday in santa fe, new mexico which has a terrific opera comp in a. they tweeted this from a special sneak peek performance today. the show explores jobs' life from child hood until his death in 2011 from pancreatic cancer. the show is set to come to san francisco and berkeley in 2019. amazon's amazing growth has many truditional retailers struggling. and sears has decided to join it. it's announced it will sell its kenmore appliances on amazon and the smarter appliances will connect to alexa, giving them voice control over their appliances. alexa will be able to tell an air conditioner to lower the temperature or tell the washer to start the laundry. you can
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find snof products on amazon already. stay with us. a lot more to come. a major earthquake struck parts of greece and turkey. the first video from the scene just coming into our newsroom. >> we love this job, we love this department and i plan to continue to do so. attorney general jeff sessions not backing down tonight despite the president's c complaints and a man goes on a
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good evening once again. we'll begin this half hour with a major earthquake in
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southwestern turkey and the nearby greek islands. at least two people have died so far that we know of. you're looking at the greek town. more than 100 people were hurt following the magnitude 6.5 quake. it hit around 1:30 in the morning local time as people were sleeping. in turkey a hospital evacuated patients into the street when after shocks rattled buildings. we'll bring you more as we get it. now to president trump. he blasted his own attorney general during an interview with the new york times. today jeff sessions responded to the president's criticism. here's white house correspondent sisealia, vega. >> reporter: jeff sessions stood his ground, refusing to resign, at least for now. in an interview with the new york times the president still fuming over the attorney general's decision to recuse himself over the russia
9:31 pm
investigation. >> sessions should have never recused himself. and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and i would have took somebody else. how do you take a job and recuse yourself? if he had recused himself before the job, i would have said thanks, but i'm not going to take you. that's extremely unfair and that's a mild word for the president. >> reporter: today putting sessions in a very tough spot. >> we love this job, we love this department and i plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. >> reporter: but a very different tone from the white house when asked the president still has confidence in his attorney general. >> reporter: the president himself ducking questions. >> does jeff sessions still have your full support? >> reporter: but it is not just sessions, the president also lashed out at the top leaders in
9:32 pm
the justice department. the deputy attorney general and the acting fbi director. and he attacked the man spearheading the investigation, special counsel, robert mueller. warning he would cross a red line if he probed trump family finances not pertaining to russia. >> look, this is about russia. >> reporter: but the president stopped short of saying he would fire mueller if he crosses that red line. >> that should not be viewed as a threat, as a warning to what the special counsel should or should not be looking at as relates to the president's finances? >> the president's making clear that the special counsel should not move outside the scope of the investigation. the senator john mccain is not letting a cancer diagnoses slow him down. it was revealed yesterday that doctors who removed a bloods clot discovered a cancerous tumor in the 80-year-old pfs's
9:33 pm
brain. the day after his diagnoses we went on twitter, he went on twitter to thank both supporters and opponents. unfortunately for my sparing partners in congress, i'll be back soon. so stand by. you're looking at dramatic video from florida. that retired firefighter faces charges of firing at two at&t trucks parked outside his home. they say he shot at the tire sdwhz headlights of both trucks. an at&t worker happened to be working in an aerial bucket of one truck. the 64-year-old is now free on bond but facing charges for that strange behavior. the lead singer of the band, lincoln park has died. he was found dead in his home in
9:34 pm
los angeles sadly this morning. the death is being investigated as an parent suicide. chester was very close friends with sound garden singer, chris cornell who hanged himself in may. this is video at cornell's funeral, in fact. today would have been his 53rd birthday. back here a bay area company has successfully measured marijuana impairment in drivers and as california continues to legalize use, the test could provide law enforcement with a mump needed tool to identify people driving while stoned. carolyn tyler has more on what they found. at sobriety check points, police are looking for drivers who may be impaired. >> marijuana has become just as strong, if not stronger of a problem with driving than alcohol. >> reporter: they estimate one in four drivers they stop for
9:35 pm
driving under influence is stoned. identifying them takes a field sobriety test. they want to make that easier. it's been working on a breathalyzer for pot that measures the amount of thc in a victim's breath. here a closed course at the old alameda air station. they got people stoned and put them through an obstacle course of common road side hazards. >> the whole point was to show what happens when you get impaired. >> reporter: drivers navigated the course sober, then smoked marijuana 30 minutes before driving the same course again at speeds up to 60 miles per hour. >> some smoke as lot, some very little. they all made major errors that would likely have resulted in a fatality. >> reporter: they're currently conducting clinical trials and
9:36 pm
plans more driving tests soon. they plan to make their marijuana breathalyzer available just in time for the state's new recreational pot laws. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. well, the hyperloop is coming. new york to d.c. in 29 minutes. elon musk's dream is closer to becoming a reality than ever before and california is apparently next. more to come.
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tesla ceo elon musk has the internet buzzing tonight. he told the world he's been give an green light to create a hyperloop. he says the bay area is part of his plan. here's janene del vega. >> reporter: paschginger and cargo can glide at airline speeds. >> reporter: hyperloop is futuristic and fast. the concept of traveling through a tube at lightning quick speeds is something that a handful of companies are taking on but it was elon musk who tweeted just received verbal government approval for the company to build an underground hyperloop,
9:41 pm
new york to d.c. in under 20 minutes. >> it's going to go 700 miles per hour. it's never been done on the suffer os of the earth. >> reporter: he's shown off a idea that's been used to drill a tunnel in l.a. he says it's the future of high speed transper tashz. it's part of musk's solution. he addressed the west coast saying tunnels would be built to alleviate congestion and l.a. to san francisco would be next. they're already committed to building high speed rail. we asked about the impact. >> competition is good. right now our state seems to be on the track of advancing high speed rail from l.a. through the central valley and onto sillicon valley. >> the transportation institute says musk needs to prove his technology will work. >> god bless him if he can. he's done it before. >> reporter: he says a lot more work needs occur for formal
9:42 pm
approval but he's optimisticing it will happen quickly. meteorologist is next with a one-minute forecast and throngs of fans head to san diego for for millions of baby boomers there's a serious virus out there that's been almost forgotten.
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now to a bit of fun games and music. jessica castro has a look at ideas for a fun weekend for our partners at hoodline. >> want to give back just by going on a skav chger hunt. and this week's game will benefit the st. frances challenge and their effort to make more of these transitional housing units in order to help curb the homelessness problem in
9:46 pm
san francisco. >> one whole shelter. we're two teams away. so we need two teams to come and sign up. >> mead up on saturday at the southern pacific brewing company in the mission. it costs 30 bucks to enter and the hunt lasts about two hours. >> the money being raised will go towards building another one of these shelters. this has locking doors and it feels very secure to stay in here and you can store your belongings. we had a pregnant couple with two dogs living in one of these shelters. >> they meet fire protection association standard and come ed fire extinguisher. from walking to cycling. head over to oakland's jack london square for pedal fest on saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. the art bikes and enjoy music on the square.
9:47 pm
there's also a kid's bike rodeo and if i don't remember rr not up for biking or cycling, how about sitting down for a free concert. join the symphony for the third annual event. concerts start sunday at noon and fwgoes until 3:00. for more on these events and more, we'll link you up with hoodline. have a great weekend. all right. one last time. meteorologist. >> and the weekend is looking nice. we have a little something for everyone. right now on live doppler 7 no rain to speak of, clearly. but we have patchy fog beginning to form. tomorrow afternoon we'll see our summer microclimate where it will be breezy. 66 downtown san francisco. 72 across the bay in oakland. 88 degrees. it's going to get warmer and as you check out the rest of the high for your friday, you will notice it's going to be nice in
9:48 pm
santa rosa. 80 in san jose. your three-day forecast. well, you might not think it's so nice if you don't like the heat. saturday, sunday to low 100s. so definitely going to be hot there. around the bay in the 80s. accuweather seven-day forecast above average for this time of year. at least around the inland areas and then we'll slowly see the temperatures drop. >> okay. thanks so much. well, comic-con officially kicked off today. around the clock festivities of course. entertainment guru is at the san diego convention center which is packed with thousands of people. >> reporter: you will see plenty of familiar characters walking around comic-con.
9:49 pm
this isn't one of them. >> one of d.c.'s most useless heroes. he was in the lego batman movie as one of the villains. >> reporter: jose d is here as the haunted mansion's ghost. >> i'm a big fan of the haunted mansion. so, it's been like my dream making some of these characters and bringing them to life. and i wanted him to see how he would look in real life. >> there are zombies from the walking dead here. plus a scary experience to promote the release of alien covenant on dvd and blue ray. >> sorry. that's about all that's suit nl to show you on tv. perhaps you prefer an alien experience on tv.
9:50 pm
toys are all over the convention floor. but it's one of the few places where marvel and d.c. come together. mattel brings them all here. but it's biggest draw, the new bat mobile, ben affleck drives in the upcoming movie "justice league." >> our designers love comic-con. it's an awesome experience. they're true fans themselves. the designer is a huge batman fan and it was a passion project for his that we actually made a reality. >> reporter: if you want to see that bat mobile in action, justice league hits theaters in november. now from the only person wearing a suit not connected to a superhero, from san diego, for abc 7 news. >> he's ready to go. you should see the costumes he's trying to pick from. i'd like to take that to work.
9:51 pm
>> reporter: madison bumgarner takes the mound on "game of thrones" night and suffers the same fate as ned stark. if you watch ga"game of thrones that will make sens noo
9:52 pm
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brought to you by your local toyota dealer. madison bumgarner made his first start at home since his motor bike accident. in his sixth overall start against the padres. kilisy and the dragon on "game of thrones" night at at&t park. mad bum game up a couple of homers last week. hunter renfroe down the line. 2-0 san diego in a flash. pitching really well until the sixth. singles to right. on a play at the plate but the throw is way off and that allows span to go to second.
9:55 pm
a 2-1 game. the next batter knocks home're . top seven, bumgarner. again cory spachgen burg, this is to the deepest part of the yard. still without a win. 5-2 padres in the ninth. giants could officially sign pablo sandoval to a deal. had harsh words for some of his teammates when he left for boston in the $95 million deal. but they said they would welcome the panda back. >> always enjoyed pablo. very grateful for the times we've played together. the remarkable things he's done and enjoyed his playful creative spear tsz. another giant has -- a one-year deal worth 2 million
9:56 pm
bucks. he's allowed -- with the first place dodgers. whether it was mild, the big names feasted during round one. americans are atop the leaderboard. former cal bear, james hahn tied for 12th after firing a two under par 68th long birdie here on 18. there's a three-way tie for the lead. jordan spieth among them. birdie on 14. opens with a five under 65. along with u.s. open champion brooks kepka. chip shot lands on the sprinkler cover. that means he would get a free drop and then he makes the long putt for par. knocks it in and found himself in the bunker on 17. bunker cam chipping four eagles. he's also five under as is matt kutcher. including this one from the fringe in the wind on six. so it's spieth, koepka and
9:57 pm
kutcher tied for the lead. and rain and wind are expected for round two. >> i remember talking and hearing about the sheets of rain. it was like a sideways water faucet out there. and i'm expecting something like that tomorrow. i know i've been around a while but i also feel like i'm in the prime of my golfing career. i certainly feel i have as good a chance as anybody. let's ride some bikes. 11 1/2 -- king of the mountain took the stage. chris frum retains the yellow jersey. well on his way to his second consecutive tour title. one year from tonight, rugby's biggest stars will come to at&t park. the world's best men and women players will be on display. team u.s.a. to be represented by local kid who's from pacifica
9:58 pm
and played his rugby at cal. >> people want be to engaged and want to learn and i'm sure they're the same type of people who are going to be filling the stadium and that's what we want as an american team, as the national team for our country. we want new people to come out. we want the young kids to be out and watch the game and have parents -- hey, this is what you could be doing. . you could be an olympian one day. >> or steph curry one day if your luck was really good. steph filming a car commercial. doesn't matter. peach basket, you put up a real net a car and open the moon roof from way downtown. nothing but the bottom of the sun roof. curry with a splash and he was shooting a spot for the xfinity cars. so you'll see that soon i presume. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> you're not a "game of thrones" guy, are you?
9:59 pm
>> i've watched it. >> i haven't got totally into it. >> i haven't started yet. >> you're more behind than i am. i feel better. >> i'm way behind. >> people are crazy about them. it's a great show and i've seen maybe a dozen episodes or something. >> there's a lot of people dressed up at the park tonight. >> love the thrown thing. coming up tonight at abc 7 news at 11:00, the happiest days of their lives ruined. the bay area couple is desperately looking for the thief that stole their camera with the wedding photos and they shelled out hundreds of dollars only to find out they were fake. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. but that's all for now. all of us, we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in one hour on the big 7.
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narrator: today on corrupt crimes... an angel of mercy becomes the angel of death. fitzgerald: this coward is victimizing our most vulnerable citizens. cavalluzzi: investigators suspect that the murderer is someone who appears to his victims


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