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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 20, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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♪ live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." ♪ now at 11:00, the happiest days of their lives ruined. toight this bay area couple is desperately searching for the thief who stole the camera with their wedding photos. good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. tonight the photographer who had her camera stolen is even offering a reward, no questions asked. >> "abc 7 news" reporter lisa harrington is live in the newsroom with the story. alyssa. >> reporter: the bride told me when she got the news it broke her heart. a few of the wedding guests snapped cellphone pictures and that's what you will see in the story. the professional photos are gone with the newlyweds pleading for their return. enzo mineo and giavanna acosta thought the wedding day would be the happiest day of their lives
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but they were left heartbroken. a thief stole their wedding photos out of their photographers car. >> i was a mess, balling, crying the whole night. >> reporter: photographer amanda tung feels terrible. >> i want to make them happy and remember this moment, and for me that just -- i felt completely -- >> reporter: tung and her assistant shot the intimate ceremony at san francisco city hall monday. they stopped by the presidio on the way home to use the bathroom. they returned to their car to find the back window smashed, $15,000 worth of camera equipment and the memory cars gone. >> i felt like the blood left my body. i just -- i froze because i know, the equipment doesn't matter. it is really those memory cards. >> reporter: tung has been searching non-stop online and at flea markets. she posted flyers offering a reward. >> if anyone knows anything or recognizes us in these pictures, if they could just return them. these are really valuable
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pictures to us, and something that we hope to keep and share for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: everyone is holding out hope that may the story could still have a happily ever after. elissa harrington, "abc 7 news." o.j. simpson could be released from prison in 73 days. a nevada parole board voted to grant him parole. marcy gonzales has more on today's decision. >> reporter: o.j. simpson soon to be a free man. >> mr. simpson, i do vote to grant parole. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: the 70-year-old dress in prison blues pleading to the board after serving nine years of his 33-year sentence here at lovelock correctional center. >> i've done my time. i would just like to get back to my family and friends. >> reporter: contributing to the board's decision, testimony from one of the men simpson is convicted of robbing in 2007 in this casino and what the nfl hall of famer maintains was an
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an acement reclaim his personal memorabilia. >> it is time for him to go home to his family and friends. he is a good man who made a mistake. >> reporter: the board receiving hundreds of letters, asking them to factor in the 1999 murder of his ex-wife nicole brown and her friend ron goldman for which he was acquitted. >> these items will not be considered. >> thank you. >> reporter: they did consider his perfect record as a prisoner and his testimony. >> i'm sorry it happened. i i'm sorry it is in nevada. >> reporter: in making their unanimous decision. simpson told the board he plans to move to florida when released from this prison. the soonest that could happen is october 1st. marcy gonzales, "abc 7 news," lovelock, nevada. night line will have the latest on o.j. simpson getting out of prison after "jimmy kimmel live." the state's largest wildfire outside of yosemite national park is not slowing down, sad to
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say. the detwiler fire is growing more destructive. in fact, it doubled in size every day since it started on sunday, which firefighters say the highly unusual. tonight cal fire says more than 70,000 acres have burned, more than twice the size of san francisco to give you some perspective. it is just 10% contained. 99 buildings are destroyed, which includes 45 homes. "abc 7 news" was in mariposa county where you can see the charred remains. the fire also destroyed the 76-year-old "the little church in the hills near the town of mariposa. >> it is a mess. one of our friends clarence, he just lost his house. it burnt down. >> difficult time for everybody. this is probably the worst fire we've ever had, and it is nowhere near over yet. >> a long shot, two firefighters working on the front lines have suffered minor injuries. cal fire says the fire will continue to grow because of the hot weather, terrain and heavy fuels from the wet winter.
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there's just a lot to burn. the fire is 35 miles outside yosemite national park. the park is not in danger of burning and remains open, but as you can see from this time lapse video posted on instagram tuesday, smoke and ash fill the air there. visitors are being warmed about respiratory problems from all of that smoke. now, as this fire develops and the story changes you can get up-to-the-minute updates through the "abc 7 news" app. it is free to download. remember to enable push alerts. breaking news in the hayes valley neighborhood in san francisco. police are at octavia and lilly streets where officers found a man stabbed to death on the sidewalk. they found him just after 7:00 tonight. a boy was air lifted to children's hospital oakland after he was shot in richmond. sky 7 was overhead as the victim arrived at the hospital just after 7:00. in richmond the crime scene tape could be seen outside a home on truman street. we have calls into the contra
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costa county sheriff's office for more details. new developments now. one year after a berkley teacher was involved in a violent protest against neonazis at the state capital, yvette falarka is now charged with assault, for incite abc riot in that protest last year. shelves caught on rid yo hitting a member of a white nationalist group. she was hurt and several were stabbed. she was put on administrative leave from martin luther king jr. middle school last fall but has been reinstated. she was arrested tuesday. she bonded out today. >> the search on tonight for more victims of grant pews, who is accused of stealing more than $800,000 from his clients from gmp speed and machine. in one case investigators say he asked an elderly client to invest money in his business to buy or build specific vehicles. they say the vehicle and he ite money to pay off personal debts.
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new tonight, san francisco has issued a city wide moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries. the city's planning commission made that decision today. it will repain in effect until the board of supervisors can come up with new rules and regulations on recreational marijuana. that will become legal in california on january 1st, 2018. also new tonight, mountain lion sightings on the peninsula. >> people who live near laurel wood park in san mateo are being told to be on the look out for that animal. >> "abc 7 news" reporter lonnie rivera is live at the park with the story. lonnie. >> reporter: yes, ama and dan, those signs at the beginning of the park, and they warn people to not approach any one of these animals or even run from them. now, the park is closed tonight, but this mountain lion was seen earlier this afternoon. >> they were going crazy. >> probably 25 feet away and kind of froze. >> reporter: a few nights ago cindy and patrick doyle rushed
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outside after hearing their pets growling. what they saw on the hillside above their backyard was a supplies. >> looking right at me and staring right at the cats. >> reporter: it was a mountain lion. >> not enormous, but, you know, all athlete. >> reporter: the cat ran off into the wooded hillside. the doyles aren't sure if it is the same one that was spotted today in someone's backyard, which backs up to laurel wood park. families learned about the sighting from posters and rangers. >> they say there's a mountain lion sighting this morning, and they just want us to be careful because we have a dog. >> reporter: this surveillance captured a vague snap of the pedestrian tore in san mateo. just two weeks ago a mountain lion sighting forced rangers to close trails in san jose. laurel wood park trails will remain open. >> we would make a determination on that based on more of an aggressive behavior. >> reporter: police say the animal didn't appear to be threatening in any way. the doyles are sure they saved their pets in the nick of time. >> a couple more minutes and it
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would have been over. >> reporter: most neighbors appear to be sticking to their routine, they're just more alert. in san mateo, lonnie rivera, "abc 7 news." all right. "abc 7 news at 11:00" continues with these new stories. bruno mars takes the stage inside the sapp center but outside counterfeit tickets left some fans disappointed. >> and what is in your cup of coffee? the viagra like ingredient leading to a nationwide recall tonight. is the next american idol here in the bay area? lo local auditions set to take place. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. we will look at your weekend temperature spread coming up. >> first here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" after "abc 7 news at 11:00." >> thanks dan and ama. enjoy this sample of tonight's show, glute enfry. o.j. is headed to naples florida. if you see someone who looks like o.j. on tinder, swipe left.
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new at 11:00, counterfeit tickets at the bruno mars concert. the music starts at the stage in the sap center in san jose tonight. >> outside, disappointed fans.
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"abc 7 news" reporter katie marzullo is live with the story. >> reporter: ama, dan, we talked with a woman that had legitimate looking tickets, bar codes and everything, but they were fake. she said she saw several other people in the same situation who were turned away. the line was long and it formed early. fans were over the moon to see bruno mars in concert in san jose, but megan glade was turned away. she turned up with a counterfeit ticket. >> when i got there and they said, the tickets are invalid. i was upset, embarrassed. >> i love his music. i know the lyrics to every one of his songs. >> reporter: she came with her parents. they got their tickets from ticket master. her dad wasn't taking chances with counter fits. >> it happened to me once, it was a sporting events, the 49ers. it is a lesson learned. >> reporter: sean mellow of full son learned the same less ot at the bruno mars ticket in sacramento. he bought four tickets from a man on craig's list. >> stubhub receipt that itemized
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each ticket, what seat, row and aisle. >> reporter: the tickets were bogus. he ended up buying four more real tickets that night for another $1200. >> it was an expensive lesson. >> reporter: online ticket seller stubhub says bruno mars is the sec highest concert tour of the summer, second only to you too. >> reporter: that's why marketplaces like stubhub and others were created. we have access to customer service and money back guarantees in the event something goes wrong. no matter where you purchase, don't pay cash. >> reporter: they advice only buying from reputable sources. in san jose, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news." well, coffee is being recalled because it contains an ingredient structurally similar to the active ingredient in viagra. the recall covers all lots of new of coffee, gen 10, traditional coffee. the fda has concerns about lowering blood pressures to
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dangerous levels. they don't know of issues related to the coffee. 40,000 bees in a hive have been removed from the castro district. a bee keeper was hard at work del cattily removing the hive and a large honeycomb the bees created in a ventilation duct on the exterior of the building. greg gundland with green property managements shared this with "abc 7 news." they initially thought the bees would stay afts they weren't hurting anyone, but after finding out 40,000 they had to go. auditions for american idol will be held on august 20th. it was confirmed today ryan seacrest will return. >> i can confirm with confirmation. >> without a doubt. >> that ryan seacrest is returning as the host of
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"american idol." >> the new "american idol" will air next year right here on "abc 7 news." all right. time to check our weather because we're sort of anxiously approaching the weekend. >> we are. it is like a horse returning to the stable. we're just -- >> we're getting there. >> meteorologist sandhya patel. >> almost there, dan and ama. we'll be baking in the heat this upcoming weekend, but only in the inland areas. i want to show you a time lapse from the east bay hills camera. sun set at 8:28. you have to check out this view. there was no fog, absolutely zero fog when the sun went down and it was a sundaying view there from our east bay hills camera. now, tonight skies are still pretty clear. i want to show you your planner for tomorrow. you can expect patchy fog in the morning. temperatures will be in the 50s. at noon time it will be mainly sunny skies and at 3:00 p.m. you're looking at just a few lingering patches of fog, mild to warm. low 60s to low 90s.
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so a great way to end the workweek. as you check out now live doppler 7 you will notice we have no fog. that is going to be changing as we head towards tomorrow morning, but not a lot of change expected in terms of the amount of fog. temperatures right now in the 50s and the 60s, only 70s around places like brentwood. here is a beautiful view from our south beach camera. you are looking at clear skies in downtown san francisco. remaining mild at the coastline. so if you don't like it too hot, don't worry, we have a place for you. tomorrow morning, clear skies for most of the bay area. you have to be near the coast to get a few patches of fog. low 50s to low 60s. then for the afternoon it will be pretty nice in the south bay. 80 degree it in san jose, 79 in santa clara, warm in morgan hill, 88 on the peninsula. you are looking at sunshine and sunscreen weather for you. 77 redwood city, mid 60s along the coast. you will be able to enjoy sun in daly city, 62 degrees.
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68 downtown san francisco. nothing but blue skies in the north bay. head into the east bay and you will be in the low 70s around berkley, oakland, 76 if fremont. inland spots, yes, it will be a warm one like today, nothing too terribly hot. 90 in concord, 89 in livermore, 87 in pleasanton. definitely beach weather for friday, mainly sunny skies, extreme uv index, looking at 60 for all of the beaches except for santa cruz. the water temperature 66 degrees. not too bad. traveling to tahoe and you have respiratory issues i want to warn you the fire in mariposa county will continue to send smoke in the direction of tahoe. for friday, smoky conditions, hazy sunshine, 83 in the afternoon, 39 in the morning. saturday and sunday will be pretty warm and brighter, so it looks like the smoke will be moving out of that area. upper 80s both saturday and sunday if you are going up there
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to do hiking. here is a look at the accuweather seven day forecast. low 60 to low 90s friday. getting hot saturday and sun, upper 90s to low 100s. coast side low to mid 60s. as you start monday, you will be dealing with the heat. mid 90s inland, l 60s coast. temperatures dropping to the low 90s tuesday and wednesday, so a little cooler. but until then we are getting ready to go in this direction for the weekend. >> that's up. >> just to clarify. >> yes. >> thanks, sandhya. coming up, this was much more than a trip to the beach for two
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here's some adorable video from southern california. check 'em out. >> oh. >> look at this.
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>> two sea lions shared a sweet kiss as they were released back into the wild tuesday. they were suffering from weight issues when rescued by workers at the pacific marine mammal center. they were nursed back to health. wait for it. >> sea lion pda. that's cute. on to sports. >> yeah, larry here with the latest. >> i want to see more of them. mad son bumgarner back home since his sent. on game of thrones night at the yard he ran into the mountain. sports is next.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. madison bumgarner made his first start at home since the dirt bike accident. still looki for his first win of the year, believe it or not, in sixth overall start against the padres. "game of thrones" at the park. he gave up two runs against the padres, last week. here it goes again. hunter renfroe, his 17th. two run shot, two of san diego in a flash. jhoulys chacin pitching and cruising along until the sixth.
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trying to get hernandez, but well off the mark. span goes to second, 2-1 game. that was key because the next batter, nunes, knocks span in. tiled at 2. top seven, bumgarner. here it comes, there it goes. cory spangenberg this is way out. bumgarner goes six and third, drops to 0 and 4. remember when the giants used to beat them? not anymore. the british open, round one at royal birkdale mild and the golfers took advantage. the open championship has a lot of americans atop the leader board. three-way tie for the lead right now. jordan spieth birdies 14, opens with a 5 under 65. brooks koepka has hardly played since he won the u.s. open a month ago. we're talking practice? no need. chips in from the bunker ot 17 for 65. matt kuchar sizzled on the front nine. five birdies.
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he is 5 under 65. 1 up our casey and schwartz el. rain and wind coming for round two. one year from tonight rugby's biggest stars will come to at&t park. the rugby world cup sevens, world's best men and women, players will be on display and team usa will be represented by danny barrett from pacifica. played his rugby atcal. >> people want to be engaged and learn. i'm sure those wl be the people filling the stadium. that's what we want as an american team, as the national team for our country. we want new people to come out. we want the young kids to be out and to watch the game and have their parents, you know, hey, this is what you could be doing. you can be an owe limb pea an one day. >> you probably can't be steph curry one day. the summer of curry continues.% doesn't matter if he is shooting at a hoop or a sun roof,


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