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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 22, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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well, there for signs like this posted all over the city letting people know about the change in service. we're on church and market street where a lot of them just got on that train but here there are also traffic controllers and they are directing people who get off the trains over to the waiting buses who take people where they need go. those buses do get pretty packed. we shot this after one of those transfers. muny is making major upgrades. to do this they have to close the segway. that means underground stations are closed all day on weekends.
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it only runs until 9:30 p.m. week days. this will go on for the next month. now these new trains are state of the art. they're quisqut smooth and have the latest technology. some riders are looking forward to that change. but in the meantime they're frustrated by these closures. >> i'm 30 minutes late to work. i'm happy about trains but for 20 -- 30 day of this going on is going to be ridiculous. it's going to totally effect my travel. >> we have a lot of work to do with the tests and we appreciate the public's indulgence in cooperation, our goal is to get the traininize to service as quickly and safely as possible. closures will continue for a month. muni is making one exception. the subway will reopen the weekend of outside lands. this is the san francisco marathon. we know a lot of people are
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coming to the city for tomorrow's race. be sure to give yourself extra time and be aware of these changes. reporting live in san francisco. abc 7 news. thanks, alyssa. those delays could comp lkt things during tomorrow's san francisco marathon. here's the race route and these roads will be closed from 7:00 in the morning until noon tomorrow. the areas in pink show where traffic can cross and that's only when there's a break in the race. we have all of this information on abc 7 developing news in palo alto where we're working to get more information about the actor and his death. heard died yesterday at a hotel where he was recovering from back surgery performed at stanford medical center. they say there were no signs of foul play. heard is known for his roles in the kwae"home alone" movies and
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sopranos. the family of a missing man is on a mission to make a dangerous stretch of highway -- and that is where a demonstration took place today to call for more safety barriers along highway one. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is liecve with all the w developments. >> reporter: just got off the phone with congresswoman jacky spears office. this group of demonstrators on highway 101 was hard to miss and that was the point. >> just being out here today we have a lot of visibility. >> reporter: this group wants more safety barriers built on this stretch, barriers which may have saved the life of dan's son, richard moss who vanished while driving to work may 25th.
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his body was never found. a tire believed to be from his car was located off the side of this clip last week. >> there could be any two reasons why it went off the cliff. inthere was a barrier there, he would have had had to get a new car or go to the hospital but the result is death. >> she basically went over the cliff. >> reporter: she died one night last september when her car crashed off highway 101. jason died on highway 101 before the birth of their child. >> i feel like this is an issue that's going to be an issue until we sort of get a response from cal tran. >> reporter: cal tran says it's reviewing the matter. >> it's not just a matter of we can set up barriers overnight with no preparation. there's a lot, even with temporary barriers, there's still procedures we have to follow.
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>> reporter: this group wants to see temporary guardrails put up as soon as possible. abc 7 news. a crash outside of pleasant hill killed a man this morning. the highway patrol says the victim was a passenger in a lexus sedan that overturned. the man was thrown from the car. the driver and another passenger suffered minor injuries. the accident happened near gracen road just after 10:00. drugs and alcohol have been row ruled out. pleasanten police are looking for a man who took an $8400 bike on a test ride and never returned. they say this man test road the 2018 santa cruz nomad bike that store on burnl avenue. the man asked workers if he could take a bike for a test ride. once outside they say the thooef road off, never returned. two federal agencies have
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launched investigations into pollution in west oakland. according to the east bay times, the department of transportation and the environmental protection agency will look into whether the city and the port of oakland are doing enough to fight pollution in the area brought on by idling trucks. complaints about air quality were brought on by the indicators project. a spokesperson tells the times they take air quality very seriously and try to mitigate pollution. and we have an update on that wild fire we first told you about on abc 7 news at 5:00. flames came dangerously close to these homes. crews moved quickly and unfortunately stopped the flames before they reached any of the structures and right now another fire is burning nearby. firefighters have endured 90-degree heat while battling the flames. the cause of both of the fires
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remain under investigation. after merely a week firefighters are turning the concher on the biggest fire burning in the state. the mariposa fire is burning but at a slower rate. the signs things are finally turning arounld. plus before you send one more text, a warning about a possible security breach and how to fix it. plus great lengths to save a man surrounded by wausps on a hawaiian vacation how quick thinking saved his life. hot weather has retnched and sticking around for more than one day. we'll let you know how warm it gets tomorrow and your marathon
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the largest wild fire in california is starting to turn a corner. containment is up to 30% tonight as cooler weather overnight helped to contain all of those flames.. the fire has burned more than 75,000 acres and destroyed 60 homes. more evacuations were lifted
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today. reporter cory james from our sist station has the latest. >>eporter: store clerk couldn't help but show support for firefighters needing a drink. he was out of work as the raging det wieler fire burned. >> i was concerned the town was going to burn down. >> reporter: but it didn't and cars are once aagain driving through the historic pt of the town, but the intense inferno is responsible for destroying 63 homes and 63 other structures. creating a devtating loss for some in the community. >> they lostheir home. pretty much homeless. good people. that hurts me, you know. >> reporter: overnight the fire grew just over 1,000 acres to 75,000 acres and on day number six, it's 36% contained. firefighte says with temperatureseaching triple
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digits, crews will continue to work around the clock. >> we have the resources and plans in place to account for that. so we have crews aigned working 24 hours on the line. 24 hours of work,4 hours of rest. >> reporter: and as they use helicopters, air tankers and over 500 engines to get the job done, people in towns like mariposa are letting them know how much they are appreciated. >> abc 7 news. also today mariposa couy sheriff's deputies arrested these two men, thomas allen and daniel thomas are accused of sneak nothing to off limits fire areas repeatedly. the cupertino company has released a new soft ware update for iphones, ipads and mac computers. it fixes a vulnerability that allows hackers to take over your device. they can fix under settgs.
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select general, then soft ware update. i just checked my phone and it is there. mac users should go to the app store and select updates. they have already fixed a similarroblem for android we'll tak you to the east bay where bikes in water is not th strangest thing you'll see. nick hundrthe panda resigns giants. what pablo sandol says about return
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abc 7 news is add oakland where hundreds gathered for pedal fest celebration. and their bicycles of course, many which were aborately decorated excited owners. they aim to promote safe cycling throughout the east bay. a utah man is thanking two good samarans who saved his life aft he was attacked by wasps on his hawaiian vacation. he took his family kayaking when his family kayaked a nest.
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he purposy capsized his own kayak for their own protection. but the wasps snging him several times. unrtunately what he didn't know is hs allergic to wasp stings. so he went into shock and stopped breathing. >> the kids were like, daddy breathe, breathe. because we had to get him to breathe. >> two women grabbed the 6'8" tall man and brought him to shore. they gave him a shot of adrenalin and he regained consciousness. he recovered from the attack. now your accuweather forecast. >> we are tracking another day of this warm to hot weather sticking around and then cooler r works in in the new week ahead. what it's showing you scanning the sky, coming up empty handed with no issues.
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a live look at our east bay hills camera. we're soaked in sshine this afternoon and temperatures are responding accordingly. look at the 24-hour temperature change. hayward 20 degrees warmer right now than were this time yesterday. 13 in san jose and livermore. so warm air has really rushed in this afternoon. we're at 100 degrees in brent wood, the current number. a mild in -- 88 hayward and santa rosa, a very warm 91 degrees. future weather showing you we're back on air at 11:00. still tracking a lot of warmth away from the coast. even near 80 degrees near anoch. what we're watching is a in overnight to move what that will do is it will actuallyet pushed into the north bay. soexpecting more in the way of cloud cover in napa and santa rosa overnight. so here's the call.
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overnight tonight we have that coastal cloud cover building right back in. temperatures in most spots holding in the 50s. our warmest locs will drop into the low 60s. but thousands of folks going to be running across this early tomoow morning as the san francisco marathon gets underway on sunday. we'll have a lot of cloud cover, over cast skies. the sunshine will begin to breakout and it's going to be a warm morning. by 11:00 we're already at 68 degrees with a west wind building in 10 to 20 miles per hour. so highs on your sunday, take a look. it's goingo get breezy. and 99 in antioch tomorrow afternoon. even the south bay, 90 in san jose. 85 in santa rosa. and 77 in oakland tomorrow afternoon. the accuweather 7-dayorecast plans the necked seven day for you. it's hot to finish off the weekend once again.
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and we'll start to see the numbers cool off. it is very nice for july. but that cooler weather does thought stick around too long because thursday and friday w are heating up once again with slight cooling early next weekend. 93 sports from abc 7 news. >> the panda is hoping to make the most of his second chance. the giants me it official signing pablo sandoval to a one-week contract. he still has to work his way up to the big leagues. he left for boston. today he apologized for those comments. he also said he wished he had resigned with the organization two years ago but he's looking forward to returning to the giants dugout. >> do the best and give me another chance and i'm here. that's the most important thing. i'm here to show i'm ready for.
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i'm just looking forward to be back in and show what i can do. >> if you can't see inside the ball rk, is that cool way to hangout and check out the game. watch out. giants and padres. four runs in s innings. p of the fourth. luis wh a drive. two-run score. the padres led 4-1. the giants answer in their half. and, nunes ties it. nick hunley winner. and the giants win it it 5-4 in 12 innings. the a's looking to take a obite out of the big apple. just the second pitch. matt joyce leads the yard. it's his 14th of the season and 1-0 in a flash. chris dis right up the gut. that score as run. that made it 2-0. then in the third. matt chapman no doubt about it.
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seco deck. the a's take a 5-0 lead. but the mets come rallying back and right now oakld leads it 5-4 in the sixth inning. the lowest score in major championship history goes to brandon grace after a round for the ages at the open championship. the 146th edition of the open at royal burkedale, grace from sout africa on the 14th hole. look at this. that's a birdie. then he taps i for par. 8 under 62. to tie for fifth at 400. the only person to shoot a 62 in a major. how about jordan spieth on number three. nearly jars it for an eagle. matt kucher to shoot a 4 under 66. he's second at 8 under par. but the score of the day is shot a 5 under 65.
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so he is your leader at 11 under par. here's grace on the record setting round. >> i was concentrating on getting back into this tournament. >> i wouldn't rather be in any other position than we're at. we have a chance to have a special day on the golf course tomorrow. i'm excited aut it. >> time to go cycling. second to last stage of the tour de france. chris frum well on his way to his third consecutive title. nearly caught the person in front of him. paris is on sunday and with nearly a minute lead, tomorrow should be a victory lap for frum. and you're wondering about pablo sandoval? will play in the classic tonight and if all goes according to plan, should join the giants in the near future.
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>> and he seems humbled by this process. >> being hurt and not playing in boston will dot to you. if you're trying your luck with the lottery, this might be your new go-to store where people in the bay a
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today on abc 7 news at 9:00, people flew thousands of miles for a pokemon go festival but ended up running into major problems and at 11:00. first it was a rash of car break ins in livermore and now brent wood. they say they are related. a lucky lottery scratch winner has stepped forward to claim his $1 million prize. he bought it in antioch. hawaii says he wants to pay off bills and maybe buy a house with those winnings. that is it for us on abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. hope you are having a great saturday evening.
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- yo, yo, yo. - sir, i just put your soup in your office, it's very hot, so-- - ah! - don't eat it yet. - [groans] ah, it's too hot again. - sir, i've told you, if you were a bit more patient you uldn't always burn your tongue. - i know, but it looks so good i want it right now. - sir, stop, stop. - i can' it's too good-- what are you doing? - here, i think this new spoon will solve your problem. - [gasps] what, was it up your butt or something? - no, just try it. - mm, perfect. - now try your spoon again. - okay. [yells]


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