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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 25, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. ♪ >> announcer: live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." ♪ mr. crews. >> aye. >> back at it again. the senate holds a vote tonight to advance its latest health care repeal bill, and republicans are now preparing to roll up their sleeves and start again. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz.
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we begin with developing news tonight on the republican's health care efforts. another disappointment on capitol hill with republicans with senators voting down the bill. >> "abc 7 news" reporter cornell bernard is here to discuss it. >> reporter: the senate rejected a republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. one bay area man worried about his family and what could happen next. >> a setback for republicans. the senate voting 57-43, rejecting a comprehensive proposal to replace the affordable care act. it came hours after the senate voted to start the debate. vice president mike pence, breaking the tie on capitol hill. also lending hills support, senator john mccain. a scar visible bof his left eye after brain surgery, but after casting his vote to move forward to debate -- >> mr. mccain, aye. >> he spoke his mind expressing reservations on what comes next.
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>> it is a shell of a bill right now, we all know that. i have changes urged by my state's governor that have to be included to earn my support for final passage. any bill. >> reporter: protesters against the repeal making their voices heard around the capitol and senate floor. >> my sister has a genetic condition called systic fibrosis. >> kevin berg worries his sister kathleen's preexisting condition may not be fully covered with republicans allow insurers to impose possible lifetime limits on care. >> my family might be exposed to lame i thinked amount of medical liability and we might go bankrupt caring for my sister. >> reporter: despite the setback, president trump at a make america great rally in ohio was feeling renewed momentum on repealing obamacare. >> we're now one step closer to lit rating our citizens from this obamacare nightmare. >> reporter: republicans now trying to hash out a bill they can pass without any democratic
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support. cornell bernard, "abc 7 news." an artist used bright lights to share his opposition to repealing obamacare. "abc 7 news" was in san francisco when alan marling projected messages like trump care kills and the #killthebill. those words appeared on the side of the federal building above mission street. anti-abortion messages were found outside the homes of two san francisco planning commissioners days after they voted to approve a new planned parenthood. tonight "abc 7 news" was near the home of commissioner dennis richards. neighbors told the san francisco examiner a group of about 40 young kids and three adults were responsible. he was not at last week's meeting and didn't vote. the examiner reports similar messages were found outside another commissioner's home. a fire burned about three acres in san jose tonight. videos show the flames off old corey road near alban and lake park. the fire started about 8:40
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tonight, at least one building, possibly a barn was burned. no one was injured. new details in the beating death of a san jose woman. and latest suspect arrested. santa clara sheriff's deputies captured johnny brown today. the victim, 88-year-old flo douglas died after last week's crime. detectives believe brown and zachary cuen broke into her home, beat her and robbed that long-time church volunteer. >> oftentimes in your own home you feel like you are safe. that is a safe haven where you can be yourself. for someone to violate that haven is of the utmost disrespect. it is of the utmost callousness. >> two other people are accused of trying to cover up the crime. to a story now you will see only on "abc 7 news." tonight we hear from the former santa clara correctional officer on trial accused of assaulting an inmate. the judge declared a mistrial today after the jury deadlocked in the case. "abc 7 news" reporter katie
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marzullo has the story from san jose. >> i would like to thank the jurors. >> reporter: 11 of 12 jurors found that former santa clara county correctional officer tim tri was not guilty of assaulting an inmate in 2013. a hung jury means a mistrial. >> the 11 jurors are adamant with us they saw the case for what it was, that truly mr. tri was doing his job, what he was expected to do and saving hills partner. >> reporter:orney could decide to retry the case, tri won't comment about what happened during the confrotation with the inmate, but he told us this about being a correctional officer. >> the job's already tough. you're not dealing with like regular people. this is bad people outside that are coming in and we had to take care. what we had to do -- >> reporter: the president of the correctional peace officers association says tri should never have been arrested. >> with this particular case, to me it seems a witch-hunt. >> reporter: amy le says the district attorney filed the charges against tri three years
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later only after three officers were accused of beating to death a mentally ill inmate. >> if there's problems in the jail, focus on reform. we are doing it now. >> reporter: the sheriff's office fired tri after the incident citing excessive force. a spokesperson says they support the d.a.'s decision to prosecute. >> we honor the deputies that perform the job the right bay which bringing the case to the district attorney's office. >> reporter: the district attorney's office told "abc 7 news" it is reviewing options. in san jose, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news." new at 11:00, just about an hour ago the coast guard treated a boat crew out of vallejo rescued a man and dog near venetia. here is a picture of the kayak they were in when they got into trouble on the water. rescue crews were called when a tug boat crew spotted the man on a piling seven miles from the kayak. "abc 7 news" was on treasure island as governor brown signed the bill in the exact spot where former governor arnold
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schwarzenegger signed it the original bill in 2006. they pay a penalty if necessary eceed the limit of carbon dioxide emitted. it is the only program in of its kind in the country and is serving a model. >> china is copying this cap in trade plan. quebec has joined, ontario is coming in, washington and oregon and i believe other states on the east coast will follow. >> the law recalls for reducing green house gas emissions 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. new landlord has big plans for richmond's hilltop mall and the area around it. the new owner intends to develop office space, hotels and more than 9600 housing units on the property near interstate 80. hilltop mall went into foreclosure about four years ago. the new owners want to rebrand the mall itself. hilltop has struggled to keep tenants. about one-quarter of its retail space is now vacant.
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new at 11:00, a fed-up store owner in san francisco took action after a man in his store attacked him. happened in the city's chinatown at a souvenir store. that's where "abc 7 news" reporter lisa amin gu leasean is live with the detailed. >> reporter: it happened inside the store behind me on grant avenue. i spoke with the owner's wife and she told me she believes the suspect is mentally challenged and was causing problems inside the store, and that's when she says he attacked. charles liu recalls what little was said before he was punched in the face. he says this man, thomas baker, walked into the store sunday and started throwing hats on the ground. when the 86 year old confronted baker, he was punched. through a translator, liu told me he suddenly grabbed a bamboo kung-fu stick from a sales display. >> because he was mad. he was really mad. he said after he hit him, he got really mad so that's when he went for the stick and started
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hitting him. he hit him like that. >> reporter: how many times? >> translator: just a couple of times. >> reporter: baker also had a knife which he dropped before running out of the store. police caught him a few blocks away. >> he's lucky. he's really lucky. that guy could have probably overpowered him, and i -- i certainly don't -- would not handle it that way. >> reporter: those of the chinatown merchants association say crimes against store owners happen daily and are on the rise. it is leading to a lot of frustration. >> some of them, they've got -- they're feisty. they will fight back for their things, yeah. and they're sick and tired of being victimized. >> reporter: but police warn against that. in san francisco, lisa am amin guliezian, "abc 7 news." speaking of getting involved, a witness was not about to let a reckless driver get away. >> hey! hey. >> coming up, why the witness says he was compelled to stop
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the driver himself. >> also here, a popular bay area burger chain has a new meatless option, and it swears you won't be able to taste the difference. collecting more than dust. the information one brand of robotic vacuum is gathering about the people who use it. >> well, temperatures today slightly below normal in spots, and now i'm tracking return of summer heat that may be
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♪ what should i watch?
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show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. glee rescue crews reached nine people who got stuck on a ride at gilroy gardens. sky 7 was overhead as firefighters worked to free the riders on the sky trail monorail inside the green house. the gilroy fire department says there was a dead rail preventing the cars from moving, so it stalled out. firefighters used ropes and
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ladders to pull the cars to an area where the passengers could get off. it all ended well, no one was hurt. some terrifying moments were captured on video and they show the dangers of impaired driving. "abc 7 news" clayton sandell has a look at what happened when a witness moved in to make a citizen's arrest. >> he's driving really fast, man. >> on the wrong side of the road. >> reporter: alejandro fernandez knew shg was wrong when this white mustang, already damaged in another crash, nearly hits him. >> we decided to turn around, start following him. >> reporter: fernandez headed to dinner friday with his family calls 911 but stays close, following the driver into this houston parking lot. >> hey! >> reporter: trying to get away, the mustang driver backs into a truck. >> stop it! >> reporter: he's trapped. that's when fernandez moves in to take the driver out. >> stop it, man. >> reporter: police continue recommend this sort of thing, but for fernandez -- >> one of my best friends, he died because of a drunk driver, so i was thinking about stha.
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>> reporter: clayton sandell, "abc 7 news," denver. the san francisco police officer who was shot in the head last year threw out the first pitch at tonight's giants' game. sfpd station tweeted this video of kevin downs at law enforcement appreciation night. downs was shot while responding to a 911 call last october. law enforcement organizations from across northern california were honored at tonight's game thnch. this might make you think twice before you open a pack of potato chip. look at a king cobra after it arrived in the u.s. in a canister. they are venomous. a southern california man faces smuggling charges. federal prosecutors claim he illegally imported three king cobras and other reptiles from hong kong. all right. your room baugh may provide online retailers with details about what is going on in your home. high end multi-task, collecting
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data while they clean. they identify locations of walls and furniture. the "new york times" reports i robot is considering selling data to amazon, apple or google. that may help them target the marketing of different items for your home. for example, if you don't own an easy chair, data from your room baugh may result in you getting online ads for one. >> more bay area restaurants are serving up the impossible burger. "abc 7 news" was at the ferry building where the meatless product is on the menu at got road side. it comes from redwood city based impossible foods. it is made entirely from planned and a special ingredient which contributes to the color and taste of meat. you can find the burger at humami burger and public house at at&t park, but they say it tastes like the real thing. >> l. it is a nice night to get out and enjoy food along the imbar kadaro or something. >> that's true. drew toomey is here with the forecast. >> dan and ama, comfortable out there tonight but the next
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couple of days you will notice warmer hair making a return in the afternoon. live doppler 7 along with satellite, we have some coastal cloud cover but also tracking one lone thundershower that popped up. live doppler 7 showing you to the north of willett. we will zoom in and we will see a couple of lightning strikes, pushing off-shore. for the bay area it will be a quiet night. a live look from our emeryville camera showing you in the distance you can see a thin layer of fog. our marine layer is getting compressed the next couple of days so fog will get less and less each night. here is the waaccuweather highlight. mainly in the 50s over the next 12 hours. tomorrow a little warmer of an afternoon, but you will feel it on thursday. that's when temperatures get warm around the bay and then turn rather hot once again for our inland communities. out there right now, current temperatures mainly in the 50s and in the 60s. currently 59, that number in oakland.
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also in san francisco. we're at 65 in san jose, 64 in concord, and napa right now cooling off to a current temperature of 62 degrees. here's the call. overnight tonight we'll have that coastal cloud cover building, a little bit of patchy fog around the bay but you can see most spots overnight tonight mainly holding in the mid to upper 50s. future weather as we go hour-by-hour on wednesday. watch the time stam, corner of the screen. any fog that developed around the bay will pull back the coast. mainly clear skies into the morning. in the afternoon by 1:00 most spots warming into the 70s and 80s, and tomorrow our warmest spots will go into the 90s. the heat is starting to inkresse the next couple of days. 74 in oakland tomorrow afternoon. breezy in san francisco, a high of 70 degrees. 84 and sunny in san jose, about 78 that number in free month. 87 in santa rosa, and antioch our warm spot going to a high of 92 degrees. to the beaches we go. a lot of cloud cover early on
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but squeak out some afternoon sunshine. once that sunshine gets out that uv index will be very high. put on sunscreen. 64 bodega bay, 71 for santa cruz. ocean water temperature dropped down to 57 degrees. we will take you to levi stadium tomorrow evening, have a soccer match. men's team, usa taking on jamaica. 82 and sunny by 6:00. a nice evening in south bay. by 9:00 as the game is wrapping up, plenty of stars and the temperature dwropg to 72 degrees. future tracker temperatures want to show you on thursday. the numbers get even warmer. we are calling it warm to hot temperatures returning. you can see inland getting very close to 100 degrees, even around the bay we'll likely see a lot of spots getting to the 70s and even into the 80s once again. so the accuweather seven day forecast, plan the next seven day for you. tomorrow the warming begins. you will notice it more on thursday, we're calling that hot because the hots day we have in the next seven, but you notice really just minor variations in our temperature through the weekend.
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we are staying rather warm inland even around the bay in the 70s and 80, and that pattern holding on for early next week. >> excellent. thanks, drew. >> sure. all right. well, yeast that refused to yield. >> u
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on a roll in tacoma where state police really rose to the occasion when a truck filled with dough couldn't beat the heat. all right. that's a lot there.s so warm th yesterday it caused the dough to rise from the truck bed. it was messy, but not a hazard. the driver ended up making a half-baked delivery. >> very good. i always wanted a truck load of dough, just not that kind. >> exactly. >> put some pizza sauce down, bake right there. >> yum. >> delish.
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>> i'll pass. giants don't have a ton of tradeable assets. one of them was dealt tonight. right in the middle of the game. say goodbye to ♪
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"abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. good evening. baseball's trade deadline is july 31st. giants made a deal in the middle of their game, which is unusual. third baseman eduardo nunes headed to the first place red sox with the giants getting a couple of low minor league pitchers in return. young kids, basically. cheeks for days right there. giants load the bases in the third. joe panik doubling, a three-run lead with the bases clearing trip it. buster posey and brandon
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crawford score. in the fourth, runners in the corners for nunes, hitting .358 since june 1, you see why boston wanted him off the wall. first win of the year, scores along with danard span. it is 8-0 giants. where has the offense been all year? in the fifth it is huggy, huggy, bye-bye. nunes saying goodbye to teammates. he is off to boston for the two pitchers, like an a ball, and the giants coast to a rare win. you got to see the bottom's up beer machine. magnets at the bottom keep the beer in the class somehow. it is amazing to me. sonny gray programs making his final start for the a's, flowing away the morales chopper. that's an error. 1-0 jays now. ezekiel carrara grounds it up the middle. marcus siemian, great stop. not so great throw. everybody is safe. mistakes are costly.
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goe instance going opo here. to more score, 3-0 toronto. gray ends up with four unearned runs in the second. finishes going six innings. we will see how much time he remains in green and gold, but ends up taking a loss. 4-1 jays is the final. we were expecting a big news conference, but steph curry is in china, the warriors are all over the place, but nba champs formerly announced major free agents have resign. maybe a news conference later in the summer. steph goes from 11 million last year to 40 million per in his five-year contract. kevin durant too a pay cut to save others for others. warriors also announce the signings of awn draw wadala. they're waiting on javale magee to decide if he's returning. steph curry in china. brother steph with the sword behind him. he writes, always watch your
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back. #, when you watch too much game of tloenls. looki thrones. he has been dooing curls with his wallet looks like. gun show on display in napa. raiders open training camp on friday. carr shows up four days early. you hear that, dan ashley? the good news is carr is moving fine after last season ended with a broken leg. the only coach not wearing a suit because khakis are harbaugh's uniform. he said he parked light, a toothbrush and god attitude. he isn't sure who his quarterback will be, but will be vocal. >> be loud, it is easy. be loud. that's the easiest thing about being a quarterback. >> i miss him. >> "abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. >> show up a little early, dan. that's waleedrs do. >> i'll follow you. thanks, l


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