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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 27, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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she is the only american victim in a paris attack. the i-team digs into the lawsuit her family has filed against google. heard a big bang, like a crash, and our lights flick erd on and off. and that was it. >> we're live in walnut creek where a crash took down power lines and will keep a street shut down all night. the state of the lake from the temperature of the tahoe water to the clarity. we'll look at what's changing and what we can learn from it. what point did the terrorists make, what was the point that was worth killing this young girl. >> outrage over the terrorist killing of this cal state long beach student during the 2015
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attack in paris leads to a lawsuit against some of the biggest names in tech. >> this victim's family is suing google and its media platform youtube. the accusation, the company provided material support to isis. >> the two sides battled it out in oakland federal court this afternoon. and the i-team was there and joins us now in the studio with a story. >> the lawsuit says google and youtube helped promote isis' agenda, by placing ads on the terror videos. an oakland federal judge heard a motion to dismiss filed by attorneys for google and media platform youtube. they're facing a lawsuit that says isis uses youtube as a tool and weapon of terrorism. >> these companies just simply have to do something, because they continue to allow these nefarious organizations to harm americans, to harm other people, and they do nothing. and they don't act reasonably.
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>> reporter: keith altman represents the family of amy gonzalez in paris to study. 130 people died in all. amy gonzalez gunned down as she dined at a cafe. >> i feel lost. sadness. it was my only daughter. >> reporter: the lawsuit filed by the gonzalez family said isis wouldn't even exist without youtube. the videos like these exaggerated the terrorists' power and helped them recruit fighters. plaintiffs' attorney said they track down hard on some instances as if you post a song to which you don't have a right. >> god forbid you should post child pornography, your account would be blocked. >> reporter: but isis videos remain. we found this one yesterday, a terrorist wearing a suicide vest calling others to take action. the company sent the iteam an e-mail saying they are
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undertaking new steps, better detection, tougher standards and early intervention. abc 7 legal analyst said the gonzalez family lawsuit has a tough road in light of recent court decisions on these same issues. >> look, if they survive a motion to dismiss, it would be a huge victory. >> reporter: he said one argument may make a difference, that youtube places ads even on the terrorist videos, and may share the revenue with the person who posted. the supporter of isis on the terrorists themselves. >> they are going to have to draw a line between the providing of funds, or assistance, and a terrorist act. it's not the easiest world in the thing to show. >> wholesome companies who want nothing to do with this kind of thing, are actually indirectly funding terrorists. that's crazy. >> the lawsuit says ted cruz campaign ad even showed up in an isis video. the judge is now taking up google's motion to dismiss. i'll keep track of it and report back to you. if you have a tip, let us know,
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call or contact me through our website >> interesting case here. >> absolutely. >> thanks, dan. the health care debate is raging on capitol hill tonight with several republican senators calling the situation a disaster. abc 7 news reporter lisa is tracking the latest. >> the skinny bill is what's causing a lot of division right now in the senate. just a few hours ago, top republican senators including john mccain and lindsey graham held a press conference to blast the bill. they want to get rid of the individual and employer mandates, while leaving much of the affordable care act in place. how it would work haven't been determined yet. interestingly, republican senators wanted assurances from house speaker paul ryan today that if the skinny bill passed in the senate, the house would vote it down. >> the skinny bill as a policy
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is a disaster. the skinny bill as a replacement for obamacare is a fraud. the skinny bill is a vehicle to get in conference to find a replacement. it is not a replacement in and of itself. >> the gop strategy is to get house republican leaders to set up a conference committee where house and senate lawmakers can together create more significant changes. democrats meantime also don't like the bill, claiming it could leave 16 million americans uninsured over the next decade, and cause premiums to spike by 20%. now, this is being called a marathon voting session, with a possible vote on the skinny bill taking place sometime tonight. live in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> lisa, thank you. a new study gives new hope to those living with hiv. researchers tracked more than 300 same-sex male couples in which one partner already had hiv and the other did not. even without using condoms or the preventive medication known
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as prep, the virus was not transferred. doctors say the key was for the hiv positive partner to be receiving treatment that made the viral load nearly undetectable. happening now, a crash into a power pole will keep a street closed for hours. sky 7 shows you the damage that was done. the crash was on pleasant hill road and that road will be shut down between camino verde and hunt n road until as late as possibly tomorrow morning. melanie is on the scene. >> reporter: this road could be closed all the way through the night, into tomorrow morning. affecting the friday morning commute for anybody that lives in this area. pg&e said the lines are now deenergized, but the power line is still down so they don't want anybody getting too close to this downed power line. take a look at what this looked like from sky 7 earlier this afternoon. just moments after this crash,
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you can see the power line that was down, and basically sheared. we watched as the driver's car was towed from the scene. her husband tells me that she and a small dog that were in the car with her are okay. witnesses who helped her out of her vehicle say that she actually asked if she hit something. they say that she seemed confused, and rather surprised. one witness tells me another driver then went over those downed lines just moments after the crash. >> there was a truck a couple minutes later driving over. it was scary. i can't imagine not having anybody driver over it. >> reporter: live wires potentially. >> especially after seeing the sparks. >> reporter: from sky 7, you could see that one person appeared to be on a stretcher. female driver we told you about, she declined medical attention. that may be that second driver who then according to witnesses went over the power lines. at one point this evening, pg&e says 180 customers were without
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power. that number is now down to 13. and power for those 13 customers is expected to be restored by tomorrow morning. back live now, looking at some of the businesses in the shopping center that are closest to this downed power line. they are some of the customers that were without power earlier. so many of them closed their business early for the evening. that includes a starbucks, a couple of restaurants, and a yoga studio. if you frequent this business shopping center, i can tell you that all of the businesses on the other side of this parking lot are not without power and they are still open. live in walnut creek, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> melanie, thank you so much. next at 6:00, new surveillance video in the unsolved homicide of a kelseyville man. the lake county sheriff's office released a video showing two persons of interest, one with a gun. they say this is the home of david shallot. the 34-yearold was shot and killed while home with his two children on the morning of july
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19th. anyone with information should call the lake county sheriff's office. two adults and two teenagers are under arrest because of breaking into more than 50 cars all in one night. 36 cars at the apartment complex in livermore and 17 cars at the hampton inn had their windows smashed just after midnight last friday. police say the suspects told them they were looking for things to steal and looking for keys left inside vehicles. two cars did have keys left behind, and both were stolen. those cars have been recovered. new details tonight about the san francisco police officer facing felony child pornography charges. sfpd released this mugshot of joshua enea today. he was arrested yesterday. he is set to be arraigned in august. the ten-year veteran was removed pfrom direct contact with the public during the investigation, icwh started around february.
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he lives in antioch. contra costa county district attorney said the officer is facing one count of child pornography because the images were connected to one device, his personal computer. >> the fact that it's a police officer that's been trained and understands the victimization of our youth, that they would even look at this or have this, it's -- it shakes you to your core a little bit. >> enea is married with two children and out on $100,000 bail and suspended without pay. activists across the state spent the day rallying for affordable housing. one rally i the east bay got heated when demonstrators tried to confront anpartment manager. elissa harrington is live in pleasant hill with the story. >> reporter: members of the housing now coalition marched through pleasant hill to deliver this letter to the california apartment association. they say that thousands of californians are now being displaced and they want the struggling renters to be made a priority. >> there's kids out here.
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it could be your kids, it could be your family, it could be your grandkids. >> reporter: protesters who want affordable housing took their demands straight to the source. they confronted a property manager at a complex in concord. >> be human and come out. >> reporter: residents tell me people here are evicted for no reasons. >> families are being evicted without cause, families who have been paying on time the rent every month. >> reporter: the manager would not come out. housing activists all over the state are holding a day of action, calling for a moratorium on rent hikes. they want the group to stup port repealing the rental housing act which puts limits on rent control. how many of you live together? >> eight. >> reporter: how many bedrooms? >> just two. >> reporter: delores ramos and her daughter joined the pro test. they live crammed in a crowded apartment where some people sleep on couches, others smoke. >> it is not healthy for the
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kids. >> we want to make sure that our neighborhoods are affordable, quality living, and safe living without any retaliation coming down from landlords because people are trying to stand up for their rights. >> reporter: the caa released a statement saying activists should shift their focus to building more housing. elissa harrington, abc 7 news. a deadly accident involving a state fair ride in ohio has caused a ripple effect across the country. >> we'll look at the precautions that are taking place right here in the bay area, as a result of this tragedy. next, we're live with salacious details revealed in court about a former officer who will have to stand trial for his involvement with a teenager at the center of an east bay law enforcement scandal. i'm spencer christian with a deepening marine layer, it may not be quite as warm tomorrow as today. an airline cancels a passenger's ticket and then
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won't give him his money back. why would an airline do that? i'm michael finney. ahead on "7 on your side," a warning for travelers.
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a carnival ride at the state fair in ohio passed multiple inspections two days before a man died on it yesterday. the fireball broke out -- broke apart on opening night of the fair. a 17 people were hurt. investigators brought in outside experts to examine that ride very closely. it and all other rides at the state fair remain shut down until all inspections are complete.
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now, here in california, osha has ordered six rides to close for inspection because of yesterday's tragedy. sky 7 shows you a similar ride called delirium at california's great america in santa clara. the fireball ride is also closed at the santa cruz boardwalk. the manufacturer is working on a plan for safety inspections for all these rides. even after that happens, some people are still skeptical. >> i won't go on it. and i don't think i would let my son go on it now. >> i'm okay with it. i'll have to see how it goes. maybe not -- maybe a couple hundred times. maybe i might feel comfortable. >> the spokesperson for the boardwalk said it is unknown how long it will stay closed. a former contra costa county deputy becomes the latest police officer to stand trial on criminal charges for his alleged sexual involvement with an underage teenager. an alameda county judge did not
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buy the argument from his attorney that he didn't know the girl was a minor. laura anthony is live at the east county hall of justice in dublin. laura? >> reporter: ama, this was a preliminary hearing, much of the toemts involved reading graphic texts, material so explicit we can't go into it here. we can tell you that the judge heard enough, ordered this case to trial. it's a walk jasmine will likely take many times, into a courtroom to testify against an east bay cop who she claims to have had sex with. in this case, 29-year-old ricardo perez, a former deputy with the contra costa county sheriff's department. in graphic testimony, she described how she reached out to perez on facebook in july 2015. and within one month, they had sex at least six times in his car in the oakland hills. she testified, ween gauged in sexual activity.
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>> this is a case where he should be held criminally responsible. if i were him, and if i were his lawyer i would be finding a way to plead guilty so i wouldn't continue to embarrass my family and friends about this conduct. >> reporter: she was also asked to read from dozens of highly explicit texts and facebook messages between the two. including sending graphic nude selfies back and forth. >> thanks, everyone. have a good day. >> reporter: perez and his attorney declined comment but in court they argued perez did not know she was 17 until months after the sexual interaction. she read from a text she sent to perez after she turned 18. you never suspected i was a 17-year-old drug-addicted hooker? she acknowledged she lied to him, telling perez she was in her 20s, had four children, and at one point claiming she was married to an oakland officer who had committed suicide. in dublin, laura anthony, abc 7 news. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says there's
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been no clang in the military's policy toward transgender service members despite a controversial tweet by president trump. dunford said the policy will remain as is until defense secretary jim mattis receives further direction from the white house. one of dunford's top generals confirmed that. >> will, always has, will today and tomorrow and always should treat every single soldier, sailor, airman, marine, coast guard with dignity and respect of our nation. >> it comes a day after what president trump tweeted what appeared to be a ban on transgender service members. today president trump presented the medal of valor to five first responders for their actions in a june 14th shooting at a baseball practice for republican members of congress. the president thanked capitol police officers and alexandria police officers for what he called courageous actions. >> the medal of valor is
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reserved for those who go above and beyond the call of duty as each of these men and women did that oh than fateful day, and they did it with great courage, and they did it with instinct. >> the shooting severely injured house majority whip steve scalise of louisiana. one officer sustained a gunshot wound in the ankle, another had a minor injury not caused by gunfire. p let's turn our attention t the forecast. >> hot one today. spencer christian is here with more. spencer? >> that late-week warm-up actually kicked in today. right now we're looking at live doppler 7. a good portion of the coastline is still bright and sunny. although some low clouds and fog seen forming from the golden gate southward. and sunny over the inland areas and over the bay. let's look at 24-hour temperature change. you'll notice that most locations inland and near the bay are anywhere from five to
7:21 pm
about eight degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. novato is 14 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. san francisco and half moon bay a little bit cooler than at this hour yesterday. this is the view from sutro tower under mostly sunny skies. 65 degrees right now in the city. 76 in mountain view. 63 at half moon bay. this is the view from emoryville looking back at san francisco and along the bay bridge which looks a little congested. napa only 79. 90 at novato. 89 at fairfield. concord and livermore up near the 100-degree mark today. mount tam looking down on ocean beach. mainly clear skies. these are the forecast features. a typical summer pattern of breezy conditions at the coast. and warm inland over the next two days. the heat increases a bit early next week and we'll have the heat holding on into early august. overnight the fog will be
7:22 pm
holding on and moving out over the bay. low temperatures will be generally in the mid to upper 50s, right around 60. beach forecast tomorrow, mid-60s the highs along most of the beaches. santa cruz about 73 degrees. cool ocean waters, but that's our typical pattern here in the bay area. highs tomorrow range from about 64 at half moon bay to 68. san francisco 72 across the bay. oakland will see mid-90s in the inland east bay, mid to upper 80s in the north bay and upper 70s to mid-08s in the south bay locations. pretty much a steady pattern of the summer spread. about 90 inland. on sunday a little bit warmer. we'll see mid to upper 90s inland. it will be hot inland on monday as even many of our inland east bay locations will top out around 100 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have seven days of sunny skies coming our way with just a little coastal fog, of course. typical summer pattern.
7:23 pm
for the next couple days we won't see much change in our weather. but on sunday and monday, inland highs start to climb upward a little bit. on tuesday, wednesday and thursday we'll see upper 90s to near 100. inland low to mid-80s around the bay. mid to upper 60s around the coast. looks like the pattern will be locked in for at least a week, perhaps longer. >> settle in. thanks, spencer. thanks, spencer. a day to celebrate a
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big tech media and phone companies rose, then fell slightly during the trading day. the dow closed just a few points shy of the 21,800 mark which it has never crossed. the nasdaq dropped 40 points. the s&p was essentially flat. starbucks will close all of its tivana stores. it has 379 total. mostly in malls. you've probably seen them. there are about a dozen locations in the bay area. starbucks bought them five years ago, and hopes closing stores will save money. well, move over bill gates. according to forbes, amazon's ceo is now the richest person in the world. they put his fortune at more than $90 billion. he rose to the top spot this morning, thanks to a surge in
7:27 pm
amazon stock, which puts him $500 million ahead of gates. but keep in mind, forbes said that bez os would be nowhere close to being the wealthiest person if gates had not given so much of his fortune to fill an throw by. today is national intern day. a chance for employers to recognize the work contributed by interns. google took the top spot on the 2017 survey of most prestigious internships done by career website apple ranked second followed by facebook, tesla came in at number six. the walt disney company ranked ninth. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> that's nice. they work hard. >> they work very hard. it will take months and it will cost millions to fix the or ohville dam. >> what's being done differently to fix the problems that nearly killed a catastrophic failure in february. new at 6:00, the state of the lake. what researchers found to be the
7:28 pm
biggest changes this year at lake tahoe. why the uber man is walking out of a house with the delivery order and why he was inside uninvited in the first place. a story you'll see who are these people?
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crest healthy beautiful smiles for life. blagojevich! [ bleep ]! >> a food delivery man crossed the line when he verbally assaulted a customer using profanity and kicking her door. that man is an independent contractor for uber eats, which is an online delivery service owned by uber. >> abc 7 news reporter leeann melendez has the story. >> reporter: she showed us how this camera outside her door captured a disturbing event. it was her first time using the food delivery service uber eats. she was disappointed when the delivery man showed up with the wrong order. >> he actually gave me four salads instead of one salad. i figured he would be back. >> reporter: here's surveillance video of what happened next. the man left but returned a few minutes later.
7:32 pm
when martinez opened the door, he blamed her for the mistake. and walked through the door. >> i opened the door and he actually walked into my house, uninvited. and said, you gave me the wrong order. an i said, i gave you the wrong order? >> reporter: the deliveryman became very agitated, then we bleeped out some of it.t her. >> his fuse was so short, that's what worried me. he kicked the door. i could hear the door kick and hear him yelling all the way back down into his car. >> reporter: we showed san francisco police the video posted on facebook. >> i don't know if there was some type of misunderstanding, it's definitely not a good idea for an individual to enter a home unless they're invited in. >> reporter: she contacted uber eats and was reimbursed. the company told abc 7 news the behavior seen in the video is unacceptable and we are continuing to look further into this.fact, this morning when i
7:33 pm
left, i thought, what if he came back? i was imagining, what if he spray painted, what if he came back? i was worried he was going to come back. >> reporter: in a situation like this one, police encouraged people to call them to report it. in san francisco, leeann melendez, abc 7 news. police are telling people to stay inside because they're searching for shooting suspects. it happened around 2:30 this afternoon. the s.w.a.t. team is out looking for suspects and want people who live on arthur avenue, north boulevard and midway avenue to shelter in place. a big oops for cal fire today. an air tanker excellently dropped 100 gallons of fire retardant onto a windsor neighborhood. the homes are under the flight path to the sonoma county airport. nine homes and more than a dozen cars were doused in that pink there. firefighters joined with the city to help clean up because retardant can damage paint if
7:34 pm
left on too long. the orville dam is going to be reopened in november. the department of water resources said cruise are building a cutoff wall to prevent erosion if it has to be used in the future. the entire project will cost a lot of money. >> we're anticipating the early portion of costs to be about $200 million. that's for the emergency response that started in february. the recovery project, which is construction work, we expect to be in excess of $300 million. >> a uc berkeley professor is raising a concern about a green spot on the dam. they say it is likely caused by rain or a spring. but the professor disagrees and believes it could lead to a failure. californians appear to support the state's efforts when it comes to fighting climate
7:35 pm
change despite changes in federal policy by the trump administration. a new poll shows 70% of voters surveyed favor a push to have all of california's electricity generated by renewable power by 2045. they support california developing its own environmental policies separate from those of the federal government. >> there's this growing distance between what people feel about what the federal government is doing versus kind of what the state government is doing on environmental issues, particularly on climate change. >> the public policy institute of california also discovered that half the people surveyed did not know about the state's landmark cap and trade law. governor brown just signed an extension of that law governing emissions on tuesday. new at 6:00, the yearly report on the state of lake tahoe is out, with sobering findings. >> jonathan bloom spoke with the head of the center behind that study, for what it all means. >> reporter: every year the uc davis state of the lake report tells us how much cloudier the
7:36 pm
clear waters of lake tahoe are getting. but it's also picked up on another trend, the temperature. >> the warming in the last four or five years is over ten times what the warming has been since 1968. >> reporter: the head of tahoe environmental research center said in this region there's no arguing climate change is real and could have real effects on the fragile ecosystem. >> the native fish are used to clear, cold water conditions, cold temperatures. they're beginning to feel less and less at home in those waters. >> reporter: there's one species having no trouble adapting and this one's not native at all. researchers used robots to see hundreds of feet below the surface and came across these tiny shrimp. they were intended to be fish food but instead they ate the food the fish used to eat. >> that turned out not to be such a good idea because the fish actually got smaller. >> reporter: they said reducing the population could restore some of the clarity. but other problems are not so
7:37 pm
easily solved. the changing climate is making it harder for oxygen to reach the fish and plants down below. the water stays trapped under warm water up top. >> the length of the summer is increasing. winter, when it could occur, has decreased about a month in the last 50 years. >> reporter: and then there's the drought. those streams are once again gushing with water, the trees are still weak. last year 30,000 of them died. that's twice as many as the year before. >> the thing we don't know is how quickly is the forest going to spring back. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. we are less than a month away from a total solar eclipse that will pass right over the united states. see the plans people are making to catch this rare astronomical event. looking live in walnut creek. one of the hottest places in the bay area. spencer is tracking how long it will sta
7:38 pm
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millions of people across the country are making plangs to see the solar eclipse cross over the united states on august 21st which hasn't happened in years. >> abc 7 news reporter kate
7:41 pm
larson has more on what to expect and what you should know before you look up. >> reporter: starting at 9:00 a.m. on august 21st, the shaco of the moon will sweep across the u.s. from oregon to south carolina. >> in a total solar eclipse, the moon actually completely blocks out the light of the sun. >> reporter: rob is a physicist and is traveling to casper, wyoming, with his exploratorium team to capture the eclipse. he says right here in the bay area there will be a 76% eclipse peaking at 10:15 a.m. >> it will get quite dim, kind of like twilight but not exactly like twilight. >> reporter: a cloud-free location and special shades are your best bet for a good view. how do you know you've got a safe pair of eclipse shades? when you put them on and look at anything, you should see nothing but black. when you take your shades outside and look directly at the sun, this is what you should see. >> to experience it with a crowd of people, it's a very social experience.
7:42 pm
>> reporter: robin, a director at the exploratorium is planning the trip for two years. >> at this point, most hotels are booked solid. most campgrounds are filled. but there are exceptions. i think if you're really diligent online, there are places if you search like oregon eclipse camping, where you can find some eclipse camp sites. >> reporter: robin said traffic on roads that lead to the path of totality will be packed. best to drive long before sunrise. in san francisco, kate larson, abc 7 news. a north bay man paid for a southwest flight but couldn't get on the plane. >> "7 on your side's" michael
7:43 pm
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several high-profile cases have made airlines look really bad for bumping passengers off flights they paid for. >> however, there is another way you can be denied a seat you purchased and it caught a marin county man offguard. >> "7 on your side's" michael finney explains how he helped him out. >> this is a policy very few people know about. if you're not careful you can find yourself stranded in a faraway place. an airline took away a passenger's ticket and then
7:46 pm
wouldn't give him his money back. bruce blakeley met the love of his life in a not so romantic place. the airport. >> we were both waiting for the same flight. and started a conversation. we ended up flying on the plane together. and eventually getting married. >> reporter: it happened on southwest. so the airline held a special place in his heart. until recently. >> i had purchased my ticket, and i had my ticket. and i wanted to come back on my ticket. southwest said no. >> reporter: why would an airline do that? it all began when bruce signed up to compete in a bridge tournament in las vegas. >> bridge is the greatest game. >> reporter: he booked a round-trip flight. that's where the troubles started. >> since you didn't turn up for your outbound flight, we canceled your whole reservation and taken your money. >> reporter: southwest said he was a no-show for his original flight out. so it canceled his return flight. it's all spelled out in its no-show policy. if you don't get on one flight,
7:47 pm
it cancels the rest of your ticket. and no refunds either. >> i felt like they stole my money. >> reporter: bruce had already printed out his return ticket. he was stunned he couldn't use it. >> a ticket that i had paid for, that i had in hand, that i still have here, right in front of me, and they weren't going to honor the ticket and they weren't going to give me my money back. >> reporter: so he contacted "7 on your side" and we talked to southwest. pointed to that no-show policy as standard among airlines. however, southwest agreed to refund his money since bruce didn't know the rules, saying, we count on knowing who is showing up to allow us to forecast accurately our usage of seats. keep down our costs for flights and translate that into low fares. >> 7 on my side not only -- actually, "7 on your side," but i feel like 7 on my side got my money back. >> now, let me underline this. a no-sho policy is standard among airlines. if you're not going to use a
7:48 pm
portion of your ticket, notify the airline ahead of time. that way they will not cancel the rest of your trip and you won't find yourself stranded. i want to hear from you. my "7 on your side" hotline is open 10:00 to 2:00. or reach me through my facebook page or on >> 7 on yourside, my side, got you covered. the bay area is a beautiful place and abc 7 news viewers continue to prove it. >> they do every day. rohan shared this from twin peaks. it has the #7 which helped us find it and feature it on television. drone view ef van was up a few hours ago. the fog starting to roll in the background over the bay. >> here comes carl. abc 7 news on your weather is here with your look. >> carl is about to curl his way across the bay overnight. but right now, he's hanging out
7:49 pm
at the coastline. let's take a look at overnight conditions. as the fog moves out over the bay, we'll see low temperatures dropping into the upper 50s to around 60 in most locations. then tomorrow's highs will reach mid-90s in the warmest inland locations, mainly 70s around the bay. mild on the coast tomorrow. thinking about going to lake tahoe over the weekend? the next three days look sunny with highs in the mid-70s. mid-80s. here is our bay area accuweather seven-day forecast. seven days of sunny skies with highs in the mid-90s inland. mid to upper 90s sunday and monday. upper 90s to almost 100 tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we'll see bayside highs in the low to mid-80s. coastal highs in the mid to upper 60s. so it will be mild to warm across the entire region. >> thanks, spencer. a little warriors basketball
7:50 pm
business to talk about. >> absolutely. larry's got the details. >> news in the off-season. looks like everybody coming back. mcgee making his decision. the 49ers opening camp. but without their number one draft pick. where is who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here.
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good evening. welcome to the first day of school for the 49ers. report day for the entire team and coaching staff can finally get started for real. but even after a long off-season, they still have some unfinished business. first round pick, solomon thomas, unsigned. contract dispute. not locking down thomas. a blemish on an otherwise strong off-season. if the defensive end for stanford doesn't sign on the dotted line in the next few hours, he'll miss the start of training camp tomorrow. >> we're concerned right now. i wish this were done. it should be done, you know? disappointed with myself in a certain way that it's not. i think i'm also learning that this is part of the business, part of the game. and so as i said, though, i'm encouraged and i'm hopeful that we can get it done.
7:54 pm
and we'll see. we've got a couple of hours. >> with joe flacco out for a bit with a back injury, ravens have interest in colin kaepernick. many believe he's blackballed because of his anthem protests. ravens coach john harbaugh praised kap and said his team might be interested. as for why the niners didn't want kap back, kyle shanahan said it's all about offensive scheme. >> i think colin's had a lot of success in this league but you've got to commit to a certain type of scheme to give them the bast chance to succeed. i know when we didn't want to bring him in as the starter, i thought that was a big commitment to make for a guy i wasn't sure would be the starter. the raiders report to napa for training camp. they get started tomorrow. today they released their third most senior member of the squad taiwan jones who grew up in antioch. he was selected back in 2011. played 65 games for the silver and black. but was hurt quite a bit. had just one career touchdown.
7:55 pm
mcgee returning to the warriors. after resurrecting his career last season. he was looking for lucrative offers elsewhere but he'll return on a one-year deal for about $2 million. mcgee played an important role in the title run averaging six points and three rebounds in 77 regular season games and dunking on pretty much everybody. for the second day in a row, the a's lose in toronto on a walk-off homer. if their bullpen had a nickname, it would be highly flammable. things got crazy in the fifth after manager john gibbons was ejected for arguing balls and strikes. the pitcher and gm were both tossed. tied with a solo bomb off blake. so 4-4. they go to extras. liam hendricks walks the bases loaded with two out in the tenth. find the plate. manager bob melvin, no, i'm
7:56 pm
going to stick with my guy. mistake. bases loaded. steve pierce, 3-2 count. crushed! walk-off grand slam! game over. drive home safely. blue jays sweep the a's 8-4 the final. the legendary bill king will be inducted into the baseball hall of fame this weekend. king broadcast a's games for more than 25 years until his death in 2005. great calling warriors and raiders games. he will posthumously receive an award for broadcast excellence. and his old broadcast partner said it's about time. >> it's a special thing. bill had this deep regard for the hall of fame, and the history of the game, a love for the history and the traditions. and the only negative, of course, would be that he won't be around to receive the award. but it is a very special and just a wonderful honor from a place -- those are hallowed grounds, the hall of fame.
7:57 pm
>> bill king, absolutely amazing. one of a kind. should have been in the hall of fame years ago. >> yeah, right. >> unbelievable broadcaster. >> thanks, larry, very much. thank you. join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. this dog was in badly need of a rescue. the hero who got him out just in time. >> thank goodness. then on abc 7 news at 11:00, a secret garden in tahoe. look at that. the beautiful wilderness you can now explore tonight for the first time in more than 100 years. >> i want to go. that's stunning. here's tonight's primetime lineup. boy band followed by at 9:00 by battle of the network stars. and the gong show son at 10:00. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel live. his guests are billy crystal and chris bianco. that is this esituation of
7:58 pm
abc 7 news. look for breaking news on for all of us here at abc 7 news, thank you for joining us. enjoy the rest of your evening and we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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