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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 6, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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tonight on abc7 news at 6, outrage off a google employee's memo. tonight the company responds. hey, that's my truck, and pulled out a gun and shot. >> the dangerous moment an east bay man confronts a truck thief. officers have been hospitalized after touching the plants in a pot farm. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. biological weakness and racial discrimination, a google employee has a memo that has the tech world reacting. i'm eric thomas. thank you for joining us. the memo and backlash and what it means for the company drew
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comments from google's new head of diversity. but she's not the only one talking. lillian kim in our news room. >> the letter began circulating internally last week but it caught the public's intention when employees of the company started tweeting about it friday night. since then the google's vp of diversity has responded. the letter written by a software engineer who hasn't been publicly identified has since been obtained and posted it. in it the engineer says google should stop its campaigns to end gender and racial diversity. the reason women don't make up half of the company's tech and leadership company is because of genetic differences in their preferences and ability. according to google's latest diversity report, women make up only 20% in tech and 25% in leadership roles. reaction has ranged from outrage to praise. either way, a tech industry analyst we spoke to says there may be a silver lining in all of this. >> i rather have someone have
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this be open and talk about it rather than hold it inside and abuse people on the quiet. this showcases there is a quiet. typical fix is to block letters like this but that doesn't fix the attitude or improve the environment. they have to change the way people think and they can't do that unless they're very much aware of how they're thinking now. >> in response to the essay, google's new vp of diversity danielle brown e-mailed employees yesterday which said, we are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a company and we'll continue to stand for that and be committed to it for the long haul. she said change in culture is hard but google is doing the right ning thing. lillian kim, abc7. a hayward man shot at after pursuing a truck thief on gamble court in hayward lass night. abc7 cornel bernard is life at police headquarters with more. >> reporter: eric, hayward
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police don't really recommend doing what stacy jetton did, confronting a truck thief. luckily he wasn't hurt. 26-year-old man identified as a transient in custody tonight. his identify has not yet been released. >> he stuck his head out the window and went -- >> reporter: stacy jetton talks about confronting the man who stole his truck on saturday. he was visiting a friend on gamble court in hayward. >> i thought i heard my truck start up. i went out to see what was going on. >> reporter: his dodge ram truck had been ripped off. this neighbor saw it happen. >> in a matter of 30 seconds, he was gone. >> reporter: he borrowed his buddy's truck to follow the man down hayward boulevard where he caught up with the suspect. >> i pulled up to the back and said, hey, that's my truck, and he said so and so you, pulled out a gun and shot. i went, oh. so he took off and i didn't bother to follow after that. >> reporter: the gunman missed. jetton called 911. hayward police briefly crashed the man through city streets we
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are crashed into several cars. at one point the suspect drove towards officers. one officer open fire, missing the suspect, who crashed the stolen truck moments later and was arrested. another car was stolen from the same hayward address last week. >> at the end of the day, you know, it's just -- when you have to be watchful. >> reporter: neighbors now on alert. stacy jetton says his truck seen here before the crash was totaled. he says next time he'll leaf chases to the cops. >> i'm glad i didn't get shot. >> reporter: police are, too. abc7 news. sonoma county sheriff released new details about an officer-involved shooting in santa rosa yesterday morning on west steel lane after two people called police. one of them spoke spanish and use aid translation line, telling the dispatcher someone in the home needed medical help because of a laceration. officers got there and found a man with a knife hidden under a bed who did speak english. officers tased and pepper sprayed the man but he wouldn't back down.
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one officer shot and killed him. the sheriff said several families lived in the home, including two children, who were in a different part of the house. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. new details tonight. an international manhunt that ended in the bay area. two men are accused of murdering cosmetologist in a chicago high rise. police found the badly mutilated body inside professor latham's apartment days ago. they were dating before and he wanted out of the relationship. >> guys aren't caught, there's a murder sech floors beneath us. that's we're weird. >> warren arrived in chicago three days before the murder. he said addition he indicated his passion for bondage and torture on grinder. both are awaiting extradition back to illinois. two b.a.r.t. riders were
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pepper strprayed during a rob attempt. a young woman sprayed them and got away with another. she was with a group of ten other juveniles. the victims were not seriously injured. a police dog helped track down a burglary suspect in watsonville. a man called 911 saying he was watched two suspects in his property on eileen street. officers arrested 34-year-old jose rodriguez, who had several warrants. he was checked out at a hospitalized before being taken to jail. half a dozen of people at a company picnic in atherton bare barely. there was a loud crack and a branch broke off an oak tree striking several people. paramedics treated a woman for a wloe to the head and a 1-year-old child suffered scratches. the u.s. secretary of state skipped a dinner hosted by north
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korea at an international conference in the philippines today. however, there's still hope the two sides can sit down this week to discuss new sanctions set on north korea after recent missile tests. reporter david daniel has more. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson did not meet with north korea's foreign minister sunday while both leaders were attending the annual association of southeastern asian nation forum in the philippines. both men will be in the same room for another scheduled session monday but they are not expected to meet privately. tillerson did meet with his chinese counterpart sunday after the united nations security council slapped harsh new sanctions on north korea over its missile tests. those sanctions could cost the country one-third of its export revenue, approximately $1 billion. the chinese foreign minister addressed nk income sunday telling them not to conduct nuclear and missile tests and urging all parties not to further escalate tensions. nikki haley said the u.s. is prepared to do whatever it takes on north korea while president
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trump reacted to the sanctions tweeting, the united nations resolution is the single largest economic sanctions package ever on north korea, over $1 billion in costs to north korea. david daniel, abc7 news. illegal pot farmers are a growing problem in northern california. now it seems worse and much toxic. a freedom really leads to a clash of protesters. three very different bay area cities named among the best places to live in america. well, it was a picture perfect day out there. fog leading to sunshine and really comfortable temperatures. how long this pattern will last ahead in the accuweather forecast.
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there's been a huge jump in toxic waste left behind from illegal marijuana grows in california. in the past four years investigators have found 41 times more solid fertd liesers and 80 times more pesticide on u.s. forest land. some is so toxic, just touching the plant has sent law enforcement officers to the hospital. it's against federal law because it can kill sensitive species, kill algae blooms in rivers and streams. clean-up of one site can cost as much as $100,000 in taxpayer
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money. there's a backlog of more than 600 pot farms needing to be cleaned up. members of opposing protest groups came together in portland, oregon. a right-wing grouped marched to the downtown area where they were met with a far-left group. several were pepper strayed and left bloodied. police say they were viewing video and several people could be arrested. good news for thousands of incoming cal state freshman. while administrators made changing to course work to eliminate stressful testing. a rare day when both local 9s found the win column.
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had. california state university is taking a big step to get more students to graduate within four years. incoming freshman will no longer have to take incoming math and english courses. 80% of students have been required to take the courses for no credit. that requirement often sidetracks a student's degree
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work. >> if i go back a few years, it's not uncommon for a student to have one whole year that was just in those noncredit-bearing courses. >> a student assessment will now be made through standardized testing or high school gpas. the hope is to boost the four-year graduation rate from 19% to 25% by the year 2025. three bay area cities have been named among the best places to live in america. school rankings website had ann arbor, michigan, naperville, illinois, arlington, virginia at the top. sunnyvale came in at 15, berkeley, and san francisco came in 24th with night life and diversity as greatest assets. they looked at graduation rates, fbi crime data, housing and employment to set its rankings. well, accuweather wrapping up a gorgeous day today. no intense heat. it was so nice out there.
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we're going to do it twice, once again tomorrow as well. doppler 7 showing you the picture. we love this weather where the fog takes its time clearing so that means the heat stays away from us. to the north and east, live doppler 7 over the last hour showing thundershowers. you notice over the past 15 minutes they are weakening and pushing away to the north and east. outside the picture, santa cruz came alive. look, folks still enjoying what's left of their weekend on this sunday evening. really gorgeous view from this vantage point. the ocean water temperature coming up a few degrees. right now the 62 degrees. right now, 60s, 70s. 73 in vallejo. a bit warmer in gilroy at 78 degrees. 62 in san francisco. fairfield checking in at 78 degrees. here's the call. overnight tonight we will have that cloud cover along the coast. expanding across the bay. a lot of spots waking up tomorrow morning to gray skies.
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mid-50s to low 60s are starting temperatures for monday. watch future weather. we'll stop the clock at 6:00 tomorrow morning. this white contour stretching through the delta, that's the fog. that marine layer is deepening tonight once again. that means it will be another day with clearing to the coast is slow. by midday still patchy fog around the bay. that's going to slow the warming tomorrow afternoon to lead to another comfortable day on the way for monday. highs in microclimate. let's start in the south bay. 85 for morgan hill. 77 for san jose. 74, the afternoon high in sunnyvale. 72, palo alto. 71 for san mateo. downtown san francisco probably not until midday we start to see sunshine downtown clouds will be into the east bay, bright and beautiful on your monday, 73
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that high in hayward. 70 in oakland. 74 in fremont. 71 for richmond. and inlandwehr sitting pretty in the 80s. 85, pittsburg. livermore up to 85 degrees. to the beach we go. one of those days tomorrow where the clouds will be very stubborn in the morning, we'll get some afternoon sunshine but it's going to take some time and a sea breeze will kick in 5 to 15 miles an hour. santa cruz, about 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon. 63 that high in bodega bay. i want to take you to the atlantic where we're tracking our next potential tropical cyclone. this is tropical cyclone 7. in the next 12 hours or so it will likely be upgraded to a tropical storm and get the name franklin. the cause of concern is it will move into areas of mexico like cancun. tropical storm warning is in effect for that coastline. we'll see likely by tuesday morning winds of 50 miles an hour in the region and heavy rain. take note of that if your travels take to you that part of the country.
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accuweather seven-day forecast. coastal drizzle on your monday. stays below average tuesday. midweek it's a steady pattern and really thankfully, i think this is the payoff for such a hot july, no intense heat even into next week. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. about this time of year in training camp, players are ready to hit someone besides their own teammates. they face the cardinals saturday night. their facility is getting stale, like every training camp around the nfl. it was family day today in napa. they had a barbecue, welcoming their wives and kids. jack del rio wants to make sure they don't forget this is a business where everyone has a shot to make a team. >> we'll have a competitive team. i told the guys when we open, i don't care how you got here. it doesn't really tter. you're undrafted, you're a high pick, a low pick or if you
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weren't picked or if you're a veteran, certainly a veteran, we've seen a certain amount before, but still we want to make it competitive. we want to make it real, the competition real. >> the a's traded all-star first baseman yonder alonso to seattle for a minor league outfielder. alonso was hitting .266, 24 home runs and 49 rbis. powell, a 24-year-old minor leaguer. angels today in what would not be considered a pitcher's duel. oakland down 10-5 in the seventh. chad pender was 4 for 5. solo home run. a triple shy of the cycle. 10-6, l.a. a's with 18 hits. none more thornt pan jed lowrie, a single beats the shift with two outs in the eighth. instead of an inning-ending over, chris davis smacks his 29th run of the season, home run, that is. two-run shot makes it 10-8. pender made it a one-run game. six straight hits.
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the a's scored five runs. maxwell drifring the two-run single. a's come from way behind to win 11-10. maybe their best win of the year. d'backs, parker, deep drive to center. see ya. his first home run of the year. 2-1, giants. they double their lead in the third. hunter pence, bases loaded, samardzija off the wall. 4-1, giants. shark getting into trouble in the fourth. looked like the d'backs would get within one on the ma trchlt e sac fly but martin thrown out by parker. bottom of five, nick hundley up the middle. two more score. giants take two out of the three in the series and welcome the cubs tomorrow for a three-game set. bank of the west finals, madison keys and cocoa wanderve.
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keys dlielivers a winning forehand. keys rips her forehand and it finds the corner. she would take the first set 7-6 between these two power hitters. second set, match point, keys whips the forehand to the other corner. madison keys, third career title in straight sets, first at stanford and first on home soil. final round of the women's british open. kim with a nice start today. 1st hole. almost aces it. finished with it two birdies, one bogey and 1 under 71. parred through the back nine winning her first career major championship, 18 under par winning by two strokes. pga tour, bridge stone invitational where matsui was 2 back. took care of that with his eagle chip on 2. nothing but net. and he would birdie the final three holes for a 9 under 61.
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lowest round at firestone, tying the record. matsuyama wins his fourth title by five strokes and remains number three in the world. a lot more from tonight. like we get sick of each other, working on weekends, like training camp, it's the same thing. >> we do? i never get sick of you guys. >> oh, wow. we know how he feels. >> not a good analogy. >> don't go by what you hear from people. thanks. after a decade in development limbo, stephen king's beloved
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tonight on abc7 news at 9:00, a topical cal university warning students after a data breach. what's being done for those affected. at 11:00 on abc7, happy tears, a surprise return to the bay area for a sergeant fighting overseas for our country. . 9-year-old space movie fan is chasing a job at nasa. jack davis from new jersey sent this letter to the space agency asking for a position as a new
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pl planetary protection officer, that's working to prevent contamination of samples brought from planet to earth. he got a thank you back from nasa, no job offer, though. however nasa told jack to do well in school and he may get there one day. one thing we didn't report, his sister said she thought he was ail alien. director kathryn bigelow's movie "detroit" about the 1967 riots is getting talked about as a possible oscar winner. "dark tower" came in first, adaptation of stephen king's books been in production for seven years. "dark tower" picked up $19 million, dunkirk, the emoji mover and girls trip came in
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second, third, fourth. not a big weekend at the box office. night to get to see something. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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>> right now on "matter of fact ," gridlock in washington. congressional moderates say it >> we can make their lives better. >> they cannot ignore us. >> y 100 members say it is time to put the brakes on their own house parties. and, a housing crisis putting a >> we don't have a balanced >> w housing unaffordable for am ? plus, ruth bader ginsburg, the opera? the supreme


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