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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 21, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. >> we are not nation building again. we are killing terrorists. >> after being a major skeptic on the war in afghanistan, president trump goes all-in.
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good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. we'll begin with the major policy announcement. president trump just announced he could be increasing the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan, possibly sending thousands more into america's longest-running war. abc news reporter lana zak is in washington. >> reporter: president trump now says he's on board with a plan than could send additional u.s. troops to afghanistan. >> i i concluded that the security threats we face in afghanistan and the broader region are immense. >> reporter: afghan forces say they need more help to fight a resurgent taliban. these new american troops will join more than 8,000 troops already on the ground, parts of 13,000 coalition forces. >> the men and women who serve our nation in xwaut deserve a plan for victory. >> reporter: the president did not say how many more americans would be sent, but the pentagon's proposal originally unveiled in may would add 3,000 to 4,000 troops and increase the
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amount of foorn aid being sent to the nation. before he was president, mr. trump opposed increasing america's commitments in afghanistan. >> let's get with it. get out of afghanistan. >> reporter: getting out of afghanistan a position he often repeated as a private citizen but one harder to maintain as commander in chief. >> my original instinct was to pull out and historically, i like following my instincts. but all my life, i've heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the oval office. >> reporter: and the president also called on india and pakistan to step up, but one thing that the president said he would not do give a timetable for when all u.s. troops in afghanistan will be home. lana zak, abc news, washington. well, now to the eclipse. we waited 38 years for the great american eclipse and millions came out to watch the spectacle. abc news reporter maggie ruehle
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is in charleston, south carolina, the last state to see this celestial phenomenon. >> reporter: we were some of the last people in the u.s. to see the great american eclipse and the crowds here in charleston, well, we sent it off in style. >> the best part was when it kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller. >> reporter: the young and just born and the young at heart. >> i was trying to be part of this. i don't know if i'm going to have a chance to see it again. >> reporter: the canine and feline. after so much participation, the moon arrived right on schedule. >> appreciate that we're able to predict it and understand it to within fractions of a second. >> reporter: as totality sped across the u.s. at an average of 1800 miles an hour, americans from coast to coast ooed and ahed. >> i have goosebumps literally. i've never seen anything like it. >> the spectacle landing in city after city, first hitting
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lincoln city, oregon. casting its crescent scent in car heng in alliance, nebraska almost overshadowed in the so-called capital of the eclipse, carbon dale, illinois. but peeking out in the final few seconds. >> no words. no words. it was absolutely amazing. then finally the last major stop for the great american eclipse, charleston, south carolina. right now you can see the sun just peeking around the moon. we are in a total solar eclipse. some soaking in the darkness from the skies. >> there it is. >> reporter: and a lucky few on the sea who got treated to a solar eclipse of the heart. sboelths total eclipse confident heart ♪ >> reporter: here in charleston, the storms cleared just in time. we were treated to a total solar eclipse on one side with lightning strikes on the other. in charleston county, south
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carolina, maggie ruehle, abc7 news. >> that's a two-fer. great stuff. thanks so much. it's likely you've seen a lot of pictures by now, but probably not one like this. this is really something else. the international space station tweet aid few pictures of a rare view of this eclipse. see that black spot on the earth there at the middle of your screen? that's called an up bra. the up bra is the is the moon's shadow during the eclipse. the six space stationwere the o live. here's another look at the eclipse impact from a view you won't get fret earth. ynoa's new sest satellite shows 16 captured spectacular ins of the moon's shadow crossing the united states. remarkable stuff. if you missed the eclipse, check out the show again. ahead to abc 67 we have a time lapse video showing the moment the moon completely blocked out the sun that, moment of totality as well as incredible eclipse images
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from all across the country. moving on, san francisco is expected to hear the final word perhaps as early tomorrow about saturday's planned right wing rally at crissy field. the national parks service has approved a permit but hasn't issued it yet. abc7 news reporter caroline tile ser on the story. >> reporter: a diversity group of san franciscans met with mayor ed lee this afternoon to talk strategy in the wake of saturday's planned right wing rally at crissy field. the city plans to sponsor two counter events to condemn hate and bigotry. crissy field is under federal jurisdiction, not local control. and the national park service has approved a permit for a group called patriot prayer. the paperwork isn't finalized yet, but if it goes through, the mayor wants restrictions. >> primary concern is guns. i think guns and weapons of any kind be concealed weapons,
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sticks, poles. >> reporter: other restrictions could include a limit on the number of participants and how much of crissy field they can occupy. and the group's request for live music could be denied. the feds are expecting san francisco police to help with security which the mayor calls unfair. and even if the event is canceled at the last minute, officers could still face chaos. >> in the possibility that that event does not go through, we will be prepared for protest, demonstrations, first anticipate, that type of thing, throughout san francisco. >> reporter: the city hopes its rallies will offer a peaceful outlet. carolyn tyler, abc7 news. a local san francisco law group has started a go fund me page called adopt a nazi. it's not what you think. the campaign is raising money through crowd funding to benefit
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the southern poverty law center which fights by gottory and hatred. news reporter lyanne melendez explains what they want to achieve. >> the jush bar association of san francisco thought its campaign called adopt a nazi would raise only $10,000. they have now received more than $85,000. >> the rally is still five days away. so the sky's the limit. >> reporter: the rally he's referring to is being organized by patriot prayer, a group of president trump supporters known to attract white supremacists and neo-nazi. the organizer said they don't want to clash with far left groups either. the strategy behind the campaign is similar to one adopted in 2014 by the residents of a small germantown to wanted to get rid of the marchers. >> they came up with the idea to sponsor each marcher by about donating to an anti-extremist group. that's how the idea started. >> reporter: all the money
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raised the adopt a nazi campaign will go to the southern poverty law center, an organization in al bam fighting bigotry and hate. >> i'm grateful that activists are countering white supremacy and hate by raising money for organizations that do important group. >> reporter: the group is now vowing to intensify its social media campaign through saturday. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. tomorrow, the state attorney general's office is expected to get involved in a recall petition drive against aaron% ski, after he filed a lawsuit saying the state, not the county, should oversee the petition drive. the ag's office plans to file papers tomorrow disagreeing with% ski and sidg with the petitioners. supporters of the recall believe% ski has a pattern of bias in cases involving sex yims and violence against women including the brock turner case.
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a ruling whether to let the petition move forward is expected on wednesday. his lawyers declined comment to our partners at the bay area news group because they had not seen tomorrow's filing. coming up next, a bay area rapper becomes the victim of a shooting in richmond. what police are say bth shooter's intentions. also, a fire that's now been burning for more than a week. drew tuma is here with a preview of the forecast. >> enjoy agstretch of comfortable weather. temperatures slightly below normal. changing for the week ahead. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. >> drew, thanks. another passenger tried to open another passenger tried to open a door in the middle of a
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proof now to developing news, the search is on for a suspect to shot an east bay rapper several times early this morning at a richmond gas station. he survived. news reporter melanie woodrow. >> tonight the artist is in the stable condition. richmond police do not have a suspect right now or a get away vehicle description. what they do have is surveillance video and they're going through it. keak da sneak is well-known for his contribution to "tell me when to go." it happened at a gags station on
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imperial avenue. a police spokesperson says someone shot him multiple times in his upper torso. police are still investigating the motive and say there were few witnesses. >> what we know is he was most likely targeted. and it wasn't a random shooting. and it kind of underscores the fact that he's probably the person who did this was intending to probably take his life. because you don't just shoot multiple times at a person not intending for the person to die. in a bay area music blog is sending its prayers and positive energy to the artist and his family. rich monday police say the artist had a show in oakland sunday night. as part of their investigation, they're looking into what if any ties he has here in richmond. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. we got new information from
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san francisco police today opt certainly for several rifles stolen from a parked car. >> we don't remds anyone leaving anything especially firearms in their vehicle. >> the theft happened sometime between midnight and 9:30 in the morning on sunday at leland avenue and delta street in visitacion valley. someone took four rifles. not six as previously thought along with ammunition and work uniforms. police say a man who was in the military was passing through san francisco that night and left his car locked up in the area. they are asking anyone who may have seen something or maybe has video to share it with them as they try to find whoever is responsible. well, now to that frightening moment on board a passenger plane out of l.a.x. a man tried to open a cabin door as the pilot prepared to land. authorities were waiting. here's abc news reporter david kerley. >> reporter: these are the moments just after passengers were screaming as a man allegedly tried to open one of
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the jet's doors in flight. >> i hear some yelling and this gentleman is standing in the middle of the aisle. he's saying i'm going to punch him if he opens the door. i didn't know what was going on. i thought we were being hijacked. >> reporter: the american airlines jet was preparing to land in minneapolis and once on the ground, police boarding and escorting the man in sunglasses off the aircraft. >> opening the door while in flight, that's that kind of scared me a lot. and t passengers next to me. >> reporter: while there was plenty of fear among passengers on saturdays, those emergency doors can't be opened in flight. most jetliner doors mechanically seal against the fuselage and during flight, the cabin pressurization pushes against the door, pressure making it humanly impossible to open that door. and while the fbi says it is loking at the case, no charges have been filed. david kerley, abc news, reagan national airport. a child fire burning in yosemite national park has grown to nearly five square miles.
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firefighters are watching the weather closely. there is certain about the potential for a lightning storm which could cause the fire to grow larger. evacuation orders are in place for residents of the tiny community of wawone and some campers inside the park. residents were ordered to clear out saturday when flames came within one and a half miles of the community. the wildfire has been burning for a week. see air rare fire watch provided the video. it was 10% contained as of this morning. all right. abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma is here tonight monitoring conditions on those fire lines. of course, around the bay area. drew, we put a lot of pressure on you guys about the eclipse today. depending where you were, you got glimpses. it was cloudy. >> location was key. we suppressed get away from the coast for your best chance possible. a lot of cloud cover was stubborn to clear early this morning. live doppler showing we have a fair amount of high cloud cover over us right now. the reason why, live doppler 7
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over the past four hours, we had several thundershowers develop in the sierra. you can see them moving in a count ker clock wise fashion. not out of the question a folks around san jose, even mountain view and livermore could have had a few sprinkles as the showers died down earlier this evening. but the cloud cover, a lot of us had a gorgeous backdrop for amazing sunset pictures. take a look at this. the high cirrus clouds bouncing off the sun setting gave us a gorgeous picture. if you ever see something beautiful where you ha have # @abc.we would love to share it on air. temperature wise cooling to 64 the current number in oakland. 67 in san jose. 62 in san francisco. not bad right now. 65 in napa under mostly cloudy skies. overnight today, a lot of cloud cover especially along the coast and high clouds streaming in through inland locations. mid 50s to low 60s.
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the name of the game under a mie of stars and clouds. future weather hour by hour, 8:00 tomorrow morning, there's that thick fog along the coast. and patchy fog around the bay. likely to be a little bit of a thicker marine layer tomorrow meaning more locations will likely see fog tomorrow morning. than we saw today. by 11:00, we're seeing the mixing of the atmosphere getting the fog out of the bay but clinging to the coast. tomorrow once again, temperatures very comfortable for this time of year. ray few degrees below normal in terms of august. highs on tuesday about, 68 in san francisco high of 78 in napa and oakland up to 73. the stretch of below average temperatures will not last all that long. as we head into the weekend and early parts of next week, the pattern develops where much of the western u.s. starts to develop a heat wave. the hottest temperatures, temperatures greatest above
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normal likely just to the east of us in the sierra. for us locally, it will get warm once again with temperatures rising above normal for this time of year. future tracker temperatures as we get you into the weekend, it's going to be a warmer weekend than what we experienced last weekends. a lot of 70s and 80s around the bay and our warmest spots going back into the 90s inland kind of ditto forecast on sunday as well as the heat kind of hangs on for both saturday and sunday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. below average on tuesday. a steady pattern around the bay. inland starting to warm up a bit. as we head into the weekend, you notice it in most locations. low 80s around the bay. going into the upper 90s inland for the weekend. both monday and even if we extend this an eighth day on tuesday, temperatures getting on the warm side for this time of year. enjoy cool weather while we have it and we'll flip the script again. >> where was the sunshine wh we needed.
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london's iconic big ben tolled for the last time today for quite awhile. ey'll be quiet for the next four years for a multimillion dollar restoration project that includes repair of the queen elizabeth tower which houses big ben and its clock. it has been stopped several times since it first sounded in 1859. this project will mark the longest period of silence for the bell ever. now, it will still sound on big occasions like for example, new year's eve. there's a special yoga class
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tailored for women having haired time getting pregnant called fertility yoga. the class takes students through a series of key poses to strengthen the body's endocrine and reproductive systems. science has shown strenuous exercise could be harmful to a woman's an pelvis during fertility treatments but gentle movements promote stress reduction and hormone balance. >> use breathing techniques that start to activate the parra something nervous system. >> it's helped me to relieve a lot of stress and i know that's a big factor in fertility. >> fertility yoga helps increase circulation ttho reproductive system, detoxify the body and support a healthy immune system. volkswagen is bringing back the microbus. the once popular '60s van will be reimagined as a new electric vehicle called the id buzz. volkswagen's ceo says after the company showed off a car as a
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concept vehicle at auto shows customers said please, build this car. so volkswagen is going to do it. they provided this video of the car in carmel. it's expected to be available starting in 2022. no word yet on how far it might go on a single charge. pretty nice. coming up next, rescues are underway tonight in italy. an earthquake struck an island off the western coast. video just coming in. also the search for ten missing sailors after a navy destroyer counsel lieded with an oil tancher. oil tancher. and the american soldier
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good evening once again. we'll begin this half hour in italy where an earthquake has instruct island of ischa at the peak of tourist season tonight. one woman was killed by falling masonry from a church. six others trapped under collapsed homes. this video shows rescuers pulling a young man and woman from the rubble. it struck while many people were having dinner. the usgs puts the magnitude at 4.3. a doctor on the island says about 26 people were being treated at a makeshift clinic. now to that disaster at sea involving u.s. navy destroyer. the "uss john mccain" col colliding with an oil tanker in the water off the coast of sing ga more. ten sailors are missing. even more troubling this the second collision for a ship in the u.s. 7th fleet in two months. the navy ordered a pause in all operations to look at training and safety. here's abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha
9:31 pm
raddatz. >> reporter: tonight the crippled "uss mccain is in port at a naval base in singapore while searchers work to find those ten missing sailors and the navy scrambles to find the cause of this latest accident, the gaming hole in the ship's hull giving only a hint of the horror that took place inside. >> it's an intolerable and inexcusable tragedy. >> reporter: it was before dawn when the destroyer, one of the most sophisticated ships in the navy, collided with the oil tankner a business shipping lane in the south china sea. the but bus nose of the tanker pearcing the destroyer's left side wiltds be near birthing areas for the crew. in addition to those missing, five sailors were injured, four medevac'd to a hospital in singapore. it is the fourth navy mishap this year. the second major collision for the 7th fleet in two months. seven sailors died in june when
9:32 pm
the "uss fitzgerald" collided with a container ship off the coast of japan? >> what have we missed? our radar so good, are we relying on only on ray dorz and not sea manship. >> reporter: the senior officers relieved of duty and today the navy announced all operations will be halted for the next several days for the entire fleet. >> this trend demands more forceful action. as such, i direct an operational pause be taken in all of our fleets around the world. >> martha raddatz, abc news, washington. now to developing news in spain. the man investigators say drove a van into a crowd in barcelona last week was killed today by spanish police. four days, 22-year-old younes abu yak yak managed to reinclude investigators. police finally confronted him about 20 miles from barcelona.
9:33 pm
the attack left 13 people dead and more than 120 wounded. the attack was coordinated by a group of 12 treextreme requesti. >> the spanish consulate joining in support for the victims of the attack. they're inviting the public to sign a book of condolence available through tomorrow. the consul general says he's already been touched by the reaction here in the bay area. . >> all the persons, send messages of sympathy and condolences and the persons also have sent flowers. the spanish consulate is located between franklin and goff. it will be open to the public for signing from 10:00 in the morning till 1:00 p.m. if you would like to stop by. they would no doubt appreciate it. a u.s. soldier who defected to north korea in 1962 has died. james dresnok was among a handful of american servicemen
9:34 pm
who deserted after the korean war. after the war, he simply walked through thedy militarized zone to the north and just stayed. his sons confirmed over the weekend that he died last year. they say just last year, their father pledged his loyalty to kim jong-un. he was 74. a montana congressman who assaulted a reporter back in may will have to get his mugshot and fingerprints taken even though the case has been settled. audio of representative greg geeian for the's assault was captured by the reporters's recorder. sick and tired of you guys! the last guy that came dph here, you did the same thing. get the hell out of here! get the hell out you have here. >> geeian forte was never arrested and booked although he was later charged and pleaded guilty. a judge recently ruled he must it be formally booked, photographed and fingerprints.
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a los angeles jury today ordered johnson & johnson to pay a record 417 mfld to a woman who claimed its baby powder caused ovarian cancer. the verdict is the largest sum awarded in a series of talcum powder lawsuits against johnson and johns. they claimed they failed to adequately warn consumers about the potential cancer risks. the woman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007 and currently hospitalized. a spokeswoman says the company. >> is with ovarian cancer patients but insists that science supports the safety of its baby powder. the company plans to appeal. scientists as the duke university in north carolina say they found another potential use for colin powe cholesterol fighting drugs. they could be used to protect against infectious diseases like typhoid, chlamydia and malaria, as well. stay here. it's hard to see what's left of
9:36 pm
the old eastern span of the bay bridge these days. but it is still there. mostly underwater admittedly. coming up next, the demolition plans for the final pieces that will impact pedestrian, cyclists and drivers. stay with me.
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demolition work on what remains of the old bay bridge
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will contine this fall and the implosion work will involve closures aching bikers, pedestrians and even drivers on the bridge. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley explains what you should expect. >> reporter: starting next weekend and on into november, caltrans will be packing explosives and imploding 13 marine foundations still standing, five stories tall under the water in the y. those foundations are mid span along the eastern half of the bay bridge. caltrans says their implosions went so well in 2015 and 2016, they're now accelerating the final stage. so plan ahead, chp will again impose rolling 20-minute traffic blocks on the bridge starting september 2nd at the time of optimum slack tide. they're scheduled every other saturday. >> yes, we want to do this smarter, faster but we're not cutting any hendricks as it comes down to environmental
9:41 pm
protection. >> reporter: marine biologists will again be on hand to stop the work if harbor seals are spotted in the area and air bubbles will be pumped into the water to cushion the explosions. >> we're able to save a year and nearly $10 million off of the implosion work planned instead of 13 times, we have a blast event, we're talking about only six times we have a blast event. >> reporter: the implosions will affect pedestrians and bicyclists the most. the path across the eastern span will close the entire week before each set of blasts. starting sunday august 27th. so one week open, one week closed through the fall. so there will be inconveniences but caltrans says there are also some pluses. they hope to take these cement peers and convert them into a public access boardwalk along the eastern shore. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. and we have dates for the bike path closures posted at when you
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have a few moments. meteorologist drew tuma is back with the forecast. and we'll take you to the beach in oregon where the sun and moon this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken.
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california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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of drone view 7 captured clouds crowds gathering today in san francisco to catch a glimpse of the eclipse. we saw a partial solar eclipse here in the bay area but cloudy skies in san francisco made the sun fairly difficult to spot. some people were disappointed they didn't have a clearer view, but not everyone. news reporter wayne freedman has the story and some perspective from san francisco's civic center plaza. >> reporter: at san francisco city hall, it was a perfect day for a wedding? >> we didn't plan it that way but yes, it fell on the day.
9:46 pm
>> reporter: oh, what a couple of hours. >> can you believe it started right on time? >> not at all. >> reporter: in a world ever more connected and yet more fragmented here it something to marvel at humans did not make. >> i'm about to start crying. >> reporter: in a troubled type, what could bet ker contextualize our place in the universe than a solar eclipse. did you ever wonder what could make the diameter of her moon as seen from earth roughly the same as our sun? >> it's really cool thinking it's only happening in the states right now. that makes it, i think, extra special. >> reporter: for her, for you, for tens of millions of us who donned glasses and stared at the sun in the same moment across this land. for a couple of blessed hours all of our problems, our worries our divisions burned away in a shared experience. >> you know, we're going through a whole lot of fooey for now. the atmosphere right here is so calm. it's nice and calm and friendly
9:47 pm
right now. >> reporter: was there a takeaway? ask the groom. >> it's a once in a lifetime eclipse. this would be a once in a lifetime. >> yeah. >> it's a great day. >> reporter: you're supposed to say marriage. >> marriage. >> reporter: fair warned, next year he gets no anniversary reminder from above. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. a lot of the californians made the trip to oregon to experience totality firsthand. you might know someone who went. if you wanted to be among the first on the continent to see the eclipse, lincoln city, oregon was the place to be. reporter alina lee was there. >> reporter: we started our morning in the path of totality but had quite a bit of fog to deal with. however, mother nature put on a show and she did not disappoint. >> can't see it. >> where is it. >> reporter: it was a quiet monday morning with low visibility off the ogon coast. but many businesses and coastal communities were already prepared for the large crowds to come. >> we ordered enough product to
9:48 pm
fill our kitchens so we would not have to call a vendor out till at least tuesday. >> reporter: as his staff in lincoln staff were fully prepared for the big day, the weather was the only factor that could separate anyone from having a good experience from a great one. >> the clouds are clearing and we're excited about a great eclipse. >> reporter: people travelled from all over the world and one family we spoke with was confident they would see exactly what they came for. >> the moon is going to be in front of the sun. >> reporter: along with many folks who came to enjoy their first solar eclipse experience, one southern california couple hoped to get a little bit more. >> speaking of star gazing, today is a special day. >> reporter: the stars had aligned as alicia and george exchanged vows and said i do. they paused the ceremony as everyone could enjoy nearly two minutes of darkness. ♪ here comes the sun >> mrs. vazquez. whoo! >> reporter: looking amazing experience.
9:49 pm
demonstrate to have so many close friends and family to share that with us. >> i'm overquhemed and in love. >> reporter: many folks are leaving today with a smile on their face and a memory that will last forever. in lincoln city, alina lee, abc7 news. really spectacular shots today. one of the most retweeted photos of the day will be on the front cover of the new york daily news tomorrow morning showing president trump look at the eclipse without glasses. the headlines reads not too bright. the president a first lady melania trump and their son watched the eclipse on the blue room balcony at the white house. he only looked up for a moment, just glanced without protection. the tabloid has routinely used its front page to criticize the president. one last time want to update the forecast. drew tuma is here. >> yeah, dan. a fair amount of cloud cover out there right now. tomorrow morning, that typical fog will give way to afternoon sunshine. live doppler 7 along with sat lie showing a lot of gray on the
9:50 pm
screen, that's high cloud cover streaming from time to time. stars blending with clouds. more in the way of fog closer to the coast. mid 50s to low 60s will be your overnight temperatures and your starting numbers o the door tomorrow morning. future weather hour by hour for you, you see the fog around the bay, along the coast, pulling back by about noon. that leads to pretty comfortable afternoon on the way once again. very similar to today. 81 san jose. 73 your high in oakland. 68 in san francisco. 78 in napa and 87 in antioch. we start the forecast with comfortable conditions below average. then we'll begin a warming trend. by the weekend, both saturday and sunday we'll go back into the low 80s and inland we'll head into the upper 90s to round out the seven-day forecast. >> a little bit more summer to go. >> sports director larry beil is here. we all paused for the eclipse a little bit today. you did at home and so did i.
9:51 pm
so did the athletes. >> it was cloudy. >> i know. it wasn't great. >> i saw nothing and liked it. wow. sports world. sorry, drew. you didn't come through. >> i saw it. >> sports world got into totality just like everybody else. complete darkness during titans practice and the star athlete looking up
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abc7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. good evening. if i told you back in april the giants and brewers were playing and one team's in playoff contention and the other just eliminated from contention it in their own division, you would guess milwaukee in last price. just the opposite. they met to know at at&t park. drew show us how to make it the eclips glas. this guy made an eclipse hat. he's a scientist. no score in the fourth. orlando singles to right. stephen vogt going to third. brandon crawford, they got this guy in a pickle. vogt goes home and he is toast.
9:55 pm
he's totality out. bottom of the fourth, two on for crawford. drives the ball down the right-field line. jarrod parker scores. crawford with an rbi double. chris stratton has thrown 12 2/3 consecutive scoreless innings. gets vogt to fly out to end the sixth. he missed the high five from the little kid. a's open a series in bat more tonight. another chance for 36-year-old journey man chris smith to get his first major league victory. he started seven games for the a's this year. something goes wrong. the bull pen blows the lead. boog powell famous former oriole from the past, boog's barbecue still popular. no score in the second. matt chapman off the right field wall. ryon healy comes around to score. pinder, he's out by a mile. a's take the lead. 2-1 owes in the fifth. beckham tops up. he is a big man.
9:56 pm
hustling right by that barrier there. makes the catch. safely. later in the fifth, jonathan schoop, that's a missile. that went out quick. a three-run shot. baltimore up 5-1. new pitcher ryan doll same result. it's adam jones again. he's hitting over .500 against the a's this year. 6-1 orioles. the a's have this is new kid named boog powell. being it up hot like the barbecue. his first career home run. he's going to meet the original booing word is tomorrow. the a's lose 6-3. kids looking at eclipse. little league world series game. rach cho santa margarita against jersey. tyler scores. 1-0 cal. second inning, new jersey answers with r.j.vashe. like a safari. next inning, avashi, that kid is
9:57 pm
good. it's 5-1 jersey. 12-cal trying to come back. mason kellerman double play. new jersey survives and wins 12-9. so california's out. college football season almost here. stn stanford ranked 14th. the cardinal will kick off down under in australia. i was there last year. play rice next saturday seen over on espn. here's a look at the top teams in the first poll of the year. alabama had 52 first place votes. ohio state, florida state and usc. alabama and florida state kick off the season on abc. that is saturday september 2nd, followed by our season premiere of after the game. as you know, we talked about the big eclipse. pro athletes dropped everything they were doing. they had to stop. it was dark. tennessee titans took in the eclipse. nashville was in the path of totality which is a fantastic
9:58 pm
term. the lights were completely out on the practice field. and so you know, what do you do? just take a selfie. former cal star and mvp aaron rogers, he's got his goggles on. he knows what he's doing. very smart man. went to cal. who was not so smart? >> how long -- how long ain't supposed to look at it fo >> zero seconds is how long you're supposed to look. and then this hands to o'dell tonight which is worse. that looked bad. i thought that was an acl done for the season. odell beckham junior in the pre-season game with the browns left the field. it turns out it is only a sprained ankle. he dodged a bullet right there because that looked like a very bad hit. abc7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> that is preseason. >> it's terrible when guys get hurt. they think it's not serious. >> playing next week.
9:59 pm
>> might miss the season opener if it's a high ankle sprain. >> don't look. >> that's the least of his trouble now. thanks, very much. coming up tonight at 11:00, details from an urgent meeting tonight after a shooting and other issues had one of san francisco's most popular parks. and if you're wondering what to do with you're clips glasses now that it's all over, we have ray great alternative to throwing them out. join us for abc news at 11 over on channel 7. >> you seven years the next eclipse. >> the next one that crosses america is 20 something years from now. >> i though it was 2024. >> there's another eclipse. >> seven years. >> from texas to maine. we're going. >> dallas. >> i got seven years to figure
10:00 pm
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