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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 21, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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threw it away. >> then about a couple hours later, at about 3:00 i was coming back home and found another one. >> this one, he showed to his wifend called police. >> it wasery unnerving to have that braugts into our home. we're knew immediate we're had to stand up report it. >> police found a third flyer on the ground, a fourth was discovered a few blocks away. >> there's just no place for any of this stuff. >> this incident follows last week's vandalism. ther -- one report of graffiti at the playground. he plans to address it all. >> one is additional training so folks can learn to identify potential hate crimes and rept them quickly. >> tonight residents rallied together after learning of the flyer. >> it hits a little bit closer to home, yeah, very upsetting. the crawfords are calling on
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others to speak out, too. >> ap pa thi is not somhing that we're have the privilege of continuing to put foard. >> they questioned neighbors sunday but have not returned our call. katie, abc 7 news. tonight phoenix, arizona is getting ready to welcome president trump. he'll hold a campaign-style rally. popped up.and graffiti have the mayor wants a peaceful event. president trump comes after he spoke to the country tonight about his administration's plans to fht terrorism in afghanistan. >> we are not nationing building again. we are killing terrorists. the president wouldn't give y specifics on numbers and timeline. conditions there. in m the pentagon proposed adding up to 4,000 troops on the ground. the president also calledor
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unity after charlottesville, virginia. >> when one part of america hurts, we're all hurt. and when one citizen suffers an injustice, we're all suffer together. >> president trump said there's no room for bigotry, hate or racism in america. richmond filed a suit back in march and santa clara filed similar suit. they argued the -- immigration officials was unconstitutional. but the court determined richmond didn't have standing to challenge the president's order because they don't have a history of actively not cooperating with the immigration officials. series of incidents on august 3rd, three people were injured in a shooting and there
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have been other issues there, as well. c 7 news reporter is live at police headquarters. a lot of ideas about what to . >> reporter: police certainly got an ear full tonight. but residents are assured to delores park safer. the homeless. >> i see a lot of stuff going on all the time. >> the homeless or the gas, people who live near theark have had a enough. >> i had to take my dog to dog hospital because she ingested drugs. >> she organized community meeting to address theon-going complaints which heightened after three people were shot in what police believe was gang related. >> i don't think we've coordinated response. we're continue to loo at this as an episode here and there, this is the way to look at it more systematically. >> there are two new uniformed
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police officers assigned to the park every day. and department's motorcycle officers are beefing up. they're assigned to the park >> with constant pressure, we're can change some of those behaviors. >> there's always -- vendors performers or removing i altogether are some of the ideas. whatever gets decided city leaders know the impact will be felt city wide. >> it was felt thatolden gate park are the lungs of san francisco and delores park is its heartbeat. it is. tonight richmond police are searching for a gunman who shot an east bay rapper several times early this morning. it happened at this quick surf around 5:30 a.m. th victim, charles william, was shot several times in the upper
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torso and is in stable they're reviewi surveillance video. >> he was most likely targeted because y just don't shoot multiple times at a person, not intended for the purpose t die. >> williams is known for his contribution to e 40's tell me when to go. earlier e-40 posted this photo writing prayers up and pull through my fellow, #god is a heeler. per out ang, pg&e is working to fix an equipment problem on east 29th. the power has been out since noonoday and may not be back on until 5:00 in the morning. their families are being asked to pick up their loved ones for the night. >> overcast skies didn't stop the bay area's enjoinment. you can see theolar sensation through the clouds and drew a lot ofart people and had
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people watching the skies across the nation. maggie is in charleston, south carolina with more. >> we were some of the last people in the u.s. to see the great american eclipse andhe crowds here in charleston sent it off in style. >> the best part was when it ke getting smaller and smaller and smaller. >> the young and the just born and the yng at heart. >> i don't know if'm going to have another chance to see it again. >> the k-9, after so much anticipation, the moon arrived >> appreciate that we're ae to predict it and understand to within fractions of a second. >> and totality sped at an average of 1,800 miles. >> i have goose bumps, literally, because i've never seen anything like it. >> the spectacle landing in city after city first hitting lincoln city oregon, casting its crescent on a place in nebraska.
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so-called capitol of the eclipse in illinois. >> there it is. >> but peaking out in the final few seconds. >> no words. no words. it was absolutely amazing. >> and then, finally, the last major stop for the great american eclipse,charleston, south carolina. >> right now you can see the sun just peaking around the moon. we're in total solar eclipse. >> some getting it from the sky. >> and a lucky few on the seat who got treated to solar eclipse -- on the sea, got it from the heart. >> the storms cleared just in time. and we were treated to a societ solar eclipse on one side with lightning strikes on th other. in charleston county south carolina, maggie, abc 7 news. >>nd we're put together a time lapse video, you'llind that on our abc 7 news app along with
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pictures and videos across the country. itorks for both app and >> it's an act of kindnesshat didn't go unnoticed. it's very rare that somebody does this. >> what these firefighters are ying thank you and why they're saying thank you to a stranger tonight. plus, if you're wondering what to do with your eclipse glasses, we're he a great alternative to throwing them out. >> the jetsons are coming back. this time around there's one big difference. and you're doing to feel a big difference in our weather, big difference in our weather, i'm and i'll l you know what food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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a year's long plan to e rad cat the crew stations by systemic trapping failed. traps tend to catch adults but can't contain juveniles, as well. adult crabs will keep the population in check. they have no natural predators and consumed with fir and birds. >> there is a good samaritan out there somewhere who firefighters in the south bay would really like to thank. here is what that person did. they picked up a big breakfast check for crews coming off an over night fire fighting shift. katie has the story from morgan hill. >> the grass fire broke out on august 11 and burned dangerously close to homes. firefighters worked through the night to make sure it was out
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and then they went to breakfast. the final agency have an arrangement. firefighter eats and someone comes back to pay the bill. >> they go into the rest raun and the bill was already paid. >> paid by a patron who didn't want to be identified. >> if somebody doesn't want to be known or doesn't want to be named for paying for the firefighters, we're should keep it that way. >> they say it's not the first time it's happened. he's the first time he's see them pick up the tab for such a large group. the total $400. >> it tells you how much the community cares about them. >> breakfast from cal fire, morgan hill and south santa clara county. >> as much as we're would like to thank them. >> people who live near the fire don't know who it was, but they want to express their gratitude. >> i think that's really cool, it's like giving back to the people who protected us.
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>> we're want to thank them very much. >> firefighters hope their thank you reaches the good saw tear man, abc 7 news. remember this out of this world family who first starred on abc in 1963? >>. ♪ meet george jetson. >> they'll be back on tv for a live action reboot of the animated series the show is set to be multi sitcom set 100 words in the future. there's no word on casting. now that the eclipse is over, many people are wondering, what do you do with those special eclipse glasses that you've got. there's a group astronomers without boarders that is working on ha plan to collect them for redistribution for schools in asia and south america will there be solar eclipses in 2019. most versions are only certified
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safe for three years. you'll find ap a link to astronomers without borders on our news app. despite the warning, some still peeked at the trump just like president trump did at the white house today. well now what, you staired at the solar eclipse without glasses, created just for our web site abc 7 >> all right. and everybody was looking toward the sky, wond eerring, you know, if -- wondering if the clouds would be in the way zbh most of us got a bit of a glimpse. but meteorologist is here with our forecast. >> there were some people that said that the clouds definitely interfered and they didn't really get exactly the kind of view they wanted. i thought i would share this with you from our twitter page. she shared her experience and her vai of the eclipse. she said her daughter was so thrilled and she was speechless. here is another picture of this one. it was post to my facebook page
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and many of you didn't get a chance to get this view, just an incredible view of the eclipse. i experienced it with my children and it was just breathtaking. if you didn't get a chance, obviously, you'll want to go to our web site and you can take a look at it. we'll check out a cool time lapse. you see the sun going down and watch the marine layer. it did interfere with eclipse viewing. many of you got great shots of the eclipse, there, and it was really a site to behold. as we're take a look now at live doppler 7, you'll notice there are some clouds around. it's not just low clouds, we're seeing high clouds as well. this is leftover moisture. there were thunderstorms earlier tonight that started to work their way towards the bay area. they didn't hold together, we're did get reports of sprinkles from livermore, to san jose, so you may have actually experienced a sprinkle or two. the sprinkles are long gone. upper 50s to the mid-60s as you
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take a look, few clouds around. we'll go with low and high clouds over night tonight. and it is heating up late this week. here is a look at the hour by hour forecast, over night tonight, the low clouds will we're establish, there will be some more high clouds around. as we're head towards 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. if you're taking your kids off to school or you're heading off to work, be aware of the fact that visibility will be low in parts of the bay area. we're head into the afternoon and many of you will get a chance to enjoy sunshine with no extreme weather here. so starting out comfortable. for the afternoon, mid to upper 60s, high clouds will filter the sun. inland areas will be bright skies. along the coast, we'll have patches of low clouds for your tuesday afternoon. if you're going to the giants game, 63 degrees. going from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. at least it will be comfortable at game time.
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as you check out the accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures will remain close to today's. >> as we're head into your wednesday, we'll have summer spread and then a little cooler thursday, but not for long. look at the temperatures it's a warmer day friday. and saturday and sunday, you'll be near triple digits. summer heat will be returning. download the accuweather app. you can check out the hour by hour, minute by minute temperatures and make your plans accordingly. eclipse viewing day, big event and hope you got a chance to see it. >> yeah, it was fun. really was. >> thanks, very muchchch
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they're trying to guide the whale back to sea. got stuck in the shallow waters of the bay off long beach this morning. first spotted a few weeks ago. they say it somehow got separated from its mother while working its way up the coast. >> all right. a lot going on in sports, all right. >> baseball, former steven made this bay area return tonight.
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i told you back in april the giantsen bruins are paying. you guessed, giants are playing well and milwaukee is in last place, just the opposite. every everybody got eclipse fever. creative. no score in the fourth, orlando signals to right. off the throw., crawford gets he's hung out to drive. he's going to go home and move. out. bottom four, two on for
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crawford, down the right field line. that is a fair ball. crawford with an rbi double and chris is now thrown 1 of two-thirds consecutive scoreless innings. the fst h shut out of the year. 2-0 the final. the famous oriole fromhe first barbue, always popular, no score in the second. it's a drive off t right field. butted chad, he's trying to head home and he is out easily. the as up 1-0. tim beckham pop this up foul, he's 6-4 230. crashing into the railing and later in the fifth, nobody catching this. that was smith's last badder. adam jones also homered twice. the as got their own boot lik barbecue serving it up hot. you'll meet the original boot
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tomorrow. th as fall by a score of 7-3. college football season is almost here. stanford lose mccalfty. it's stink fourth in the country. they'll kick off againstice in australia saturday on espn. alabama had 52 first place votes, followed by ohio state, florida state and usc. bama and usf they're followed by the premier of the after the game. giants 12 rounds players, 12, during the anthem in protest. that's for the game eli manning to odell beckham, jr., takes a bigelow hit right on the knee. thought, oh, acl something. instead it's an ankle sprain and only an ankle, only one touchdown, kaiser on the sneak there and the brown is kind of a yawner, 10-6. abc 7 sports brought to you by
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river rock casino. 12 players kneeling. if this becomes widespread there are a lot of fans and advertisers that are going to be upset about it. >> they're watching. abc 7 news continues online, twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc


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