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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 23, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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live, where you live, this is "abc7 news." it's official, permits have been issued for first amendment events this weekend in san francisco. today's decision came despite concerns about safety that a rly by patriot prayer would attract extremists. the organizer spoke with "abc7 news" right after the permit decision was announced. >> what we're doing is beyond president trump or politics. we're talking about culture right now. we're talking about love, respect, kindness, being honest and good to one another. and so we're not throwing a trump rally. >> that's joey gibson. you'll hear more from him in minutes. along with the mayor of san
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francisco who is against this event. our live team coverage starts in minutes. first, an "abc7 news" i-team exclusive that's new at 6:00. >> these are our dead. this is not a poltergeist joke. it's not halloween. >> it is a sensitive issue for native americans whose ancestors lived here hundreds of years ago. >> an i-team reporter dan noyes is here with more. >> reporter: it's been tough getting answers from the builder, from an indian descendant, but crews have dug up 32 skeletons in just two acre where is the homes are being built. the website for a southern california builder touts the project in fremont, elegant floor plans, priced around $1.2 million. no mention of the 32 indian skeletons they found there. one carbon dated to 650 years
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ago. tim fisher is the senior project manager. s the developer is not going to talk on camera about this? >> i'm sorry, we would just like to provide our native american representative the opportunity to address your questions. >> reporter: are you paying her? >> she is retained to provide services here on the site. >> reporter: by california law, when a builder finds indian remains, they must contact the native american heritage in sacramento. the builder pays them up to $100 an hour to monitor the site. ramona and her mother are working this project. they met me there, but did not want to talk. i would hike to know what's going on. >> we would like to know how you found out. >> reporter: she suggested i speak with the project's archaeologist, but they refused, e-mailing me, they have requested that no information or
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discussion about the native american burials be made public out of respect for her ancestors. her cousin believes it may be something else. why would the developer be so concerned about keep thing quiet? >> well, okay, sales. >> reporter: andy is also a native american who works as a consultant. >> when i'm on a jobsite, it's usually by the second or third day somebody says the word poltergeist. will this jinx the sales? >> they're here. >> reporter: galvin is referring to the horror film about a home to life. the project is already sold out, but there's another important question. are you informing the buyers that there are skeletons on this property? >> there are disclosures to the buyers of what has been found here on site, yes. >> reporter: just a few families have moved in. this woman told me she did sign
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a disclosre form. but alisa had no idea about the indian remains found where she now lives. that's news to you? >> yes. i'm navajo. >> reporter: you didn't know? >> no. >> reporter: crews removed the skeletons, but they're coming back. take a look behind this fence from drone view seven. they left a hole in the road. they're going to put all the remains in that big white box. the vault, and cover it with just a foot of asphalt. >> once those are reburied, according to state law, that vault is the designated cemetery. >> reporter: he says a better option would be to leave the skeletons in place or bury them in a public space with a marker, but admits that plan has drawbacks. >> who is going to want to buy a house next door to a cemetery if you put the tomb of the unknown aloneys right there. >> it looked like a very old skeleton. >> reporter: it did?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: was it in tact? >> yes. >> reporter: he tells me there may be many more skeletons than 32 that have been recovered. >> the bodies they run across are the ones they've run into by digging down a certain depth. so the whole area is probably covered with them. >> reporter: this story started with a tip. if you have something i should investigate, call 1-888-40-i-team or reach me through >> what a story. >> thank you, dan. now to the latest development surrounding planned rallies and protests this weekend in the bay area. today, permits for five events in san francisco were issued, despite concerns it could draw extremists to the city and result in violence. >> vic lee spoke to the organizer of the conservative patriot prayer rally about what he wants to accomplish. but we begin with lyanne melendez, live with a list of conditions placed on that event.
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>> reporter: of course, of the five everyone was paying attention to this one. all it needs now is the organizer's signature. but let me tell you that come saturday, this place will be packed with law enforcement officers, and i can now confirm that businesses around here will be closed for security reasons. if a press release, the national park service said it would not deny a permit to anyone exercising their first amendment rights, referring to the extremist group patriot prayer, scheduled to have a rally on saturday. mayor ed lee urged everyone to skip it. >> to not dignify people who are coming in here under the guise of patriot and prayer words, to really preach violence and hatred and incite violence. >> reorter: the permit comes with 26 conditions, among them, no firearms, aerosols,
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ammunition, big backpacks, helmet, selfie kicks, glass, thermal or metal containers. those conditions apply only where the rally would take place, not to the rest of the park. the setup will be similar to the one used by the bernie sanders campaign in 2016 during a rally also at chrissy field. san francisco's chief of police bill scott said they will screen for weapons inside that secured area. >> just be assured that the secured areas, there will be checkpoints. >> reporter: any counter groups that decide to attend must also follow those same conditions. the park service stated another main reason for allowing the rally is that law enforcement advised that issuing the permit will increase their ability to assure public safety. the mayor criticized their lack of judgment. >> by the way, it's on our dime in san francisco. so that's why i don't appreciate that logic being the heed logic. that is a false logic.
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>> reporter: the city is asking people to attend peaceful rallies around the city on friday and saturday. in san francisco, leeann melendez, "abc7 news." "abc7 news" spoke with the man behind this saturday's rally, patriot prayer founder joey gibson of vancouver, washington. he shared his reaction after sharing the permit today. vic lee talked with him about what he expects at the valley. vic? >> reporter: of course, joey gibson is delighted that the park service gave him the permit. he says he's just exercising his constitutional right to free speech and that what he's trying to accomplish through his rallies is unity. joey gibson, leader of patriot prayer, is expecting hundreds to attend his rally saturday at chrissy field. >> there's going to be bernie supporters coming in, atheists, christians, muslims. i'm not surprised that they granted the permit.
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it's the first amendment. >> reporter: he said his rally is beyond politics. >> i do think people are drawn to the message of love, freedom. >> reporter: he says the last thing he wants is for violence to erupt like it did in charlottesville. >> i'm sick of antifa, the kkk, the white supremacists. >> reporter: but these rallies have been denounced as a form for white supremacists. house minority leader nancy pelosi opposed holding the rally. >> it's not a place where nazi sympathizers should come to spew forth their message. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie spear also opposed granting the permit, but she says it was ultimately an issue of free speech and assembly. she's just glad police are prepared for the worst. >> they were going to come and be there permit or not. now they're guaranteed that
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they're not bringing in any weapons, anything that can be used as a weapon. >> reporter: gibson says he appreciates all the police protection but hopes it will be a day without violence and so does everyone else we spoke so. vic lee, "abc7 news." san francisco is taking a page from the civil rights movement of the '60s to prepare people for the upcoming rally. the city's human rights commission is holding workshop style events in various locations around the city. the goal is to give participants the tools to harness and control their own feelings in the face of violent or verbal confrontations. >> we need to make sure that before we try and deal with the training, to go out and protest that people are able to deal with their internal feelings and how that might trigger for them and going through the process of what it might be like to be physically or verbally assaulted. >> the commission is setting up sites known as help against hate
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stations. we have information on times and locations on our website, the patriot prayer rally is planned on saturday from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. at chrissy field. several counter protests are scheduled for the same time and location. there are also events planned in the a the afternoon. we have details on next, a live update from berkeley, by faces its own dilemma. next, hear why a cal scientist resigned a prominent position at the white house. i'm spencer christian. i have a forecast i think you'll like, coming up. new at 6:00 tonight, new at 6:00 tonight, clearing a path to
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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. now to the east bay, and the latest developments about political protests this weekend. >> sunday's planned rally in berkeley billed as an anti-marxist demonstration is spurring a host of events in the east bay. >> laura anthony is live now from berkeley with that part of the story. laura? >> reporter: hi, dan. one of those events just about to get under way here at the congregation here, an event called one america movement. it's designed to bring people together starting with conversation, not confrontation. >> people can walk down the street in charlottesville, screaming "jews will not replace us." >> reporter: it's an emotional time given recent events in places like charlottesville and berkeley and the hate and divisiveness that sometimes leads to violence.
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>> i need to take all of this pain and energy and focus it into the best and most positive thing i can do. >> reporter: rather than square off with anti-marxist free speech demonstrators, robinson will lead volunteers in a series o activities here at the north richmond farm, an urban community garden. >> what we're saying yes to is a world based on love. >> reporter: she's organizing another counter protest at civic park. but one that will take place saturday, a day ahead of sunday's controversial events. >> have a place to come with their family and to celebrate the world we want to create rather than react to the world we don't want. >> reporter: this group won't wait for the weekend. in the wake of prior events in places like berkeley and charlottesville, sher bay area
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program -- >> we're talking about not just how to stop hate in places like charlottesville and what's happening here in berkeley, but to build a movement positive beyond that and how do we bring people together? >> reporter: given past experience, the city of berkeley is intent on making thur those divisions don't turn violent this weekend. laura anthony, "abc7 news." the anti-marxism event is scheduled on sunday. followed by other events. you can find details on our "abc7 news" app to find out what's happen thing weekend as it happens. a bay area man made his first appearance in federal court to face terrorism charges. 22-year-old amir a al hagagi was charmed with attempted to provide material support to isis. prosecutors say the berkeley high school graduate opened
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social media accounts to promote and assist isis. the feds say he told an undercover federal agent he wanted to kill thousands of americans. his attorney says the charges against him are based on all talk and no action. >> what we have is a young man who said a lot of things that he didn't intend to do. he is not radicalized in any way. what he did was nothing. >> he faces up to 47 years in prison, if convicted on all counts. he pleaded not guilty and is due back in court next week. today, there was another very public departure by a person working for donald trump's administration. a climate professor who works for uc berkeley stepped down, but it's how he did it, with a letter containing a hidden message. wayne freedman spoke with the professor today and joins us live from cal's campus. wayne? >> reporter: on friday, the presidential council to the arts
7:18 pm
resigned en masse with a letter to president trump. in a letter a hidden message said resist. today much the same from a nobel prize winning uc berkeley professor. here you go. it is a resignation letter read around the country, if not the western world. >> stepping away from a position that i value didn't come easily. >> reporter: dr. dan kammen is an environment alkali maal clim physicist. he resigned as a science envoy with the state department. his letter contained a message, take the letter of every paragraph and put them together and it spells impeach. >> i like to think i write with meaning. >> reporter: it cites presidential statements about charlottesville. essentially, the letter cites
7:19 pm
all that the president has done or not done. >> i can't speak for what his motivations are, but whether it's not getting it or whether it's having an agenda that is anti-science, anti-environment, anti-inclusivity, his actions speak loudly on that. >> reporter: dr. kammen's actions spoke loudly, as well. the administration is considering drilling for oil in marine preserves. when we asked about the letter -- >> there are experts who are dropping like flies because they recognize that this president is a fraud. >> toxic. no one wants to be in the room with this president. >> reporter: after today, add another. >> i don't think it's a coincidence that many of us who are serving the government in various roles are finding ways to protest the direction that the white house is taking the country. >> reporter: wayne freedman, "abc7 news." >> let's move on and talk about the weather forecast. >> that's right. you can see the bridge is a little obscured behind us.
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>> low clouds are rolling out over the bay. we have a warmup over the weekend. right now, a hook at clouds moving out over the bay. current temperature readings of 60. temperatures in the low to mid 70s in mountain view. looking up north, 73 in santa rosa. napa 75. low to mid 80s at concord and livermore. and here's a look at live doppler 7. we have the low clouds at the coast, and as we showed you, pushing out over the bay, and will continue to push locally inland during the overnight hours. right now, looking southeast, we see a bright sky, although it's becoming increasingly cloudy. we'll have mild to warm weather. the next two days, a big warmup with highs 100 degrees inland sunday and monday. overnight, it will be mild with
7:21 pm
lots of low clouds and fog and low temperatures generally in the upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow, give you a look at the 12-hour planner stage by stage, starting at 7:00 in the morning. mostly foggy conditions near the ast and bay. inland areas, patchy fog. by noon, mostly sunny with lingering cloudiness at the coast. warming up to about 90 degrees and the warmest inland locations and bright skies going into the evening hours, going into the sunset about 7:49. region by region tomorrow. south bay, highs in the upper 70s. san jose high of 84 expected. on the peninsula, 74 at redwood city. on the coast, low to mid 60s will be the highs. downtown san fra65 degrees. 62 in the sunset district. in the north bay, rhighs from 7 to 81 in sonoma.
7:22 pm
napa with a high of 80. in the east bay around oakland and berkeley, highs of about 70. low to mid 70s in union city and fremont. and the inland east bay, as it usually is, will have highs in the mid to upper 80s. maybe 92 at brentwood. looking ahead, saturday brings quite a warmup. highs in the mid to upper 90s. by sunday, one or two location might top out at 100 degrees. we don't expect widespread triple digits. here's the seven-day forecast. mild to warm conditions. hot inland sunday and monday, with highs around 98, 99, maybe 100 degrees. low to mid 80s around the bay. and near 70 on the coast. the heat will hold on inland and taper off on tuesday and wednesday. temperatures moderate by midweek. >> thank you, spencer. coming up next, how the hash
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fresh for up to 45 days. breathe happy with febreze. >> >> happy anniversary to the hash tag. it was used for the first time on twitter ten years ago today. it started with this tweet when he asked, how do you feel about using pound for groups? he suggested the hash tag because it was used by early internet chat clients and was easy to type on the t-9
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keyboards found on phones ten years ago. in a blog posted today, he writes, its creation was motivated by a desire to make the web a better and more interesting place for everyone. our #abcnow makes it easy to find out what interests you, from the eclipse to the weather, add #abc7now to see what you're sharing. this video proves you can never underestimate the power of humanity. b.a.r.t. surveillance shows a man in crisis jumping on the tracks just seconds before a train arrived in san francisco. you see it circled on the screen. fellow passengers went over to help. soon a sea of waving arms dropping in. the operator brought it to an emergency stop. the power was cut to the area and b.a.r.t. police came over to
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help the man get the assistant he needed. >> incredible. communities are coming together to help a family after a devastating fire. three loved ones lost their lives. the generous gifts of support received today. fighting to remove a statue from a bay area building. but this one doesn't have anything to do with the confederacy. and -- we are one people with one home. >> president trump turns a corner. the two wildly different speecheses
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7:30 pm need a miracle. pantene 3 minute miracle daily conditioner... has a super concentrated pro-v formula... ...that makes hair stronger* in just 3 minutes. so your hair is smoother everyday. pantene 3 minute miracle daily conditioner. because strong is beautiful. live, where you live. this is "abc7 news." in san jose, a community unites to support two families who lost their loved ones in a tragic fire. it happened last week at the golden wheel mobile home park. three people died including children. >> chris nguyen shows us who is stepping up to help. >> reporter: coming together in the wake of tragedy. city leaders and community groups offering help to the families devastated by a fast-moving mobile home fire. >> i want to thank our fire department for their response.
7:31 pm
>> reporter: 10-year-old wen tran died in the fire with her uncle and best friend, linda van, 10 years old, who also lived in the neighborhood. through tears, she spoke of her daughter's love of the arts and her goal of one day becoming a doctor. she lost her husband in the tragedy also. san jose residents todd and cindy su own one of the bay area's largest manufactured home companies. they will be donating a new home to replace the one that burned. >> it's a god send to see so many people within the vietnamese community get together and see how strong we are as a community, to make an impact, to do something special. >> reporter: businessman ku hong will give $100,000 to clean up the site. other local organizations have
7:32 pm
also stepped up to help. cleanup at the site will begin in the coming weeks once the fire marshal gives the green light. >> to show our compassion, our unity, and our resilience and our strength. >> reporter: these families now pressing on with broken hearts, but grateful for the support they've received. in san jose, chris nguyen, "abc7 news." a little more than 14 hours after stoking the nation's divisions in arizona, president trump struck a different tone today in nevada. the president addressed veterans in reno and issued a call for national unity. >> it is time to heal the wounds that divide us, and to seek a new unity based on the common values that unite us. we are one people with one home, and one great flag. >> after his speech, president trump signed legislation called the veterans appeals improvement and modernization act.
7:33 pm
the bipartisan bill was designed to update and improve the i p l appeals process. >> the reno speech was a departure from his rally last night in phoenix. the president attacked the media, threatened a government shutdown if congress didn't fund his border wall and offered a lengthy defense to his response to the clashes in charlottesville. >> i got the white supremacists, the neo-nazi, i got them all. the kkk. i got them all. >> his appearance was greeted by protests until late in the evening. police fired pepper spray to break up a group of protesters. two officers were treated for lease exhaustion. the debate over historic statues has come to san jose. some are demanding the removal of a statue at city hall.
7:34 pm
>> reporter: the statue of christopher columbus is prominently displayed in the main lobby of san jose city hall. it was donated to the city back in 1958 by the italian-american community. but an online petition recently surfaced to have it removed. >> i think they're crazy. i think you just leave it alone. christopher columbus is a good buy. he practically discovered america. >> reporter: a group called the brown berets say national sentiment over hate speech, white supremacy and the removal of confederate monuments prompted them to take action. they say columbus' dark history shouldn't be dploglorified. >> he was behind one of the largest genocides on this planet and responsible for rape and the slavery of the native americans. nobody wants to talk about that. but we're here to bring that
7:35 pm
conversation front and center. >> reporter: they say they don't want the statue destroyed. they feel it should be relocated to a more appropriate place. the alone indian community has also expressed a desire to have the statue removed. >> did he have significant history to the americas? >> absolutely. >> but is it a piece that i think deserves to be glorified here at city hall? no, i don't believe so. >> reporter: the executive director of little italy san jose told us he understands the concerns surrounding the statue, and is open to displaying it in their neighborhood if it comes to that. a historic san francisco building is taking on a new life as a mecca for young artists. "abc7 news" was at san francisco art institute's latest campus and the newly renovated pier 2 building. the 67,000 square foot space is
7:36 pm
bathed in natural light. it also houses 160 individual studios for students. painter jordan holmes works on campuses more than five feet tall and says having her own space is physically freeing. >> i'll paint up on the wall, down on the floor. so it is a very physical act, and it can be physically rigorous a lot of the time, which is something i enjoy. >> students are already moving in and classes will start later this month. the next powerball drawing is less than two hours away. feeling lucky? >> kind of. >> what about the stores that celtic sell tickets? they're uncovering history one bite at a time. the herd of goats on a missi
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do yno, not really. head & shoulders? i knew that not the one you think you know the tri action formula cleans removing up to 100% of flakes protects and even moisturizes for sofia vergara hair wine lovers joined local clergy members in blessing this year's grape harvest. today's prayers and toast saluted the people who work in
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livermore's wine industry. livermore's grape harvest is expected to begin later this them nature's lawn mowers. a heard of goats is chewing its way up a hillside in ft. mason. it's the first phase of a project that aims to unearth a piece of history. >> reporter: for weeks now, neighbors have watched these dpoet goats through windows and binoculars. >> it's fun to watch. they come out the next day, half the hill is empty. >> reporter: on this slope overlooking san francisco's aquatic park -- >> they get paid to eat. >> reporter: devouring weeds, they may be the best gardners around. >> we joke that my title is lieutenant goat herd. >> reporter: it's not about what they're clearing away, but about what's underneath it.
7:41 pm
>> you wouldn't know that there's history underneath there. >> reporter: but slowly neighbors and goat herds are watching a park more than a century old reappear. >> it used to be old walkways, path ways, picnic areas. >> reporter: it was known as black point. >> this is the hillside that we've been working on, the homes up in ft. mason, so you can see the certain platforms. >> reporter: and stairways that were entirely covered until the goats arrived. now they've unearthed more than just breathtaking views. it turns out the hillside is a bit of a time capsule. >> we are finding budweiser bottles from like the '50s or '60s. >> reporter: and hair gels straight out of the '80s. >> on a treasure hunt. >> reporter: but neighbors say the real treasure is still to come. next year they will restore the pathways and gardens to their 19th century splendor.
7:42 pm
>> this is a treat to have more beautiful open space. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." well, fog is featured in this live look from our east bay hills camera. >> spencer is bac
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the closing bell marked the end of a down day for stocks. retailers and health care companies did worse than the rest of the market. the dow lost 87 points, ending about 21,800. the nasdaq bdipped by 19 and th s&p by 8 points. the first real amazon store in santana row will have its grand opening tomorrow. another store will open at walnut streak. amazon's only other location in california is near san diego. today, whole foods shareholders approved the sale to amazon for nearly $14 billion. the company still needs approval from government regulators. this takeover would give amazon more than 460 whole foods stores and the possibility of making big changes to the supermarket industry as a whole. walmart and google are taking
7:46 pm
tame at zamazon. next month, customers with use google devices. people have just about an hour left to buy into the second largest jackpot in the u.s. tonight's jackpot now tops $700 million. >> i can't believe we'll be rich in just one hour. finding a lucky store is all about history. as matt keller found out. >> reporter: luck is impossible to predict. some believe their numbers are lucky. >> birthdays, my daughter's birthdays, stuff like that. >> reporter: others hope the clerk has something to do with winning. but the california lottery has an objective way to quantify luck. more than 5,000 places across the street are given the title of lucky retailer. we found several in south san jose, including this gas and go
7:47 pm
across the street from another lucky retailer. mike' liquor also has an official title. $561,000 was won there last year. lucky's supermarket here is not a lucky retailer. >> my boyfriend works for lucky, so maybe it will be the good luck charm. >> reporter: so what makes a business a lucky retailer? they must do at least one of these in a calendar year. sold at least one winning ticket worth $100,000. paid out an average of 400 or more winning tickets a week. paid out an average of $4,000 worth of winning tickets per week. >> i think it's just luck of the draw. >> you can win any why. >> exactly. >> reporter: you can lose anywhere, too. >> exactly. >> reporter: maybe luck is more who you know than where you go. what made you buy a ticket today?
7:48 pm
>> you. i watched you on tv today. >> reporter: the wine rackley k licker store meets all the criteria. elise sold a $1.9 million powerball ticket a year and a half ago. matt keller, "abc7 news." >> good luck. >> the bay area is a beautiful place, and "abc7 news" viewers continue to prove it. >> when we get the weather and beauty lottery winning every day. this picture had the #abc7now. >> spencer is back withen update on the forecast and that fog. >> that weather jackpot is getting bigger and bigger. right now, we're looking at low clouds and fog at the coast. it will drift over the pay and let's skip over to the western
7:49 pm
gulf of mexico, where tropical storm harvey has founded the yucatan peninsula. it will make landfall in the texas coast with winds up to 60 miles per hour and up to ten inches of rainfall in eastern mexico and parts of texas. it may produce rain in new mexico and arizona. back here tonight, coastal drizzle and lots of fog out over the bay. lows mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow, look for mainly sunny and mild to warm conditions. highs range from mid 60s at the coast to mid 70s around the bay to upper 80s inland. a three-day teaser for you, friday, saturday, sunday, we'll get our warmups starting on saturday. hot inland by sunday. let's do a seven-day forecast. here it is. starting the warmup on saturday to mid 90s inhanland.
7:50 pm
a few places top out in the triple digits on sunday. the heat tapers off middle of next week. >> as long as it tapers off. thanks, spencer. some encouraging news from raider nation. >> the one player that derek carr needs this season has finally arrived. why the raiders quarterback and why the raiders quarterback and the head coach
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good evening. you have a luxury car, you don't need security. and the raiders have to be relieved that donald pep decided to rejoin the team. penn showing up today. he was holding out for a pay raise. penn slated to make $5.9 million. not sure if he will get more money, but he's started 156 consecutive games in the nfl. to baseball. giants may be out of contention, but they're playing hard. today, had a chance to win their fourth consecutive series at home.
7:54 pm
th a little breezy today in the city. 1-1, milwaukee in the sixth. this ends the threat. moore allows one run in six innings. jarrod parker blows it open with a check swing. here comes span. and here comes gorkys hernandez. they both score. 3-1 giants. 4-1 now. this is a two-out bomb in the ninth, cuts the lead in half. but dyson could get a flyout and that's your ball game. giants win 4-2. it's their fourth straight home series that they've taken. dyson, a nice job, 12 saves since joining the giants. the a's trade news. they dealt rajai davis receiving a prospect in return. davis batting only poiblt 233 in
7:55 pm
100 games. he could still run at age 36. a's and o's. a's down 6-3. matt joyce connecting his 19th. that makes it a one-run game. they got a chris davis who can hit goms as well. 7-5 game. happy birthday to you. ninth inning, a single off of zach britten, who had a string of 60 save attempts. in the 12th, manny machado, drive home safely. walkoff home run and the orioles win 8-7. before the cavs traded kyrie irving to boston, they called the warriors to see if klay thompson might be available. the world champs hung up, not interested in that. klay, busy today taking part in the dedication ceremony of klay
7:56 pm
thompson court. thompson donating the money, he made the first shot on klay court, which is fitting. and all 600 students received new sneakers and gear, courtesy of klay. >> you have to enjoy it while you can. i got such a good platform to show them they put their mind to it, hard work can take them to many places they never thought they could go. so it never gets old for me. anything to do with the youth, i'm about it. especially at this age. >> and we are 24 hours cross to -- closer to the fleecing of the universe. mayweather and mcgregor on saturday. >> he can do a lot of this, i can do a lot of this. but it comes down to the skils and us fighting and competing and giving you guys what you want to see. >> we have prepared for 12 three-minute rounds of non-stop
7:57 pm
pace. ly go forward and put the pressure on him and break this old man. trust me on that. >> i think they are both tired of yelling at each other. dodgers pitcher rich hill took a no-hitter to the 10th and lost it to a solo homer. >> thanks, larry. join us tonight only cable channel 13. a massive rock slide breaks off a swiss mountain. the danger for those below. more on that at 9:00. a controversial rally at a popular san francisco spot will go on this weekend. at 11:00, the safety precautions around crissy field ahead of turday's demonstration. >> coming up at 8:00, "the goldbergs." at 10:00, catch another episode of "modern family" and stay with us for "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> and then it's jimmy kimmel live. >> that is all for the moment.
7:58 pm
we as always appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. for all of us here at "abc7 news," thank you for joining us. >> have a good night.
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
"last man standing" is recorded in front of a live studio audience. mike, i thought there was supposed to be an article about you in the "denver business weekly." guy needed more time. apparently 5,000 words isn't enough to take in all of this. well, that's the price you pay for being so fascinating. thank goodness you're a geologist. you dodged that bullet. good morning.


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