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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 13, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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we ahere with go again. conservator ben ship roe comes to speak on berkeley campus. i'm larry. >> and ama daetz.
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speeches have had to be cancelled out of concerns for safety and security. >> abc 7 news reporter ashley joins us now with a look at the details. laura. >> reporter: hi larry, the security measures for this event tomorrow are almost unprecedented. heavy cement barricades where i'm standing. this road will be closed all day tomorrow. more high profile conservator speakers may be headed to berkeley. >> we'll have far more police officers here and confronting anyone wearing a mask. >> reporter: uc berkeley officials say they'll be ready this time for any protests that might come with conservator speaker ben ship roe.
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>> we're implemented tools and we believe we're going to have the pieces in place. >> reporter: the metal barricades tossed around in february will be replaced with ones made of concrete. the city of brkly will shut down berks croft way. >> reporter: there's still strong opposition to schapiro's visit even though the conservative t.v. writer himself is a target because of of his jewish heritage. >> if you go to the event you should walk out as soon as he speak and come out and speak against the rise of fascism. >> it's interesting they began to compel to protest ben schapiro. they called him a fascist, a jewish, "new york times" best selling author a fascist. >> reporter: uc officials say
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the required contracts and security arrangements for that event have yet to be finalized. in berkeley, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> a newly released poll released by berkeley finds mixed views. 40% of california's poll say we've gone too far and allowing white nationalist groups to hold public case but 43% says the right to non strait should not be restricted. today supervisors committee and past allegelation that will require rental company to hide signage such as bar codes on their care cars, vick live with the story. >> reporter: this piece of legislation passed in committee as you said here at city hall today, that falls right in line where police chief william scott
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wants to tackle car break ins. his policy, enforcement is important but prevention is smart. >> within our area there's been car break ins, you can just walk the street and see broken glass all over. >> we're seeing suspects who are organized, there are multiple groups, it's almost like it's the crime of the day. >> reporter: the crime car burglaries and epidemi. so far this year more than 17,000 cars have been broken into. some 3,000 more than the time last year, and the thieves are getting bolder. richie hat mote is with the car association. >> break in the car, take whatever and leave. >> rentals are the car of choice, they're easy to spot because of the signage, specifically the bar codes on the side windows. the supervisor would require rental companies to hide the bar
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koeds. here's the sample, they're smaller and placed on the corner of the windshield. >> if it's smaller and put in the front it's almost more difficult. >> reporter: resistance from rental companies on the cost of implementing the new led to the compromise. brian with enterprise rental cars says they'll comply with the new regulation even though it's costly. the bill goes to the full board of the supervisors next week. vickly, abc 7 news. wild weather continues, it was coming down and coming down heavy in walnut creek and pleasant hill this morning. this was video from highway 24 and just after 7:00 a.m. within hours wind picked up and road dried out.
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>> that same system created this incredible site in tahoe. it's a water spout, the whether service issued a tornado warning for the area ideal 5:00 this evening. no reports of damages or images. meteorologist drew truman is in for spencer. are things still dangerous in the area? >> they still have thunderstorms in the region. what a sight that was. doppler 7 showing you in the past 30 minutes, 180 lightning strikes. there's that report of a water spout from north lake tahoe condition confirmed moving over lake tahoe. back here at home, it's about the cooler air that has finally arrived and soon we'll finally get rid of the humidity. we'll talk about the changes headed our way. >> thank you so much drew. and you're looking at what international guard pilots see
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when they help crews battle wildfire in california. the national guard provided this video to us, captured yesterday during the aerial fight in the national forest. that fire's burned more than 47 square miles, and the area nearly the size of san francisco, since breaking out late last month. the fire sparked by lightning in the hillside should be contained tomorrow. 30% contained after burning 50 acres of san matteo area. no homes threatened. kings county road is closed because of the fire. age 18, that remans the threshold for californians to vote. a constitutional amendment to lower the age to 17 did not get the super majority it needed to pass the assembly yesterday. the goal was to try to increase voter turn out among young people. in the 2014 general election only 8% of voters, age 18 to 24
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past ballots. a land mark bill requires manufacturers to list cleaning ingredients have passed the legislation and now on governor brown's desk. this is a battle that's been going on with consumer groups demanding to though what's in cleaning products we use in our homes, schools and businesses. this requires ingredients to be listed on the label in 2021. all chemicals must be disclosed. it's up to the governor to decide whether to make it law. after years of looking for new stadiums with proposals in oakland, freemont falling apart, the oakland raiders have a new place in mind. lain any college. drone view 7 gives us a view of the area. there's a lot of challenges to overcome before the spring of 2023.
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news anchor eric thomas live with the details. >> reporter: back there behind me community college just cut ground there, that's the site of te proposed new 34,000 seat intimidate knew stadium. they don't own the land and no offer to buy it, the hard work is just beginning now. now that the team has chosen this property between 8 street and ia-80 for a ballpark, the next step is to require it from the owner, the college district. >> they absolutely have to quince peralta that this is a land deal that its wants to engage in. >> reporter: peralta -- says they knew this was a possible. >> it is an idea. >> reporter: the site across the street from lain any college beat out a site in jackson square and another that would have been across from the
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existing coliseum. >> it's walkable downtown, a location that has an amazing view of the oakland hills, the downtown skyline. i think the great whether of that location too. all these factors made it a perfect place. >> reporter: the city of oakland and business groups on board happy to keep the team in town. residence fear the location could be bad for business and quality life. >> this is still public land and still an area for the community. you're moving into a neighborhood that is already deeply impacted. and really, look at other places and other options. >> reporter: the a's would finance the stadium themselves and if all go to plan they'd spend the next year getting permits and break ground in 2021. redwood city would need a new police chief. the current chief would retire shortly before christmas. j.r. gamez has been with the
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department for six years. hi retirement is due to an existing medical condition. gamez wrote, quote my time in the city would be the most rewarding in my career. he served for 33 years. abc 7 news reporter dan with a preview of a story that we have coming up at 11:00 tonight. >> the team has obtained access to thousands of pieces of evidence, some never made public. we talked to investigators who worked the case. >> the first person you focus at in a homicide investigator is the person that's close to the victim and the last person whose seen the victim. we got both of those from scott. broke the story of their affair scott admitted some of the lies. >> i have lied to you -- she
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disappeared just before christmas. >> are you lrng? >> i am. >> you came to me in decembr and told me that you'd lost your wife. what was that about? >> now scott peterson has filed what could be his last appeal of his double murder conviction. tonight at 11:00 you'll see some of the evidence that broke open the place wide open and put peterson on death row. tonight at 11:00. >> and a lot of materials new. >> that's right. in oakland, sprawled across columns a poem stop people in their tracks. meant to solve a mystery created another one all its own. next a man's effort to help the victims of hurricane harvey takes on a life of its own. >> it's time for the big reveal.
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take a look at this, this is what it looks like in cudjoe, key, according to fema, 90% of the homes in the keys suffered damage from irma. a criminal investigation is under way in hollywood, florida after some people died in a nursing home. the power there was out. more than 100 other people were evacuated from the home. >> we all have elderly people in stipulate facilities and we know
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that we dplend on those people in facilities to care for our vulnerable elderly population and it's sad when something like this goes on. >> the death toll from irma in the u.s. is now 30 in florida, georgia and south carolina. more than 3 million people in florida are still without power. crews there in florida helping restore the power. one of their spokespeople tweeted out this video showing piles of transformer and stacks of wiring. this could be dangerous work. look at what they spotted, an alligator sitting very still in the water, very quiet. something they don't usually encounter here in california. that's it right there in the middle waiting to jump out. first responders in bay area ready to help irma victims. drone video of their air force space in expenpensacola.
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the task force brought more than 60,000 pounds of search and rescue equipment along with five search dogs. nearly three weeks after hurricane harvey, lots of parts in texas, houston paid tribute to a fallen officer today. sergeant steve perez who drowned while on his way to work. he's among 75 pier who died. floodwaters are gone but most people face mold and disease carrying mosquitos. harvey's damage estimate is at $75 billion and climbing. public works officials say debris removal will take more than six months. >> it's a much longer process than people think. we wish we had a big vacuum to suck it up quickly. we're learning about the tremendous impact of the heroism of emergency workers and strangers alike. more than 122,000 people were rescued or evacuated.
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san francisco student's driver to help hurricane harvey victim is kicking into high gear thanks to generous residence and abc 7 news viewers. kristin here with the push right now to get help applied to houston. >> harvey victims are desperate for basic necessities. so many houston areas were flooded and people lost everything. to meet their day-to-day means student organized what was supposed to be a organize yesterday. they decided to continue it today. and they just stopped clektding and they're leaving now for texas with a truck full of donated goods. student body boss ra whose dad moved here from india and started his own trucking company and he's supplying his trucks. >> he feels like it's his duty
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to give back. >> here's some of the items, new underwear and socks, hygiene products, blanketing, first aid kids and -- if you're looking for ways to help victims of hurricane irma or ha visit we have more information on our website, abc ♪ >> listen to usher there. more than $44 million have been raced last night for hand and hand benefit to support hurricane victims. dozens of stars came out to sing and tell stories and plead for support during the one hour telethon. the money will help people in florida and texas. the latest on our forecast. changing and cooler.
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>> meteorologist drew is here with the forecast. >> irma got rid of the heat today and tomorrow we'll get rid of this muggy humidity. the air mass is going to dry out, it's really beginning to feel comfortable tomorrow afternoon. the sun is setting earlier and earlier. look at our sunset tracker tonight. the sun will go down at 7:20 p.m. in the evening one day from october. our sunset at act in the evening, so the days are getting shorter and shorter heading towards the winster solstice. here locally, what's causing the cool mass the marine layer had returned. folks in the south are seeing a fair am of sun shine. we're continuing to track the thunder showers around lake to tahoe. these thunder showers are driven
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by the daytime heating. as the sunset they're going to diminish. back here at home, i think a lot of folks like today's temperatures, 60s and 70s right now. 76 in san jose, 66 in nevada. 69 in oakland. daniel checking in at 70 degrees. see this little spin here, there's an area of low pressure responsible for the early morning thunder showers here locally, now it's responsible for firing up the thunder showers in see sierra. over night tonight though, going to hang on to at lot of the cloud cover. coastal drizzle developing mid to upper 60s. bay waters upper 50s to lower 60s. hour by hour, it's a day of
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transition. in the morning there's a lot of cloud cover, it's going to feel humid out. by the day we'll see the skies clear out, the clouds pull back. by 4:00 the humidity is lower and a lot of 70s popping up around the bay. highs on this thursday, enjoy this picture perfect low humidity. 66 san francisco, 70 oakland. 77 san jose, santa rosa 79. the next seven days, morning drizzle human, the sun get out of here by the afternoon. friday forecast, turning warm over the weekend. the human will check in early next week. it feel like late fall around here and that officially arrives next thursday. >> no 90s? >> no 90s. >> thank you drew. >> thanks drew. if the next paycheck can't come soon enoug
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crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. new ground for netflix leaving today business area. netflix will create an original series if polish. the series have a polish producer and has directed several many shows. netflix have had quarters in loss cat toes. offering movie services in 190
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countries. target thinks it's going to be a busy shopping season. plans to hire 100,000 seasonal workers this year. if you happen to be interested apply online. target also plans to hold hiring events at its stores next month. more and more californians find it harder to pay their bills. the u.s. census bureau found california has the highest poverty rate, that works out to 8 million people state wide. >> housing costs increase faster than most of people's earnings so a lot of families are becoming squeezed. over half of renters in our state are housing cost burdened, they spend over 30% of their income in rent. >> state law makers expected to vote on a series of housing bills before friday. it's to ease the financial burdens faced by californians.
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water not safe to drink in parts of alameda. bottled water required there. hear what needs to change to make the tap water safe again. >> it's not just middle school student going to class, east bay campus is hosting a new class from dads. i'm wayne freedmon in oakland, you're looking at a poling about the ghostship in
7:28 pm
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> it kind of epitomizes a lot of things in oakland. >> the e pit my of oak land was briefly found right here. it took the form of many words written across the columns that make up the perg la. >> abc 7 reporter wayne freedmon explain the story. >> reporter: if oakland believers in the power of words it may have a kwaunry. until recently that had been a memorial of the victims of the
7:31 pm
fire is gone. now it's been replaced by that quandary of words. >> madness needs no logic. hatred needs no logic. >> art need to logic, love needs to logic. dear oakland chose live. >> i was wondering if it was a stream of consciousness or it was crafted beforehand. >> reporter: the word appears sometime lastweek, name of the poet unknown. words filled with words describing the ghost ship fire and the memorial that used to be here. this afternoon another visitor. >> it's graffiti says this employer. >> i don't consider this graffiti. >> reporter: yet in one minute rephotographed him wiping the words from several columns. by the time we caught him on video he was walking away. later he showed us his printed orders. to be fair mayor libby's office
7:32 pm
say she had nothing to do with giving such orders. they came from public works in response to a public complaint. in the meantime back inside the symbolism of oakland's issue with this fire and the whitewashing of these words seemed unavoidable. >> gut feel g is they don't care. this speaks to a lot of issues in oakland. >> i can't decide whether or not it's a covering up or letting go. >> reporter: call it another case of art being in the eye of the beholder, what's left of that art anyway. in oakland wayne freedmon, abc 7 news. >> and if you want to read the whole poe wem it's posted at abc the warehouse employees
7:33 pm
remain in jail. the attorneys accuse prosecutors of having a weak case. >>he t haven't decided what cause of the fire was, how can i defend when i don't know what ordinance what law they're relating to of my client on that date, since he wasn't even there, committed. yesterday another judge refused to dismiss a civil wrongful death lawsuit against pg&e. a statement issued today saying quote, we have seen no evidence today that would lead us to believe that our facilities were the cost of the fire. the company is cooperating with the i believe vergts. new at 6:00 a mcdonald's in redwood city accused of trying to kill her newborn baby. co-workers recall her in the bathroom burn turning her newborn baby into the toilet
7:34 pm
last night. she didn't know she was pregnant. she's in jail on $11 million bail due in court next week. sky 7 of the breaking news. you're looking at the aftermath of a car fire where a person was burned. firefighters just before 6:00 tonight and there are report the person was trapped. you can still see police on the scene in the area there. more about how that victim is doing. hundreds of people in almeda has been warned not to drink the tap water or brush their teeth with it. the problem is concentrated at alameda point. chris win explains this event. >> reporter: for residence at alameda point, concerns over the tap water. >> it had a really fowl taste. it was clear with no clouds in it but it tasted really bad. >> reporter: the health advisory
7:35 pm
skt 267 homes. drone 7 gives us a look over the neighborhood. >> our water pipes here, it's a separate system than for the rest of alameda. so the advisory that we have to not drink water, that specific alame alameda point. >> reporter: east by the way mud is trying to determine the prob latest tests show higher than average level of salt and min rals. >> it was after we showered that we noticed it because we stunk. at that point it's like okay, we don't usually smell after taking a shower so we know there's something wrong with the water. >> reporter: volunteers an west ranger avenue handing out bottled water provided by the city. >> we have people with several disabilities, so it's a challenging time with our residence. >> reporter: those impacted try to keep things in perspective.
7:36 pm
>> there's tragedy all over the world right now if it is the worst we'll take it. >> reporter: the city hopes to lift the advisory by the end of the week. at alameda pointe, chris wen, abc 7 news. insistence pelosi and sen e majority leader chuck shumann dined with the president. they brought up unders like daca, obamacare and tax reform. the last series of meetings resulted in a deal for a short-term debt ceiling hike. today in washington, senator bernie sanders unveiled his medicaid for all healthcare bill. when he pushed back for medicare in 2013 he got no support. now he has the backing of a third of democratic caucus.
7:37 pm
senator's plan to moving the country to a government run single paying plan program over a four year period. neither bill is expected to get enough support to pass. question, will this year's with y walnut crop -- taking a live look outside at the view in santa cruz. drew as good news to stair with the forecast. he's back in ten minutes. >> i'm 6'3" which that becomes more of a challenge. >> the doctor was partially paralyzed but he's able to stand and perform surgeries. and perform surgeries. this
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snsz california's walnut crop this year could be second largest ever. usda expect farmers will harvest 250,000 tons this year. more than the record from last year. heavy rain in the summer's extreme heat han helped.
7:41 pm
a new program created for fathers and it's taking off in california. called r-3 academy. >> dads have taken to course which teaches them how to relate battery with their children. the best part is, it's free. >> reporter: -- had a rocky relationship with his two sons now he claims he's a changed man. >> i didn't know how to deal with them. before it was my way or highway. now we can talk, i'm listening to them. and sometime children make sense. >> reporter: that change came after attending a twelve-week class led by benito lee doe. >> when i asked all the dad what is the biggest challenge of being a dad, and almost everybody raised their hand and said i get too impatient. >> reporter: for two hours at a time maude learned the skills to
7:42 pm
listen. >> that changes me too. it gave -- >> reporter: the assistant prison at per cruz middle school, she sees fathers who don't know what to do when kids struggle. >> allow to speak to my daughter, how to be that role model for my son. >> reporter: r-3 academy is funned by a federal grant. fathers are also taught how to get money and look for jobs. the next course starts october 12 at italion veracruz. the next one is tomorrow from 6:00 to 7:00 in the evening. in union city, abc 7 news. >> sounds like a great program. if you build it they'll come. >> that's what the start-up
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two san jose residence are winners of a competition called unleisure geek. a challenge issued last year for people to develop a device that could make removing graphty on highways quicker and cheaper than the clean-up cost. this >> this willwill actually crawl along walls and cities, we'll provide it with machine learning to recognize gra if ity. >> that's remarkable. the next unleash your geek competition was inspired by the chao te creek flooding. cures for insomnia, anxiety and kids that won't do their chores, those are a few of sales pitches for products unveiled to do in san francisco. abc's jonathan bloom explains that i have spent months trying to make their gadgets now they
7:47 pm
have to sell themmism. >> reporter: if a room full of start ups we were told we have to see this one. using commuter vision it spots what spot leaves behind and picks it up. >> it really is a job that everybody should be doing. >> reporter: beetles among the few largest demo at hacks. they go to klein to build these products and come back here to find investors which mean they need to know how to sell. >> tell me about the product and have an amazing one or two pitch and answer those question. >> reporter: it goes something like there. >> using our visual market on path. >> it's an icon based watch, power skits by touching good habits. >> reporter: aside from good pitches they share something else. >> we focus on teams that are producing novel technology. >> coming up with a product that's never been made before is
7:48 pm
no easy task. >> i have a lot of shoes for years, it took me hours every night. >> reporter: so colleen came up with moe that. >> a memory pad inside your pillow case. >> reporter: it gets cold at night and warm up in the morning. then there's leaf as in relief. it warns you when you show signs of anxiety and gives you feedback as you relax. but for these anxious sleepless foundings, if all else fails it's a good thing this start-up makes hot caffeinated tea. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> one of everything. >> yeah absolutely. the by the way area is a beautiful place and the abc 7 news prove ts. >> rico pop razz zee posted this
7:49 pm
picture. autumn starts next friday. this picture with the hash tag abc 7 helps us find it. >> always the best, live doppler 7 along with satellite tonight. cloud cover spot, mainly clear in the south bay. over night most spots will see the cloud cover cling to our sky. mid-50s to lower 60s. tomorrow, it's really going to be kind of a tale of two weather zones. the morning clouds that's humid, the afternoon total t sun shine and the humidity drops. francis. 77 san jose, 80 airfield and 77 high in napa. big weekend on the week, snow may race, looking good lots of sun shine. 80 each and every afternoon. where that sunscreen, uv index
7:50 pm
running high. weather forecast humidity drops on friday, warmer over the weekend. feeling like fall for early parts of next week. >> rico paparazzi's not your name. >> no. >> i've never seen you with that dog so. in sports some radar officials want to nickname the italian stall yan. how giorgio c
7:51 pm
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7:53 pm
>> announcer: now abc 7 sports with larry beal. >> we got a lot of news today. we told you about the team's new stadium earlier. also the win streak 15 years ago that was in jeopardy. the a's playing in new orleans. top of the first, jed lawyer lowery. mark is -- scores easily, triple for hourry, 1 of 0. matt olson this guy is young and strong and promising.
7:54 pm
also the glove work. basis loaded for boston, steps on the bag and out at the plate. double play. right now they're in the seventh with the a's leading 7-30. giants and dodgers no tonight. cleveland break the a's win streak if they beat the tigers today. tigers take the first lead of the series when double level, scores alex pressly. bottom one, jay bruce. three one homer, 3-1 indians. good night, game over, drive home saiflly. 5-3, the indians 21st consecutive game to break the a's record. >> never take anything for granted in this game. we're just going to try to one
7:55 pm
as many baseball games as we can. the nfl season only a week old already have a great hometown story. giorgio tribecio became a kicker and -- but he never gave up. on sunday when sebastian couldn't go, giorgio delivered for the raiders in the clutch. abc 7's mike shumann talked to giorgio today. >> reporter: one of the better startser here has been a kicker giorgio. last week in his rookie debut he was 4 for 4 and named special team's player of the week. not bad for a 27-year-old rookie. >> not bad, nfl career scored 20 plus back to back. >> as much of a personal journey it is i like to share with as many people as possible, especially those that have been with me many steps of the way. and allow the people that live
7:56 pm
in this area and to see how happy they are for me and be able to share that for them. >> some of these thing are like a movie. he's a good dude and works his tail off. whether he had a good or bad day, he's always the same. >> happy wednesday. >> all four years that i've been here, he's been around ota's. >> you experience a lot of good, bad and ugly and i had great people in my life who sported me through it all. >> proud of him for the grit, perseverance, stay the course and continue to believe. again we kind of told him great job, next game going forward. >> reporter: reporting in alameda with the raiders, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> after a disappointing showing the season sunday against the carolinas, the 9ers have a nearly impossible task on their hand. brian struggled in his debut.
7:57 pm
dow dwell on the defeat. fix what you can, focus on what's next. you come in, whether you win or loss you see what you did well or poorly and correct it. get back on to the next one. sunday night i'm starting to watch, see how stuff, that's how quickly the turn around is. >> always a difficult challenge winning on the road in seattle. >> yeah seriously. thanks larry. . be sure to join us tonight at 9:00. your corner grocery store in a box, how the san francisco start up is already generating controversy, that's at 9:00. a gun stolen from a san francisco police officer used in a gang killing. on abc 7 news at 11:00 we're working to get new details on this story. at 8:00 it's a goldbergs followed by speechless. modern family and american house when i was. at 10:00, a special edition of 2020, good doctors, brilliance
7:58 pm
and bravery. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> that'll do it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm david bill. see you here at 11:00. han60 mils
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