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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 22, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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yes, it is really going to happen. b.a.r.t. in downtown san jose. >> a million dollars and counting. paying up for another round of free speech events on campus. starting this weekend. the show stopper at disrupt? puppies, of course. what these little doggies were doing there. this is an unsettled campus right now. >> the countdown is on yet again as cal prepares for a conservative speakers and the inevitable points they attract to campus. thanks for joining us. >> we learned today, uc berkeley will spend at least a million
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dollars on security to keep people safe during an event called free speech week. >> it begins suns and runs through wednesday. all events are succeed to be at sproul plaza outdoors. >> leslie brinkley joining us live with the latest on all this information. >> reporter: hi, one big headline speaker canceled out today. cal says they reached out to student organizers but they've not been able to communicate with them since tuesday. so cal is moving ahead with their million-dollar security plans. as cal gears up to play their big saturday afternoon football game against usc, an attorney for student organizers for free speech week slated for sunday through wednesday says they'll be announcing a final list of speakers at a treasure side press conference tomorrow.
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milo yiannopoulos posted this photo on facebook today saying he was headed to san francisco. he says there will be a march through sproul plaza sunday at noon. but ann coulter e-mailed the associates press that she was canceling her appearance at berkeley. steve bannon is still on the list of pros speaki, prospectiv speakers. >> we are treating it as if it is going ought way. >> today says they contracted with other law enforcement agencies to gear up for four days of events so that they can secure sproul plaza in a way that might be similar to how things played out for ben shapiro's appearance last week. the cost for free speech week, cal says' million dollars or more. >> we are not in the hablt of spending what could be $1 million so this event phase to occur. if it doesn't happen, it will be
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for other reasons. not because this university the didn't pull out all the stops to make this happen. >> some students and faculty are upset at the security price tag. some classes are canceled. others are waving attendance requirements. >> it does make it more difficult. >> lawyers filed a federal complaint today, accusing the university of putting up bureaucratic hurrieds and charging extra fees for securing venues for free speech week. >> you a leading to what appears to be the university's attempt to stifle our client's ability to engage in free speech. >> our commitment to free speech is unwavering. >> cal says the proof is spending $1 million on security to make sure free speech weeks happens. new at 6:00, activists are calling -- >> the immigrant students and community members here at uc
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berkeley are in the bay area. >> the group says there have been several hateful incidents at uc berkeley including racists and threatening posters. they say yiannopoulos encourages far right elements. the security cost for free speech week. you can receive updates like these by downloading the app. it works apple and other devices. following the mexico 7.1 earthquake, i want to show you a drone's view of the city of puebla. at least 215 people have been rescued alive from the rubble. >> reporter: the search and rescue missions continue around the clock. at this building, i'll told several bodies were discovered but still no survivors. next door to it, a daycare
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center stands but the workers are still unsure what it looks like inside. he says now it is ball the clean-up. we left everything as is when we evacuated. we have an architect coming to see fits safe. many others are cordoned off. still not safe to walk under. the businesses below closed for now. he says hopefully they'll tell us it is okay so we can get back to work. if i don't have work, what can i do? all of us are just waiting at this seven story collapsed building, they still hold out hope. so volunteers keep lining up of the jose antonio says it is about helping out now. i don't know when i'll start or finish. >> a student group at uc berkeley has many family members who were impacted by tuesday's earthquake. >> there wasn't much we could do to help physically being all the
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way near california. we quickly decided to start this go fund me to help raise money for one of the rescue teams. >> at go fund me page has raised $4,200 so far. the mexican association of students at berkeley also started a fund-raiser. it has raised about $2,000. students say that money will go to efforts in the more vulnerable communities outside mexico city. as many as 70,000 people living near a dam in puerto rico have been evacuated because of concerns of structurally damaged dam could fail. streets are flooded and 95% of the island is still without power days after hurricane maria hit. the san juan airport reopened today, allowing people from the u.s. to fly in and bring supplies, like food and generators. puerto rico has been declared a federal disaster zone so fema is there providing people with
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water, food, and temporary shelter. dozens of first responders who are on the front lines are back in the east bay today. some are returning home after nearly a month-long deployment. >> reporter: from coast to coast a cross country road trip for first responders. >> boats are in people's drive ways. vehicles are overturned. >> reporter: this afternoon the remaining members of the task force four returned home after responding to hurricanes harvey and irma. >> imagine, it breaks your fences down and breaks up your hole. >> reporter: most came from 18 bay area fire agencies. >> as we were going down west toward keys, we saw thousands of cars. trying to evacuate. >> reporter: the task force
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funded by fema, driving thousands of miles to texas and florida and then back them to california. hauling all the necessary dwoimt conduct their work. >> the floodwaters aren't just creek water running out. it has a lot of household hazardous waste in it. it can have fuel that has leaked is that it from different places. so those all pose hazards. >> reporter: each day a different task. from water rescues, everything in between. >> we were able to respond. >> reporter: a long journey back to the bay but one they say is worth all of it. >> we come from all over to really try to help. >> united in their noigs get job done. abc7 news.
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as summer ends and fall begins, this video was shot at heavenly resort. the temperatures this weekend will melt the snow. >> the weekend looks fantastic. up in the sierra, i think they decided, let's skip fall. we're watching the snow showers continue to move south ward. the snow will wind down,ed mier weather this upcoming weekend. we're looking at live doppler 7 and tracking high fire danger tfrlt weather watch issued for the north bay his. gusty winds and low humidity will combine to increase our fire danger. but that gusty, windy pattern is
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only for the hills. i'll show you how warm for the weekend. and we have breaking news right now. major delay system wide on b.a.r.t. but they're getting better. they tweeted that it was frg ro. b.a.r.t. blames track side equipment. some key decisions over the next two weeks will determine how big of a headache the construction project will be. the possible locations for future stations include santa clara street and near the s.a.p. center. david is live where another big construction project will be. an underground b.a.r.t. tunnel. >> reporter: san jose has endured other construction promings like the lightrail system but never a big dpig will stretch from city hall to sap
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center. this will cause customers have difficulty along the street. it will be dug right below santa clara street. the main thorough fare. he sits on the board and says san jose is in for a surprise. >> we have not felt the painful this is going on the main street. >> he's leading a construction site. it could determine how deep the crews will go down and how long it will take. that worries dozens of businesses, restaurants and building owners. >> when you talk mitigation, they talk month access for my ten ants. no access to parking and transportation disruption for not just months but years. >> reporter: san francisco is no stranger to the pain of tunnel work. the muni extension to chinatown
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is one xal mr. market street was disrupted over 40 years ago when b.a.r.t. put a tunnel under market street. they also need to decide where the two downtown b.a.r.t. stationed need to be. the board plans to make its choices on november 5. but then they talked about meeting fire and safety requirements. the single bore would be deeper than a twin bore and they worry that evacuating passengers might take too long. >> without consideration which technology we'll use, they both haver the same set of challenges, slightly different but we have to work through them. whichever one we choose. abc7 news. whatever you're doing, stop and take look at this. a car skewered by a giant metal pole on a bay area freeway.
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>> my views haven't changed at all. >> steph curry not talking about basketball. instead he's talking about politics. andore than a dozen shipping containers t
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new details at 6:00. sky 7 flew over the cargo that fell into the bay yesterday. that's the don't really know why the 11 empty containers, they're
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called sea cans, if he off a ship of each one weighs several thousand pounds. the port says mishaps like this are pretty rare when you consider that 2 million containers passed through port of oakland last year. the effort to repeal and pre place obamacare appears all but dead today in large part due to senator john mccain. he will not vote for the bill being put forward byraham and cassidy. mccain says he can't back it without knowing the impact on insurance coverage and premiums of you'll recall he cast the deciding no vote on the gop replacement plan in july. vermont senator bernie sanders brought his campaign for health care to the university today. the vermont independent rallied
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democratic senat democrat support. >> how cruel, how immoral it is the say to those millions of americans, we are going to take away that health insurance that keeps you alive. >> he doesn't say how he would cover the plan. golden state warriors start training camp tomorrow followed by a trip to china to play two games the minnesota timberwolves. today was media day in oakland. when asked about a possible visit to the white house. leann with the story. >> it was a question reporters had to ask. while each player is weighing in on it, they will have a meeting in the next few weeks the decide. now, steph curry said, just like in our country, every opinion matters. >> the pressing question during
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the warriors media day was whether the nba champions would stand next to president trump at the white house. >> i don't want to go. that's really it. >> hell no, i'm not going or hell, yeah, i want to go. at the end of the day, we'll decide as a team. >> from there the press moved tort kevin durant's recent twitter episode of the. >> i moved past it of the. >> draymond green who has seen his share of mishaps says he was anything but sympathetic. >> i stood right there and laughed in his face and it felt pretty damn good. >> politics and mishaps aside, media day was a chance for reporters to get a sense of the team's outlook for the season and take pictures. lots. >> apparently we need 72 photos for each coach. >> for me it was chance to help tries entire roster.
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>> who do you want to identify. >> best described by draymond green. >> i love to win. actually, i hate to lose. and in hating to lose, you have to find ways to get better. >> i get that. the pre season starts again next saturday when the warriors take on the nuggets here at home at the oracle arena. live in the newsroom. see? i've got this. abc7 news. >> do you know sports, i can do news. it all works out. >> got it. they're partying in walnut creek tonight. the 81st walnut festival. it runs through sunday and raises lots of money for community groups. if you're lucky, you can meet king walnut. the festival is expected to draw thousands. you can get a discount if you bring something to the food
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bank. she was in the running for queen walnut but she had to work tonight. >> it's a tough nut to crack. >> waiting for that coveted title of king walnut. if you are going there, it is a beautiful night. if you have outdoor plans, i want to show you the temperatures. today it was very pleasant for the first day of few of 60s and 70s. up above normal. look what's happening the next several days. san jose's high of 81 degrees, a little below average tomorrow. and then the temperatures will come up above normal for sunday through the weekend. by the middle of next week, you're talking well above normal. a good ten degrees with some 90s showing up. some big changes are ahead. as we look at live doppler 7, we have a few clouds on there. no rain to speak of. and here is he a lovely shot from our east bay hills camera. the sun will be setting shortly. 59 in san francisco. it is not as windy as it has been the last couple days.
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65, oakland. is this a speck spend shot or what from our tower camera? here's a look at the temperatures. upper 60s, napa, in the 70s. from concord to fairfield. bright skies from our goaden gate bridge camera. the warming trend. >> here's the planner for saturday. a crisp start with temperatures in the mid 40s to low 50s. a lot like this morning. really comfortable weather for the afternoon temperatures. tomorrow morning it falls low enough to where you might the want to grab a sweater or jacket. mid 40s to mid 50s under clear skies. and then for the afternoon in the south bay of we'll keep it on the mild side. 76 in santa cruz. a great day to hit the beef.
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70 degrees in downtown san francisco. so you're going up by several degrees. in the north bay, 60s at the beaches. 80s elsewhere. east bay, 75, oakland, closer to normal. inland, 82 degrees. i want to show you hurricane maria. it is moving away from the bahamas. it has been slamming the turks and caicos with wind and waves and rain. it will continue to move away. but still a strong category 3 hurricane packing winds of 125 miles an hour. we'll maintain that strength tomorrow morning. and then slowly weaken as it brushes bermuda. it won't be a direct hit. but it will have to dewith rain and wind and waves. and then as it moves east, away from the eastern seaboard, yes, they may get some showers. you have your travel plans to the east coast, this is something to keep in mind.
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mid 60s to mid 80s. beach weather on sunday. and you go from the 80s inland. 70s, to the 90s monday. really, through friday. low the mid 90s and along the coastline, we'll keep you in the 70s. this is what you expect this time of year. it is autumn. ejoy the weekend. i will be fabulous. >> do i have to courtesy to you? >> the second runner up has to jump up if the original queen can't get there. so get out on the road. >> is it real or fake? >> is it real or fake? something on this
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. early morning apple workers outnupd the customers. >> how do you feel about being the only one here?
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>> it sucks. >> big lines are expected for the iphone 10 which will be released to the public on november 3rd. today apple stock dimmed about a percent and brought down the dow which ended the week at around 22,350. the nasdaq gained four points. hayward mall will have a new store. h & m will have a section for kids, teens, women and men. it will employ 20 people and is scheduled to open soon. delta airlines is suing a website that looks a lot like its own. the site includes the delta logos which dealt a says they don't have any right to do that. the site is not affiliated with the delta does allow people to travel with pets and allows pets on cargo planes. there are restrictions and fees. information is available directly on delta's website, the
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airline. you want your pet to be healthy and happy, right? >> sure. >> a local dog food company wants that as well. >> what they is he floods xibl can help these -- what they do to help them grow up and not out. details on a stabbing that sent three people from work to
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three people were left hospitalized. >> police say they were stabbed at a moving company near the fair grounds. >> the abc reporter explains what happened. >> a chaotic scene unfold just before noon, police say there was a confrontation between employees and contractors at the warehouse. the fight traveled out to the parking lot. >> while later i saw a couple people who looked like they had had some wounds of some sort and they were bleeding. their shirt had blood on it. >> officers say there was a report of gunshots in the area. when they arrived, they found three men who were stabbed. they were rushed to the hospital.
7:32 pm
those who worked at neighboring businesses, they spoke to a man who worked at the brawl. he? they kind of got out of their as soon as they saw someone swinging. some sort of long metal object. he described it as a long 2x4. >> officered found two men down the street. a witness said one appeared to be hiding in the bushes. the men were taken into questioning. they'rer collecting evidence to derrell what led to the stabbing. >> 22 groups of employees that got in a fight. and what their motivation was for that fight, we don't know. >> we're trying to determine that. >> police have not located any weapons. we spoke to an employee of the moving company who didn't want to appear on camera. he is stunned. >> i'm here to see who it is. maybe it is one of my friends and i can go to the hospital to
7:33 pm
see what happened. >> reporter: the three stabbing victims are expected to survive. abc7 news. >> bubbles! >> supporters of an lgbt activist killed in the t tenderloin 13 days ago are demanding justice. bubbles was shot five times outside the new theater. friends and family and members of the lgbt communitier took to the streets marching from larkin and plirlt. they fear that torres may have been targeted for being transgender. police say there's no evidence to suggest a hate crime took place. a reminder to be careful on the road. you're looking at a piece of metal that stabbed through wind shield. the chp posted these pictures. the metal went right into the car's passenger seat. you see on the right there?
7:34 pm
just missed a pair of cocker spaniels in the back seat. no one was hurt. this evening nm san francisco are mourning the loss of a well known and beloved local businessman. while police searched for the driver who ran him over, then sped away. abc7 news reporter eric thomas reports. >> reporter: his name was could not stand teen. he was known from city hall to the streets of the mission as gus. >> he is colorful. if you knew him, you wouldn't forget him. >> his life was taken by a hit-and-run driver at 2:00 this morning. as he made his daily walk to the produce market to check out the day's fruits and vegetables. >> it appears to be a hit and run. it has front end and windshield damage. >> earl knew gus as a great friend and a worthy come pet or the. >> it wasn't about being pc. it was about coming down every
7:35 pm
night and beating the other guy out for that peach or that artichoke you wanted to get of the. >> he owned three stores. his flagship store in the haight. the supervisor said he made a point of hiring people from the community. she said he wasn't subtle when he thought something was important. >> it was always about like the community and how you work the resolve an issue. >> mayor ed lee issued this statement today. gus will be missed but his memory will live on through the lasting contributions to the city he lived. gus made the same early morning walk for 35 years and may not have known it was what walk san francisco calls a high injury corridor. >> they make up of 13% of all our streets but they account for 75% of severe and fatal crashes. >> gus was 57 years owed. a statue dedicated to
7:36 pm
japan's word war two comfort women was unveiled in san francisco today. the monument was spearheaded by the comfort women justice coalition. the coalition says it is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of women that were captured and used as sex slaves by the japanese military. this woman was 15 when she was abducted and forced to work in brothels. >> hello, everyone. i am the comfort woman survivor from korea. thank you so much. >> in a statement, japan's consull general says japan takes issue of comfort women very seriously and recognizes its past. such monuments aim to perpetuate and fixate on one side. near the intersection of centennial drive and rim way at
7:37 pm
11:00 a.m. saturday. the campus police say a uc employee spotted an animal in the bushes across the street from the university rugby field. there have been several sightings of mountain lions in the berkeley hills in the last couple years. los gatos is trying drul up business with an expanded festival this weekend. it used to be a location for eating and shopping with its everybody viting downtown but the chal better of comers says business is hurting. people taking shortcts to get to the streets in santa cruz. >> i don't think the people who run the companies know the damage pits doing to small towns like oufrlts and how they are causing people to get off the highway and to spill out into our neighborhoods. >> east drink los gatos kicks off at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. there will be a wine walk with
7:38 pm
booths on the street. i said booths, not booze. although there will be that as well. >> and three bands to entertain the anticipated crowd. coming up next, lady gaga's reaction to the new documentary about her today. and a live look from the east bay hills. just gorgeous. okay, i never thought i'd say this, but i found bladder leak
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happy birthday full house. the spinoff will debut on netflix. abc news was there as the original cast gathered at the actual house which was just purchased by the creator of the original series. today, netflix debuts a new documentary about lady gaga. the documentary goes behind the
7:42 pm
scenes with lady gaga, covering her physical and emotional struggles while working her a bum titled joann. she tweeted about her own reaction to the film. it reads three part, quote, although surreal, happy and also hard, i'll most purchased the the veil behind the aura of my fame resprees fame is not all it is cracked up to be of the it is lonely, it is isolating and very psychologically challenging because fame changes the way you're viewed by people. an up and coming singer is lending her heart and visit to an urgent cause. ♪ she is a 19-year-old from petaluma. i watched her singing career in los angeles last year. she has a beautiful voice. see be singing at a concert in
7:43 pm
petaluma for the annual walk to end alzheimer's. she said she relates to the struggle a will family faces when a loved one begins to slip away. >> my dad was diagnosed with a heart defect when i was 8. he passed away unexpectedly when i was 15. and i think it is more the relatability of loss. >> this will be rossi's second appearance for the walk to end alzheimer's. tickets are $17 he in advance and they're available on the mistic theater website. mistic theater website. coming up next,
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at at&t, we believe in access. mistic theater website. coming up next, the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet,
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building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. this is a small device that might save surfers and swimmers from shark attacks. it is a clever buoy system, that's what they call it. australian beaches already rely on this technology. they have a lot of sharks down
7:47 pm
there. sonar detects sharks underwater before they can be seen from the surface. >> within four seconds of a shark being recognized, the notification goes out via text men to the lifeguard. >> we have boats in the water. we have the visual sightings. but the technology in the water will be the best technology that we can provide. >> life guards at newport beach hope to have the warning system in place by memorial day. to spot the recent shark sightings off the coast of orange county. virtual reality revealed there week, the most disruptive thing on the floor may have been the puppies. >> but they were the cutest of the. >> next to jonathan bloom, our report he. he has more from santa cruz. >> reporter: a couple of barks was all it took. a couple of puppies disrupted
7:48 pm
the whole conference. grown men and women squealing like kids. and snap chatting like teenagers. >> i think it is a win. i think every tech conference should have puppies. >> reporter: if all that cuteness makes you say -- >> ya, doggie. >> reporter: meet saul. a while back he sold his mobile app start-up to aol of will a few years later he sold the yahoo!. in tech, it is called eating your own dog food. >> we decided to take to it another level and make dog food. >> reporter: they sell dog food by subscription. you tell us about your dog and we customize dog food for your dog. >> take your finger and go, ya doggie. >> reporter: there is a piece of technology, designed to keep this little guyly as he grows up. >> a dog food scoop of the it sounds crazy. it is blue tooth enabled.
7:49 pm
>> reporter: it tracks how much you feed your dog and ships you more before you run out of the. >> dogs are tricky. a lot of dogs will pretend like they've never been fed in their life. >> reporter: now no more dog gone double dipping. >> dog obesity is a big problem. over 50% of the dogs in the u.s. are obese and the reason is overfeeding of the. >> reporter: subscriptions are hot with investors but he said he's not going to be quick to sell it. >> abc 7 news. a lot of sun, blue skies in the bay area. a live look at the beach in santa cruz. we walked the sandy earlier. it is possible walnut queen may be trending on twitter. we would like the get it going by the end of the night of the. >> i think he'll keep my current title of meteorologist. live doppler 7 showing you a few clouds of the as you look at the
7:50 pm
highs for saturday, anywhere from the 60s to the 80s. really a warmer sunny day for saturday. here is what's going on. a lot of bacon and brew fest in san mateo. it will be one good looking day for the dragon boat festival. both saturday and 70. mid to upper 70s. 50s in the morning. and there's so much happening. i'll try to keep one october to fest. 59 tomorrow morning. a warm afternoon. 70 degrees and really mild for the nighttime hours. cal is taking on usc. you have sunshine there. if you're going to the stanford game against ucla tomorrow evening. upper 60s. perfect football weather. the warming trend carries us into not just this weekend but into next week. low to mid 90s.
7:51 pm
>> handling sports. that's big. and warriors. media day for the warriors, everyone is asking, what did you do over the
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the warriors have been very busy but it is time to get back to work. the warriors return all the major players from last year's he team with curry, durant, to the son and green at the to have of their games. it is no surprise the warriors the overall favorite. >> it is obvious three years in the finds, trying to make it a fourth. very few teams have done and it there's a reason. it is a long haul. >> i feel like we're going for sure. we have to go out there and produce and play and get better
7:55 pm
on the court. focus on that. we'll see what happens. >> i feel like a champion but i worked hard this summer. i know how many teams are gunning for that title. everyone wants to see the warriors lose which is fine. it is a great position to be in when you're the most hated in the league. all the great teams are hated so we he said braembrace it. >> nick young is still figuring out the bay area and enjoying his time as a tourist. >> i had some of your clap cloud we are the sour dough. the sour dough bread. that i had so far. and i went to the crookedest place in the word. the street. yeah. yeah. so i've been around aly bit of the. >> getting used to that bay area life. the 49ers remain winless despite brian hoyer in the offense, lighting up the scoreboard.
7:56 pm
lack of offense was not the problem of he threw for 342 yards. he ran for another score. the short week hurt the defense. they had issues stopping todd gurley and the rams. they gave up 41 points of the the niners were only a play or two away from the victory. >> we have the right guys. we have guys that will give it their all. it is definitely not for lack of effort. and we played until the end. that's what you do when you're a young team. you try to figure out how to win. unfortunately, it has been three games is we still haven't got a win. we have the right people in the locker room and the right coaches. >> the silver and black will be in the national spotlight when they take on washington. a win will improve to 3-0 for the first time since 2002. a victory, even derek carr's report at 25-25. >> it usually doesn't end well. we're in the right direction.
7:57 pm
yeah. you want more wins than losses. i didn't even know that. >> college football, the 3-0 cal bears can make a major statement when they take on number five usc start in berkeley. the game kicks off at 12:30. you can see it on abc 7. the cal quarterback was in grade school the last time the bears beat the trojans. he won't let himself get too hyped for the game. >> it doesn't matter if we're playing a division three school. our preparation doesn't change. this team has gotten mentally -- just tougher. it has gotten us through these situations. it has been really helping us. >> justin thomas probably going on win player of the year and making everyone think differently. >> look at this, on 18. and then he buries the eagles. shooting a 4 under 66. tied for the lead with paul
7:58 pm
casey and simpson going into the weekend. i'll have highlights at 9 sxlok 11:00. a big game in berkeley. >> you know, we bears fans are often disappointed but i think not this time. >> my heart has been broken. beating usc. president trump speaking out. his comments health care, north korea and colin kaepernick at 9:00. and a 92-year-old woman is robbed at a popular bay area mall. all of that is coming up tonight. that's it for this edition of abc7 news. from the walnut creek. >> we got one tweet on that. the trend is just getting the trend is just getting ro
7:59 pm
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