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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 9, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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cue the bands. we do mean more than one. big names are going to rock san francisco tonight to help out north bay wildfire victims. surveillance cameras got a good look at burglary suspects in south bay. and new at 6:00, what a difference california's plastic bag ban has made one year later. ♪ the music started early today with sound checks to make sure everything is ready for the big moment tonight's north bay wildfires benefit concert event which you're looking at live
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right now. i'm kristen sze in for ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. it's called band together. bring the bay area together to help those whose lives were most impacted by the wildfires last month. >> another live look inside. began a few minutes ago with introductions and blessing of the event by local religious leaders. >> soon they will rock. wayne freedman is live. wayne? >> reporter: at last word this event was close to sellout. tipping point, the nonprofit that's put it together, estimates more than 38,000 people will attend, playing $50 to $150 a seat for a five-hour show that maybe put some love back into a horrible situation that the north bay is still enduring. no way this would be typical crowd for event at at&t park
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tonight. if had ears, hearing different sounds. >> dave matthews. >> anybody else? >> metalica. >> anybody else? >> all of them. >> reporter: the music began hours ago. had you been here peering in from right field, maybe heard dave matthews. him in soud check. >> it's like a free concert. unbelievable to watch it like this. >> reporter: long before the benefit, best seats in the house as technicians fine-tuned the sound system to focus and enhance clarity. >> the staff have acoustical analysis products that allow them to look at gain, spectrum and reflections and calculate those. >> reporter: if you're wondering about the best seats in the house? right here, filled with first
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responders, people who lost their homes, volunteers. >> 6,000 people. >> right there. >> right in front. >> reporter: melissa works for tipping point, the nonprofit that ptogether. at least 38,000 tickets sold so far and live streaming on facebook and twitter, hope to raise millions. >> we need to tell and display to everybody and show everybody that tonight is just the beginning. we're going to be there for our north bay neighbors today, tomorrow and in the future. >> reporter: clearly more than just a sound check, call it a help your neighbor check. at at&t park, abc7 news. >> watch live, we're streaming at and the app. free to download and works on apple and android devices.
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good time to download the app. in the meantime, new details on the destructive tubbs fire. pg&e is arguing the blaze might have been caused by electrical equipment owned by another company. chronicle cites in court filing, utility company didn't provide other evidence for claim. cal fire is vaechinvestigating pssible role of downed power lines in starting the fire. just in, deadline to sign up for debris removal program has been extended. it was tonight but now until monday, 5:00 p.m., to sign up. two options. submit a plan for qualified contractor to remove debris or let government agencies do it. today the defense rested in kate steinle murder trial. woman shot to death on san francisco's pier 14 two years ago, reportically by
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undocumented immigrant with stolen gun. last was interpreter who found inaccuracies when interviewed defendant in spanish. >> reporter: this former certified court interpreter testified that many questions were not correctly translated what defendant was integrated by police. investigated july 2nd, 2015, several hours after kate steinle was shot. defense insisted that his responses were based on wrong translation. spanish translator was police officer. according to transcripts, one of the investigators asked him in english, you pulled the trigger correct? trigger in spanish is gatio. instead asked -- which in
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english means did you aim and fire the gun? the defense argues the two have different implications. >> the spanish interpreter did not know the word for trigger in spanish. that's the conclusion we reach. and it happens to be a key fact in this case. >> reporter: but the prosecution insisted the officer who did the translation was not off the mark. jury will have access to the integration transcripts during deliberations. on monday the prosecution will have rebuttal witness. should be a short week. closing arguments begin monday november 20th, week of thanksgiving. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. san francisco police say they've captured suspect in stabbing death of a man. keith harris, suffering from multiple wounds inside an apartment on hayes street. asked to see if he was okay last week. later died at hospital.
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sheriffs deputies helped police find suspect while he was treated at san francisco general hospital. >> because he was suffering from injuries himself, not sure whether they're related to the incident or not. >> suspect remains in police custody at a hospital. >> will $25,000 help capture these two escaped suspects? award available for information about trammel mcclou and bivin. think they something youled into handcuff key to help with restraints. two people arrested as accomplices. released this video to thoep identify a group of teenagers who vandalized a home.
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>> reporter: this was taken around 10:00 in the morning. several teenagers casually walking behind each other in neighborhood. wife saw some at neighbor's house. >> wife was walking the dog. as she came down the street, four young men came briskly out of the back yard through the gate. one guy says supposed to meet a friend here, cock-and-bull story that didn't make sense. >> reporter: reported to police. found two homes side by side ransacked and burglarized. one is holding bag reported stolen. >> two homes next to each other combined with number of suspects indicates to us this is not a professional burglary crew but some kids trying to get an easy score. >> reporter: investigators say
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this quiet neighborhood near downtown campbell is not known for burglaries. also appears the homes were chosen randomly. >> saying they kicked down the door and took laptops and jurl, feel bad because recently moved into the neighborhood. >> raised my concern for safety, we're going to get surveillance and maybe alarm system for the house. >> reporter: the quality of the video is so good, they feel confident someone will recognize the teens. we posted on our website. if you recognize anyone, campbell police would like to hear from you. abc7 news. early morning fire in san jose forced a dozen people out of their homes, most alerted by passerby on his way to get coffee who noticed ash in the air. >> looking up, maybe i'm seeing things, didn't see fire. then i got here, noticed that building was on fire. got out and started slamming on doors to get people out.
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>> great guy, everybody got out safely. went to three alarms. san jose fire department tweeted pictures from inside one unit. kitchen gutted as you can see. total of three units were damaged and cause is being investigated. east bay municipal utility distric is helping unified school district in efforts to eliminate lead contamination in drinking water. began a new round of testing at five schools to make sure lead is not leeching from older faucets and taps. came to light after the staff discovered lead in high school. water at ten schools has shown some sign of contamination. glenview elementary had the highest level. four times level recommended by federal government. >> it's important to note not
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coming from the pipes. elevated lead levels are fountain heads, faucets and in one case, shower heads. >> replaces suspected fixtures and installing water dispensers to make clean water available. in a break between storms. north bay, east bay and south, many of us woke up to rain. >> walnut creek, just enough to create a few puddles and make the commute on ignacio valley road a slog. >> mix of rain and snow in tahoe. spencer christian is here with a look at forecast. >> i want to correct, ygnacio. >> good correction. this is a nice break. still teeny tiny pockets of
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moisture around the bay area but mostly rain-free right now. storm impact scale, approaching system into tomorrow ranks one. light intensity, mainly scattered showers. mostly less than .1. will see areas of light rain and showers. wet pavement for morning commuters, weakening by midday. wet weekend? accuweather forecast in a few minutes. caught on camera, mountain lions in san francisco, what is unusual and not surprising about animals seen in the city. >> also ahead. >> voted to strengthen background checks for uber and lyft
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let's take another live look at benefit concert, band together, under way right now at at&t park to raise money and help out victims of the north bay wildfires. rafael sedik on stage. oakland performer specializing in r&b and soul. watch on our website. >> great lineup. >> and our news app. billionaire is doubling
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money put into campaign to have president trump impeached. wondering if the tv ads are playing a role in wins in virginia this week. >> told news that democratic wins are clear repudiations of what donald trump stands for. >> it really reassured me that american values are still in place and americans under pressure will stand up and do the right thing. >> says he's going to double $10 million he put into the tv ads saying that president trump should be impeached f taking nation to the brink of nuclear war, obstructing justice and -- fired back with wacky and unhinged. but stooir says the ads have impact. >> feeding into the same human response we saw in virginia and across the country. >> voters acted by electing
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democrat ralph northam as governor. added to big wins in new jersey, some saw as repudiation of the trump administration. but says if played a role, not impeachment ads. >> investment in political staff to help the democrats win in virginia probably had greater impact that advertising. >> talked about as potential challenger to diane feinstein, former republican party chairman wonders if the ads are aimed more at feinstein than trump? >> wants to throw money around and do petitions to build his profile to run someday, that's a tried and true method. >> he has not yet committed to senate run. abc7 news. california voters decided to ban free plastic grocery bags and environmentalists credit law
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with cleaning up the state. backers of the ban say it's forcing shoppers to rethink how they take items home from the store. >> instead of let's throw a few things in each bag and give you dozens of bags because they're all free. motivating the checker and consumer to reduce amount of bags they're actually generating. >> reduces amount of waste in landfills. less plastic into wildlife areas and waterways. new details on trend in san francisco, two mountain lion sightings near the presidio in recent weeks. doesn't happen often. melanie woodrow with the story. >> reporter: presidio talking about newest edition, marc benioff posted this surveillance
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video of mountain lion strolling by. pam feldman who walks it every day hopes not to run into the big cat. >> it would be scary. >> reporter: presidio trust says two reported sightings in last few days. one monday at pacific nights and other at parking lot of china beach near southern end. california department of fish and wildlife tells abc7 news it's unusual to have a mountain lion in city limits of san francisco, not as surprising near the rugged natural open areas in the presidio. home range can stretch up to 400 square miles. possible it wandered from south bay or peninsula. nancy foster thinks she heard it attacking coyote the other
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night. >> womhimpering and crying. instichbt it it was injured. >> reporter: prey is deer and there's a high population. suggest talking or singing on the trail to make yourself known. if you come face-to-face, wave arms, make loud noises, never run away. keep small pets inside in early evenings. we've put together a video on how to handle a mountain lion should you spot one, >> check that out. in the meantime, i wonder for the contert at at&t park, still chances for showers? >> won't dampen spirits but -- >> there's a small chance.
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infinitesimal. mainly dry across the bay area, light isolated showers around the region. possible that one could occur but not likely. low 60s at oakland and 57 at half moon bay. exploratorium camera, pier 15, 17 in napa and santa rosa, 61 novato, 59 livermore. and live view from sutro tower, showers return overnight, mostly dry this weekend until late sunday and light rain returning sunday night into monday. overnight, clouds and light rain or showers up in north bay starting just before the morning
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commute. overnight lows in low to mid-50s. storm impact scale, approaching system, weak, ranks one, scattered showers, less than .1 inch for most of the bay area, possibly approaching a half inch for wetter locations. early hours, pockets of light rain and showers through the north bay, down into peninsula, into the south bay by midday and winding down no almost nothing in afternoon. end of the day, under a tenth of an inch for most of the bay area. santa rosa, .2 inches or more and higher elevation higher totals. mid-60s around the bay and inland, about 60 on the coast. sunday, notice going into early evening about 6:00, next wave of
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rain pushing into the north bay. quickly move southward and eastward and touch all parts of the bay area into monday. morning commute will be wet as well. and won't wind down until end of the day on monday. accuweather seven-day forecast, rain chances pretty good. four of the seven days will have some rainfall, most looked quite light. saturday will be veterans day, going to be a dry day, break from the rain. dry tuesday, more rain on wednesday. each episode, light rainfall system. >> that's good. thanks spencer. coming up next, macy's makes
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take a good look. it will be changing soon. macy's will be closing store at stonestown gal rhea in san francisco. that's the oldest shopping center in california. macy's says the stonestown location is one of three closing early next year. announcement came as part of the third quarter earnings report. investors liked it, rose.
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dow and nasdaq dropped from record highs. game show, marking 35th anniversary. >> don't let the cat out of the bag. >> that's it. >> easy breezy. >> that show is "wheel of fortune," january, 1975 and most successful syndicated show on television. pat sajak and vanna white been with the show since the 1980s. incredible. watch on abc7 after "jeopardy" which is after abc7 news at 6:00. >> 6,000 episodes. something else. using ride sharing like uber and lyft just became a little bit safer. also.
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...will change. get covered today.
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and here's another live look at tonight's band together concert at at&t park. fundraiser for north bay fire victims. watching video tape that audience is watching of various celebrities giving shoutouts to the crowd. rancid is scheduled next, metallica and dave matthews coming up. this is one source of help. united way has distributed to more than 1,500 families in the north bay. comes with no strings attached. sheriff of mendocino county says critical communication towers were destroyed in first hours of devastating fire there left people without cell phone
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and internet coverage. also burned communication tower. people were calling 911 in droves, inundating two dispatchers on duty. >> we have dispatchers doing superhuman things for the most part, answering the phones -- same two talking to deputy sheriffs on the road or cal fire. >> cal fire is investigating the cause of the fire. nine people died in the county. >> fascinating. footprint is strikingly similar to outbreak from 50 years ago. >> used this history to fight the wildfires. dan noyes met one man whose property narrowly escaped both infernos, last month and in 1954.
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>> reporter: michael is thankful he's a light sleeper. spotted the flames racing towards his home. >> it's scary. should we evacuate? >> he evacuated spouse gordon who suffers from alzheimer's, returned to see this. >> all the homes are gone. >> reporter: block after block of complete destruction. drove up, neighbors' homes gone. his still standing. >> times i pinch myself. walk out at night and walk around in a days, i'm alone here. >> reporter: such a close call. burned trees a few feet from his house. >> why did it just do this? i'm not a scientist. >> reporter: knew that it narrowly escaped burning in 1964 hanley fire while again the property next door burned. >> the fire takes a v shape,
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almost like protective zone. >> reporter: point it's bigger issue. this map by the city of santa rosa. last month's tubbs fire in black and 1964 hanley fire in red, very similar burn pattern. cal fire tells me tubbs, nuns and atlas fires all mirrored fires before, same dry examination conditions and topography. >> the history is important to the fire service fighting a fire. >> reporter: used that knowledge to cut fire breaks to stop the flames in several locations. but major difference last month compared to 50 years ago, number of homes built in that time. 1964 fires claimed 108 structures. last month, more than 5,000. raising a question, should we rebuild in known fire zone? >> it's tough one. should we rebuild or not?
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people have the right to rebuild, but we have to be smarter about it. >> reporter: lost home last month. >> used to be front door. >> reporter: tells me lessons learned, but homeowners have a right to rebuild, even if property has dangerous history. >> authority rests within the homeowners themselves. they have the right to rebuild exactly as they want to. >> dan noyes reporting. one major difference, hanley started with hunter tossing a cigarette. leading cause being investigated in last month's fires, trees knocking down power lines. two judges for public utilities commission proposed new rules aiming to make equipment safer, reflect the locations of lines and poles, how close they can be to plants
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and ouchow often they need to b inspected. acknowledges that making changes will cost utilities money and allow them to raise rates for customers to make up the money. commissioners are scheduled to hear the proposal next month. approved new rules for background checks required for uber and lyft drivers. jonathan bloom explains what is changing and why some are not happy. >> reporter: military doesn't allow uber and lyft drivers on bases, because they don't get fingerprint background checks. >> reporter: grappled with delicate balance. >> would feel intimidated to go to police department to get fingerprinted and get a job. >> reporter: argued disproportionately hurts minorities and could delay paycheck. >> left waiting for weeks or
7:37 pm
months without earning income. >> reporter: but regulators knew something had to be done. settled a lawsuit over drivers with criminal histories background checks missed. >> fingerprint, fact they were arrested and convicted will show. >> reporter: compromise, stricter rules for certain crimes and require new background checks every year. >> previously no checking back. >> reporter: public survey, on the issue of fingerprints, riders are evenly split. >> why not? safety. >> no. i don't think they should be fingerprinted. >> why not? >> doesn't seem necessary. >> in the end unanimous. >> aye. >> reporter: approved the rules without fingerprints. uber says encouraged by
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decision, promotes public safety and economic opportunity, lyft says recognizes strength and effectiveness of current process. but man accused in manhattan truck attack, an uber and lyft driver with month criminal history. abc7 news. california's new gas tax is going to pay for road repairs. money not only missing element. >> what else is needed to get projects off the ground. also ahead -- >> you may have problem witititt
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new at 6:00, don't have to be a fashion model to walk the sonic runway in san jose. 432 foot long path. 21 arches with l.e.d. lights. converts audio signals into colorful light patterns. first in series of temporary installations that burning man project has for the city. through mid-january.
7:42 pm
kind of fun. lawmakers raised gas tax to help fix decaying roads. >> but also recognize a shortage of construction workers. efforts under way to address that. >> looks at how the pool will be expanded. >> reporter: early next year, crews starting to fix the potholes and -- in san jose thanks to tax increase. >> major repairs and minor upkeep and maintenance across the city every year. >> reporter: who is going to do the work? shortage of trades people, drive is under way to expand apprentice programs with money from the tax revenue. rhonda harper joined two years ago and working at seismic retrofit at stanford hospital. >> it's so rewarding. get off work, in the car
7:43 pm
dancing. music and headphones on, dancing, and before work too. >> can be life-long career. once you get in construction, it's your life, i've had amazing life in construction. >> with this funding, city of san jose is prepared to start on ten miles of road repairs after first of the year. but requirement is double the number of companies owned by minorities, women and disabled. networking event is bringing together so-called disadvantaged companies to expand the pool. bta is led agency building b.a.r.t. extension and -- voter approved measure. >> more network, more people you know, areas to plug in and more opopoprtunities you have to fin talented individuals to help for the next opportunity. >> reporter: abc7 news.
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some drivers found wet roads today. if you need a car wash, better delay for a
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check out benefit concert under way for the north bay wildfires. band that started in berkeley, rancid, is performing right now. giants buster posey was on stage to introduce the band. listen to the music wherever you are, live stream on abc7 news app. you want to outside inside this time of year but also rodents look for places to outside inside. like your car. >> michael finney has tips to detect and prevent damage to your car. they go through the wires. >> this is a story you'll be telling your friends about tomorrow. happens more than you think. weather starts getting colder. furry friends and not friends look to make your car a home or worse, a meal. let me show you. when lisa barrett went to start her truck it was completely dead. had it towed. >> mechanic had noticed mouse
7:48 pm
damage that there were wires chewed. all through here. >> more than $400 later, wires repaired. lisa is not alone. look online. >> looks like rat or mouse or something lived in there. >> noticed lots of complaints, causing headaches for car owners. >> class action lawsuits filed against toyota and honda, soy based materials used to cover wires, making them attractive to rodents and claim the car companies should be responsible for the cost of repairs. honda sells rodent deterrent tape treated with active component in chili peppers which the lawsuit claims is acknowledgment. what can you do?
7:49 pm
>> if car sits in street for garage for a while, it's good idea to check under the hood. if you spot damage, use the rodent tape over the wires. and if you see a big area rodents could come in, ask your mechanic to install wire mesh. >> lisa hopes this never happens again. in statements to consumer reports, both manufacturers said there is no evidence indicating that substances used for wiring causes rodents to chew through them. honda statement said it's long-established fact that rodents will chew through wires in cars and homes. i want to hear from you. call me here or reach me on facebook. >> if just stick with cheese and leave the wires alone for goodness sakes.
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wires don't taste good. >> right. forecast, more rain. >> showers are going away though. >> this evening's showers are. but little bit more will come in overnight and tomorrow morning. live doppler 7, mainly dry in bay area. overnight lows, rain in the north bay, low to mid-50s. tomorrow with scattered showers, highs ranging from about 60 to mid-60s bay and inland. rain chances are substantial, although each of the systems is weak one, ranking one on the storm impact scale, light rain but rain nonetheless. accuweather seven-day forecast, saturday, break from the rain. next dry day is tuesday. all the others bring a little bit of rainfall. larry beil is here with lots of sports. >> 49ers to talk about.
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>> yeah, are they ever going to win a game? not happened this year. but 9ers, they're historically bad. carlos hyde in final year of his contract. what did he tell h
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sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change.
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get covered today.
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good evening. nfl's 49ers running back fined for fighting. hyde says he plans to appeal and told agent not to talk to him about contract extension until the 49ers win their first game. might be silent for a while. actually favored against the 1-7 giants on sunday. 9ers loss would be first time -- reports that ben mcadoo has lost the locker room and might bench his quarterback. >> still hall of fame quarterback, i don't understand the media, no disrespect, but he's good, he can make every
7:55 pm
throw, he's accurate. stands in there. will take a beating and still get up and make unbelievable throws. >> cowboys running back ezekiel elliott had injunction denied. barring unforeseen last minute appeal, zeke is suspended immediately and case won't be heard until december 1st. suspended for six weeks because of nestic abuse allegations. raiders held final practice before bye-week. preparing for massive meeting with the patriots in mexico city. what does jack del rio do when he's taking a break? watches football. >> i'll watch games on saturday. yeah, i'll watch some tonight. i enjoy watching football. so i look at it, and -- but
7:56 pm
we'll take full advantage of the time that we have here, make sure we're ready to roll. >> jack likes college football. speak of. not only would a win help stanford winning pac-12 north, milestone for shaw. he's one victory shy of matching school record set by pop warner from 1934 to 1942. shaw on the brink of history. >> feel like i still just got here. every time i say seven years, has it really been? it's cool. it's testament to everybody who's been here, stability over time equals success. there's a lot of people that have a hand in the potential record whenever it happens. baseball news, slugging and
7:57 pm
giants didn't go together in 2017 but buster posey won the silver slugger award for catchers. led in batting average, on-base percentage and hits. if you ask draymond green a question he disagrees with, lets you know in a hurry. funny exchange after the win over minnesota. asked about the year that steph curry is having. draymond is asked if it seems if curry is peaking right now. >> is he peaking? >> peaking, that's just ridiculous say to. peaking. plus 14, like his plus-minus? i think the highest in the season in nba history. peaking? that's ridiculous so today bro. >> let us define peaking for a
7:58 pm
moment. abc7 sports by river rock casino. steph scoring 25 a game but n threes is down from a year ago. not peaking. >> season is young. join us tonight at 9:00, big issue for the iphone x, trying to use it in the wrong place. pigs on the prowl, residents in the east bay trying to stop dozens of wild pigs from terrorizing their community. >> chuckling but they do do a lot of damage. abc7 at 8:00, stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> that's it for this edition of abc7 news. >> i'm dan ashley, for all of us, appreciate your time. at
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