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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 5, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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developing news in southern california now wildfires have destroyed more than 100 homes. the latest on the fight to contain wind driven flames. >> reinforcements are being sent south. >> thousands of oakland city employees will remain on strike. how the mayor is responding to worker's claims that the city is stonewalling them. >> this has really been an epic fight. >> three major fires are burning in southern california, and smaller ones continue to break out. all of it fueled by the santa ana winds that are expected to
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remain for several days. >> governor brown has declared a state of emergency in ventura county. >> the thomas fire has burned at least 50,000 acres and damaged at least 150 structures. l.a. county is in a state of emergency due to the creek and rye fires which have destroyed at least 30 structures. >> this is new video in ventura county. the fire continues to threaten structures. firefighters describe this as being one of the fiercest infernos they've ever battled. >> i've never seen structures lost in this county like this. i've been in wind driven events that burninged through ventura, but we haven't been in a situation like this.
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>> two firefighters have been injured and are in stable condition tonight. people and animals are being evacuated. >> there's about 40 more horses up the road. and so from what i understand from the l.a. city animal services department, lapd is going to be coming out to try to get these horses there's just so many of them. >> residents are trying to get anyone with a trailer to help them move those animals. >> the rye fire has burned at least 5,000 acres in santa clari clarita. both directions of i-5 were temporarily shut down, but have since reopened. the rye fire is 5% contained. >> 23 if that's not enough, there's a fire burning east of los angeles in san bernardino county. the fire is burning near cal
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state san bernardino. >> nbc news was at the toll plaza when firefighters met to form a convoy. they're heading south just like they did in october's north bay wildfires. >> the winds in southern california are similar to what happened up here. >> sky seven flu above san francisco's mission district while firefighters packed up their equipment before heading to the front lines down south. strike teams are on the way from heyward and alameda county. >> for sale signs are now picking up as many are forced to sell. elissa harrington tells us how much of a loss they're taking and how long it could take to rebuild. >> patricia decorates what's
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left of her home. >> i have dead trees here, i put some bows on them. >> she's trying to bring holiday cheer back to a community devastated by october's firestorm. we found ornaments, christmas trees, even stockings hung on a chimney. this brick chimney is the only thing left standing at this home. >> it's still your home and it's part of you, and you want to bring some clear back. >> among the symbols of hope jamie says he felt sick the first time he had to put a for sale sign up in front of a burned out lot. >> it's pretty depressing. >> now there's more and more of th them. it will take on average 2 years to rebuild. >> when the oakland fires happened about 25% of people left.
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homes that would have been listed for $500,000 are going for on average $160,000. >> what is the city going to ask them to do for the structure of that lot. >> it's too early to tell how housing worries will be impacted. fire victims will found themselves priced out of the bay area. elissa harrington, abc 7 news. >> if it seems california has seen more freak subsequent went and intense wildfires in recent years, you're right about that. a look at the contributing factors and solutions. >> some of the largest wildfires, the rim fire near yosemite and the cedar fire
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nearization. wildfires are a naturally occurring phenomenon they are trending bigger and longer. >> our seasons have been elongated by upwards of 40 to 50 days over the last 50 years, it continues to do so. we had the five years of doubt where 102 million trees died, we had the significant weather patent first of the year, we still need several of those weather patterns for the next several years, to bring us back up to where we need to be in the state of california. >> the vast majority of wildfires are caused by humans. for more on how to protect your home, go to the strike that kept thousands of workers off the job
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today will continue tomorrow, the union says members are ready to strike indefinitely, the mayor put out an open letter to oakland residents which says in part at its core is this critical issue. how do we sustain road repair, libraries while being fair to laura an thongny is on broadway where workers are sti picketing in front of the mayor's re-election campaign. >> the letter came just about 45 minutes ago. just as the campaign fund-raiser was about to start. that is happening high on an upper floor of an office building we're standing next to as you can see the striking city employees want to make sure their message is heard loud and clear. >> what do we wan in the. >> big contracts. >> when do we want it? >> now.
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>> they're in it for the long haul. or as long as it takes to resolve their ongoing dispute with the mayor and city administration they say is responsive to their needs. >> it's terrible. we don't want to be on strike. we're out here. this is not a holiday for us, we're not receiving pay. >> i'm here just to apologize to the residets of oakland who are being inconvenienced today. >> the mayor had her own message for the residents of her city, those who had to go without libraries, public works and other city services. >> we had nearly 400 head start families that were without child care this morning. more than 200 seniors that are frail, that rely on our senior centers, many families that won't have after school programs at rec centers today. >> it hurts us to not provide the services that we do. >> according to the biggest
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union, nearly half of their 2300 workers are part time. and while the city is offering a 4% wage inning crease this year, what happens after that is uncertain. >> the city always tells us they're broke, i've been here 20 years, every time we've gone into bargaining, they say they're broke. >> i recognize their frustration, i cannot spend money i don't have, i can't. >> in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. san jose police are investigating the death of a man whose body was found on the mt. pleasant high school campus. school staff discovered that body with one gunshot wound. classes were not cans elled. the crime scene was contained and far enough away from the students. the victim was not a student or school staff member. some neighbors, though, did hear gunfire last night. >> just two shots, bang bang. so quick, so fast and everything.
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>> you didn't think anything of it? >> no. >> police are still searching for the shooter, students will have access to grief counselors if they're needed. the most closely watched supreme court case this term. the justices heard arguments today defending gay rights versus religious liberty, and it all started with a wedding cake. carolyn tyler is here to explain more. >> reporter: this case lapped in colorado in 2012, it's one of the states that bans -- his religious freedom is at stake, after he refused to make a custom wedding cape for a same sex coup nell colorado. >> it's hard to believe that the government is it forcing me to
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chose between providing for my family and my employees and violating my relationship with god. >> the couple says what happened to them was wrong. >> we don't want another couple to go through the pain and humiliation that we experienced. >> reporter: in the chambers, the attorney for the baker argued that phillips is an artist, and that the case is also about freedom of speech. a law professor believes the high court faces two difficult questions. >> if we recognize making a cake as freedom of speech, is it possible to draw the line or is then anything freedom of speech? the other serious problem the court has to deal with is, where do you draw the line on what somebody can express in terms of discrimination. >> the high stakes case attracted hundreds on both sides in washington today. here in the bay area, the owner of this bakery is closely watching.
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he has rejected designs that he felt were too graphic for his cakes. >> it's important to keep your beliefs personal and private. >> this is the first case involving gay rights as the supreme court ruled in 2015 the supreme court ruled states could not prevent same sex couples from getting married. the city's all gender restroom law, it would include hotels, 30,000 people live in sro's, many of them have shared bathrooms, transgender tenants approached her asking for the law to be amended. >> two teenagers have been charged with killing a man who was just trying to sell his iphone. >> it's really sad that these
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two young men decided to take this course in life. >> the technology that allowed sheriff's deputies to find and arrest these suspects. senator conyers is retiring, how the race to replace him will be a family affair. >> skies are clear tonight, and temperatures will plummet,
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two 18-year-olds charged with murdering a redwood city
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man over an iphone last month. how deputies were able to solve this case so quickly. >> technol critical role in solving a recent homicide. 32-year-old daniel carlos was using letgo to sell his iphone 10. >> that communication was very important to us, because it -- he left a digital footprint, but so did the suspects. >> for whatever reason during the exchange at a gas station in san leandro, sergeants ray kelly says marcus fortune shot carlos, jordan patent is also charged with murder. sergeant kelly says patent drove the getaway car. it seemed carlos took all the right precautions. >> he brought another person with him, his brother, he did it at a gas station, in a public location. on a saturday, on a major thoroughfare. >> investigators served a search wan warrant so they could see who carlos would be speaking with over the app. a witness who saw the getaway
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car was also critical in the investigation. sergeant kelly says fortune and patton previously played high school football together. >> it's sad that these two young men decided to take this court in life when they had so many opportunities. >> the day of the shooting, carlos had planned to attend a family wedding. >> we want to show you some surveillance video of an unwelcomed visitor that wandered into a peninsula backyard. this will mountain lion inside the yard early sunday morning. the lodera residence said it's the first time he's seen the cougar on his property. though mountain lion sightings are common in that wooded area. residents will get access to
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florinated drinking water in the next few years. >> that money will go to a new well, that's expected to serve more than 400,000 residents. >> it's critical, it's a new well, it's not something that has to be retrofitted. that means we're going to have the best opportunity we can to do this in a very effective and efficient way. >> the cdc says florinated water can help reduce tooth decay by 25%. getting to our weather here at home. >> it feels a little like winter out there, smenser christian is here with the forecast. >> we have clear skies right now, temperatures are dropping already. i don't think we have readings in the 30s yet, temperatures were changing even as i was
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preparing these graphics, looking westward across the bay. we have mid-50s also in oakland, mountain view 50s, 51 in gilroy, 45 at half moon bay. looking down on to the bay, it's 51 right now, santa rosa, 45 in napa. 40 in fairfield, it will be in the 30s there, soon enough, 54 concord and livermore, 51. one more live view looking out across the bay. these are our forecast features, freezing cold in our inland valleys, the next two mornings, sunny and milder afternoons lie ahead. this dryer pattern will be with us into next week. we have a freeze warning in effect overnight, from 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, this covers virtually all of the north bay, certainly the north bay valleys, low temperatures drop into the mid to upper 20s
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in the coldest locations. that may kill sensitive vegetati vegetation. just a little to the east, we have a frost advisory in effect for the cartina straight. the central valley, that's in effect from 10:00 tonight to 10:00 tomorrow morning. a condition such that you should protect pets, plants, pipes and chilly people, of whom i will be one. look for lows to drop down to 30 in santa rosa. low 33 at livermore. low of 34 expected around the bay. it's going to be chilly everywhere, let's take a look at santa rosa hour by hour. starting at 7:00 in the morning, temperature will be around 34 degrees or below. by midday we'll see temperatures
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inching up into the mid to low 60s, before dropping off sharply tomorrow evening as the sun goes down. highs tomorrow will be relatively mild considering how chilly the morning start will be, look for highs of 61 in half moon bay p.m. we'll see low to mid-60s in the north bay. highs in the mid-60s, it will be fairly mild and get even milder on thursday, look at the accuweather 7-day forecast here, can you see the next two mornings will be chilly, it will get much milder in the 60s. upper 70s inland, mid-60s along the coastline. that pattern holds steadily into early next week. this is after all the rainy season, it's not living up to its name yet. >> very strange, spencer. >> learning to code is popular nowadays. you can understand the basics in
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an hour. an hour. >> how hello, i'm vincent, this is livingston, that's tangella, this is our haunted house and every saturday night on kofy tv-20 we present our show creature features, where we show wonderfully horrible films and horribly wonderful guests. do join us, please?
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no matter where you are in the world, this week is computer science week. >> all of this part of a growing movement to get people of every age writing code, even for just an hour. >> the hour of code is making its way into schools all around the bay area.
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>> how many of you guys like mine craft? >> everyone. >> it's the game that's taken over the world. today it's for future world leaders. >> technology and science is going to be the future for everyone. >> fifth graders are learning the basics of coding through mine craft and a visit from the microsoft store. >> which command do you think we should use to move. >> the curriculum is free, they can go online and learn more. or take a more intensive class like code fu. >> ideally in our code, every week would be wonderful. >> here it's offered after school, they're learning javascript. >> you learn how to read it. >> they'll have a simple roller coaster game. >> what's happening, this is so weird. >> it inspires girls to code, i feel like that's something that's important. >> you don't have to be in
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middle school to learn how to code. you don't even know how to read. >> code fu kindergartners to code with colorful blocks. >> it teaches how to solve problems. >> mine doesn't work. >> yes, it does. that's perfect. >> a skill they'll be using a lot when they're 10. >> how request i solve this. >> how would i code this? >> they know with hard work the sky is the limit. >> i can't imagine trying to code a search engine like google. >> you guys want to do this again? >> yeah. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> that is beyond impressive. >> mayors gathered to discuss climate change. >> the action they're taking after president trump decided to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate accord.
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the man accused who are these people?
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that breaking news involves a man acquitted of killing kate steinle. he will face new federal firearm charges in connection with the case. he was found guilty last week of being a felon in possession of a firearm. not guilty of murder or manslaughter. the most time he could face because of that conviction would be six months in jail because of time already served. however, if convicted of either of these new charges, he could face up to 10 years in jail. >> san francisco district attorney is blaming himself for the outcome of this trial. >> low an melendez explains what's next. >> san francisco's district attorney stood firm against those who have criticized his office for failing to get a murder conviction against jose ines, the undocumented immigrant that killed kate steinle. >> i think it's important for the united states to remember, this is a nation of laws, part
7:31 pm
of being a nation of laws, we respect the legal process. >> it was a homicide despite the jury's vert. his staff believed it had enough evidence to try garcia with murder. the court agreed the jury should be given the option of first degree murder. >> the judge agreed he felt it was sufficient evidence too put the question to the jury. >> he was only convicted of possession of a firearm, something the defense is now appealing, even though minutes after the verdict, san francisco's public defender understood it to be fair. >> the crime of possession of a gun only requires that the person knowingly possessed a firearm. >> he will be sentenced on december 14th, neither side has said what they will recommend, he faces between 16 months and three years in prison, and he has already served 2 1/2 years. >> despite being heavily
7:32 pm
criticized by the outcome of this trial. gascon faces re-election in 2019, doesn't believe the case will hurt his career. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> congressman john conniers is retiring, and he says he's leaving for health reasons. it also comes after accusations of sexual misconduct. after the least five women so far have accused of longest serving current member of the house of verbal abuse and sexual advances. he denies the allegations but admits paying a secret $27,000 settlement to a former staffer. he's not being afforded due process to defend himself against the allegations. >> i'm retiring today. my legacy will continue through my children. >> a special election will now be held, conyers endorsed his 27-year-old son john to take his seat. the great nephew of michigan state senator, has also declared his intention to run.
7:33 pm
>> president trump and the rnc are getting their full backing to roy moore, with the state's special election one week away. white house press secretary sarah sanders said today, the president finds the sexual misconduct allegations against roy concerning, but would rather have someone that supports his agenda. >> we want strong borders, we want stopping crime, we want to have the things we represent, and we certainly don't want to have a liberal democrat that's controlled by nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. >> some republicans have called for moore to drop out of the race. ed lee joined 50 other mayors from around the world to sign the chicago climate charter. which addresses concerns following president donald trump's rejection of the paris climate accord. >> i am always pleased to be around mayors. there's something about all of
7:34 pm
you that requires you to work and not just talk. >> there were some in2er national mayors as well as many from around the country at this mayor. he thanks the mayors for their commitment to help with the climate crisis. >> yosemite is first national park to permanently add zero emission buses to its shuttle fwleet. they're from protera. the buses will be in service late next year, they're expected to help yosemite reduce 887,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year. >> abc 7 news invites you to share the joy with us this holiday season reggie aqui today presented the sf marin food bank
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with a check on behalf of the station and our parent company disney. the donation will help feed the 225,000 people it serves every year. the food bank can stretch every $1 donation to $5 worth of food. a local charity is on a mission to help children growing up in poverty. >> and how oakland schools are benefiting from the program. and how you can contribute this holiday season.
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the sale of virtual reality headsets has reached a milestone. for the first time, sales of high end vr headsets topped 1 million in the last quarter. >> michael finney reports on what we can expect in this new emerging technology. >> it's really picking up. like he said, a million, a million? >> we had a chance to see some of that technology at a recent founders day. a gathering of start-up founders here in the bay area. are dancing robots in your future? or maybe a bionic creature performing simple tasks?
7:39 pm
what about this new way to test drive a car? one san francisancoas able to experience a new automatic breaking feature using virtual reality. >> i can seesing several demos, especially with cars having new features. >> the showcase at the silicon valley auto show in january is being developed by flow fact. >> it offers virtual and august meanted reality test drives. >> a new company is out to replace humans, this robot is known as huma, it can be trained to perform tasks that would be dangerous for humans to try, such as toxic waste disposal. robots could replace humans in performing household chores. >> we essentially created a
7:40 pm
human, a body you can log into at any place in the world and do anything. >> meet the amazon alexa powered human oid. it comes with all the features of alexa. >> it will 3d map your home, and let you know if your window or door is open. >> sales of virtual reaimty headsets have increased this year, that progress can continue as hollywood moves to adopt these technologies. michael rothenberg is with rothenberg ventures. >> where vr really meets its promise is where the storytellers of hollywood and other creators meet with the technologists, and then they fuse those together without either, we can't get there. >> he says while sales are steadily increasing, the
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creation of vr technology is having a rapid pace. >> hard to keep up. thanks. it is hard to keep up. sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does...
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a local charity is kicking off its annual toy drive in burlingame. >> its mission for the past 10 years has been to help children who live in some of the most difficult circ um distances you can imagine. >> cheryl jennings shows you how the group is helping children in the bay area and around the world. >> how many young people have you helped over the 10 years? >> we estimate about 50,000. >> reporter: she helped found moms for children. she and her husband were in the process of adopting a third child from iran. when that girl's friend at the orphanage also asked to be adopted. she said, why not me? why can't i be had.
7:45 pm
and i made a promise to her, that i'm not going to allow myself or anyone else to forget her. some children are born in the life of comfort and privilege, and some children have to suffer all throughout their childhood. moms against poverty was born in an orphanage to ease the suffering of children, it's grown into a global organization that provides orphan care, education, and hunger relief. >> how this works is, once a month, we're able. >> the hunger relief program is structured in a way that allows low income parents to maintain their dignity. there's a side entrance. no one ever has to know.
7:46 pm
they started this oakland relationship five years ago, with the help of a city council woman. >> they wanted to come into oakland. they had some difficulty, i told them i could help them work that out. >> they adopted one rec center and six schools. >> easing hunger is one of the ways moms against hunger is helping. >> this washer/dryer is a godsend. it's a blessing for our school site. >> there's the hygiene program for school uniforms and clothes. >> we've been taking these home. everyone in this front office has taken clothes home to wash over the weekend. >> we need to do what we can to support and raise up these children. >> reporter: the liaison for moms against poverty in the schools, she also adopted a child from iran. >> help them be positive citizens in their community and feel good about themselves. >> i feel extremely, extremely
7:47 pm
blessed and honored to work with the women. and it's just changed our community. and i'm excited to expand and grow. >> one of the things that's been special about map, they don't want to do anything out of charity. everything they do is out of a sense of what's right. >> they all agree it makes a huge difference when the basic needs of children are met. then they can focus on education. >> they just need the tools, they all have the potential. >> cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> moms against poverty collects gift cards and gives them to school principals to give to parents. >> for more information on how you can help as well. you can head to our website abc 7 >> let's move on now and update the forecast one last time for you this hour. >> a chilly night for you. >> here's a look at live doppler
7:48 pm
7. it's going to get colder, a freeze warning is in effect with the north bay valley. we'll see temperatures as low as 25, 26 degrees in the coldest spots, be prepared, protect plants, pipes and pets. over to the east, frost advisory will be in effect from 10:00 tonight until 10:00 tomorrow morning. near freezing conditions are likely with widespread frost. highs tomorrow will climb into the low to mid-60s near the bay, and our inland areas. considering how cold the early morning is going to be, that's pretty mild for afternoon, here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. similar conditions on thursday morning, maybe not quite so cold tomorrow morning. high temperatures will start to move into the upper 60s monday. beautiful weather, but it would be great to get a little rain. >> it's just not in the 7-day
7:49 pm
forecast. >> thank you. >> all eyes are on steph curry. >> the curry worry. >> yes, when it comes to his ankle it's certainly that. >> any time there's an injury to steph's ankle, we go to who are these people?
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the energy conscus people among us say small tions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's u. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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good evening, steph curry's ankle injury looked terrible last night. the news today is encouraging, but the warriors superstar guard will be out for at least 2 weeks, steph rolled his ankle late in the fourth quarter of last night's win in new orleans. it looked bad, especially for a guy with a history of ankle injuries, that's the ankle that's been surgically repaired twice. an mri revealed no s. curry will be re-evaluated in two weeks, so that means he'd miss a minimum of six games, the warriors play in steph's hometown of charlotte tomorrow night, it's going to kill him to miss that game, if rehappen goes well, steph might be back in time for the christmas day encounter with one lebron james and the cavs.
7:53 pm
the giants continue to wait. and wait and wait for any indication that giancarlo stanton has made up his mind on where he wants to play next season. he supposedly would prefer to play for his hometown dodgers. l.a., you have to look at their payroll. did they really want to add % another $25 million, when they truly don't need more offense? they need pitching. meanwhile, the pitches to stanton are coming in in giants players, look at the suites from hunter pence. and napoleon dynamite pence on the right. imagine if these two powers were able to combine. we'll see, could happen at the winter meetings, marlon has to do something. jim plunkett, the only stanford player ever to win the heisman trophy. he joins the heavy favorite, and last year's winner lamar
7:54 pm
jackson, they'll all be in new york. mike schuman takes us through bryce love's impressive resume. >> there goes love, they won't get him. touchdown number three for bryce love. >> he's the fifth in line for the heisman trophy in four years. >> i'm honors, you know, i'm thankful for just the opportunity to attend to it. i'm happy, and obviously i'm excited for it, and i'm thankful for the teammates that helped me get there, the coaches and everybody involved. >> excited about this opportunity for him, and it's not just about winning the award, it's about the recognition across the nation of what he accomplished this year. >> love put up heisman numbers all season, with 1973 yards rushing, 17 td's and set a record with 12 runs over 50
7:55 pm
yards, he did all this with an injured ankle the last five games. >> nearly 2,000 yards were half the season, he's on a high ankle sprain. running on a high ankle sprain, 1,000 yards in five games. unbelievable. >> bryce knows he couldn't have done all this without his teammates and coaches. >> it really makes me think about all the work and all the long days, and all the teammates, and everybody who's done things for me. it really touches me and puts things into perspective. >> he's looking forward to the experience. >> it bigs the question will he come back to stanford next year or jump to the nfl, he's shown the ability to be able to succeeds at that next level, there are arguments on both sides. >> he will play in stanford's bowl game and make a decision on his future. >> the raiders one of three teams tied for first place atop the afc west.
7:56 pm
they will have michael crabtree back on the field when they travel to kansas city. that's a must win game against the chiefs. amar'e cooper's set is unclear. he takes a huge hit to the head a couple weeks ago, also has some ankle issues. the raiders would love to have cooper back. he roasted the chiefs. sunday's game will have intense playoff revelations. >> we are in the thick of things right now, we're blessed with the way we started to be in the thick of things right now, it's a relief, and now we're like, all right, let's keep it going. >> steelers linebacker ryan shazeer remains in a hospital tonight. he's being monitored by neurosurgeons to determine the extent of damage to his neck and back. there is no update tonight on whether shazeer has any symptoms
7:57 pm
of paralysis, a lot of concern, obviously. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. you can see him reaching for his back there, he has some mobili y mobility. hopefully he's going to be okay, he's supposed to fly to pittsburgh the next day or two. >> we'll be watching, thanks. join us tonight at 9:00, if your ups delivery is running late, the company has an explanation when you can expect your package to show up. >> at 11:00, the perfect storm for destruction. a fire scientist takes you through the extreme conditions that fuel the fires in southern california and the north bay. coming up tonight at 8:00, it's the middle, followed by fresh off the boat, at k89 00, catch blackish, then the mayor at 9:30. followed by kevin probably saves the world, and stay with us for abc news at 11:00. >> at 11:35 it's jimmy kimmel live, he's off, so tracy ellis
7:58 pm
ross is hosting. >> on behalf of all of us here, thanks for watching. >> have a great night, see you again at 11:00.
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