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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 8, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PST

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>> announcer: now from abc. live breaking you news. the breaking news in san francisco where a bus filled with dozens of party goers overturned on 101. traffic stretching back for miles and mile. if you're headed south towards the peninsula we'll have alternate routes you might want to consider. >> dan ashley. >> and kristi zel. let's show you a look to it cesar chavez street. from sky 7 you can see the bus there right now and police fire on the scene. >> we have live team coverage. katie is at sf general where many victims were taken. >> let's get to abc news anchor
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live near the scene of the crash. deon. >> reporter: what a mess still a very active scene on 101 at cesar chavez in the southbound lane. you can see the overturned bus that overturned just after 8:00 this evening. is still here. you see the two engineers taking a look at the bus, inspecting to see the damage, looking for clues as to what may have happened. let's take a live look or a taped look at sky 7 at how much of the froo was was blocked because of the accident. you can see the traffic squeezing by in one lane. now chp tells me the bus wavered back and forth and hit the center median wall and bounced back across four lanes of traffic to crash on the other side. to give you an idea of just how intense the response was after the crash, eight fire trucks and eight ambulances were on the scene, all 29 passenger were on this bus plus the driver and were injured in some capacity.
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now you can see some of the passengers dressed up in suits and formally attire. out here i see a black feather boa. i see the san francisco lieutenant jonathan backstageter he tells me the driver wasn't impaired. >> commend the driver. he had injuries and stayed on the scene. he was the last person on the ambulances he wanted to make sure everybody was accounted for. everybody's needs were taken care of. and again, he stayed here until everything was done. and he was the last person to get onto a bus. >> reporter: now, once again this is the view from the front and of the bus. you can see the windshield completely taken out in order to rescue the passengers onboard and how scarey that must have been since they are completely on their side. out here live still a very active scene. the mechanicing experts in the experts up and down inspecting
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every inch. it will be daying i'm told until we know the compact cause of the crash. the driver was mot impaired. reporting live in san francisco tonight. deon lima. >> the bus is owned by charter brothers. a family owned company that advertises more than 20 years experience. >> it conducts charters for corporate events, schools weddings and field trips. the company's website says its buses can transport 56 passengers. we want to give you now the latest on the injuries out there tonight. >> abc 7 news reporter katie marsle owie continues from the hospital. >> >> reporter: i have information for you about the patients here the san francisco general hospital. but i want to show you new video. this was about an hour ago process that the san francisco fire department's mass casualty -- mass casualty transport bus arrived here at the hospital. we could see a handful of people sitting indian the because along with fire personnel when they
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arrived at the doors of the er they seemed to be able to get off the bus and go into the hospital on their own. an that goes with what the hospital spokesperson told me most recently in the last few minutes that 23 patients are here at san francisco general. 22 of them are in fair condition. one person is in serious condition and as far as their injuries i'm told they are mostly cuts and bruises. there might be some fractures but none identified just yet as those patients continue to be treated. now we have also learned that four other patients were divided up between st. luke's and st. francis hospitals none critical. to give you a better picture of who was on the with us we know from hospital staff the first eight patients who arrived, not on the mass casualty transport, were all people in their 20s or 30s and the san francisco police department confirms no children were involved in this accident. live in san francisco, katie the
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marzullo. >> that's good to hear. a live look at the traffic map showing heavy traffic on 101. that is the red part to the site of the accident at cesar chavez street. if you're heading down the peninsula you might want to consider getting off and then taking 280. >> let's show you sky seven now with another look live at the traffic delays. this is a live image three hours after the accident. this is what people are dealing with. you're better off getting off at harrison then over to the 280 extension and oifd this. >> the breaking news continues on twitter at abc 7 news bay area and abc 7 news app. more breaking news we learn that striking workers are reaching out to the city of oakland to begin mediation on monday. the union is asking the city to find a mutually agreeable immediateiator. 3,000 city workers walked off the job on tuesday to protest unfair labor practices. senior centers rec centers and
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libraries shut down the past four day was no street cleaning or parking meter enforcement. the you know isn't now waiting for a response it says. let's move to the other top story. six major wildfires burning across southern california as you heard. officials confirm the first relate the deathed to a woman died of burns along with smoke inhalation. abc news marshalsy gonzalez is in the burn zone. >> reporter: neighborhoods the lit up for the holidays ravaged by flamed as the lilac fire in san diego county scorching 4,000 acres in fewer than 12 hours spreads. >> the fire was coming at us. you could feel the heat. >> 10,000 residents evacuated, four people injured trying to escape. in in fire alone 85 homes and other building damaged or destroyed. crews racing to save others.
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catching the family inside this houts off guard. all six wildfires burning in southern california are fueled by strong santa ana winds. >> the wind is so strong. as strong as i've ever seen. >> double digit gusts carrying embering making the flames difficult to contain. >> a tornado hits the midwest no stopping. a hurricane, no stopping if. a santa ana winds there is no stopping them. >> the two fires in los angeles county between 30 and 40% contained. but the damage left behind is overwhelming. >> not out of the woods just yet. >> no absolutely not. >> and in ventura county the largest of the fires growing more. flames destroying more than 400 structures across 132,000 charred acres threatening communities all the way the to coast. >> the whole town could go down the way the fire is coming around. >> while it's breezy here the wind is not as powerful as yesterday. however wind warnings remain in effect through the we could.
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abc news sylmar, california. our weather continueses to be affected look at the hazy skies near mount diablo. smoke in the contributing to the brownish air. >> abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya has hags more on this. >> ufrmt for two more days. spare the airtime alert saturday and sunday. poor air quality the north bay. moderate for the rest of the bay area. look at the smoke from the southern california wildfires and basically that is flowing up around the area of high pressure. clockwise rotation drying up the smoke. red flag warnings for more than 7 people in southern california until sunday night at 8:00 p.m. the fire danger is elevated. right now the humidity levels you see why it's elevated so low. 10% in santa clarita. seemy valley heading into midnight the winds increase. pretty light right now but gusty
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to 34-mile-per-hour heading into tomorrow night. 37 in ventura. going to be gusty sunday night. as you look at live doppler 7 what we really need is rain. i'll let you no he if there is any sight when i come back in a few minutes. kristin. >> sandhya thank you. we are learning a patient who skapd from the psychiatric hospital in alameda tried to escape from another hospital this morning after being recaptured once. 24-year-old door u.n. mulder managed to get out of john george hospital in san leandro last night beginning a wild chain of events. sheriff's deputies arrested him an hour after he got out but what happened during that time is amazing. authorities say it began with two car jackings. he allegedly crashed the first stolen car while fight wg a 15-year-old teen inside. the victim in the second car jacking was bitten as keys were stolen. eventually mulder ran onto interstate 580 with deputies chasing. >> as he jumped on on the freeway he was struck by a car
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moving at 65 plus-mile-per-hour. amazingly survived that collision went flying into the air. got up off the ground and then ran again away from our deputies was able to flee. >> mulder was taken to the fair month hospital and tried unsuccessfully to escape again. alameda health system tells us tonight mulder escaped through an unlocked gate at john george they're heth investigating why the gate wasn't secure. >> a battle on the ice tonight in the north bay. firefighters dealing with a loss of their own band together to help victims of north bay fires by taking on sharks players. >> millions
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first responders versus san jose sharks alumny. it's a hockey showdown. the goal to raise money for victims of the devastating wildfires. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnrd was there. >> you didn't have to be a hockey fan to love and pk this frozen matchup. north bay first responders better known as guns and hoses joined forces to battle alumny from the san jose sharks. >> we may have some injuries.
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these guys aren't getting younger. >> curtis brown jokes around but he jumped at the chance to get back on the ice to help local fire victims. >> when it's linked to a tragedy like this it's a no brainer. imprisoning if we can get in the community and bring any positive after a tragedy, i think that's what we all want to do. >> firefighter robert nappy traded to the sharks team for in game lost his home in coffey park. >> it's just what we do. i mean regardless of i'm involved or not i just -- i have that -- i just want to give back. i would love to play hockey and have it go to something. >> this ice rink was built by the late cartoonist charles schultz. spadly the family home burned in the fire high pressure his widow o says the community hasn't forgotten the victims. >> all the love and caring comes out helps to heal all of us. i mean we give some we get some. and it heals us all. >> the sharks alumny won this game 7-3 but both sides scored big raising $40,000 to benefit
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fire relief charities. in santa rosa cornell barnard abc 7. a stretch of highway 37 in novato spent a lot of time under water last winter might be getting relief. today the california transportation commission approved a $130,000 grant for marin county to study flooding. the money is coming from the new state gas tax. this part of the highway was closed or partially closed from january to february due to flooding from this past year's record setting rainy season. well fires in southern california, warmer wgt here and look at the rear sight throughout the south today. check out this drone video in ken he saw georgia, northwest of be atlanta. while it looks beautiful schools are closed and thousands without power. and it's the same story in mississippi. where some towns are receiving record amounts of snow. 6 inches or more. there are even snow flakes in new orleans. >> wow! >> can you believer it, the big
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easy, happens sometimes in that part of the country but unusual. >> well the sierra could use snow right now. they haven't been getting much. >> meteorology sandhya patel is looks like bone dry for a while. >> it sure tus i want to show you the doppler 7 tracking the snow, the pictures you showed us, the beautiful photos. you look here from montelongo to atlanta over the higher efrlss seeing snow. here in the bay area, obviously we don't have any of that just some clouds. and as you look at where the sierra snow pack stands statewood 40% of normal we hurting for snow np central sierra 42%. south higher than that the northern portion of the sierra 34% of normal. why? there is an area of high pressure that's blocking the storms from getting here. they're all going up to alaska and over the top of that ridge. we are dry the next two weeks unfortunately. we'll have totting back east if you want to find any stormy weather. so that's the way the jet stream is locked in right now.
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if anything changes, we will keep you posted. here a look at thilts li highlights. chilly inlandment mild and hazy for the week and the dry pattern through next week. the only good news i have, extended or long range model hinting the possibility of rain december 20th and 21st. live look from the east bay hills camera and you can see just a great view as we look all the way across the bay. there is some haze there though. temperatures are all over the board. our coldest spot right now 35 degrees in fairfield. but it's 57 in half moon bay. it's a northeastly wind a downsloping wind lourg them to be mild. air quality once again suffers because of the smoke. poorest in the north bay. both saturday and sunday spare the air alerts up moderate the rest bay area. here a look at the 12 hour planner for san jose and the south bay. in the morning starting out in the 40s. quickly temperatures rise to the upper 60s low 70s tomorrow afternoon.
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feeling more like spring. definitely not feeling like december. but in the morning it will. you will need the gloves and the scarves. cold. low to mid-30s for the coldest inland valleys around the bay and the coast 40s and 50s. so the high clouds are definitely around. and they'll keep you filtering the sunshine tomorrow keep you on the hazy side because of the smoke from the wildfires. 70 degree in the south bay. 7 in gilroy. peninsula upper siktsz from mountain view to san mateo. downtown san francisco, mid-60s. just like daly city and in the north bay 68 in santa rosa. 66 in novato vallejo 64. east bay, 66. oakland 68 in fremont. it doesn't feel like december. in the afternoons it's still hazy and mild pl walnut creek 66. 6 degrees in livermore. you can download the accuweather app and check out the temperatures any time you want hour by hour minute by minnesota. the ac wu weather seven day forecasts spare the air alert
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for saturday. temperatures will fluctuate just a few degrees from day to day. you're looking at 60s and 70s across the board. the dra sunny streak is going to last the next seven days. our rainfall we're behind. about 50 to 80% of normal in terms of rainfall. but as i mentioned mark the calendars kristin and dan. december 20th and 21st right in time
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all right back now with an update on the breg news story. a tow truck just arrived at the scene involving a tour bus in 101 in san francisco. near cesar chavez street. you can see the tow truck. they haven't righted the bus as you see. >> it may take a few more minutes or perhaps more for that
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to happen. but we can tell you 27 patients were transported to local hospitals. thankfully none are in critical condition tonight. >> there is only one lain li lane of traffic getting by southbound. it's a mess. the backup is significant. if you're heading towards to the pens peninsula you may want to consider the alternate route. the good news the injuries are not as bad as first reported when we were on the air at 9:00. there were as many as six critical injuries reported that's not the kacie. >> better news. even better news ports we got. >> warriors made franchise history in detroit. you know they lead the league in blocked shots. like you get a block and you get a block. and you get a block and you
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good evening. you know at the end of a two-week road trip a lot of teams just want to get home. the warriors wanted one more win tonight in detroit. they maid history going of. and 0 in. draymond back home grew nup east lansing or beast lansing. steph curry is hurt. kefren durant all you can do on defense ask for a blindfold and cigarette. reggie jackson dubs were down 4 petition breck. third quarter durant with 13 in the period. 27 after three, warriors suddenly up 10. detroit answers, 7-3, 290 pound player inside pistons cut it to two. damond you get a block. you get a block. six blocks six boards 13 assists. but at the end of the play. durant driving and scoring.
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one of his five blocks. he goes for 36 points ten boards and the warriors with 15 blocks total. petition they complete the 6-0 trip 102 to 98. >> 6-0. that's a hell of a trip no matter what. but particularly with steph out the last two games. i think him being out actually probably helped us focus. because we knew we had to play sharper in order to win. >> lebron james and the cavs employing for the 14th win. mr. joes jose called are wahl lobing for bjorn bjorn. cavs by for six at the break. welcome to the victor oladepo show. pacers down 6 up 3. . pacers snapped the streak 106-102. the giants have swung and missed on the two biggest pitches thp carlos stanton he is not coming.
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today. another player decided to play for the l.a. angels. he has been described as the japanese babe ruth. he can hit 100 miles an hour as a pitcher. he is not playing outfield. he can dh in the american league. it's still unclear how he is going to be used. but the a's get to see him first bcause they open the 2018 season. >> look at the play here by sam warner. the lefty boot. and strikes it home. 2-0 cardinal they face indiana in the final match. on sunday. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. heisman award handed out tomorrow. bryce love probably finished second to baker mayfield. >> clearly the front runner. >> who can the giants go after next. >> jay bruce. it's not


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