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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 27, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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the end of the year is fast approaching. what's happening in washington may make it even worse for nonprofits. i'm meteorologist sandy patel. dense fog coming tomorrow morning. how will you close out 2017? plus lifesaving librarians. they have more than just books at their disposal. see what tools and training they've gotten in san francisco that could make a life or death difference. >> announcer: live where you live. this is abc 7 news. we have many critical programs planned that without this kind of support from the community, we just won't be able to open next year. >> december may be called the season of giving. but one bay area nonprofit sees a lot of empty space in its warehouse. it's experiencing a dramatic
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drop in donations. it could get worse in the new year. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm dion lim. >> i'm dan ashley. the big change for 2018, the tax reform law, will take effect. it doubles the standard deduction, which means less incentive to itemize your taxes. >> that could lead to fewer people donating. already the second harvest food bank is in danger of not reaching its goal for next year. >> reporter: a free meal means so much to those struggling to survive in the bay area. the ceo of second harvest food bank worries how much the nonprofit will be able to provide in 2018. the food bank set out to raise $16.5 million this year. they're still $8 million short. >> we have many new pantry openings planned. we have many new partners we want to bring on board. and we will have to look at whether or not we'll be able to open those programs.
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>> reporter: second harvest says in the last ten years, the number of clients it clara and counties has nearly doubled. corporate funding is strong, but half its budget comes from individual donors, and that's dramatically down. nonprofits wonder if people don't have more to give after donate to go natural disaster like hurricanes, and the fires in california. >> we also don't know if the new tax law is causing people to pause and rethink their strategies at the end of the year. >> reporter: it's possible the new tax law is prompting people to prepay their property taxes, due in april, and now they're cash-strapped. in 2018, the standard deduction married couples filing jointly can take is increasing from just under $13,000 to $24,000. >> they're going to get a free deduction of $24,000. so they may not need that
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charitable deduction to get them up to that level anymore. >> reporter: second harvest food bank hopes people will still want to give. their depending on it. >> there are certainly a lot of changes as a result of tax reform, including property tax and mortgage deductions. you can read all about it and hear what local accountants recommend at our website, starting on monday, new year's day, a slew of new laws go into effect in california. the big headline, the legalization of recreational cannabis. the california highway patrol is gearing up too, with a ramped-up public information campaign, and plans for a new level of enforcement for those who choose to drive while high. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has the story from sacramento. >> i never drive high. >> you know why? >> it's still a dui. >> reporter: the state is releasing a new ad, reminding californians that driving under the influence includes drugs,
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not just alcohol. >> as has been the case in other states like colorado and washington, we fully expect to see an increase in crashes due to marijuana usage. >> weed. >> pot. >> edibles. >> reporter: these ads will be running statewide, a full five days before california's law goes into effect legalizing recreational marijuana. state officials say the new law may only exacerbate a problem already on the increase on california highways. the use of drugs among drivers. >> just like drunk driving, driving under the influence of any impairing substance is not only dangerous, it is a crime. >> reporter: in 2005, 26% of drivers in fatal crashes had a drug in their system other than alcohol. by 2015, that number had skyrocketed to 43%. most chp officers have now received additional specialized training in identifying someone impaired by drugs, including
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marijuana. >> there could be red eyes, there could be the odors we're looking for. we're looking at number one for impairment. >> reporter: the stepped-up education campaign comes as the chp says goodbye to a rookie officer, andrew camilleri, killed on christmas eve by a driver suspected of being under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana. >> we just want to make sure that people understand that you can't drive under the influence of marijuana or any drug. we want them to understand that nothing has changed as far as that. >> reporter: in sacramento, laura anthony, abc 7 news. end of watch. december 24th, 2017. [ bell ringing ] >> a bell range once at the highway patrol academy in honor of andrew camilleri.
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he leaves behind a wife and three children. he died after a driver suspected of being under the influence slammed into his on christmas eve. camilleri's partner survived the crash and was visibly overcome with emotion, as you can understand, in today's ceremony. the man accused of causing the crash faces charges of driving under the influence. bishop o'dowd high school yesterday announced their president, steve phelps, died last night. he suffered two major heart attacks. phelps worked at the school since 2005. he is survived by his wife, two children and a grandchild. a 3.4 earthquake struck the south bay just before 4:30 today. the usgs website says this latest quake struck about 12 miles south of hollister. last night a 3.9 magnitude quake
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stru struck. despite the lack of rain this month, storm preps in the north bay have been under way. flooding is of great concern in sonoma county. abc 7 news reporter carlos salcedo has more. >> reporter: this home was spared in the north bay wildfires this past october. the fire threat might be over now, but another concern looms. >> flooding occasionally has been a problem. but not inside the house. >> reporter: the geyser runs feet from his property. he thought it best to be prepared. >> several years ago they lowered the premium for flood insurance. so i have flood insurance on the house. >> reporter: and preparation is going to be key this winter season. county officials want other residents in the area to heed the warning. >> there are several houses and
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residences that we want to make sure are safe. >> reporter: officials released this map that identifies areas prone to flash floods and mud and debris flows. given the vast scale of what's been left charred, it's impossible to stabilize the entire canyon. officials are working on a warning system that alerts residents of dangerous water levels. >> they should be aware of their surroundings and watching the creek themselves. >> i'm glad they're talking about it. i'm glad they have things under control. i'm not extremely worried. if we get an excessive amount of rain all at one time, yeah, we could have a problem. >> reporter: in a worst case scenario, people would need to be evacuated. nothing new for these residents who have already been through so much. in kenwood, carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. a thick fog greeted people around the area today.
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you can barely see the bay bridge on the right side of your screen there. talk about pea soup. the fog stayed thick for hours. check out this time lapse from above the clouds. you can see just the tips of the golden gate bridge towers visible. here's a live look now at san francisco international airport. today departures were delayed 40 minutes because of low visibility. arriving flights were delayed an hour and a half for most of the day. some were told to hold at their origin airport until visibility improved at the airport. abc 7 news meteorologist sandy patel is in for spencer tonight with a look at the forecast. that was some thick fog, sandhya. >> yes, if you're flying out of sfo, tomorrow morning you might encounter more delays. let's take a look at live doppler 7. it's a lot of high cloudiness across bay area.
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visibility has improved tremendously since earlier today. most areas are about ten miles. half moon bay, eight-mile visibility. a live look from our abc 7 news exploratorium camera, a gentle breeze right now. and here is a look at your evening forecast. if you're stepping out tonight, high clouds. temperatures in the low 50s at 7:00 p.m. hour by hour we go, 8:00 p.m., you'll need those jackets, upper 40s. areas of fog for 9:00, 10:00 p.m. it will be chilly with temperatures dropping down into the mid-40s for some of the coldest inland spots as we head towards the latter part of the night. i'll be back to let you know if there are any storms in sight as we inch closer to the end of the year and the beginning of 2018, coming up, dion. >> sounds gaood, sandhya, thank you. caltrans released the first of dozens of reports looking at the threat of climate change here in the bay area. possible threats including rising sea levels, storm surge, and more frequent wildfires.
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abc 7 news reporter david louie has the details. >> reporter: this is one of the most important roads in the bay area. highway 101 links the nine counties to san francisco airport. caltrans has identified it as at risk to sea level rise in a report tied to climbed change. last winter's storms did $1 billion in damage to the state's roads and highways. $250 million of that in the bay area. wa this mudslide in the santa cruz mountains cost $10 million. so caltrans is working with other agencies to start planning for even more climate change challenges in the future. >> we've now just, with about 19 actual agency partners, really looked at some of the data that has been accumulated. the next step will be to look at how we can address impacts to our roadways. >> reporter: caltrans is looking at developing new kinds of
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payments to withstand hotter temperatures. it points to the approaches to the bay bridge as another area of concern. 110 miles of roadway and bridges are vulnerable, 30 miles alone in san mateo county. they'll collaborate with oceanographers, the u.s. forest service and other agencies that are studying and evaluating the impact of climate change. caltrans makes it clear the entire state highway system isn't vulnerable. but certainly the bay area is because of its low lying drain and its proximity to the bay. in san bruno, david louie, abc 7 news. it will soon be easier to take care of your family next year thanks to a new state law. >> from sick parents to newborn children, there will be a little bit less to worry about. we're going to explain. also ahead. >> reporter: if you're selling a home, would you accept bitcoin? it's happening more often than i think. i'm chris nguyen with that story, coming up.
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the abc 7 news newsroom. traffic is apparently slow in mountain view because of a fatal
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crash there. you're looking at a tweet sent from police minutes ago. this happened at shoreline boulevard and plymouth street just off 101. police did not specify who find involved but someone has indeed died as a result. rides resuming at disney land after a power outage hit part of the park. a disney spokesperson said it was caused by a transformer issue. guests were escorted off a dozen rides including the mono rail. for a time new visitors were not allowed to enter. disney is the parent company of abc 7. homebuyers are starting to bring cryptocurrency to the bay area housing market. some wonder, is this a long term trend or maybe just a blip in the market? abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has the story from san francisco. >> reporter: on russian hill in san francisco, a glimpse into what $13 million can buy you.
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but that's not the only currency being accepted by the seller. >> i would take bitcoin in a heartbeat. it's more liquid than most people think. >> reporter: in the shadow of ghirardelli square, this home complete with its own spa and fitness studio has been turning heads since hitting the market. the seller's decision to accept bitcoin also getting attention. >> it's something people have to grasp. younger generations do. they'll be using funds they make to purchase properties because that's where they'll have their wealth. >> reporter: digital currencies such as bitcoin work without a bank or middleman. they've created fast wealth for investors, some of whom are cashing out and going house hunting. some agents are fielding questions from clients now exploring their options. >> at the end of the day, we want to get people in their dream homes and get our sellers true top dollar for the economy. if that's bitcoin, that's great. >> reporter: when it comes to real estate transactions, experts say cryptocurrency could
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become more mainstream in the coming years. real estate brokerage redfin has seen dozens of listings nationwide in which the seller mentioned accepting bitcoin. the conversation about cryptocurrency in the housing market not just happening here. >> it is remarkable. it shows that people with a lot of money are adopting it and accepting it and putting trust in it. and the more they put trust behind it, the more the public is going to put trust behind it. >> reporter: some taking a leap of faith, hoping it will pay off in the long run. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. the head of apple isn't allowed to fly commercial planes anymore. the cupertino based company decided this year it's too big of a security threat for tim cook. so any time he flies, whether for business or personal reasons, he takes a private jet. cook racked up more than $93,000 in prior to plane costs in this year alone. getting reimbursed for that travel counts as part of his total compensation package which tops $12.8 million. the information is part of the
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annual proxy statement that apple filed today with the securities and exchange commission. [ bell ringing ] thanks to mostly those gains and technology and health care stocks, it was a good trading day on wall street today with all three major indexes in the green. facebook's stock rose more than a point. the dow added 28. and the nasdaq went up by three. a proposal to ease congestion on bay area freeways comes with a price. the idea is to add express lanes to 101 and 280 near san francisco. you're looking at them live now. right now they don't have carpool lanes. as experts started studying the possibility of adding them, they also started considering another idea, an express lane that drivers would pay to use. the idea got mixed reaction from drivers that we spoke with today. >> you can see how that would have a benefit, people, you know, paying extra to go in the faster lane. >> that's crazy. we pay enough. i mean, parking and everything
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else. i don't know, that's going to end up getting congested too. it's not enough room anywhere. >> in october, express lanes opened on interstate 680 in contra costa county. the most common complaint, according to the metropolitan transportation commission, is that they're empty. it's a minimum 50 cents to use the express lane depending on realtime traffic. a contract to add on an express lane to 680 in alameda county between fremont and sunole was approved last month. a section of 680 is consistently ranked as one of the ten most congested bay area freeways. and we have plenty of those around here. >> oh, indeed. after all that fog we saw earlier today, things are cooling down. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking what's ahead as we look towards new year's eve, sandhya. >> yes, unfortunately we'll continue the pattern we're in
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now, dry conditions to close out 2017 and begin 2018. yeah, we have some clouds passing through on live doppler 7, but no rain. we're not expecting it until the middle of next week. outside it is 56 degrees in san francisco. so still comfortable. san jose, same thing, mid-50s. gilroy 56. half moon bay 50 degrees. novato is getting chilly, 48 degrees. concord, livermore, low to mid-50s. if you're stepping out tonight, you have family, friends in town, visiting, you'll want to make sure they grab their coat or a jacket. a live look as we look at san francisco. it's just a beautiful view. this view from our emeryville camera is going to look differen different as we head towards tomorrow morning as fog begins to form and things start to change. areas of dense fog again overnight tonight. hazy sunshine tomorrow. it will be dry for new year's eve and new year's day. here is your 12-hour planner for the south bay. tomorrow morning you start off at 41 degrees.
7:22 pm
it will slowly begin to warm, but hazy skies, as there will be some fog around. then sunshine with temperatures warming up into the middle 60s before they fall again by nightfall. hour by hour we go. tonight, 7:00, we'll see some patchy fog form. and then it becomes a little more widespread towards the delta, north bay valleys, around the bay shoreline. dense for your morning commute tomorrow or if you have early morning plans tomorrow. be aware of the fact that visibility will be poor. for the afternoon, most of you will be seeing sunshine. here's a look at your temperatures first thing in the morning. low to upper 30s for the coldest north and inland east bay valleys. right around the bay we'll go with 40s and fog, like i said, could be problematic, may slow down your commute. plan accordingly tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, nice in the south bay, in the 60s. 61 in sunnyvale. 61 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 59 degrees. better hang onto that layer in daly city, 57 degrees, still
7:23 pm
cool. north bay, fog there by bowing day go bay. 61 in san rafael, east bay. fremont, 63. oakland 59. inland areas, 62 in walnut creek. has a skies for you in fairfield, 62 degrees. check out the accuweather seven-day forecast. you'll notice it's going to be morning fog giving way to hazy sun, upper 50s to mis. temperatures start to come up a few degrees on friday with near to above normal conditions. it's a milder day to end the workweek or continue your holiday week depending on whether you're off or not, the weekend is dry. so as you ring in the new year, do not count on any raindrops. low to mid-60s as we start off 2018 on monday. download the accuweather app. dan and dion, i know i sound like a broken record, but if you download the app, you can check out those temperatures hour by hour, minute by minute. i'm hoping to bring back the storm impact scale for 2018.
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>> it will happen. >> eventually, yes. >> sandhya, thanks. you'll see a lot more than roses at the rose parade. >> nex really? really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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happening today, it's national fruitcake day. the fruitcake can be traced all the way back to the middle ages and dried fruit became common,
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according to "smithsonian" magazine. nearly 20% of americans have never even eaten fruitcake. of those who have, only 11% like it. you might like the sound of this, two big lottery jackpots up for grabs. tonight's powerball is worth $337 million. and the mega millions jackpot is now at $306 million because no one matched all six numbers last night. the next drawing is on friday. you want to talk about some big numbers, listen to what people preparing floats for the rose parade are dealing with. >> it's a lot of work. it's going to be 27,000 roses ultimately on the float. it's 550 volunteers, takes about 4,000 hours to put the whole thing together. >> all these floats need to be covered in flowers, seeds, bark, leaves, and more, pretty much all by hand. 12 floats are being prepared for the parade at fiesta floats in irwindale. watch the parade on new year's
7:28 pm
day, after "good morning america." next, see what's being done differently in san francisco's new year's celebration this year. somebody overdoses on heroin, there's time to intervene. they don't die right away. >> stepping up with that intervention, a group you might not expect.
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>> announcer: live where you live. this is abc 7 news. you hear a lot about the opioid epidemic. listen to this number. 91 people die every day from opioid abuse in america. right now there's a push in the bay area to fight that drug abuse with another drug. san francisco was the first city in the nation to adopt a lifesaving drug as public policy. >> and now that plan is being used across the country. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze explains why san francisco's main library is among those training librarians to treat drunk overdoses. >> reporter: san francisco's main library and civic center is open to everyone, even those who use it as a cover to do drugs.
7:32 pm
>> earlier this year, we had an overdose incident. >> reporter: a man was found in the library's restroom, dead. in the past two years, libraries across the country have become the site of fatal overdoses. in june, the library teamed up with the health department to train willing librarians to administer a drug called narcan, available as an injection or a nasal spray. it reverses the effects of opioids almost immediately. paramedics have carried it for years to reverse heroin overdoses. >> but as the opioid crisis has reached a new level both in san francisco and across the country, it's meant that we need to respond differently. it is at a crisis level. >> reporter: according to the centers for disease control and prevention, in 2015, 63% of the more than 52,000 drug overdose deaths in the u.s. involved an
7:33 pm
opioid. opioids are drugs formulated to replicate the pain-reducing properties of opium. they include both legal painkillers like morphine, oxycodone, or hydrocodone, prescribed by doctors for acute or chronic pain, as well as illegal drugs like heroin or illicitly made fentanyl. >> when somebody overdoses on heroin, there's some time to intervene. they don't die right away. it takes 20 minutes, maybe up to three hours. so you have plenty of time to intervene. >> reporter: there are estimated to be 22,000 heroin users in san francisco alone. to address the growing epidemic of drug use, the city provides naloxone to anyonewho asks for distribution locations across the city. >> the idea is to try to get naloxone to anyone who might
7:34 pm
experience or witness an opioid overdose. >> reporter: in 2014, there were 127 fatal opioid overdoses in san francisco. the same year, there were 365 overdose reversals with naloxone. in 2016, the number of fatal overdoses dropped to just over a hundred. and the number of reversals more than doubled to 877. >> we believe that we have really averted what would have otherwise been an explosion in opioid overdose mortality. >> reporter: back in san francisco's main library, 65 librarians have now been trained to administer naloxone. >> people can overdose anywhere. if it happens in the library, librarians are there, they're first on the scene before emergency responders. it makes sense that we would have it. >> reporter: fortunately, since the program started six months ago, san francisco library staff has not had to use the lifesaving drug. but they say they will be ready if they need to be.
7:35 pm
kristen sze, abc 7 news. >> the state has also weighed in on the need for greater availability of naloxone. it passed legislation to make it available to anyone without a prescription at any pharmacy since january of 2015. naloxone costs $15 a dose. the library's program is paid for by a $245,000 city fund. new at 6:00, in just the past 20 minutes, the chp announced a public memorial will take place this weekend for the rookie officer killed in the line of duty. as we've been reporting, officer andrew camilleri had only been on the force for a little over a year when he was killed in a wreck on christmas eve. a driver, suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, crashed into officer camilleri's patrol suv on 880 in hayward sunday night. camilleri was on patrol for dangerous drivers with his partner, who survived. a memorial will take place this saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. at the christian life center in
7:36 pm
stockton. the public is invited to attend. once camilleri's family and friends and law enforcement officers have been seated. back to the breaking news, a deadly crash in mountain view. police now say they don't know when the intersection around shoreline boulevard and plymouth street will reopen. it is just a few blocks away from highway 101. vta's number 40 bus is being rerouted tonight. a fatal crash was reported at about 6:00 p.m. since then, no more details have been released. san francisco police are stepping up patrols for this year's new year's eve celebration around the embarcadero. they're not alone. in new york, there will be the most security ever around times square. same for the las vegas strip following the shooting that killed 58 people. according to a threat assessment report obtained by abc news,
7:37 pm
there is no credible threat associated with the san francisco new year's eve fireworks show. still, there are plans in place to ensure everyone's safety. >> we'll coordinate city resources and talk to each other and keep an eye on the city. >> this past friday the fbi arrested everitt jameson who they say was planning an attack on christmas day. he said he chose pier 39 because it drew large clouds. new parents and people caring for sick relatives will be able to take more time off from work to care for loved ones thanks to a new law that takes effect in the new year. it expands the state's family leave bill by giving employees and small businesses up to 12 weeks' leave to care for a newborn or adopted child. it also expands wage replacement benefit requirements from 55% to 60 or 70% depending on income. the benefits are funded through employee contributions. >> it's at no cost to the
7:38 pm
employer. it is actually paid for by the worker. it really is a win/win. it allows people to stay home, take care of their family needs, and not worry as much about paying the bills or their financial commitments. >> now, on the other hand, critics say this law, among others like the minimum wage increase, will only make it harder for small businesses to stay open. stay here with us. your electronic christmas gifts may come with a little something extra. we're talking about extra work. >> yeah, tonight's 7 on your side's michael finney shows us where to go for help. it's not just the geek squad. >> reporter: a man who was down on his luck and needed a bite to eat found an unlikikik
7:39 pm
7:40 pm
7:41 pm
homeless man from hayward has new hope tonight after his story went global on facebook. >> abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom found a cop who gave him help instead of a ticket. >> reporter: for years deputy swalwell saw a man begging at the off-ramp and had had enough. he planned to write him a ticket
7:42 pm
but stopped to talk. >> i got to know him pretty quickly and realized that citation is not what this man needs. >> reporter: michael meyers was a truck driver until a bad accident left him disabled. >> when you have a serious broken back injury, you never really recover from it. >> he's panhandling to stay alive. >> reporter: he was coming here to mcdonald's to eat all his meals. >> he said, what's it going to take to get you off the check? i said, a government check would do it. >> reporter: to get benefits, he would need a state i.d. >> i'm no longer in the system. hey, i don't exist anymore. >> reporter: michael needed proof of residency and a birth
7:43 pm
certificate. swalwell helped him get those. >> it says my name is gordon michael meyers. >> reporter: posing with michael's new i.d. card, the two were all over facebook. >> hey, you're famous. he whips out his phone and there i am. >> reporter: michael is a step closer to getting social security and has had some job offers. >> it's taught me to get to know people better. >> reporter: a lesson that could become department party. >> i think we'll bring it to all our trainings and say, hey, if you have the ability to do something like this, let's go ahead and do it. >> reporter: do what michael said is so simple. >> he treated me like a friend. >> reporter: in hayward, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> always so cool to see one person starting a chain reaction. >> making a difference. next, sandhya will be back. really?
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use as directed. if santa left an electronic gift under your tree this holiday, chances are you're still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles. >> it can be so complicated. many are turning to the pros in hopes of avoiding frustrating. 7 on your side's michael finney looks at two of these services. >> remember when we got a gift and all we had to do was push a button? long gone are those days, when
7:47 pm
you could hit a single button and enjoy your new gadgets. reading the owner's manual and figuring out how to connect one device to another, whew, many of us can't figure it out. >> reporter: before you get to this, you have to get through this. figuring out the ins and outs of your new television can have you seeing upside down. >> learning for the first time how to center it, how to find the studs, how to hang it the right way, screwing up a few times, starting over. so it's quite a process. >> reporter: that's why he turned to the best buy geek squad to figure out everything for him. he had them install his 75-inch tv. now they're finishing up the wiring. these sorts of things come second nature to the geek squad installers. >> i would say it's difficult for people just because there's so many different ways to connect devices.
7:48 pm
and, you know, you can kind of get lost, i think. >> reporter: but the geek squad isn't the only choice out there. pulse is a new san francisco company which thinks it has come up with a better model. >> so our technicians are freelancers. we don't have any visible stores. we can pass those savings on to the consumer. >> reporter: they'll install your tv starting at $109 compared to $149 for the geek squad. but its starting price includes some services that will cost you extra with pulse. pulse also has separate services for repairing smartphones and setting up smart homes. the geek squad has a much wider range of services and a wider variety of electronic devices. >> you can plug those things in but they don't always work the way you expect them to work. that's what we're for. >> i would like to emphasize that the quality of what we do is what we're really proud of. you can see it if you look at our yelp or facebook reviews.
7:49 pm
>> this is the biggiest time of year for these companies, so you can go to their website to make an appointment. i want to hear from you on the 7 on your side hotline, 415-954-8151, you can also reach me through my facebook page or on stay with us. sandhya is back with an update on the forecast. >> we're looking for some rain, sandhya, none in sight. >> i'm searching high and low. dan and dion, nothing is coming up, at least not through the middle of next week. january 5th could be a different story, may start off a rainy pattern. but that's not until 2018. live doppler 7 right now showing you some passing clouds. here is a look at your highs for thursday. upper 50s, mid-60s. a bit hazy because the air quality is moderate, due to light to calm winds. if you're traveling around the state, 57 in tahoe, it's going to be dry, 55 in yosemite.
7:50 pm
san diego, palm springs, warm by winter standards. you won't find warmth across the midwest or northeast. it will be freezing cold with windchill advisories across the northeast. boston, 13 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. the bitter cold, an arctic blast, dangerously chilly there. the accuweather seven-day forecast in the bay area, our problem is going to be the fog tomorrow morning. that's going to reduce visibilities and cause potential issues for commuters. as we head towards the afternoon, hazy sun. we repeat that pattern friday. a little more cloud cover going into new year's eve and beginning 2018. but it's just clouds right now. no rain. so dion and dan, you can download the accuweather app and keep track of those temperatures. >> compared to the rest of the country, this is not too bad, we'll take it, sandhya, thanks. a lot going on in sports. >> a tussle on the hardwood. >> everybody is talking about that christmas game between the cavaliers and the warriors. draymond green doesn't always see eye to eye with the
7:51 pm
referees. why is he coming to their defens
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
ambulance. the warriors are in no rush to get steph curry back on the court.
7:54 pm
curry will sit it out in the rematch against the utah jazz. the ankle injury will be reevaluated on friday. basketball fans are still talking about that controversial finish between the warriors and the cavaliers on christmas day. on tuesday, the league issued its final two-minute report. the nba said officials missed three fouls by kevin durant on lebron james. they're wondering why the league is only calling out the reves for their crunch time performance. >> why just the last two minutes of the game? what about the call that was missed in the first quarter? what about the call that was missed in the third quarter? i think it's very pointless. it makes no sense. lebron can do the game over. this puts the official on the spot that missed the call. but you're not going to put him on the spot in the third quarter so why act you blaming the game on him? >> more warriors news, today they showed off a new chinese heritage alternate uniform. they'll wear these unis for a select number of games later this season.
7:55 pm
the warriors will sport these unis on january 25th at home against minnesota. a new miami heat alternate uniform is awesome for a certain age group like myself. see, they're based on the classic '80s tv show "miami vice." i can hear that theme music now. you can tell i like those pastel colors. jimmy garoppolo was inserted into the starting lineup and the niners are now the hottest team in the nfl. they have a chance to end their year on a five-game winning streak. they'll head to l.a. to take on first place rams. l.a. is basically taking sunday off. former cal quarterback one of several players not going to play in the season finale but doesn't matter for the niners. they're the only team to go 4-0 in the month of december. they're looking to ride the jimmy g. tidal waive into the off season. >> by no means has anyone on our team arrived. we have a lot of work to do. i know he's won all his games,
7:56 pm
but very easily we could have lost a number of those games. >> don't listen to the noise. i hear about it from people. but it's cool to hear about, but i mean, we haven't a job on sun to do. if we get caught up in the noise, we'll get distracted and have no chance. the bolts are still in the playoff hunt. as for the raiders, we all know the story. they're trying to go out on a high note after a disappointing season that kicked off with the expectation of making it to the super bowl. >> there's a lot of work that needs to be done. and so my focus now is just continuing to grow and gaining all the information that we can from this year. you know, recapping it at the end. but most importantly just focused on getting this win, and then moving forward. let's go bowling. southern miss and florida state in the independence bowl after southern miss went up 6-0. the 7-0 scored 33 straight. freshman qb james blackman had
7:57 pm
four passing td's, three of them to tate. seminoles roll 14-13 to avoid their first losing season since 1976. 22 degrees at the pinstripe bowl in the big apple. this tip pass right here right into the arms of tommy sweeney. but wadly helps iowa take the lead back. that three-yard touchdown run. and the hawkeyes have a tip pass, an interception by josh jackson. iowa wins it 27-20. this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. steph curry not playing tonight but the coach says he will scrimmage tomorrow and be reevaluated on friday. >> good sign. >> nice to have them back. >> thank you. join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. a woman walks in with groceries
7:58 pm
and comes out with a baby boy, all captured on security video, at 9:00. at 11:00, is waiting in a long line to prepay your property taxes worth it? we'll sort out the confusion. that's our report for now. we appreciate your time. >> on behalf of all of us at abc 7 news, have a great night.
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
so lame. all anyone's talking about is this election. it's ruining twitter. mandy, you should be excited. this will be your first time voting. i believe i speak for all of america when i say, let her sit this one out.


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