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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 1, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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201616 for a former t t campaign ser suspectedf being a russian agent. >> the point was to make it misleading. the point was to selectively declassify information so that it would support a narrative favorable to the president. >> speaker of the house paul ryan said today releasing the memo is about transparency, not defending the president or attacking his investigators. >> this memo is not an indictment of the fbi, of the department of justice, it does not impugn the mueller investigation or the deputy attorney genera. >> jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. former fbi director james comey sent out this tweet today "all should appreciate the fbi speaking up, he says," i wish more leaders would. but take heart american history shows in the long run weasels and liars never hold the feel so long as good people stand up." moving on on both sides of the bay today law enforcement
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officers were injured on the job. on the left side of juror screen video from san francisco where an officer reportedly was run over by a car break-in suspect. on the right side video from hayward where an alameda county sheriff's deputy on a motorcycle was rammed by a suspect in stolen suv. that officer fired shots in return, something the officer in san francisco could not do. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez has the full story. >> reporter: the officer is with the remained county sheriff's office and was on his motorcycle. he was doing some radar enforcement and when he tried to pull over the driver of an suv, the suspect refused to stop. the sheriff's office said he then rammed the officer. >> and the suspect backed his suv into the officer and dragged him backwards along the roadway. >> reporter: the officer then fired several rounds hitting the suv. the suspect took off and was able to drive about a mile to
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another neighborhood where he dumped the stolen suv and ran off. it was later found thanks to the chp helicopter that spotted it from above. when the suv was taken away there were no visible signs of blood on the ground. >> we have never had anything happen around here. so it's just kind of like, wow. >> this resident said he was a little nervous because neighbors didn't know the suspects whereabouts. while they were looking for him two nearby schools, a high school and a preschool both on royal avenue were on lockdown. >> then they just gave us the announcement we were on lockdown, it wasn't a drill that was it. >> concerns. >> not really. just hope the police took care of everything. >> you felt safe in the school. >> yeah. didn't let nobody in or out. >> this happened shortly after 9:30 this morning. all of the high school students and preschool kids were inside
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and remained there for several hours. in hayward, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. now in the other case today, a san francisco police officer was run over by a fleeing suspect, as i said. san francisco rules say officers cannot fire on moving vehicles. the president of the police officer's association says today's case proves that use of force policy must be changed. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the details of what happened. >> reporter: moments after aaron g and her family arrived in san francisco her husband saw the rental car near almow square broken into. >> he was a binocular looking back to our car making sure where we parked. he saw some people looking into our car and took hammer out and smash the window. >> reporter: the san francisco police officers with northern station were conducting surveillance in the area. in an undercover officer this bicycle attempted to detain the person breaking into the rental car when the driver in a nearby
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car. >> rammed the officer. and in doing so also ran over one of the suspects. >> sound like a car hit another car and i looked over and i see car flying up in the air with a guy rolling out from under it. >> the officer has non-life threatening injuries. police say the suspect condition is unclear. >> i think it's just madness. >> police say the driver who rammed the officer and suspect got into other another cliegs at haight at buchanan where the officer took that driver in custody. police arrested a third putback in the passenger seat of the car and fled on foot at lyndon and buchanan. san francisco police say they've been trying to eliminate car break-ins. this was the tourists second visit to san francisco in eight years. they say they had luggage stole zbloon that's life, right. what can we do. >> and would possibly considering returning for a third visit. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. now the san francisco police officers association sent out
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this statement about today's incident. association president martin haller and writes it's so frustrating to sf p. d. officer that our use of force force policy prefrts us from shooting at a vehicle even if it's trying to kill innocent vifl yans or officers. s in the second time in the last four months that an officer has been hit by a fleeing vehicle. in october officer elia suffered a serious head injury on bike patrol. the use of force policy was changed in 2016 following a series of officer involved shootings. watch this video now of a uc berkeley police officer body slamming a man during a rally on campus today. the man was identified by the union as david cole, a housing and dining services employee. the university has released a statement saying that moments prior to the video, the man had
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thrown his sign at a moving car. he was arrested on charges of vandal ichls and resisting arrest. the university says the incident will be reviewed by uc p. d. command staff. all right moving on. now that recreational marijuana is legal in california, things are really changesing. one company is taking reservations for tours that will soon put a spotlight on the local cannabis industry. abc 7 news chris wynn has the story from san francisco. >> some call it a budding industry. cannabis tourism is taking shape in california and one local entrepreneur has plans to be part of it. >> the idea is to be an ambassador for this strie around the world. >> victor and his team at emerald farm tours are rtd to role out the cannabis inspired exkurkss in the san francisco and east bay. >> we have informant come down to the consumer level and kind of walk them through the process of understanding things holding hands. >> as a cost of $295 per person, the 4.5 hour trips are geared
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toward out of state 10:30istist. >> visitors stop at multiple dispensaries including here in sonoma district where business went up more than 50% since the first of the year. >> there is a stigma we wanted to create a place like this that it's safe, clean abcomfortable. >> other stops include areas of cultural significance such as hippy hill and golden gate park as well as the grateful dead hours in the haight ashbury district this visitor from ohio went to a marijuana dependencery and called it liber eighting. >> so much fun. at first it was weird because i'm not used to being able to be open about it. >> with the bay area already home to a bustling wine industry with local brewing companies. some home the marijuana tours will be the next big thing. >> accepting it into our culture and society. and show people we can live happy peaceful lives in the bay area. >> in san francisco chris wynn abc 7 news. all right a little tech news
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apple reported the earnings today. even he though the cupertino company sold fewer iphones compared to the year before it set a revenue record including $20 billion in profit. however apple also said it expects to make less money in this current quarter. despite that investors sent the stock higher by 3% in after hours trading. amazon announced it had more than $2 billion in profit in the last quarter of 2017. much of that from holiday sales. bloomberg says jeff bezos was already the world's richest man after the announcement the company stock is up and his personal fortune hit $123 billion which is hard to conceive isn't it. no rain and warm winter. are we headed for another drought? tonight the evidence that says yes. and no. meteorologist sandhya patel is here to tell us if the weather pattern will change any time. not any time soon. as a matter of fact you have
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beach weather coming in the middle of winter. look at the temperatures coming up. >> sandhya thanks poolt. and still ahead the beer sensation about to take over downtown santa rosa. downtown santa rosa. abc 7 news baby boomers, here's something you should know. there's a serious virus out there that 1 in 30 boomers has, yet most don't even know it.
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a virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. hep c can hide in the body for years without symptoms. left untreated it can lead to liver damage, even liver cancer. the only way to know if you have hep c is to ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure.
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well remember this.
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the sight of dry lakes and cracked ground. that could return to california this year. but some say the situation is not actually that dire. newly released data today show for the first time in months three california counties fall into the superiority drought category shone shown in this map in orange. and today snow survey found the snow pack at 14% of average statewide only at 2%. abc 7 news reporter david louie lass more. >> the ten rest invoices operated bile water district range from 10 to 44% of capacity. they're primed to capture run off from the snow melt. but stretches of sun and warm temperatures have people wondering about another drought. a drought means a water supply shortage. >> we don't have a water shortage because of the good work the community has done to save water. continued to save water and our ground water level recovered
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from the multiyear drought. >> on a larger scale there is measured concerns about the snow back in the seer aire supplying about 30% of the state's needs. the survey measured it at 13.6 inches with water content of only 2.6 inches. 14% of the historic average. >> we still have half a winter to go. there is time to see one or two atmospheric rivers which can make all the difference. >> we do have storms maybe in a couple of weeks might be warmer storms. subtropical storms. so the snow levels may be high. we may not be seeing much of an improvement in the snow pack with the storms. >> reporter: the valley water district does have reserves. water banked from last year's record setting storms. and imported water stored in southern california. the incertaintity of rain and snow has consumes mindful that another drought can never be ruled out. >> i think it's just going to kind of an ongoing problem. we're definitely going to have to keep the conservation up no
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matter what if we do have a great winter. >> in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. so it's a little too early to hit the panic button as to whether we have a drought all winter. but at this moment we need more rain. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. and you're not seeing any. is that right sandhya. not for another ten days. really you said it weapon. it's too early to hit the panic button because we may get storms heading into the rest of the winter and beginning of spring mp march and april can be wet here in the bay area as well. i'm going to remain optimistic. let me show you the live doppler 7 right now. and you will notice yes we have a few high thin wisp clouds passing through. no fog to speak of right now. as you take a look at what's head ahead, you're going to see what happens with the temperature. oakland ample high 60 degrees. look the next for you days well above average by a good 12 to 13 degrees just like today the num
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early next we can. only to recover again. yes, definitely a dry spring-like pattern. i want to show you the highs today. they were at record levels in san jose half moon bay, livermore all 74 degrees. 73 at sfo. all new records for the day. barely surpassing the old records by a few degrees. it was 80 in clover dale high pressure hard to see that happening but it happens. 70 in sand rafael. san francisco pretty warm. 71 degrees. 74 in concord and 68 in oakland. here a live look from the camera, visibility good right now here in the city. 60 degrees. mild. 56 oakland. san jose 62 degrees. another live shot right now and you can clearly see all the way back across the pay to sutro tower. the temperatures get cool here. napa low 50s. 49 in fairland. 51 in livermore. one other live picture from the exploratorium camera.
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you can see the moon there and the moon shining on the bay. warm sunny days through next we can. record lies likely friday through sunday and no rain in sight for the next two weeks. i want to show you the 12-hour planner for tomorrow. 40s ab50s when the sun comes up. it feels like spring at noontime. and warm afternoon ahead with low to mid-seventies. the sun sets and it cools down. records are likely tomorrow in a few cities. oakland and san jose will be two of them. sfo likely to hit a record especially if you hit 70 degrees. there will be a few cities getting close. we'll watch it. first thing in the morning temperatures middle 40s to low 50s. a few high clouds around. cool enough to where you still need at least an extra layer. afternoon highs 74 in the south bay in san jose. 75 in gilroy. pretty warm day on the peninsula. everyone except pacifica in the 70s. unusually, unseasonably warm. redwood city palo alto 73. downtown san francisco 71. in the north bay mid-70s.
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napa east bay, beautiful day 72. 74 in fremont. 73 in walnut creek. 74 degrees in livermore. download the app and you can check out temperature any time. here is look at accuweather seven-day forth. more records likely saturday. and then into super bowl sunday, i hope your friends a tv outside like in the backyard or something. so you you can watch the super bowl and enjoy the warmth at the same time. mid-winter warmth continues into early next week. although the temperatures will start to come down a few degrees. we'll have to wait beyond ten days to see any major changes. but dan as you know in the middle of winter things can change rapidly. >> sure. >> we'll keep you posted if we see storms. >> thanks very much. coming up next i lone musk is out of flame tloers after putting them up for sale days ago. why would you want one? and surprises about being single. what the most comprehensive
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annual survey about being solo found tha
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well if you haven't already preordered your flame tloer from elon musk, you're out of luck. he announced today that his boring company has sold all his 20,000 flame throers in stock. at $500 apiece they have generated $10 million in sales. his tag line was that the flame throers were guaranteed to liven up any party. in case you wonder what you could do. they were used in world war i in trench warfare. firefighters used them to set back fires. farmers use them to clear land. and musk jokingly tweeted they could be useful when the
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zombypocalypse happens. >> the average american spends seven hours a day sitting down. that's not great for health. the good news is standing inltsds of sitting could help you lose weight. the best way is with standing desks. maybe you've seen or have one. they say it's a little better than sitting. if a 143 pound kwom substitutes standing for sitting she would burn more calorie process that translates to 5.5 pounds a year. it adds up zblnchts stay with me a lot more to come a stretching shooting at a southern california middle school. >> it's horrible. it's a tragedy. >> the kids are too young. they're traumaticized. >> a 12-year-old girl shoots two classmates and police think they know how it started. >> there is a legacy in the school. how james frank p.o.'s alma mater is responding in the wake of a sexual misconduct allegation against in hollywood
9:28 pm
star and alum of the school. and turning tragedy into art. the unusual way one man is bringing a piece of home back t
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live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. good evening one once again. we start this half hour with a 12-year-old girl now arrested after a shooting at a los angeles middle school today. two students were shot and rushed to the hospital. she faces two counts of negligent discharge of a firearm. our reporter has the story. >> reporter: reports of an active shooter went out just before 9:00 a.m. inside a classroom at sal castro middle school two 15-year-old students one a boy shot in the
9:32 pm
head, the other a girl shot through the wrist. >> what i heard was there was like a pop, a big pop. it didn't sound like a gun. but it was a gun. i saw a student was bleeding near her vein. and the rebelled was squirting on the floor. >> miraculously both students expected to be okay. three others were treated for minor injuries and released. a 12-year-old girl was taken into custody and being interviewed by police. a woman saying she is her grandmother tells eye witness news that her granddaughter is loving and caring and may have been bullied by another girl at school. meantime, one student in the class at the time of the shooting believes it was not intentional. >> it was an accident. because they thought it was a toy gun. >> okay. but then they shot. >> it's still too early in the investigation to understand the motive what precipitated this. the weapon was accessed. >> meantime the shooting sent the area in chaos.
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air 7 capturing officers taking students out of the classroom with hands behind backs frisking each one looking for weapons. the middle school and jason the high school went into lockdown. about 90 students in physical education class at the time locked themselves inside the gym. >> they told us we were in school lockdown because there was a shooter. when i heard that i felt scared because i thought he was coming in and shoot. >> we were all very concerned. people started crying. and i just tried to calm them down. >> that was jory rand reporting. a major change in the investigation of the actress of natalie wad. los angeles county sheriff investigators are listing robert wagner as a person of interest in the death of his late wife, according to the cbs show 48 hours. wood died under mysterious circumstances 1981 while sailing
9:34 pm
off the coast with wagner and christopher waukon. detectives reopened the case and according to the report believe wagners version of the events didn't add up. no comment tonight from wagner. a palo alto high school appears to be distancing itself from actor james franco as he faces allegations of sexual misconduct. this painting by franco added the high school is going to be returned to the actor. a wall that once displayed the mural was painted over earlier this week. the school superintendent tells cbs 7 news the mural was always intended to be temporary. franco has given film seminars and fund raised for the school in the past. he has yet to respond to cbs 7 news about the removal of his work at his old school. well, can art heal the pain of loss? that's a powerful and important question in sonoma county certainly. and the answer is yes. for some it's through pottery process. here is abc 7 news report wade
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freedman. >> the meat has gone but in many places the soot and ash remain for a person like bridgette palmer there is more than missing the old cottage on the property. >> the content. >> when the fires burned and ashes fell last october pain and shared loss rained down on everyone. the ashes fell on gregory roberts too. the difference, he sought a way to make something positive from them >> i always wanted to be a village potter. gregory. regularry runs the art time to pay at sonoma state department university he is an expert on ceramic. the he asked victims to bring ashes for transformation into clay. the response to the ash project over welcome. >> all i've done is drop off the ashes on a porch. >> even though it seems like everything is lost. it's not actually lost. everything is actually stale there. there is elements of their lives
9:36 pm
still there. >> for every bag time on the wheel, mud through his hands and eventually a container. >> they may look the same but every one of the urns is different because every one kwoms from a different home with a different story. with different contents. >> dogs, pets, you know, some of these were my -- you know, my grandparents ashes were sort of lost in the melee. and they might be in here somewhere. >> for the record, gregory has yet to go to work on bag nup 44 from bridgette's cottage. >> he will. >> where are you going to put it. >> that's a good question. i don't know. >> a quandary the brought on i by an uncommonly kind gesture by a village potter taking the remnants of pain and making beauty. wayne freedom, abc 7 news. what a great idea. well it's valentine's day
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this month. just in time match released the annual singles in america survey. the survey may make you want to change relationship status or not. most person singles have tried online dating or dating apps at some point. almost half of the 5,000 people surveyed went on a first date last year. and almost 70% say they're looking for something serious. on a first date almost all women approve of men paying and about half are willing to split the bill. the biggest turn off though checking the phone a lot. don't do that, right. politics apparently doesn't trump everything in the bay area. 78% of singles in san francisco would date someone from a different political party. match which was founded in 1995 calls itself the original dating website. interesting insights tonight. well coming up next, will the mystery be solved? >> it's under never ending construction. >> a sneak peak at the movie
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tell the
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well if you like the weather today you're probably going to like tomorrow and the next few
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days. meteorologist sandhya patel back with the forecast. >> consider this your lucky week if you like the warm weather. you notice just a few clouds passing through the bay area tomorrow afternoon. low to mid-seventies. it's going to be wrm. especially when we're in the middle of winter. all right here the climate prediction center temperature outlook the next ten days. warm out west. cool to chilly or cold to chilly back east. that's where the showers will be the next ten days. they go with a dry forecast, unfortunately, in terms of our stormy pattern we don't see anything any time soon. temperatures compared to average, san francisco good 11 degrees above normal. san jose 13 degrees higher. then where it should be for this time of year. this puts us at record levels friday, saturday, possibly super bowl sunday. accuweather seven-day forecast features minor flukt aches head into next week. but no level storm impact scale no level one through five on there. i hope things turn around in a few weeks dan and we can bring
9:48 pm
the storms back. >> hope so. 74 february. >> can you believe that that's nuts. >> thanks very much. if you are making weekend plans, ramon spot with a colt following is official open in san francisco. natasha with abc 7 morning teamed one hood line to bring you the best events in the bay area. >> if you see a long line near union square it's because ippudo is final open. this is the kind of meal can you talk about for years to come. look at the good news. this will be the ippudo first full weekend. you can see right in the kitchen where they let me have a crack at it. there are a few secrets making this extraordinary. first the noodles are made dale in berkeley and al dentia. simmered for 18 hours. it's a pork belly a good ingredients. it's an explosion of flavor. we spoke with the chef about what it takes to make the perfect mouth watering bowl
9:49 pm
every time. >> we have are pouring or energy on hospitality to one bowl. because a bowlful for a customer is always the only one, pork belly, mushrooms. >> if you want to try it for yourself and you should you'll find the line here oh on this lane. in oakland under wood bar and cafe reopened with a new men ewe and craft cocktails everything from cheese boards truffle grits to vegen options. find them on 41st at emerald pl end with a laugh saturday night in oakland attend comedy machine a three-round comedy tournament eight comedians featured only one emerges as clfrp. go to our website and we'll link you up. abc 7 news. well tomorrow is the day beer lovers wait for and then get in line for. russian river brewer company brewing company is expected to release pliny the yrng. this is the 14th year for the
9:50 pm
triple pail ale expected to bring thousands to downtown santa rosa for lining up for one of the highest rated beers. it's a big deal. it's only available on draft and only in 10 ounce glasses. philadelphia eagles fans are driving super bowl ticket prices to all time highs. internet ticket broker stubhub says even though the new england patriots are in the super bowl -- seemingly every year, and temperatures are expected to be in the single digits, this year's super bowl is on track to be the most expensive in history. >> the cheapest ticket price available on stubhub is going for $3,200 to get into the door. the most expensive price we sold so far was for $22,000. >> stubhub says people from philadelphia are driving up demand, but tickets are being sold to people from 18 different countries. so the interest is high. $22,000. they'd have to let me play in
9:51 pm
the super bowl. >> i don't think you want to play. >> pay my medical bills. >> i'm surprised at 3,000 process. but the eagle fans they haven't been to many i could sigh them pushing up the price. but it's -- like 10 degrees in minneapolis. >> right anyway. in local sports what are the chances lebron james will become a warrior? what? did he read that right? that was the hot topic today. that was the hot topic today. reaction from the dubs and baby boomers, here's something you should know. there's a serious virus out there that 1 in 30 boomers has, yet most don't even know it. a virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. hep c can hide in the body for years without symptoms.
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left untreated it can lead to liver damage, even liver cancer. the only way to know if you have hep c is to ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure.
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good evening the nba world went a little insane when espn reported lebron james would consider joining the warriors if they offered him a max contract this summer. this is what he would look like. they gave him gramd's number who do that? let me be clear. lebron is not coming to play for the warriors. forgot about that. don't look.
9:55 pm
this is media manipulation by le brown. and he is good at it. and we fell for it. he is basically upset with cawvs owner dan gishl. he wants them to make meaningful trades to bolster the roster. he has minimum ons doing work for him loob leak a story that lebron would leak a story. knowing it's the click bait story. everybody goes nuts. the dubs are not clearing cap space for a aging le brown. nice fantasy but hear is reaction from warriors. >> talk about other players and other teams not allowed to i wouldn't do it anyway. so ask your questions. i understand you have to do your job too. but just to lay that out there. >> i want to win today. and bob wants to win today and tomorrow. and those things aren't compatible. if you're in charge of that it gets cloudy and it's tough to maybe see the forest for the trees. so i just think that this is the
9:56 pm
best model. >> in this league, just like a couple of years ago me coming here nobody would have thought that. it's part of me as a basketball player just like let's just worry about basketball. i just want -- i just want people to enjoy what really goes on in between the lines. >> nothing to see here people. nothing to see. blake griffin he had nothing to see. he had no jersey on huss the this is the debut. clipper stil. thir quarter belows by mark ka sal. blake goes for 24 points ten board hift beat the griz. st. marys shooting for the 17th straight win taking on usf on fire from deep. krebs for three. eight triple in the first half. don keeping it close. jordan, knox it down. gails up 17 at the half. blow out continues. with a baby mook in the lane 26 points and 12 boarding. we call this with authority.
9:57 pm
gails win big. 79-44. how about pac 12 action. stanford and oregon state. cardinal dominating early. reed travis doing work in the pain. double team triple team can't stop him. 21 for him in the first half. cardinal -- i like the grit on the floor. davis rewarded for hustle and stanford left by 15 at the break. second half more of the same reed travis. out of my way. cardinal leading late in this game 68-58 mp who stands taking the charge when he comes at you? warriors gm bob meyers and organ alum chris checking out cal and the oregon ducks. peyton prich ard stealing score. ducks 9-0 in a flash. cal trying to rally. controlman deep three. cal down 8 at the break. bears close the gap to 5. coleman he can score. team hi 16 off the bench.
9:58 pm
ducks pull away. elijah brown, uncontested. ducks win 66-53. cal they are really hurting they have lost nine straight. how about the super bowl? patriots often a little nebulous. rob gronkowski concan cussing protocol cleared and he practiced today he is playing sunday. >> feels good to be out in the field progresing throughout the weeks, the last week and this woke. so feels good to be out there with teammates and to be prepared for sunday. >> he is a dynamic player. he is a mean a ton to our offense. he really has since he got to our team. and it's always great when he is out there. >> giants hunter pence opening a new cafe in houston on friday. pence used to play for the
9:59 pm
astros. describes it as a friendly neighborhood game cafe. >> we will present a lot of board games and card games and comic books. a content studio in the back. we're hosting like gaming kourn tournaments. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> would you like to play a game. >> why not good luck to him thanks larry come up on abc 7 news at 11:00 a east bay school dealing with tragedy. how teachers and staff help students cope with the death of four classmates this year. do you know how to open the garage door if the power goes out the north bay senator wants to keep you staef if a stafrt hits. those stories coming up on channel seven. that's this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. for all of us, dan ashley, appreciate your time hope to see you in one
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