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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 27, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> announcer: live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. raids across california, 150 suspected undocumented immigrants in custody tonight. many of them convicted criminals. i.c.e. says california is not immune despite the sanctuary state status. good evening thank you for joining us i'm dan ashley. late this evening, i.c.e. dpiermd to abc 7 news that the arrests were part of a targeted
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immigration operation. and in a news release tonight the agency's deputy director called out oakland's mayor for publicizing the operation in advance. here is abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler. >> as is says half of those arrested have criminal convictions in addition to immigration violations. and immigration and customs enforcement tells tus that the arrest number again more than 150 people is quote way more than normal for this type of enforcement operation. now this coming just three days after oakland mayor libby shaf went public, warning zrenlts of possible raids in the coming days. >> yesterday, i learned information from multiple sources that there is potentially an i.c.e. activity planned in the bay area. >> i.c.e. is sharply criticizing th mayor's move saying sanctuary jurisdictions like san francisco and oakland shield dangerous criminal aliens. the i.c.e. statement reads in
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part, 864 criminal aliens and public safety threats remain at large in the community. and i have to believe that some of them were able to elude us thanks to the mayor's err responsible decision. and we just learned that among those arrested over the past three days a napa man taken into custody by i.c.e. agents on sunday, i.c.e. now telling us the man is a documented gang member who was removed by i.c.e. four times and has several previous criminal convictions. now, at the time of his arrest, nunes's family told abc 7 news he did nothing wrong and had come to the u.s. from mexico when he was just 4. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. now footnote here tonight, tonight mayor shaf says she doesn't regret sharing information. shaf says it's oakland's legal right to be a sanctuary city. she says the city hasn't broken laws. moving on, snow still covers
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some bay area hillsides after the big storm. today sky 7 flew near mount hamilton. you can see a dusting on top. the next storm tomorrow night. then two days storms rank 2, moderate on the abc 7 news storm impact scale. coronell bernard gives you a tour of the snowfall here and shows one community hit by wildfire is getting ready for more rain. >> reporter: you could almost swear it's the high sierra. it's a supersnowy bay area. sky 7 giving amazing yous of snow capped mount diablo and down to south bay mount hamilton. check out wine country. the snow fell on mine's road. instant winter wonderland. >> it's unusual but it's beautiful. >> the snow hung around for a while sticking to the trees and cars. >> that's great to have. yeah it's great to see it. hopefully it stays three, four days. >> a new storm this week is
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expected to bring much needed rain. crews are making emergency repairs on this section of road in santa rosa. it's been crumbling ins is the wildfires. they hoped the beat the storm and finish up wednesday. >> we are hearing unwards from an inch to two inches possibly. >> santa rosa is preparing for rain in the city's hardest hit fire zone. the fire debris could clog storm drains. the gravel wagons and orange waddells are the first line of defense. >> that's a concern because we know we're testing the drains again. >> dozens of drains which melted if the fires rebuke repaired. the new challenge, keeping them free from debris with all the cleanup going on. which could wash down edounl in the storm. >> we are bracing ourselves. >> reporter: the national weather service says santa rosa received 13 inches of rain since okay. last year at this time they had 52 inches np in santa rosa abc 7
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news. >> buckle up more rough wgt kochlg our meteorologist drew tuma here with what we can expect. the next storm system we track is bringing widespread rain, soaking showers downpours and multidays. you see the spin down in socal. that was the storm brought us the rain, hail, snow. that's moving out. today we were in between systems. the next one gaining strength in the gulf of alaska. this one is heading over the next 48 hours. future weather will slide down the coast wednesday night and into thursday. you can see not only rain here locally in the sierra much needed snow. they're going to measure this in feet once the system is all said ad done. out the door tomorrow morning it will be dry. it's a mix and sun and clouds. temperatures on the kwool side. starting out in the 30s. but take the umbrella because the showers enter the forecast in the evening. and on the storm impact scale wednesday evening, light system
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scattered showers, perhaps isolated downpours and the winds increase to 10 to 20-mile-per-hour. but the main event happens thursday. this storm will then strengthen to a 2, a moderate system. bringing moderate to heavy rain at times, especially thursday morning. the chance of more thunderstorms thursday afternoon and winds gusting over 40-mile-per-hour. go hour which four on future weather, timing the system out showing you rainfall totals in the accuweather forecast. >> thanks very much. keeping in mind with more storms be sure to have the abc 7 news app get the custom weather forecasts. the app is free and available for apple and android dpfrss. extra police officers will be patrolling a high school over the following days following skoefrg of threatening grafty. they spotted the grafty arriving on campus this morning. they didn't find any indication of imminent threat but died to close school out of abundance of
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caution. tomorrow stunlts return to class at marjorie stoneman. two weeks after 17 people were killed. some of the survivors lawmaker on capitol hill they want a ban on assault style weapons and high-capacity magazines and universal barbecue checks. but the proposals have opposition in both the house and the senate. >> of course we want to listen to these kids. but also want to make sure that we protect people's due process rights and legal constitutional rights. >> they're tired of people telling them that this is hard. what's hard for them is what they're dealing with, which is the loss of 17 members of their family. in a florida a bill tois raise the minimum age so buy assault weapon passed a committee in the republican controlled legislature today. we'll see what happens as it goes forward. the gofundme account for the victims has passed $2.5 million raised. we put a link on abc 7
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for those would want to donate. back at home santa clara county peens believes it will make progress on gun violence. a proposal came before the board of supervisor and there was no opposition to it. abc 7 news reporter david louie looks at what the summit who hopes to accomplish. >> reporter: for some, leading the charge to end gun violence is a silent picket line outside a gun store. five people held signs. others are embracing a call for a summit by county supervisor dave courtsy. who acceptables experts in mental health, law enforcement and social services. >> i want to see background checks expanded so that they inlude red flags when there is the kind of severe mental health issues or background that are already been diagnosed. >> gun violence is a reality in san jose. three years ago san jose police officer michael johnson was shot and killed as he responded to a
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report of a suicidal man with a rifle. a relative of the suspect scott done ham said at the time he may have had an undiagnosed mental condition. however, mental health advocates urge the county not to stigma advertise individual was mental illness. >> impulsety, anger traumatic life events such as job loss or divorce on alcohol use are stronger risk factors not mental illness. >> noah spoke against the resolution at the meeting. supervisors hope the opponents will attend the summit and listen to contribute viewpointing. wed refrpd tout to people the who represent the dwun industry but he was not available. >> there could be pushback from the other side but we need to do something about the g gunman violence. >> a student with prospect high school supported the summit. >> this proposal is a bold step our county can make in a timely fashion and manner regarding action for gun reform and school safety. >> the summit was approved by
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unanimous vote. ? san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. a chemical leak prompted a shelter in place order for some pittsburg residents this afternoon. sky 7 flew above a railroad yard while crews tried to contain the leak. you can see now on a map where people were urged to stay indoors while crews did the work to get a handle on the leak. officials told us the hazard was likely caused by pennsylvania small amount of social media sul of i'd. no one was injure processed. find out why one san francisco car break-in is getting a lot more attention than the thousands of others that happen every year. also a dust-up in san francisco in the mayor's raise. candidate london breed responds to a complaint about the way her title appears on the ballot. and meteorologist drew tuma will look at the timing of the storm tomorrow. all of that and more as we continue.
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the chp released video tonight of a freeway rescue of a teenage girl. dispatchers started getting 911 calls earlier in morning about a pedestrian running in the eastbounds lanes near ashby avenue in berkeley. they responded with patrol cars and helicopter which recorded
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the video. the chp officers found the girl and detained her. they say she had been missing and at risk but safe tonight. there are roughly 85 car break-ins every day in san francisco. and one of the latest victims was called out and -- and has called out the current mayor on twitter. this man's window was smashed guess where? right in front of city hall. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the story. >> tom o'connor filed a police report for what is his third car break-in. the latest one really ticked him off because it happened in broad daylight right outside city hall when he was inside in his role as union president working on contract negotiations for the firefighters. >> it's amazing. i was thinking too my alarm must have been going off and they were crawling through the car. and nobody said anything or did anything. >> o'connor veteraned on twitter with sarcastic hashtags. city is fine no problem here.
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and including the mayor some saw that as a dig. but o'connor says he just wants the problem solved. >> quite frankly i share the frustration oh in the tweet. >> the mayor tells us his upcoming budget reflect resources to help fix the crisis. there were an astounding 30,000 car break-ins in san francisco last year. many in tourist areas like along lombard street. in japantown olympic skater had had her costume stolen during a smash and grab. and the neighborhoods suffer. residents in the inner sunset have made their own warning signs. the auto glass company on bryant street where o'connor beirut his car for repairs has seen a tremendous uptick in business. >> every five cars i come through at least three or four are broken into. maybe only one is hit by a rock. >> the mayor says one answer'en the police chief have discussed is more staffing.
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>> he doubled foot patrols which has had an effect over the last few months. created a central unit and focusing on car break-ins. >> carolyn tyler abc 7 news. a san francisco mayoral candidate mark leno filed a complaint in superior court today to force the fellow candidate london breed to remove the act being mayor designation sfr the ballot. he says it would mislead voters in the election because she is no longer acting mayor. she was when the -- she filed for the paperwork to run but a week later was replaced by fellow supervisor mark farrell. bread's spokeswoman says leno seems intent on attacking breed. she says per the election code is candidate is not permitted to change the ballot designation after the deadline for filing nomination papers. it's up to the department of elections to defend its decision on the ballot designation. but this may be a bit of a fight for the time being. all right. as we said, some rough weather is come the next few days.
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our meteorologist drew tuma is here to time it out for you. dan when we are at the height of the storm system, strong winds and heavy rain. we will see the snow snt sierra. live doppler 7 along with slt we have a quiet picture. a few patchy clouds from time to time. but tonight it remains dry. the picture outside from the tower, this time tomorrow we do expect to have drops on our lens as our next storm system begins to approach the region. so your day planner on wednesday, sun gets up at 6:43. it's a dry start to the wednesday. it's not raining anywhere in the region. midday the clouds will start to increase as the system gets closer. and by 5:00 scattered showers begin to enter the forecast. widely scattered in nature but still you'll likely need that rain gear as the sun goes down tomorrow evening. then the storm is going to stengten thursday morning. the storm impact scale using it tomorrow night as the showers move in once again it starts out
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as a light system with the showers. perhaps an isolated downpour, nothing widespread. and you'll notice the winds will begin to become breezy. 10 to 20-mile-per-hour. right now, though, it's another cold night on the which. i know that doesn't shock anybody after the cold pattern we have been in. the coldest spots at the hour in the 30s. spots about the bay area in the 40s. overnight tonight here is the call, chilly night once again. temperatures dropping to the 30s the most part. patchy cloud cover in the north bay. the south bay plenty of stars, but the pab main take away tonight dry. that changes tomorrow evening. future weather showing by 1:00 we track the showers beginning to move into the picture midday around here. but it's really as you get to 7:00, 8:00 at night. the system gets its act together in the north bay. light green, no heavy rain on the system but approaching midnight early thursday morning we see the system get the act
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together and more downpours start to develop. it's at that time on thursday the storm is upgrated to two. moderate system. we're tracking moderate to heavy rain on thursday primarily the morning. then we turn to thunderstorms likely thursday afternoon. once again could see hail once again, could see a dusting of snow on the peaks like in the past couple days. and the winds will be strong gusting over 40-mile-per-hour at times. future weather watch the time stamp get it to 6:00 thursday morning,s thursday morning commute is a mess. windy, rainy tpup. there is the heavy rain with the pops of yellow through the north bay. the line sinks south. nine in the morning focusing on the peninsula and east ayebae. even thursday evening we're tracking the chance of isolated thunder showers popping up. s once the storm system gets out by friday evening look how much rain it drops. anywhere from 1 to 2 inches widespread.
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and we have not seen soaking like this since the early part of last january of 2018. it's been about two months. a winter storm warning. look at this also in effect for lake county. could see 2 to 8 inches of snow above 2,000 feet by saturday morning. a winter storm warning in the sierra. 3 to five feet of snowfall up to 7 feet possible in isolated spots. accuweather seven-days, the showers in the picture tomorrow evening. thursday is wet, windy, a 2 that continues into friday as well. scatter showers left over saturday. drying out saturday for oscars and monday and tuesday we see a slight chance of rain. but thursday, it's been some time since that rainy and windy. >> i hate all the wind but we need the rain. >> the rain, right. >> get this. think of the roaming the charges, the new mission to the moon. cell service. and the wing pan is a size of a football field.
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what this behemoth might do one da. each day researchers make discoveries
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apple is launching its own medical clinics for employees in santa clara county. the company just launched in website for a new subsidiary called a.c. wellness. apple isn't the first getting into health care fore employees.
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amazon, j.p. morgan chase and berkshire are teeming up to form heir their own health care company. listen to this,s moon could have the mobile network by next year. the goal is to allow lunar rovers to communicate with each other. the project would enable high definition life streaming back to earth. voda phone and nokia want to launch hard way by 2019 with space x acting as provider. it uses four g because it's relevantable and easier to engineer in space. the megaplane was taken out and a runway the first time this week. the strato launch was created by paul allen. he showed it in the desert. as for the size, the plane was a win spank of 385 feet and weighs
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a half million pounds if you can believe it. it's designed to launch rockets into low earth observer it between 99 and 1,200 miles above the planet. it's expected to make the first flight in 2019. it was a matter of life and death. and the night the north bay wildfires broke out as you recall. now the professionals take a hard look at what went right and how much went wrong. the president's son-in-law and senior adviser jarred kushner stripped of his temporary top security clearance. but the white house is saying about this. and a central valley man is charged with trying to join isis. we are
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>> announcer: live, where you
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live, this is abc 7 news. good evening once again. next week will be five months since the north bay wildfires started. the most destructive fire storm in california history burned down 8,900 buildings and killed 44 people. today was snow county supervisor was nearly brought to tears when faced with an assessment how the response was handled. wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: when wildfire roared into sonoma county on the night of october 8th first first responders described it as a fog of where. >> where is the fire. >> there are fires in so many places. >> that was one amongnouses of emergency calls that the state department of emergency services describes in a report as being part of an uncoordinated response to a massive impossible task. >> not one person received an alert. what the hell are we doing here? >> today the sonoma county board
9:31 pm
of supervisors tried to make sense of the issue sass and find a fix. >> nothing is excusable. forward is the only thingky dictate the effort and our work off of. i have no interested in pointing fingers. >> as the fire burned intoen a through sonoma account, it took down communications systems already hindered by a bottle neck of information. the sheriff department said reverse 911 and nixles but no one had the authorization to use the amber alert system called ipoz. that left countless thousands in the proverbial dark. nor is thesome online today. it's a problem says the emergency executive director. >> if this happened again tonight would the county be able to better respond. >> i don't think so not in and out. >> worth noting in terms of preparedness snoechl county has a lot in common with other counties in california. process the only difference sonoma county suffered the fire storm and asked the state to write this report. >> and just we are in the same
9:32 pm
middle of the class of with 40 or 50 other counties doesn't make it better. >> the question now what will sonoma account o county do it? in santa rosa, wayne freedman, abc 7. the fbi and ncis investigating a hazmat incident next to arlgs national sem marry. 11 marines were affected by an unknown substance found when an envelope was opened. serl o several marines felt a berning o burning sentation on faces and hands. a hazmat unit surround the the building where the battalion is headquartered. the fbi sent the envelope to be checked at a lab in quanitco. the not far away the minnesota marines are in stable condition. back at home a central valley man was charged with heading overseas to join isis, a crime that could land him in prison for 20 years. about of he left the u.s. bernard augustine went to high school outside modesto.
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jonathan blume talked with augustine's neighbors who suspectsed that something might be going on. >> i'm no shock. just like you guys i'm no jock. >> neighbors were hardly prepared to learn the second man arrested on suspicion of terror activity was living on their street. >> i don't know anything about this family. i only see people coming in and out. >> they tell us they believe bernard augustine attended the high school. >> he walls wore a backpack in the morning and come back like in school hours. >> they say he lived in this house with other family members who one used to be a nurse. >> they say other teens came over. >> he had a girlfriend when he was going to high school but i don't know who she was. >> they are say he didn't talk much but it doesn't mean he was quiet. a pench ant for must standings runs in the flam. >> i have seen him in a newer tip of mustang and screeching up and down the sfleet in fact in addition to the four satellite dishes you may notice the house has extra parking.
9:34 pm
>> there were a lot of cars there in the driveway and front of the house. actually parked on the lawn. so. >> and then what? >> a a and then all gone. >> a tow truck came and got them all. >> how many. >> there were like four. >> and then came the movers. >> they were moving in -- in and out, just like cars over there big trucks, you know, the weeds were like taller than me. >> now the house is clean, the lawn is only slightly overgrown and neighbors have questions. >> it's kind of creepy. like i say it's scare that close to home. you expect that in this big cities not this tiny. i didn't expect it. >> abc 7 news. president trump's son-in-law and one of his most senior advisers has been stripped of temporary high level security clearance at the white house. he will no longer have regular access to america's most closely held secrets. here is abc news reporter cecilia vega. >> on capitol hill tonight
9:35 pm
refusing to answer questions after his father-in-law's own white house stripped him of top secret security clearance cutting off access to highly classified information. >> my name is jarred kushner. i am senior adviser to drond j. trump. >> and presidential son-in-law with a vast portfolio including middle east peace. >> every day, i come to work with enthusiasm and excitement for what can be. >> kushner now restricted from viewing the nation's most closely guarded secrets, including the president's daily security briefing. he had been working on a temporary security clearance since the inauguration. his application under fbi review nearly 15 months. kushner updating several times after fail to disclose multiple foreign contacts before he entered the administration. the move to strip his top secret clearance comes as chief of staff john kelly cracks down on those in the west wing working with temporary clearance.
9:36 pm
but the president has had nothing but ee fusive praise for his son-in-law. >> jarred has done an outstanding job. he is a high quality person. he works for nothing, just so you nobody ever reports that. but he gets zero. >> today from the president, no comment. but from the white house press secretary, words of support. >> he is a valued member of the team and will continue to do the important work that he has been doing since he started in the administration. >> sources i've spoken to says it will undoubtedly impact kushner going forward. we are not just talking about kushner. there could be dozens more high level aids working on temporary security clearances who could be impacted by the decision, among them white house counsel don mcgahn and the president's daughter. an effort to stop construction of a wall along the border with mexico suffered a legal defeat.
9:37 pm
a federal judge ruled against the state of california and environmental groups trying to stop the wall. the judge ruled the trump administration has not exceeded its legal authority in pursuing the projects. the judge by the way is the same squ that caitlin donald trump attacked during the campaign for his mexican heritage. stocks slid today after compensates by the federal reserve chairman led investors to believe that interest rates could be going up faster than the market is ready for. the dow lost 300 points, the nasdaq dropped 100 and the s&p 500 went down by 35. well amazon is expanded a home security business. it's buying ring which makes wi-fi connected cameras and door bells. the deal comes months after amazesen started selling it's own indoor security cameras working with alexa. the ring acquisition better
9:38 pm
compete with nest with which also makes cameras. massies is looking to sell part of it's building in union square. it's composed of multiple building that have been developed in a one story. the part for sale is 240,000 square et feet. macy sold the men's store on stockton street in 2016. the stone'stown garlia store is one of dozen's locations set to close this year. well stay with me. with all the development in san francisco, construction workers are in high demand. >> construction is the fastest growing industry in san francisco right now opinion it's growing at 12% rate. >> a look at a growing industry that pays $2
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the fastest growing industry in san francisco happens to be construction. according to the assistant's office of economic and workforce development. that boom has created a shortage of workers across the bay area. the city is hoping to train more apprentice laborers to begin filling some jobs. for that they are searching for junk people in underserved communities. abc 7's news report lyanne melendez attended the graduation today. >> colleen saw herself as an unlikely candidate for a job in construction. >> when you come here from, you know, sunny dale or bay view, you know you got a lot of doubt. don't nobody want to see you achieve. >> today she graduated as a a laborer apprentice. it wasn't that long ago that construction jobs in the bay area were hard to find. today builders can't fire had you ever to get the job done. the city has a moral obligation is says to train more people
9:43 pm
leem in the kpuns like the bay view and sunny dale housing projects. >> do we rest on laurels or press forward ahead to make sure every single frist resident has an opportunity to be part of the workforce in our city. >> reporter: willy woods enrolled in the construction trainig programming. eight weeks later. he is an apprentice likely getting an union job. >> ultimately planning to become a laborer of local 261, get working and support my many family. >> the city is able to offer tr quickly moving people to employment. >> reporter: many of them end up weather for the utilities commission rec and park or public works pch through one of the city employers they can earn up to $20 an hour plus benefits. and after that they can get even more training. more training will eventually guarantee a higher salary.
9:44 pm
the next training begins on monday. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. well coming up next, what's well coming up next, what's driving the
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all right, now to paris where disneyland is about to get a $2.5 billion boost. the money creates three new lands featuring characters from frozen ab"star wars" and marvel superheroes. the chairman announce the the expansion along with the french president who tweeted this photo of the meeting. disney is the parent company of abc 7. a new study finds that diverse audiences are driving most of the biggest block
9:48 pm
musters like the "black panther" you heard about as well as the most watched tv shows. minorities account account for the majority of ticket sales for half of the top ten films worldwide. and movie movies with a diverse cast outperformed those that didn't have diversity. on the fifth study on diversepy the ralph bunch center found minority leads on broadcast tv shows, interest viple over the last five years from about 5% to more than 15% now. about 14% of film leads belong to minorities, showing there is a long way to go before hollywood reflects real live in america. enchts we are less than a week away from the oscars. taking a look at doll by theater in hollywood where it will be live with reports starting on friday from our very own dion lim. you can watch them hosted by jimmy kimmel on sunday over on channel 7. look for dion's reports from
9:49 pm
l.a. one last time we'll update the forecast. drew is here. >> we are tracking the rain moving in tomorrow evening and rapidly benes fie into thursday morning. live doppler 7 with satellite tonight in between systems. yesterday we had the storm bringing snow rain and hail. tomorrow tracking rain. font it's just really quiet out there. the 12-hour planner on wednesday, you'll notice throughout the day it's increasing clouds. the morning is dry. but as you get into the afternoon and really it's the evening hours when the sun goes down. that's when the showers really enter the picture. on the storm scheme tomorrow evening it's a one. light system. we had the scattered showers. it's not out of the question for an isolated downpour. but machine of the action will be light in intensity. the entire storm will rapidly strengthing into thursday. that time it's upgraded to a 2, a moderate system on thursday. tracking moderate to heavy rain on thursday.
9:50 pm
likely falling thursday morning especially during the commute. into the afternoon colder air works into the picture. thunderstorms are possible. especially between 2:00 and 5:00 opinion winds gusting over 40-mile-per-hour. total rainfall into thursday and friday it's a good soaking across the region. the numbers have stayed consistent the past couple days one to two inches areawide. that's giving us the beneficial rain over into friday. accuweather sevenky forecast, era, the main event into thursday and friday. but sunday sunny mile and dry pl and a slight chance of system late on tuesday. >> nice pattern thank you. >> sports director are larry beil is here with all things sports tonight. >> talking a little sharks. >> okay. >> good time. newest shark making the presence felt. his debut in the tank in evening. and the warriors pass on the president. you know about all that. deciding to spend
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good evening. the warriors will play the washington wizards tomorrow. today would have been the day that they would visit the white house. but, you know -- that stuff. they decided instead to take a bunch of school kids on a tour of the national museum of african-american history and culture. no media allowed. but steph curry posted fun video on the instagram page. >> really rewarding experience, though. can't tell you how proud i am of a bunch of them for doing this. >> that's chuck berry. >> that javale mcgee. >> they said they don't you because you a snake. >> kids say the wildest things. >> but i said don't doentd be talking about steph curry like that. >> that's right you be defending me. >> can you imagine a kid staying steph curry you a snake.
9:55 pm
steph curry's hometown that's where the they came from. k.d. talked about what a tremendous visit for the youngsters. >> we don't really get this opportunity to be in front of champions like that hopefully it nirps them to be just whatever they want to be in life. >> the white house a great honor. but tlfrs some other circumstances that we felt. >> we're not going to politicize anything just hang out with kids. >> nba tonight at lebron james setting new records. le brown a triple-double gentz are the netting 12 boards 11 stfts with that the oldest player in nba history to average a triple-double for a plon. previous record holder wilt chamberlain did in it when he was 31. only four have average that in a month. russell east-west brook and
9:56 pm
oscar robinson. rebjorn 8,000 stfrts in short he is good. cawvs beat the nets 129-123. new shark identifieder cane male his debut in teal backup o cane in the 9th year in the league never made the playoffs hoping it changes in san jose. >> it's a nice play to play. every game is important. every point is point. >> and here he is on the first line tonight. first period sharks down by a goal cane as first chance on the wrap around and can't get it past cam talbot. the sharngs down 1-0 after one. cane the shot joe pacific ski abthe redirect assist to cane and tide at 1. later in the second cane into it with matthew benning this guy is not afraid to mix it up. making a difference. shark was 4 goals in the second period and lead it -- now it's 4-2 in the third. the a's among four teams accused
9:57 pm
by the major league baseball players union of refusing to spend revenue sharing money to compete. this just in. a's, cheap, right not breaking news. a's have a payroll around 63 million among the lowest in baseball again. the union filed a grievance. spring training fireworks for the ingt jiengts in the ninth ining. walnut creek native kyle jensen, it's high be deep and a aloha means a grand slam, a walk off grandny. giants score six in the bottom of the ninth. the second homer of the spring. he was productive at a power hitter. giants need home runs. 33-year-old tim linsicomb about to sign with the texas rangers might compete for the closer job, the former giant
9:58 pm
star and cy young award winner ebb. he made nine starts and he went two and six. back the warriors best part about the crazy fade away in new york was the reaction from john stuart, the kmedic start o star. that was tragedy right there. he couldn't believe javale mcgee made that shot. and today javale change the twitter pick to stewart's reaction which is just flat out tremendous. >> that's fantastic. oh, no. >> i'm a nick's fan. abc 7 sports brought to you by totia. and you know, warriors tomorrow in washington against the wizards. >> with any of luck none of those reactions. >> it's fine from the wizards fans. >> thanks. come up at 11:00 close calls at sfo have taken off to unprecedented number. today lawmakers demanded answers on capitol hill. we will look at what's going on.
9:59 pm
and bay area teenagers helping others look forward to prom thanks to a little generosity. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. tennis great southeasterna williams will play in the first tournament since giving birth in september. this is how her husband the cofounder of reddit is welcomer back. he pupt up four billboards head into palm springs. they saw greatest mama of all time and feature pictures of they are daughter. inspiring mom no doubt. thaels all for for drew, larry and i'm dan ashley. we hope tosz you in one hour on channel 7. bye for now.
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(thudding) - i'm former fbi agent joe pistone, the real donnie brasco. the mafia put a contract on my head. but i've got stories to tell. - [announcer] today, the story of stan cruz, an undercover cop who targets the biggest gambling kingpin in hawaii. if stan's cover is blown, he's in big trouble.


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