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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 5, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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live breaking news. >> breaking news from kirkwood mountain resort where a san francisco woman and her 7-year-old son were found buried in the snow. they were skiing and passed under the roof of a condominium, snow fell off the roof and slid onto them. 50-year-old olga perkovich and her son were on vacation at the
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resort along with the woman's mother and her three children. san francisco police say an arrest warrant has been obtained for aldon smith. this announcement comes just hours after the oakland raiders released smith after another troubling incident. his alleged involvement in a domestic violence incident. police say the victim does not have life-threatening injuries. submit is facing charges involving domestic violence, assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, false imprisonment, and vandalism. all misdemeanors. police say they're working with smith's attorney to arrange for his surrender. abs 7 sports anchor mike schuman is here with insight. >> i've seen so many players and teammates go through what aldon smith is going through. it's not easy for anyone dealing with addiction. al done went to rehab with the 49ers and the raiders but once you complete your stint you're usually suspended and the team you play for cannot communicate with you during that suspension. al done had clinical people he
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could contact throughout the league if he felt he was going to relapse, but most players i know feel like they have it handled. what you get is a relapse and refusal to go back into rehab. meanwhile the niners or raiders can't contact you or vice versa under suspension, when you need their help the most in these trying times. what the league needs to do is have the team be able to monitor the player, let him practice or work out at the facility so the player in question can be monitored. jack del rio tweeted out the same sentiment regardingal done that he felt helpless trying to keep him on track. al done was just fleeting in the wind waiting to hear from the league. idle hands and free time get you trouble. add the fact that most of these as heats have the money to survive without working for a while. he told me at a local restaurant he was tired of waiting for the league and he was going to move on, now another mix-up with the law. this has to be a better system. the league is putting the onus
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on the player who doesn't have the wherewithal to deal with addiction alone, no one does. to see the player commit to getting well first, because if you don't want to help yourself, no one else can help you. it's a slippery slope but we understand his fiancee and her parents have convinced him to go back to rehab. we'll be interested to see what happens going forward. slippery slope. we're following developing news out of the central valley. a woman under arrest after holding a 3-year-old girl at knife point and stabbing several people on a greyhound bus headed to the bay area. the bus left las vegas this morning bound for oakland. the suspect got on in bakersfield, then attacked passengers on highway 99 just north of tularery. passengers say the woman was talking to hrs and acting strangely. investigators say the woman stabbed the girl's mother. a couple of passengers tackled her and they were stabbed. a woman from elsobrante was on
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board and saw it. >> the lady had the baby in her hand and was hitting the baby. the mother started screaming and was pulling the baby away from her. next thing i know, "she has a knife." >> the suspect suffered self-inflicted stab wounds to her neck and is undergoing surgery. one passenger on that bus is being called a hero and we'll have his story on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. incredible video surfaced today of a passenger on a sky west flight being wrestled to the ground. it happened on a flight from san francisco to boise after she reportedly tried to open the cabin door. >> thank god, thank god, thank god, thank god, thank god. >> the video shows her being slammed to the aisle floor. she appears to be saying"i am god." the sky west flight left at 8:45 this morning. sky west says passengers held her until law enforcement met the plane at the gate. boise police say the woman is being medically evaluated and questioned by investigators. the fbi is also investigating the incident.
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the fremont police department has solved a 32-year-old cold case. a man is now charged in connection with a double murder from 1986. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: 57-year-old david emory mish was serving 18 to life for a 1989 homicide in alameda county, now he's linked to the 1986 double homicide of michelle xavier and jennifer dewy. >> it is a cold case to an extent but we've always had a hand in it. investigators always working the case. >> reporter: february 2nd, 1986, best friends michelle xavier and jennifer dewy found dead along the might have millcreek road a mile east of mission boulevard. a motorcyclist riding by discovered the women's bodies and called police. they had been shot and stabbed. neighbors remember it well. >> every time we drive by, we think about it. >> reporter: xavier's car was located six miles away in a parking lot of the mission valley shopping center. the women were last seen at a nearby convenience store.
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despite persons of interest and interviews, the case temporarily went cold and was suspended until 2016 when a position was created in the crimes against persons unit to focus on cases like this one. evidence had been processed for dna in recent years with mish going from being a person of interest to the main suspect. >> the statement he provided was something that made me believe he was definitely a big part of this case. >> reporter: he's expected to be arraigned on two counts of murder later this week. >> relief. it was nice to know they finally got the guy. >> the families are very thankful. very understanding. >> reporter: police say the victims had no contact with mish prior to the crime. in fremont, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. looks like winter again after four days of snow in the sierra. is it enough to stave off a return of the drought? officials say it's encouraging but the snowpack still remains well when average for this time of year. check out this satellite image of the sierra from the national weather service. on the left is the snow level last month.
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on the right, the level today. an 80% increase. this morning at phillips station the department of water resources found 41 inches of snow. that's just about one-third of average. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony was there and has our story from twin bridges. >> reporter: it's the place where the california department of water resources conducts its monthly snow surveys for the press. just a week ago here at phillips station, there was barely a foot of snow. now nearly three and a half. >> clearly we'd like to be well above average. but we gained substantially over what we had just a week ago. >> reporter: what a difference one storm can make. we were here at phillips station earlier this winter, and instead of walking in snowshoes, we were in tennis shoes. it's definitely a big change, but not enough. it would take at least two more big storms to bring the season totals here and across the high sierra back up to seasonal
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averages. right now the overall snowpack is just 37% of average. that's not to say the ski resorts aren't pleased with what mother nature has delivered, finally. >> we highly suggest to people, don't break out the golf clubs just yet. make sure that you wax skis and snowboards because there's still incredible conditions to be had. >> hopefully winter has been saved. this is beautiful conditions and perfect day for skiing. i think we feel like we're lucky to be here. >> reporter: at sierra tahoe, a number of people couldn't resist the temptation. no matter that it's normally a day reserved for things like work and school. >> untouched snow, it's just kind of plain and it's really pretty. >> i think it looks great. it's about time. been waiting for the snow all season. >> and the depth will be 29 -- >> reporter: while things are looking better, the snow survey that really counts when it comes to determining california's drought status is the next and final one on april 1st.
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meteorologist drew tuma is watch fog the next storm. any chance we'll see another snowmaker? >> watching for the end of the upcoming weekend, another system likely bringing some sierra snow. nothing like we just saw. but not out of the question another foot in spots. tonight, it's gorgeous are it is calm under partly cloudy skies. live doppler 7 giving you an active sweep across the region. for the moment we are dry. the big story today and this evening, temperatures were warm. 3 degrees warmer right now in oakland compared to yesterday. 6 in san francisco. 7 degrees warmer in half moon bay. in concord 6 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. tomorrow morning, it's a blend of sun and clouds. the clouds will lift to the north midday. and look at temperatures already. some spots well into the mid 60s. tomorrow afternoon even warmer than today. we'll have the numbers and our next chance of rain coming up in the accuweather forecast.
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there are subpoena candidates running to replace jerry brown as governor of california. but this poll from the public policy institute shows the top dogs are former san francisco mayor and lieutenant governor gavin newsom, and former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa. like the rivalry between the giants and dodgers, this battle could be played out at the ballot box. >> reporter: if it's a tale of two candidates as the latest polls suggest, could it also be a tale of two cities? >> i remember this office. >> reporter: lieutenant governor gavin newsom officially filed for the governor's race today, submitting the paperwork in san francisco, the city he once led as mayor. if his rival in november is fellow democrat and former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa, joe matthews of the media nonprofit zokalos says how californians feel about the candidates' hometowns could have an impact.
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an article he wrote is getting attention. >> in the entire history of the state, no los angeles mayor's been elected to statewide office. that's because people don't like los angeles. >> reporter: matthews believes san francisco may now be the one people love to hate. >> it's strikingly rich. it's powerful now. it has companies that, with little remorse, reach intimately into our lives. >> reporter: according to matthews, critics feel the candidates match the stereotypical images of their hometowns. >> so much of their record are tied up in what they did in their cities. you're going to hear as negative, as much negative spin as possible about those two cities. >> reporter: usf political science professor james taylor isn't sure if the north/south division, so passionate in sports, will translate to the election. >> i don't think at any point regular voters outside of the most port san individuals will care one way or the other about the regional domination of california politics.
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>> reporter: if newsom and villaraigosa are the top two vote-getters in june, they will face off in november. drew will be back with the full forecast. also the oscar theft. the best actress statue stolen. and what this video has to do with it. actress frances mcdormand took home her second oscar last night. despite her fame, s
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the oscar theft. frances mcdormand won the oscar then had it stolen. the video and the arrest. >> reporter: it was the moment of the night. >> frances mcdormand -- >> reporter: frances mcdormand setting the oscar down, asking women to stand up. >> if i may be so honor ed to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight. the actors. meryl, if you do it everybody else will. >> reporter: if only there was an oscar for most outrageous performance. >> i got this tonight, this is mine. >> reporter: terry bryant, who police confirm shot this video and posted it to his facebook page. >> governor's ball, baby. >> reporter: only thing is, police say that's not his oscar. it actually belongs to
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mcdormand. shortly after the show, she got it engraved. but even with her name etched in gold -- >> where's the jimmy kimmel party? >> reporter: police say that didn't stop bryant from swooping in when mcdormand left the statue out of her sight. >> what did you win for? >> top best producer. >> reporter: bryant showing off to unsuspecting partygoers apparently holding the statue as his very own golden ticket. >> that's your ticket to anything you want to go to. >> reporter: chef wolfgang puck's photographer couldn't % believe it either. police say he followed bryant and grabbed the oscar. police say bryant, who has a long rap sheet, didn't resist. he was eventually arrested and mcdormand was eventually reunited with her little guy. >> terry bryant had a legitimate ticket to the governor's ball. we've reached out to the academy to ask how he got that ticket. and to ask whether or not they are changing their security protocols. so far no answer. matt gutman, abc news,
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hollywood, california. frances is a regular in bolinas and people there say she's making it a better place. >> reporter: frances mcdormand took open the oscar. many were watching in the small town of bolinas where the actress lives part-time. >> i had her come to the gas station and i didn't recognize her until i said, wait a minute, that's frances. >> i've got things to say -- >> reporter: the hollywood a-lister a big fan of marin county and knows a lot of locals by name. >> she's available when she runs into you, which is nice. >> she's really cool. >> jason peacock works the local health food store. mcdormand is a regular customer. >> i treat her like a normal person, no big deal. she is a normal person. she happens to be really skilled at acting. >> reporter: locals say mcdormand is here for more than the view. she's active in the community and sits on the board of the local land trust which creates affordable housing for people.
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>> i think she cares. >> reporter: matt lunde works at the land trust where mcdormand volunteers her time. >> a lot of people with that prestige or money ain't got time for little people. she has time for little people. that goes a long way, in my book. >> reporter: a local volunteer who now has two oscars. we have much more oscar coverage online, including all the big moments. a full list of winners and behind the scenes photos. it's all on meteorologist drew tuma is here with our forecast. >> we're tracking an even warmer day on the way tomorrow than we had today. temperatures in the 60s today. tomorrow a few spots will get into the 70s. certainly feeling like spring around here for at least another day. live doppler 7 along with satellite, most areas are clear. a couple of patchy clouds over san francisco and around san jose and the south bay. that picture tonight, a live look from our east bay hills camera showing you really quiet conditions.
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winds are calm. those clouds will be increasing overnight tonight. what that will do, it will keep temperatures a bit warmer tonight than we were last night. your planner on your tuesday, at 7:00 a.m., we have a fair amount of cloud cover overhead. temperatures starting out in most spots in the 30s. by noon a lot of that cloud cover going to lift to the north. brighter skies already into the 60s in spots. by 5:00 a mild evening. i think some spots will get close to 70 degrees if not hitting that temperature tomorrow afternoon. all about that snowpack. take a look at this. two weeks ago, we saved the satellite showing you that limited snowfall over the sierra, only 20% of normal. then you take a look at the snowfall, the satellite today. much more of it. statewide we've jumped to 37% of normal. so we still have a long way to go. but the trend we see right now is for more snow in the seven-day forecast. temperatures out there with that cloud cover increasing along the coast and moving inland, look at this, 56 in san francisco, that
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feels mild compared to the chilly temperatures the last couple of weeks. 50 in oakland. 52 in san jose. 44 santa rosa. 48 in napa. overnight here's clouds increasing. that keeps temperatures in a lot of spots dropping into the 30s. no 20s on the board tonight. 39 the low in half moon bay. same in oakland. san francisco dropped to 42. by amp we expect cloud cough tore lift out of here. it's a bright afternoon. it's mild. and temperatures in the 70s in the south bay. 71 san jose. 70 santa rosa. 65, above average for this time of the year, for san francisco. 67 in oakland and livermore 63. then we're tracking our next storm system moving in here wednesday night. on the storm impact scale, this system ranks a 1. it's a light system moving in here, really light rain, less than .33 inches across the region, not a soaking by any means. the winds really do remain light. so future weather will start
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wednesday 8:00 a.m. a blend of sun and clouds out there. as we head into the afternoon, we'll start to notice a couple of showers in the north bay. after sunset, that's the best chance of any wet weather for most of us. but you notice how thin that ribbon of moisture is. it really just falls apart as it sinks south and it's out of here by thursda morning. really minimal rainfall with this next system. the accuweather seven-day forecast, cool tomorrow morning. look at the afternoon, mild wednesday. we'll track the showers in the evening, very light in nature, perhaps an isolated one in the morning on thursday. it's mainly a dry day. friday, a blend of sun and clouds. saturday night, we'll track our next system moving in which leads to a wet and breezy day around here sunday. sunday would be a day the sierra could pick up more snowfall with that storm system. up next, the app that tracks your location after you finish your location after you finish using it.
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the ceo of the movie pass announced his software tracks user locations via gps after they leave the theater. they offer a movie per day for $9.95 per month. what's concerning is the app collects location information from the user. the ceo says the app watches how you drive from home, from the movies, and where you go after. he says facebook is using customer data to make money and he's doing the same thing. there's newberger meister who's hard driven to make and grill the perfect patty every time. flippy the robot has been introduced at cali burger in pasadena with plans to cook at dozens of their locations. he'll chop, grill, fry, and season food. restaurants will be able to purchase the robot for $60,000 and pay maintenance costs of
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about $12,000 a year. flippy's designers say it's cost-effective because the robot can work faster, reduce food waste, and will not walk off the job. google has sold restaurant rating guide zagat to restaurant discovery platform the infatuation. financial details were not disclosed. infatuation is a website and app founded in 2009. it had its first profitable year last year. the infat ways says it will operate zagat as a separate brand. a former trump campaign aide doesn't plan to comply with the grand jury subpoen. why sam 91 berg called the president an idiot and won't testify. it needs to be resolved. >> students staying they don't want to be silenced. calls in san jose for congress to act on daca. the power of holding hands. what researchers have discovered about this simple act. (avo) if you've been struggling with belly pain
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welcome back. former trump campaign adviser sam 91 berg spent much of today appearing on television saying he will defy a special counsel subpoena to appear before a grand jury. am in an interview with another network, he appears to be backing away from those comments.
9:31 pm
lana zach is in washington with the story. >> you know what mr. mueller, if he wants to send me to jail, he can send me to sale, then i'll laugh about it. and i'll make a bigger spectacle than i am on your tv show right now. >> reporter: appearing on msnbc, sam nunberg, who was fired from the trump campaign, said he isn't protecting the president but he is worried about the special counsel trying to make a case against his mentor, roger stone, a trump ally. >> if they're trying to build a case against roger, i'm not going to be part of it. >> reporter: he believes that stone has done nothing wrong, but he wouldn't say the same about president trump. >> i think that he may have done something during the election. but i don't know that for sure. >> why do you think that? >> i can't explain unless you were there. >> reporter: on cnn, nunberg didn't hold back when talking about the president. >> i spent -- spending a lot of money on legal fees. a lot of other people are. and granted, donald trump caused it, because he's an idiot -- >> reporter: even contradicting the white house's position on
9:32 pm
the president's knowledge of that russia meeting at trump tower. >> president trump says he knew nothing about the meeting, do you think that's true? >> no. >> you don't think that's true? >> no. >> reporter: the white house discounted nunberg's comments. >> he hasn't worked at the white house, so i certainly can't speak to him or the lack of knowledge that he clearly has. >> reporter: nunberg replied that he couldn't care less what the white house thinks of him, and he also said that he believes that investigators just want to "harass me." now to a space launch. spacex is set to launch its 50th falcon 9 rocket in just a few moments. that rocket is sitting on the launch pad at cape canaveral in florida. the launch will set another milestone for elon musk's aerospace company. they are about 30 seconds away from liftoff right now at this spot that was so integral to the space program of the '60s when it was called cape kennedy. the rocket is carrying a spanish
9:33 pm
communications satellite that will orbit along the equator. you see some of the propellant -- coolant being released there. musk says at six metric tons, it's almost the size of a city bus. >> five, four, three, two, one -- zero. ignition. liftoff. >> the one thing that tv may not translate very well is how loud they are. it is very loud. the payload there almost the size of a city bus, will be the largest satellite that spacex has ever launched. weather was good at the launch site and you see it there streaking through the night sky away from southern florida.
9:34 pm
the news now today was the deadline pressure set for the end of daca before the court stepped in. students across the country took to the streets today calling on congress to act on behalf of dreamers and other undocumented youth. abc 7 news reporter janine de la vega has more from a rally in san jose. >> reporter: they're using the power of their voice in hopes of getting politicians to listen. these are students with dreams. >> i want to become a pediatrician. that's the goal. i'm currently volunteering at hospitals and soup kitchens. >> reporter: amarani is not a u.s. citizen, she's a daca recipient. she and the other students participated in a rally at san jose city hall. they called on congress to pass a clean d.r.e.a.m. act and for a reinstatement of temporary protective status for countries that were terminated like el salvador. some worry their parents may be deported. >> losing my mom, she's been there all my life.
9:35 pm
it's gassing to so heartbreaking for me. it's going to be hard. >> reporter: today marked the deadline president trump set for daca to end. the supreme court chose not to hear the issue last week and is letting the court of appeals handle it. that means daca recipients can continue to renew their status, but their future is in limbo. >> it's very much a sign of our polarized times and big differences in some of these issues between republicans and democrats and be able to get that major bill through congress right now. the chances are just very slim. >> reporter: many of these students are directly impacted themselves or know someone who is. it's become personal. and they don't want to be silen silenced. >> it's no longer a thing of politics. it's not a thing of a debate between republicans and democrats. it's a human issue that needs to be resolved now. >> reporter: the students march to the federal building, a symbolic show they want change and will continue to put on the pressure. students and activists held a walkout in santa rosa, demanding action on daca and immigration reform. the group met at santa rosa
9:36 pm
junior college and marched through downtown before delivering a letter of action to the federal building at sonoma avenue and "d" street. the walkout was organized by indivisible sonoma county, a progressive grass roots organization. facebook is under fire today after a bizarre survey. the menlo park-based social media company asked users whether pedophiles should be able to proposition underaged girls for photographs. facebook scrapped the survey after it was spotted by media outlets in united kingdom. a vice president at facebook called it a mistake adding, this kind of activity is and will always be completely unacceptable. when the you reach for the hand of a loved one in pain, not only will your breathing and heart rate synchronize with theirs, your brain wave patterns women couple up as well. researchers found the more those brain waves sync, the more the pain goes away. just being in each other's presence increased brain wave synchronicity. if they held hands scientists
9:37 pm
noticed pain diminished. why will need more study. the study was conduct the by the university of colorado boulder and the university of haifa. it was supposed to calm traffic but neighbors say a
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9:40 pm
residents of one san francisco neighborhood are furious over so-called traffic calming circles at two intersections on euclid avenue and laurel heights. they're meant to enhance safety but people say they've seen the opposite results. lyanne melendez with a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> reporter: not to be confused with a round-about, the so-called traffic calming circle has many wondering why the city would install two of these concrete structures on euclid street in laurel heights. >> there are speed bumps down
9:41 pm
the street too, which probably could have done the job. >> reporter: most neighbors say it's overkill. >> it is inappropriately big. it puts pedestrians and bicyclists at risk. it's difficult for understand. >> reporter: the main complaint is that most drivers don't realize they must first come to a four-way stop, something your typical roundabout doesn't have. one after another, drivers were rolling through the stop sign. near misses are not uncommon. >> i start walking. another car just ran almost right into me. >> i don't like crossing in this crosswalk anymore. i tend to walk out of my way to cross euclid now. because it seems as if no one really knows what to do. >> reporter: the san francisco municipal transportation agency says, in fact it was neighbors who wanted something done about cars speeding through here. it was at this precise intersection that in 2015, a 2-year-old was critically injured when a car hit her stroller. >> something we're going to have to monitor. we're putting the work in now because we think this will help.
9:42 pm
we're going to monitor the situation, allow some time to ensure people can get used to it. we'll take it from there. >> reporter: in the meantime, the city will add some native plants to make it somewhat more appealing to neighbors. meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the forecast. and the music industry loses a legend. legend. up next, a look back at the baby boomers,
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here's something you should know. there's a serious virus out there that 1 in 30 boomers has, yet most don't even know it. a virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. hep c can hide in the body for years without symptoms. left untreated it can lead to liver damage, even liver cancer. the only way to know if you have hep c is to ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure.
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the music industry lost one of its ledge jens. russ solomon founded tower records and died last night at age 92. a family member told "the sacramento bee" solomon had a heart attack while drinking whiskey and watching the oscars. jonathan bloom has a look back at his life from those who knew him. >> he grew ts business from a
9:46 pm
counter in the corner in the back of his father's pharmacy in sacramento, and it became almost 60 magnificent stores around the globe. >> reporter: russ solomon started out young and stayed young. >> he was a big kid. and laughed. was fun to be around. >> reporter: that love of fun is how rock journalist ben fontures said solomon made tower records a central part of the music world. >> he was the one who had parking lot concerts featuring rock bands. he had murals painted of the best-selling albums along the outer walls. >> reporter: from the iconic store that stood here in san francisco, tower records branched out all over the world. but in building his retail empire, solomon wanted to be sure each store was still a neighborhood business. >> within six months, there would be their own personality. even though the furniture was the same, its own personality. >> reporter: karen worked with solomon for 20 years. she said he hired smart managers
9:47 pm
and trusted them to decide what to carry in their stores. >> people that had to be told exactly what to do didn't function really well in that environment. >> reporter: the showtime documentary "all things must pass" looks at what was an unconventional business. >> they had no dress code. >> reporter: with a charismatic founder. >> russ solomon, tower records was what he did. i don't think he thought he could do any wrong. >> reporter: even when torres met solomon in 1997, he was beginning to feel pressure from the advent of digital music. >> he was saying things like, the industry has got to adapt to the changes, we're losing the kids. >> reporter: tower records went bankrupt and ultimately closed. >> i don't understand why it's gone. >> reporter: leaving a generation of music lovers to remember its stores and now its founder. >> he was a great guy and we'll miss him. one last check othn wedder and when we can expect the next round of rain? >> one more dry day, it's going to be warm tomorrow afternoon. then we'll track some rain
9:48 pm
moving in on wednesday. out there right now it's not too bad compared to the cold snap we had been in the past couple of weeks. 40s and 50s at this hour. 5 to 9 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. so tomorrow we'll see a fair amount of cloud cover early on. the clouds will thin. in the afternoon a lot of sunshine and that's going to boost us into the 60s, low 70s in spots. it will be a mild tuesday on the way. 71 will be the high in san jose 65. oakland 65. richmond 64. as we head into wednesday we'll track our next cold front approaching the region. it's really after dark on wednesday. in the evening. just light rain. you can see rainfall less than .33 inches of rain. and the winds will remain light. this is a pretty weak system coming through. and much of the rain will fall while many of us are sleeping. the accuweather seven-day forecast will show you tomorrow is about the warmth after a chilly start, lots of sunshine by the afternoon.
9:49 pm
rain in the evening wednesday. a 1 on the storm impact scale and the next storm arrives late on saturday. tennis, anyone? >> tennis at the tank, no less. quite a foursome at s.a.p. center in a doubles match for the ages. the ages. roger federer and jock saw,
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raiders released aldon smith after another run-in with the police. san francisco police said they have a warrant for his arrest in connection with a domestic violence allegation from yesterday. his attorneys are dealing with the police to arrange a day and time to turn himself in. raiders signedal done to a two-year deal but he was never cleared to return from suspension. he cannot be in contact with the raiders during his suspension which means he goes unmonitored as he awaits his return to the league. he can't practice or work out
9:53 pm
with the team, has to stay away. at a time when he needs the structure. the nfl wants you to show you can help yourself, but most people with addiction issues need help. his fiancee and her parents convincedal done to enter rehab. steph curry is expected if in the starting lineup tomorrow. he's not listed on the injury report after tweaking his ankle friday in atlanta and playing golf -- augusta national saturday. jordan bell's latest, he played in santa cruz last night. he'll rejoin the team for tuesday's game at oracle against brooklyn after missing almost six weeks with sprained ankle. his ankle seems to be stable, he just needs to get his confidence ask conditioning back. he can be athletic as he's been after a major ankle injury. steve kerr had this to say today. >> did a nice job. jordan was good, he was solid. he needed to play. he's played three games for us. maybe averaged 12 minutes in those three games. so he needed the conditioning. i thought he got over the hump
9:54 pm
last night conditioning-wise. played 29, 30 minutes, something like that. he was solid. a good night for him. flavor flav looking in on the wcc men's tournament in vegas. st. mary's/byu. jack landale gives the gales a lead, he'sot game. jordan fore, top of the key, firing the three, he had 13 in the first half. byu now down two. dalton nixon gets the ball under the hoop. finish and the foul. byu leads 62-54 right now in the second half. we'll have those complete highlights coming up at 11:00 on abc 7. top seed zaga taking on the dons. gonzaga up eight early. usf's jordan rutino renfro gets them within seven. but it was all gonzaga. 33-17 gonzaga.
9:55 pm
zags up 28-43. killian tilly made his first nine shots, 5 of 5 beyond the arc. bulldogs advance with the 88-60 victory. tonight at the s.a.p. center in san jose, 20-time major winner roger federer along with fellow tour player jack sock squared off in a doubles match with bill gates and savannah guthrie. it was a charity event to support children's education in africa through the federer foundation. this point was the highlight, gates and federer in the near court. watch this rally between gates and sock. rogers on his knees, getting tired, tried to hit it over his head, no. he's going to get that one too. this is unbelievable. look at this. finally they win the point. a lot of fun for everybody. and a great cause. and we'll have a lot more on this coming up at 11:00. cactus league, a's released first baseman brandon moss. he wasn't going to find much
9:56 pm
playing time so he's designated for assignment. if he doesn't find a team, he said he will retire. manager bob melvin said he hated to see brandon go. >> there's certain guys you're closer to certainly over my career manage is, he's one of those guys. had a big impact in this organization '12, '13, '14. guys loved him here, but coming in, it looked like it was going to be a bit of a squeeze for him. so i hope he does hook on somewhere. i still think he's got some game left. the moustache in season form against the white sox. facing nicky delmonico in the first. the first baseman drives an rbi double off the right field wall, just like that, white sox up 2-0. a's looking to answer in the first. but dylan sea strikes out dustin fo fowler. gets chris davis swinging. matt olsen looking. 9-0 white sox in the fifth when jed lawrie steps to the plate.
9:57 pm
he's going to connect. two-run homer off former "a" danny four quart. the a's rally late, tying the game. they don't go to extra innings in spring training, 9-9 final. nfl combine still under way. stanford with six players there. defensive tackle harrison philips threw out 42 reps of 225 pound on this the bench press, best at this year's combine. safety justin reid running his 40. and he clicks off a 4.40, very good time for a safety. he left school a year early to join the nfl. his brother is 49er free agent safety eric reid. he will get drafted. but is not a first-round pick. he did well at the combine. you want to make an impression at the combine, this is not what you want. check out weber state defensive back terron johnson, hit in the face by the football. kind of the top of the head. the expressions of the scouts behind him say it all. ouch. johnson was a 2017 big sky
9:58 pm
defensive mvp. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by toyota. getting back to aldon smith, most guys at his age don't know anything but football, that's all he's done his whole life, never had another job. so the guys like that don't know what to do with themselves with free time. i think it's part of the problem. plus he can't reach out to the team or vice versa. a bad situation. it needs to be change the in the next collective bargaining agreement. >> it's why teams get guys like harry edwards to help guys like that. thank you very much. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, a look at sexual harassment on flights. two women share their stories. why it's a bigger problem than we may realize. also the downsizing trend when it comes to housing in san francisco. adults taking cue from their college years. join us for abc news at 11:00 on channel 7. the warriors' klay thompson has a love for bulldog rocco. now their friendship is immore or lessized in a show.
9:59 pm
these pictures from nice kicks show the cases of klay and his best bud on the tongues of the shoe. the limited edition sneakers were released yesterday at nice sicks in san francisco. klay teamed up with a chinese company for the suede and they match the coloring of his beloved bulldog. thanks for watching, see you at 11:00 on channel 7.
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- [narrator] today, the stories of two murder cases. one, in ventura, california. the other in baton rouge, louisiana. in our first case, a married grocery store clerk


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