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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 25, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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. good evening. thanks for joining us. stormy daniels decided to the a prime time interview about what she says happened in the lake tahoe hotel room. we have why she suddenly changed her mind.
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>> tonight the bomb shell interview stormy daniels alleged an affair with donald trump in 2006 breaking her silence on 60 minutes. >> you had sex with him? >> yeah. >> did you want to have sex with him? >> yeah. >> i i didn't say no. >> it was entirely consensual? >> yes. yes. >> you work in an industry where condom use is an issue. did he use a condom? >> no. >> she is suing the preponderate claiming the contract is void because then candidate trump never signed it. she claims in 2011, years before siphoning the agreement she was threatened about going public. >> i was in a parking lot going to a fitness class with an infant daughter and a guy walked up on me and said leave trump alone. forget the story. he leaned around and said that's
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a beautiful little girlment it would be a shame if something happened to her mom. >> you took it as a direct threat? >> absolutely. >> those close to the president dubbing it a political attack. >> i can only tell you what he told me. he said he thought that it was a political hoax. >> the president's lawyers say she broke the confidentiality agreement and filed a motion seeking damages of $20 million. she was asked if he had any evidence of the affair. >> you don't want to say one way or the other if you have text messages or other items. >> my attorney recommended we don't have other things. >> suing the president for defamation after he called her allegations of sexual misconduct totally made up and nonsense. abc news, west palm beach. we are following developing
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news out of san francisco. a man in the hospital following a stand di on chester avenue. police carried out their investigation. we are told investigators are treating it as a domestic violence incident. the man suspected of stabbing the woman and then stabbing himself. witnesses say it happened in front of the pastor. >> it happened directly right in front of her. you know it's just sad. >> theame of the woman that was killed has not been released. abc 7 news was there. the fire damaged a basement area used by sunday school classes.
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the congregation held sunday services at another building. they say someone set that fire. >> aay after marchf our lives rally many student organizers in the bay area are looking ahead to what happens next when it comes to gun control. they know change won't come easy. >> can barely speak right now. >> student organizer lost his voice saturday during the march for our lives, shoutig out for his cause. he says it was worth it. >> i want the fear of guns, i don't want it existing in society. >> it has persisted for so long. >> she rallied in san francisco. it showed thousands of marchers across the civic center. >> she is feeling empowered.
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>> we are sick of seeing guns in schools and sick of seeing guns on the streets. >> it is really signaling the fact that young people are taking ownership with this issue. >> they will get friends and classmating engaged an getting them to vote. >> if you do vote you have the power to real change the political climate in this country and every vote does matter. >> does it feel like somebody is listening? >> now it does. i think the magnitude is what got us there. >> she can't wait to vote. >> i preregistered already.
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the organizers of march for our lives are reflecting on the powerful statement made today. today they are saying we could see the results starting in the next election. >> i think that the fact that young people everywhere were take initiatives showed that we have learned that our voices matter so many people discussed voting. >> it was easily the largest of the hundreds that took place worldwide. >> sharpton says he will attend the funeral of the unarmed sacramento man. 22-year-old clark's death sparked several days of protest. officers didn't find a weapon, only a cell phone. activists were calling for the two police officers involved in the shooting to be criminally
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prosecuted. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is apologizing after a major breach of trust. investigators have going through the firm that is accused of improperly obtaining date to to manipulate elections. investigators spent sever hours there leaving with boxes of evidence. musk has jumped on the delete facebook movement. he deleted tesla's page on friday. he responded i didn't realize there was one. a short time later that page was gone too.
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he says he will keep his instagram account. that social network is owned by facebook. he put that out in response to some enthusiasts saying his decision isn't a political statement, facebook just gives him the willies. the web site says people two used android devices had their information collected. facebook says it comes only from users who aloi it. just ahead, we have ann injury update on curry. >> how long he is expected to be ot and if he will miss part of the playoffs. if you think you're playing more at the pump, how high gas prices are expected to climb. >> the force of natur on full display where this avalanche
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♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. a demonstration was sparked by the president in germany. there has been a push in the region of spain to break away and form a separate country. spain tried to put an end to the independence movement. video taken by an instagram user shows the cars being pushed by the weight of the snow as one
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of the most popular in russia. the snow has a yellowish tint. it blanketed the mountains of that black sea resort. gas prices keep climbing towards the $4 an average. st. louis has the east expensive gas at $2.22 per gallon. see what happened when people were confronted with giving up their allegiance to save some money. and up next the accuweather forecast. we are down to the final
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the oakland a's add a hefty parking surcharge for fans at the game. >> we were there where parking fans gave an ultima. say $30 to park and say go a's. we found some die hards two would rather take a hit to their wallets. >> it will be $50 for parking unless you say go a's. >> go giants. >> are you going to pay the 50?
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>> kyes. it is part of helping keep this place open. >> the idea was anouned yesterday. it is a promotion to lure new fans to the a's games as they celebrate its 50th season in oaand. shower moving through the east bay. once it pushes off to the east waerm weather moves in for the week ahead. really quiet conditions over the south bay. no rain is expected tonight. in fact the next seven days we enter a very dry pattern. march is certainly going out like a lam. winds right now not too bad. along the coast it is still
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breezy. half-moon bay about 20 miles per hour. across the region winds have backed off. a light wind out there. temperatures in the 40s and 50s at this hour. it is cooler in the north bay in napa. over the next 12 hours plenty of stars out there. the winds will back off even more. we'll have temperatures to cool off pretty quickly. we'll drop into the 30s. it is 39 in oakland. santa rosa dropping to the freezing mark. this will get you into your monday. you need your winter jacket early on. a lot of sunshine throughout the day. it will bring temperatures along the coast. away from the coast temperatures back into the 60s. so highs on your monday.
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it is a beautiful looking day. 63 is the high in oakland. 60 in san francisco and 66 the high in santa rosa. our pattern will pretty much do a 180. that's muscle maker of the forecast that sends our storm track well to the north. showers will remain in the pacific northwest. this will bring about a land breeze. it will continue to warm us up each and every day. it will cull minute nate toppling out on thursday. spring warmth is on the way today. you can see highs in the 50s if not close to about 60 degrees. that's below average for this time of year. we jump ahead into thursday. look what is approaching. a lot of 70s if not low 80s. we'll see temperatures from 12 to 22 degrees warmer than we
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were today. this mild air will hang around into the upcoming weekend. your forecast bright and sunny on your monday. it is a touch milder on tuesday. a's home opener look great. for the first time this season curry has a four week rehab. head coach said he will not play in the first round of the playoffs but pregame he begged to disagree. >> staying posztive and upbeat hopefully i put myself in a position to get back as soon as possible. right now -- >> there it is.
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>> talked it it being unfortunate. >> my presence with the team will help any way i can when i'm not on the floor. green out with all four all stars out tonight. that's a good sign. he struggled all year. down at the half. whee came off at the third. mitchell three of his 21. stops then throws it down. good third rt kwaer team. come on. turns it over. mitchell drains another. jazz goes onto win it. they have lost five of their last eight. faced off at the coliseum. it is with bumgarner starting
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the season. they will get the hoping day start on thursday. today though it was johnnie. clear and a little chilly today. top of the third, bases loaded for posey. it has gone deep to center. hits the wall. he finished 2-1 on the day. he would knock in the only run. base hit brings in fouler. he went five and two-thirds innings. pablo sandoval. johnson will win game one. 5-1 your final. >> it is always good to get up here and get to play in big league stadium and be ready go here in a few days. >> certainly there is a little rivalry between the two clubs here in the bay. it's a perfect way to move into the season.
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we'll get a couple of night games which we don't typically get and it's a right way to get ready. all right. in the elite eight we tip off with kansas and duke. he is looking for the 13th final four. kansas down three. five seconds left. allen for the win. in and out we go to over time. newman who had 32 points, can't leave him alone in the corner. kansas advances to the final four. 85-81 that final. villa nova. this is past dante. second half spellman. throws it down one pass. he had 11. 12 points off defender and then
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he clean its up here. they advance. 71-59 their final. they will face kansas while michigan gets loyolla. >> thanks. >> just ahead, blan panthers run comes to
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tonight at 11:00 the sports team devastated after a freak accident sends a parent to the hospital. >> and a chance to learn from
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some of the birs. bay area labs getting ready welcome rick perry this week. >> clearly not the same guy right there. >> probably. a new king at the box office. pacific rim. science fiction. black panther is now the highest grossing super hero film in north america at $631 million. the. >> the previous record was avengers. so here are the top five. pacific rim, black panther slipped to second. i can only imagine third. sherlock gnomes. >> and i can only imagine the
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title i can only imagine. that's it for us. we'll see you.


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