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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 31, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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live where you live. this is abc7 news. >> i got 29-year-old boys that look just like this. and i fear for them. >> a former warrior going for change after unarmed black man is killed in san francisco and tonight the warriors playing the sacramento kings as police protests continue as police planned for protests, rather. good evening, i'm eric thomas. deone limb has the night off. tonight, protesters rallied
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outside of the sheriff's office chanting names of people kill bid police. near the stadium, officers ready in case protesters tried to block fans entering the warriors kings game following a rally that featured matt barnes. abc7 news has more. >> reporter: two rallies as the outrage continued over the fatal police shooting of stefan clark. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> reporter: the peaceful protests coming on the heels of the release of the independence autopsy that found officers shot clark 8 times, six of the bullets hitting him in the back. >> we are living in communities that are like war zones. >> reporter: event organizer on stage with clark's two children told the crowd what motivated him to get involved. >> like i said, this is near and dear to my heart for reasons like this. i got two 9-year-old boys that
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look just like this and i fear for them. >> reporter: urging both sides to get to know one another. >> know your communities. we got to be receptive to allowing them to come in our communities and talk and listen and we got to bridge that gap. >> protesters also marched through downtown streets part of a rally previously planned to commemorate caesar chavez day and focus on clark's death. dozens carrying signs and chanting, chavez or stefan clark. >> supporting brown and black people and support themselves. letting him know you don't have to hide in the shadows anymore. hear him rise up with him. >> reporter: the protests throughout the city are largely peaceful but some vowing to continue protesting until the officers accused of killing clark are held accountable. elizabeth hur, abc7 news, new york. tesla drivers how they feel about the model x cars was on
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auto pilot during a fatal crash eight days ago. dan noyes broke the story leading to tesla's response. alyssa harrington has more. >> her brother-in-law bought this tesla model x because it's the only to know exactly what's going on. >> i feel safe in this car because it alerts us as to what >> reporter: the very same model crashed last friday. the driver, an apple engineer, died. tesla revealed the car was on auto pilot when crashed but they still feel safe. >> people need to understand that it's not that you can just get in this car and it's going to do, like a miracle car. it's not. it's a car that you can put it on auto pilot, but you also have to use your basic common sense. >> i think auto pilot is safe, but you can't be put on auto pilot and watch tv and not give
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any credence to the signals that they provide. >> reporter: a statement released late friday on the company's blog says, the driver had receive several visual and one audible hands on warning earlier in the drive and the driver's hands were not detected on the wheel for six seconds prior to the collision. >> i'm not too worried but use it the way it's desied. it's still a early technology. >> reporter: driver daniel lawless said the autopilot is the reason he bought the tesla. still always in control and the car alerts you if you take your hands off the wheel for too long. >> i'll use it but i got my hands on the wheel, watching the road. >> reporter: it will slow down and shut off if they ignore warnings. it's not perfect. >> it raises the question on the safety though. so how you balance it is you have to strike a balance of paying attention on the road. >> reporter: as dan noyes reported, attorney and consultant from safe says tesla bears responsibility for the failings of autopilot and automation
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poses challenges for new cal trans. alyssa harrington, abc7 news. >> we have exclusive reports on just click on sections and then i-team and you'll find several stories as dan noyes looks at issues with the auto pilot feature. it was another warm day out there but cooldown is on the way. live look outside right now from eric's exploratorium cam. it hasn't cooled off yet but for tomorrow's easter and passover forecast, meteorologist. >> you can see from the exploratorium cam, the fog descending over san francisco. noticeable changes the past 24 hours. numbers dropped some 20 degrees and the afternoon high and the cooler changes will extend into parts of tomorrow. let's talk about what we have. live doppler 7 quiet. temperature-wise, we fall back into the 50s in a lot of spots and even antioch right now holding the low 60s and 61 the
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current number in concord but the bigger story is that fog and the future weather shows tomorrow morning for sunrise services, 6:00 in the morning and contend with some patchy fog. i don't think it's going to be dense but the fog wilbe with us early on in the day. that's sun up at about 7:00 in the morning and really help to burn off that fog pretty quickly by 9:00 in the morning. so it will be a sunnier finish to the weekend and we'll see how warm we get and when the next chance of rain arrives with the forecast. >> drew, thank you very much. undocumented immigrant and san jose father facing deportation released from detention on monday. fernando koreyo allowed to stay after judge ruled it would not be safe to move to mexico. he was detained after he dropped his daughter off at day care. religious groups. president trump said today that california's, or blasted
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california's governor for pardoning conconvicts. they included kidnapping, domestic violence and drug dealing. the governor office had no comment about the tweet. the president called out libby for warning residents about impending ice race last month. >> the criminal aliens who got away in oakland after they helped them evade capture committed new crimes, that could have been easily prevented if not for oakland's dangerous sanctuary policies. >> in the weekly address, the president urged congress to cut off funding for sanctuary cities to cut off the deadly opioid. gang members and the president announced steps his administration is taking including reducing drug demand and supply and increasing drug
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treatment programs. the fallout continues for fox news host laura ingram who mocked a parkland shooting survivor. major advertisers pull their ads off and now she's taking a break. linda lopez has the latest. >> reporter: laura ingram, the popular fox news channel host, told viewers last night she's taking a preplanned vacation next week. >> i'll be off next week for easter break with my kids, but fear not. we've got a great line-up of guest hosts to fill in for me. >> reporter: wlo weather the controversy will also take a break. earlier, mocked high school senior david hog calling for tougher gun laws following the mass shooting at his school in parkland, florida. david rejected by four colleges to which he applied and whines about it. tweeted a list of ingram's top advertisers and asking nearly 650,000 followers to boycott all of them. many of those advertisers responded quickly, expedia,
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hulu, nestle and johnson and johnson. more than a dozen in all. pulling their ads from ingram's show. ingram did apologize to hog saying in the spirit of holy week, i apologize of any upset or hurt my tweet caused him or any of the brave victims of parkland but hog doesn't seem to consider that apology genuine. >> she only apologized after a third of advertisers dropped out. >> reporter: receive add quick response from hog and said, have healthy reflections this holy week. linda lopez, abc news. a space station could crash this week and why scientists say we shouldn't be worried. and wait until you see the star power this will bring in.
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scientists say it's hard to know where a chinese space station will land when it falls back to earth but estimate of when it will land. the european space agency believes it will fall sometime tomorrow afternoon. give or take several hours. it will likely land in one of the earth's oceans, probably the pacific. >> parts of it will hit the earth. not much of it. most burn up in reentry and some will strike the earth but the chance of anyone getting hit is really very, very remote. >> the space station is far from the only human object and that's amap that experts built showing the tens of thousands of pieces of space junk that surround our planet. stan lee will return to the silicon valley comic-con despite health issues. the popular three day festival in the third year that will kick off at the san jose convention and jeff gold blum and sean astin from lord of the rings and dr. may and david from dr. who
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and kristen of jessica jones. this year's theme is what does it mean to be human? you'll find panels, exhibits and as always, incredible cosplay. a cooldown headed to the bay area and with it comes rain. meteorologi meteorologist. >> on cinderella, this year's ncaa tournament and knocks off chicago with the kings and the chicago with the kings and the warriors off in chicago with the kings and the warriors off in ♪ ♪
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we have an early easter bunny sighting to report in the bay. bunny is appearance at the egg hunt where officers got in on
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the search and the east shore community center. in addition to searching for eggs, children enjoyed games including musical chairs to burn off all of that easter candy. el cerrito couldn't resist. they exchanged hi fives and got to meet a special bunny on hand for today's festivities. el cerrito hosted this event for more than 70 years. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> in accuweather tonight, cooling off rapidly out there. we have fog descending in from the coast and that means tomorrow, we have a cooler finish to the weekend. live doppler 7 showing you the active scan across the entire region. we are coming up precipitation free for the moment. picture live with the rooftop camera at kgo studios and you can see the full moon peeking out as we have some high clouds from time to time, but along with the quick warm-up we had
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the past week, it kind of allowed things to really bloom rather rapidly. if you're sniffling and sneezing, here's part of the reason why. the tree pollen is on the rise. the moderate levels right now, main offenders with the tree pollen are the pine of sycamore and mulberry trees right now. 24 hour temperature change. you can see we're much cooler right now than we were this time yesterday in most locations. 15 degrees cooler in oakland thanks to some fog in parts of the east bay. 12 degrees cooler in san francisco and 11 in novato and 9 degrees cooler respectively. temperature-wise, cooling off quick on the coast. 62, san rafael. get away from the fog with clearer skies and 56 in livermore and right now, clear temperature of 63 degrees. here's a call. overnight from accuweather. you have that fog developing right now in parts of the east bay. patchy fog for some but all of us drop into the 40s over the next 12 hours and 12 hour day
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planner on your sunday, pockets of fog early on and very early for the sunrise services. peeks of sunshine away from the coast and quickly out of here by 9:00 a.m. noon and therefore, it's a mainly sunny sky and temperatures on the coast are rather cool in the 40s and 50s but once you get away from the water, temperatures are warmer, mainly in the 70s. so highs on sunday looking picture perfect and the egg hunts out there. 62 with afternoon sunshine and temperature, breezy half-moon bay. 58. 75 though for san jose and the concord and vallejo and santa rosa and napa, warm about 74 degrees. if you are traveling across the state tomorrow, it's dry from north to south. no issues with precipitation. you can see l.a. and san diego. mid 60s to low 70s tomorrow afternoon and once you move inland, you can see fresno and bakersfield and even palm springs will top out at about 90
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degrees. a nice finish to the weekend across the board. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. plan the next 7 days for you. easter sunday. it's that fog in the morning but we're much warmer inland by the afternoon. slightly cooler as we head into the upcoming week but a lot of sunshine will dominate easter wednesday. thursday, increasing clouds and a chance at night of a sprinkle happening in the north bay, but it's a better chance for everybody but friday, and saturday. scattered light showers. it's a level one on the storm impact scale. >> now, abc7 sports with mike shumann. >> it's over. loyola of chicago, the underdog in fan favorite lost today in the final four courtesy of michigan. ramblers lucky charm. san francisco hoping the magic continues. early second half. up 10, the hoop and foul. midnight came for cinderella and the bell was told by big mo.
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24 points and the third player with a 2015 game of the final four in 40 years joining and larry bird. michigan wins the 69-57. loyola hugging sister jean on the way out. what a run for the ramblers. they'll be remembered in the 2018 tournament. the kansas andvil villanova tex game. emphatic wildcats in control from the jump. 13 threes in the first half. knocking it down. villanova set the record for most threes by the team in the season and final four record of 18. kansas without much and taking advantage of the game high 24 points. worst ever loss and 95-75 your final and villanova and michigan and monday night's final. warriors hosted and clay thompson and score the team's four points and finding him on
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the touchdown pass. nice little lay-in. kings lead by 7 and fox, knocked down six straight. kevin durant at 17 points in the first half and the ducks by 8. after that three at the half. third quarter, passing going to lead to mcghee, throwdown. passing and will freeze the kings right here, comes right back to durant for th three and then clay, going to get the friendly roll here. he had 17 after three and late in the fourth, up 101 to 80 while the complete highlights coming up at 11:00 on abc7. won dodgers against l.a. dodgers received the world series runner-up or the national league championship jewelry but this giant fan could care less. dodgers finally get the first runs of the season. two of the first off, darren and matt kim singles in and
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hernandez and two on and two out for l.a. in the fourth. kyle fly to center and who's got it? you've got it. no, i got it. no, you got it. confusion between greg and andrew mccutchen and nobody got it. jonathan, three early errors, 5-0 after four and the dodgers bullpen shut it down and strike out 11 times and dodgers win the first of the season. with a 5-0 victory. a's and angels, versus schumaker. angels take the lead. doubling off the right field and scores with three hits and two rbi on the day. angels ahad 12 hits up 12-0 and then the two out single in the sixth and then bases full and matt olson a tying run at the plate. you can't go down looking. angels go on to win it. 8-3 your final. sharks and las vegas.
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enough said. two minutes in. sharks allow another early goal and shea theodore beats martin jones. sharks tie it up five minutes later. shot, deflect to joe pavelski and beats marc andre fleury. 1-1 game and pavelski takes the shot and marc edward, going to score on the rebound and after two periods, we are tied at 2. the golden knights clinch the pacific division with a win. warriors chief operating officer selected into the basketball hall of fame today as a contribute for along with 12 others including jason and steve and we'll be back after the 10 commandments run on abc7 at 11:45. hope you stick around. we'll see you then. >> thank you. coming up, this is no skinny dipper.
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tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, breaking developments out of sacramento. the situation there could be escalating after a police car ran into a protester. that woman is now in the hospital. and defying the odds. the earthquake north bay soccer team that's been through a lot in the past six months. here's going through a lot too. a florida homeowner found a surprise visitor in the swimming pool. here he is. all 11 feet of him. an alligator floating in the water and swimming away as it struggled to avoid capture. a sheriff's deputy managed to come out with the help of a trapper and off the property through the door of the fence there. not clear where the alligator came from or how it ended up in pool. i don't think asking. that's it for abc7 news at 9:00. next newscast at 11:45 over on channel 7.
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following the "ten commandments." see you then. - hey, timmy, i got a little invite to a shindig in the hamptons tomorrow. be ready to leave at noon, and don't wear that jacket that makes you look like a terrorist. - both personally hurtful and politically incorrect, sir. well done. however, i can't make it. - uh...why? - i'm doing volunteer work tomorrow. - oh, you gotta make up for a little drinky, drinky, swervy, swervy? - no. - oh, did you proposition an undercover cop? - no.


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