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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 20, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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meantime, local law enforcement and transit agencies are asking californians to use with caution. remember, there's no toking, videotaping, smoking, hot boxing, or puffing on cal train or our platform. thank you and have a nice day. driving under the influence of
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marijuana could get you dui with fines up to $1,000. a little later we go inside regulating the legal can psee how the state makes sure what dispensaries are selling is safe and how this affects the supply of legal weed. a vallejo teacher is under arrest from allegedly trying to solicit sex from an undercover cop posting as a 14-year-old girl. records reveal the teacher previously violated a school policy by contacting a fifth grade girl onocial media. now the story and new reaction from the school district. >> every teacher, every employee of the school district is -- >> reporter: one day after a teacher was arrested, new information reveals administrators at glen cove elementary have reprimanded him for inappropriate social media contact with a fifth-grader last summer. >> we did become aware of an incident at that school that was
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reported to school officials in august. search warrant written by a investigators, lund said he began to chat on a social dia platform with a student at glen cove elementary with a student who was between fourth and fth grade. he said he asked the girl if she missed him. the incident was reported by the parents but the district said e letter wouldn't be placed in his personal file unless he failed to comply with personal instructions no the t to engage students on social media. "while i can confirm that a single concern unrelated to mr. lund's recent arrest was brought to the district's attention in august 2017, appropriate action was taken. it does not appear that action included reporting the incident to the police.
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on monday he was arrested on multiple felony charges related to more recent alleged activity on social media with an undercover officer he thought was a 14-year-old girl. >> he began to ask her questions related to sexual activity, then sent her some actual harmful images. >> here we have the district failing to document behavior that it knows to be inappropriate and then later the teacher gets arrested for the same type of conduct. >> reporter: in the meantime, andrew lund sits here in the county jail on $3 million bail. in martinez, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thank you, laura. richmond police are appealing for witnesses to come forward to help solve the city's fourth homicide in the past two weeks. officers found two wounded men after shot spotter technology detected gunfire outside a convenience store on carlson boulevard at 11:30 last night.
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one victim died, the other has been released from the hospital. richmond's mayor is speaking out tonight about the spate of killings. almost all these homicides have one thing in common. they are about petty feuds over insignificant issues and they are people who just are -- they're just determined to settle feuds with guns. >> the mayor and the police do not believe drugs are involved in the most recent homicides. the city's first since november. a story tonight from our partner at hood line about a good idea that ended badly. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains why a mural that earned praise from the neighborhood is being taken down. >> reporter: nancy ellen lives in a shiny new building on a street plagued by vandalism. >> i have dreamed of doing something under thin this terri under the bridge to beautify the neighborhood. >> reporter: she met this
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artist. >> creating more art can kind of balance it in a way that we feel better. >> reporter: the tapestry of local landmarks was made out of tiny dots by a robot called spray printer. the mural brought color and life to what was a giant empty wall and most people seem to like it. but apparently not everyone. >> people were so excited walking by. and because it is a techie thing, it is interesting. >> reporter: the excitement lasted two weeks -- until this. >> there was a tag on there. my heart sunk because i always thought tt people honored artists. they would never do th. >> reporter: nori says that's often true and in that spirit she opted to fix the mural but leave the tag. >> we changed the design to leave their tag. >> they came back with a spray can they stole and sprayed it totally across the whole thing. nothing could be done with the art after that. it was ruined. >> reporter: at workers remove
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what's left of the mural, its advocates are dejected but not defeated. they hope they can talk to the taggers or even work together. >> because we believe our mission is war on boring walls, not war with people. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. the faa has issued an emergency directive ordering inspections to take place on hundreds of engines after tuesday's deadly engine failure aboard a southwest airlines flight. the administration is ordering ultrasound fan blade checks on cfm-56 engines. 352 of them are in use in the united states. the directive was issued after federal safety investigators suspected metal fatigue and a broken fan blade as causing flight 1380's mid-air decompression. one passenger was killed when the engine came apart. a statement, southwest says its maintenance program meets or exceeds the requirements in the faa directive. it is an event unlike any other. >> what's it like for me to
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fully live. >> we'll take you to a bay area festival that's putting death in to a new light. it is one of the most popular tourist spots in san francisco. the plan that will keep part of it car-free for at least two years. temperatures trending higher for your upcoming weekend plans. your earth day forecast is coming
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on the anniversary of the columbine high school massacre, thousands of students from around the country walked off their schools today. once again, their message was clear -- lawmakers need to take
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action to preve future mass shootings at schools. students from across the bay area joid the national walkout. >> they did. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has more. >> hey hey, ho ho the nra has zbo got to go! >> reporter: this was the second of two protests today at san francisco's skyline high school. the first was at about 10:00 this morning when students rallied on the football field with the district's blessing. this afternoon some of those same students walked off-campus chanting and carrying signs for an event the district did not approve. >> this affects our community immensely. >> guns around here is like not that uncommon. but that's why we need like more control over it. know what i'm sayin'? >> people united will never be divided! >> reporter: it wasn't just oakland. these kids walked off campus at san jose's notre dame high school and took their concerns all the way to city hall. >> we're walking today to amplify the voices of those
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affected. we're here to stand up and see the change we want to see in the world. because if we're not going to take a stand, then who else is? >> reporter: students also protested gun violence outside a high school in mill valley. at sonoma high they took things a step farther, registering students to vote so they can take their protests to the ballot box. all these demonstrations were to coincide with the attack by two students on classmates and teachers at colorado's columbine high killing 13 before they turned the guns on themselves. columbine and other attacks have emboldened these students to stand up for themselves, even if that means walking out. >> this is happening nationwide. why shouldn't we participate. >> reporter: in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> if you'd like to be heard by your government representatives, we have put together a list on our website,
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>> a week long series of events centered on the questions of life and death. >> abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow talked to the founder and discovered the event is as much about living as it is dying. we will bring you more little bit later. >> we will. but let's move on for the moment. some bottle necks might have disappeared thanks to a new lane opening up. >>he faright lane on the lower deck wil open during peak eastbound commute hours. >> cal trans spend $53 million. part of twin peaks remaining car free for another two years.
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board of director voted on expanding the pilot program. this just in. it is friday. what will the weather hold? >> we have meteorologist sandhya patel in for spencer christian. >> weather looks fantastic. we are watching the fog there near the coastline. hugging the coast off and on this afternoon. pulled away at times and is back. this is common around this time of year where you see that fog hanging around. and this up coming weekend, you can count on patches of fog for the coastline. let's check out your two-day forecast. earth day festivities taking place. nice looking weather. slight dip around the coast and along the bay.
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nice mild to warm if you are heading out to take part in any of those events or to do anything outside. live look outside from our sutro camera. you be the judge. you are going to be seeing the fog overnight tonight. live picture from our emeryville camera. 57 in san francisco. it is in the 60s from oakland to mountain view. san jose mild at 67 degrees. notice how shallow that fog is right over ocean beach. high pressure taking control squashing the marine layer down. not expecting it to expand just confine to the coast. 69 in liver me. fog alo the coast tonight. warming trend continues tomorrow and temperatures above arage for april. mild inland to start off and
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clear. fog near the coast. for your saturday afternoon expect the warmth. 83 in gilroy. los altos 78 degrees. low to mid-60s near the coastline. sea breeze keeping you from getting too warm. 79 in santa rosa. great day to be in sonoma. upper 70s in east bay. above average in concord. san ramon 83 degrees. here is a look at your accuweather seven-day forecast. earth day close to saturday's temperatures. upper 60s to mid-80s monday and then the fog will reappear as we head into the workweek.
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dropping temperatures ever so gradually. you can download the app. no rain in the seven-day forecast. we will have to wait until perhaps the end of the month. but i don't think too many people are complaining about the weather. >> definitely not. >> thanks. we want to go back to that reimagine end of life in san francisco. >>,000 people gathered. it is about dying but also about living. >> r loved one.ling a lost >> why is it that we wait to the end of the life to celebrate the people we love. >> reporter: big questions brad and others will be exploring. it has grown this year to 175 events attended by 7,000 people. wolf is the event's founder.
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>> some people wondered if i am morbid. >> reporter: and wolf says he is not. >> it is not about death, it is about life. >> reporter: he says he is processing his roommates suicide. >> i am here. >> reporter: artist emily payne's father drowned when she was 10-years old. >> here i am working inspired by him. >> reporter: payne is creating an outdoor wall drawing. >> ways for people to plan. humor, laughter and love. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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ne melanie woodrow.
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wells fargo is being fined $1 billion for insurance and ortgage abuses. >> hit by two federal regulators. just the latest in the series of trouble for the bank. >> fined $100 million in 2016.
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california's unemployment rate remained at 3.7% in march. adding $2.7 million. fair fax financial holding has submitted a $300 million bid to buy the company's canadian operation. toys "r" us assets are scheduled to be auctioned off next week. a downed day on wall street. the dow dropped by 201 points. the nasdaq down by 92. viewing continues near her home in texas. her husband former president george h.w. bush greeted.
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he spent 15 minutes near his wife's casket. decided to be there at the last minute. some mourners traveled long distances. >> i came from tampa, florida. >> a very emotional time. she was loved a whole life. >> barba bush die on tuesday. a private funeralor 1500 guests will take place tomorrow. the wife of one of the men charged in the deadly fire. why she says convicting her sband would not be justice. the document he is being asked to file bit middle of next week. >> significant percentage of what we test would fail in a regulated market. >> see how california's legal
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i don't believe this is justice. i don't think this is going to make things better. >> she helped build the artist collection known as ghost ship. her husband faces involuntary manslaughter. given an exclusive interview. her husband appeared in court today. a judge denied his request to be released. but did reduce the bail. >> reporter: her husband's 48th
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birthday being held inakland jail. he could receive a long prison sentence if convicted. >> 39 years is the rest of my husband's life. >> reporter: mica is doing her best to provide for her children. she has a first full-time job as a socl worker. mica wakes every morning with the ghost ship on her mind. >> i felt a strange urgency to leave. i don't know why. i felt like i didn't want to be there. >> reporter: while the concert started, mica and derek took their kids to a hotel. around midnight, he gets calls.
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>> we thought they were joking with us. >> reporter: finally one of derek's trusted friends reached them. it is burning and everything is gone. it is as if i awoken from a dream filled with opulence and hope to be standing now in poverty of self-worth. that drew a wave of criticism. mica explained they had no idea people were missing. do you have any words for the families? >> all i can do is offer my utmost condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones. >> reporter: the narrative that they had built a death trap filled to the brim wasn't true. >> we opened the doors for that
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kind of thing and making sure the pathways were clear. >> reporter: after losing their children to cps, the agency inspected the warehouse concluding it was suitable to their kids and returned them seven months before the fire. they tried repeatedly but failed to get the landlord to upgrade the electrical system. >> trying to work out different ways that we could help to get the work done. >> reporter: public records firefighters saw conditis at the warehouse but didn' raise concerns. this is a body camera video released. >> we just had a transformer blow. >> i do not think it was his fault for what happened that night. >> reporter: mica tells me it
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was a terrible accident and not a crime. but understands the family demanding someone be held accountable. >> talking directly to the mothers and fathers who lost their children. i don't know how to do that, honestly. i don't know how to do that. i'm sorry. >> reporter: for the i-team dan noyes. >> lawyers telling the i-team they also want the landlord to be charged. complete coverage on the fires on our website. a federal judge has postponed ruling on a request by michael cohen to delay the lawsuit of stormy daniels. daniels is suing tbe released
7:35 pm
from a nondisclosure agreement that she signed. cohen's lawyers want a delay. claims of abuse by celebrity chefs are getting a lot of attention. now a bay area restaurant has come u with a simple effective way to keep the staff safe. find out how it looks on abc 11:00. comi after a special report by diane sawyer. cannabis is legal but how do you know what is on the shelf is safe. with the warriors on the verge of
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recreational cannabis is legal in california but is it safe? >> the state bureau says there
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are 57 labs statewide to test weed. >> state standards go in effect in the next couple of months. >> natasha zouves shows you what you need to know. >> reporter: sales are brisk. all of the products on these selves are laboratory tested for safety and potency. >> while cannabis itself is safe, it could be contaminated. >> reporter: just 5% of cannabis products for sale in the state are tested for safety. and some experts believe as much as half the pot grown a contaminated. >> pesticides are one of the those things but a variety of pathogenic molds and fungushat to human dangerous >> reporter: harborside founder
7:40 pm
founded the first safety lab in berkeley. >> the current supply of cannabis in the retail market is i would say questionable. >> reporter: up until now, pot agriculture has been unregulated and that changed on january 1st. the state requires testing for 66 pesticide. the state is given sellers until july 1st to sell the pot without testing >> anthony torres is a senior researcher at steep hill. >> i have a plated sample that is contaminated with a few different types of funguses. >> reporter: they are finding many compounds that would be banned. >> can you imagine what it would
7:41 pm
look like growing in your lungs. >> reporter: doctors at uc davis says a cancer patient died. even the chemicals that would have prevented those dangerous fungi would warm you. >> upon combustion it forms cyanide gas which make it is into your blood stream and toxic. >> reporter: stabbiestablishinge line to test all pot. goal is to test everything by this year. >> eventually everything will be labelled. if products are not tested they would have a sticker that says so. >> reporter: best bet is buying cannabis at a licensed dispensary. you shouldn't be afraid to ask
7:42 pm
for proof. >> if they can't do that, you might want to go somewhere else. >> reporter: please keep your shoes on!
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an audit by the fdc approved of facebook pricy. the report was smitted to the fdc in early 2017. facebook put out a statement saying keeping data secure is a priority. that time of year again, backyard barbecue. >> "7 on your side" michael finney joining us with recommendations. >> do you grill? i am horrible at this. gas isands down the preferred method. what you need to look for when shopping for a new one. consumer report testers have great suggestions. your grill works hard for you. so, when it is time to pick a
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new one, what should you consider? >> quality. something that going to cook and heat evenly. >> i look for durability and ease of use. >> reporter: consumer reports runs grills through a gamut of tests. consumer reports indirect heating test reveals whether a grill will do a good job with fish or slow cooked meats. grills should be stable. so consumer reports tests for integrity. how much grill do you need? >> if you are choosing bween a small and medium size grill, we suggest you go to a mid size model. you tend to see more features on those grills. >> reporter: consider one of these mid size grills depending on your budget.
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items. >> but you look good in a hat. >> check this image out from viewer harry. this picture has the #abc7now. >> you can share your pictures with us and follow us on instagram. let's back to sandhya patel with the forecast. >> not expected to expand inland. tomorrow afternoon look for temperatures to continue to rise. we saw it warm today mid 60s. heading up to tahoe, last weekend for spring skiing. on saturday for earth day, going to be fantastic weather. 40s, quickly warming up for the afternoon hours. 4:00 p.m. low 60s to mid-80s. and dropping.
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if you are going to japan for the cherry blossom festival, expect nice weather for the festival and the parade saturday and sunday. seven-day forecast warming back monday before we see that cool down late in the workweek. similariall right. thanks. more free stuff out ther >> larry is here. this for free.y i was giving you we will talk about the chapman jersey give away. and more on steph.
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good evening. the warriors have a commanding 3-0 leading over the spurs. are they winning too fast? if they sweep the spurs and the pelicans sweep portland. they could move up round two. doctors say steph i ready to jo moderate team practices.
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steph's pain has decreased dramatically but not confident in how strong that knee is right now. he will be reevaluated one week from today. maybe curry is ready by then but maybe not. just have to wait and see if the nba moves things up. warriors held an optional practice today. none of the warriors with sprained ankles were present. everyone on the practice court next sunday. >> who they are for the last years for a reason. just me being a fan of the game, i know those guys are going to give us all they got game four. >> you got to swing for the fences. we know what this team is capable and come out with the mindset that we have. the aggressive mindset that we
7:54 pm
have, these three games and ramp is up a little more. >>ame four sunday 12:30. and after the game, live in san antonio. mike will have a full report from practice on steph, his recovery and the whole process tomorrow starting at 5 p.m. the sharks in a similar situation. the vegas golden heights the same. they are both ready to go. now something the sharks don't want at this point is extended breaks. scored twice as many goals. having closed out on wednesday, they may have to wait a full wait maybe a week and a half before game one in vegas. team teal have to figure out the fi line of staying sharp
7:55 pm
without overdoing it. >> when it is time to practice, go hard and make sure we are sharp and stay in shape and get our rest for sure. >> i haven't dove into them enough. i know we are going to be heavy, heavy underdogs. hopefully you guys write there and go from there. >> the first 20,000 fans at the c col seeium will get a chapman jersey. dan will hold it for me temporary. samardzija will be out with a sprain. giants also officially put pence on the dl and brought up williamson. tearing it up aaa sacramento.
7:56 pm
ra held their pre draft availability. these are news conferences where the gms try to tell you as little as possible. plenty of nice things to say about new head coach jon gruden who is his boss. after gruden signed a ten-year contract. >> i love the fire. i love the enthusiasm. we can talk football all day. and watch film. i mean, it's been really good. >> bowling ball, butcher knives. on the subject, i mean you got to welcome the new boss. have i mentioned tom? >> we have a new boss. >> i talked to him for five minutes and i think he is amazing, i really do. >> well played. >> give him the shirt. >> we are hooking you up out
7:57 pm
here tom. >> joi us tonight at 9:00 on kofy cable 20. why some people are skeptical. >> an attack planned for a bay area school tee years from now. a student is in custody and police are examining the cold blooded plan. coming up tonight. >> let's move on. well finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters. 19 years ago tonight i was on a plane to cover the difficult story of my career. this time i was headed to littleton colorado to cover the columbine high school shooting. i didn't want to be there. in the end it was a personal and professional privilege to be there to tell their story.
7:58 pm
people across the country vowed never again. but sadly we have. many times since. the most horrifying since columbine parkland, florida where 17 people killed by a high school gunman in february. resulting protests continue. many held in the bay area and other cities today as we reported during this brad cast earlier. 19 years after columbine, we still face the same problem. and what really matters is we not let another 19 years pass having done nothing. follow me on twitter and facebook at dan ashley abc7. i am ama daetz. >> and i am dan ashley. we appreciate your time. >> see you later tonight. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just s the washing machine tod. do your thing. with energy ade california.
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