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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 23, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. we begin tonight with a dead livan attack.
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that's the driver points at police before officers take him down. tonight, authorities say at least ten or dead, more than a dozen injured. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan, lee. a terrifying scene in downtown toronto. a van mowing down pedestrians, coming to a stop at a sidewalk. that driver is in custody as investigators track down his motive. abc news reporter has more. >> reporter: the man believed to be responsible for this horrific tragedy is now in custody. it was lunchtime just before 1:30 p.m. the van driving 16 blocks nearly a mile and a half ram into people again and again. >> he hit this one lady. she went flying. then he hit another lady.
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>> reporter: police finally corner a van. the suspect is heard asking police to shoot him in the head. he's taken down unharmed. >> from an investigative perspective, i can tell you, we've received numerous witnesses that have come forward. this is not over yet. we're far away from being over. >> reporter: bodies in the streets covered with orange tarps, shoes left abandoned in the middle of the street. bystanders had to quickly jump into action. >> there was four bodies on the ground. police and the ambulance hadn't arrived yet, but people were trying to revive them. >> reporter: police are still searching for a mote uhhive. >> there would appear to be no national security connection to this particular incident. >> abc news, new york. president george h.w. bush is in intensive care in a houston hospital. he was admitted just hours after his wife's funeral. mr. bush is suffering from an infection that has entered his bloods stream.
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a statement from his office says mr. bush is responding to treatment and appears to be recovering. as news of the former president's health troubles spread, supporters took to social media to offer well wishes to the 93-year-old president. barbara bush died last week at the age of 92. only on abc 7 news, new allegations of witness tampering in the keith green hils borrow murder case. the case made national headlines after one of the suspects, tiffany lee, posted a nearly $65 million bail in cash and real estate. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has new developments. >> reporter: a prosecution's key witness in the murder case says one of the murder suspects is attempting to tamper with his upcoming testimony. >> he tells me that there's an inmate on his side of the jail who has told him that mr. baya
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has offered him money to testify that he actually killed mr. green and that adel a's wife was involved. >> reporter: in member, adela cut a deal with the district attorney's office that will result in prosecutors potentially dropping the murder charge against him, in exchange for his truthful demeanor against tiffany lee, the most of his children and bayat, lee's new boyfriend. ad ade adela's attorney reported the witness tampering to the investigation office. >> how stupid is mr. bayet. this is incredibly damaging to his case. why would he do this? >> the conclusion was the evidence was not sufficient in order to file charges for this. >> reporter: tiffany lee's attorney tells abc 7 news, we don't know about the ver rosty of the accusation, and we had nothing to do with it. bayet's attorney strongly denies he is involved in the witness
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tamp eerring and says adela enthe inmate who made the accusation are friends who cooked up the story. >> what goal would that accomplish? he's already got a deal. if he tells a lie at any point, his deal is off. three students from oakland tech were hit by a car this afternoon near the school. sky 7 was over the campus after it happened. and oakland police spokesperson said the students were hit just after 2:30 near the high school. they were all taken to the hospital. the district spokesperson said the students suffered nonlife threatening injuries oakland tech is located on broadway near 51st street. the intersection was briefly closed after the accident. but reopenedless than half an hour later. again, those young people are going to be okay. a 45-year-old man faces sexual battery charges for allegedly
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grabbing a cal student. jesus dickey, is this man, followed the kwom from a nearby food court back to freeborn hall. a security monitor confronted dickey and told him to leave. investigators say dickey matches the description of a burglary and false imprisonment suspect in the city of berkeley. member of the never missuper s a bowl club, attending every single game from the very first one to super bowl li before passing away last october. but now part of his collection is gone, stolen by an absolutely heartless crook. abc 7 news anchor dion lind is in nevada with the exclusive story of how you can get this priceless memorabilia back. >> not many people can say they wept to every single super bowl. >> reporter: there are shelves of souvenirs from every super
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bowl game, dating back to the first one in 1967. >> we have all the super bowl seats. we have all the footballs, the patches, the pins. >> all belonging to this man, san francisco's larry jacobsen, a member of the never misa game club. abc 7 sforts has interviewed the die hard 49ers fan many times over the years. >> the nfl is so super bowl for super bowl 50 i'm now aiming for 100. >> reporter: he wished part of his massive collection to be donated or sold. >> when you're at the house, you definitely feel the emotions. when you see the pride he had in his pictures and videos, you start feeling it and you want to work with this person. >> reporter: but just over a week ago when din a's daughter was working at the shop, something seemed off. >> i got this text from her and she was stating mom, there's a couple inside the store. they're acting really weird. >> the couple were examining a display case, featuring larry's patches and pins from super bowl 1 through xxv. a few days later, she got a
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frabtic phone call. >> a guy came into the front door. he came in and grabbed it. >> reporter: when the thief ran out the front door, he rounded the corner, trying to get to the getaway. that's when din a's daughtered went outlaw the backdoor, she ended up getting a good look of the driver and tro providing these details of a police sketch. >> dina called me and she was upset. she explained what happened. >> reporter: the news of the theft was dismatterening. but she knows her late husband would have taken the theft in stride. he probably would have just shrugged. >> reporter: and has this message for anyone who may have seen the missing display case. >> give us a call. we would like to have it back. >> reporter: abc 7 news. well, remember, a week wak.
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now we're waking up to heat and fog. >> a lot of ups and downs the last seven days. today, still hanging on to that warmth. look at highs today, well above average for this time of year. most spots in the 70s and 80s. 70 in san francisco. about 74 in oakland, 84 in san jose. and concord, a toasty 87 degrees earlier today. change is already upon us in terms of fog right now on the coast. tomorrow morning, 7:00 in the morning a lot of low-lying cloud cover and dense fog along the coastline. so out the door tomorrow morning. not as bright of a morning tomorrow as it was today with the coastal fog. partly sunny, mainly starting out in the 40s. we'll talk about cooler air moving in by the end of the week. the catastrophe cue weather forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> 16 people in san francisco were treated after a gas line ruptured next to a homeless shelter. according to the fire department, construction workers are to blame for this. we were one of the first to tweet about what happened near geary and polk.
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>> shortly after 11:00 this morning, geary boulevard was flooded with emergency vehicles. patients were triaged and treated based on the severity of their condition. a total of 16 people were suffering from the effects of a gas leak near the next door homeless shelter at 1001 polk street. >> i didn't have time to get aan aany clothes on. this is so embarrassing. >> everybody was feeling light-head light-headed, shortness of breath. >> how are you now? >> i'm fine. >> 14 of the 16 were so ill they had to be taken to local hospitals. it didn't take long to determine the culprit. construction workers in the alley next to the shelter. jay flores' construction company was working on a sewer at the time. >> they discovered the construction company that punctured gas main on the street. and heavy smelled gas in the industry.
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>> reporter: png managed to clamp the line in less than an hour. >> police and firefighters kept this area cordoned off to ensure the safety of the public. >> we're also going to play on the side of safety. so we evacuate our building to make sure that everybody was okay in case something happened. >> reporter: people were eventually allowed back inside after the building was inspected and the alley assessed to make sure there were no pockets of gas. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> still ahead, a big move in the south bay. what one company will do to get 5 g speeds to the people of san jose. but first -- >> it was worth waiting for. >> one of the victim's of the north bay fires is enjoying the comforts of home tonight for the first time in a long while. plus -- >> i wouldn't miss this.
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>> later, britain celebrates a royal birth. meet the newest arrival and the fifth in line to the british throne.
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san francisco teenager is
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expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow after nearly having a fger bitten off in a pit bull attack. a pit bull rushed up to him. s sisneros tried to punch the dog but one of his fingers was nearly bitten off by the mitt bulldog. he received puncture wounds through his hands, arms and legs. if police or animal control don't quickly find the dog who bit him and determine if the animal had rabies, he will have sob a series of shots. mayor mark farrell joined the effort today in the city's south market neighborhood to work with the department of public health and the san francisco aids found daigle to create a dedicated team to remove syringes left on city streets by drug users. >> our needle and syringish shoo
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uh has become an epidemic on our streets. it's something i heard about for a long time before becoming the mayor. and now as the mayor of san francisco, it's one of the things i hear about the most. and people quite frankly are fed up with the condition of oour streets and as am i. >> farrell says the city will add ten new employees con tracted through the aids foundation to conduct sweeps and help collect the abandoned needles. he said is residents can call the city's 311 system. tonight, the story of one man who n has a lot to be thankful for. >> here's to the difference climbing a flight of stairs can make. for john, it's the difference of having a place to call home after 91 years of life, and then six months of hell that began with the santa rose sa firestorm.
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since october, the red tags fenced john out from his former home and his rose garden. he lived in a small motel room. when we last saw him two weeks ago, the man had become deeply despondent. >> it's not like i'm alive. it's like i exist. >> today -- >> oak, this is the guest room. >> john had a youthful spring in his step while moving into a new mobile home. >> the last time i talked to you, john, you were pretty depressed. >> i'm very up. >> reporter: this is a happier ending than a lot of residents experienced. he was able to buy this place because he had some money saved and a friend loaned him the rest. as for his old home at journey's end, it's still there and still in limbo. >> some of my neighbors lost everything they had. everything.
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except the clothes on their back. >> reporter: but in his case, a resolution at least. john moved those prize roses to his new front yard. that hotel room and the bathtub where he did all those dishes a fading memory. >> i've got to see, running water. >> reporter: he will take for granted ever again. more than beb steps for this one survivor, the nightmare of jurn ne's end. >> the journey is ebeginning. >> beginning a new journey. >> santa rose sa, wade friedman, abc 7 news. >> nice to see that outcome. let's turn our attention now to the weather forecast. it's going to be a nice week. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma is here with a good looking forecast. >> it really is .. lots of sunshine, warm temperatures. but changes are coming already tonight. we're seeing fog returning. live doppler 7 shows you know issues with precipitation. we are equally dry tonight.
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a live look, showing you a beautiful skyline in san francisco. the fog has returned. the fog returns oour coastline, cooler air is well on its way. you can already see where that fog has kind of set up shop where we're in the 50s. you're already you should the marine influence with that. nice sea breeze kicking in. down to 53 in san francisco right now. 56 in san mateo, 54 in oakland. 63 right now in san jose. still checking in with a temperature of 61 degrees. so here's the call. over the next 12 hour, the fog right now, that's on the coast. it's going to spread in and around the bay. so communities alock the immediate bay shoreline, you're going to wake up to low clouds tomorrow morning. temperatures will gradually fall back in the 40s for many cities the next 12 hours. the bigger picture across the entire state. we had lots of sunshine today. high pressure still in control. what we're noticing, though, the
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marine air is making a return. you can see the cloud cover right now, clinging to the coast. and it will spill into the bay overnight tonight. your 12-hour day planner on your tuesday, not as bright of a start day for your day tomorrow as we had today. the fog will pull back to the coast and that traditional trek it takes midday. sunshine away from the coast. half moon bay, low to mid 60s there. san francisco, fog afternoon sun shine, not as warm.
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67 degrees. take the layers with you, 63 and foggy. north day, 75 and mild. pet loom ma, 76 in valejo. bright after some morning fog in the afternoon in the east bay. 71 in oakland, free mopt , 70 the high in berkeley. inland tomorrow, not as warm as we are today. 80, the high for pittsburgh. 81 in pleasanton, 80 the high in walnut creek. there's going to be a weak wave of energy that tries to touch off a sprinkle friday night in the north bay. i don't think it's going to be widespread at all. the bigger picture, it looks li a cool down for everybody as we head into the upcoming weekend. the seven-day forecast, fog along the coast for your tuesday. still mild away from the coast. continue therend midweek. thursday into friday. much cooler air arrivarrives. a sprinkle possible in the north bay. as you head into saturday and
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sunday, the blend of sun and clouds. temperatures back into reality in april. just a minor warm-up as we head into monday. certainly today was the warmest day. tomorrow and wednesday, not all that chilly. >> thank very much. >> coming up next, the contest one bargain airline is offering that will leave you saying wow. literally.
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uber is making changes to what its drivers can see about rider history, along with its next driver rollout, smesk location will no longer be public. instead, drivers will see a general location for past pickups and dropoffs. right now, drivers can see exact addresses. an uber spokesperson tells 7 on your side we're continuously
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exploring new bays to protect the privacy of our customers ehlo case information. here's a promotion that will leave some people saying wow. iceland-based wow airlines is going to pay two friends $4,000 each per month to move to iceland and travel the world this summer all expenses paid. the winners will be required to produce content and travel tips for wow's website. the low-cost carrier says it's looking for a fun pair of individuals who are able to think big. wow's travel guide competition begins today. that looks like a fun job, doesn't it? coming up next, president trump and the high-stakes meeting with kim jong-un. his weekend twitter storm and how the white house is pushing back tonight. also,f at first you don't succeed, signature gathering begins for a vote on california independence. could we end up splitting from the union? and with fire and smoke blocking
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the way, only one option for saving his daughter. the life-saving catch.
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♪ ♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit they stand ready to respond to any crisis. i will never accept defeat. they serve in their communities as citizens and as soldiers. i will never quit. they train part-time, to be ready to serve at all times.
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i will never leave a fallen comrade. learn more at president trump is rolling out the red carpet for french president emanuel macron. the president invited macron to george washington's mount vernon estate tonight for a private tour and dinner with their wooifs. amid the pageantry of the visit, tough questions for the white house as the president unleashes a tweet storm on north korea. abc 7 news reporter jonathan carl. >> a warm welcome for french president macron. the first foreign leader to get an official state visit in the trump white house. >> congratulations, great job. >> macron, who gave the
9:31 pm
president an epic hand shake in brussels last year is as close to president trump as any foreign leader. but much of the president's focus right now is on the upcoming planned meeting with a sworn enemy, king john un. >> hopefully that meeting will be a great success and we're looking forward to it. over the weekend, the president pushed back on critics who questioned the wisdom of agreeing to meet with the dictator without getting much in return. wow, we haven't gwynn up anything, the president tweeted. and they have agreed to denuclearization, so great for the world. site closure and no more testing. north korea has suspended missile testing and announced plans to shut down a nuclear test facility. but there has been no agreement yet on giving up their nuclear weapons. a. >> on north korea, is the president willing to accept anything short of complete denuclearization before lifting any sanctions? >> certainly the goal is
9:32 pm
denuclearization of the peninsula and we're going to continue the maximum pressure campaign that has been ongoing to north korea until we see concrete actions taken towards complete and total denuclearization. cia director mike pompeo who led the secret eastern weekend trip to north korea to meet with kim jong-un is now a step closer to being the next secretary of state. the senate foreign relations committee approved his nomination by a single vote, setting up a vote by the full senate later this week. abc news, the white house. > a wine from call stow go ahead will be served at that dinner. their wines have been served as official state functions by every u.s. president since richard nixon, by the way. the first lady tweeted out a behind the scenes look at the event. the white house says the wines were selected to complement the menu and embody the friendship
9:33 pm
between the united states and france, which dates back, of course, to the american revolution. well, caliifornians could soon get a chance to vote on whether the state remains a part of the union. the secretary of state's office ha cleared yes california to start gathering signatures for the group's proposed initiative to establish an independence referendum in 2021 .. organizers have until october to gather 366,000 signatures from california voter ps . cal exit supporters say they're tire odd of living in a state with some of the highest taxes in the country. >> this is taxation without representation. every revolution starts because of that. i'm personally fed up. i can't take it anymore. i work way too hard to struggle this much. >> campaign organizers say if they can't collect a quarter of the voter's signatures required, they will get the opportunity to make their case before the state legislature. more than 100 southwest airline flights were canceled today as the carrier inspects the fan blades on nearly all of
9:34 pm
its boeing 737 airplanes. a live look at sfo tonight. hundreds more southwest flights were delayed by these scheks today. the airline is warning passengers to double check the status of their flights certainly for the next few days. the inspections are being carried out after last week's deadly midair engine breakup that led to the death of a passenger. the ntsb suspects that many eta fatigue in a fan blade caused that accident. a father was forced to do the unthinkable when a fire broke out in his apartment building. he dropped his 3-month-old baby from a second story balcony to firefighters below. the father and daughters were asleep sunday afternoon when her crying woke him up. by that time, there was too much smoke to get out through the front door. so a minneapolis firefighter is talking about his life-saving catch tonight. >> baby in arm, got underneath and said let her go, we're ready.
9:35 pm
he developed her, i caught her, passed her off to another firefighter that was nearby to check her out. and then he made his way down as we coached him down from the balcony as well. both dad and daughter are doing well. in fact, no one was hurt. it appears a candle burning in a first-floor apartment likely started this fire. the catch highlighted in that piece of video. remarkable. tonight, amazon is work on a top secret plan to put robots in your home by next year. bloomberg reports the company is several years into a project code named vesta. that would create domestic robots that could live with you. the robot would apparently be a mobile version of amazon's popular ala. the company is not confirming its top secret project. >> can i get it to empty the dish washer? that's all. thousands will come together in san francisco. the empowering that will feature some of america's leading voices for gender equality.
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they're your best friends, so they don't want you to spend more than you have to. if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross. thousands of women come together in san francisco tomorrow for networking opportunities and career inspiration. the 29th annual professional businesswomen of california conference is taking place at the masconi center. abc 7 news anchor kristen zee has a preview. >> a mighty chorus that's finally saying time's up. >> actress ashley jud is fighting against sexual harassment in the work place. she's bringing her passion to the professional businesswomen of california conference. judd is the latest thought leader to speak at the premier conference for women. last year's event drew more than 5,000 attendees and featured hillary clinton's first big
9:40 pm
public speech since the presidential election. >> so despite our stumbles and setbacks we' never been better positioned to stake on this vitalle work. >> reporter: this year's theme is stand uplift up. and judd will be part of a panel focus on the me too and time's up movements, along with bay area congresswoman jackie speier. she founded the group in 1989. she recently appeared on abc 7's "beyond the headlines" with cheryl jennings and said this discussion is timely and important. >> we are truly changing the culture at work for all time. so that our daughters and granddaughters are never, ever going to have to deal with frankly what we had to deal with. >> other speakers this year include former california first lady maria shriver and actress jane fonda and lily tomlin. the two have been outspoken their entire careers about women's rights. members of the abc 7 news team will lead panels designed to help women gain career confidence, media skills and more.
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but pbwc goes well beyond this one-day conference. throughout the year, the organization works with its corporate partners to offer workshops, associates and mentorships. all designed to empower women in the workplace and in their lives. abc 7 news. now abc 7 has been a proud sponsor of the professional businesswomen of california conference since the beginning. this year, former first lady of california maria shriver will give the keynote speech. other speakers include former u.s. treasurer rosie rioz, middle east women's right expert, congresswoman jackie spehr and alexander rotty. tickets have sold out, but we'll keep you covered right here. we'll show you the best parts of that conference tomorrow. stay tuned. t clearer calls and faster autopsy. -- apps. the new
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san jose has come up with a plan to make money from its light poles and to provide internet service to underserved neighborhoods in the process. abc 7 news reporter explains why an unusual partnership could be a good deal for students. san jose has 64,000 street light polls. 200 of them are going to be leased by at&t for $5 million over the next 15 years. technology called small cells, or miniature cell bay stass will be placed on the leased lightbulb opinions the money will help to address broadband access in underserved neighborhoods. a san jose study estimates close to half of families making under $35,000 a year have no broadband access. >> we know there are thousands
9:46 pm
of students who are required to do their homework on line and cannot do so. and instead are crding outside of starbucks at 9:00 at night on their parents home to try to do their homework assignments. >> the tent tif deal also calls for at&t to pay the city an additional $1 million up front to cover permit fees. >> it provides service where we have a dead spot. or a low spot now. and it also lets usdict into the future where we know there's going to be traffic issues and allows us to build up capacity in those areas where we have heavy usage. >> community organizations embrace the deal. >> a lot of parents have been organizing on this issue for several years now and have been contributors to solutions. and so i hope now there's an actual solution that's both a public and private collaboration that our neighborhood is one of the first ones to get support pd . >> san jose's contract with at&t is nonexclusive, which means
9:47 pm
that other carriers can come in and bid for space on city poles. in san jose, abc 7 news. one last time, want to update the weather forecast. drew tuma with more. >> patchy fog filling in and around the bay shoreline. fog by 1 1:00 tomorrow morning, we do expect it to pull back to the coast. and that's kind of where it will stay for much of the afternoon tomorrow. so away from the coast, it will be another sunny and rather mild day. 70s and 80s once you get away from the ocean. 79 in sj snl. up to 67 with afternoon sun shine and san francisco. 71 in oakland, about 79 in santa rose sa and 82 the high in antio
9:48 pm
antioch. the seveday forecast tomorrow, track that fog moving in along the coast. a similar story on wednesday. but then widespread cooling comes thursday into friday. but by saturday and sunday, we go back to average. 60s and 70s into early parts of next week. >> very good. looks good. thanks, drew very much. his name has not been announced yet, but the latest royal has arrived. prince william and duchess kate introduced their new baby boy into the world today. james longman has the latest. >> wrapped up tight, take a look at the newest prince. wrapped up height. the duchess was admitted to the private wing of st. mary's hospital in london at 6:00 a.m. this morning. going into labor right on her due date. news of the bifrt came soon after. a little boy, so the sign said.
9:49 pm
born five hours later, weighing eight pounds and seven ounces. the kapgs huge here. the world press awaiting news about the baby boy. prince william leaving to collect george and charlotte. troys treated to a royal wave from the young princess. and another look back and one more wave. this new prince will be fifth in line to the prince of throne, ahead of harry. but he won't leapfrog his older sister charlotte. a younger brother no longer jumps in front of an older cyst ir. as william put his new son in the car for the ride home, the dad of three revealed what's on his mind. no name just yet for the youngest royal. james, arthur and phillip all possibilities. a piece of michael jackson's legacy is up for auction. the very shoe he is wore the first time he moonwalked on stage. he wore this pair of ordinary black loafers during rehearsals
9:50 pm
for the motown tv special. bidding is well over $10,000. the shoes were given to the choreographer and dancer lester wilson after the rehearsal. the auction house said it's examined them by several experts to verify their authenticity. the shoes, by the way, are size 9 1/2. and back in 1983, looked like they cost probably $20. now they're going to go for thousands of dollars. >> they look like banker shoes. you want to see something extraordinary, the giants need a new name for mack williamson. big mack just isn't going to cut it. and is associated with another former bay area player. no, williamson is hitting bombs like this, he needs a unique nickname. open for suggestions. you have to see the highlight next.
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>> bruce bochy and company need to post a better record than 4-6 over this stint. having kurt hammock cover the national anthem is enough to get anyone pumped to play. ♪ >> let's top that off with lars ullrich with the pick. two erped over 6 2/3. momentum williamson, definitely a metallica fan. nothing else matters. look at that. he crushed it. 464 feet. the longest home rn the giants hit this year. mack hit the second one, 434 just friday.
9:55 pm
bruce bochy, very, very happy right now. giants leading 4- 2 in the ninth. bob melvin in the a's against the rangers. khris davis, his seventh double of the season. the former giant matt moore. davis esn't care who it came off. torino has had one hit. it was a good one. a two-run homer off of trevor cahill. it's a tie game. that one was good. this one is great. marcus semien. the a's also posted six runs in the ninth inning alone and win 9-4. they're over .500 for the first time since opening day. the warriors are back at oracle for game five of their first round series against the spurs. they had an opportunity to sweep in san antonio. but let their intensity on the team bus. the spurs played like a team facing elimination should. inspired no doubt by veterans manu ginobli and tony parker.
9:56 pm
the winningest duo in playoff history. the warriors hur themselves. early turnovers, connecting on only 38% of their shots is not going to cut it tomorrow night. >> looking back at the tape, i should have taken a time-out. three minutes into the game and broken a clipboard. >> bring extra clipboards. yeah, we always have extras. it was a weird game. we're making one mistake after another, yet it's 10-10. look back on it, i should have called a time-out, lit into them and done anything i could. more than that, i should have had prepared and i don't think i did a good job for that. 22 of his game high 36 has
9:57 pm
houston put up 50 in the quarter. wow is right. do you think a little luck was involved for houston tonight? what are the chances? eric gordon caps it off at the buzzer. it was that kind of night for houston. patience is the word general manager john lynch used to describe the team's stance on ruben foster's status with the team. the linebacker is not taking part with the offseason program as he faces felony charges of domestic violence. in his fist public comments following the incident, lynch said foster won't be at the team's minicamp in june either. the team said it has no tolerance for domestic silence but will allow foster's situation to play out. >> i do want to be abundantly
9:58 pm
clear that if these charges are proven true, if ruben did indeed hid this young lady, he won't be a part of our organization going forward. >> jimmy grab low is settling into the bay area this offseason. 949er $137 million quarterback is learning a lot about his new home and team nate ps . grab low invited a few of the fellow to a throwing session and plans to host more. >> it's just something i like to do. it gets us away from the coaches and allows me to talk to the receivers about specific things. tight ends or running backs. we try to get everyone out there. i understand, people have things they have to get to. but we had a great show on saturday. >> the sports report has been brought to you by toyota.
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they're all talking about his beard now. >> they all have these beards now. drew is going to grow one. >> the beard is the big thing now. >> hockey style? >> just let it keep going, yeah. >> thanks mindy very much. don't do it, drew. coming up, a packed house for james comey. the divisive former fbi director fired by president trump, of course. find out what attendees think of comey and the salacious details of his tale-all book as he advise visited the bay area. and a bay area woman overwhelmed by the packages she's receiving from china. join us over on channel 7. that's this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. for all of us, i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in one hour over on the big set.
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(dramatic music) - i'm former fbi agent joe pistone, the real donnie brasco.


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