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tv   KOLO 8 News Now 11PM  ABC  January 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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causing him to crash into the wall. the wheels continued to spin... while the car was stuck... causing it to heat up and catch fire. fortunately... there was a fire station right across from the street from the accident... so the response was almost immediate. he was unharmed as a result of the accident but there was some sort of symptom that caused him to become altered and drive into the building. the building had a small scrape the accident. no one else was injured. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. two people escaped the flames when a fire started at this home on lupine street in elko this afternoon. volunteer firefighters responded to the call - rescuing a dog from the home as well. they say the flames started in the garage - spreading to the attic and living room. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. due to extensive damage, the couple who lives there have been
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sparks police are investigating a stabbing on view street yesterday afternoon. it happened around 3:00 on the 300-block of view street. when officers arrived, they found a man with several stab wounds and a woman, who was also injured. police say both were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the case is still under investigation. meanwhile, secret witness is offering a one-thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of any suspect. if you can help... just call the sparks police department or secret witness. bitter cold across northern nevada today - we cool off before dick stoddard has a now forecast. temperatures will remain below average with valley inversions in place through sunday. storms will begin to
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next week with increased chances for precipitation. short term... very few changes made to the near term forecast. temperatures will continue to be very cold through the weekend. many locations across the sierra and western nevada are in the single digits and the teens early this morning, with below zero readings in colder valley locations. below zero wind chills are also expected with gusty winds along the sierra ridges this weekend. low pressure across the region will begin to lift out today with increasing southwest
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temperatures, you may be looking indoor activities to keep kolo 8 news now's chris buckley shows us some family-friendly options. the recent cold snap has helped boost business for some of the area's indoor entertainment options. e-z air trampoline park winter break. "normally people come in and think its just for kids but parents get out its a great source of exercise for everybody whether its jumping or dodgeball or basketball." their laser tag venue next door has also been players of all ages. "every friday and saturday from 8 to 10 we have a combo package for unlimited laster tag place to burn energy and have fun."
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archery has seen a rise in business "it's been kind of tough to go outside its been fantastic here a lot of new faces and a lot of faces that we've seen before." they offer equipment and instruction for all ages and abilities "as young as 8 we've seen some around 6 ifyou can pull it back we can get you shooting. it's always fantastic seeing someone get downrange to find joy in the sport its picking up a lot of stem anybody can do it." you can walk in... and be on the range in no time. and if you're feeling the need for speed... need to speed indoor kart racing is the place to be. "two types of karts, adults go 45 mph, youth are a little slower but you only need to be 48 inches to drive those." you don't need any experience to drive. "its all arrive and drive racing so if ou're never been here come fill out a profile we provide helmets, safety briefing and will help you get into the car." and races run seven days a week. "lots of smiles lots of high fives,
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in reno chris buckley kolo 8 news now. on this first weekend of the new year, millions of americans are in fear from the weather. the mississippi river is beginning to subside after flooding caused by more than ten inches of rain. the deluge has brought destruction and misery to illinois, where nine have died -- and to missouri -- where emergency tonight -- after fifteen deaths. off. and while the worst is over in some places -- the floodwaters are moving south. abc's richard cantu has the latest. from the sky, the breadth and the depth of this disaster are painfully clear. crested at a new high .... ... sending its waters seeping and swamping their way in all from missouri down to louisiana -- rivers are
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floodwaters swallowing everything in their path. blake: they are in shock , because its reached its highest, since like 1993 i think desperate measures failed to hold the water at bay. or came too late for many homeowners. sot dustin koerber cape girardeau,mo fire department "they go to work in the morning, everything's fine, and they come home eight hours later and we had water rise four feet." the floods have claimed hundreds of homes -- and at least twenty- four lives. sot gov. jay nixon r-missouri vast majority of deaths are people that drove into water in suburban st. louis, matt kraichley told abc's indra petersons he could only watch helplessly as the rising waters battered his house from this ... to this ... and finally dismantling it to driftwood. sot matt kraichely lost home to flood but you guys are all safe? everyone did get out okay? yes, everyone got out. my dog's all right. so... they are the important things the threat of major
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the mississippi and hang weeks. these are an ominous preview of the new year richard cantu, abc news, new york this weekend - donald trump speaking to voters in biloxi, mississippi - taking a swing at hillary clinton with a reference to the benghazi email controversy. a corrupt system. everybody knows she should be in jail. what she did with the emails is a disgrace. people that did 5- percent of what she did, lives have been destroyed, their lives have been ruined, their lives have been ruined" meanwhile - hundreds of thousand of voters saw this message in the sky above the rose parade yesterday. a millionaire real estate developer -- who also happens to be a donor to florida senator marco rubio's presidential campaign - is behind this aerial messages at the rose bowl calling g-o-p front-runner donald trump "disgusting" and he says that there's more to come. president obama revealing one of his new year's resolutions... promising to bypass
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on some unfinished business... what he calls america's "epidemic of gun violence." "we can protect that right while keeping an irresponsible, dangerous few from inflicting harm on a massive scale" this week president obama is expected to outline new executive actions that his administration believes would make it more difficult for the mentally ill, criminals, and terrorists to arm themselves with powerful weapons. the white house wants to broaden the number of gun dealers who must perform background checks, and stop those on the no-fly list from buying guns. if you are planning on driving through the intersection of pyramid way and greenbrae drive in sparks this week, you may want to take an alternate route. an early morning traffic accident has caused damage to traffic control signal. the city is advising drivers to avoid the intersection of pyramid and greenbrae until the problem can be fixed on wednesday. until then... the intersection has
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singer chris brown is facing battery charges in las vegas. police say they were called to the palms casino resort around 10:30 this morning. brown is accused of hitting a woman and taking her cell phone after she tried to take a picture of him. investigators tried to speak with the singer at his hotel room - but he left before they got there. police say a crime report has been filed for misdemeanor theft and misdemeanor battery listing brown as a suspect. neither he nor his representative could be reached for comment. a trial is set to start monday for a former las vegas pastor accused of sexually assaulting young girls in his congregation under the guise of counseling. 59-year-old otis holland has been in jail since he was arrested in tijuana, mexico in january 2012. alledged victims say holland abused them at his home, and inside vehicles including a limousine fitted with a bed.
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assault, lewdness, bribing a witness and evidence tampering. if convicted holland could face life in prison a city council man taking heat after encouraging residents to attack cops with bottles and rocks. why he says it's the only way to keep his community safe. here's a kolo 8 sports break -- the golden state warriors get their 34th straight home win tonight as they edge denver 111-108 in overtime... stephen curry returned to the lineup after missing the last 2 games with a bruised shin -- but he left the game in the 2nd quarter and did not return after re-injuring the shin... draymond green recorded his 2nd straight triple-double, as the warriors improve to 31-and-2 outcue = 31-and-2 trt = 0:25 brrrr... it's cold
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parts of the truckee
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frozen... but the ducks are impervious... they continue to swim along. a frozen river is better than no river. just remember, it's not safe to walk on ice across a body of water... the ice may not be as thick as you think. temperatures will remain below average through the weekend with valley inversions in place through sunday. storms will begin to undercut the upper ridge by the middle of next week with increased chances for precipitation. short term... very few changes made to the near term forecast. temperatures will continue to be very cold through the
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the sierra and western nevada are in the single digits and the teens early this morning, with below zero readings in colder valley locations. below zero wind chills are also expected with gusty winds along the sierra ridges this weekend. low pressure across lift out today with increasing southwest flow through the weekend. increasing cloudiness from the significant warming of temperatures during temperatures to either way we are looking at a slight warming trend through early next week. by sunday, the next
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the west coast but elongates as it approaches. the splitting flow will not be favorable for significant rain/snow for the sierra and western nevada, but at least some showers are possible with this initial system. better chances for precipitation may occur with another system for midweek, but initial projections are showing the bulk of jet energy directed at southern california . we did maintain chances for precipitation along the sierra and far northwestern nevada for monday and early tuesday. amounts with this initial system are a bit uncertain, especially since precipitation would be more showery in nature. weishahn long term...tuesday through saturday... an active pattern is
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several weather systems pushing through the sierra and northwest while none of these prayer break... muslim workers at a meat packing plant say a the rules on them, but the company says it's all a big misunderstanding. california lottory numbers... here's a kolo-8 sports kings hosting phoenix this afternoon...
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points, and the kings put up 142 points -- they win by 23... head coach george karl moves into a tie for 5th place for most career wins outcue = most career wins trt = 0:17 it was a blast so powerful it was heard
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strong it even registered as an earthquake.. tonight.. what we're learning about that gas explosion early this morning in oklahoma city.. and what we all need to know to stay safe. here's abc's ron claiborne. nats up emergency dispatch: command to 604 what we have is one house that has been totally destroyed and is involved fire, it was just after 3 o'clock this morning ? the house on a quiet residential street suddenly catching fire, then exploding into a pieces. a neighbor shooting this dramatic cell phone
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"it's completely gone. that whole entire house is completely gone" all that was left was a heap of burning debris. amazingly the one person inside the house - asleep in his bed - was blown out in the explosion and survived with only burns. when the sun came up, the extent of damage could be seen. the home that was obliterated and about 50 others damaged, some severely. sot benny fulkerson deputy chief, oklahoma city fire department just before the explosion, utility workers were in the backyard of the house next door checking a gas leak. the cause of the fire and explosion is not yet known. gas leaks can be devastatiing. a gas explosion destroyed this new jersey home last february. safety officials say if you ever smell gas, get out of your home immediately ? do not turn on lights. an
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your utility. natsot/aerial shot in oklahoma city towns chasing cars into his town.... but the unusual call to action is drawing criticism from many...including the group wives behind the badge. "let get rocks, let get bricks and lets get bottles and start throwing them and then they won't come in here anymore" over the past year... there were several high speed chases originating in other cities that ended in jackson. now councilman kenneth stokes is urging people outside communities. that statement leaving some people shocked. "i was disgusted with it. right now with everything that's going on, we need to have the positive out there instead of the negative. everything pertaining to what he said is what fuels this negativity."" but councilman stokes says police officers should break off the chase or get a license number rather than chase criminals into his area. he says the city can pay for stolen merchandise instead
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their streets. it's unclear whether stokes has attempted to use the court system to stop unnecessary police chases in jackson neighborhoods. nearly 150 somali refugees say they hope to get their jobs back after they were fired from the cargill beef plant in colorado after many of them left their dispute over workplace prayer. "they say, oh you talking about the pray? we don't accept any butted to "if they allow us to go back... they must allow us to pray." many of the somali refugees who work at the plant are muslim. they say they need to pray when the sun sets - during winter months. for years the plant accomodated the prayer ended when a new manager took over. on december 18... as employes left a processing table to pray - they were told only two or three could leave at once. instead eleven people walked off the job....and
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they were fired. a company spokesman says there has been a misunderstanding... and says the plant provides a reflection area for people of all faiths. the council on american islamic relations and cargill are in talks to see if an agreement can be reached.
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with a proff back-to-back losses r the first time this season -- trying to get back on track today at home against wyoming wolf pack a perfect 5-0 at lawlor events center this season... pick it up 2nd half -- cam oliver going to work -- nice spin move by the freshman... moments later -- oliver -- he can also do that... finished with 15 points, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks... later -- defense leading to offense... one of 17 wyoming
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dunk... wolf pack up 44-37... pack goes back to oliver... great pass from tyron criswell... space cam throws it down... wolf pack up 8... wyoming wouldn't go away -- alan herndon... one of his 3 triples... cuts the lead to 2... final minute -- lead down to 1... coleman -- for 3 -- clutch... 23 points -- 17 in the 2nd half -- 5 rebounds, 4 assists... and nevada stays meantime -- the wolf this afternoon... they fall 68-53... pack now 0-2 in the mountain west reno bighorns win their 3rd in a row -- 108-89 over austin -- bighorns improve to 10-7 on the season -- first place in
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let's get to football -- 4 more bowl games today -- we begin with a wild alamo bowl between oregon and t-c-u oregon led 31-0 at the half... 31-0! but t-c-u came all the way back to tie it and send it to overtime!... and it didn't just go to one overtime -- it went to three!... third overtime -- bram kohlhausen runs it in for t-c-u... oregon needs a touchdown to keep the game going -- 4th and 8... jeff lockie steps up -- pass is incomplete!... and t-c-u pulls off the stunning comeback -- 47- 41 -- tied for the biggest comeback in bowl history arkansas and kansas state in the liberty bowl... 3rd quarter -- brandon allen -- finds jeremy sprinkle... yeah i want sprinkles on that!... razorbacks up 31-20... 4th quarter -- check out this run by alex collins...
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that is a man's touchdown... arkansas goes on to win 45-23 georgia facing penn state in the taxslayer bowl... because nothing says college football like doing your taxes... 2nd quarter -- terry godwin -- from the wildcat formation -- nice throw -- 44-yard touchdown strike to malcolm mitchell... georgia up 10-3... then just before halftime... godwin on the other end -- this time catching greyson lambert's touchdown pass... bulldogs hang on to win, 24-17 and believe it or not, one game still in progress -- score update
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with valley inversions in place through sunday.
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ridge by the middle of next week with increased chances for precipitation. short term... very few changes made to the near term forecast. temperatures will continue to be very cold through the weekend. many locations across the sierra and western nevada are in the single digits and the teens early this morning, with below zero readings in colder valley locations. below zero wind chills are also expected with gusty winds along the sierra (the rosenbergs) i can't be anything without you don't you know? 'cause we go together just like jam and bread or maybe birds of a feather feather i don't know anything about you
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