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tv   KOLO 8 News Now 11PM  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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blizzard conditions especially south of higgway 50. be prepared for widespread travel and outdoor impacts into monday morning. && .short term... ...blizzard conditions expected tonight for mono-mineral-southern lyon counties... heavy snow has fallen across much of the region last night and through the day, a result from an ongoing "tonopah low". travel impacts have been less warming the day have limited amounts and many roads melted off. reports from caltrans and ndot are coming in this afternoon with multiple car accidents on interstate 80 west of reno that have closed down the interstate. north winds are increasing this afternoon, helping to refreeze the road surfaces and make dangerous driving conditions through tonight and into monday morning. as the sun goes down this evening, snow will begin to stick again on road surfaces and make for
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conditions. additional snowfall amounts of 2 to 4 inches are snowing but the roads it's going to be pretty night and into the morning. kolo 8 news now's catherine van tkaes a will be facing. jed: it is a sheet of ice nats it is nasty, there's not visibility nats snowing became a sheet of ice in the last couple of hours when i was trying to make it home. a trip that would have normally taken jed freeman three hours... doubled... jed: i don't know how the wheel turns. thanks to sunday's non-stop storm.
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lots of accidents. one rollover with people we got out, just skidding and fishtailing. parts of i-80 were shut down at the state line and at wadsworth after having more than 25 cars... including 4 big rigs piled up... and the other main roads... weren't that much better. jed: 395 into reno was the worst part i had. don't go out. the snow was relentless throughout the day... but so were the crews working to keep the powder off the roads. thor: all snowplow drivers have been summoned, we got them out, they're taking more than 12 hours shifts and they're overlapping, and our plows never turn off, so we're switching people. the nevada department of transportation says black ice will be the biggest hazard drivers will be facing until the afternoon. thor: the storm is going to continue, it's not going to let up so we're not going to let up. it won't be back to black pavement conditions until the storm stops and we're able to finish our clean up. in northwest
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you can always call 5-11 for the latest road conditions. the weather and slick roads are expected to cause some difficulties in getting students to school tomorrow. the entire churchill county school district will be on a two hour delayed start tomorrow. our lady of the snows catholic school... as well as pyramid lake junior senior high school will also see a two hour delay. a-c-e high school and the goddard school in sparks will see a nine a-m start. at this time... there have been no closures or delays announced for the the washoe county school district. but district official did announce... if there are any closures... they'll be announced at 6 a-m tomorrow. aside from causing some issues on the roads today... the snow... really creating a winter wonderland across the region. it was absolutely stunning up on mount rose. this video shot by our reporter rebecca kitchen. she was riding up the northwest magnum chair this afternoon. mt. rose got eight inches over night...
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turns. here's a look at a secret pow stash at alpine meadows this morning. that's my dad ripping down the hill there. the resort reported six inches overnight. and it continued to snow throughout the day. a little closer to town... here is what it looked like today at the riverwalk. the entire area... covered in snow. you'll recall yesterday... it was a much different scene... the river was raging... and it wasn't surrounded in snow. both scenes through... a big difference from last year during january. finally... here's some video of us doing... what many of you were doing today... just driving around town. this video shot by kolo's paul harris as he made his way around town today. he was looking for people out in the snow... but he he found... was people doing a good deed. here's that story. nats i set out driving to see if i could find how people were dealing with the storm... especially the elderly in
11:05 pm, "when the weather is like this it is really tough for them to be out and be mobile." nats i met a man named dean who was cleaning the gutter and walkways around 98 year old virginia garaventa's house. they are neighbors. "gonna make a hundred." dean was a bit shy about being on camera and did not want to draw attention himself... but his acts of kindness did not go unnoticed. virginia garaventa, reno resident,"very nice, the neighbors are very nice." garaventa has lived in reno for 70 years raising her family and needs every bit of help when the weather turns bad. "i can't walk very well even if it is just icy i don't go out." and being a long time resident she is proud about how her neighborhood rallies around each other. is just icy i don't go out." and being a long time resident she is proud about how her neighborhood rallies around each other. "oh i love that, i really do." paul harris... kolo 8 news now. we have new
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lake tahoe. police there now say 40 year old dennis michael wright jr was shot at least once in the chest. investigators say the shooting appears to have stemmed from an illicit drug deal. according to police, wright and a female companion drove to south lake tahoe to deliver a hundred pounds of marijuana. an altercation occurred and shots were fired. the female companion suffered a head injury. detectives are working to identify the number of suspects. anyone with information, should call the south lake tahoe police at 530-542-6100. secret witness is now offering a two thousand dollar reward for information about a deadly hit and run. it happened a little before 6 o'clock yesterday morning near fourth street and spokane. according to reno police, a 55 year old man was crossing the street when he was hit by a speeding pickup truck with its' headlights off. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. the vehicle is described as a new light colored full sized pickup truck. anyone with
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call reno police or secret witness at 322- 4900. you have a little less than an hour left to sign up for health insurance. open enrollment ends at midnight tonight. if you don't have health insurance then you will face a tax penalty. the minimum penalty is 695 dollars if you were not insured for a full year. you can purchase state sponsored health plans at nevada health link. for more information go to kolo-tv dot com and click on hot topics. in iowa tonight-- it's election eve. after months of hectic campaigning -- the candidates for president are facing their first test at the ballot box. . the iowa caucuses are tomorrow -- when voters finally begin to thin out the crowd on the campaign trial. the latest poll shows tight races in both parties. and that means undecided voters hold the key to victory. abc's brandi hitt reports from des moines. nats - in this final push for
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nats up: clinton: "thank you bill... thank you chelsea..." both hillary clinton and donald trump - are bringing out the big guns -- their families... sot - melania trump // "he will be unbelievable, the best deal maker... the best master negotiator!" "thank you, honey." that includes trump's wife -- melania... and clinton's daughter -- chelsea... sot chelsea: "please join and in welcoming, i hope, our next president..." the latest poll shows trump leading the g-o-p race - now five points ahead of ted cruz. sot trump: "i don't care if you are feeling terrible. you have 104 temperature.// get out of bed and caucus." on the democratic side... it's a tight race between clinton and bernie sanders. sot sanders: "what our job is in the next 24 hours is to make sure there is a large voter turnout." sanders' volunteers - knocking on 75-thousand doors this weekend alone. cruz attended church in iowa. sot cruz: "i prayed that god's will be done." his rival - senator
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cruz as the favorite. sot - rubio montage // "ted cruz is clearly the front-runner... he's spent millions of dollars here." brandi hitt on-camera close: in fact the des moines register estimates all of the candidates have spent more than 33 million dollars ads - combined -- here in iowa. in these final days... the've flooded the airwaves. brandi hitt - abc news - des moines, iowa still ahead on kolo 8 news now at eleven... the snow bringing smiles to the faces of kids around the region. we're checking in with sky tavern about how the storm made a big difference at sky tavern. plus the super bowl is now under a week away. we're taking you to super bowl city in san
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the sound of the wind. the warmth of the sun. the smell of the earth. even the rumble of a tractor. we'd love to put all this inside every can of progresso soup. but since we can't bring you the entire farm, the least we can do is bring you the best,
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make it progresso. a winter storm will continue to bring additional snow accumulations and extensive travel impacts to the region tonight and into monday morning. winds will increase with areas of blowing snow and blizzard conditions especially south of highway 50. be prepared for widespread travel and outdoor impacts
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.short term... ...blizzard conditions expected tonight for mono-mineral-southern lyon counties... heavy snow has fallen across much of the region last night and through the day, a result from an ongoing "tonopah low". travel impacts have been less during the day today, as warming temperatures during the day have limited additional snow amounts and many roads melted off. reports from caltrans and ndot are coming in this afternoon with multiple car accidents on interstate 80 west of reno that have closed down the interstate. north winds are increasing this afternoon, helping to refreeze the road surfaces and make dangerous driving conditions through
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morning. as the sun goes down this evening, snow will begin to surfaces and make for treacherous driving conditions. additional snowfall amounts of 2 to 4 inches are expected this evening mainly along and south of interstate 80, with up to 6 inches or more south of highway 50. earlier this afternoon, blizzard warning for mono, mineral, and southern lyon counties through 10 am monday morning. as the surface low deepens over southern nevada, this will continue to increase winds tonight
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winter weather has caused some problems with the sky tavern junior ski program this year... but this weekend was a go... and hundreds of kids had the chance to take advantage of the fresh powder. kolo 8 news nows chris buckley has more. "the last four years have been terrible so it's time we have this its incredible." winter weather has been a problem for the sky tavern ski and snowboard program this year. the first three days were cancelled due to high
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but conditions from this latest storm... were ideal. "it's snowing but its not windy and its fabulous its not freezing, it s a great time there's all kinds of powder on the mountain the kids are having a blast." well, most of them are. "there's a lot of snow and powder and i can't ski powder." chain controls were up on mt. rose highway... but the buses were were able to run.. "they were a little late but not too bad we got everyone on by 9:15, everone went slow and ndot was great at plowing the roads." it's a change from the past few years... when it was lack of snow causing cancellations... and eventually, a change of venue. this is amazing we are so happy to be back on our mountian we can't thank mt. rose enough for letting us ski there but there's nothing like being at your own home base." the non-profit plans to make up some of the missed days at the end of the season... and the hope is... more of those days.. will look like this one. "it's really good out here" "it's good cold, great snow" "it's super powdery and the best time i've had." at sky tavern chris buckley kolo 8 news
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up next on this edition of kolo 8 news now... if you have some free time to make it to the bay area this week... super bowl city is open in san francisco... and it's about a lot more than just football. first here are your california lottory numbers... here's a kolo-8 sports numbers... here's a kolo-8 sports break -- united states facing iceland in a soccer friendly... 2nd half -- 90th minute -- tied at 2 -- there's your winner! steve birnbaum with the header... and the u-s beats
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student is facing charges in the death of
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blacksburg, virginia. the remains of nicole madison lovell were found yesterday , three days after she disappeared from her home. as rob manch reports, another woman allegedly helped cover up her murder. natsot: "we have some very wounded folks in our community." the town of blacksburg was in mourning sunday, learning that 13-year- old nicole lovell is dead and two aspiring students at virginia tech may be responsible. 18-year-old david eisenhauer is charged with lovell's abduction and murder, now, police say he had an accomplice. : "19-year-old natalie marie keepers has been charged by blacksburg police with felony count of improper disposal of a body and one misdemeanor count of accessory after the fact in the commission of a felony." but even more disturbing, police say eisenhauer knew lovell beforehand and planned her death. : "based on evidence collected
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eisenhauer and nicole were acquainted prior to her disappearance. eisenhauer used this relationship to his advantage to abduct and then kill her." these details have come to light following a four-day search, pursuing hundreds of phoned-in tips and social media leads with ground teams and even aerial drones provided by virginia tech. police say the investigation is far from over. : "investigators continue to be very busy today, with pursuing approximately 300 leads generated over the past five days. they are still conducting additional interviews and working through evidence- collection, processing and analysis." as police worked to piece together lovell's last days, they are urging everyone to remember the family at the center of the tragedy. : "just remember, these are the kind of crimes that rip communities apart." by this time next week... we'll have a new nfl champion... but in the days until the super bowl... it will be a very busy week in san francisco. "we just want to welcome you, we want to thank you and more importantly, we want you to
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that super bowl city, this historic super bowl 50 will bring" "being able to watch the super bowl at such a young age was a dream come true, and now to be able to have it in our own city, it is more awesome than you can imagine," super bowl city is up an running on san francisco's embarcadero... right across from the ferry building. the week long event highlights the culture of the bay area... and of course gets people ready for sunday's game. there will be more than 30 musical performances this week... along with plenty of other activities. but for most people they'll likely just go back out when the crowds clear next week. ben ross is here now with a preview of sports. bighorns facing the defending d-league champions and the golden state warriors trying to get to 44-and-4
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the reno bighorns entered the day with a 3-game lead in the pacific division -- looking to extend that this afternoon against the defending d-league champion santa cruz warriors and look who's the bighorns newest security guard -- i wouldn't mess with bruno... first quarter... reggie hearn right down the lane... bighorns up early... then it's chad toppert knocking down the 3... moments later -- this is not a replay -- toppert again for 3... 20 points on the afternoon... bighorns win again, 102- 91... they improve to 18-10 on the season speaking of first place teams -- the golden state warriors taking on the new york knicks at madison square garden... 2nd quarter -- derrick
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rim... i don'w know why, but that was nasty... he had 11 points -- knicks up 4... 3rd quarter -- warriors now up 11... draymond green -- an incredible game -- 20 points on 9-for-9 shooting, 10 rebounds, 10 assists... and then it's klay thompson -- game high 34 points... warriors roll 116-95... they're now 44-and-4 well some surprising n- f-l news today -- according to e-s-p-n, detroit lions pro-bowl receiver calvin johnson plans to retire at the age of 30 adam schefter reports the 5-time pro bowler has told the lions that this past season was his last... in 9 n-f-l seasons, johnson recorded 731 receptions for 11,619 yards, both lions
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single season record with 1,964 receiving yards n-f-l pro bowl today in hawaii... teams drafted by jerry rice and michael irvin... 2nd quarter -- team irvin up 14-7... russell wilson hits todd gurley for a 10-yard touchdown... wilson threw for 3 touchdowns in the game... later in the 2nd... raiders qb derek carr connects with chiefs tight end travis kelce... cuts the lead to 21-14... but team irvin answers back in the 3rd... teddy bridgewater -- going deep to allen robinson... team irvin goes on to win 49-27 n-h-l all-star game also today in nashillve... a 3- on-3 tournament between the league's 4 divisions... the story of the day -- john scott -- voted in by the fans despite only having 5 goals in his whole career -- a
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but he made the most of his opportunity -- scored 2 goals in the pacific division's semifinal game against the central... pacific and atlantic divisions advance to the championship game -- only 1 goal scored in that one, by corey perry... and the pacific wins 1-0... john scott named m-v-p -- how awesome is that... what a moment thanks ben...we'll be right back. a winter storm will
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and ndot are coming in that's all we have for you tonight..
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that's all we have for you tonight.. we leave you with pictures viewers sent into us of snow from all across the region. goodnight. ----- (woman) hey hey come on come on, come on, come on hey hey. hey. i was--i was just... trying on my halloween costume. what exactly are you supposed to be? space cowboy. okay, "a," there are no cows in space. "b," didn't you wear that, like, five years ago? so? so don't you think you should move on? i like it. what are you doing up so late anyway? halloween homework--
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