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tv   Good Morning Reno 430am  ABC  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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good morning. it's thursday, february 4th. i'm amanda sanchez let's go to lindsey matherly with a look at the forecast. high pressure off the west coast will build inland by this weekend and remain centered over the great basin through the middle of next week, keeping dry conditions over the eastern sierra and western nevada. below normal temperatures through friday will be followed by a steady warming trend into next week. &&.short term... the weak shortwave which brought light snow roughly north of susanville-lovelock yesterday evening has
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one person was taken to the hospital after a rollover accident. it happened just after midnight. n-h-p says two vehicles crashed around on i-580, near the mount rose exit. they say the person who was in the rolled vehicle had to be extradited and was care flighted to a hospital with serious injuries. no word yet on the cause of the crash. new developments this morning in the south lake tahoe murder investigation. south lake tahoe police released these sketches of the robbers involved in saturday's shooting at beverly lodge. investigators say these two men robbed a couple during a drug deal. during the robbery one of the men shot and killed one of the victims. one robber is described as a black man, about six-foot-three and 200- pounds with dreadlocks. the other man is a black or bi-racial man, about five-eight and 170- pounds with curly hair. police say the suspects
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similar to the one pictured here. if you have any information about this robbery call south lake tahoe police at 530-542- 6100. the carson city sheriff's office is asking for your help to identify two burglars. detectives say a man and a female stole large quantities of food and alcohol from the empire ranch golf course. the burglary happened on january 22nd at 1-30 in the morning. if you have any information about this burglary call the carson city sheriff's office at 775-887-2013. a new hit-and-run law is handing down stricter penalties for drivers, who leave the scene of the crime. the law changes a hit and run with injuries, from a misdemeanor to a felony. prior to october, hit- and-run drivers who left the scene, could only face a misdemeanor. right now-- reno police are searching for a hit- and-run driver. they say the driver of a new, light colored pickup hit-and-killed a man while he was walking across fourth and spokane street
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37-year old juan pablo rios is facing a felony, for leaving the scene of a different accident that left one person dead. "it is not worth your livelihood and your freedom if you leave the scene of an accident. own up. it gives closure to families when we can identify all the people involved in the accident, and get their side of the story as well " if a person is arrested for a hit-and-run that happened before october of last year--- they would only face misdemeanor charge, because the law didn't take effect until after that time. the national transportation safety board is asking states to lower the legal blood alcohol content from .08 to .05 -- in an effort to reduce highway deaths. in the last 15-years, one-third of all highway deaths involved alcohol. but officials at the washoe county sheriff's office say lowering the limit isn't going to make
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usually 1 percent are at a .05 or around that range is typically at a higher range where we see fatal accidents so i think a .08 is a good range to look at for duis. blowing a .05 -- is about one drink for a woman weighing less than 120- pounds and two drinks for a 160-pound man. if states adopt the measure it could mean more funding for freeways. if you plan on filing your taxes electronically this morning, you might have some trouble. the i-r-s says they've accepting electronically filed tax returns because of a "hardware failure." you can send electronic returns to companies that serve as a middleman between you and the i-r-s. those companies will have to hold the return until the system is up the i-r-s expects their back up today. ?could the ninth u-s be broken up? nevada is one of several that court. arizona's governor and
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law makers introduced a bill that would move nevada and several other states, to the newly established 12th circuit. but this isn't a new idea -- it's been around for decades, but failed in congress. they believe the current court is oversized and overworked. another presidential candidate threw in the towel -- and there was no shortage of drama from the campaign trail. a-b-c's marci gonzalez reports. tonight- the republican field narrowing again? rick santorum- dropping out?and announcing on fox news he's endorsing marco rubio sot - rick santorum he's a tremendously gifted young man today- rubio adding to the criticism of ted cruz? after the cruz camp sent this e-mail to supporters on caucus day - suggesting doctor ben carson might be dropping out of the race. sot - marco rubio i thought it was unfair to ben
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cruz of fraud over it?tweeting ted cruz didn't win iowa, he stole it. sot-trump he insulted ben carson by doing what he did to ben carson that was a disgrace. " cruz apologized to carson sot - ted cruz it was a mistake for our team not to forward your subsequent statement things starting to simmer on the democratic side too- bernie sanders - calling into question whether hillary clinton is really clinton and sanders will face off in a debate tonight then the republicans will debate here in new hampshire saturday night right here on abc. a proposed ballot measure is trying to bring more electricity providers to nevada. a group called "nevadans for affordable, clean energy choices"--- filed a petition with the nevada secretary of state's office yesterday. the measure would change the state
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monopoly on electric services. this would also make it easier for other providers to come to the state--- and "in theory", lower your electric bill. more than 55-thousand signatures are needed to get the measure on the ballot. this winter is taking a toll on our roads. you've probably seen your ffr share of potholes, around town. but reno public works has two crews working every day to help make our roads safer -- that includes fixing potholes -- and they're asking residents for help finding them. kolo 8 news nows chris buckley has more. winter weather wreaks havoc on city streets.. "youre starting to see water in the cracks of the roadway, you get the expansion and contraction during the road starting to heave ad break apart and they develop potholes and then the haering of the vehicles turn small holes into larger holes in to potholes." especially on older streets "the asphalt is aging its oxidized ad it begins to deteriorate." the city of reno has two public works crews working to repair roads... and there's no shortage of work. "we're trying to catch up as soon as we get to teh point where we're making some headway we get a storm come into town, we're losing more of the roadway surfaces to potholes." the city is asking drivers that see potholes... to call them in.
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a work request and we'll repair it within five working days." they do this kind of work... year round. that was chris buckley reporting. you can report potholes to reno direct at 334-info. "youre starting to see water in the cracks of the roadway, you get the expansion and contraction during the road starting to heave ad break apart and they develop potholes and then the haering of the vehicles turn small holes into larger holes in to potholes." you can report potholes to reno direct at 334-info. for more information on how to take advantage of reno direct go to
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-over: my new mom and i have a lot in common. ahh...the great outside... son, voice-over: we both love the outdoors.
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that's not a flower. son, voice-over: we both love geology. oh, look! an igneous one! that's not a rock. son, voice-over: and she knows a lot about wildlife. a labradoodle! [baying] that's not a dog. son, voice-over: hanging out has been kinda fun. announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. thousands of kids in foster care will take you just as you are. the bellevue road bridge in washoe valley is temporarily closed. the over-pass and ramps will be closed for about 3-months for earthquake retrofitting. this is part of nevada department of transportation's project to seismically upgrade older bridges along i- 580. if you take the bridge to work, you'll detour to bowers mansion road. interstate traffic can still travel along i-580. high pressure off the west coast will build inland by this
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centered over the great basin through the middle of next week, keeping dry conditions over the eastern sierra and western nevada. below normal temperatures through friday will be followed by a steady warming trend into next week. &&.short term... the weak shortwave
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susanville-lovelock yesterday evening has exited into eastern nv. we have removed all mention of precip for this morning. low amplitude ridge off the west coast then moving inland will keep the region dry through friday, but areas of cirrus will spread across most areas. with plenty of snow cover in place over western the centers for disease control and prevention is updating its guideline for the zika virus.
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after a zika case was discovered in texas. the c-d-c is now advising pregnant women to protect themselves, if their male sexual partner has traveled to infected areas. the guideline now says to either avoid sex or use protection. zika has been linked to a birth disorder in newborns that results in babies born with abnormally small heads. the disorder causes severe developmental issues and sometimes death. chances are you're probably sitting on the couch right now. but new research says being still could be hazardous to your health. dr. timothy johnson explains why. sedentary jobs? millions of americans have them. and when we come home - we sit there, too. like it or not, you've all heard that sitting around has consequences for your health. now a new study? suggesting that the desk chair? and the recliner? may be tied to a higher risk of diabetes
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syndrome. researchers in the netherlands tracked the activity levels of nearly 25 hundred subjects using accelerometers - similar to a fitbit. they wore these devices 24/7 for eight days straight. researchers also tested these participants for diabetes. what they found? those who spent an extra hour per day being sedentary were 22 percent more likely to already be diabetic. what's more, they also found a 39 percent higher likelihood that a
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0204ms01 it was national signing day...
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unveiled their recruiting class, which included a running back from penn state akeel lynch is due to graduate this spring... adn he will come to nevada to play his senior year... the 5-foot-11, 220 pounder began the season as the nittany lions starter, but got injured and lost his spot... he ran for over 13
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seven tds in three seasons at penn state, rushing for over 100 yards five times... polian: "he's a big guy. and he is a grown man, i mean he's had four years in a power five weight room. he looks like a grown man. he is a down-hill, he's not going to outrun people around the edge. he's a downhill, one-cut runner. but he is fast enough to run away from safties and we've seen it
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there are 23 players in all... 11 offensive players, 12 eight of them are lineman... four on each side.. you can see the entire list at kolo tv dot com one of those recruits... nick gregg from reed high school... he's a 6-foot, 300 pound defensive tackle he was named the northern defensive
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last two seasons... sot/gregg: it feels great. it's kind of a dream come true. i've always admired the way the wolf pack had their program going and i'm glad i can be a part of it... it was automatic for me - once i got that offer, i jumped on it the next three days. it's always what i've
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waiter: here's your check. oh! you--you got it. you know, since i got rid of my car, i really enjoy walking. ok. got it? no, i'm good.
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in fines, legal fees, and increased insurance rates. oh, you're home early. you live with your mom? announcer: that'll set your game back a few years. buzzed, busted, and broke because buzzed driving is drunk driving. high pressure off the west coast will build inland by this weekend and remain centered over the great basin through the middle of next week, keeping dry conditions over the eastern sierra and western
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temperatures through friday will be followed we'll soon see billboards across the state designed by a wooster high school student. allyssa corpus, drew this picture and won a statewide contest held by the nevada department of public safety. high school students through out the state were asked to design an original billboard for a campaign called "zero teen fatalities" -- and this was the winner. a homeless man could get a big reward because he helped police get the two fugitives who escaped from the orange county jail last month. matthew hay-chapman is the man who saw the infamous stolen white van. he said he noticed two men sleeping inside when suddenly ho-sain nigh-air-ee hossein nayeri took off running. that's when he flagged down a police car nearby. "and i point and he see's me.
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across the street. and i'm going cause i'm right handed holding my cane like this...body language ...boom! that's the guy! " police told hay-chapman that he may qualify for a 140-thousand dollar reward. if he gets it, he says he'll use the money to rebuild his life. fans trying to watch the super bowl down in las vegas are going to have a hard time. cox communications cable customers haven't been able to watch any c-b-s programs since saturday. local affiliate klas-tv pulled the channel off the cox lineup. the move is after five months of failed contract negotiations. about 40 percent of all vegas area households subscribe to cox. klas-tv's parent company, nexstar broadcasting group, wants the cable provider to pay more to carry its programming. now many las vegas
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watching the big game on sunday. the n-f-l is set to bring in some serious money because of the super bowl. how much the big game
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