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tv   Good Morning Reno 530am  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am PST

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above average with light winds will persist with high pressure over the region through the remainder of the week. weaker valley inversions will allow and chances for precipitation through the rest of the week with the next the field has narrowed. all the republican candidates now fit on one stage after carly fiorina and chris christie dropped out. the candidates now hehed to south carolina. and for the democrats, another debate tonight. here's abc's lana zak. script: trump sot: we may have to stage a phony protest. that's the only way they show the size of these crowds. this crowd is amazing." donald trump with even more spring in his step
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hampshire--forcing two more candidates--chris christie and carly fiorina out of the race. trump says he's ready to take on democratic challenger, hillary clinton trump sot: we're going to beat her and honestly women don't like her, // in new hampshire, clinton lost women voters 44 to 55% ---- and young people 16% to 83%. but nationally, clinton still has the advantage who tells abc's cecilia vega he has work to do. were tomorrow do you think you could win south carolina and nevada? fortunately for us the tomorrow. gw bush ad nats and another candidate grateful for some extra campaign time--jeb
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brother will join him on the trail hitting trump hard yesterday after his fourth place finish in new hampshire bush sot: he is an entertaining person. unless you are a woman. unless you are a hispanic, unless you're a pow, unless you're a disabled person. // but second-place winner john kasich says he's unlikely to go on the attack kasich sot: i'm not gonna be a pincushion or a marshmallow but i'm also not gonna spend my time trying to trash over people. tag: back in kasich's home state of ohio, a controversial bill to cut off funding for planned parenthood programs on aids and domestic violence, has passed...kasich says he will sign it. lz abc n, w. since carly fiorina suspended her campaign, her event to speak to washoe republican women is now cancelled. she was scheduled to visit reno next wednesday. we're just 9 days away from the nevada caucuses. the democratic caucus is on february 20th. is on the 23rd. democrats can register g-o-p voters must register by this saturday. the washoe county registrar's office is not open on the weekend so the last day to register is tomorrow.
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carson city sheriffs are urging residents to join the fight against drugs after a major methamphetamine drug bust in the area. after a four month long investigation, the tri-net narcotics task force arrested five men in carson city who were involved in a distribution ring at an east carson city apartment complex. ken furlong from the carson city sheriff's department says the operation posed a big threat to the neighborhood and he believes the threat is not over. furlong: "stanton arms apartments which is where this occured. there's a lot of families and children. so they really were creating a cancer in the middle of families." sheriff furlong says this is the third drug bust in the area, and there are likely more drug rings operating in the same neighborhood. he says the drugs are smuggled up from mexico, sold here in our area, then the money is sent back to mexico. if you see any suspicious activity don't hesitate to call the sheriff's
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president obama is asking for 1.1 billion dollars to fight america's growing heroin and prescription drug problem in the final budget of his presidency -- something ohio senator rob portman has been pushing. as washington correspondent kellie meyer finds, it is making progress there too. kellie intro: senator portman tells us while he is happy with the president's support in funding but it takes a comprehensive approach to deal with the countries drug problem, which he says is just what his bill would do. take vo: it's called cara- the comprehensive addiction and recovery act. first the bill would focus on drug prevention. portman says 4 out of 5 people that are addicted to heroin started with prescription drugs. he wants to focus on education before addiction. second launches treatment programs, including making sure rural areas as well as big cities have access to life saving options like naloxone. portman says the final point is that it is comprehensive. he believes it takes the nation coming together on all of these steps to make a difference. take sot: portman: "just in the last week or so we've had two incidents in ohio, tragic auto accidents
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including someone overdosing with their kids in the back seat and crashing on one of our interstate highways, so this is a problem that is affecting all of us." kellie tag: senator portman tells us this is something he's been working on for three years. he says it's rare in washington to have this kind of bipartisan support behind the bill- from the white house and democratic sponsors like rhode island senator whitehouse. he says it's like kind of support that can get this to the presidents desk- he says as soon as next month. reporting in washington i'm kellie meyer. kolo 8 news now pillar partner, join together northern nevada works to fight the substance abuse problem right here in washoe county. if you want more information about fighting substance addiction in our community, go to kolo cares dot com. happening today... the r-t-c is inviting you to an open house for the southeast connector project. the event starts at 11 this morning and will go on until 7 p-m.
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airport plaza hotel. that's located at 1981 terminal way. the open house will include phase one and two of the project and you'll get the opportunity to meet the project team. it will also include information about how the southeast connector will benefit our region. the southeast connector will link sparks to south reno finished in late 2017. the virinia street bridge is nearing completion. planning to celebrate the 18.2-million dollar project this spring. the new bridge relaces the 110-year old bridge that reportedly had choke points where trees and debris would get caught during floods. according to the reno gazette, mayor hillary schieve and city council members will hold a ribbion cutting
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the community is rallying around a local woman in need of a new kidney. and she's sharing her story this morning in hopes of helping raise awareness for organ donation. and, you don't have much time left to get a gift for your sweetheart. if you're struggling to think of ideas - we've got you covered "you're watching kolo 8 news now good morning reno with dave lawrence, amanda sanchez and lindsey matherly with your hour by hour forecast" the nugget will soon be the nugget will soon be under new ownership. tonight we'll tell you what casino officials are saying about what it means for the future of the business. noah that's tonight on kolo 8
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a woman's corageous
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kidney is getting a lot of attention in the local community. and as kolo 8 news now's matt vaughan shows us ... her story is helping raise awareness for organ donation. live i first found out about kerry kozlowski's situation through social media. and despite being new to reno ... she's already receiving a lot of support. although her goal is to find a matching donor ... kerry says she also wants the community to be educated about organ donation. ... "my real joy is helping people, and if i can lend my voice with others to this cause, i know that other people will be touched." kerry kozlowski was leading what most would consider a mother of two boys. but in december of 2014 ... kerry got some unexpected news when she found out that she had kidney disease. "my life changed dramatically. i didn't have any symptoms, so when i was diagnosed it was a complete surprise." since her diagnosis ... kerry has had to quit her job and make several lifestyle changes. she now has to watch what she eats and has
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stamina. "i used to be able to do a lot more than i do now." many people who need a kidney transplant often find a successful match within their family. which was the case for reno mayor hillary schieve. she was able to receive a kidney from her sister amanda ... and knows from personal experience the importance of talking about organ donation with those around you. "i think locally we can certainly make an impact if people realize how important it is to donate and to sign an organ donor card, but even more so than that speak to your loved ones about being an organ donor because that's the most important process." but kerry has had a tougher time than most when trying to find a match. she has an auto-immune disease that prohibits her from receiving an organ from more than 80-percent of population ... which has made her journey that much more difficult. "i was in a really dark place because i was going on dialysis and i didn't have any matches. i didn't have any hope." but kerry is not alone in her struggle. in fact when it comes to organ transplants ... kidneys are the most needed. "just here in the state there are about 400-some-odd people
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about 77% of nevadans who are waiting for any organ transplant. nationally, that number grows to 85%." although she's only been living in reno for about 7 months ... kerry has had an overwhelming amount of support from people in the community who want to help. which has given her new hope for finding a match. "there's no words to say, except thank you, and god bless you, every one of you that's reached out to me." kerry is currently in the final stage of chronic kidney disease and will start dialysis later this month. if you'd like to follow her progress ... or just want more information about organ donation ... we've posted links at under hot topics.
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temperatures along with light winds will persist with high pressure over the region through the
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inversions will allow for decent mixing today and friday. little to no chances for precipitation through the rest of the week with the next chance for any precipitation next wednesday. no significant changes were made to the short term forecast. ridge will flatten in response to a couple of shortwaves moving through the pacific northwest. main impacts from this will be variable cloudiness, stronger winds aloft, as well as improved mixing across the valley locations. otherwise temperatures will remain above average with near record high temperatures for some locations on friday. the shortwave passing just north of the region on friday will bring
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precipitation to southern oregon and far northwestern california. the wave appears to weaken as it pushes inland across nevada, so removed the small chances for precipitation across northern lassen/washoe counties for late friday into early saturday. increased clouds along with north to northeast winds will allow temperatures to cool a bit on saturday, but still expecting temperatures to be above normal for this time of year with light winds will persist with high pressure over the region through the remainder of the week.
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inversions will allow for decent mixing today and friday. little to no chances for valentine's day is only three days away. if you're still struggling to find a gift, we have a few last minute ideas. if you're looking to relax this valentines day, spa atlantis is offering special options for couples. they say all of their treatments are designed to have intimacy in mind, to bring you and your partner closer. most restaurants in our area say they're already sold out on valentine's day. but at campo, located on north sierra street, they still have some morning. "valentines everning is just about sold out whats great about it landing on a sunday night is now friday and saturday are booking up like crazy, what's also exciting is we have our brunch on sunday and we
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now." valentines day touches at campo include a snowflake chair for taking pictures and a chance to bypass the flower shop. director of operations at campo, tommy cortopass says you can also have flowers delivered directly to the restaurant. you've probably heard it in the movies - a person becoming so sad that they die of a 'broken heart.' while it's not usually a fatal event, there is such a thing as 'broken heart syndrome.' doctor steven nissen ... a cardiologist at cleveland clinic ... says the symptoms mimic those of a heart attack. he says broken heart syndrome most often occurs after a person has suffered an extreme emotional experience. "when that happens, for reasons we don't fully understand, there's a surge of adrenaline in the body, and theresult simulates a heart attack." doctor nissen says
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broken heart syndrome, but they can become very sick. the good news is that those who experience this type of event can expect their heart muscle to return to normal after a few weeks. doctor nissen also says that for reasons unknown, the condition affects more women
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a little sea lion
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california restaurant when she came in and took a seat at a table. the picture of her sitting at the booth even went viral. "i have to tell you, she's very smart because she picked out the best table in the house. she jumped right over here, sit down, and she just went, "where's breakfast?" experts who took her in say she had several health problems - including being malnourished. but things are looking up for the sea lion pup... who was named "marina." she's already gained four pounds and is more hydrated and is expected to make a full recovery. many of us are guilty of checking our facebook constantly throughout the day. but believe it or not ... it may be bad for your health.
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media could be affecting your sleep.
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high pressure over the region through the remainder of the week. weaker valley inversions will allow for decent mixing today and friday. little to no chances for precipitation through
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chance for any wednesday. no significant changes were made to the short term forecast. ridge will flatten in response to a couple of shortwaves moving through the pacific northwest. main impacts from this will be variable cloudiness, in today's "techbytes," tough times for twitter. >> it's having trouble attracting new users. but it's also rolling out new features, including a time line that shows you the most popular tweets first, and if you don't like it, you can turn it off. the federal government has taken another step toward the truly driverless car. it now says that the computer that controls the self-driving car will be considered the driver. >> good news for companies like google currently developing such technology. and most of us never read software terms and conditions.
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>> okay, so, the folks at amazon snuck in a clause that would have allowed its lumberyard program to be used in the event of zombie apocalypse. don't worry, just a bit of fun had by the lawyers and fans of "the walking dead." >> those folks need to get out a little bit more. >> but it might happen. "techbytes." >> have a good day. ever look at a squirrel and think, "yeah, i could use that kind ofenergy? pretty sure that's how nuts werediscovered. larabar. food made from food. discover card. i missed a payment. aw, shoot. shoot! this is bad. no! we're good! this is your first time missing a payment. and you've got the discover it card, so we won't hike up your apr for paying late. that's great! it is great! (both simultaneously) thank you. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card with late payment forgiveness. eric's gotten used to the lingering odors in his bathroom yep, he's gone noseblind he think it smells fine, but his guests smell this...
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