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tv   Good Morning Reno 530am  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:30am-6:00am PST

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dave lawrence is off today. lindsey matherly joines today. me. temperatures across and western nevada will be well above average
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down slightly over the weekend. it will be breezy this afternoon and evening, with a chance for showers mainly north of interstate 80 tonight and early saturday. another weak system is possible sunday night, with season that is...and the president makes an announcement he's been working towards for nearly 8 years. our washington bureau correspondent alex miller joins us live to talk about the biggest news in washington this week and what we can expect from the election in the coming days. alexthe president announced plans to close guantanamo bay in cuba. but its not going over so well with members of congress. for those who are so
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do to stop the president's plan? and secretary of defense ash carter says the administration needs congressional approval to close guantanamo bay. what once had bi partisan support now has become an extremely partisan issue. and of course the president can use executive action on this as well. he says closing gitmo could lower costs by 85 million dollars each year. there are only 91 prisoners left35 expected to be transferred overseas so that leaves 40-60 to head to the u-s. but what he pegs as the bigger issue than money is the way our allies feel about guantanamo. take a listen. "when i tlak to other world leaders they bring up the fact
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the pentagon hasn't recommended a specific site to move prisoners to but many members of congress are frustrated especially those in south carolina, colorado and kansas because their states may possibly be forced take in these prisoners. the race for president has started to shift a bit with hillary clinton winning in nevada and donald trump winning in both nevada and south carolina--- is it possible for a turnaround for the other candidates at this point? specifically on the g-o-p side it's going to be difficult but i would say by the time we talk next week we'll have a pretty clear idea of what is going to happen i don't think it can be overstated enough how big trump's win in south carolina was. since he got every single delegaterubio could have come in second or 92nd and it wouldn't
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cruz may win his home state of texas which has a high number of delegates and rubio pointed out the other day he thinks he'll win floridawell florida about 2 weeks after super tuesday so unless he wins some states on march first hes going to be in a bad situation by the time florida rolls around as for hillary shes in a good place because shes about to go into her sweet spot of states where she has a lot of support. sanders is already jumping past south carolina and campaigning in other states to try to pick back up that momentum. thank you alex for that live report. after several rumors... governor brian sandoval says he does not want to be
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"i notified the white house that i do not wish to be considered at this nomination to the supreme court of the united states. i have also spoken to senators reid, heller, and mcconnell-- and expressed the same desire to them. the notion of being considered for a seat on the highest court in the land, is beyond humbling-- and i am incredibly grateful to have been mentioned." senator dean heller responded by saying... ""as a friend and former colleague of governor sandoval's, i believe he is eminently qualified for this position. but... i support his decision to withdraw his this position. but... i support his decision to withdraw his name from consideration for the supreme court vacancy." president obama will meet with senate leaders on tuesday, about the supreme court nomination. all republicans on the senate judiciary committee... have said, they will not hold a hearing or a vote on a supreme court nominee... saying the nomination should be left to the next president.
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for a motive in a deadly series of shootings in kansas thursday. the shooter is dead, along with three of his victims. reid binion reports. --reporter pkg-as follows-- :49 - :54 "gun fire was exchanged between law enforcement and the shooter and law enforcement shot and killed the shooter." harvey county sheriff "t" walton... ...praising officers for stopping a shooter who gunned down more than a dozen people in kansas thursday officials say it started at around five pm, with a report of shots-fired from a vehicle... with a male victim hit in the shoulder. minutes later, another shooting nearby. then, officials say the attacker shot a person in the parking lot of excel industries in hesston, where he worked... ...then stormed inside and opened fire. "he was just unloading on everybody. everybody started fleeing out to this back door here." "i seen a mob of people just start running out saying, 'run, run!' and pop-pop-pop-pop- pop!" police have not publicly named the perpetrator, but a friend and co- worker identified the deceased shooter as cedrick ford - seen in this facebook photo. ""i witnessed him shoot the shots. i mean, that vivid, i can still see it." matt jarrell says it started as a normal day when ford came to work this morning... ..until he says ford inexplicably left work.... returning sometime later "he yelled hey, and then boom,
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police don't yet have a terrorism wasn't a factor. the man's neighbors - shocked to hear of his ..until he says ford inexplicably left work.... returning sometime later "he yelled hey, and then boom, boom, boom and proceeded to go into the building." police don't yet have a motive, but said terrorism wasn't a factor. the man's neighbors - shocked to hear of his rampage. apple is still resisting the f-b-i's request to unlock an i-phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters in december's shooting spree... and google is backing apple. google plans to file a "friend of the court" brief on apple's behalf within the next week. apple's formal objection to the order was filed yesterday. attorney general loretta lynch is apparently supporting the federal government saying judges have
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parties" to help the government in its evidence search in criminal cases. judges all over the country and on the supreme court have said that those parties must assist if it's reasonably within their power to do so. and that is what we have been asking and we owe it to the victims and to the public whose safety we must protect investigators who have not been able to crack into the phone's information on their own... are hoping information on syed farook's phone will clarify the motive in the attack. they also hope it will help them determine if involved the heinous attack. the atlantis spa is known for it's first- class service... ...more on which major publication is recognizing them as one of the best spas in the world! achieving what they never thought possible. how injured war vets are learing no limits in a
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program just for veterans. "you're watching kolo 8 news now good morning reno with dave lawrence, amanda sanchez and lindsey matherly with your hour by hour forecast" drought conditions can cause big problems for water resources. so the truckee meadows water authority-- is taking advantage of the wet winter weather, to recharge the groundwater. colin lygren takes a closer look... tonight
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temperatures across northeast california and western nevada will be well above average today before easing down slightly over the weekend. it will be
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and evening, with a chance for showers mainly north of interstate 80 tonight and early saturday. another weak system is possible sunday night, with additional fast-moving systems for mid to late next week. minimal change to the short term forecast. a glancing blow from a progressive, modest upper disturbance will bring an increase in wind later today, followed by a quick shot of light rain and higher elevation snow north of interstate 80 tonight. temperatures will remain above to well above average through the weekend. winds this afternoon and evening still look fairly modest for northeast california and in the sierra front of far western nevada,
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mph range with gusts 35-45 mph possible in isolated, wind-prone spots. the strongest winds are expected this evening as the trough axis nears so a lake wind will be hoisted for lake tahoe starting late today and going well into the overnight hours. 35-45 mph possible in isolated, wind-prone spots. the strongest winds are expected this evening as the trough axis nears so a lake wind will be hoisted for lake tahoe starting late today and going well into the overnight hours.
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disabled veterans up in tahoe. they're being treated to a week of skiing... even though many of them can't walk. the adaptive sports program "achieve tahoe" is helping vets learn new ways to do winter sports. yesterday... despite a loss of limbs... paralyzation... or p-t-s- d... these vets gave it their all... and had pretty impressive results. "you get to learn everything brand new over again on how do it and it is just a new way of
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been not really a set back, but when i broke my back, after i found out all the things we can do, you know i look forward to the next thing i get to go out and try to do." achieve tahoe is a non- profit program based out of alpine meadows. it offers specialized lessons-- to anyone with a disability... not just vets. it's a way to give back to the vets. ### as northern nevada attracts more new businesses.... one established business is drawing international attention. kolo 8 news now's rebecca kitchen is live at the atlantis spa with the details. good morning amanda... we all know we have great spas in the area... but until this moment... you'd have to go to vegas or san francisco if you wanted a spa with a forbes travel guide rating... now.. you can get that right here at
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nats... spas are know for their realxing atmospheres... a place where you can get away and relax.... but now when people think of the atlantis spa ... they'll be seeing stars.... 4 of them.. forbes actually heard about us and reached out to us. year.... an inspector from the forbes travel guide came to the biggest little city.... and to the atlantis spa.... they don't know when... and they don't know who... they just know once the inspector left... they had earned a prestigious 4 star rating it's an anonymous inspection so it's telling you something true about your service because you can't prepare for it. the rating is 100% service based... there were 250 stringent standards the spa needed to meet to get the rating.... and while this gives the spa bragging rights... they are they only one in northern nevada to have the rating.... it also
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especially when you look at the sheer number of spas in the us. there's about 20,000 spas and to be 1 of 180 that have that rating, to have that here is a huge assest for us. an assest... when it comes to attracting more people and conventions to the area.... i think more than anything else, it's going to give people another reason to take a look at reno and reno/tahoe for their visit or their business meeting. people planning conventions want to make sure their attendees have a high level of quality of service and ameninities they can go out and enjoy while they are here not only did the spa get 4 stars... the hotel restaurants recieved star recommendations... you can check out all of guide winners.. by heading to kolo tv dot
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a white pony dressed up as a unicorn for a children's birthday party ended up leading california highway patrol troopers on a chase. the chase lasted for
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of traffic. a c-h-p trooper said the pony got away from not one, but two children. a nearby resident with another horse helped officers approach and finally capture the pony. troopers say some motorists were hesitant to report seeing a unicorn on the highway... and others were quite sure they had actually seen one. today is national pistachio day... the little green nut has been cultivated in the middle east since biblical times... but only came to the u-s in the late 19th century. pisachio trees don't need much rain.. and grow best in a hot environment. it takes between seven-to-ten years for a pistachio tree to mature and bear fruit. pistachio's are a source
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along with vitamin b-6.. copper and
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hey there. in today's "techbytes" -- a major reversal by mercedes. >> the german luxury automaker replacing robots with humans. yeah, you heard that right. the company says robots just can't keep up with the level of individualization on some of its models. >> so humans are taking over. well, tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of pokemon. the global video and gaming phenomenon came out in 1996. it's showing no signs of letting up. >> a new pokemon game is due out soon. and tomorrow, events marking the big birthday being held around the world. and "fuller house" is now streaming on netflix. fans are beyond excited. >> most of the original stars are back for the '80s classic 13-episode sequel, except the olsen twins who say they don't act anymore. twitter is on fire with fan reaction. most saying they're staying up all night and all day to binge-watch. >> so what are we waiting for? let's get out of here. >> let's do it.
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>> have a grea only kraft natural cheese has a touch of philadelphia cream cheese, so whatever you make,
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"you're watching kolo 8 news now good morning reno." lyon county deputies say one man is dead after an officer involved shooting in silver springs. we'll have the latest details. and california police are looking for two men involved in a south lake tahoe shooting that left a man dead. and two wild horses were hit and killed on highway 50. a message on the importance of staying at the scene if this ever happens to you. thanks for joining us here on good morning reno... it's time ... i'm amanda sanchez.


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